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Playlist of Lurker Of Chalice

  • Lurker of Chalice - Lurker of Chalice full album


    A direct link is provided to purchase the album on digital format. A link to purchase the NWN! Productions vinyl reissue will be given once available.

    Lurker of Chalice originally released on CD and double LP by Southern Lord, 2005. CD version also released in 2005 by Total Holocaust Records. Reissued on digipak CD by Southern Lord, 2008. Digipak CD reissue by Kunsthauch, 2015 (limited to 100 hand-numbered copies).

    Digital format (Devout Rcrds, bandcamp)

    Lurker of Chalice & Leviathan CD/vinyl/merch/etc. (Leviathan bandcamp)

    Mechandise (NWN! Productions webshop)

    Southern Lord CD, 2005.

    0:00 - 1. Untitled
    2:10 - 2. Piercing Where They Might
    8:21 - 3. Spectre as Valkerie Is
    15:05 - 4. Minions
    24:37 - 5. Paramnesia
    28:47 - 6. This Blood Falls as Mortal (Part III)
    39:23 - 7. Granite
    44:52 - 8. Vortex Chalice
    51:30 - 9. Fastened to the Five Points

    Lurker of Chalice (Metal Archives)

    Leviathan (Facebook)

    Promotional purposes only. All rights reserved: Wrest (Lurker of Chalice / Leviathan).

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  • LURKER OF CHALICE - Tellurian Slaked Furnace NWN! Productions - full compilation


    Direct links are provided to purchase the compilation on CD, vinyl and digital format (shirts also available). Additional links are given for Lurker of Chalice and NWN! Productions.

    'Tellurian Slaked Furnace' release date - January 21st, 2020.

    Active from 2001-2005, the highly revered side project of Leviathan’s Jef Whitehead, Lurker of Chalice, is mostly known for the 2005 self-titled full-length. Prior to that album, however, Wrest recorded two CD-R demos under the Lurker of Chalice name, each of which was limited to approximately 50 copies or less and sold at a single record store in San Francisco, near where he was living at the time. Like the full-length, both demos were eponymous, though the first demo was identified only by the initials “L.O.C.” written in runes. While a few of the songs from the demo era bear indicia of black metal, the material from that period is generally far more experimental, defying any effort to be neatly categorized. For “Tellurian Slaked Furnace,” Wrest has distilled the best material from the early period of the project and edited, collaged, and compiled it, weaving together something more coherent and album-like. In this way, there seems to be something of his current artistic sensibility projected onto these recordings from nearly two decades earlier. In keeping with the confusing taxonomy of the project, the tracks on this LP are unnamed. The album opens with a song previously called “Lurker of Chalice” on the 2002 demo but is untitled on this release. The song showcases the haunting minimalism of Lurker of Chalice as slow acoustic guitars revolve around one another, arpeggiated chords ringing out above percussive accents. With the second track, a more sinister energy emerges, advanced by the first and only appearance of Wrest’s seething vocals. Over the full, 70-minute duration of this album, the music, almost completely instrumental, expands and contracts, evolves and disintegrates. Delicate ambient passages and labyrinthine excursions give way to electronic dirges of lumbering percussion with guitar shimmering transcendent above a melancholic lake of atmospheric sound and cascading sheets of electronics dissolving into lush acoustic melodies. Only very rarely do heavy riffs emerge; compared with Wrest’s work in Leviathan, or even the Lurker of Chalice album, the metal elements are far less direct and overt. Instead, this album conjures a bleak, unsettling mood without resorting to the compositional trappings of black metal. The music, which strangely seems both intensely personal, yet also detached and cinematic, evokes a palpable sense of solitude—the disconsolate reckoning of the self in the absence of others. The release of “Tellurian Slaked Furnace” marks the first time any of the Lurker of Chalice demo recordings have been reissued and also offers a substantial amount of previously unheard material.

