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Playlist of List of death metal bands, !���K

  • 10 Greatest Death Metal Bands


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    01 - obituary – slowly we rot
    02 - nile – sacrifice unto sebek
    03 - morbid angel – summoning redemption
    04 - fear factory – crash test
    05 - vader – dark age
    06 - necrophagist – seven
    07 - autopsy – service for a vacant coffin
    08 - grave – plain pine box
    09 - gojira – silvera
    10 - edge of sanity – passage of time
    11 - death – born dead
    12 - possessed – the exorcist
    13 - carcass – the living dead at the manchester morgue
    14 - bloodbath – so you die
    15 - decapitated – earth scar
    16 - dying fetus – grotesque impalement
    17 - cannibal corpse – hammer smashed face
    18 - deicide – one with satan
    19 - opeth – demon of the fall
    20 - suffocation – pierced from within

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  • My Top 20 Death Metal Albums Of All Time


    Top 20 death metal albums of all time

    Albums included below:

    Immolation - Dawn of possesion
    Death - Scream bloody gore
    Asphyx - Last one on earth
    Autopsy - Mental funeral
    Bolt thrower - the 4th crusade
    Cannibal corpse - The bleeding
    Tomb mold - Manor of infinite forms
    Blood incantation - Starspawn
    Obituary - Cause of death
    Morbid angel - Altars of madness
    Dismember - Massive killing machine
    Entombed - Left hand path
    Pestilence - Testimony of the ancients
    Gorguts - Considered dead
    Cryptopsy - none so vile
    Suffocation - effigy of the forgotten
    Gatecreeper - deserted
    Nile - Those whom the gods detest
    Skinless - trample the weak hurdle the dead
    Bloodbath - Nightmares made flesh

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  • Chaoseum - Smile Again


    Spaceuntravel on Spotify:
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    Directed by: Greg Turini
    Script by: CK Smile
    Post Production assistant: Yannick Vigne - Engivy Production

    Smile Again recorded by Chaoseum at Chaos Studio and Studio Conatus, mixed and mastered by Gwen Kerjan at Slab Sound Studio

    Special thanks to: Solar Guitars, Cympad, Daily-Rock, Meinl cymbals, Meinl Sticks and Brushes, TAMA Drums, Skull Strings, Slab Sound Studio, Vratim and Xvive Audio, Blackdust Straps, Le Lapin Blanc, Vladimir Cochet, Gwen Kerjan, Swiss Metal Chocolate

    Very Special thanks to Nadège Parent and Thibaut Jehanno and Pixel Studio

    Smile Again by CHAOSEUM from the album 'Second Life'

    Chaoseum is:
    CK Smile: Vocals
    Greg Turini: Drums
    Loïc Duruz: Guitars, Bass
    Valery Veings: Guitars

    © Chaoseum 2021


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  • Top 10 Malaysian Heavy Metal Bands


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    Honorable Mentions : Filsufatia , Antacid , SMG , Suffercation , Lestari
    Suffercation , Filsufatia , Antacid , Symphonia Melania , Brain Dead , BlackFire , Shitnoise Bastards , SMG , Crown Ov Horns

    1. Cromok
    2. Amuk
    3. XPDC
    4. Massacre Conspiracy
    5. Sil Khannaz
    6. FTG
    7. Metalasia
    8. Hayagriva
    9. Mantak
    10. Langsuyr

    #HeavyMetal #Malaysia #XPCD



    These are my personal top 15 Death Metal riffs , this list is not based on any pool.
    I do not own any right over these riffs, all rights belong to the bands listed below !

    Legion Of The Damned - Legion Of The Damned - 0:06 - 0:32
    Entombed - Out Of Hand - 0:33 - 1:03
    Immolation - Majesty And Decay - 1:04 - 1:55
    Bolt Thrower - The Killchain - 1:56 - 2:27
    Morbid Angel - Dawn Of The Angry - 2:28 - 2:50
    Death - Flesh And The Power It Holds - 2:51 - 3:18
    Malevolent Creation - Eve Of The Apocalypse - 3:19 - 3:41
    Legion Of The Damned - Bury Me In A Nameless Grave - 3:42 - 4:21
    Bolt Thrower - When Cannons Fade - 4:22 - 4:55
    Obituary - Redneck Stomp 4:56 - 5:24
    Death - The Philosopher - 5:25 - 5:57
    Cancer - Back From The Dead - 5:58 - 6:30
    Pestilence - Out Of The Body - 6:31 - 6:59
    Possessed - The Exorcist - 7:00 - 7:22
    Hypocrisy - Impotent God - 7:23 - 7:57

    Also Check out my top 5 Underground thrash metal riffs

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    The following video is top 10 indonesia technical death metal band version hard id music.

