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Playlist of List of Mongolian composers

  • Symphony No. 1 - Largo. Allegro non troppo - S. Gonchigsumlaa【Mongolian Classical Music】


    Composer: S. Gonchigsumlaa [Сэмбийн Гончигсумлаа]
    Title: Symphony No.1 Largo. Allegro non troppo [Симфони №1]
    Year: 1964

    Sembiin Gonchigsumlaa (Mongolian: Сэмбийн Гончигсумлаа; 1915-1991) was a Mongolian composer, generally considered to have been one of the greatest contributors to modern Mongolian national music and classical music. He is credited with being the first to write Mongolian ballet music. He was also a Merited Artiste and Chairman of the Composers' Union.


    All uploads are of cultural or historical nature, there is no political idea behind it.


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  • Mongolia - Beautiful Country/Монголын сайхан орон - E. Choidog/Э.Чойдог 【Mongolian Classical Music】


    Composer: E. Choidog [Э.Чойдог]
    Title: Mongolia - Beautiful Country [Монголын сайхан орон]

    Eregzengiin Choidog (Mongolian: Эрэгзэнгийн Чойдог; October 10. 1926 - 1988) is one of Mongolia's best known composers. He was cited as belonging to “the nineteenth century European school of composers who along with the other Mongolian composers Sembiin Gonchigsumlaa and Luvsanjambyn Mördorj drew inspiration from composers such as Tchaikovsky and Mahler.



    All uploads are of cultural or historical nature, there is no political idea behind it.


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  • High Hill of Hentii | Хэнтийн өндөр ууланд - B. Damdinsüren/Б.Дамдинсүрэн【Mongolian Classical Music】


    Composer: B.Damdinsuren [Б.Дамдинсүрэн]
    Title: High Hill of Hentii (or Khentii) [Хэнтийн өндөр ууланд]
    Year: 1947

    Bilegiin Damdinsüren (Mongolian: Билэгийн Дамдинсүрэн; 1919–1992) was a Mongolian composer, considered to be one of the greatest Mongolian composers and founder of Mongolian classical music.] He was noted for composing operas which incorporated traditional folk melodies

    He also is the creator of the Mongolian National Anthem.

    The Khentii Mountains (Mongolian: Хэнтийн нуруу) are a mountain range in the Töv and Khentii Provinces in North Eastern Mongolia. The chain overlap includes Mongolia's sacred mountain, Burkhan Khaldun, which is associated with the origin of Genghis Khan.


    All uploads are of cultural or historical nature, there is no political idea behind it.


  • My Motherland/Миний Эх орон - L.Murdorj/Л.Мөрдорж【Mongolian Classical Music】


    Composer: L.Murdorj [Л.Мөрдорж]
    Title:My Motherland [Миний Эх орон]
    Year: 1956

    Luvsanjambyn Mördorj (Mongolian: Лувсанжамбын Мөрдорж; 1919–1996) was a Mongolian composer. He was one of the leading composers of Mongolia in the 1950s and 1960s. His symphonic work My Homeland, also known as Manai Ekh Oron (Our Motherland), composed in 1955, was the first such work written in Mongolia. He was also a co-composer of the national anthem of Mongolia.


    All uploads are of cultural or historical nature, there is no political idea behind it.


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  • Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5


    Johannes Brahms
    Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

    The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

  • Vanishing Shaman


    Vanishing Shaman, a 28-minute documentary about Lao Beizhi, one of the last living bi, or shamans, of the Qiang people (Chinese: Qiang zu, 羌族), an ethnic minority of Sichuan province in southwest China numbering approximately 306,000 as of the 2000 census, whose origins may trace back as far as the late Shang Dynasty (c. 11th century BC). The film explores the everyday life of this aging shaman who has no apprentices who might carry on his work, and explores the disruption caused to traditional Qiang spirituality by the spread of communist ideology to this isolated area beginning in the early 1950s, during the time of Lao's childhood and apprenticeship.

    Filmed in rural northwestern Sichuan province, southwest China, c. 1995.

