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Playlist of Loose Ends



    2019 AUS/ 2020 NZ TICKETS -

    Director: Samantha Swilks
    Producer: Poppy Jones
    Director of Photography: Tyson Perkins & Drew English
    Editor: Tyson Perkins & Samantha Swilks
    Production co-ordinator: William Wright
    Pyrotechnics and Special Effects: Daniel Darcy
    A camera 1st AC: Danielle Payne
    B camera 1st AC: Liam French
    CGI: Rhys Day
    Colourist: Billy Wychgel
    Casting: Courtney Herrenberg

    It's no wonder we're killing our new borns
    It's a matter of fact that we die
    I make a promise that breaks like the law does
    Like the rest of us under the sky


    This is a governments world
    And so you better get a job
    And no more acting like a nuisance
    You got me tangled in your loose ends

    Big speak stamina, easy go hangover
    The Molly's in the mirror, she picked me for a scavenger
    Had enough, bag it up, loaded like a caliber
    Simi situation she shoot me like a camera
    Murder on the seven seas I been to heaven/
    Took a picture prove it wasn't a dream I wont forget it
    As the day gets old that's when I get young
    I come alive with the setting sun

    I'm gonna rid the world of all your love
    (I'm gonna cut you in I'ma suck you dry)
    I'm gonna tuck you in and out a touch and such
    (I'm gonna lift up your heart up into your head)
    I'm gonna give you a hand now I'm your man
    (I'm gonna give you hope from a godless soul)
    I'm gonna make you a dad then I'll take your kids
    (I'm gonna fuck you up now you wont be so pretty)


    This is a governments world
    And so you better get a haircut
    And no more acting like a nuisance
    You got me tangled in your loose ends

  • Loyle Carner, Jorja Smith - Loose Ends


    Listen to my new album Not Waving, But Drowning -

    My new single with Jorja Smith ‘Loose Ends’ is out now!
    Listen here:


    #LoyleCarner #LooseEnds #Vevo

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  • Loose Ends - Hanging On A String


  • Loose Ends - Slow Down


    Music video by Loose Ends performing Slow Down.

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  • Rachel Platten - Loose Ends


    Rachel Platten - Loose Ends (Audio Video)
    Get Whole Heart from her new album 'Waves' here:

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    Best of Rachel Platten:
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  • Dont Be A Fool


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Don't Be A Fool · Loose Ends

    Look How Long

    ℗ 1990 Virgin Records Ltd

    Released on: 1990-01-01

    Producer: Carl McIntosh For Top Buzz Productions
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist, Musicians (emi Load: Do Not Use), Programmer: Carl MacIntosh
    Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Cisco Kid
    Associated Performer, Programming: Phillip Linton
    Associated Performer, Vocalist, Background Vocalist: Linda Carriere
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Sunay Suleyman
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Christine Lewin
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Trisha Lewin
    Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: David Emmanuelle
    Composer: Trevor Jacobs
    Composer: Phillip Linton
    Composer: Kenny Nicholas
    Composer: Carl MacIntosh
    Composer: Suni Suleyman

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Loose Ends Mix by TD Production


    This mix features the best sounds from Loose Ends. They had some great hits in the 80s and 90s.
    0:00 You Can't Stop the Rain • Loose Ends
    03:50 Hold Tight (TD Ext Remix) • Loose Ends
    12:09 Be Thankful (Mama's Song) • Loose Ends
    16:35 Love Controversy Pt 1 (TD Ext Remix) • Loose Ends
    23:00 Music Takes Me Higher • Loose Ends
    27:03 A Little Spice • Loose Ends
    31:24 So Where Are You? • Loose Ends
    35:15 Don't You Ever Try to Change Me • Loose Ends
    39:00 Time Is Ticking (TD Remix) • Loose Ends
    43:10 The Sweetest Pain • Loose Ends
    48:17 Until A Tear • Loose Ends
    51:36 Remote Control • Loose Ends
    55:56 Don't Be a Fool (TD Ext Remix) • Loose Ends
    1:08:14 The Real Chuckeeboo • Loose Ends
    1:17:40 Watching You (12in) • Loose Ends
    1:25:15 Life • Loose Ends
    1:28:45 Try My Love • Loose Ends
    1:31:54 What Goes Around • Loose Ends
    1:36:16 Hangin' on a String (Contemplating) • Loose Ends
    1:41:12 Look How Long • Loose Ends
    1:44:17 Cheap Talk • Loose Ends
    1:46:44 Stay A Little While, Child (Dub Mix) • Loose Ends
    1:53:44 Love's Got Me (Ext Remix) • Loose Ends
    2:01:12 Nights of Pleasure (12in) • Loose Ends
    2:05:52 Slow Down (Ext Remix) • Loose Ends
    2:15:20 Hungry • Loose Ends
    2:19:44 Gonna Make You Mine (TD Ext Remix) • Loose Ends
    2:28:44 Is It Ever Too Late? • Loose Ends
    2:32:54 I Don't Need to Love • Loose Ends
    2:36:11 Easier Said Than Done • Loose Ends
    2:41:18 Choose Me • Loose Ends
    2:46:30 So Much Love • Loose Ends
    2:50:20 Who Are You? • Loose Ends
    2:53:30 Let's Get Back To Love • Loose Ends
    2:56:34 Ooh, You Make Me Feel • Loose Ends
    3:00:15 Magic Touch (Vibes Version) • Loose Ends
    3:05:35 If My Lovin' Makes You Hot • Loose Ends
    3:09:44 Tell Me What You Want • Loose Ends
    3:15:00 Just A Minute • Loose Ends
    3:17:52 Let's Rock • Loose Ends
    3:22:18 Let's Wax a Fatty • Loose Ends
    3:25:36 Dial 999 • Loose Ends

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  • Loose Ends - Watching You


    Music video by Loose Ends performing Watching You.

