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  • Tribute to majungasaurus


    My second music video, this time dedicated to the late cretaceous abelisaur from Madagascar, Majungasaurus. Song is 10,000 Black Eyes by National Fire Theory.

    All picture belong to their respective owners.

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  • Majungatholus Fight - Jurassic Fight Club


    Heute für euch ein epischer Fight zwischen zwei Majungatholen. Wer wird den Fight gewinnen? Findet es heraus!

    Die Originale Folge stammt aus der Dokuserie JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB
    Hier ein WIKIPEDIA EINTRAG mit Übersicht über allen Folgen

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    ● Intro Musik:
    von s r - Sparta Sync Base
    ● Outro Musik:
    von s r - Sparta Vektor Base
    ● Auf Instagram heisse ich: Froster_XXL
    Programm mit dem ich Aufnehme und Schneide:
    ● Aufnahmeprogramm: LoiLo Game Recorder für Musikvideos /
    Bandicam für Lets Plays
    ● Schneidprogramm: Camtasia Studio 9 für Lets Plays, Bildungsvideos,
    Musikvideos und Verarschungen / Hitfilm für Verarschungen und Filme
    Andere tolle Kanäle:
    ● Kanal mit dem ich manchmal gemeinsam Games spiele:

    Er heisst: Silon
    ● Ein anderer Kanal den ich weiterempfehle:

    Er heisst: Natro[N] - Gaming & Lifestyle
    ● Kanaltrailer Song: SONIC von ServeralMusicFloor
    Der Kanal hat mir extra diesen schönen Song erstellt!
    Danke nochmals (thanks)

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  • Mortal Kombat 9 - The Living Forest


    Add me on PSN: TraNceBeatz - The Living Forest

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  • Megalosaurus Tribute Alan Walker - Sing Me to Sleep


    #Megalosaurus #AlanWalker

  • LEVEL 40 MAJUNGASAURUS MAXED : Jurassic World The Game #7


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  • BrontoWhale by Beanus in the Rims


    This is just some stuff we made up in like 10 minutes in Garageband revolving around the Brontosaurus Wail' sound that can be found in the loops list.



    Demorou,mais saiu s2

  • Pachyrhinosaurus


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Pachyrhinosaurus (In The Style Of Jurassic Park) · The World Wonders

    100 Nature Moods

    ℗ 2008 Big Eye Music

    Released on: 2008-08-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Mr. Jay - Mangasaurus


    A song I made called, Mangasurus I tried for another trance song. I liked it at first, but I feel like it's empty. It's lacking the emotion that a trance song needs, but SOMEDAY I'll capture that emotion in a song. Maybe. Anyway, like it, subscribe, and maybe even tell me what I'm missing.
    © Mr jay 2011 All Rights Reserved Under the Commons Deed*
    Music produced by Mr Jay. Video produced by Sharkpep1
    You may use this song if you give me credit, and preferably ask first.
    You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless you make specific arrangements with me under another license.
    If you alter, transform, or build upon this music, you may distribute the resulting creation only under a license identical to this one.
    On a side note, please visit my new website here:

    Thanks for watching! Please rate high! Also, catch more of me here:

    Download Links for all of Mr. Jays Songs Here:

    Download this song directly Here:

  • Diplodocus Fanfare - Jurassic World The Game


  • Alanqa Fanfare - Jurassic World The Game


  • Five Nights At Red Birds 3 Night 5


    It's the last part of fnarb 3 and Jeremy has to finish his last night... What will happen to Haltrap? Will the kids be set free? Find out tomorrow...
    Created using VideoFX Live:

  • Jurassic World: The Game Fight for the fusion event


    I do not own the rights to jurassic world: the game, this is a video made for fun

  • Save The Rave - Goatsaurus - Melting Pot Records


    Save The Rave - Save The Rave - Goatsaurus - Melting Pot Records - Melting Pot Records


    After their excellent LP sampler, spanish neuro scientists Save the Rave return for the full deal, with their first album.

