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Playlist of Liz Green

  • Liz Green - Luis


    A beautiful paper-cut animation video by Tamzin Forster for the song 'Luis' by Liz Green.


    It's the 2nd of November, Which means it's my 30th birthday. And in Mexico... Dia De Los Muertos, The Day Of The Dead. And as a Day Of The Dead / Birthday treat to you, I'd like to introduce the video for my song Luis.

    It was made by the wonderful Tamzin Forster using 7 sheets of white paper, a craft knife and infinite amounts of patience.

    If you don't know the story behind Luis, It was inspired by an And Finally... story i read in The Metro. I have lost the original clipping but it went something like; In Mexico a local man, Luis (i forget his surname) has gained notoriety by attending every funeral in his hometown for the past 20 years. It just stuck in my mind. And I felt he deserved more than a couple of sentences. So i wrote him a song.

    There's something in it somewhere about the fine line between being morbidly obsessed by death, and being able to celebrate it. But i'm not a scholar. I just write the songs. I hope you like it.


    More work by Tamzin Forster :

    More about the Dia De Los Muertos :

    Taken from Liz Green's debut album 'O, Devotion!' out now on Play It Again Sam...
    Click here to buy the album


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  • Liz Green - Bad Medicine


    Buy the album ‘O, Devotion!’ here:

    Directed by Joseph Brett & Simon Taffe, End of the Road Films

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  • Liz Green -Hey Joe


    Liz Green Announces O, Devotion!
    Out February 7th via [PIAS] America
    More Info

    Liz Green

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  • Liz Green - Displacement Song


    Click here to buy the album

    Directed by Kate Anderson

    Production company: HSI London

    Debut album 'O, Devotion!' out now on Play It Again Sam


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  • Liz Green - The Quiet | A Take Away Show


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    La Blogotheque presents: Liz Green | The Quiet | A Take Away Show

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    Directed by Colin Solal Cardo
    Sounds & Mix by Johan Lescure
    Produced by Chryde and Matthieu Buchsenschutz for La Blogothèque

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  • Liz Green - Haul Away!


    Liz's album 'Haul Away!' is out now. Available to order below!

    Special Bundles:

    Ladies and Gentlemen and Lost Ghosts...

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce the video to Haul Away! created by the wonderful Elle Brotherhood.

    It's essentially mini Odyssey. A homemade epic of tiny proportions. A journey from a grey world where you don't quite fit in to a colourful island where you do. Well, a place where everyone is equally odd, so your inherant oddness is not quite so apparent.

    The bulk of it was made and filmed during one weekend before Christmas last year. It was one of the nicest times I've ever had. Good friends, paint, glue, glitter and mountains of cardboard. I imagine this is how it felt for Michel Gondry when he made The Science of Sleep.

    To coin a quote from Monty Python... If you enjoy watching this video half as much as we enjoyed making it. Then we've enjoyed it twice as much as you...

    ...But i do hope you enjoy it.



    Directed and Animated by Elle Brotherhood
    Edited by Elle Brotherhood and Ric Jones

    Set and models made by Elle Brotherhood, Hannah Ford and Liz Green
    With help from Elle's mum who made the island people & Lalitha Periasamy-Thorpe who made the beautiful boat.
    Many thanks to Gareth Batowski who made us food and brought us drinks all day so we didn't starve.

    Liz Green as The Captain of the Ship
    Hannah Ford as The Lost Ghost 'Ohno'
    Nick Froud, Kate Wells, Rory Charles, Stanislav Lipnitski & Tom Feeney as the Island Welcome Party.
    and the plastic Judgemental People of Precarious Mountain.

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  • Liz Green - Where The River Dont Flow


    Liz's album 'Haul Away!' is out now. Available to order below!

    Special Bundles:

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Friends, Others...

    I am pleased to introduce the video for the first song off the new album...

    This is Where The River Don't Flow made by Joseph Brett, in glorious stop motion.

    Paper magician. Cardboard conjurer. Joe is the man behind the dark western revenge video for Bad Medicine. I said yes to him doing another film before i even knew what he had in mind. It is a handcrafted black and white wonder. Exploring the themes of mortality and legacy. With skellingtons.

    So come with us.

    Sell your soul for one last song.

    And we'll go where the river don't flow.

    Liz Green


    'Where The River Don't Flow' is the new single from Liz Green's forthcoming album 'Haul Away!'. Available to pre-order here:

  • Liz Green - Bad Medicine


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    This session was made by Sebastien Dehesdin, Paul Bridgewater and Jack Allett.