    10. TROJAN

    9. AUTICED

    8. DJIN

    7. REVENGE


    5. TROJAN

    4. SAFFAR





    **Video ini di buat hanya untuk Hiburan, dan Video ini juga diambil dari cuplikan Video yang sudah ada di dalam Youtube. Saya selaku konten kreator sama sekali tidak mengklaim bahwa Video ini murni dari rekaman saya sendiri, Saya hanya mengambil beberapa menit kemudian saya potong dan saya edit menjadi sebuah tontonan untuk hiburan dan edukasi. Semoga Anda terhibur.

    **This video is made only for Entertainment, and this video is also taken from video footage that is already on Youtube. I as the creator content did not claim that this video is purely from my own recording, I just took a few minutes later I cut it and I edited it into a spectacle for entertainment and education. Hope you are entertained.

    **Copyright Statement* This video is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment; no profit is gained from this. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s).



    TOP 10 Technical Death Metal sin Necrophagist, Obscura, Nile o Suffocation

    0:00 - 0:56 - Introducción
    0:56 - 5:07 - TOP 10
    5:07 - 6:40 - Despedida

    #technicaldeathmetal #alejofromhell #top10

  • The Differences Between The Metal Genres


    I've made this video to show ya 15 important subgenres of metal music!

    ● Heavy Metal ● Thrash Metal ● Black Metal ● Death Metal ● (Speed Metal) ● Metalcore ● Doom Metal ● Groove Metal ● Gothic Metal ● Glam Metal ● Progressive Metal ● Nu Metal ● Folk Metal ● Power Metal ● Neoclassical Metal ●

    * Notice that Speed-Metal is a confusing and unspecific term. Nowadays this term is practically dead. The genre refers to (often European) metal music that is much faster than Heavy-Metal, but more melodic and less raw than Thrash-Metal. Today, many other metal genres could also be ascribed as Speed-Metal (Power-Metal for example!), which makes it very confusing.

    * I ommited Symphonic-Metal because I think it's a useless and nonspecific term for a seperate metal genre. I think many metal genres can be 'symphonic'. For example there's Symphonic Black-Metal and Symphonic Death-Metal. Moreover, some metal genres are nearly always 'symphonic', among which Gothic-Metal and Power-Metal.

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  • Parasite Inc. - The Pulse of the Dead German Melodic Death Metal


    Official video The Pulse Of The Dead from the album Time Tears Down.

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    Released under GoodDamn Records.

    Genre - Melodic Death Metal
    Album - Time Tears Down
    Country - Germany

    If you want to take look behind the scenes, here is our making-of/outtake video:

  • Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE


    LIFA is recorded live at Castlefest 2017.

    Get the album here:

    Remember, that we all are brothers
    All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind
    We all descend from the one great being
    That was always there
    Before people lived and named it
    Before the first seed sprouted

  • Slipknot - Psychosocial OFFICIAL VIDEO



    Slipknot's music video for 'Psychosocial' from the album, All Hope Is Gone - available now on Roadrunner Records. Get the album:

    Text Slipknot: +1 (515) 500-5355

    I did my time and I want out
    So effusive - fade - it doesn't cut
    The soul is not so vibrant
    The reckoning, the sickening
    Packaging subversion
    Pseudo sacrosanct perversion
    Go drill your deserts, go dig your graves
    Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save
    Sinking in, getting smaller again
    I'm done! It has begun! I'm not the only one!

    And the rain will kill us all...
    Throw ourselves against the wall
    But no one else can see
    The preservation of the martyr in me


    There are cracks in the road we laid
    But where the temple fell
    The secrets have gone mad
    This is nothing new, but when we killed it all
    The hate was all we had
    Who needs another mess?
    We could start over
    Just look me in the eyes and say I'm wrong
    Now there's only emptiness
    Venomous, insipid
    I think we're done. I'm not the only one!



    Fake anti-fascist lie - (psychosocial!)
    I tried to tell you but - (psychosocial!)
    Your purple hearts are giving out - (psychosocial!)
    Can't stop a killing idea - (psychosocial!)
    If it's hunting season - (psychosocial!)
    Is this what you want? - (psychosocial!)
    I'm not the only one!

    The limits of the dead...

