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Playlist of List of museums in Romania

  • Emil Alzamora - Sculptures


    Emil Alzamora was born in Lima, Peru in 1975. His family moved to Boca Grande, Florida when he was two. He later attended Florida State University where he graduated Magna cum Laude in 1998 earning a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Alzamora harnesses a wide range of materials and techniques to deliver unexpected interpretations of the sculpted human figure. He often distorts, elongates, deconstructs, or encases his forms to reveal an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story. Alzamora’s keen interest in the physical properties of his materials combined with his hands-on approach allow for the process to reveal and inform at once the aesthetic and the conceptual.

    Alzamora started his sculpting career in the Hudson Valley of New York working with Polich Tallix in the fall of 1998. Since his departure from the art foundry in early 2001, he has produced his work full-time and shown regularly throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Alzamora’s works have been exhibited in multiple solo and group shows, many national and international art fairs as well as the United Nations Building, Pepsico World Headquarters, The Queens Museum of Art, The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, and The Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas. His work has been reviewed by publications such as The New York Times, The Brooklyn Rail, The
    L Magazine, El Diario, Boston Metro News, Juxtapoz, High Fructose, ArteFuse and Cool Hunting. He currently lives and works in Beacon, NY.

    Music by Oscar Ortega

  • Galleria Colonna - Rome Private tour - original music - Rome car tours


    Music by Adel Karanov Colonna Gallery Private tour in ROME

    The Colonna Gallery is an enchanting place: the art collection — paintings, sculptures, frescoes — perfectly fit in with the architectural structure of the Colonna family’s Palace which contains the imposing 17th c. Gallery. It is the best example in the city of art works arrangement within spaces purposely planned to house public expositions of family collections, in order to sing the family’s praises and riches. Time here seems to have stopped to the day of the Gallery inauguration in 1703, even if a cannonball on the staircase of the Palace, crashed here because of a target mistake on the day after the proclamation of the Roman Republic (1849), is the evidence of the passing of time. Take the list of the paintings at the entrance: remember that the works’ numbering follows the alphabetical order of the. artists (Albani is the number 1 while Veronese is the number 197) and not that of the works’ arrangement. The gallery and the collection were begun by Cardinal Girolamo Colonna around the middle of the 17th c. in the pre-existent family Palace, which overlooks Sts Apostles Square and continues in the garden ascending to Quirinale Square

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    ukraine museum older atchitecture-it museum in southern bukovina,city tourizme Chernivtsi,manny home it see tourizme older ukranian people
    life. Verry interest history and tradicion,-all year here open in summer
    fair and fest concerts Buk branch

  • Muzeul George Enescu din Bucuresti


    George Enescu (n. 19 august 1881, Liveni, Botoşani - d. 4 mai 1955, Paris) a fost un compozitor, violonist, pedagog, pianist şi dirijor. Este considerat cel mai important muzician român. Între anii 1888-1894 studiază la Conservatorul din Viena, având ca profesori printre alţii pe Joseph Hellmesberger jr. (vioară) şi Robert Fuchs (compoziţie). Se încadrează rapid în viaţa muzicală a Vienei, concertele sale în care interpretează compoziţii de Johannes Brahms, Pablo de Sarasate, Henri Vieuxtemps, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, entuziasmând presa şi publicul, deşi avea doar 12 ani.După absolvirea Conservatorului din Viena cu medalia de argint, îşi continuă studiile la Conservatorul din Paris (1895-1899) În ziua de 6 februarie 1898 îşi face debutul în calitate de compozitor în cadrul Concertelor Colonne din Paris cu Suita simfonică Poema Română, Tot atunci, în acelaşi an, începe să dea lecţii de vioară la Bucureşti şi să dea recitaluri de vioară. Admirat de Regina Elisabeta a României (celebra iubitoare a artei Carmen Sylva) era deseori invitat să execute piese pentru vioară în Castelul Peleş din Sinaia. Enescu a pus pe muzică câteva dintre poemele reginei Carmen Sylva, dând naştere mai multor lieduri în limba germană ale compozitorului. Prinţesa Martha Bibescu şi-l disputa pe marele compozitor cu regina, dar se pare că aceasta din urmă a reuşit să învingă, George Enescu fiind un invitat permanent la palat unde lua parte la seratele muzicale organizate de regină.

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  • Bucharest 12.04.2018


    camera testing - GH5 - Spotlight Festival Bucharest
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  • Byzantine Museum Concert, 5 Jul 2017


    Winners' concert of the eMuse Online Music Competition 2017 at the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens on July 5, 2017. Part 2 of 3.
    Dragos Rusanu, violin - Romania
    Stefan Aprodu, violin - Romania

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  • Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments, Belgrade Fortress


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  • Folk music romanian


    Romania folk music romanian is a European country with a multicultural music environment which includes active ethnic music scenes. Romanian also has thriving scenes in the fields of pop music, hip hop, heavy metal and rock and roll. During the first decade of the 21st century some Europop groups/artists, such as Morena (Bizu Cristina), Tom Boxer, Morandi, Akcent, Edward Maya, Alexandra Stan, Inna and Yarabi, achieved success abroad. Traditional Romanian folk music remains popular, and some folk musicians have come to national (and even international) fame.

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    Milan AutoClassica 4K
    Eicma - motorcycle 4K
    Ferrara Balloons Festival

  • Los Angeles - Hollywood Boulevard - Michael Jacksons Star - 12.10.2017


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  • Gold Museum Sovereign Hill Barraret Victoria Australia Traveller Baritone Sung Sun Hong 홍성선


    Gold Museum
    Sovereign Hill
    Barraret Victoria Australia
    Baritone Sung Sun Hong
    멜버른 여행지
    소버린 힐 발라렛
    금 박물관
    전세계에서 건너온 1,000종류 이상의 금화가 전시되어 있는 금박물관입니다

    The Gold Museum extends Sovereign Hill’s story of Ballarat - a majestic provincial city built on the wealth derived from the great Australian gold rushes of the 1850s.