  • Loose Ends


    Provided to YouTube by Rhino

    Loose Ends (2016 Remastered) · Foghat

    Tight Shoes (Remastered)

    ℗ 1980 Bearsville. 2016 Remastered Rhino Entertainment

    Writer: Dave Peverett

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Loose Ends - Look How Long


    An excellent and last album of Loose Ends
    Hope you'll enjoy it!

  • Real Friends - Loose Ends



    Loose Ends, featuring guest vocals by Chris Roetter, taken from the new album 'Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing' available now in stores & online.

    Stay connected:

    Video shot by Jered Scott of Several Guys.
    Edited by Ken Wilcox of Twisted Iris.

    As the night goes on I go from feeling out of place to feeling like a ghost
    You miss me when I'm gone
    But when I'm around it's like I'm hidden behind the paint on the walls
    The loneliness will keep me warm tonight
    It'll keep me warm seeing as you won't
    I know I've got loose ends leaving me to spend too many nights driving down dead ends
    I guess I'm looking for something more than this
    If the open road is my home I'm never leaving
    All of the small towns make me throw away my biggest fears
    And the big cities make the fucked up stuff feel smaller
    I know I've got loose ends leaving me to spend too many nights driving down dead ends
    I guess I'm looking for something more than this
    When I'm not here does anyone miss my secondhand smoke?
    Do you wonder where I am or who I'm with?
    Call me a mid-twenty sob story
    I can't change the way I feel
    I know I've got loose ends leaving me to spend too many nights driving down dead ends
    I guess I'm looking for something more
    Looking for something more

  • Loose Ends - Watching You


    CD The Best Of von 2003

  • Loose Ends - Slow Down


    Seductive And Very Stylish.. 1986.. :p

  • Loose Ends feat. Jane Eugene | Hangin on a String


    British R&B legends LOOSE ENDS (featuring original lead vocalist Jane Eugene)perform their hit #1 1984 Hanging On A String Live at The Ardmore Music Hall on November 9, 2017. This was their first performance in Philly in over 20 years. Needless to say, the crowd was hype. Show produced by Walkingbear Productions. Camera: Mike D., Darryl King and William Tucker. Follow @looseendsjanee

  • Loose Ends Stay A Little While Child


    Loose Ends Stay A Little While Child (extened version)

  • Loose Ends - Hangin On A String


    New York Hot Tracks video from 1985

  • Loose Ends- Hanging On A String


    Not Rare But One Of My Favorite Jams

  • loose ends - what goes around


    black music

  • Loose Ends - Nights of Pleasure


    The 8th track from Loose Ends's brilliant 1986 album Zagora. Nights of Pleasure was released as a single and reached #42 in the UK Singles Chart and #58 in the U.S. R&B Chart.

  • CMA ft. Sacred - Loose Ends 1 HOUR VERSION


    CMA ft. Sacred - Loose Ends [1 HOUR VERSION]

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    • Sacred


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  • This Wild Life - Loose Ends


    This Wild Life covers Real Friends' Loose Ends
    Download on iTunes:


    #thiswildlife #epitaph #realfriends

  • Loose Ends - You Cant Stop The Rain..


    Loose Ends - You Can't Stop The Rain..

  • Loose Ends - Slow down


    80's RNB

  • Loose Ends-Hold Tight


    Loose Ends-Look How Long

  • Loose Ends - Nights Of Pleasure


    Music video by Loose Ends performing Nights Of Pleasure.

  • Loose ends - Dont Be a Fool


    Litanosuke Select
    Look How Long 1990

  • Loose Ends - Stay a Little While , Child


    Album Zagora 1986, Stay a little while child, One of the goodies (:

  • Loose Ends & Mariah Carey - Stay A Little While Child - My All


    My Flip on two classic tunes. Check out my other Remixes - MrDellboy41

  • Loose Ends - Hangin On A String


    On Facebook:
    On SoundCloud:
    On MixCloud:

  • Loose Ends - Stay A Little While Child


    CD The Best Of von 2003

  • An interview with Steve Nichol


    An interesting chat with ex Loose Ends founder, keyboard player, trumpeter and all round nice guy Mr. Steve Nichol. Interviewed by Groovadelica's Jason Eli & Paul Tilley. We got to hear about what it was like being in Loose Ends - which during the 1980's & 90's was one of the UK's most well loved and successful Soul groups. The interview also has some great advice and some funny stories from inside the music industry. Enjoy