    - J. Campbell

    CD/vinyl/shirt (NWN! Productions webshop)

    CD/vinyl/digital format/shirt (NWN! Productions, Bandcamp)

    0:00:00 - 01. I
    0:04:09 - 02. II
    0:10:37 - 03. III
    0:16:36 - 04. IV
    0:22:56 - 05. V
    0:25:41 - 06. VI
    0:29:51 - 07. VII
    0:34:03 - 08. VIII
    0:42:03 - 09. IX
    0:47:38 - 10. X
    0:53:10 - 11. XI
    1:02:50 - 12. XII

    Lurker of Chalice
    Bandcamp -
    Metal Archives -

    NWN! Productions
    Homepage -
    Facebook -
    Instagram -
    Twitter -
    Bandcamp -

    'Tellurian Slaked Furnace' compilation stream featured strictly for promotional purposes.


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  • Lurker of Chalice - Piercing Where They Might


  • Lurker of Chalice - Granite


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  • Lurker of Chalice - This Blood Falls As Mortal Part III


  • Lurker of Chalice - Minions


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  • Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice Demo


    I do not own copyright to the music or logo.

    Track Listing:
    1. Lurker Of Chalice - 0:00
    2. Drink Deeply, These Miles Of Night - 4:11
    3. Unconscious Years Of Mare Crisium Clauius - 8:33
    4. Donning The Cloak Of Tides - 14:00
    5. Granite - 20:33
    6. The Glory Experiment - 25:43
    7. Piercing Where They Might - 34:33
    8. In The Court Of The Crimson King Diamond - 41:21
    9. This Blood As Mortal - 55:20
    10. Phantom - 1:03:17

  • Metal Matters Podcast #32: The Work of Jef Whitehead Lurker of Chalice / Leviathan


    This episode started out as a “Classic Records” episode for the Lurker of Chalice LP but turned into an appreciation of Jef Whitehead, also known as Wrest. There are many one-man black metal projects of merit, but Leviathan / Lurker of Chalice is in our opinion, the deepest, darkest and most interesting. The information available on Whitehead is economical, very little more than a few interviews; the Noisey mini-documentary on one-man black metal features him but he appears to be private and a man of few words. Randy and I express our impressions of the music with a sense of awe that approaches reverence.

    Intro: “Granite”
    Outro: “6116”

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    Gimme Radio:

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  • Lurker of Chalice - Vortex Chalice


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  • Myke C-Towns Vinyl Collection Part 13


    Happy Memorial Day! Since you're off work, chill with me and check out my latest Vinyl Collection video. This is number 13. Today I talk about:

    The Last Poets -- Douglas 3
    Les Discrets -- Ariettes Oubliees
    Leviathan -- The Blind Wound
    Tha Liks -- Xo Experience
    Tor Lundvall - Sleeping And Hiding
    Lurker Of Chalice -- S/T
    Manowar -- Battle Hymns
    Manowar -- Into Glory Ride
    Manowar -- Sign Of The Hammer
    Manowar -- Hail To England
    Marduk -- Dark Endless
    Metal Massacre 3

  • Lurker Of Chalice-drink deeply,these miles of night


    is this what you want

  • Lurker of Chalice - L.O.C. - 2001 -


    The first demo by Lurker of Chalice titled L.O.C.

    I - 0:00 - 9:30
    II - 9:30 - 15:49
    III - 15:49 - 25:30
    IV - 25:30 - 33:52
    V - 33:52 - 43:48
    VI - 43:48 - 57:02
    VII - 57:04 - 1:10:09

    No copyright is intended. The rights to this video are assumed by the owner and its affiliates.