    #goldmuseum #melbourne #australia

  • Patung Artis Hollywood


    Patung-patung bintang Hollywood bisa Anda lihat di Peru. Patung tersebut terbuat dari karet lateks sehingga mirip dengan aslinya.

  • European Jewish Cemeteries - Wilno Vilniaus 2015


    European Jewish Cemeteries. An Interdisciplinary Conference.
    25-28 October 2015 Vilnius (Wilno)
    Contact Group Name: Cemeteries conference participant list
    Took part (udział wzięli A to Z) Agnieszka Nieradko, Albert Stankowski, Andrea Morpurgo, Anna Ewa Chipczynska, Anna Klein, Annemarie Grosse-Juette, Connie Webber, Daniel Polakovic, Dario Disegni, Caroline Sturdy Colls, Carsten Wilke, Joachim Jacobs, Michael Studemund-Halevy, Philippe Pierret, Samuel Gruber, Sharman Kadish, Beata Nemcova, Michael Lozman, Romas Jarockis Romas, David Singer, Faina Kukliansky, Herbert Block, Iva Steinova , Jasmina Ciric, Jay Osborn, Jurgita Verbickien, Lesley Weiss, Lucia Apostol, Marla Raucher Osborn
    Martynas Užpelkis, Max Polonovski, Michael Brocke, Michael Tobias, Monika Krawczyk, Olena Andronatiy, Philip Carmel , Gerard Nahon, Jonathan Webber, Leonard Rutgers, Falk Wiesemann, David Malkiel, rabbi Abraham Ginsberg, Rudolf Klein, Ruta Anulyte, Ruta Puisyte , Ruth Ellen Gruber, Steven D. Reece, Susan Sandler , Tobias Ruetenik , Tomasz Wisniewski, Tudor Drambarean, William Gross, Witold Wrzosinski, Zuzana Berankova.


  • Street violinist in Venice, Italy 2017


  • eMuse competition - Mario Mititelu, violin, 9y - Romania 2/2

    6:46 Beriot - Concert #9, 3rd mvt.

    Pianist - Olga Babadjan
    Violin Teacher - Magdalena Ursu

  • eMuse competition - David Ionita, violin, 8y – Romania 1/2


    Gossec - Gavotte

    Pianist - Olga Babadjan
    violin teacher - Magdalena Ursu

  • Dofhiortn - Stuffed Animals


    Dofhiort'n & Vänner performing Stuffed Animals at Vänersborgs Museum, Sweden, the 24th of May 2015.

    Dofhiort'n is Manfred Högström and Julius Z. Strömberg together with Felix Fridefors, Anton Johansson and Rasmus Sjöstedt.

    Filmed by Gunnar Högström.
    -- / #dofhiortn

  • Talla 2XLC @ House Parade 2009 warmup party, Romania part1


    Talla 2XLC playing the day before the event at a warmup party.

  • Romanian Folk Dances, arranged for String Quartet - Bela Bartok


    Romanian Folk Dances (Hungarian: Román népi táncok), Sz. 56, BB 68 is a suite of six short piano pieces composed by Béla Bartók in 1915. He later orchestrated it for small ensemble in 1917 as Sz. 68, BB 76.

    It is based on seven Romanian tunes from Transylvania, originally played on fiddle or shepherd's flute. The original name for the piece was titled Romanian Folk Dances from Hungary (Magyarországi román népi táncok) but was later changed by Bartók when Romania annexed Transylvania in 1918-1920. It is nowadays available in the 1971 edition which is written with key signatures although Bartók rarely ever wrote key signatures.


    This set of dances consists of six movements and, according to the composer, it should take four minutes and three seconds to perform, but most professional pianists take up to five minutes. The list of the movements is as follows. The original Hungarian title will be in the first place, the most commonly known title in Romanian will be in the second place and the translation into English will be in parentheses:

    I. Bot tánc / Jocul cu bâtă (Stick Dance)
    II. Brâul (Sash Dance)
    III. Topogó / Pe loc (In One Spot)
    IV. Bucsumí tánc / Buciumeana (Dance from Bucsum)
    V. Román polka / Poarga Românească (Romanian Polka)
    VI. Aprózó / Mărunțel (Fast Dance)

    The melody of the first movements, according to Bartók, came from Mezőszabad, in the Maros-Torda (now Mureș County) section of Transylvania, and he first heard it when two gypsy violinists were playing it. The second movement is a typical dance from Romania called Brâul, for which traditionally a sash or a waistband was used. This melody came from Igriș, in the Banat region. The third dance comes also from Igriş, but its theme is much darker and its melody recreates Middle Eastern instruments, such as the flute. The fourth dance came from Bucium, in the district of Torda-Aranyos (today Alba county in Romania). The fifth dance is an old Romanian dance similar to the Polka and comes from Belényes, today Beiuş, in Bihor county near the border between Hungary and Romania. The sixth and last dance is formed by two different melodies: the first one comes from Belényes (called Beiuș in Romanian) and the second one comes from Nyagra (from the commune of Lunca Bradului). Both on the orchestral version and on the original piano version, these two dances are performed without a discernible pause.
    The text above is offered by courtesy of Wikipedia, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

    Original Wikipedia article:

    Classical music piece performed by: A Far Cry
    Licensed by: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston
    Music license: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Painting: White Mountains from Fernald's Hill (1860) by Charles de Wolf Brownell.
    Painting license: digital copy of the painting by courtesy of the National Gallery of Art

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  • Informatics museum


    Informatics museum (Szeged)

  • 🌈 Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwoole Film, Television & Video Specials/Commercials 🌈


    🌈 Israel IZ Kamakawiwo'ole (Oahu, 20 May 1959 - Honolulu, 26 June 1997) Film, Television & Video Specials/Commercials 🌈
    Israel 'IZ' Kamakawiwoole (Oahu, 20 May 1959 - Honolulu, 26 June 1997) was an American singer and musician native of Hawaii. It is also known by the pseudonyms ‘Bruddah Iz’, or ‘Bradda IZ’, or simply ‘IZ’.
    After successful years as a member of a band, Israel decided to start his solo career in 1990. His album FACING FUTURE (1993) has been the starting point for his international success. In 'Facing Future' IZ executed (in a version with just the ukulele accompaniment, played by the same Kamakawiwo'ole) the medley of the songs 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' (which was written in 1939 and played by Judy Garland in the column score for the film 'The Wizard of Oz') and 'What a Wonderful World' (standard brought to success by Louis Armstrong).
    IZ’s music and especially this medley were included on the soundtracks of several films, television programs & commercials:

    🌈 FILM
    Columbia Pictures “MEET JOE BLACK”
    Universal Pictures “FINDING FORESTER”
    Columbia Pictures “PINEAPPLE EXPRESS”
    Sony Pictures “50 FIRST DATES”
    Warner Bros. Pictures “FRED CLAUS”
    New Line Cinema “SNAKES ON A PLANE”
    New Line Productions“SON OF THE MASK”
    Warner Bros. Pictures “THE BIG BOUNCE”
    Walt Disney Pictures & Television “RIP GIRLS”
    Artisan Entertainment “MADE”
    TriStar Pictures “RACE THE SUN”
    Triumph Enterprises “IN GOD’S HANDS”
    Chrome Dragon Films “LANI LOA”
    David L. Brown Productions “SURFING FOR LIFE”
    Party Wave, Inc. “OFF THE LIP”

    COLD CASE Warner Bros. Television
    “STRUMMER THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN” Nitrate Strummer, Ltd – Great Britain
    “OPRAH & GAYLE'S BIG ADVENTURES 1” Harpo Productions
    “LAS VEGAS” NBC Television
    “COLD CASE” Warner Bros. Television
    “CAN’T BUY ME LOVE” Great Britain
    “HAWAI’I” NBC Television
    “ER” Warner Bros. Television
    “GIDEON’S CROSSING” Touchstone Television
    “THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL” Bell-Phillip
    “PARTY OF FIVE” Columbia Pictures Television
    “YOUNG AMERICANS” Columbia Pictures
    “LENS OF DARKNESS, LENS OF LIGHT” National Geographic Special
    “WIND ON WATER” NBC Television
    “PICKET FENCES” Twentieth Century Fox Films
    “BAYWATCH” Baywatch Production Company
    “QVC, INC.
    “THEN THERE WERE NONE” – Documentary

    Sangemini Water ITALY
    Sony Handycam CHINA
    Zala Water SLOVENIA
    Kelloggs Rice Krispies
    Fiat Chroma ITALY
    Norway Lotto NORWAY
    Imaginarium Toys SPAIN
    Hawai’i Visitor & Convention Bureau
    Menzies Health Insurance NETHERLANDS
    Maui Visitors Bureau
    Hallmark Greeting Cards
    Chase Bank
    KB Toys
    Roua Muntilor Mineral Water ROMANIA
    Lynx Axe 24/7 GREAT BRITAIN
    Smithsonian “Kaho’olawe” exhibit
    AT&T Wireless
    Sony Electronics
    Sony Comdex
    Japan Airlines
    Japan Travel Bureau
    American Airlines
    ITT Sheraton Hotels
    Aston Hotels & Resorts
    Four Seasons
    Hilo Hattie
    Sakata Seed JAPAN
    Agrana Marketing AUSTRIA
    Infinity Golf Classic
    Kenai Air Hawai’i
    Bishop Museum

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    'Ciao' from Italy!

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  • Carl Cox b2b Fatboy Slim at Saatchi Gallery, London


    Universe™ presents Carl Cox B2B Fatboy Slim at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

    Enjoy and subscribe if you feel like it, thanks :)

    Conceived & Produced by Alon Shulman
    Special Thanks to Carl Cox & Norman Cook

    © 2019 World Famous Promotions Ltd

    Thanks to Dan Tait, Mark Grotefeld , Fraser Boyes,  Ian Hussey, Robert Barbieri, Adam & James @Mari Pharm, Vassilis Skandalis, Tina Browning, Eoin Smith, Dave Browning, Luke Deakin, Dan Reid, Julien James Davis, Murdo Macleod, Jamie Gomez, the Saatchi Gallery, Mixmag, the team at Pioneer DJ and the Universe crew.

    SWEET HARMONY: RAVE | TODAY was an immersive retrospective exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery devoted to presenting a revolutionary survey of rave culture through the voices and lenses of those who experienced it.

    The exhibition recaptured the new world that emerged from the acid house scene and narrates the ascendancy of rave culture with the youth of today. Saatchi Gallery's Director Philly Adams alongside co-curator Kobi Prempeh assembled a comprehensive panel of visionaries including; Sheryl Garratt, Agnes Bliah, Juan Rincon (Voltage and SCI-Arc), Jorge Nieto (Creative Director of Village Underground) and Craig Richards, all of whom made significant contributions in the execution of the exhibition.

  • Acid Pauli @ Garni Temple for Cercle


    Acid Pauli playing an exclusive live set at Garni Temple in Armenia for Cercle.
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    ☞ Acid Pauli

    ☞ Viken Arman

    Video credits:

    Artists: Acid Pauli
    Venue: Garni Temple
    Produced by Cercle
    Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
    Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
    Directors of photography: Mickael Fidjili & Mathieu Glissant
    Sound engineer: Narek Chakhoyan
    Sound mastering: Michel Avannier
    Drone: Jérémie Tridard

    Special thanks to Guevo and Leo from The Triângûlum Community, Giorgi from Origami and to the Armenian government, specially the culture and tourism ministry for the support.


    This artistic performance has been recorded live.

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  • Monolink - Mayan Warrior - Burning Man 2018


    Sunset at the incredible Mayan Warrior art car, Burning Man 2018.

    Unfortunately I had to cut out my edit of Nils Frahm's Says due to copyright claims. Head over to Soundcloud or Vimeo for the full set:

    All tracks by Monolink.

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  • Solomun @ Théâtre Antique dOrange for Cercle


    Solomun playing his unique DJ set in this amazing roman theater: Théâtre Antique d'Orange for Cercle.
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    ☞ Solomun


    Video credits:

    Artist: Solomun
    Venue: Théâtre Antique d'Orange
    Produced by Cercle
    Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
    Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
    Directors of photography: Adrien Combes, Mathieu Glissant, Anatole Vaillant.
    Sound Engineers: Charles Dumaire & Timothée Renard, assisted by Aurélien Moisan
    Stage Manager: Fabrice Marchand

    Special thanks to Christophe Beth, Mathilde Moure & Michael Couzigou.

