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Playlist of List of World Heritage Sites in Romania

  • Lets go on holiday to Greece !!-- Greece is the country of the king of Alexander the Great!!!!


    World Heritage Sites
    Because of its geographical position, Greece was a crossroad of civilisations that had left their traces everywhere: the architecture of the museums and settlements, miniature art, daily life, nutritional customs and in all forms of popular art in the various regions of the country. The visitor can come into contact with this multihued and impressive mosaic through trips into historical, cultural, artistic and folkloric traditions.
    -----------------------(Greece is preferentially included on the list of World Heritage Monuments, satisfying all the institution’s significant and strict criteria.

    Eighteen ‘precious stones’
    The first monument in Greece to be included on UNESCO’s list was the Temple of Apollo Epicurius in 1986. Since then number of entries on the list has dramatically increased. Today it includes eighteen monuments throughout the country. More specifically the monuments are as follows:
    ----------(HELLAS GREECE-GREEK!!!
    According the UNESCO’s official website:
    ----((Greece welcomes you for the summer 2020!!!)---------------------------------------------------The monuments included on the World Heritage List are selected and approved on the basis of their value as the best examples of human creative genius. They exhibit an important interchange of human values and bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or has disappeared. They are directly linked to important stages in human history and for this reason they have outstanding universal significance and are a part of mankind’s common heritage.))------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Greece welcomes you for the summer!!!!.......

    The Greek government is gradually lifting the measures taken to curb the spread of Covid-19 throughout Greece, and it welcomes tourists for the summer, while placing a priority on the health safety of residents and tourists.

    Can I travel to Greece by land, sea, or air?

    As of July 1st, all Greek airports have reopened to all residents of the Schengen area countries (including Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania), as well as to non-EU Schengen area countries (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein), to Ireland and the United Kingdom. In conformity with the European guidelines, Greece has reopened its borders to residents of the following third countries: Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Morocco, Montenegro, New Zealand, South Korea, Rwanda, Uruguay, Thailand, Tunisia, China (based on reciprocity). This list will be updated every fortnight.
    Entry to Greece is also allowed to citizens of third countries, who possess a residence permit, as well as to those foreign nationals who are exempt from restrictions, because of their status or their duties: European citizen family members; health care workers and researchers; carers; border security workers; seasonal farmworkers; people employed in transport services, including seafarers, diplomatic personnel, international organisations personnel, military personnel, and humanitarian aid workers. In order for the above third country citizens to prove their place of residence, they may present their residence permit, their work permit, their identification papers if their place of residence is mentioned therein and/or their driving licence or similar documents.))----------------------(Can I travel by train within Greece? Will there be rail connections?

    As of May 18th several rail connections have resumed. You are kindly requested to check the rail itineraries on the official website of TRAINOSE for the destinations you plan to visit.

    Can I go on a cruise in Greece?

    Sea cruising has resumed as of July 1st and cruise ships are allowed to dock, initially in the ports of entry, i.e. Piraeus, Corfu, Herakleion Crete, Volos, Katakolo and Rhodes.

    I want to sail to Greece. Will I be able to dock in a marina? Will I have to self isolate upon arrival?

    No restrictions apply to yachting in Greece, as it is a very low risk activity.

    Are there any rules in place when using public transport means (metro, buses, trolley buses, taxis) that I should be aware of?

    The use of masks is compulsory on all public transport means (metro, buses, taxis, etc.) and in commercial vehicles. According to the law, taxis/minivans of 5 and 7 seats or private chauffeured vehicles/minivans can carry up to three passengers, driver aside.

    For 8 and 9 seat capacity minivans, the driver and 5 passengers are allowed. An exception applies to parents with minors. A 150 euro fine will be imposed on violators.

    Please note that measures are re-evaluated on a daily basis, so stay tuned.)---(to have a good holiday in greece !! .. in the land of the king mega alexander of macedonia-greece

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  • Count Kálnokys Historical Estate and on The Prince of Waless Transylvanian Properties


    Travel to Traditional Transylvania as a guest on Count Kálnoky's Historical Estate and on The Prince of Wales's Transylvanian Properties

    Travel to a land that time forgot. Discover how you can contribute to the restoration of Transylvania’s heritage and help to conserve its unspoilt nature. Be our guest in unique cottages furnished in the traditional Szekler and Saxon styles and experience the slow-paced charm of Transylvanian village life.

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed FrozenMonkeys Media.

    Easier to Fade (feat. Madi Larson) by A Himitsu

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  • HRH Prince Charles’ message of support for Romanian Tourism


    A beautiful short film written and narrated by His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales to support domestic tourism in Romania. With heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped bring this to the Romanian people! ????

  • Gypsy Songs from Hungary


    Romani music or Gipsy music is the music of the Romani people, who have their origins in northern India, but today live mostly in Europe. Historically nomadic, though now largely settled, the Romani people have long acted as entertainers and tradesmen. In many of the places Romanies live they have become known as musicians. The wide distances travelled have introduced a multitude of influences of Byzantine, Greek, Arabic, Indian, Persian, Turkish, Slavic, Romanian, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and even Jewish musical forms. It is difficult to define the parameters of a unified Romani musical style, as there are many differences in melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and formal structures from region to region. Lyrics to Romani songs are often sung in one or more dialects of the Romani language, and dance frequently accompanies Romani music performance.

    The quintessentially Spanish flamenco is to a very large extent the music (and dance, or indeed the culture) of the Romani people of Andalusia. Apart from Romani music for local use, in Eastern Europe a separate Romani music originated for entertainment at parties and celebrations. This music drew its themes from Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and other sources. Later on it gained popularity in Western Europe, where many Romani orchestras were active, playing sophisticated melodies of East European origin. Most Romani music is based on the folk music of the countries where the Romani went through or settled. Local music is adopted and performed – usually instrumental – and, slowly, it is transformed into Romani styles, which are usually more complex than the original styles. In its turn, Romani music has greatly influenced the local music.

    Traditional Music Channel is for everyone who has a passion for music and cultural heritage.
    Whether you are an educator, artist, archivist, student or music enthusiast.
    With your support we can continue our mission.

    With recordings from more than hundred nations our Collection of Traditional Music offers a staggering diversity of our shared humanity.

    Traditional Music Channel © All Rights Reserved

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  • Eugen Doga - Waltz / My Sweet and Tender Beast


    Eugen Doga - Waltz (My Sweet and Tender Beast)
    Eugen Doga
    movie~The Tourist
    Video by GEMINNA.

  • Balkan Gypsy Music


    Romani music or Gipsy music is the music of the Romani people, who have their origins in northern India, but today live mostly in Europe. Historically nomadic, though now largely settled, the Romani people have long acted as entertainers and tradesmen. In many of the places Romanies live they have become known as musicians. The wide distances travelled have introduced a multitude of influences of Byzantine, Greek, Arabic, Indian, Persian, Turkish, Slavic, Romanian, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and even Jewish musical forms. It is difficult to define the parameters of a unified Romani musical style, as there are many differences in melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and formal structures from region to region. Lyrics to Romani songs are often sung in one or more dialects of the Romani language, and dance frequently accompanies Romani music performance.