  • Lurker of Chalice - Spectre As Valkerie Is


  • Lurker of Chalice - Paramnesia


  • Lurker of Chalice -Spectre As Valkyrie Is


    Lurker of Chalice (2008)

  • Lurker of Chalice - Lurker of Chalice


    Self Titled Song off Self Titled Demo
    No Copyright Intended

  • Lurker of Chalice - Fastened To The Five Point


  • Granite - Lurker Of Chalice


    All instruments and vocals done by me. And all this shit was done by ear (the lyrics too btw, i don't speak english yo hablar español, forgive me for any mistakes on the lyrics). And don't ask for tabs, sorry i don't know how to use guitar pro xd. This song it's easy AF so you could pull it out really with no that much problems. The original tunnig of this song is C Standart.
    Cheers from Venezuela...

  • Lurker of Chalice - Vortex Chalice


    Lurker of Chalice - Vortex Chalice

  • Lurker of chalice-lurker of chalice


    lurker of chalice,demo 2002

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  • This Blood Falls As Mortal Part III - Lurker Of Chalice


    Sooo... This is a remake of my older version of this cover in which the production was a motherfucking shit.
    Anyway in the near future i'm going to do some Metal/Rock/Hip Hop mixing guides so this band it's going to have it's own chapter called Black Metal Mixing Guide #1 - How To Mix Like LURKER OF CHALICE - Ambient/Experimental/DSBM/Funeral Doom Tone (Yeh something like Death Culture Studios but i'm going to do a lot of Black Metal mixing guides from bands like Burzum, Leviathan, Deathspell Omega, Batushka, Bethlehem, Mgla, Peste Noire, Ved Buens Ende and more. Also i'm going to do mixing guides from bands from another generes like Radiohead, Daughters, Bedwetter, Lightning Bolt, Boris, 30 Seconds To Mars and others) so be aware :0!!!!.
    Btw, Guitars and Vocals could sound a lot better but i'm poor and i'm from Venezuela xdxdxd so i don't have an audio interface or a good guitar (i recorded this with an imitation of a Strat with single coils and a shity guitar cable pluged directly on the line in of the computer) and i did Vocals With a Rockband Mic so yeah i could sound really better....

  • Lurker of Chalice - Fastened to the Five Points


    Lurker of Chalice - Lurker of Chalice - Fastened to the Five Points

  • Lurker of Chalice - This Blood As Mortal


    Lurker of Chalice - This Blood As Mortal

  • Lurker of chalice-Unconscious Years Of Mare Crisium Clavius



  • Lurker of Chalice - Minions


    Band : Lurker of Chalice
    Album : Lurker of Chalice
    Origin : U.S.A.
    Year : 2005
    Genre : Depressive Black Metal

  • Lurker Of Chalice - Wail


    Vinyl-only bonus track to be found on the 'Lurker Of Chalice' full length from the Southern Lord limited edition vinyl versions of the album from 2005. This particular rip comes from the Limited Edition Red vinyl @320kbps.

    2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Red Translucent. 'Wail' is track 6, or B3 as it falls normally within the album(s). & is also called 'Bonus Pain'. Very little else is known about this track...

    **Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.**

  • Lurker of Chalice - Vortex Chalice


    Black Metal/Ambient
    From: United States
    Album: Lurker of Chalice
    Year: 2005

    Wrest: All instruments, Vocals. (the same in Leviathan)

    According to a 2004 interview with Wrest, there are four unreleased full-length Lurker of Chalice albums.

    I do not own this. All rights reserved to the artist and the label Total Holocaust Records.

    Official bandcamp:

  • Gift Horse - Messenger Sends


    GiftHorse, the 1st band featuring Jef Whitehead (AKA Wrest of Leviathan, Lurker Of Chalice, Twilight, Nachtmystium) on drums. Guitar played by Doug Hilsinger, bass by Dana Schechter. From the album 8, year 1996.
    For fans of Xasthur, and USBM in general.

  • Album Review: Lurker Of Chalice


    Another Southern Lord release, this time by Lurker Of Chalice in 2005.

    Probably one of the more silly black metal band names out there Lurker Of Chalice is actually Wrest from the band Leviathan.