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  • La Stravaganza Competition, Cluj/Romania 2017, IInd prize Trio REC


    Trio REC – Budapest: Haraszti Dora – recorder, Regős Julia – viola da gamba, Edőcs Fanni – harpsichord
    William Lawes – Fantasia Suite in sol minor
    Fantasia – Almaine – Galliard
    Improvisation on a ground

  • COSPLAY WORLD Zorbas Violin Comic Con International Anime Expo Fair CRAZY SHOWCASE convention HD


    United States
    In the United States, Comic Con is a registered trademark of San Diego Comic-Con International. This trademark was upheld in a court ruling in December 2017

    Brazil Comic Con Experience, a Brazilian multigenre entertainment and comic convention in São Paulo held since 2014

    Australia Oz Comic Con, multi-city event held annually since 2012

    India Comic Con India, main edition held annually in New Delhi and express editions annually in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

    Pakistan Karachi Comic Con (Karachi) and Comic Con PK (Lahore) are held annually.

    • Asia Pop Comic Convention held annually in Manila since 2015.
    • Komikon in Metro Manila, Philippines

    Saudi Arabia SaudiComicCon was that nation's inaugural comic con, held on February 2017.

    United Arab Emirates
    • Middle East Film and Comic Con, annual fan convention in Dubai held since 2012.

    Lithuania Comic Con Baltics, annual fan convention held in Lithuania, Vilnius since 2017.

    Romania East European Comic Con, annual fan convention held in Bucharest, Romania since 2013.

    Russia Comic-Con Russia, annual fan convention held in Moscow, Russia since 2014.

    United Kingdom
    • British Comic Art Convention, (commonly known as Comicon ) later renamed U.K. Comic Art & Fantasy Convention (earliest British comic book fan convention, held from 1968–81)
    • London Film and Comic Con, annual fan convention in London held since 2004
    • MCM London Comic Con, held annually since 2002
    • Wales Comic Con, annual fan convention in Wrexham held since 2008
    • Edinburgh Comic Con, held annually since 2014

    • Central Canada Comic Con, annual fan convention in Winnipeg held since 1994
    • Montreal Comiccon, annual fan convention in Montreal held since 2007
    • Toronto Comic Con, started in 2003, purchased by Wizard Entertainment in 2009
    • Toronto ComiCON, semi-annual Toronto convention, presented by Fan Expo Canada
    • Ottawa Comiccon, annual fan convention in Ottawa, first half of May, launched in 2012

    United States
    • Alamo City Comic Con, annual fan convention in San Antonio, Texas since 2013
    • Baltimore Comic-Con, annual fan convention in Baltimore held since 2000
    • Big Apple Comic Con (formerly Big Apple Con and Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con), annual fan convention in New York City held since 1996
    • Dallas Comic Con, annual fan convention in Dallas, Texas, held since 2002
    • Denver Comic Con, annual fan convention in Denver, Colorado, held since 2012
    • East Coast Comicon (formerly Asbury Park Comicon), annual fan convention in Secaucus, New Jersey held since 2012
    • Emerald City Comicon, annual fan convention in Seattle held since 2003
    • L.A. Comic Con annual fan convention in Los Angeles, California, held since 2011
    • Motor City Comic Con, annual fan convention in Metro Detroit held since 1989
    • New York Comic Con, annual fan convention in New York City held since 2006, the second largest fan convention in the US
    • Ohio Comic Con, (formerly Mid-Ohio Con), annual fan convention held in Columbus, Ohio since 1996; held in Mansfield, Ohio from 1980–95
    • Phoenix Comicon, annual fan convention in the Phoenix area, held since 2002
    • Pittsburgh Comicon, annual fan convention in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, held since 1994
    • Rhode Island Comic Con, annual fan convention in Providence, Rhode Island since 2012
    • Salt Lake Comic Con, biannual fan convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, held since 2013
    • San Diego Comic-Con International, held in San Diego since 1970
    • Silicon Valley Comic Con, held in San Jose since 2016
    • Wildcat Comic Con, annual fan convention in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, held from 2012-2014
    • Wizard World Chicago (formerly Chicago Comicon) annual fan convention in the Chicago area, held since 1976, acquired and rebranded by Wizard Entertainment in 1997
    • List of comic book conventions
    • List of defunct comic book conventions
    • Comecon, a trade treaty
    • Comiaken people, one of the Cowichan Tribes located in and around the Cowichan Valley and Duncan, British Columbia
    • Comiket, a Japanese comic convention
    • Science fiction fandom
    • Fantasy fandom

  • DOREL LIVIANU - Oyf in pripitchik - 1984 Bnai Zion


    DOREL LIVIANU - Oyf in pripitchik - 1984 From Live Concert Bnai Zion, New York City piano David Livianu -
    Welcome! The Livianu Virtual Museum of Audio-Visual Recordings is proud to present to music lovers around the world some of the most beloved songs performed by one of Romania's greatest singers, Dorel Livianu.

    Dorel Livianu was born in Bucharest, Romania, on October 10, 1907. He showed his high quality voice at a young age when he performed at age 7 in Verdi's opera AIDA, as the little trumpet boy.

    As a teenager he studied voice with the great Massini at the Bucharest Music Conservatory. As a rising star he was signed on by Columbia Records and His Master's Voice.

    He launched some of the greatest hits of the 1930s and 40s, such as How Beautiful Life Is, In The Little Town Forgotten By The World, Johnny, Johnny, and many others.

    Columbia Records labeled Livianu as The Golden Voice of Romania. Dorel Livianu covered most genres of Romanian pop music, from urban folklore, the tango, foxtrot and the Romanian blues known as romanta.

    He performed with the Jewish Theater Barasheum in Bucharest between 1939 and 1945, when Jewish entertainers were banned from regular theaters. He was deported and interned in a Romanian-Nazy labor-concentration camp in Transnistria for 8 months, which he survided due to his notoriety.