  • Liz Green - Bad Medicine


    Label: B-Music
    Catalog#: BMT003
    Format: Vinyl, 7, EP
    Country: UK
    Released: 2008
    Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Funk / Soul, Rock
    Style: Abstract, Psychedelic Rock, Folk, Funk

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  • Back In The USSR by Liz Green


    A slower version of Back In The USSR by Liz Green. Enjoy.

  • Liz Green - Gallows | Sofar London


    Liz Green performing Gallows at Sofar London on December 5th, 2012. We put on more than 10 shows every month in London, see upcoming dates and sign-up for tickets here:

    See the full list of show dates here:

    (Sofar Sounds London, Show #236)

    Find us on Facebook and Twitter for more information -

    Artist: Liz Green

    For a new gig every day, along with playlists, features and more, subscribe to Sofar here:

    Filmed by: Pro Constantinou

    Edited by: John Barrett

    Audio by: Linden Berelowitz

  • Liz Green - The Quiet @ GiTC


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  • Before PIAS Nites : Liz Green en avant-première, pour son premier album O, Devotion!


    Retrouvez l'univers de Liz Green sur :

    La Fnac, partenaire des [PIAS] NITES, a inauguré le concept des BEFORE FNAC pour vous permettre de découvrir en live et en avant-première un des artistes programmés lors de la [PIAS] NITES.

    Pour cette première édition, retrouvez le showcase de la chanteuse anglaise Liz Green.

    Liz Green n'est pas une nouvelle venue. Originaire de la petite ville de West Kirby au nord de l'Angleterre, elle remporte en 2007 le concours des nouveaux talents du festival Glastonbury et sort coup sur coup 2 singles Bad Medicine et Midnight Blues, devenus collector pour tous ceux ayant croisé cette chanteuse intemporelle.

    Digne héritière de Jolie Holland et Karen Dalton, Liz nous offre une musique sans âge, à la croisée des années 30 et de la pop moderne. Après 3 ans de tournée, elle revient enfin le 23 janvier 2012 avec son premier album O, Devotion!, enregistré dans le mythique Toerag Studios de Londres par le non moins mythique Liam Watson (The White Stripes, Supergrass). L'album est précédé du single Displacement Song, une œuvre 'Tragi-comique pop' comme elle se plaît à l'appeler, tout droit venue de la Nouvelle-Orléans.

    Enregistré le 6 décembre 2011 à la Fnac des Ternes, Paris.

  • Liz Green - French Singer - Live The Local London UK 2009


    Liz Green live at The Local Downstairs at The Kings Head pub, Crouch End, London, UK. 20 November 2009. That's her at the back in the dark with a bruised head.

  • Liz Green - Gallows - Live Rough Trade West London 2011


    Gallows by Liz Green live for an instore to promote her debut Album 'O, Devotion' at Rough Trade West, London 13 November 2011.

  • Sisters of Mercy - Liz Green


    .. a walk on the wild-side..

  • Liz Green - Displacement Song - Live Blacks London 2011


    Displacement Song by Liz Green live for The Society of The Golden Slippers at Blacks London 8 August 2011.

  • Liz Green - Penelope


    Extrait de l'alhum Haul Away!

  • Liz Green - Rybka


    Liz's album 'Haul Away!' is out now. Available to order below!

    Special Bundles:

    An introduction from Liz:

    I would like you to meet the video for the second single from Haul Away!

    Tuesday, this is Rybka. It's basically a story about trying to find your place in the world. And the troubles that can lurk along the way. Just waiting to derail you. Rybka is a good hearted soul, down on his luck, an outsider looking in. A very small fish in a very big pond. Little Fish was going to be it's title. But i didn't like how it sounded in English, So i translated it into other languages to see if they could offer better. Rybka is Polish, and also Russian for 'little fish'. The idea with the instrumentation that buoys the song was to provide a slightly drunken, woozy, eastern european brass band sound. So it seemed to fit just right.

    The only thing left was to ask permission from my musical friend David Rybka, of David Rybka and the Victorian Dad band ( to use his quite brilliant surname. Which he kindly agreed to. So thank you Dave. And all the other Rybkas out there.

    My only specification with the video was puppets. I really wanted puppets. I was introduced to the marvellous Isobel Smith through our mutual friends the Moulettes. We hatched plans amid the chaos of the Jake and Dinos Chapman exhibition in London. Isobel, and her pupeteers, joined forces with film maker Vicky Hart to craft this wonderful crow-cross-man puppet and the surreal and shadowy world he lives in.

    I love the exposed mechanism puppetry. To see the effect of the manipulations upon the puppet. Just adds to the feeling of control, or lack of it....

    I've finished rambling now. I hope you enjoy watching.

    Thanks to all...

