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Playlist of Luke O'Brien

  • Luke OBrien - Old Love



    I used this song to propose to my high school sweetheart, and now wife; Kathleen O'Brien. In all the time that we've known each other, we've shot countless music videos together. She is also my DJ (DJ Leen) for my live performances from time to time. It only made sense that we shoot the official music video on our wedding day. The fact that this video is what it is, is exactly why I married the girl in this video. She loves me and my art and she supports me in whatever I embark on. We hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed making it!

    Song produced by Jon Bonus
    Song written & Performed by Luke O'Brien
    Director, DP, & Editor- Danny Gevirtz
    Assistant DP- Tom Boyd
    1st Shooter- Danny Gevirtz
    2nd Shooter- Harrison Kendall
    Colorist- Danny Gervitz


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  • Luke OBrien - Listening


    Stream Listening here:
    Stream the EP, Enjoy by clicking here:

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  • Luke OBrien - Somebody Like You


    Hot. Cool. Vicious too.

    Starring Megan Strom @megannotgood
    Song produced, mixed and mastered by Jon Bonus
    Video directed by Danny Corey
    Assistant director Danny Gevirtz

    Thanks to the Jones’s for that green golf cart!


  • Luke OBrien - What I Am


    Catch me at Firefly Music Festival this June!

    Get 'What I Am' on iTunes |

    Listen on Spotify |

    Listen on SoundCloud |

    Video Directed & Edited by Danny Corey (
    Drone shots by David Sadofsky (@david.sadofsky)
    Song Produced by Jon Bonus (@jonbonus)

    William Street Common (Philly) - 4/28
    The Bitter End (NYC) - 4/29
    The 8x10 (Baltimore) - 5/19
    Firefly Music Festival (Delaware) - 6/20 - 6/22


    Text me! We'll be friends. 215-515-4214

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  • Luke OBrien - Own Drum


    Be you. Be true. Be weird & odd.

    Official music video for Own Drum by Luke O'Brien

    Video shot and directed by Mikey Van Beuren
    Video produced by Luke O'Brien and Mikey Van Beuren
    Song produced by Jon Bonus
    Song written and performed by Luke O'Brien


    Special thanks to:

    Alex Duda
    Ilana Haas
    Julia Fisher
    Kobe Xavier
    Tony Royster
    Donavan Harrison
    Matt Graham
    Lenci Bodo
    Maura ellenburger
    Sophia Matao
    Dave Silver
    Alli Adams
    Scarlet Estelle
    The Philly Sirens
    Benjamin Butler
    Talia Montone
    Sara Newman
    Miriam Shlafman
    Kristen Adams
    Calvin Ligons

    Sound Space Studio
    Steelworks Strength Systems

  • Luke OBrien - Old Love OFFICIAL VERSION



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  • Luke OBrien - Beautiful Trees


    Stream this track here:

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  • Luke OBrien - Natural Light


    I produced this entire video by myself using my Canon 5D, a tripod, and my cell phone for playback... All the 5:30am bike rides to the beach added up And paid off! Thank you all for watching and continuing to support my art!


  • Luke OBrien - Lifetime feat. Maria Dontas


    Video directed by Tom Schaaf of

    Listen to the song here:

    Vox- Maria Dontas & Luke O'Brien
    Piano- Nick Picarella
    Bass & effects- Jonathan Colman
    Guitar- Jim Morganti
    Drums- Luke O'Brien

    Written, produced and mixed by Luke O'Brien
    Mastered by Dave Humes

    Follow Luke here:

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  • Luke O’Brien and his son perform “Lifted” at World Cafe Live


    Luke and his wife Kathleen became foster parents to Jeremiah, a former student of Luke’s, about 6 months ago. In the time that Jeremiah has been living with them, they created an EP for him under the name Trent Brien. The recording process serves as therapy for Jeremiah- a safe space for him to freestyle and let his thoughts go! It’s also served as a bonding experience for both of them. This is them performing the single, “Lifted”, off Trent Brien’s EP “Pure Earth” available on all streaming platforms.

    Listen here:

    Follow Luke here:

  • Luke OBrien - Breathe Easy Official Video


    Produced by Luke O'Brien
    Mixed by Luke O'Brien & Jon Colman
    Bass performed by Jon Colman

  • Luke OBrien - Good Lookin


    Stream this track here:

    Produced by Benjamin Thomas - @benfthomasmusic
    Written by Luke O'Brien - @lukeobrienmusic
    Mastered by Bobby Woody - @ihatebobbywoody
    Album art by Mais - @mais.artworks


  • Luke OBrien - Focus


    Stream this track here:

    Produced by Benjamin Thomas - @benfthomasmusic
    Written by Luke O'Brien & Benjamin Thomas - @lukeobrienmusic
    Mastered by Bobby Woody - @ihatebobbywoody
    Album art by Mais - @mais.artworks


  • Luke OBrien - Just Kids


    Donate here:

    Download the song here:

    Vox & Drums- Luke O'Brien
    Guitars- Jim Morganti
    Bass/Effects- Jonathan Colman

    Produced, recorded & mixed by Luke O'Brien
    Mastered by Dave Humes


  • Luke OBrien- Lifetime feat. Maria Dontas



    Vox- Luke O'Brien & Maria Dontas
    Piano- Nick Picarella
    Bass & Effects- Jonathan Colman
    Guitar- Jim Morganti
    Drums- Luke O'Brien

    Written, recorded, produced, & mixed by Luke O'Brien
    Mastered by Dave Humes


  • Somebody Like You - Luke OBrien


    Music video for Somebody Like You performed by Luke O'Brien.