    Livianu also recorded many Jewish and American popular songs while residing in Israel and the United States. He was a frequent guest singer on popular New York radio shows like The Joey Adams Show, The Forward Hour on WEVD, and many others.

    He is considered to have had one of the most beautiful pop voices of Romania. Dorel Livianu was married in 1939 to Mella Silberstein and had one child in 1955, David Bogdan.

    In 1967 he took residence in America, commuting for performances between Romania and the U.S. He passed away on April 2, 1997. He is survived by a son and 2 grandchildren.

    One of Livianu's most memorable slogans was Love the Romanian blues and you will forever stay young. It was one of my father's last wishes to make his recordings available to the world, as an expression of his everlasting love for Romania, Israel and America.

    If you would like quality copies of these recordings, you can write to

  • Dragos Rusanu - Concert no.4 1st mvt, N. Paganini


    Pianist - Miki Aoki

    Violin teacher - Magdalena Ursu

  • ACO Instruments - 1728/29 Stradivari Violin


    During our 2017 European Tour, Ilya Isakovich visited J&A Beare’s in London to discuss the ACO Instrument Fund’s 1728/29 Stradivari Violin.

    More about:
    The Violin -
    The ACO Instrument Fund -

  • Live painting at the Breaka Burleigh Pro 2013


    some airbrush / aerosol painting i did at the breaka burleigh pro surf comp
    view more of my paintings on
    song - Nid & Sancy - M.U.S.I.C (SYMBOLONE REMIX)

  • Oddisee- The Iceberg Full Album


    Purchase The Iceberg
    Landing Page:
    Apple Music / iTunes:
    Google Play:




    The prolific MC, producer and musician Oddisee’s new album ‘The Iceberg’ is a plea for humanity to dig deeper in search of understanding and common ground. His third release in just 12 months, ‘The Iceberg’ is a distillation of stereotypical tropes in hip-hop and beyond, 12 tracks about money, sex, politics, race and religion that appear superficial until his multi-dimensional lyrics unfurl to expose the complexities of individuality and identity: how we see ourselves and how others see us. Deeply soulful, and shot through with jazz, Go-go, gospel, thick r&b and hard beats, the album is a timely, poetic statement. ‘The Iceberg’ is out February 24 on Mello Music Group.

    Lead single “Things” acts as a mission statement for the album, a deep dance groove with lightning-quick lyrics about “things” he’s going through. Says Oddisee, “We all go through the trials & tribulations of life. Why is it we feel the need to individualize our shared experiences? If only we could see our concerns as others do, maybe they wouldn't be so serious.

    ‘The Iceberg’ was recorded and produced by Oddisee at his own studio in Brooklyn, made with live instrumentation performed by Oddisee and members of his band, Good Compny.

    Oddisee has released two studio albums, several EPs mixtapes and instrumental albums, and has over 23 million plays on Spotify. He’s been profiled by NPR, the Washington Post, praised by Pitchfork and Stereogum, performed on NPR’s Tiny Desk, Red Bull Sound Select and at festivals including Glastonbury and Sasquatch. ‘The Iceberg’ follows two releases in 2016, the ‘Alwasta EP’ and the instrumentals album ‘The Odd Tape.’ His 2015 full-length ‘The Good Fight’ was a Top 10 album on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart and he won the iTunes Music award for Best Hip-Hop Album of 2012.

    Oddisee’s 2017 international tour with Good Compny starts March 2 in Paris and includes dates across the U.S. in April and May. Full list of dates below with more to be added.

    Oddisee World Tour
    March 2 – Paris, France – La Place
    March 3 – Lyon, France – Bizarre!
    March 4 – Nantes, France – Stereolux
    March 6 – Bristol, UK – The Lantern
    March 8 – Manchester, UK – Gorilla
    March 9 – Dublin, Ireland, The Sugar Bluc
    March 11 – London, UK – Islington Assembly Hall
    March 13 – Munich, Germany – Ampere
    March 14 – Erfurt, Germany – Franz Melhose
    March 15 – Berlin, Germany – Gretchen
    March 16 – Hamburg, Germany – Mojo Club
    March 17 – Cologne, Germany – Gloria
    March 18 – Stuttgart, Germany – Im Wizemann
    March 19 – Frankfurt, Germany – Zoom
    March 22 – Nijmegen, Netherlands – Doornroosje
    March 24 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Bird
    March 25 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
    March 26 – Brussels, Belgium – Ancienne Belgique
    March 30 - Milan, Italy - Biko Club
    April 7 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Sofia Live Club
    April 8 - Bucharest, Romania - Arenele Romane
    April 10 – Vienna, Austria – Grelle Forelle
    April 11 – Warsaw, Poland – Stodola
    April 18 – Philadelphia, PA – Theater of Living Arts
    April 20 – Washington, D.C. – 9:30 Club
    April 21 – Raleigh, NC – King’s Barcade
    April 23 – Atlanta, GA – The Loft
    April 26 – Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s
    April 27 – Dallas, TX – Dada Dallas
    April 28 – Austin, TX – Empire Control Room
    May 1 – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
    May 5 – San Diego, CA – Music Box
    May 7 – San Francisco, CA – The Regency
    May 9 – Eugene, OR – WoW Hall
    May 10 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
    May 11 – Seattle, WA – Neumos
    May 12 – Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret
    May 13 – Spokane, WA – The Big Dipper
    May 14 – Boise, ID – Neurolux
    May 17 – Omaha, NE – Slowdown
    May 18 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry
    May 19 – Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall
    May 20 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
    May 21 – Indianapolis, IN – The HiFi
    May 26 – Detroit, MI – Arab American National Museum
    May 27 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
    May 30 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
    May 31 – New York, NY – Highline Ballroom

  • It Dont Mean A Thing - Duke Ellington.mp4


    Live Concert 2008, Romanian-American Musical Days Festival, Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania

    Daniel Szasz-violin
    Daniel Goiti-keyboard
    John McElroy-trumpet
    Gheorghe Branici-trumpet
    Antonio Mihail-horn
    Ion Palagniuc-trombone
    Daniel Luca-tuba
    Valentin Desaga-bass
    Andrei Marcovici-drums

  • Stefan Aprodu, violino


    III International Concert Uniti nella Musica

    Liceo artistico “Dinu Lipatti” di Bucarest, Classe della M° Magdalena Ursu
    Henryk Wieniawski , Variations on an Original Theme Op.15
    Collaborazione pianistica: M° Svetlana Pekarskaya

  • I am an Astronaut Rick Wilde cover Benji and the Astronauts


    I am an Astronaut, originally sung by Ricky Wilde in 1972 has been re recorded with the help Ricky and an amazing group of 80's musicians Check out the list of Astronauts

    If the song proves a success on Youtube we will release it as a single with all proceeds going to charity.