    The quintessentially Spanish flamenco is to a very large extent the music (and dance, or indeed the culture) of the Romani people of Andalusia. Apart from Romani music for local use, in Eastern Europe a separate Romani music originated for entertainment at parties and celebrations. This music drew its themes from Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and other sources. Later on it gained popularity in Western Europe, where many Romani orchestras were active, playing sophisticated melodies of East European origin. Most Romani music is based on the folk music of the countries where the Romani went through or settled. Local music is adopted and performed – usually instrumental – and, slowly, it is transformed into Romani styles, which are usually more complex than the original styles. In its turn, Romani music has greatly influenced the local music.

    Traditional Music Channel is for everyone who has a passion for music and cultural heritage.
    Whether you are an educator, artist, archivist, student or music enthusiast.
    With your support we can continue our mission.

    With recordings from more than hundred nations our Collection of Traditional Music offers a staggering diversity of our shared humanity.

    Traditional Music Channel © All Rights Reserved

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  • George Enescu: Romanian Rhapsody in A major, Op. 11 No. 1


    Royal Camerata (Camerata Regala)
    Conductor: Vlad Vizireanu
    Romanian Athenaeum
    Bucharest, Romania
    June 20, 2015

  • George Enescu:Rumanian Rhapsody No. 1


    Mariss Jansons - Waldbühne 1994




    Budapest is the capital and largest city in Hungary, and is the tenth largest city in the European Union based on the population in the city limits. The city is estimated to have a population of 1,752,704 people in 2016 and they are spread over an area of 525 km².
    Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and home to a number of UNESCO world heritage sites. This metropolis still retains its history and cultural heritage through various ancient buildings, museums, and memorials, which make Budapest one of the interesting tourist destinations.
    The Danube is a long river that crosses 10 countries in Europe, ranging from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, to Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, and ends on the Black Sea in Romania. In Budapest, this river separates the Buda and Obuda areas on the west side, as well as the Pest region on the east side.

    --------------------------------- ooOOOoo--------------------------------
    Budapest adalah ibu kota dan kota terbesar di Hongaria, serta merupakan kota terbesar kesepuluh di Uni Eropa berdasarkan jumlah penduduk di batas kota. Kota ini diperkirakan memiliki jumlah penduduk sebesar 1.752.704 jiwa pada tahun 2016 dan mereka tersebar di wilayah seluas 525 km².
    Budapest, ibu kota Hongaria, merupakan salah satu kota tercantik di Eropa dan rumah dari sejumlah situs warisan dunia UNESCO. Kota metropolis ini tetap mempertahankan sejarah dan warisan budayanya lewat berbagai bangunan kuno, museum, hingga memorial, yang membuat Budapest menjadi salah satu destinasi wisata menarik.
    Sungai Danube merupakan sungai panjang yang melintasi 10 negara di Eropa, mulai dari Jerman, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hongaria, Kroasia, hingga ke Serbia, Moldova, Ukraina, dan berakhir di Laut Hitam di Romania. Di Budapest, sungai ini memisahkan wilayah Buda dan Obuda di sisi barat, serta wilayah Pest di sisi timur.

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  • Croatia + Slovenia + Montenegro | Cinematic


    In this trip, my family had decided to go with Gate1Travel and we did not regret choosing Gate1 as our travel agent.

    The video will be much clearer if you change your video setting to 1080p.

    Gear: Panasonic Lumix G85
    iPhone 7
    GoPro 4 Black

    The travel itinerary is as follows:

    Day 1-2: Depart for Europe

    You’ll spend the majority of the first day traveling from New York to Venice, Italy. The flight takes about nine hours.

    Days 3–5: Opatija and Zadar

    From there, you’ll board a motorcoach that will take you to Croatia in about three and a half hours. Your first stop in Croatia is Opatija; this centuries-old town overlooking Kvarner Gulf is a popular resort destination thanks to nearly year-round sunshine. Take a stroll along the beautiful Lungomare—Opatija’s seaside promenade—during a full day of leisure. Next, you’ll travel three hours south to Zadar, an ancient coastal city with a wealth of ruins. Medieval churches can be found throughout the city, and there’s a 3rd-century Roman forum. Be sure to see Zadar’s Sea Organ, an experimental instrument along the sea that plays music via the Adriatic’s waves.

    You can also take an optional tour of the Istrian Peninsula ($63/person). You’ll visit Pula, a port city since the time of the Romans with ancient amphitheaters.

    Days 6–8: Split and Dubrovnik

    Just south of Zadar is Split. A sightseeing tour will introduce you to some of its iconic architecture, including Diocletian’s Palace—a UNESCO World Heritage Site that Lonely Planet calls “one of the most imposing Roman ruins in existence.” The marble palace and former fortress dazzles with Egyptian sphinxes and towering columns. Afterward, you can relax in the waterfront cafés and shop in the bustling local markets.

    The next destination, Dubrovnik, is nestled in the foothills of Mount Srd, along the shores of the Adriatic Sea. A walking tour will take you to the Sponza Palace, the St. Lawrence Fortress, and Dubrovnik’s other historic landmarks. In the city, the Franciscan Monastery houses 14th-century artifacts and one of the world’s oldest pharmacies. You’ll have a full day of leisure to browse this historic city, as well as the option to take a full-day Montenegro tour and cross another country off your list ($63–$64/person).

    Days 9–11: Zagreb, Bled Castle, and Ljubljana

    Travel through green forests and fields to reach Croatia’s capital and largest city, Zagreb, where you’ll take a walking tour to explore the Presidential Palace and Stone Gate in the city’s medieval center. After checking out Zagreb’s sights in your free time, you’ll head off for the final part of the tour, which takes place in Slovenia.

    The highlight of this leg of the journey is Bled Castle. The medieval castle—possibly Slovenia’s oldest—rises from a nearly 500-foot cliff overlooking the icy waters of Lake Bled. In the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, you’ll browse a vibrant open-air market. Afterward, you’ll celebrate your last night at a special farewell dinner.

    Day 12-13: Return to the United States

    On the last day, you’ll be transported from Bled to Venice, where you’ll board your flight back to New York.

  • Serbian Music REVIEW


    Youtube updated it's policies and now lets me show you this! This is a really old episode that is just now being allowed to be released! I am happy, and didn't expect this so please forgive me if my personality/editing/ and set up was different. It's odd seeing this video just now coming to light!

    Help us continue doing, what we do!

    My thoughts on Serbian Rap

    Editor: Kintija's channel

    Musicians Mentioned:
    -Djordje Balasevic
    -Emina Feat. Milicia Todorovic
    -Zdravko Čolic

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  • the real names of meme songs


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  • Michael Jackson ACCIDENT - Earth Song in Munich 1999


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    Karen Faye, Michael's makeup artist about the accident :
    I thought he was surely dead!
    Michael was headlining two benefit concerts for the International Red Cross, Nelson Mandela's Children's Fund, and UNESCO. MICHAEL JACKSON AND FRIENDS.