    The filming was apparently done by documentary filmmaker CHEN Zhong (陈忠), also known as Chen Xinzhong (陈心中), Zhong Chen, or Xinzhong Chen, and the English translation, voice-over, and captions prepared by Dr. Emma Zevik (1957-2006). The film's ending credits list its year of completion as 1995 or 1996, while Zevik's website gives the year as 2001. Zevik's website (which went offline in 2001, but is still available in its last iteration, dated April 17, 2001, via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine) lists this film as A Maypole Studios Production (Maypole Studios being Zevik's own production company, named for her scholarly preoccupation with the history of the maypole tradition).

    Zevik, who in addition to being an ethnomusicologist was also a composer, visual artist, and poet, was a visiting professor of music composition and musicology at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music in Chengdu, Sichuan, China from 1995 to 1997. She also served as adjunct professor of music at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States; and as a research associate at Harvard University's Fairbank Center for East Asian Research. Zevik's ethnomusicological work in Sichuan was supported by an Asian Cultural Council Fieldwork Research Grant (1996-1997), and she served as a United Board Scholar-in-Residence through that organization's China Program from 1995 through 1997. She established an organization called the Sichuan Cultural Studies Project, for which she presented film screenings and lectures, and also maintained businesses called Maypole Press and Maypole Productions.

    This rare film was digitized from a VHS tape in the archive of Dr. Terry E. Miller, emeritus professor of ethnomusicology from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, United States.

    In addition to the cultural damage suffered by the Qiang people during the second half of the 20th century, they were severely affected by the Sichuan earthquake of May 12, 2008, whose epicenter was in Wenchuan County (汶川县), Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture (阿坝藏族羌族自治州), northwestern Sichuan province.

    More information:

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  • Kodo - O-Daiko - HD


    Kodō (鼓童) ( « Kodo, un battement de coeur japonais rythmé par le taiko » : voir l'article et les vidéos) est un groupe de percussionnistes japonais originaire de l'ile de Sado. Son nom signifie « battement de coeur » et « enfant du tambour » en japonais. ( ).
    Le collectif Kodo est formé en 1981 par d'anciens membres du groupe Ondekoza à la suite d'un différent entre Tagayasu (fondateur d'Ondekoza) et ses musiciens. Il perpétue et réinvente la tradition musicale japonaise, en explorant toutes les possibilités offertes par le taiko, tambour de peau tendue sur bois utilisé dans les fêtes traditionnelles.
    Il parcourt le monde depuis le début des années 1980 pour diffuser son message « d'humanité partagée, de conscience environnementale et de paix ».

    A Message to the Victims and Survivors of the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami :

    Thanks to (Merci à)

    Ōdaiko : One of the most memorable drums of many taiko ensembles is the ōdaiko (大太鼓). For many, the ōdaiko solo is the embodiment of power due to the size of the drum, the volume, and the endurance it takes to perform. The ōdaiko is the largest drum of all taiko, if not the entire world. The largest ōdaiko are too big to move and permanently reside inside a temple or shrine. Ōdaiko means big taiko, but within any group, it describes the largest drum in an ensemble, which could mean 12 inches (300 mm) in diameter or 12 feet (3.7 m) in diameter. Made from a single piece of wood, some ōdaiko come from trees that are hundreds of years old.

    Kodō (鼓童?) is a professional taiko drumming troupe. Based on Sado Island, Japan, they have had a role in popularizing taiko drumming, both in Japan and abroad. They regularly tour Japan, Europe, and the United States.
    Although the main focus of the performance is taiko drumming, other traditional Japanese musical instruments such as fue and shamisen make an appearance on stage as do traditional dance and vocal performance. Kodo's performance include pieces based on the traditional rhythms of regional Japan, pieces composed for Kodo by contemporary songwriters, and pieces written by Kodo members themselves. The numbers that Kodo perform can change from concert to concert. Kodo's performance normally lasts for about one hour and forty minutes.
    In Japanese the word Kodo conveys two meanings: heartbeat the primal source of all rhythm and, read in a different way, the word can mean children of the drum, a reflection of Kodo's desire to play their drums simply, with the heart of a child.
    Kodo strives to both preserve and re-interpret traditional Japanese performing arts. From worldwide tours and research trips, Kodo brings back to Sado world music and experiences which now exert a strong influence on the group's performances and compositions. They also collaborate with other artists and composers.
    Since their debut at the Berlin Festival in 1981, Kodo have given over 3,100 performances on five continents, spending about a third of the year overseas, a third touring in Japan and a third resting and preparing new material on Sado Island.