  • In This Moment - Sick Like Me


    In This Moment “Sick Like Me” Official Video - Directed by Maria Brink and Robert Kley
    Black Widow out NOW:

    Stream “Sick Like Me”:

    In This Moment’s upcoming album 'Ritual' is available July 21st on Roadrunner Records/Atlantic Records.

    Is it sick of me
    To need control of you
    Is it sick to make
    You beg the way I do
    Is it sick of me
    To want you crawling on your knees
    Is it sick to say
    I want you biting down on me

    Are you sick like me

    Am I beautiful
    As I tear you to pieces
    Am I beautiful
    Even at my ugliest, you always say

    I'm beautiful
    As you tear me to pieces
    You are beautiful
    Even at your ugliest, I always say
    You're beautiful and sick like me

    Is it sick of me
    To feed the animal in you
    Is it sick to say
    I teaze the hunter like I do
    Is it sick of me
    To watch the wicked way you thrill
    Is it sick to say
    That I live to break your will

  • Metallica: Master of Puppets


    Filmed at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on June 18, 2019. Subscribe for more videos:

    Listen to Metallica:

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    Official Live Recordings:

    © 2019 Blackened Recordings

    #Metallica #MetInManchester #WorldWired

  • Metallica: One


    Metallica's official music video for “One,” from the album “...And Justice for All.” Subscribe for more videos:

    Directed by Bill Pope and Michael Salomon
    Filmed in December 1988 in Long Beach, CA

    Video Premiere Date: January 22, 1989

    Listen to Metallica:

    Follow Metallica:
    Website & Store:
    Official Live Recordings:

    © 1989 Blackened Recordings

    #Metallica #AndJusticeForAll

  • Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache


    Buy the latest Killswitch Engage album here:

  • IGNEA - Alga Female Fronted Symphonic Metal


    Female Fronted Symphonic Metal / Oriental Metal Band, New Track Recorded With Full Symphonic Orchestra, More Links And Info Below & Thanks For Watching .
    ITUNES -

    Composer: Evgeny Zhytnyuk
    Sound Production: Max Morton (Morton Studio)
    Video: PicOi
    Orchestra Conductor: Serhiy Lykhomanenko

    Metal Monks / IronCobraJunky Channel 2016 .

  • Newsboys - We Believe


    Official Music Video for “We Believe” by the Newsboys
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    Watch more Newsboys videos here:
    Listen to Newsboys: Essentials:

    Music video by Newsboys performing We Believe. (C) 2014 Newsboys, Inc. under exclusive license to Sparrow Records

  • Top 5 Christian Metal Bands 2020


    Top 5 Christian Metal Bands 2020
    What are your favorite Top 5 Christian Metal Bands? Comment Below

    Christian metal, also known as white metal, Jesus metal or heavenly metal,[2] is a form of heavy metal music usually defined by its message using song lyrics as well as the dedication of the band members to Christianity. Christian metal is typically performed by professed Christians principally for Christians who listen to heavy metal music and often produced and distributed through various Christian networks

    Some were by how many views and others thrown in as favorites.



    Sacrecy - Hope from above

    Affector - New Jerusalem

    ✅ Facebook =

    ✅ Twitter =

    ✅ Instagram =

    ✅ Website =

    ✅ Merchandise =

    ✅ Subscribe =

    ✅TubeBuddy =

    Bacchus is a very old Greek name which means “to shout”.
    It was also the name of the God of Wine in Ancient Rome.
    Intro and cuts music by RockSounds:

    Outro Music:

  • DevilDriver - The Fury of Our Makers Hand Full Album


    I do not own the tracks or the copyright.

    Artist: DevilDriver | Album: The Fury of Our Maker's Hand | Year: 2005 | Genre: Groove Metal/Metalcore

    Track list:

    00:00 - End of the Line
    05:03 - Driving Down the Darkness
    08:56 - Grinfucked
    12:29 - Hold Back the Day
    16:42 - Sin & Sacrifice
    21:48 - Ripped Apart
    26:00 - Pale Horse Apocalypse
    30:13 - Just Run
    34:29 - Impending Disaster
    38:39 - Bear Witness Unto
    42:43 - Before the Hangman's Noose
    46:34 - The Fury of Our Maker's Hand

    DevilDriver is a groove metal band from California, United States that formed in 2002. The group was started by Dez Fafara, formerly of the band Coal Chamber, as a result of frustrations stemming from the more mainstream direction his former band mates were attempting to take their music. After the demise of Coal Chamber, DevilDriver became his main focus.

    Their 2nd album,The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand, was released in 2005 and was generally well-received by fans and critics alike, even garnering a 4K review from renowned rock magazine Kerrang. The band went on numerous tours in support of the album, including stops in the USA, Europe, and Australia in support of Fear Factory, as well as the Burning Daylight Tour, their first headlining

    Hope you enjoy great music.