    The roster of performers and their entourage flew from Seoul, Korea where the first concert was held, to Munich on a chartered plane.

    It was such a wonderful flight because we were able to spend some time and get to know everyone. There were performers from all over the world.

    We arrived at the Munich Olympic Stadium in the afternoon on June 27, 1999 to prepare for Michael's evening appearance.

    Michael introduced Andrea Bocelli in the late afternoon.

    The sun was setting. The darkness changed the entire feeling of the arena. It was a hot summer evening. The crowd had been enjoying performances by other artists all day: Luther Vandross, The Kelly Brothers, Ringo Starr... but it seemed the audience was waiting for Michael. The excitement was building.

    Magically, the stage was being transformed with emerging walls of lights, screens and equipment that had been created for Michael's show, that were hidden behind the other performances.

    Michael Jackson, Michael Bush and myself were using the last minutes to take care some details in the dressing room, just stage right. A long check list: Microphones, wires, wardrobe changes, towels, song list, ice, Gatorade, fans, grease paints, powder. Michael did some stretches to warm up, as the lights lowered in the house.

    I could feel the energy of anticipation the crowd directed towards us. Any hint of Michael's appearance created excited chaos in the crowd. He would peek out at the audience from behind the curtains. The band came up the back stairs. Michael met them for the traditional prayer joining their hands.

    Everything was going perfectly.... the medley...Beat It...Black or White with Slash...

    Billie Jean.

    The local performers for Earth Song started filing on stage. Earth Song began... then the bridge appeared, just as it had done in Korea. The children and adults slowly entered and filled the stage. The song builds.... Michael flies up the bridge and gyrates and pounds his feet, twirls as the bridge lifts away from its braces. Smoke, explosions, bombard our eyes and ears...the bridge continues higher and higher, but unlike rehearsals, and the last show.... it didn't pause at its pinnacle... INSTEAD it came careening down gaining speed with Michael tightly grasping the railings... still singing. I started screaming, but I could not even hear my own voice over the pyro, music, and the audience. I started running out from behind the stage in horror as the bridge quickly disappeared below the front of the stage, slamming down on the concrete floor. Security grabbed and stopped me, thinking I was going to ruin the performance.

    Backstage, there was crying and screaming, only the crew and performers knew there was something desperately wrong. From our vantage point we had lost sight of Michael, as the bridge had fallen below the front of the stage. My heart stopped beating, while in the strong arms of a perplexed security guard. Even though the show continued for everyone else, time stood still for me as I could not imagine how Michael could have survived such a fall.

    But slowly, and after what seemed like an eternity, as the music and applause continued, I saw one arm reach for the floor of the stage...then a long lean leg, another arm, another leg...he was up, center stage... finishing the end of Earth Song! My mouth dropped open in relieved amazement .

    Looking dazed, he made his way to our side of the stage. Michael, sit down....

    NO! He demanded.

    Security... please get him to the hospital! I was begging.

    NO! He grabbed the microphone and ran out to finish performing You Are Not Alone.

    I could not believe what I was witnessing. He finished the song, took his final bow, and returned once again to his stage dressing room and then... collapsed. Security whisked him off to a hospital in Munich.

    Band members, dancers, Slash and crewmembers all shocked and amazed at what we had witnessed wrapped up the show with prayers in our hearts.

    Once back in the hotel... I started making the phone calls to find out how he was. I got the reports that nothing was broken, but he was badly bruised, and his back was very badly strained. It had been a miracle. Being the performer he was, he knew how to land.

    The next day we were to leave for Paris for a photo shoot. This had been postponed until

    He was better. I asked him...why did you continue? I cannot believe you were able to do that.

    You know Turkle, the only thing that I heard in my head, was my father's voice saying to me, MICHEAL, DON'T DISAPPOINT THE AUDIENCE!

  • Introduction to the 12 notes


    Insightful talk given by Prince Rama Varma about the twelve notes in a scale before teaching the famous English Note (composed by Harikesanallur Muthaiah Bhagavatar
    and popularized by Madurai Mani Iyer) to students at the Swara Sadhana Two Day Music
    Camp organized at Chennai in February 2014.

  • geta burlacu ciririp old romanian love song


    geta burlacu ,petru haruta ,alex calancea ,vlad colesnicov

  • Blues-rock favorites, compilation of 8 more songs- Part 5


    Mix of live and studio versions of songs from some favorite blues-rock artists and vocalists. All videos already available on YouTube. I have no financial interests in posting this video.
    For list of songs, click Show More below:
    00:00 The Thrill Is Gone - BB King, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan & friends - Guitar Crossroads Toyota Park, Chicago 2010.
    11:00 No Medicine Like The Blues - Buck 69.
    19:49 Trouble At Home - Gary Moore- Rare performance Sofia, Bulgaria 2007.
    25:24 Rocking Chair Blues - Isaac Scott.
    35:16 I´ll Take Care Of You- Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart - Live NY Beacom Theater 2011.
    40:49 All Over Again - The Stumble. [Original lyrics by B.B. King]
    51:48 Mary Had a Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Austin City Limits 1989.
    57:31 A Soul That's Been Abused - Ronnie Earl feat. Duke Robillard.

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  • Fortified churches in Transylvania Romania


    Fortified churches:
    1-2 Biertan Church,
    3-4,Church Axente Sever
    5-6 Church Saschiz
    7-8-9 Viscri Church,
    10-11-12 Church Prejmer
    13-14-15 Church Calnic
    Personal photos.
    Background music Chopin - Waltz Op 70 February Bem M

  • B1TV - Concert @ European Cultural Centre for UNESCO, Romania (2019


  • Romania One Land, Many Worlds


  • Hora martisorului a Romanian spring celebration dance, by Grigoras Dinicu


    Grigoras Dinicu, was a Romanian violin virtuoso and composer, born in April 1889, famous for his popular Romanian folkloric compositions.
    This arrangement was done by Elisabeth Fessler and Gheorghe Branici, and performed by Elisabeth Fessler and Cristian Ganicenco.