  • Ennio Morricone - The legend of 1900 - Playing Love & The crisis - The essence of music


    Ennio Morricone, one of the best composers ever...

    You rolled out in front of me a keyboard of millions of keys, millions and billions of keys that never end. And that's the truth Max, that they never end. That keyboard is infinite... and if that keyboard is infinite, then on that keyboard there is no music you can play. You're sitting on the wrong bench.... That is God's piano...
    Tim Roth La Leggenda del pianista sull'Oceano

    The only purpose of this uploading is devotion to pure Beauty of Music, with a special respect and gratitude to the people who made it, or in any other way were a part of it. Special gratitude to owners of photos which are used just to complete absolute experience...
    And then it flows through me like rain,. and I can't feel anything
    but gratitude.. for every single moment... of this stupid little life...

  • Aequilibrium. Medieval Tune. Hurdy-Gurdy With Organ


    Andrey Vinogradov - composition, hurdy-gurdy, arrangement

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  • Russian Folk Songs


    Russia is a large and culturally diverse country, with many ethnic groups, each with their own locally developed music. Russian music went through a long history, beginning from ritual folk songs and the sacred music of the Russian Orthodox Church. Authentic Russian church folk music is primarily vocal. Russian folk song was an integral part of daily village life. It was sung from morning to night, and reflected the four seasons and significant events in villagers' lives. The performance and promulgation of ethnic music in Russia has a long tradition. Russia today is a multi-ethnic state with over threehundred ethnicities living under one flag. Each of these ethnic groups has their own indigenous folk, sacred and in some cases art music, which can loosely be categorized together under the guise of ethnic roots music, or folk music. This category can further be broken down into folkloric, modern adaptations of folk material and authentic presentations of ethnic music.

    Traditional Music Channel is for everyone who has a passion for music and cultural heritage.
    Whether you are an educator, artist, archivist, student or music enthusiast.
    With your support we can continue our mission.

    With recordings from more than hundred nations our Collection of Traditional Music offers a staggering diversity of our shared humanity.

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  • How A Bow Is Made


    Have you ever wondered where the different parts of your violin, viola, or cello bow come from? In this video, we look at the different materials used to create a bow and where they come from and talk to a professional bow maker about the process of making a bow.

    Part of The Bow Series, a project from Carriage House Violins:

    Special thanks to:
    Jon Crumrine, Bow Maker:
    Four String Films:


    Johnson String Instrument has served the Greater Boston string-playing community since 1976 and is New England's largest violin shop. We are one of the first and most prominent internet resources for string players.

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  • One of the most beautiful spanish guitar song ever


    Flamenco Guitarist Antonio Muñoz Fernández at Parador de Jávea, Spain.

    Open air concert recorded on June 16, 2014.

    BIO : Antonio Muñoz Fernández, La Unión (Spain), 1975, is the grandson of the guitarist Antonio Fernández and son of the flamenco singer Encarnación Fernández. He began his training as a guitarist at the age of three led by his grandfather. He rounded off his education with such teachers as Manuel Cano and, very soon, he developed a personal style grounded on a polished technique and on an intense and lively creativity. This took him to win the Bordón Minero prize in 1989, the highest award at the Mines' Singing International Festival. He is currently the official guitarist at this Festival and he alternates his work as a teacher at the Mines' Singing Foundation Flamenco Art School with performances at concert halls, auditoria as well as national and international theatres, both playing musical accompaniment to singing spectacles and giving concerts as a soloist with his musical group.

    Apart from his mother, he has accompanied flamenco singers like Rancapino, Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares, Manuel Cuevas, Terremoto hijo, Miguel de Tena, Juan Pinilla, Rocío Márquez, María Toledo, Macanita, etc. Moreover, he has worked for Nadia Márquez's dancing group for five years. His musical accompaniment to singing can be found in different recordings published by the Mines' Singing Festival. In addition, he has engaged in projects like Flamenco Minas Tour, a spectacle joining flamenco and Indian music. Furthermore, he is the author of the album Azafrán and is currently involved in the composition of the songs for his second solo album.

  • Mahatma Gandhi Favourite Song - Vaishnava Janato वैष्णव जनतो - Bhajan With Lyrics | Vaishnav Jan To


    Mahatma Gandhi Favourite Song - Vaishnava Janato वैष्णव जनतो - Bhajan With Lyrics | #GandhiJayanti - Vaishnav Jan To.