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  • Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff


    Music video by Limp Bizkit performing Break Stuff. (C) 2000 Interscope Records

  • Pretty Songs with Death Metal Lyrics!


    Taking pretty acoustic songs and replacing the lyrics with Cannibal Corpse lyrics! SUBSCRIBE HERE -

    Camera work by Mama T. Songs mixed and mastered by Carmen Sorge.


    Song Written By Negative Comments -

    MAJOR Songs In MINOR -

    If Lil Wayne Played Guitar For... -

    Metal Songs After Bad Translations -

    TV Themes In MINOR -

  • Slayer - Raining Blood


    Raining Blood, by Slayer.
    ℗ 1986 American Recordings, LLC, / Universal Music Enterprises / UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    Released on:1986-10-07

    Producer: Rick Rubin & Slayer
    Composer: Jeff Hanneman
    Lyricist: Jeff Hanneman is & Kerry King

    Trapped in purgatory
    A lifeless object, alive
    Awaiting reprisal
    Death will be their acquiescence
    The sky is turning red
    Return to power draws near
    Fall into me, the sky's crimson tears
    Abolish the rules made of stone
    Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past
    Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above
    Awaiting the hour of reprisal
    Your time slips away
    Raining blood
    From a lacerated sky
    Bleeding its horror
    Creating my structure now I shall reign in blood

    #slayer #thrash #metal

  • SEMBLANT - What Lies Ahead


    Instagram: @semblantofficial

    :: LUNAR MANIFESTO will be release worldwide on July 8th! CD and Limited Edition Vinyl via pre-order available NOW at:

    WHAT LIES AHEAD (music & lyrics by Juliano Ribeiro)

    :: Video produced by:

    - Alceste Ribas --


    1. Incinerate
    2. Dark of the Day
    5. Bursting Open
    6. Mists Over the Future
    7. The Hand the Bleeds
    8. Selfish Liar
    9. Ode to Rejection
    10. The Blind Eye
    11. Scarlet Heritage (Legacy of Blood pt III)

    :: Band is:

    - Mizuho Lin - Female Vocal
    - Sergio Mazul - Male Vocal
    - J Augusto - Keyboards
    - João Vitor - Bass
    - Sol Perez - Guitar
    - Juliano Ribeiro - Guitar
    - Welyntom THOR Sikora -- Drums

    :: Produced and Engineered by:

    - Adair Daufembach in Daufembach Studio, São Paulo/SP between 2013/2014

    ::Released by:
    - EMP Label Group, 2016 --
    - Shinigami Records, 2014 --

  • Rise Against - Nowhere Generation


    Nowhere Generation off the new album NOWHERE GENERATION. Out Now.

    Directed by Brian Roettinger
    Edited by Lenny Messina
    Editing Contribution by Ryan Pawlak



    We are the Nowhere Generation
    We are the kids that no one wants
    We are a credible threat
    To the rules you set
    A cause to be alarmed

    We are not the names that we’ve been given
    We speak a language you don’t know
    We are the Nowhere Generation
    The Nowhere Generation

    One day
    All the walls will come down
    All the doors will open
    All the roads will lead home
    But right now
    We are spiraling down
    And the longer we wait
    The further we go

    Are we slipping through the cracks now
    No place left on your map now to call home?

    We are the Nowhere Generation
    The kids that no one wants
    We are a credible threat
    To the rules you set
    A cause to be alarmed
    We are not the names that we’ve been given
    We speak a language you don’t know
    We are the Nowhere Generation
    The Nowhere Generation

    “For your sweat, you’ll be rewarded”
    They told us every day
    “There’s a land of milk & honey and
    it’s not that far away”
    But the finish line kept moving
    And the promises wore thin
    The smoke on the horizon
    Was the burning promised land

    This place used to be somewhere but they
    Sold it out from under us
    Our voices all ignored

    We are the Nowhere Generation
    The kids that no one wants
    We are a credible threat
    To the rules you set
    A cause to be alarmed
    We are not the names that we’ve been given
    We speak a language you don’t know
    We are the Nowhere Generation
    The Nowhere Generation
    And yet we climb these burning ladders
    Still, we raise for them the hammers
    Swinging low
    “What exactly are we after?”
    They will ask
    And we will answer

    We are the Nowhere Generation
    The kids that no one wants
    We are a credible threat
    To the rules you set
    A cause to be alarmed

    We are not the names that we’ve been given
    We speak a language you don’t know
    We are the Nowhere Generation
    The Nowhere Generation

  • Panic! At The Disco - Bohemian Rhapsody from the Death Of A Bachelor Tour


    The official live performance of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody by Panic! At The Disco from the live album, 'All My Friends We're Glorious: Death Of A Bachelor Tour' - out everywhere now

    'Death of a Bachelor' - available now!