    The Astronauts are:

    Giorgio Koppehele - Producer and Keyboards
    Vincent Clarke - Keyboards
    Ricky Wilde - Guitars
    Nick Beggs - Bass
    Warren Cann - Drums
    Jeff Wayne - intro
    Alan Parsons voice over

    Special guest appearance on guitars in the video Carl Verheyen

    Ground Crew:

    Nick Boyles
    Dirk Hohmeyer
    Gernot Groemer
    Professor Tim de Zeeuw
    Clive Wyles
    Julie Hewitt
    Nick Howes
    Frank Ude
    Michael Nytsch
    Danyon Lloyd
    Bernie Woldt
    Patrick Geeraert
    Lisa Marie Parsons
    Tabitha Parsons
    Danny Thompson
    Guy Erez
    Roger Lyons
    Martyn Ware
    Martin Koppehele
    Julia Baisch
    Schneider Susanne
    Reinhard Muecke
    Matthias Knopp
    Stacey Severn
    Phillip Keane
    Damian Collier
    Gyongyike Lowery Sandor
    Simon Lowery

    This video was made with material from the following sources:

    We hope you enjoy our short trip to Mars and hopefully soon we will be traveling to Mars for real....

    The Astronaut

  • Jab Se Tere Naina - Saawariya | Ranbir Kapoor


    'Jab Se Tere Naina' from 'Saawariya' is an artistic expression of love. With this movie Bollywood hotties Ranbir Kapoor who does a teaser scene here, and Sonal Kapoor made their career debut. This beautiful love melody features Shaan's voice. Saawariya is an artistic Bollywood romantic drama, produced and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

    Song Name - Jab Se Tere Naina
    Movie - Saawariya
    Singer - Shaan
    Composer - Monty Sharma
    Lyricists - Sameer Anjaan
    Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

    © 2007 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.


    Vevo -

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  • Boris Brejcha @ Château de Fontainebleau for Cercle


    Boris Brejcha @ Château de Fontainebleau for Cercle

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    ☞ Boris Brejcha

    Big thanks to the Château de Fontainebleau for their warm welcome!
    And to our partners Greenroom & Le Bonbon (

    Video credits:

    Artist: Boris Brejcha
    Produced by Cercle
    Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
    Directed by: Derek Barbolla & Pol Souchier
    Assisted by: Quentin Eynaud
    Sound Engineer: Aurélien Moisan
    Directors of photography: Jérémie Tridard & Anatole Vaillant
    Live Editor: Agathe Faccendini
    Drone footage: Dronevolt (Alexis Olas)

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    1. Intro (The Awakenings) - unreleased
    2. The Awakenings - unreleased
    3. Space Diver - unreleased
    4. Gravity - unreleased
    5. Black Unicorn - unreleased
    6. LS* Waterpipe - unreleased
    7. The Troublemakerz - unreleased
    8. Nothing Seems To Be - unreleased
    9. Never Look Back - unreleased
    10. Kittys Journey - unreleased
    11. Turn Over
    12. Night Owl
    13. Killing Me
    14. Hashtag
    15. Purple Noise
    16. Outro

  • Solomun | Diynamic Neon Nights 2013, Sankeys - Ibiza


    Full set and tracklist now available on our apps:
    ..and web:

    Continuing his reign as the king of Deep House in Ibiza, Diynamic Music boss; Solomun, treats the endlessly explosive Sankeys Basement to an impressive workout of dark and funky house cuts.

    #DTBestOf #DTPremiere #DJSet #DeepHouse
    If you are curious about the music and video equipment mainly used in our videos, check out the list below?

    If you are curious about the music and video equipment we mainly use in our videos:

    ==DJ/Producer Music Gear==
    - Pioneer CDJ-900 NEXUS:
    - Pioneer DJ PLX-500-K:
    - Allen & Heath Xone 92:
    - Ableton Push 2:
    - AKAI Professional APC40MKII:
    - Akai Professional MPK Mini Play:

    ==DT/SINEWAVE video gear==
    - Sony a7iii:
    - Sony a7sii:
    - Sony a7s:
    - Canon 5D M-IV:

    - Sony SEL 28-70 (28-70 mm, F3.5–5.6)
    - Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD:
    - Canon 50mm F.14 USM:

    ==Action cameras==
    - Sony FDR-X3000R 4k Action Cam:
    - GoPro Hero 7:

    ==Audio recording==
    - Zoom H6 Audio Recorder:

    - Ronin S:

    ==Other cameras and accessories==
    - Sony RX100 IV:
    - Osmo Pocket:
    - Osmo Pocket Wireless extension kit:
    - Insta360:
    - Wiralcam:
    - Joby gorillapod:
    - Manfrotto Magic arm:

  • Maisey Rika - Reconnect


    Please enjoy Maisey Rika's debut music video Reconnect filmed in Omaio New Zealand. Directed by Shae Sterling (Moonlight Sounds).

    Lyrics :

    Do ya hear the tui call, the huia
    in the trees
    A conscious thing I
    do, sweet sound may you never
    Do ya feel my body burn
    whenever you are near
    A thing I
    do, a fool for you will I ever

    I hear voices its
    summer calling
    No more lone, no
    more lone, no more
    Ti's the season to be
    But its not working, its
    not working, its not working

    (repeat verse and

    Change is inevitable,
    things don't last forever
    don't last forever, things don't
    last forever
    Change is
    inevitable, things don't last
    things don't last
    forever, things don't last forever

    Do ya hear me now


    Like what you hear?
    For more information on Maisey Rika, check out her
    offical artist webpage :
    Signing up to her mailing list is the best way to keep
    on track with live gigs and new releases.