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  • Mysterious City - Petra


    Petra is located between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea, in a mountainous region about 200 km south of the Jordanian capital Amman. It is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. It is assumed that it was built from the late sixth century BC by the Nabataeans, and was their capital until 106 AD
      It is accessible only through a canyon of about 1.5 kilometers long and 200 meters deep. Petra was a stop at the crossroads of several caravan routes that Egypt, Syria, Arabia, Mediterranean, with luxury goods (spices, silk, ivory, pearls ...)
    A highly visited tourist site. Considered one of the wonders of the world
    In 1985, Petra was included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites
    Personal photos mcostiniuc
    Music: Yakuro - Terra Incognita Paradise
    Petra este situata intre Golful Aqaba și la Marea Moartă, , într-o regiune muntoase la aproximativ 200 km sud de capitala iordaniană Amman . Este unul din cele mai celebre situri arheologice din lume . Se presupune că a fost construit începând cu secolul al VI-lea î.Hr., de către nabateeni, , și a fost capitala lor până în 106 d.Hr.
    E accesibil numai printr-un canion lung de circa 1,5 km și 200 de metri adâncime . Petra era o oprire la intersecția mai multor rute de caravane care Egipt , Siria , Arabia , Marea Mediterană, cu bunuri de lux (condimente, mătase , fildeș , perle …)
    Un sit turistic foarte vizitat . Considerat unul din minunile lumii
    În 1985 Petra a fost inclusă în lista UNESCO a locurilor din patrimoniul mondial
    Fotografii personale mcostiniuc
    Muzica : Yakuro - Paradise Terra Incognita

  • St Mary Romanian Orthodox Church


    Anaheim Arts Council presents a Sacred Arts Festival, a tour of the houses of worship in Anaheim, California.

  • Travel on Music Ep #2 - Carpathian Mountains Europe 2020


    Time spent in nature is never wasted so, on this Travel on Music Episode, we shall discover some amazing travel destinations from the Romanian part of the Carpathian Mountains ✈.
    Watching this Travel on Music video you'll enjoy chill music and awesome nature landscapes. Sit down, relax and stroll with me into the deep secrets of the mountains. Also, in this travel vlog you'll almost feel like walking on the alleys of the two most impressive Castles in Europe.

    These destinations can be visited in any season so don't waste your time and plan a visit to Romania. It is safe and easy to reach to all of them! As you can see in the first part of this Travel on Music episode, we've found an awesome accommodation with mountain view at a reasonable price. So if you book early you'll have a great chance for an affordable and comfortable place to stay. For other info or any questions, please feel free to leave a comment????.

    ✅Recharge your batteries in the middle of the nature, inhale the fresh air and enjoy these peaceful places.
    Nature is awesome! Travel on Music with me and discover ideas for beautiful destinations while listening to good music.

    DJI Mavic Air 2
    iPhone X

    Michael FK - See You Again (ft. Julia Mihevc)
    Bronze Whale - Say It (BAILE Remix)

    ????Travel destination ideas in Romania:
    • Cantacuzino Castle, Busteni
    • Urlatoarea Waterfall, Busteni
    • Peles Castle, Sinaia
    • Cabana Trei Brazi, Predeal
    • Bucegi Mountains, Varful Babele, Sfinxul - Drone View
    • Sihla Monastery, Neamt - Sf Teodora Cave
    • Siriu Dam, Buzau

    More about the Carpathian Mountains:

    #travelvlog #europe #mountains
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  • BucharestCompetition2015


    Sergey Simakov from Russia won the FIRST PRIZE (2500 euro).
    The other two finalists were: Kazuki Wada, 34 years old from Japan who won the Second Prize (2000 euro) and June-Sung Park, 33 years old, from South Korea won theThird Prize (1500 euro).
    The first prize winner – Sergey Simakov - is 30 years old and comes from Russia. He studied at the Kazan State Conservatory and earned a Master of Music at the University of Freiburg, where he is currently continuing his in-depth studies. He has also received official invitations to conduct the Philharmonic Orchestras of Sibiu, Timisoara and Craiova.
    During the Gala Concert – a high quality event which featured the pianist Adela Liculescu as a Soloist and the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra – two more prizes were awarded:
    Prize for the Best Romanian Conductor (1000 euro) went to Vlad Vizireanu (29, Romania) and the George Enescu Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Prize, went to Jonathan William Mann (30, the United Kingdom). He also received a concert at the Kielce Philharmonic (Poland).

    This year the competition took place from September 22 to 26 and it was endowed with an exceptional jury composed of seven Romanian and international musical personalities.

    The International Conducting Competition Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest is the only accredited and promoted project of the International Jeunesses Musicales Network - the largest international network for young musicians in the world - 85 countries. In Romania, the Competition increased with each edition, since 2010.

    The project is organized by the ELITE ART Club UNESCO Association and funded this year through the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, the Programme PA17 / RO13 Promoting diversity in culture and art in the European cultural heritage.

  • International Conducting Competition Jeunesses 10th Edition


    Yifan Sun has proven that he is the
    best young conductor in the world during the
    Jeunesses Musicales Gala Concert at the
    Romanian Athenaeum

    On September 28th 2019, the Grand Hall of the Romanian Athenaeum hosted the Gala Concert which marked the end of the 10th edition of the prestigious Jeunesses Musicales International Conducting Competition, one of the most important competitions dedicated to young conductors in the world. For five days, 50 young conductors from 27 countries proved their mastery before a remarkable jury: Sigmund Thorp (Jury President), Vasile Cazan, Gheorghe Costin, Christian Ehwald, Bujor Prelipcean, Jacek Rogala and Tiberiu Soare.

    The finale of the competition is marked by a Gala Concert which represents the final round during which the final ranking is established. The elimination rounds the competitos had to go through brought out the excellence in three conductors: Yifan Sun, Jascha Graf Von Der Goltz and Chunyi Zhao, the protagonists of the Gala Concert. Yifan Sun has participated in the 2018 edition of the competition but he was eliminated in the semi-final and this year he has proven his talent during a veritable tour de force. Yifan Sun is a conducting senior at the Shanghai Conservatory where he studies with professors Guoyong Zhang and Daye Lin. Yifan began his university studies in 2014 and since then he has conducted numerous orchestras such as the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, the Shanghai Opera House Orchestra, the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hebei Symphony Orchestra, the Sichuan Symphony Orchestra, the Gansu Opera Hause and the Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, etc.

    This year’s edition brought to the stage the soloist Charllie Siem, a young violinists who has began to make himself known on the international scene.

    The finalists conducted at the lectern of the prestigious George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra which distinguished itself through majesty and virtuosity and the young competitors rose to the occasion presented by the repertoire which included works from legendary composers such as Brahms, Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Sibelius and Tchaikovsky. The winner of the previous edition, Anton Shaburov also participated in the concert and pampered the public with a might interpretation of Wagner.

    The event is organized by Elite Art Club UNESCO and co-financed by the Administration for the National Cultural Fund.

    The event was sponsored by the Capital City Hall through the Youth Center of the Bucharest Municipality.

    We would like to thank Kaufland, CA IMMO, Careless Beauty, Aqua Carpatica, Orient Ceramic, Ibis Hotels, Hotel Grivița and Casa de Flori.

    Media partners: România Liberă, Radio România Cultural, România Muzical, Observator Cultural, Societatea Muzicală, IQ ads, BookHub, Coolart, Modernism, Muze și Arme, Smark, Urban, Zile și nopți, Fashion Premium Magazine and Unique.