    Copyright (C) 2018 nicethingsMUSIC, LLC.
    Powered by

  • Luke OBrien- One Day


    A poem.

  • Luke OBrien - Listening feat. HANN


    Stream this track here:

    Produced by Benjamin Thomas - @benfthomasmusic
    Written by Luke O'Brien - @lukeobrienmusic
    Written by HANN - @hann.allanoff
    Mastered by Bobby Woody - @ihatebobbywoody
    Album art by Mais - @mais.artworks


  • Luke OBrien - Own Drum


    Own Drum performed acoustically with friends.

    Watch the official video:

  • Luke OBrien - What I Am OFFICIAL VERSION


    iTunes / Apple Music:
    iTunes / Apple Music:
    iTunes / Apple Music:

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  • Luke OBrien - The Label feat. The Bul Bey


    Stream this track here:

    Produced by Benjamin Thomas - @benfthomasmusic
    Written by Luke O'Brien - @lukeobrienmusic
    Written by The Bul Bey - @thebulbey
    Bass by Terrence Mitchell - @mac_bass1
    Mastered by Bobby Woody - @ihatebobbywoody
    Album art by Mais - @mais.artworks


  • Luke O’Brien & Friends “Focus”


    My new track “Focus” performed live in our rehearsal space.


  • Luke OBrien- Dont Be Afraid


    your attitude, it do behoove


  • Luke O Brien - Hallucinate


    | Label: Hotstage Records
    | Album: Hallucinate
    | Track Number: 2
    | Genre: Hard Techno
    | BPM: 130
    | Release Date: 2019-09-04
    | Purchase:

  • Your Mom - A Poem by Luke OBrien


    When a 7 year old child calls a peer a f**got a** pu**y and tells them that they f**ked their mom, something is wrong. That is a learned behavior. Let's teach the youth the power of kindess, empathy, love and friendship!

  • Luke OBrien - The Tides


    Buy the EP -
    Stream the EP -

    Official music video for The Tides by Luke O'Brien

    Song Credits

    Vox - Luke O'Brien
    Keys - Nick Picarella
    Guitar - Jim Morganti
    Bass & Effects - Jonathan Colman
    Produced, Recorded, & Mixed by - Luke O'Brien

    Video Credits

    Directed & Filmed by - Mikey Van Beuren & Joey Dwyer
    Edited by - Luke O'Brien
    Colored by - Mikey Van Beuren


  • Luke OBrien- Lifetime


    My beautiful sister married my amazing brother in law on May 9, 2015 and my very talented friends and I performed this version of my original song, Lifetime, and dedicated it to my parents while Snapped Studios captured it all... Needless to say; 'twas a joyous occasion!

    Vocals- Luke O'Brien
    Acoustic Guitar (L)- Jonathan Colman
    Acoustic Guitar (R)- Sean McKeon
    Cajon Drum- Brian Aranda


  • Luke OBrien x Mr. Hip


    Mr. Hip Presents is a reading series in the Boston area promoting established poets, emerging poets, spoken word artists, & jazz/blues musicians. The series is very engaging and interactive using social media to spread poetry making it accessible to all.

    Luke O'Brien was the musical guest for the reading series on the evening of April 26th, 2014. This is a highlight video from the event.

    Be sure to check out Luke's new album; Mr. Luke You Corny. It comes out May 1, 2014

  • Luke OBrien- I Dont Mind


    Download this track here:

    Basketball with friends.

  • Luke OBrien - Dont Be Afraid


    Download this song here:

    Starring- Dominick Monteleone

    Producer- Joe Latson
    Director & DP- Mikey Van Beuren
    1st Assistant Camera- Joey Dwyer

    Costume- Stacy Jansen
    Makeup- Derek Cloonan
    Dominick's Double- Karl Zlogar

    Editor- Mikey Van Beuren
    Colorist- Michael Clarke


  • Luke OBrien - Listening Live at The Sound Bank


    Live rendition of Luke O'Brien's original song; Listening

    Check out the music video for this song here:
    Stream the song here:
    Stream Luke's new EP Enjoy Out Now:

    Follow Luke:

  • Luke OBrien - Skies Cry Too


    Written & performed by Luke O'Brien
    Guitars by Todd Pritchard
    Background vocals by Natalie Notoris
    Cello by Yoomi Kwon
    Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Eric Bogacz

  • Aaron Kennedy & Luke OBrien Feat. Lucy McCrann - Touch


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    Watch in HD.

