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Playlist of Love Parade 1997

  • Best of Harry Potter 5 and 6 - Piano tutorial


    Want to learn the piano? Here's the quickest and easiest way:

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    - JoyTunes:

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    How to play piano:

    - This method will consist of becoming stronger at your pianist's skills, while going up levels of difficulties. With this new scheme of learning, you would begin at level1, which I admit, is pretty easy, and try to reach level 5, until the very last level I chose to call WTF, you surely are guessing why...only the best will be able to reach the level 5, and I have got to wish you all good luck!

    LVL 1 (very easy):
    LVL 2 (easy):
    LVL 3 (intermediate):
    LVL 4 (advanced):
    LVL 5 (expert):
    LVL 6 (WTF):

    This large scale of songs offers you the opportunity to get better at playing, and their diversity and constant update will help and motivate you to work harder.
    Don't forget to tell me about your evolution in the comments!

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  • इंद्रा पुत्र जयंत को शनि का दंड



    Daya Shankar Pandey as Shani Dev

    Research and Story : Ram Govind
    Title Song : Ravindra Jain
    Story and Concept : Prem Sagar, Sagar Arts, Story Department
    Background Music : Surya Raj Kamal, Vijay Raj Kamal
    Art Director: Mukesh Kalola
    Editor: Shams Mirza, Abhay Singh
    Cinematographer : Ajay Chouhan
    Executive Producer: Vijay Pradhan
    Superimposing producer : Ashok Sinha
    Director of Department : Vijay Apte, Suryakant Chotliya, Shailendra Thakur
    Music : Surya Raj Kamal
    Head of Production : Manohar Pandya
    Script and Screenplay : C. L. Saini
    Song : Pandit Kiran Mishra
    Creative Head : Rajesh Sethi
    Assistant Creative Head: Satyam Sinha
    Episode Director : Rakesh Dubey
    Associating Producer : Rekha Chawla
    Dress : Nisha Sagar
    Co-Producer and Director Special Effects: Jyoti Sagar
    Producer : Subhash Sagar, Anand Sagar
    Creative Producer: Shiv Sagar
    Director: Prem Sagar



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