    For more information

    Anca Maria Pricop

  • De masă / Party song


    De masă performed by Ionel Ruja (1st violin) & Ivan Baldovin (2nd violin). Romanian traditional folk song from Transylvania, Alba area. Constantin Brăiloiu collection, field recording from 1938.

    © Fabris 2018

  • Mariana Nicolesco: Centenarul Marii Uniri ne reunește prin cânt


    Ediţia Extraordinară a Cursurilor de Măiestrie Artistică, Master Classes, oferite de soprana Mariana Nicolesco între 30 iulie şi 5 august, în cadrul evenimentelor Darclée, așezate sub înaltul Patronaj UNESCO, celebrează Centenarul Marii Uniri şi creaţia compozitorilor români. Ca și împlinirea a 650 de ani de atestare documentară a Brăilei și arta lui Gioachino Rossini la 150 de ani de la trecerea în eternitate a inegalabilului compozitor. Și ca întotdeauna memoria legendarei Hariclea Darclée.

    Un eveniment reflectat de TVR3.



    Tallinn (/ˈtɑːlɪn, ˈtælɪn/;[4][5][6] Estonian: [ˈtɑlʲˑinˑ]; names in other languages) is the capital, primate and the most populous city of Estonia. Located in the northern part of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea, it has a population of 434,562.[1] Administratively a part of Harju maakond (county), Tallinn is a major financial, industrial, cultural, educational and research centre of Estonia. Tallinn is located 80 kilometres (50 mi) south of Helsinki, Finland, 320 kilometres (200 mi) west of Saint Petersburg, Russia, and 380 kilometres (240 mi) east of Stockholm, Sweden. It has close historical ties with these three cities. From the 13th century until the first half of the 20th century Tallinn was known in most of the world by its historical German name Reval.

    Tallinn, first mentioned in 1219, received city rights in 1248,[7] but the earliest human settlements date back 5,000 years.[8] The first recorded claim over the land was laid by Denmark in 1219, after a successful raid of Lyndanisse led by king Valdemar II, followed by a period of alternating Scandinavian and Teutonic rulers. Due to its strategic location, the city became a major trade hub, especially from the 14th to the 16th century, when it grew in importance as part of the Hanseatic League. Tallinn's Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[9]

    Tallinn has the highest number of start-ups per person among European countries[10] and is a birthplace of many international high technology companies, including Skype and Transferwise.[11] The city is to house the headquarters of the European Union's IT agency.[12] Providing to the global cybersecurity it is the home to the NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. Tallinn is ranked as a global city and has been listed among the top ten digital cities in the world.[13] The city was a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku in Finland.

  • Ela Sol live in Transylvania // @Viscri 32


    This 'Backyard Session' happened @Viscri 32 - White Barn and Blue House, part of the 'Teracota Mon Amour' exhibition, in Transylvania. We had the pleasure to perform some of our favorite songs.

    Check out the NEW for more!

    Also follow us here:

    Also check out:
    Teracota Medias:
    Viscri 32:

    #Backyard Session

    © 2019 – Ela Sol

  • Solistii Ansamblului `` Jidvei Romania `` - Cantece din repertoriul Lucretiei Ciobanu - live


    - Festivalul Naţional de Folclor `` Strugure de Aur `` - Alba Iulia 2016 - ediţia a XVI- a - Acompaniază Orchestra `` Jidvei România `` - Dirijor Stelian Stoica -

  • Bihar megyei legényes


    Ansamblul Folcloric Studentesc Mugurelul, Cluj-Napoca Romania.
    Summerfest International Folklore Festival and Folkart Fair, Ráckeve Hungary 2011.

  • Romania day 2


  • Allerseelen: Kehrst zurück nicht mehr


    Allerseelen: Kehrst zurück nicht mehr (Prejmer = Tartlau, Romania) c Gerhard Hallstatt 28.07.2012.

    Gerhard Hallstatt (Allerseelen) filmed inside the fortified church of Prejmer, Transilvania, Romania, on 28.07.2012.

    Lyrics: Simion Lefter.

    Allerseelen CD Flamme:

    Allerseelen DoLP Flamme:

    (Gerhard Hallstatt: Prejmer / Tartlau, 28.07.2012) „Um 13H40 Zug nach Ilieni im Nordosten von Brasov. Gemähte blonde Stoppelfelder, sehr flache Landschaft. Um 14H15 in Ilieni -- ganz anders als das reiche Brasov: Kein Bahnhof, nur ein Bahnübergang, mit mir stiegen einige Zigeuner aus. Eine staubige Sandstrasse mit Resten von Stroh und Bruchstücken von Ziegeln. Um 14H30 war ich im Ort Prejmer und stand vor der Kirchenburg Tartlau. Biserica fortificata ist die rumänische Bezeichnung für diese Wehrkirchen. Eine wunderbare Festung -- eine kreuzförmige Kirche, umgeben von einem Ring zur Verteidigung. Tartlau war die stärkste Verteidigungsanlage des mittelalterlichen Siebenbürgens. Um 1218 wurde mit dem Bau der Kirche begonnen -- der Deutsche Ritterorden entschied sich für einen kreuzförmigen Grundriss. Nach der Vertreibung des Ordens durch König Andreas II wurde der Kirchenbau im Stil der burgundischen Frühgotik fortgesetzt. Die Zisterzienser brachten diesen Stil im 13 Jahrhundert nach Siebenbürgen. Ab 1240 stand Tartlau unter der Schirmherrschaft der Abtei von Kerz -- diese Ruine möchte ich nächstes Mal besuchen. Zisterzienser-Gotik: Gewölbe-Konsolen, Radfenster, Schildbogen, Seitenkapellen des Chors. Im Inneren hatte ich den seltsamen Eindruck, als würden sich zwei Kirchen kreuzen. 1241 fielen die Türken zum ersten Mal in Siebenbürgen ein -- daraufhin kam es zu einem gewaltigen Ausbau der Befestigung: Um die Kirche wurde eine Ringburg gebaut. In die zwölf bis vierzehn Meter hohen Mauern wurden Vorratskammern und Zufluchtsräume in mehreren Stockwerken geschaffen, die durch hölzerne Gänge und Stiegen verbunden waren. Der Bau war wirklich beeindruckend -- weisse Mauern mit Schiesscharten und Gussöffnungen, den „Pechnasen. Prejmer besass die mächtigste Ringmauer unter den sächsischen Kirchenburgen. An der Basis war die Mauer bis zu fünf Meter stark. Ein wehrhaftes Christentum. Ob Corneliu Codreanui einige dieser Kirchenburgen besucht hatte? Der Wehrgang mit den Schiesscharten und Pechnasen befand sich in zehn Meter Höhe, er war achthundert Meter lang. Ich filmte im Inneren der Kirchenburg und auch im Wehrgang. Ich machte auch viele Photos. In einem Teil der Kirche auch Terrakotta-Rippen an der Decke. In der Kirche auch ein Kriegerdenkmal für die Gefallenen des ersten Weltkrieges, blau und schwarz, ein eisernes Kreuz, auf blauem Grund ein Adler in gold und schwarz, silbern die Krallen und auch der Schnabel und einzelne Schwanzfedern. „Sie starben für uns, auf dass wir leben konnten! Fenster in Kleeblattform. Unterricht in der Ringmauer in Kriegszeiten. Siebenbürgisch-Sächsische Stiftung. Ernst Habermann: „Wenn wir nicht retten, was zu retten ist, wer tut es dann? Das gefährdete Kulturerbe der Siebenbürger Sachsen. Schön, dass ich am letzten Tag meines Siebenbürgen-Aufenthalts noch Prejmer besuchen konnte -- eine eigene Welt, losgelöst, abgekapslet vom heutigen Rumänien, eine Insel aus weissem Mauerwerk, braunem Holz, grauem Gestein. Einst war die Burg auch von einem Wassergraben umgeben. Um 18H nahm ich den Zug von Ilieni nach Brasov. Ich hörte von einem Waldbrand im Bucegi-Gebirge, in der Gegend von Busteni, ausgelöst durch einen Blitzeinschlag in 1700 m Höhe. (Gerhard Hallstatt: Prejmer / Tartlau, 28.07.2012)