    While he hasn't deviated from making black metal on this album, Wrest does very well in pushing the boundaries of your typical black metal sound. It is still very grim and dark and dirty, but manages to throw in some cool sound effects and melodic swoops and whooshes into his songs that are not normally found on your more straight ahead black metal releases.

    Wrest must be a guy loves to experiment with sound. There are loads of acoustic guitars, organs, a variety of percussion's, vocal treatments, crazy shifts in tempos and even some borderline hip hop beats on here. It never sounds too cluttered, but does give the album an inconsistent feel. There's only a track listing on this album, no album credits, so it's hard to tell exactly what in the hell is being used or what in the hell is going on. .

    Still a good album to check out if you wanna see how much you can mess around with a given sound and still make a decent black metal album. Experimental black metal for when you have to the normal music blahs.


  • Lurker of Chalice - Granite


    From the demo Lurker of Chalice, 2002.

  • Lurker of Chalice - Granite


    Black Metal/Ambient
    From: United States
    Album: Lurker of Chalice
    Year: 2005

    Wrest: All instruments, Vocals. (the same in Leviathan)

    According to a 2004 interview with Wrest, there are four unreleased full-length Lurker of Chalice albums.

    I do not own this. All rights reserved to the artist and the label Total Holocaust Records.

    Official bandcamp:

  • Lurker of Chalice - Spectre As Valkerie Is


  • Lurker Of Chalice-This Blood Falls as Mortal part III


    From Lurker Of Chalice's S/T Album.

  • Piercing Where They Might - Lurker Of Chalice


    The main riff was hard to record, bends are pretty hard to do on acoustic but in the end i think they sounded pretty nice. Enjoy C:

  • This Blood Falls As Mortal Pt. III - Lurker Of Chalice


    Recorded with a tostiarepa.

  • Lurker of Chalice - Minions


  • Lurker of Chalice - VII


    Tellurian Slaked Furnace, Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2020
    Please drop a comment or PM if you'd like the audio removed.



    I needed a pick-me-up, so I found what I believe to be the Holy Grail of Atmospheric Black Metal.

  • Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice


    Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice (Full Album)
    /Depressive Suicidal Black Metal
    Album released in 2005, United States


    1.I 0:00
    2.Piercing Where They Might 2:09
    3.Spectre as Valkerie Is 8:21
    4.Minions 14:04
    5.Paramnesia 24:37
    6.This Blood Falls as Mortal Part III 28:46
    7.Granite 39:22
    8.Vortex Chalice 44:50
    9.Fastened to the Five Points 51:24

    Thanks for Subscribe !

    All copyrights for Lurker Of Chalice Band !!!

  • Lurker of Chalice - In the Court of the Crimson King Diamond


    From the demo Lurker of Chalice, 2002.
    Original length: 13:59

    2nd half:

  • Spectre As Valkyrie Is - Lurker of Chalice


    this is the first time i've done something like this but i'm pretty happy with it. Enjoy...

  • Riff from Granite - Bass Practice 001


  • Lurker of Chalice - II


  • Lurker of Chalice - I


    From the album Lurker of Chalice, 2005.

  • 4 Albums Reviewed Episode 8


    Playing: Ofermod:

    Howls of Ebb:
    Mournful Congregation:
    Tribute to Ulver:
    Lurker of Chalice:

  • Lurker of Chalice - III


  • Lurker of Chalice - In the Court of the Crimson King Diamond


    From the demo Lurker of Chalice, 2002.
    Original length: 13:59

    1st half:

  • This Blood Falls As Mortal Part III - Lurker Of Chalice


    I didn't covered the whole because i tried but then realized that some parts didn't fit with the acoustic sound so i just covered this part. Enjoy c:

  • Lurker of Chalice - Vortex Chalice


    Album: Lurker of Chalice (June 27th, 2005)

    Do you belive in anything at all?

    ehm, uhm... no idea

  • Lurker of Chalice - .....




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