    Sleep When You're Dead is a fusion of detailed futuristic soundscapes, crunching basslines and relentless percussion... a fine balance of trippy atmospherics, raw dancefloor energy and surgical sound design.

    Support comes from the likes of Optiv, Zombie Cats, BTK and Noisia to name but a few...!

    Dj support:

    Optiv: Sounds good! My fav is Over the Gravity. 4/5
    Zombie Cats: Feeling the tunes! Not giving 5 stars as the last star is a technical thing (only reachable by Noisia & Mefjus according to us), so 4/5.
    Gancher & Ruin: Loving Bacterias and Empty Inside! 45 For the EP!
    The Clamps: Each track sounds huge, great EP. Great vibes, mixdown is nice and crazy design. Bacterias is so mental!!! 5/5
    Nickbee: Really much like Empty Inside. Interesting release. 4/5
    Redpill: Cool tunes! Over The Gravity is sick & Invocation is a banger too! 5/5
    Loop Stepwalker: the spanish dnb velociraptors brought the summer vibes with empty inside. Big ups! 4/5
    Rido: Tunes are cool! Massive! 4/5

    Media Support:

    NeuroFunkGrid: Loving Invocation (The Witches). 5/5
    The EDM Network: Really enjoying these! Big up! 5/5

    This lo-fi version of this song / video is currently displayed via the Symphonic Distribution YouTube with full permission from the record label distributing the release. The label and its artist retain all ownership and hereby agree to all of the terms & conditions placed by Symphonic Distribution, the hosting party of this video, and all other terms as listed on their agreement. Please support the label and its artist(s) by purchasing this release via iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, and many more of the retailers located worldwide. If you are a label or artist and you are interested in getting your music out there, visit

  • JWA Monolometrodon


  • Jurassic world game level 52 ,my stunning park


    This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link:

  • JURASSIC WORLD LE JEU - 14 - Le Tyrannosaure Rex Gén 2


    Salut à tous les amis c’est Cookis Rex608 j’espère que vous allez bien et dans cette vidéo nous allons avoir le Tyrannosaure Rex Gén 2.Surtout abonnez vous et liker la vidéo ci elle vous a plus????????????????

  • Jurassic World:The Game-Raptor Remix2 by T-ReXtremeGaminG


  • 19. The Dead Archelon


    (A Walking With Dinosaurs Trilogy: Sea Monsters - Recording Sessions)

    These tracks are the new re-uploaded versions of the originals with a better quality of sound (thanks for waiting).

    Please note that these tracks are not perfect in their audio and cannot be mastered any further (by me anyway!)

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  • Happy Glass Online/game y8.


    hello mọi người nha! Tối hôm nay mình ra một video cho các bạn ,mình thấy tựa game này khá hay cho nên là mình chơi game này nè.và tối hôm nay như đã hứa mình sẽ tổ chức mini game cho các bạn nha!Và mình cũng hy vọng là các bạn sẽ trúng thưởng của mình , vì đây chỉ là hên xuôi mà thôi cho nên là những bạn nào mà ko trúng thì cũng đừng buồn nha vì các bạn còn rất nhiều cơ hội nữa mà. Tại vì mình sẽ tổ chức mini game vào mỗi tháng nha mọi người cho nên là cơ hội trúng thưởng rất là cao cho nên đừng buồn nhé!Và đây cũng là luật chơi của mini game đợt này :
    Cơ thể chúng ta gồm những bộ phận nào:
    Khi các bạn muốn trả lời câu hỏi thì chỉ việc lướt xuống phần bình luận để trả lời câu hỏi , dưới phần bình luận mình có để câu hỏi ở dưới các bạn nhấp vào chữ trả lời để trả lời câu hỏi của minh nha !
    Và mình cũng muốn cho tất cả các bạn ,bạn nào cũng có thể trúng giải thưởng của mình hết nhưng mà tại vì ác phần quà đều có giới hạn riêng của nó. Và mình cũng chúc các bạn may mắn nha!
    Các bạn xem video vui vẻ nhé!
    l love you tất cả các bạn .hihi



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