    Subscribe to Panic! At The Disco’s channel for more official content:


    The official YouTube channel of multi-platinum rock band Panic! At The Disco. The band consists of Brendon Urie, Dan Pawlovich, Nicole Row, and Mike Naran.

    Panic! At the Disco released its debut studio album ‘A Fever You Can't Sweat Out’ in 2005, which became certified double platinum in the US. Following in 2008, the band's album ‘Pretty. Odd.’ marked a significant departure from the band’s debut sound. 2011 brought the band’s 3rd album ‘Vices & Virtues’, which featured “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” and spent 10 consecutive weeks on the iTunes “Top Alternative Songs” chart. In 2013, the band released the album ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!’, featuring “This Is Gospel”. Panic’s 2016 album ‘Death of a Bachelor’ spawned hits like the gold certified track Hallelujah”. Most recently, the band released Say Amen (Saturday Night), the lead single from the 2018 studio album ‘Pray for the Wicked’.

    #PanicAtTheDisco #BohemianRhapsody #Queen #DeathofaBachelor #PATD #FueledbyRamen #Live #AllMyFriendsWereGlorious

  • Top 10 Death Metal Drummers Part 2


    part 2 of my favorite drummers. yes Jordan isn't death metla but he is damn good. enjoy. all music go to the rightful owners and bands. sorry that the flesh god song sounds bad. the rest of the songs sound really good

  • Zach Williams - Chain Breaker


    Music video by Zach Williams performing Chain Breaker (Live from Harding Prison). (P) 2018 Provident Label Group LLC, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

  • ROB ZOMBIE - Crow Killer Blues


    Official ROB ZOMBIE music video for Crow Killer Blues from the album, The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy, out now via Nuclear Blast. Order at


    Subscribe to Nuclear Blast:
    Subscribe to Rob Zombie:



    Rob Zombie Crow Killer Blues Lyrics

    Apocalypse prepare as you approach the edge
    Prometheus into the flesh you carve the pledge
    Deceivers eternal howling of your needs
    Paradise the serpent laughing as it bleeds

    Darkness judgement shall begin
    Heretic topped with a skeletal grin
    Blood lust theifs and reptiles rise
    Punishment damned under blackened eyes

    Burn down your institution
    This is a Gonzo revolution

    Well, I am the crow killer
    Lurking in the trees
    Well, I am the crow killer
    I’ll slit you to your knees

    White witch broken from heather ways
    Vice grip grasping til your final day
    Celebrate creatures dying in the weeds
    Dead world charging on the devil’s steed

    Burn down your institution
    This is a Gonzo revolution

    Well, I am the crow killer
    Lurking in the trees
    Well, I am the crow killer
    I’ll slit you to your knees

    #RobZombie #CrowKillerBlues #TheLunarInjectionKoolAidEclipseConspiracy

  • Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare Official Music Video


    Watch the official music video for Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold from the album Nightmare.
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    Follow Avenged Sevenfold:
    Instagram- ​

    Avenged Sevenfold is a rock band renowned for their hits “So Far Away,” “Hail To The King,” “Nightmare,” “Dear God,” “Afterlife,” “A Little Piece Of Heaven,” and “Buried Alive.” They worked with artists like Metallica, Slash, and NOFX — amassing billions of global streams and garnering critical acclaim.

    (Now your nightmare comes to life)

    Dragged ya down below
    Down to the devil's show
    To be his guest forever
    Peace of mind is less than never
    Hate to twist your mind
    But God ain't on your side
    An old acquaintance severed
    Burn the world your last endeavor

    Flesh is burning
    You can smell it in the air
    Cause men like you have
    Such easy soul to steal (steal)
    So stand in line while
    They ink numbers in your head
    You're now a slave
    Until the end of time here
    Nothing stops the madness,
    Burning, haunting, yearning
    Pull the trigger

    You should have known
    The price of evil
    And it hurts to know
    That you belong here, yeah
    Ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare

    (While your nightmare comes to life)

    Can't wake up and sweat
    'Cause it ain't over yet
    Still dancing with your demons
    Victim of your own creation
    Beyond the will to fight
    Where all that's wrong is right
    Where hate don't need a reason
    Loathing self-assassination