    Aorta Mailorder, Allerseelen:

    You may order also directly without Bandcamp or Discogs via:

  • Gala Master Class Mariana Nicolesco 2019, la TVR3


    Ediţia din acest an a Cursurilor de Măiestrie Artistică pe timpul cărora Brăila a fost o adevărată capitală lirică a lumii, s-a încheiat cu Gala Master Class, un adevărat maraton liric de şase ore, oferit pe scena pe care Hariclea Darclée debuta la 1881.

    În seara finală Mariana Nicolesco, sufletul manifestării, reafirma crezul său dintotdeauna, că nimic nu-i poate apropia pe oameni mai mult decât cântul şi decerna Diploma de Onoare a Fundaţiei Darclée unora dintre personalităţile care i-au stat mereu alături în edificarea acestei ctitorii unice, aşezată sub Înaltul Patronaj UNESCO.

    - Sâmbătă 9 noiembrie TVR3 şi TVR Internaţional orele 17. Reluare ora 1
    Gala Master Class (prima parte)

    - Duminică 10 noiembrie TVR3 şi TVR Internaţional orele 17. Reluare ora 1
    Gala Master Class (partea a doua)

  • Danube Delta


    Danube Delta it's amazing. the images i used in the video are not made by me. I only made the video as it is now.

  • Naarghita ~ Album Cu Melodii Indiene ~ In Memoria Artistei Naarghita


    Album (2) cu melodii indiene îndrâgite interpretate de marea artistă a muzicii indiene din România, NAARGHITA.

    Cu arta EI, a creeat o punte de lumină între România și India. A fost aleasă la UNESCO ambasador al culturii, muzicii şi păcii internaţionale. Chiar și presa indiană a recunoscut că: ''Naarghita a făcut mult mai mult pentru arta noastră peste hotare, decât toate vedetele noastre la un loc''.

  • Kamaliya Silent Night Live on Christmas eve 2014 at Istil Studios, Kiev, Ukraine!


    Silent Night (German: Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht) is a popular Christmas carol, composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics by Joseph Mohr in the small town of Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria. It was declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in March 2011. The song has been recorded by a large number of singers from every music genre.

    The song was first performed on Christmas Eve 1818 at St Nicholas parish church in Oberndorf, a village on the Salzach river. The young priest, Father Joseph Mohr, had come to Oberndorf the year before. He had already written the lyrics of the song Stille Nacht in 1816 at Mariapfarr, the hometown of his father in the Salzburg Lungau region, where Joseph had worked as a coadjutor.

    The melody was composed by Franz Xaver Gruber, schoolmaster and organist in the nearby village of Arnsdorf. Before Christmas Eve, Mohr brought the words to Gruber and asked him to compose a melody and guitar accompaniment for the church service. Both performed the carol during the mass on the night of December 24.

    The original manuscript has been lost. However a manuscript was discovered in 1995 in Mohr's handwriting and dated by researchers at ca. 1820. It shows that Mohr wrote the words in 1816 when he was assigned to a pilgrim church in Mariapfarr, Austria, and shows that the music was composed by Gruber in 1818. This is the earliest manuscript that exists and the only one in Mohr's handwriting.

    In 1859, the Episcopal priest John Freeman Young, then serving at Trinity Church, New York City, published the English translation that is most frequently sung today. The version of the melody that is generally used today is a slow, meditative lullaby, differing slightly (particularly in the final strain) from Gruber's original, which was a sprightly, dance-like tune in 6/8 time. Today, the lyrics and melody are in the public domain.

    The carol has been translated into about 140 languages.

    The song was sung simultaneously in French, English and German by troops during the Christmas truce of 1914 during World War I, as it was one carol that soldiers on both sides of the front line knew.

  • Ascultă Vocea Monicăi Lovinescu la Radio România Cultural


    La Asculta Vocea, scriitoarea si jurnalista Monica Lovinescu, care ar fi implinit astazi 90 de ani.

  • Budesti,Maramures - Childrens Folk Dance from Budesti,Romania .m2ts


    GUIDE : TUDOR ILIE 0722-364333
    At the Folklore Festival Nu va uitati ca-s micut from Budesti,Maramures county,Romania,Europe,the XIII th edition 2011,dedicated to the traditional songs and dances of the childrens.

    Video by Full HD 1080 SONY VideoCamera

  • International Conducting Competition Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest, 7th Edition


    În perioada 28 august – 1 septembrie s-a desfăşurat la Ateneul Român cea de-a VII-a ediţie a Concursului Internaţional de Dirijat Jeunesses Musicales Bucureşti. Concursul s-a încheiat apoteotic cu Concertul Extraordinar – Soirée Stradivarius care s-a desfăşurat la Ateneul Român pe 1 septembrie care i-a avut ca protagonişti pe cei 3 dirijori finalişti Yu-An Chang din Taiwan, Simon Proust din Franţa şi din Japonia.

    Sub bagheta celor 3 finalişti ai concursului, Orchestra Simfonică a Filarmonicii George Enescu şi solistul Răzvan Stoica au oferit publicului o performanţă sonoră unică, o dovadă de excelenţă şi virtuozitate. Juriul a fost format din 8 dirijori, personalităţi marcante de renume internaţional - Sigmund Thorp, Cristian Florea, Christian Ehwald, Jacek Rogala, Bujor Prelipcean, Gheorghe Costin, Daniel Weissmann şi Cristian Oroşanu.

    Yu-An Chang, 29 ani, din Taiwan a câştigat premiul I şi privilegiul de a fi numit unul dintre cei mai mari dirijori ai lumii. Yu-An a fost unul dintre finaliştii Concursului Internaţional de Dirijat Besançon în 2015 şi în prezent studiază la Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler din Berlin. În aprilie 2015 acesta şi-a făcut debutul alături de Konzerthaus Orchester Berlin. Premiul II i-a revenit dirijorului francez Simon Proust, 29 ani, care şi-a efectuat studiile în cadrul “Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris”. Premiul III i-a revenit lui Nodoka Okisawa din Japonia care studiază în cadrul Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler din Berlin.