    Vaishnava Jana To is a Hindu bhajan, written in the 15th century by the poet Narsinh Mehta in the Gujarati language. The poem speaks about the life, ideals, and mentality of a Vaishnava Jana (a follower of Vishnu).

    This song became popular during the life time of Mahatma Gandhi
    and was rendered as bhajan in his Sabarmati Ashram by vocalists
    and instrumentalists like Gotuvadyam Narayana Iyengar
    It was popular among freedom fighters throughout India
    the song is also sung regularly by classical choral group
    The Capital City Minstrels at their annual Peace Concerts coinciding with Gandhi Jayanti

    Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
    Peed Paraaye Jaane Re
    Par Dukkhe Upkaar Kare Toye
    Man Abhiman Na Anne Re
    Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
    Peed Paraaye Jaane Re

    Sakal Lok Maan Sahune Vandhe,
    Ninda Na Kare Kainee Re
    Baach Kaachh, Man Nischal Raakhe,
    Dhan-Dhan Jananee Tainee Re
    Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
    Peed Paraaye Jaane Re

    Sam-Drishtine Trishna Tyaagi
    Par-Stree Jene Maat Re
    Jivha Thaki Asatya Na Bole
    Par-Dhan Nav Jhale Haath Re
    Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
    Peed Paraaye Jaane Re

    Moha-Maaya Vyaape Nahi Jene
    Dridh Vairaagya Jena Man Maan Re
    Ram-Naam-Shoon Taali Laagi
    Sakal Tirath Tena Tan Ma Re
    Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
    Peed Paraaye Jaane Re

    Van-Lobhi Ne Kapat Rahit Chhe
    Kaam-Krodh Nivaarya Re
    Bhane Narsaiyyo Tenu Darshan Karta
    Kul Ekoter Taarya Re…

    Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
    Peed Paraaye Jaane Re
    Par Dukkhey Upkar Karey Toyey
    Man Abhiman Na Anne Re
    Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je
    Peed Paraaye Jaane Re

    Vaishnav Jan To, Tene Kahiye Je Lyrics In Hindi:
    वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे
    पीड़ परायी जाणे रे

    पर दुख्खे उपकार करे तोये
    मन अभिमान ना आणे रे
    वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे ...

    सकळ लोक मान सहुने वंदे
    नींदा न करे केनी रे
    वाच काछ मन निश्चळ राखे
    धन धन जननी तेनी रे
    वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे ...

    सम दृष्टी ने तृष्णा त्यागी
    पर स्त्री जेने मात रे
    जिह्वा थकी असत्य ना बोले
    पर धन नव झाली हाथ रे
    वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे ...

    मोह माया व्यापे नही जेने
    द्रिढ़ वैराग्य जेना मन मान रे
    राम नाम सुन ताळी लागी
    सकळ तिरथ तेना तन मान रे
    वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे ...

    वण लोभी ने कपट- रहित छे
    काम क्रोध निवार्या रे
    भणे नरसैय्यो तेनुन दर्शन कर्ता
    कुळ एकोतेर तारया रे

    वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे ...

    Vasihnav Jan To Tene Kahiye Je Song Meaning:
    Speak Only As Godlike Of The Man Who Feels Another's Pain
    Who Shares Another's Sorrow And Pride Does Disdain
    Who Regards Himself Lowliest Of The Low
    Speaks Not A Word Of Evil Against Anyone
    Blessed Is The Mother Who Gave Birth To Such A Son
    Who Looks Upon Everyone As His Equal,
    Lust He Has Renounced
    Who Honors Women Like He Honors His Mother
    Whose Tongue Knows Not The Taste Of Falsehood
    Nor Covets Another's Worldly Goods
    Who Longs Not For Worldly Wealth (Or Fame)
    For He Treads The Path Of Renunciation
    Ever On His Lips Is Ram's Holy Name
    All Places Of Pilgrimage Are Within Him
    He Has Conquered Greed, Is Free Of Deceit, Lust And Anger
    Through Him Narsinh Has Godly Vision
    And His Generation To Come Will Attain Salvation.