    Full Credits

    Directed by Shae Sterling
    Director of Photography : Rhys Duncan
    Concept development & Production Manager : Richard Silvester
    Camera Assist : Corey

    Feat : JJ Rika, Bossy Hill, Nanny Mollie, Abe Mora, Te Whānau-ā-Apanui Kapahaka Group

    Label : Moonlight Sounds -

  • Vlad Nedelcu - Belief


    If you wish to support my work, you can buy this track or the full album from the link above. Thank you! :)

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    Belief: Created and produced by Vlad Nedelcu. Recorded at Studioul de Baza, Iasi, Romania, 2013-2015. Engineer - Vladimir Ivanov.

    Full album tracklist:



    The legendary critic Péter Molnár Gál wrote in 2002: “When will Hungarian music finally write off its ten-year debt of putting together on one stage the two wunderkinds around whom mythologies have now been built?” Xavér Varnus and Félix Lajkó (who's first zither album, Mező has been chosen as the top album of the World Music Chart Europe by music experts) mould-breaking masters of the organ and violin respectively, are legendary improvisers and irrepressible balls of musical energy, now take to the stage together for the first time. Four strings and more than 7,000 pipes will collide and sound as one at this concert, creating a musical universe in which the solution is a simple five-letter word: music. (From the official web-page go the Palace of Arts in Budapest)

    An incredible violinist pushing the boundaries of classical and folk music. (Daily Telegraph, 2011)

    Put simply, Varnus is a monster talent, every bit as stimulating and individual as the late Glenn Gould. (The Globe and Mail, 1985)

  • Synthesizer Tribute to Depeche Mode


    Space Sound Records presents a compilation called Synthesizer Tribute to Depeche Mode. We wanted to create covers of Depeche Mode with so called feelings of the 80's. Our songs are really melodic and perfectly suitable for dancing and that's why we chose precisely what should have been on the list of songs. This compilation is a cooperation of artists from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland and Romania. If you like music from 80's, Depeche Mode, and lots of synthesizers ,we warmly recommend you the CD record.

    This CD is dedicated to Depeche Mode and all their fans around the world.

  • George Enescu - Ciocarlia - Gabriel Croitoru violin & Croitoru String Virtuosi


    „Croitoru String Virtuosi - was born out of the desire to establish a core of young, enthusiastic, valuable people, with the aim to continue at a new level the professional relationship with former students. Both, my wife, violonist Ioana Croitoru, professor at the National University of Music in Bucharest, and I, have always considered the teaching career as complementary to the one of performer. Therefore, in 2016, on the initiative of Simina Croitoru, the CSV ensemble was formed, consisting mostly of former students, who have become current stage collaborators. The ensuing success during the two year activity made us start the path of a new musical experience with very popular Romanian works. This initiative is a premiere in the field, since there has not been up to now a recording of the most famous pieces of the traditional Romanian repertory, in the solo violin and orchestra version. A century of traditional Romanian music offers listeners a harmonious blend of tradition and novelty, between traditional Romanian tunes and classical music. The present CD represents an auditive return to the origins, to the traditional folk costumes, to the atmosphere of celebration during the evening sitting of village women, to family and to the unwritten history of the people on which shoulders and work the nowadays Romania has been built from foundations”.
    Gabriel Croitoru

    Laureate of prestigious international competitions such as Henryk Wieniawski, Nicolo
    Paganini, Tibor Varga, Fritz Kreisler, Pablo de Sarasate, Zino Francescatti, violinist Gabriel
    Croitoru is appreciated everywhere for his outstanding solo and chamber performances. Since
    2008, following the winning of the competition for awarding the right of user, he plays the violin
    made by Joseph Guarnerius, del Gesu in 1731, called the Cathedral, belonging to George
    Enescu, found within the Patrimony of George Enescu National Museum. He is a concert soloist
    in the Romanian Radio Orchestras and Choirs and the Paul Constantinescu Philharmonic in
    Ploiesti. He also holds the position of soloist - quartet, as vi.I in the Transylvanian Quartet of the
    State Philharmonic Orchestra of Cluj-Napoca and as a university professor at the National Music
    University of Bucharest.
    Besides concerts held with symphonic orchestras in the country, he knows great success on
    concert venues abroad (New York, Beijing, Brussels, Paris etc). In recent years, he has
    participated in important artistic projects such as the Duel of Violins, Enescu's Violin in the
    Villages Tour, thus promoting good quality music in places that do not boast a musical tradition.
    Through his interpretations, Gabriel Croitoru moves and excites audiences everywhere. The
    beauty of music and the feeling of the sublime are conveyed through the music performed by the
    unparalleled artist thanks to the gift bestowed on him, as well as through the ability to manifest
    powerful inner experiences and exceptional states of spirit, placed, in Hegel's opinion, above
    any finite based expression.”
    Carmen Manea
    Concerts & Licensing:
    Croitoru String Virtuosi Online

  • Concert LIVE - Patru Betze - La Pizzaru - 8 Mai 2015


    Patru Betze este singurul tribute band Red Hot Chili Peppers din Romania, infiintata in 2010 in Bucuresti.

    Patru Betze is a Romanian Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band, founded in 2010 in Bucharest.

    Membrii trupei sunt:
    Georgian Codreanu (bass)
    Adrian Serban (drums)
    Cosmin Hamza (vocals)
    Bogo (guitars)

    Disclaimer. No Copyright intended for all the songs on the list below.
    Lenny Kravitz-American Woman, sound recording administered by UMG
    Lenny Kravitz-Again, sound recording administered by UMG
    Urma-All Wrong, sound recording administered by TuneCore
    Lenny Kravitz-Are You Gonna Go My Way, sound recording administered by: UMG
    LENNY KRAVITZ-Fly Away - Album Version, sound recording administered by: UMG
    Urma-Terminus, sound recording administered by: TuneCore

  • Black Coffee @ Salle Wagram for Cercle


    Black Coffee playing a DJ set in Paris' oldest ballroom: Salle Wagram for Cercle.
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    ☞ Black Coffee

    Thanks to our partners: Trax Magazine, Villa Schweppes, Radio FG, Mr. After Party, Jack, Ville de Paris, TECH-MINIMAL SOUND, We Are Pulse, Techno Perfect, Techno Moves, Real Clubbers, A NOUS Paris and special thanks to Solidarité Sida.