  • Luke OBrien- Let Me Go & Be Official Video


    Produced by Luke O'Brien
    Mixed by Luke O'Brien & Jon Colman
    Bass performed by Jon Colman

  • Luke OBrien - Slip Slidin cover


    Rap music. Camera stopped short on me.. fml


  • Luke OBrien - Loner


    Produced by Benjamin Thomas


  • Luke OBrien- Stolen Dance


  • Luke OBrien - Untitled EP


    Track Listing:
    1. Errorism (0:00)
    2. Slow Violence (1:59)
    3. Destroy, Repair (3:39)
    4. Distorted Outcomes (7:09)

    Produced January / February 2020. All rights reserved

  • Luke OBrien- Lifetime


    Snag the audio:


    Vox- Luke O'Brien
    Cajon- Brian Aranda
    Upright Bass- Jonathan Colman
    Acoustic Guitar- Jim Morganti

  • Snapped Studios X Luke OBrien: WARMTH


    About 3 years ago, my friends and I started up a photo, video, & lifestyle company called Snapped. Over these past three years, we have grown so much as artists and as a business. A large part of that growth is due to the support that we have received from our family, friends, and clients (turned friends). Entering into 2016, the Snapped crew wanted to host an event with food, drink, live music, art, and super good vibes as a way of thanking all those people who continue to support and inspire us. The event was held at The Phoenixville Art Center and it truly was a warm occasion!

    Thank you to all who came out and shared the warmth with us. Also, a huge thank you to Harrison Kendall who put this video together for us to be able to look back on this joyous event as we look forward to more success!

    Check out Snapped's work and get info about their bookings at and be sure to follow them on IG @snappedstudios

    Check out my music at and follow me on IG and Twitter @_luke_obrien_

  • Luke OBrien - Skies Cry Too


    During my wedding ceremony, the skies opened up! The second Kathleen and I were pronounced husband and wife, the rain started coming in sideways! It was pretty wild! As we boarded the plane for our honeymoon, I started thinking about rain and why it happens and how it kind of mirrors what we as humans do when we feel emotional. My dad gave a speech at our rehearsal dinner. My family is notoriously emotional and we tend cry a lot (some sad, but, mostly happy tears). As part of his speech, my pops researched why we cry and he found that we cry as a way of balancing ourselves out when our emotions become too much to hold in. We are just as much a part of nature as the wind, the rain, the salt and the sea and I came to the conclusion that the skies cry too.

    I hope you enjoy this tune!


  • Luke OBrien - Jack of All - 2.19.16


    About a month ago, I watched Aziz Ansari's original Netflix series; Master of None. The main character, Dev Shah, is extremely relatable. He is a young man living in a city who has friends, opinions, a career, and good intentions. The writing touches on so many social issues in such a poignant way that I was very moved by the series as a whole. After Dev's monologue in the final episode when he reads an excerpt from Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar in which Plath develops perhaps one of the most incredible metaphors on life that I have ever heard, I knew what I had to do; make a mixtape. I have pulled audio from Master of None and tied them into the 10 tracks that you will hear on my next project. My mixtape is called Jack of All and it will be available to you on FRIDAY 2.19.16 via


  • Luke OBrien - Sugar Cover


    Mockingbird is a series that I am going to start where I take requests of songs that people want to hear covered... and... well... cover them. This is episode 1- Sugar by Maroon 5

    Download my original EP at
    Follow me @lukeythebird

    Subscribing to this page is FREE!!!


  • Luke OBrien- Phoenixville Tour


    Tour dates below!

    1.8.16 Phoenixville Art Center 6-9
    1.9.16 Great American Pub 9-12

    Come hang out!

  • Luke OBrien - Crazy Now


  • Luke O’Brien - What I Am - Live at World Cafe


    What I Am performed at World Cafe Live Philadelphia

    Peace, Love, & Feather Life Forever

    Follow Luke here:

  • Luke OBrien- Dont Be Afraid


    Download my new EP at
    Stream it on Spotify
    Or, purchase it on iTunes!


  • Luke O’Brien - Own Drum 6.25.19


    My band and I rehearsing for our show at World Cafe Live in June 29, 2019. Enjoy!

  • Luke OBrien - Lately, I Havent Been Myself


    Stream this track here:

    Produced by Benjamin Thomas - @benfthomasmusic
    Written by Luke O'Brien - @lukeobrienmusic
    Keys by Max Hoenig - @max_ilan
    Mastered by Bobby Woody - @ihatebobbywoody
    Album art by Mais - @mais.artworks


  • Luke OBrien - Dont Be Afraid Behind The Scenes


    DL this song right here:

    Small moments of me and my favorite people doing my favorite thing; creating.

    Mikey Van Beuren - Director
    Joseph Dwyer - Director
    Joseph Latson - Producer
    Derek Cloonan - Make up artist
    Stacy Jansen - Costume designer




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