    În cadrul galei de final, Helmuth Reichel Silva a primit premiul special al Orchestrei Filarmonicii „George Enescu” iar Maxime Pitois şi Timur Zangiev au primit mentiuni.

    Concertul Extraordinar – Soirée Stradivarius s-a bucurat de prezenţa şi prestaţia extraordinară a Orchestrei Simfonice a Filarmonicii George Enescu, un garant al performanţelor extraordinare şi a dirijorului Haoran Li , câştigătorul ediţiei din 2014 a Concursului Internaţional de Dirijat Jeunesses Musicales Bucureşti care a dirijat Fantezia Carmen a lui Franz Waxman.

    Concertul Extraordinar – Soirée Stradivarius s-a desfăşurat cu participarea extraordinară a solistului Răzvan Stoica, unul dintre cei mai importanţi tineri muzicieni europeni ai momentului. Din anul 2009, Răzvan Stoica are privilegiul deosebit de a cânta la o vioară Antonio Stradivari din 1729, a doua vioară de acest gen din România.

    În cadrul concertului, Laurenţiu Daşcă, directorul artistic al Asociaţiei Elite Art Club UNESCO, a prezentat un scurt istoric al evoluţiei organice a Concursului Internaţional de Dirijat jeunesses Musicales, concurs ce a crescut alături de societatea civilă ale cărei interese şi activităţi le reprezintă. Conştientizând valoarea culturala internaţională pe care concursul şi-a dobândit-o, Laurenţiu Daşcă a oferit două premii de excelenţă lui Sigmund Thorp şi lui Christian Ehwald pentru contribuţia extraordinară pe care aceştia au avut-o la dezvoltarea voncursului.

    Ambii membri ai juriului au atras atenţia asupra valorii participanţilor, Sigmund Thorp declarând că toţi concurenţii sunt câştigători deoarece au participat la un dur proces de selecţie pentru a putea fi admişi iar Christian Ehwald i-a descris pe tinerii concurenţi ca fiind deosebit de implicaţi şi talentaţi.

    Programul concertului a inclus opere de J. Sibelius, P.I. Ceaikovski, C. Saint Saens, J. Brahms, P.I. Ceaikovski şi D. Shostakovich şi a fost prezentat de către Marius Constantinescu, una dintre cele mai importante personalităţi culturale din ţară. Sala s-a dovedit neîncăpătoare pentru publicul numeros de aproximativ 900 de persoane care s-au prezentat să asiste la concert.

    Concursul, care se află la a VII-a ediţie, este implementat în România de către asoicaţia Elite Art Club UNESCO, unicul reprezentant în România al celei mai mari reţele globale de ONG-uri dedicate tinerilor muzicieni - Jeunesses Musicales International. Elite Art Club UNESCO a decis în anul 2010 să implementeze în România concursul de dirijat care a fost iniţiat în urmă cu peste 50 de ani de către Jeunesses Musicales Internaţional.

    Evenimentul este organizat cu sprijinul La Fântâna, sponsorul principal al evenimentului şi Residence Hotels, Hotel Cişmigiu, Hotel Griviţa, Novotel, Ibis Hotel şi Institutul Polonez din Bucureşti.

    Parteneri media: Business Woman, Radio România Cultural, Radio România Muzical,, Orașul meu, Observatorul Cultural, Calendar Evenimente, ArtOut, BestMusic, WayMedia, BaBoom, Ceaşca de Cultură, Societatea Muzicală.

    Pentru mai multe detalii despre concurs, consultaţi

  • Baikal Nomads record label supports Lake Baikal charity with BADARCHIN album proceedings.


    Q&A Created by The Fleming EMC, read more on our website:

    The Fleming EMC Podcast created Dugkar available on our Soundcloud:

    Baikal, located in south-eastern Siberia, is not an ordinary lake. It’s the world’s most ancient freshwater lake, originating 20-25 million years ago, with a depth of up to 1700 m. It contains more water than the Northern American great lakes combined and is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Today we present to you an electronic music label founded by three Russian Buryat-Mongolians friends in 2013. Baikalnomads is a Siberian record label focused mainly on downtempo beats and heavily influenced by ethnic folklore music from Siberia and Mongolia.

    As electronic music artists, spiritual beings, and dancing pilgrims, we present you a truly unique Russian electronic music label, connecting like-minded people worldwide through their passion for music. This is Baikal Nomads.

    Thanks to Chingisya, ZOnkh & Dugkar for their support.

  • Ce bucurie ar fi


    muzica: Dani Constantin
    versuri: Mihaela Calinescu
    interpretare live: Corul National de Camera Madrigal
    dirijor: Voicu Popescu
    sala: Ateneul Roman
    data: 15 decembrie 2013
    Colindul Ce bucurie ar fi!, a fost cantat live, in prima auditie pentru cor mixt, cu prilejul Concertului extraordinar de Craciun, de Corul National de Camera Madrigal, la Ateneul Roman, la data de 15 decembrie 2013. O interpretare superba sub bagheta sensibilului si talentatului dirijor Voicu Popescu. Versurile colindului, intr-o armonie deplina cu muzica, sunt o pilda de urmat. Bucurati-va de Sarbatorile de iarna, lasandu-va insotiti de voiosia acestui colind.

    The carol What happiness would be! Was played live in the first audition for mixed choir during Christmas special concert by The National Chamber Choir Madrigal, at Romanian Athenaeum, on 15 December 2013. A superb performance under the baton of sensible and talented conductor Voicu Popescu.The lyrics of carol, in full harmony with the music, are for you an example to follow. Enjoy the Christmas season, leaving you the joyousness accompanied by this carol.
    In 1992, Madrigal Choir was declared in Paris Good UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
    Ce bucurie ar fi!

    Daca-n fiecare zi
    Craciunul ar veni
    Ce bucurie ar fi!
    Daca-n fiecare zi
    Craciunul ar veni
    Mai buni poate am fi
    Ce bucurie ar fi!

    Strofa 1
    Stele sfinte aurite
    Din cer parca sunt venite
    În suflet si-n viata noastra
    O minune sa-nplineasca

    Daca mult mai buni vom fi
    Ce dorim vom dobândi
    Sanatate si iubire
    Liniste si fericire

    Daruri multe sa primim
    Dar si noi sa daruim
    Mult belsug si spor în case
    Sarbatori cât mai frumoase

    Iar colinde de Craciun
    Sa rasune ca acum
    Zi de zi în viata noastra
    O minune sa-mplineasca!