    Artistic Director: Isobel Smith, Grist to the Mill (
    Puppeteers: Teele Uustani and Faith Brandon
    Projected Animation by The Baron Gilvan (

    Producer/Director: Vicky Hart, Hart In Media Ltd (
    Camera Operator & Editor: Simon Temple

  • Liz Green - French Singer


    I want to be a french singer.
    I'd sing for you my lover all night.
    Then maybe we'd learn to float above it all.
    And my dear, we might learn to stay in time.
    I want to be a french painter.
    With those colours blending with mine so perfectly.
    Then maybe we'd learn to float above it all.
    And my dear, you'd know how to satisfy me.
    Still I act like I never had love.
    And it's not as if I haven't tried.
    Though my body is bent and bruised and tired.
    It's not as if I've lost any of my fire.
    So if was a french singer.
    And those couples danced beneath the wild, white moon.
    Maybe then I'd stand up straight and I'd smile as I sing.
    And I'd dedicate each word I sing to you.
    You I've still got that fire.

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  • Liz Green - Rybka


    Réalisation : Sébastien Brodart

  • Louis Barabbas & Liz Green - Musical Box


    A duet with Liz Green from Louis Barabbas' album Gentle Songs Of Ceaseless Horror (Debt Records 2016)

    Written by Louis Barabbas
    Produced by Biff Roxby
    Performed by Liz Green, Louis Barabbas, Joel Roberts, Biff Roxby and Fran Lydiatt
    Recorded at WR Audio


    I was always almost a good man
    But I've never been almost great.
    And you watched me rue all the rest.
    Though I trust you with my disrepair
    More than love and more than hate
    It's for the things that are torn
    In the thick of the dawn
    That I wait.

    Some lives are just loose ends to sew
    And our threads are still entwined
    They are bound fast around all I have left.
    You gave me a song in a watch
    It would play and I would wind
    But the last time it did
    I unclasped the lid
    Too late

    For inside the case I saw more than one face
    As the hands both raised to noon
    And when counting the cogs in the musical box
    I forever lost its tune

    One day I awoke from our love
    As though from a pleasant dream
    Each kiss was an abyss without end.
    At its core were two fictions made flesh
    With this song their epilogue
    That the tiny tuned teeth
    Rotating beneath
    Will attest

    You said you'd stay with me always.
    Was that a promise or a threat?
    Now you're not around I don't know.
    You left me these words but no voice
    Just tones tapped on tin
    And as the cylinders slow
    The keys it should toe only rust

    I dream every night
    That the wraith personae
    Dance to Clair De Lune
    But when counting the cogs in the musical box
    I forever lost its tune

    Each tick of this clock is a beat
    Of my heart as it once was.
    Oh you are still beautiful now.
    I wasn't cold until you showed me that warmth
    In the time between the tunes
    Our lives were to be
    Played in the wrong key
    And too low.

    I'm losing my way
    More and more every day
    And I know I'm losing you too
    So I'm drawn to follow
    All the silent echos
    Of old bones
    Because counting the cogs in a musical box
    Will never explain its tune
    Before it began
    And long after its end
    I have known
    Our waltz was always to be
    Over too soon

  • Liz Green Gallows


  • Liz Green. Live Enchanted Brave


    Liz Green, manchester april 07

  • Liz Green - The Ballad Of Joe & Oko - Secret Sessions



    For More New Music:

  • Liz Green du folk et du blues à létat pur.


    Reportage web télévisé de la web tv - Réalisation journaliste Eric Minsky-Kravetz.
    Liz Green en concert (extraits) au Festival Mo' Fo' à l'espace Mains d'Oeuvres à Saint-Ouen.
    Extrait du reportage web télévisé exclusif du 31 janvier 2010 à Saint-Ouen de la web tv francilienne tvidf.

    La totalité de ce concert et du Festival Mo' Fo' est diffusée sur les web tv d'Ile-de-France ou d'Eure-et-Loir

    Liz Green (folk-blues) essentiellement seule avec sa guitare et une voix qui semble d'un autre temps (on croirait entendre une chanteuse blues de la période de la Grande Dépression), elle envoûte avec ses précieux enregistrements sur le label mancunien Humble Soul. Outre des passages remarqués aux festivals de Glastonbury et à SXSW, elle a été invitée par John Cale au Royal Albert Hall pour un hommage à Nico. Pour certains titres, elle était accompagnée d'un contrebassiste et d'un saxophoniste.

    Cette vidéo insérée sur cette chaîne Youtube est la propriété exclusive de son auteur. Aucune intégration sur un autre site ni aucun téléchargement ni aucune copie ne sont autorisés par son auteur. Les contrevenants à cet avertissement s'exposeraient à des poursuites.

  • Liz Green Photoshoot


    Some footage that has just come to light.

    A curio for those who are curious.

    This backstage footage is from the photo shoot i did with the ever marvellous Emily Dennison back in 2011, i think. Just before O, Devotion! came out in the UK.