    Language: Gujarati
    Title - Vaishnava Janato
    Singer - Mandar Deshpande
    Lyricist: Traditional ( Narsimha Mehta )
    Composers - Aalok Padhye, Tanmay Bhattacherjee & Hemal Vajani

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    * Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

    Spiritual Mantra for life the best destination for #VaishnavaJanato #gandhiJayantiSongs #MahatmaGandhi #VaishnavJanTo #Gandhi #Bhajan

  • Ask Me Anything Again - Answers



  • Roomful Of Teeth: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


    Mix a bit of yodeling with Tuvan throat singing, add in a pinch of Sardinian cantu a tenore, fold in compositions from cutting-edge composers and you have the vocal group Roomful of Teeth. This eight-voice ensemble, which includes the 2013 Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw, is gleefully dismantling the traditional definition of ensemble singing right before our ears (and teeth!).

    Musical descendants of the innovative extended vocal techniques of Meredith Monk, the Teeth tend to make sounds — some sweet, others alarming — that you probably haven't heard from a group of humans.

    In Australian composer Wally Gunn's The Fence is Gone, verses emerge from an infrastructure of oh-ha syllables and a simple drum pulse, ending with women's voices, tight in harmony, like a chord from a Casio keyboard. In Rinde Eckert's Cesca's View, imagine a lonely cowgirl on some windswept plain. Estelí Gomez gets her yodel on, beautifully, while the three other women vocalize in close, barbershop-style harmony. It literally ends on a high note.

    To finish, Teeth founder and director Brad Wells contributes Otherwise. Warm, rounded tones in male voices contrast with a steely sheen from the women and a high drone like a Tibetan singing bowl. The harmonies take a tangy, almost Bulgarian turn, then we get something truly otherworldly. A pulsing, slightly creepy Sardinian bim-bom vocalise buzzes like a gigantic cicada. Dashon Burton's operatic baritone soars above it all. The agility of the voices and multicolored blend they achieve are extraordinary.

    As the applause faded away, one of the Teeth said, Thanks for letting us yell at you. No, I think it's we who are grateful — and perhaps a little stunned. --TOM HUIZENGA

    Set List
    Wally Gunn: The Fence Is Gone 0:00
    Rinde Eckert: Cesca's View 4:30
    Brad Wells: Otherwise 8:22

    Producers: Bob Boilen, Tom Huizenga, Maggie Starbard; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Videographers: Colin Marshall, Maggie Starbard, Susan Hale Thomas; Assistant Producer: Susannah Whittle



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    Our ethos is to be as all-inclusive and as neutral as possible. We have no religious or other affiliations and try to keep most of our meditations suitable for everyone. We always welcome comments, feedback & suggestions and actively engage with our subscribers via our Facebook page.

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  • Film World Championship of folklore WORLD FOLK 2013


  • The Last Kingdom Soundtrack - Eivør & John Lunn


    Eivør - Slør is available to pre-order:

    The opening titles to 'The Last Kingdom', composed by Eivør & John Lunn.

    Composed by Eivør and John Lunn
    Vocal Performance by Eivør

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    Follow John online:

    The Last Kingdom is a Carnival Films co-production with Netflix for the BBC

    © 2017 Carnival Film & Television Limited

  • TOP 10 Classical Songs - EASY Piano Tutorials by PlutaX


    Learn piano songs like this with flowkey:
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  • Civilization V: Brave New World - full soundtrack


    Composers: Michael Curran and Geoff Knorr

    1) Brave New World - Opening Movie Music – 0:00
    2) Brave New World Theme – 2:51
    3) Poland - Casimir: Peace – 6:28
    4) Poland - Casimir: War – 9:55
    5) Venice - Enrico Dandolo: Peace – 13:03
    6) Venice - Enrico Dandolo: War – 17:23
    7) Portugal - Maria I: Peace – 20:35
    8) Portugal - Maria I: War – 24:07
    9) Brazil - Pedro II: Peace – 27:22
    10) Brazil - Pedro II: War – 31:18
    11) Assyria - Ashurbanipal: Peace – 34:37
    12) Assyria - Ashurbanipal: War – 37:48
    13) Morocco - Ahmad Al-Mansur: Peace – 40:59
    14) Morocco - Ahmad Al-Mansur: War – 44:22
    15) Zulu - Shaka: Peace – 47:32
    16) Zulu - Shaka: War – 50:56
    17) Indonesia - Gajah Mada: Peace – 54:07
    18) Indonesia - Gajah Mada: War – 57:43
    19) Shoshone - Pocatello: Peace – 1:00:46
    20) Shoshone - Pocatello: War – 1:04:13
    21) Scramble for Africa Scenario - Ujuba na takaburi – 1:07:36
    22) The Civil War scenario music – 1:10:50
    23) Conquest of the New World – 1:14:04