    You've been lied to
    Just to rape you of your site
    And now they have the nerve
    To tell you how to feel (feel)
    So sedated as they
    Medicate your brain
    And while you slowly
    Go insane they tell ya
    Given with the best intentions
    help you with your complications

    You should have known
    The price of evil
    And it hurts to know
    That you belong here, yeah
    No one to call
    Everybody to fear
    Your tragic fate is looking so clear, yeah
    Ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare

    Not to fail
    Not to fall
    Or you'll end up like the others
    Die again
    Drenched in sin
    With no respect for another

    Feel the fire
    Feel the hate
    Your pain is what we desire
    Hit the wall
    Watch you crawl
    Such a replaceable liar

    And I know you hear their voices
    Calling from above
    And I know they may seem real
    These signals of love
    But our life's made up of choices
    Some without appeal
    They took for granted your soul
    And it's ours now to steal

    (As your nightmare comes to life)

    You should have known
    The price of evil
    And it hurts to know
    That you belong here, yeah
    No one to call
    Everybody to fear
    Your tragic fate is looking so clear, yeah
    Ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare

    #OfficialMusicVideo #AvengedSevenfold #Nightmare #WeAreWarnerRecords

  • Slipknot - Dead Memories OFFICIAL VIDEO


    Slipknot's music video for 'Dead Memories' from the album, All Hope Is Gone - available now on Roadrunner Records. Download the album on iTunes:

    Text Slipknot: +1 (515) 500-5355

    Sitting in the dark, I can't forget.
    Even now, I realize the time I'll never get.
    Another story of the bitter pills of fate.
    I can't go back again. I can't go back again...

    But you asked me to love you and I did.
    Traded my emotions for a contract to commit
    And when I got away, I only got so far.
    The other me is dead.
    I hear his voice inside my head...

    We were never alive, and we won't be born again.
    But I'll never survive with dead memories in my heart.

    You told me to love you and I did.
    Tied my soul into a knot and got me to submit.
    So when I got away, I only kept my scars.
    The other me is gone.
    Now I don't know where I belong...

    We were never alive, and we won't be born again.
    But I'll never survive with dead memories in my heart.

    Dead visions in your name.
    Dead fingers in my veins.
    Dead memories in my heart

  • Tom MacDonald - Snowflakes



    WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald
    BEAT PRODUCED BY Tom MacDonald

    SHOT and DIRECTED by Nova Rockafeller

    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

    Director of Photography, Logan Fulton

    Assistance Camera, Bobby Dacones

    Art Department, Ryan Lo & Mon Podlecki

  • Godsmack - Rocky Mountain Way


    Buy Now! iTunes: Amazon:
    Music video by Godsmack performing Rocky Mountain Way. (C) 2012 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc

    Playlist Best of Godsmack:
    Subscribe for more:

    #Godsmack #RockyMountainWay #Vevo #Rock #OfficialMusicVideo

  • Top 25 Doom Metal Albums of All Time ✝️✝️✝️


    TOP 25 DOOM METAL ALBUMS OF ALL TIME (Epic and Traditional Doom Metal)
    In todays video we're going to rank the top 25 best doom metal albums of all time. Doom Metal is a slow and pounding type of metal that was popularized in the eighties after the prototype that Black Sabbath laid in the early seventies. This video is a tribute to bands like Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Candlemass and Trouble but also to newer bands like Reverend Bizarre and Crypt Sermon. But I bet that fans of sludge and stoner metal would be able to dig some of these as well. Enjoy!!

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    TOP 25 DOOM METAL ALBUMS OF ALL TIME (Traditional and Epic Doom Metal)

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    0:00 Intro + Rules
    2:20 The Ranking (Top 25-1)
    27:13 The Summary

    Featuring bands such as: Candlemass, Trouble, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Solstice, Solitude Aeturnus, Scald, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar, Count Raven, Sleep, Cathedral, The Gates of Slumber, Mael Mordha, Reverend Bizarre, Crypt Sermon, Veni Domine, While Heaven Wept, Doomsword, Cirith Ungol, Spiritus Mortis & Black Hole.

    And albums like: Nightfall, Psalm 9, Relentless, Pentagram, The Skull, Day of Reckoning, Friends of Hell, New Dark Age, Volume 1, Ancient Dreams, Chapter VI, Tales of Creation, Will of Gods is Great Power, & Land of Mystery.






    RUTHLESS METAL ON SPOTIFY: (A Doom Metal playlist can be found on Spotify)


    The Music in the video is from:
    YouTube Audio Library (Ethan Maxwell)
    And the 25 bands featured in this toplist.