    It was shot on the sly by John Corrin from Wasp Video. Not only did he shoot this and lend us the studio space, but if you saw the pictures where i'm facing off with my alter-ego, Starling Joe. That's John in the bird head.

    Emily Dennison Photography -

    Wasp Video -

  • Liz Green - empty handed blues


  • Liz Green - Luis - Live Kings Place London 2011


    Luis by Liz Green and her band Team Me live at King's Place, London 25 November 2011.

  • #605 Liz green - Rybka


    Nous nous retrouvons dans le sous sol d'un hôtel parisien. Un piano, une guitare, la voix et l'univers de Liz Green. Ici tout est un peu surréaliste, tout est un hors norme. Liz chante, accompagnée de sa guitare sur ce grand canapé entourée de plantes vertes, factices, la lumière découpant sa silhouette. Puis au piano, dans le reflet d'un miroir, pour un magnifique Haul away, Liz nous emmène, nous promène, hors des sentiers battus, sur des chemins de vie et d'émotion.

    Derrière l'image qui pourrait paraître classique et un peu lisse se cache un univers riche et envoûtant.Cette session à l'image de Liz et de sa musique, se termine sur une touche de folie douce quand dans un anglais assez peu réveillé on se lance dans une grande explication. Expliquer, après l'avoir vu sur le net, que E.T, que l'on retrouve en une dizaine d'exemplaires dans le hall de l'hôtel, est un chevalier Jedi !!

    On vous l'avait dit. Cette session n'est décidément pas ordinaire !

    Un grand merci à Selma et à l'hôtel du Temps.

    Images : Renaud de Foville (

  • Liz Green - Observer Music Monthly


    Liz Green plays 'Bad Medicine'

  • Liz Green - Stereo, York, 8th December 2011


  • Liz Green - Live at Pure Pop Records


    Visiting UK artist Liz Green absolutely blew away the Pure Pop courtyard when she performed.

    Recorded in the Pure Pop Records courtyard on October 16, 2010.

    Note - Liz performs her fist song a capella off stage so audio quality improves at 1.44

    Subscribe to my channel to check out more live recordings from the Pure Pop Records courtyard



  • Liz Green @ Point Ephémère


    Liz Green playing at the Point Ephémère in Paris on February 7, 2012.



    last song of her encore @ Point Ephemere february 7 2012.

    Cover version of Bei Mir Bist Du Shein (The Andrew Sisters)

  • The Kings Arms. Salford. Liz Green.


    Red Dear Club Special. Saturday 16th June at The Kings Arms, Saford. Liz Green performs No way out of this(?) in the run up to her appearance at Glastonbury.

  • Liz Green - Festival Fnac Live 2012


    Retrouvez les vidéos du festival du Fnac Live sur :

    Une voix qui vous saisit par sa profondeur, avec cette douleur en soubassement qui semble creuser le sillon d'un vieux 78 tours. Liz Green impose un mélange unique et lyrique de chanson, de jazz et de pur a capella à la manière des saintes Judy Garland, Billie Holiday et Karen Dalton.
    Si vous avez aimé le concert de Liz Green, vous pouvez la retrouver en tournée dans toute la France. Découvrez ses dates de concerts.

    Découvrez O Devotion sur
    Si vous avez aimé le concert de Liz Green, vous pouvez la retrouver en tournée dans toute la France :

    Enregistré le dimanche 22 juillet 2012 sur le parvis de l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris.

  • Liz Green O Devotion


    Es ist doch nur Musik, März 2012: Jens Dreiser, Ninja Andresen und Matthias Wieland über das Album O Devotion von Liz Green.



  • Liz Green @Reasonanz


    Liz Green

    31 10 2012



  • Liz Green BBC Radio Leeds interviews Alan Gibson 20 10 14


    Listen to Alan Gibson chatting on Liz Green BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast Show re Chapel A House Concerts Leeds. More info at:

  • Humble Soul In America - Blog 6 - Liz Green At The Local


  • Liz Green Bei Mir Bis du Shoen @ Kings Arms, Salford 12 Nov 2011


    Album launch night for 'O Devotion' by Liz Green here performing with full band at Kings Arms, Salford. The album is out on 14 November on PIAS.

  • Liz Green - Bad Medicine - Live Rough Trade West London 2011


    Bad Medicine by Liz Green live for an instore to promote her debut Album 'O, Devotion' at Rough Trade West, London 13 November 2011.

  • Liz Green - live-




  • Liz Green - Bad Medicine


    Liz Green's solo performance in the Concerto record store in Amsterdam. January 27th 2012. She played with her band in Paradiso that evening.

    With mouth-trumpet solo!





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