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  • All Along The Watchtower feat. Warren Haynes | Playing For Change


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    I remember having a daydream about the opening acoustic guitar part of “All Along The Watchtower” ending with a Native American scream and a big native drum on the downbeat. That was the spark to assemble one of our biggest and deepest Songs Around The World. From Beirut to New Orleans to the Lakota Nation, musicians play and sing like a musical army determined to stop suffering and greed all over the world. As a society, we need to get back to our roots and connect deeper with our ancestors and native people in general so we can find the wisdom we need to move forward as a human race. As Jimi Hendrix once said, “If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”

    -Mark Johnson, PFC Co-Founder

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    Playing For Change (PFC) is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music, born from the shared belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. The primary focus of PFC is to record and film musicians performing in their natural environments and combine their talents and cultural power in innovative videos called Songs Around The World. Creating these videos motivated PFC to form the Playing For Change Band—a tangible, traveling representation of its mission, featuring musicians met along their journey; and establish the Playing For Change Foundation—a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world. Through these efforts, Playing For Change aims to create hope and inspiration for the future of our planet.

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    Curated by a collective of music lovers, 2Seas Sessions film and record stripped down live sets performed by talented artists, bands, and songwriters. With no borders, the 2Seas Sessions platform is dedicated to discovering as well as showcasing music and people that inspire.

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  • Tina Guo - Recording Electric Cello for Dominion w/Composer Bill Brown


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    My Spotify playlist:
    My album GAME ON! is available now!

    #Syfy #TinaGuo #ElectricCello #BillBrown #Dominion

    Archangels, Zombies, and the Post-Apocalypse. Recording started today for Season 2 of Dominion on the Syfy Channel, scored by the awesome Bill Brown!

    Twitter: @BillBrownMusic

    This post-apocalyptic drama takes place in the year 25 A.E., when an army of lower angels has waged war against mankind. Coming out of the 25-year-long battle are newly fortified cities that protect humans who survived the war. The largest of the cities -- Vega, formerly Las Vegas -- sees two houses vying for control, as political upheaval and a shift in power are on the horizon. Alex, a soldier helping protect Vega's aristocracy, is watched over by archangel Michael, the only angel to turn against his kind and side with humans during the Extermination War. Alex has a secret relationship with Clair, daughter of the Lord of the City, who wants her to marry someone else to help move the city past the caste system.

  • RJCOncert 2011 Fantasia - Courtyard After the Rain 《雨后庭院》


    RJCO Annual Concert 2011
    Fantasia 幻
    Produced by RJ AVU

    Courtyard After the Rain 《雨后庭院》
    Composers: Su Wen Qing, Zheng Cui Ping
    Lead Player: Nina Chang

  • I still call Australia home Waltzing Matilda Road to Gundaghi Violinist Ji-Hae Park JHP 박지혜


    Ask, buy and experience all about her on JHP`s official website:







    CD Available:

    Violinist Ji-Hae Park was born in Germany.

    In 2013 Ji-Hae released a solo CD with Universal Music (Black DECCA label) which became a Golden Disc and played as soloist with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra the Shanghai Concert Hall in April, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in June in Seoul.
    Not only as a musician, but also as a speaker, she was invited to the main TED Conference held in US in 2013 and got the standing ovation from all conference participants.
    After her Debut as soloist with Mainzer Chamber Orchestra throughout Europe, just 14 years old, she currently manages over 150 invited concerts yearly. In her recent North-, and South America tour, she was invited to one of the biggest international arts festival FMX as the main artist followed after Cellist Yo-Yo Ma of last year. At the press conference in form of guerilla concert, competed 60 main stream to report her appearance. In addition to performing many solo recitals and concerts with orchestra throughout the world, Ji-Hae also performs in many churches, prisons, restricted facilities for Leprosy patients, hospitals to touch and heal the people with broken hearts and she is gathering big interest of not only classical music lovers but also all kinds of people.
    She plays the most historical fine violin together with the Stradivarius, known as the Petrus Guarnerius1735, Venedig which is on loan by the German Foundation (Deutsche-Stiftung-Musikleben) since 2003. Her successful New York Debut at Carnegie Hall was documented by the New York Concert Review, Her stage persona is extremely charismatic and emotional, and she was able to bring out all the stylistic and dynamic contrasts of her varied composers. Not only at Carnegie Hall, but also at Kennedy Center(D.C.) and Walt Disney Concert Hall(L.A.), Rokoko Theater(Germany)- just mention a few- she mastered a successful evening with her performance. She is often invited as the soloist of the National events which were usually broadcasted on national wide TV stations mostly in Korea.