    Songs included in this video:
    Spiritus Mortis - The God Behind the God
    Forsaken - Carpe Diem
    Count Raven - True Revelation
    The Gates of Slumber - Angel of Death
    Mael Mórdha - Damned When Dead
    Memento Mori - A Passanger on a Psycho's Path
    Candlemass - The Dying Illusion
    Veni Domine - Material Sanctuary
    While Heaven Wept - Of Empires Forlorn
    Crypt Sermon - Out of the Garden
    Solitude Aeturnus - Seeds of the Desolate
    Pentagram - Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram)
    Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus
    Reverend Bizarre - Burn in Hell
    Pagan Altar - Judgement of the Dead
    Saint Vitus - Dark World
    Mercy - Pains of Golgatha
    Procession - To Reap Heavens Apart
    Trouble - The Tempter
    Warning - Watching from a Distance
    Solstice - The Sleeping Tyrant
    Trouble - Pray For the Dead
    Solitude Aeturnus - Opaque Divinity
    Candlemass - Samarithan
    Candlemass - Demon's Gate
    Black Hole - Land of Mystery
    Candlemass - Solitude

  • Metallica: Am I Evil? The Big 4: Live in Sofia, Bulgaria


    Recorded live on June 22, 2010 at Levski Stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    From the DVD The Big 4: Live in Sofia, Bulgaria

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  • Top 5 South Korean Heavy Metal Bands


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    Honorable Mentions : Ophelia , Crash , To My Last Breath , Jambinai .

    1. Oathean
    2. Sad Legend
    3. The Trax
    4. Seo Taiji
    5. Vassline

    #Oathean #HeavyMetal #Korea

  • 10 Great Metal Bands from Mexico Heavy, Power and Progressive Bands


    Today, we are celebrating 10 great heavy metal bands from Mexico which should have received success and recognition in the international arena.
    From Luzbel to Jet Jaguar, discover the great bands Mexico has to offer with us. Also, please share with us any great Mexican bands that are not featured in the video.

    All materials in this video are the copyrighted materials of their respective owners. We do not own or claim any rights for the music in this video.

    00:00 Intro
    00:46 Number 10
    01:31 Number 9
    02:09 Number 8
    02:37 Number 7
    03:15 Number 6
    03:47 Number 5
    04:19 Number 4
    04:59 Number 3
    05:29 Number 2
    06:09 Number 1

  • Top 5 Thai Heavy Metal Bands


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    Honorable Mentions : Dei Tetra , Deathguy , Nathania , Fathomless , 10 Seconds , Heretic Angels , Goatchrist 666 , A Good Day For Killling.

    5. Annalynn
    4. Eccentric Toilet
    3. Melodius Deite
    2. Zygoatsis
    1. Surrender of Divinity

    #Thai #HeavyMetal #Thailand

  • How metal band names differ by subgenre // Slayer - Dead Skin Mask


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    In this video, we explore what words are used most often in metal band names, compared by genre.
    Created using bands data from

    The song is me playing a downtuned version of Dead Skin Mask by Slayer.

    Intro (0:00)
    Death Metal (0:17)
    Black Metal (0:33)
    Progressive (0:45)
    Folk Pagan Viking (0:59)
    Thrash Metal (1:13)
    Doom Stoner Sludge (1:27)
    Gothic (1:41)
    Brutal Death Metal (1:55)
    Power Speed (2:11)

  • TOP 15 Death Metal Songs - Medley Cover - Randall Hammer


    Playthrough/Cover of some of the most legendary Death Metal songs, PART 2.
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    00:03 1- Cattle Decapitation - Bring Back The Plague
    01:09 2- Sepultura - Arise
    02:07 3- Carcass - This Mortal Coil
    02:55 4- Hypocrisy - Eraser
    04:10 5- Death - Pull The Plug
    04:54 6- Decapitated - Kill The Cult
    05:52 7- Cryptopsy - Phobophile
    06:47- *BONUS SONG* Slayer - Angel Of Death
    07:29 8- Cannibal Corpse - Pit Of Zombies
    08:09 9- Deicide - Once Upon The Cross
    08:37 10 -Death - Flesh And The Power It Holds
    09:29 11- Amon Amarth - Guardians Of Asgaard
    10:33 12- Dethklok - Face Fisted
    11:36 13- Bolt Thrower - When Cannons Fade
    12:30 14- Carcass - Rot 'n' Roll
    13:26- *BONUS SONG* Dimmu Borgir - Interdimensional Summit
    14:28 15- Six Feet Under - Seed Of Filth

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  • What is Love - Metal Cover - Randall Hammer


    First time ever recording outdoors, this is a special, I'm participating in SMG Oldies But Baddies: NASTY 90's edition! and needed to do something completely different from everything I've done so far if I want to stand out.
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    Haddaway What Is Love Metal Cover What Is Love Haddaway Cover 2020 Video

  • Intoxicate - Crawling Forward


    Intoxicate (SWE) Crawling Forward (Official video)

    Thrash-Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden!
    This is track 4 from the album Cross Contamination (FALLCD043)
    Video by; JB studio&media.