    Video credits:

    Artist: Black Coffee
    Venue: Salle Wagram
    Produced by Cercle
    Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
    Directed by: Derek Barbolla
    1st assistant: Pol Souchier
    Live Editor: Pol Souchier
    Directors of photography: Jérémie Tridard & Anatole Vaillant
    Sound Engineer: Timothée Renard & Aurélien Moisan
    Light Engineer: Yves Blachere

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  • Ria Hall and Puawai Cairns perform at Te Papa


    Singer Ria Hall accompanied by Puawai Cairns in the Seven Sisters concert on Thursday 10 June 2010 to kick off the Matariki Festival at Te Papa.

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  • 03 Gods Bleed - Octavius


    From our ep - 'Anxiociety'
    Produced by Daniel Kerr of 'Avenue Studios'
    Free download -


    A colossal error,
    Imprinted on the eyes of the world,
    Depiction bares sights of paradox,
    The theory of apex thrives within us.
    I will not bow,
    To this notion of introspect,
    I will not be a victim of,
    Specie fault,
    As some pray to the firmament,
    In hope of a redemption,
    This fabricated ideal loses it's integrity,
    Is our ambition a flaw?

    The self-induced thought,
    Of supremacy,
    Fatal in the eyes of progression,
    Our dream to become legacy.

    Potent to prove points with iron fists,
    The point is the seed of hypocrites,
    Movement focused on,
    Goals to please kings.


    Even Gods bleed.

    This viewpoint of morality has decayed,
    For life once had meaning,

    Productions regulate,
    Pillaging pre-date,
    Our minds reduced,
    What could come of this?

    This mass of hope and desire,
    Never dawned as being hopeless,
    Creating excuses for life,
    Through worth and wealth.
    This corruption of gluttony,
    Always known not recognised,
    Creating excuses for life,
    Through worth and wealth.

  • Nocturnal Halloween Massive


    ADK's 6th Annual Halloween Massive
    The Egan Center, October 26th 2012
    RSVP Here:
    (Full Event Info available at the link above)

    This is a Concert-Style event.
    No attendees under curfew age.
    Bring 21+ ID to drink (Full Bar)

    International Headliner

    Coone - DirtyWorkz, Belgium
    Ranked 41 on the DJ Mag Top 100 List

    At a young age, Koen Bauweraerts has been mesmerized by music in all different shapes and forms. The creation of his successful label Dirty Workz was a huge step in this young man's career, allowing him to take his music beyond even his own expectations. It also gave new talent within the Hard Dance scene a respectable platform to launch new and exciting sounds into the scene. His success within Europe has opened up many doors for him as his eyes are fixed on the horizon, towards the international Hard Dance scene in countries such as Australia and the United States. Without a doubt, Coone lives and breathes Hardstyle. A passion shared by thousands of like-minded souls all over the world, each speaking a universal language; music...a binding force uniting us all.

    Out of State Headliner
    STR8HOUSE - Jag Agency, California

    With The New Generation Of Electro-House Producers At An All Time Demand, STR8HOUSE Has Shown Through And Pumped Dance-Floors Throughout The West Coast With Unique Beats And Extreme Bass-Lines. Growing Up Near Los Angele's CA, He Has Overtaken The Local Industry And Has Now Expanded His Revolutionary Music Across America!

    Local Headliner
    Contact (Live PA) - ADK Artist - Anchorage, Alaska

    Having mesmerized crowds at ADK Events for the past 3 years, Stephen Cress - AKA Contact - has a burning passion for music that drives him to find the perfect melody, rhythm, and beat. This aspiring young artist has played on stages large and small, including at last year's Halloween Massive where his performance took Live PA in Alaska to new heights. His party pumping style is a clever synthesis of new and old, blending the sounds and emotion of live electro house with the trained talent of a classically inspired virtuoso pianist. The dance floor lights up almost as fast as Contact's fingers fly across the keyboard as he conjures the sound of a generation right before your eyes without breaking a sweat.

    3 Stages:

    Main Stage
    Dubstep Dungeon
    SouledOutDJ's VIP lounge

    $20 in advance (First 1,000 Tickets)
    $25 at the door




  • James Last Fanfare For The Common Man


    Questo video è già in rete mi sono imitato a sistemare l'audio.
    Essendo, un fan della musica strumentale
    non poteva mancare l'orchestra di James Last tra le mie Play List
    Sebbene con limitazione di ascolto in alcuni di paesi
    La Play List completa

  • FronT - Live la #impreunarezistam Polivalentă Cluj-Napoca


    Concert: #impreunarezistam - concert caritabil având ca scop strângerea de fonduri pentru răniții și familiile îndoliate în urma accidentului de la #colectiv din 30 octombrie 2015
    Link event:
    Data: Noiembrie 14, 2015
    Locație: Sala Polivalentă, Cluj-Napoca

    Track List:
    00:19 Coward
    04:02 Clap Your Hands
    09:13 Say
    13:30 The Wall
    18:17 Sun
    23:44 Clipa 0
    28:03 FronT

  • Marinos Glitsos 16 1/8” viola, 2019 / Richard ONeill / at the Metzler Violin Shop


    As part of the 3rd Annual Contemporary American Violin & Bow Maker Exhibition & Sale, Los Angeles, violist Richard Yongjae O'Neill conducted Tonal Comparisons of 17 violas on Friday evening, April 5, 2019. In this clip Mr. O'Neill plays a 16 1/8 viola made in 2019 by Marinos Glitsos of Saint Paul, Minnesota. For more information about this viola please visit:



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