  • Viata Omului


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Viata Omului (The Man's Life) · Jean de la Craiova

    Muzica Lautareasca Veche (Old Romanian Gypsy Music)

    ℗ 2005 Intercont Music

    Released on: 2005-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Wooden Churches from Maramures County,Romania,Europe


    In Maramures Romania the most impressive wooden monuments are the wooden churches, which guard, with their supple steeples, a space bordered by the horizons, imposing by the harmony of the lines, the variety of details and the perfection of their proportions.

  • Paula Seling & Anda Pop & Philarmonia Bucharest Miau Miau Duetul Pisicilor G. Rossini HD


    PROMS of Delight este un concert-eveniment de înaltă ținută artistică, organizat în conformitate cu tedințele europene de spectacol, după standardele originale ale celui mai mare concert din lume, BBC PROMS.

  • AWb Rika Taka, new Balkan rhythm


    “(Their) authenticity is magical, and what amazes the most are the countless possibilities of body rhythm. The audience is fascinated, delighted, wanting more and wanting to postpone the end of this performance as much as possible, as the performance drawing us in.”
    Ines Wagner, KulturVision e.V.

    House concert of Alice in WonderBand from our home in nature of Fruska gora. World music from Balkans in innovative musical arrangements, performed with body percussion and singing represents cultural heritage in a direct, breathtaking and extraordinary way.

    Songs from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Albania describe the world and culture of the Balkans, which all people from this area share not just by geography, but also emotionally and historically in this politically unstable area in constant changes. It is a musical journey guided by the duo of performers.

    If you enjoy our performance, consider donating to or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

    Alice in WonderBand has successfully performed in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and many stages in Serbia.

    “Quick and intensive rhythm of the play that urges audience with its tempo and sincerity to remember the strength that body possesses and could be awaken.”
    Nataša Gvozdenović, theater critic

    “The star of this duo from Novi Sad, that have been working for years and building their artistic story and career, seems to be shining very brightly in the past few years with creativity in many public performances.”
    “The Alice in WonderBand duo are constantly chasing through exciting landscapes of art, creativity, ideas and projects like a rushing train… always original and inspiring.”
    Marija Vitas, Magazin Etnoumlje, WMAS, Serbia

    Song list:
    1. Ergen dedo/Grandfather bonvivan - inspired by arrangement of Peter Lyondev (00:00 - 03:52) Bulgaria
    2. Mlada Jela/Young Helen (04:48 - 08:30) Montenegro
    3. Sojka ptica/Jay bird (09:12 - 12:12) Serbia/Kosovo
    4. Nane tsokha/I have no shirt (13:00 - 14:55) traditional Roma song/Evgeni Doga
    5. Bun ei vinul/The wine is good (15:34 - 20:20) Moldavia
    6. Mene majka jednu ima/I am the only child of my mother (20:23 - 23:53) Bosnia
    7. Tul o vizen/Across the water (25:15 - 27:36) Hungary
    8. Bukuroshe lales/Uncle's sweetheart (28:13 - 30:37) Albania
    9. Mesechinka/Moonlight (31:11 - 35:23) Bulgaria
    10. Bratec kosi/Brother mows the green meadow (35:50 - 38:50) Croatia
    11. Zajdi, zajdi/Set, Sun (39:22 - 41:50) Macedonia
    12. Uci me majko, karaj me/Teach me, mother, scold me (43:05 - 46:17) Macedonia
    13. Jovano, Jovanke/Hey, Joan (47:42 - 50:45) Macedonia

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    Follow us

    Kućni koncert Alice in WonderBand u njihovom domu na Fruškoj gori. Tradicionalna muzika iz Srbije i zemalja Balkana u novim aranžmanima izvedena kroz spoj telesnih perkusija i pevanja predstavlja kulturnu baštinu ovog podneblja na neposredan, uzbudljiv i nesvakidašnji način.

    Pesme iz Srbije, Makedonije, Crne Gore, Bosne, Bugarske, Rumunije, Albanije, kao i pesme nacionalnih manjina kroz melodije, ritmove, ali i tekstove opisuju karakterističan svet i kulturu koju delimo, ne samo geografski, već emotivno i istorijski, živeći na trusnom području u stalnim previranjima.

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    Rekli su o nastupima Alice in WonderBand

    “Zapanjujuća perkusija tela. Snažno i sa obuzimajućom energijom i strasti, mešaju se tradicionalne balkanske pesme sa autorskim numerama samih izvođača. Oboje umetnika je krajnje talentovano i to višestruko.
    Vatromet govora tela počinje čas pucketanjem prstima, čas pljeskanjem dlanom po telu, što proizvodi veoma opipljiv zvuk tapšanja. Zatim se zaukava ritam. Iz tog pucketanja, lupkanja i tapšanja, izrodile su se pesme.”
    Ines Wagner, KulturVision e.V.

    “Brz i intenzivan ritam igre, poziva gledaoca svojim tempom i iskrenošću da se seti snage koje poseduje telo, poziva na jednu vrstu buđenja kroz igru.”
    Nataša Gvozdenović, regionalni pozorišni kritičar

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  • Viscri


  • Purtata Fetelor


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Purtata Fetelor · Unknown Artist

    World Library Of Folk And Primitive Music, Vol. 17: Romania, The Historic Series - The Alan Lomax Collection

    ℗ 2001 The Association for Cultural Equity, under exclusive license to Rounder Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.

    Released on: 2001-02-27

    Producer: Steve Rosenthal
    Studio Personnel, Production Coordinator: Matthew Barton
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Phil Klum
    Composer Lyricist: Traditional

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • SISKA - Sally - Official Video


    Siska is a hard rock band born in October, 2015.

    The band was formed by Mattia Sisca the guitarist, who played as a supporting act for Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden, he was lead guitarist for his tour too), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden), Michael Angelo Batio and many others! He did shows across Europe and South America as a Headliner and supporting band with Lunar Explosion and International Artists.
    The first video of the band Sally, has been shot for the first time by a rock band in the Staglieno Cemetery in Genova (IT). The location is a UNESCO's world heritage site.

    In september 2016 Siska starts the first tour of the Band in Brasil with Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Malmsteen), playin' succesful sold out shows and conquering the hearts of the rockers of the country. In this tour, Siska played in important venues where bands and artists like: EUROPE, VINCE NEIL (Motley Crue), MEGADETH, SKID ROW, members of GUNS N' ROSES, members of KISS, EPICA, Firehouse, Richie Kotzen, Kip Winger, Danger Danger, Angra, Firehouse, Steve Morse, Michael Angelo Batio and many others played in the last years.



    trying to find the love that you lost
    in the coldness of this lonely world
    I’m here

    you began to knock at every door
    looking for the one that you want
    to love

    I feel it come in
    I know angels will touch us tonight
    I won’t be lonely
    I know where is my place in this life

    Otherside is not so far away
    It’s just another world to see
    The grave is not the end of life
    It’s another way to see the light
    I’m fighting through the sands of time
    Because our love will never die

  • Summer trip 2016 - Romania


    Summer trip 2016 - Romania



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