    The album is mixed by Anders Backelin (ex-Lord Belial) and
    mastered by Andy LaRoque. Cover art by Raimo K. Layout by Daniel T.
    The band was formed in 1988 and was one of the first Thrash-metal
    bands from the area. Now they are back and stronger than ever!

    1. Caravan of Hate 06:57
    2. Cross Contamination 05:33
    3. Inertia (Creeps) 05:24
    4. Crawling Forward 05:00
    5. Doors and Corners 03:39
    6. Eyes Unwilling 06:14
    7. Posthumous Posthuman 09:28
    8. Retention Rumba 03:38

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  • 10 Favorite Melodic Death Metal Bands


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    10.carcass-no love lost
    9. hypocrisy-eraser
    7.Dethklok-Black fire apon us
    6.Dark Tranquillity-Single part of two
    5.AT the Gates-Under the serpent sun
    4.Mors Principium Est-the unborn
    3.Insomnium-The new beginnig
    2.Amon Amarth-With oden on our side
    1.In flames-ordinary story

    this was my first vid so dont be to harsh

  • Rasputin, Boney M Goes Death Metal - Randall Hammer


    Rasputin meets Coffin Dance.
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  • MXD - Black Metal Shopping List | The Circle Pit


    MXD - Black Metal Shopping List

    Taken from the upcoming album Endurance

    Release date: 1st of November 2019


    The band consists of Duja, Solex, Drop (Samael, ex-Sybreed, Obsydians) and Steph (ex-Sybreed, ex-Furia, Science Of Disorder).

    Industrial Metal

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    MXD - Black Metal Shopping List | The Circle Pit

    Released in association with MXD and Tenacity Music

    The Circle Pit // #thecirclepit #circlepit

    The Circle Pit, MXD, Black Metal Shopping List, MXD Black Metal Shopping List, Black Metal, Industrial Metal, Industrial Metal 2019, 2019 Industrial Metal, Samael, Sybreed, Obsydians, Furia, Science Of Disorder, Tenacity Music, MXD Endurance, MXD - The Lights, MXD Eraser, Indus Metal, industrial metal instrumental, industrial metal playlist, industrial metal music, industrial metal bands, industrial metal mix, industrial metal dance, industrial metal compilation



    Track List:
    1. Nosferatu 00:00
    2. Impaler 02:40
    3. Extracting The Truth 04:27
    4. Caustic Sepulture 07:25
    5. Simple Solutions 08:52
    6. Cancer 13:39
    7. Eternal Bleeding 15:35
    8. The Unknown 18:01
    9. Demise 19:58
    10. Engraved With Rage 23:26
    12. Blasphemy 25:15

    Encyclopedia Metallum:

  • Black Veil Brides Andy Biersack On New Album The Phantom Tomorrow - Video Call


    Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack joins us to talk through their new album 'The Phantom Tomorrow', featuring the singles 'Torch', 'Fields Of Bone' and 'Scarlet Cross'. We chat about the grander concept behind the record, developing the musical language around The Blackbird character and putting together the epic closer 'Fall Eternal'. Plus, we hear about returning to live shows, plans for more new music and playing Batman in DC's Dark Knights: Death Metal project.
    Interviewer: James Wilson-Taylor

    'The Phantom Tomorrow' is out on October 29. Check out the tracklisting below:
    1. The Phantom Tomorrow (Introduction)
    2. Scarlet Cross
    3. Born Again
    4. Blackbird
    5. Spectres (Interlude)
    6. Torch
    7. The Wicked One
    8. Shadows Rise
    9. Fields of Bone
    10. Crimson Skies
    11. Kill the Hero
    12. Fall Eternal

    #BlackVeilBrides #AndyBiersack #ThePhantomTomorrow

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  • Best Mexican Metal Bands!


    This is my first video that i made like this, i hope you enjoy it guys
    This is the best mexican metal bands in my own opinion
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    More videos coming soon. :)

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