  • Loose Ends-Love Controversy, Pt.-1


    Loose Ends-Look How Long

  • Loose Ends - Hangin on a String


  • Jacuzzi - Loose Ends


    Free download:

    More places to find All Trap Music:

    Follow Jacuzzi:

  • Loose Ends - What Goes Around


    Loose Ends - (There's No) Gratitude

  • Loose Ends - Gonna Make You Mine


    Loose Ends

  • Loose Ends live in Birmingham - Hangin on a string


    2nd March 2017 - The Jamhouse, Birmingham UK

  • LOOSE Ends Dont Be a Fool


    I thought to share this with you all. Awesome message in THIS recording.
    Thank you for your Time and your Mind. Peace & Love
    Anthony ''Seven'' Muhammad

  • Loose Ends - The Real Chuckeeboo FULL ALBUM VINYL + B-sides


    I do not own this copyrighted material. l am not receiving any payment for the music l upload.
    1. Watching You 0:00-4:27
    2. (There’s No) Gratitude 4:28-9:41
    3. The Real Chuckeeboo: Tomorrow / Mr. Bachelor / You've Just Got to Have It All 9:42-20:31
    4. Life 20:32-24:27
    5. What Goes Around 24:28-29:18
    6. Easier Said Than Done 29:19-34:49
    7. Hungry 34:50-39:39
    8. Is It Ever Too Late 39:40-44:24
    9. Remote Control 44:25-49:28
    10. Until A Tear Becomes A Rose (Bonus Track) 49:29-56:22
    11. Too Much (Bonus Track) 56:23-1:00:28
    12. Johnny Broadhead (Part 2) (Bonus Track) 1:00:29-1:06:59
    13. Magic Eyes (Bonus Track) 1:07:00-1:12:17

  • Loose Ends - Magic Touch


    Music video by Loose Ends performing Magic Touch.

  • Dont Worry Loose Ends


    A rare song from Loose Ends

  • Loose Ends - Slow Down and Gonna Make You Mine


    Loose Ends at Hideaway, London's premier live music and comedy club

    Carl McIntosh brings the uniquely British soul sound of Loose Ends to the Hideaway stage for a night of good times groove.




  • Loose Ends - Mega Mashup


    {Mashup by Cryptrik}
    {2nd Channel}
    An epic mega mashup of some crazy EDM music and some epic pop bangers. Mashup by crytprik he's a pretty cool dude you should go and subscribe to him. Make sure to check out that soundcloud as well. More le epic meme ultra epic mega mashups are available there. Is this a good description I don't know listen to this epic music over and over again i really like it. merry xmas
    p r o f e s s i o n a l m e m e p o s t i n g

  • Bruce Springsteen - Loose Ends


  • Loose Ends - Music Takes Me Higher


    Music Takes Me Higher appears in the album A Little Spice released in 1984.

    This video may contain copyrighted material & is the property of the respective authors, artists and labels & is provided for non-profit and creative use purposes only.

  • Loose Ends - Choose Me 1984


    A classic cut off of Loose Ends' 1984 record, A Little Spice. British Funk/R&B at its finest.

    © UMG

  • Loose Ends - Love´s Got Me


  • Loose Ends ~ Dan Fogelberg CC


    After Dan bought the big ranch in Colorado, Dan Hit a solid wall of writer's block. It remained unbroken for months until the eventual emergence of Loose Ends, a psychologically dark song that opened the way for the others to follow. Throughout that winter the songs for Netherlands spilled out of him. Unlike those that had come before, these reverberated with haunting vestiges of the classical music he'd adsorbed from his parents. That winter was like a marvelous dream. Once I broke through the writer's block, I was in ecstasy. Because it was like nothing I'd ever dreamed I could do. (Dan Fogelberg)
    I want to dedicate this video to my friend Bobby, who wanted so desperately to put all Dan's music in YouTube. Loose Ends is an epic from Dan's Nether Lands album (Released 1977), its tasteful guitar work and soaring vocal harmony shows an unusual depth for such a young artist.

    Loose Ends

    Climbing a mountain in darkness
    Stranded alone on the ledge
    Every attempt that I make to hold on
    Pushes me nearer the edge
    Sensing the changes impending
    My thoughts are diffused by despair
    I feel like I'm swimming straight up underwater
    Desperately racing for air
    I'm racing for air

    And the chords struck at birth grow more distant
    Yet, we strike them again and again
    And we plead and we pray for a glimmer of day
    As the night folds its wings and descends
    Exposing the loose ends

    Surrounding myself with possessions
    I surely have more than I need
    I don't know if this is justice hard earned
    Or simply a matter of greed
    A matter of greed
    (Repeat Chorus)

    Loose Ends
    Dan Fogelberg - acoustic 12 string guitars, electric rhythm guitars, electric lead guitars, piano, pipe organ, slide guitar, vocals
    Norbert Putnam - bass
    Joe Walsh - electric rhythm guitars
    Joe Vitale - drums
    Don Henley - harmony
    John David Souther - harmony

  • Loose Ends-Mr Bachelor


    Old School



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