    For her extraordinary activity and influence, Ji-Hae was awarded with The Respectful Korean 2010 with Grand Prix and considered to be the youngest winner ever. This distinction is given to a Korean who has shown great leadership and influence in encouraging national development and integration for the benefit of the Nation. She is the Honorary Ambassador of the National Event 'Yeosu 2012 World Expo', World WIKE City Federation, Africa Future Foundation and Handong University.
    Among many others, her most notable appearance was on the popular SBS TV show Star King 4 times and KBS TV show Lecture 100 °C, Classic Odyssey etc. which led in the ratings and ranked 1st place in real-time search of portal site. She is also named as the consultant of National G20 Policy Consultation from the Korean Presidential Office. Since her first Solo recording in Germany, as a 14 year old young violinist, she has recorded 9CDs and 2DVDs which exemplifies the breadth and depth of her musical experience in many genres from classical to Rock, traditional Korean folk tunes, gospel, etc. Ji-Hae arranges all of the colorful elements on each of her CDs, enjoys experimenting and modifying new musical selections to make the classical violin more accessible to audiences!

    She was twice the 1st Prize winner of the National Music Competition of Germany Jugend musiziert in 2001 (in Solo) and 2002 (in Chamber music). In 2003, she won the 2nd prize including 3 special prizes at Remember Enescu International Violin Competition in Romania. Apart from those distinctions, she was awarded at the Kloster Schoental International Competition in Germany, Brahms International Competition in Austria, Andrea Postacchini International Competition in Italy, Juergen Sellheim Hannover Germany, Johann Georg Pisendel Dresden Germany, Pinchas Zuckerman Award for outstanding talent & potential. She was also honored as a ZIRP Fellow (the abbreviation of the Cutures-initiative of Rheinland-Pfalz`s culture in Germany). Recently she was invited as Jury for Malta International Music competition 2015, Italy. or order CDs by email:
    네이버 스토어팜:

  • 2nd Mördorj contest - Shudraga - Jantsannorov duuli


    Played by Gantsetseg (Shudraga)
    Otgonsuren (Piano)

  • Artifakt - 2nd Apocalypse


    Primordial is the hotly anticipated second compilation from Australian label, Biosine Records. After the success of their first release 'Cloud Catcher', label owners, foot-e and Jules searched long and hard for tracks that pleased their ears and minds. The result is Primordial which clearly defines the labels intent to release quality psychedelic minimal/progressive which leans towards the darker side. Devoid of cheese, the tracks go from eerie night time atmospheres with time and space to thumpin' daytime chunk. With some surprise additions to the tracklist that include a minimal mind twister from the Artifakt, and an eerie, psychedelic moody stomper from Kluster's side project with friend dj EgoT, Cause and Effect. Also included are some additions from prog heavyweights such as Sensient, Behind Blue Eyes, Minimal Criminal, Autonomech and keeping with Biosine's ethic of releasing new and upcoming quality artists, monster track from Zenon's new find One Tasty Morsel and a tech-trance stomper from Israel's Mish-kah and Felis, all sweetly topped and tailed by more groovy down tempo from Bent Intent and Superfluous Nipple. With a minimal of fluff this release goes about it's business of bringing staunch minimal/progressive to the outdoor party dancefloor as well as providing a CD that can be enjoyed from start to finish.

  • WORLD VIRTUOSO DANCES - Eliseu Silva Marian Pivka


    My latest CD
    Released in Hong Kong in 23 August 2016

    Eliseu Silva - Violin
    Marian Pivka - Piano

    In this CD we recorded virtuoso music for violin and piano from great composers inspired in dances from all over the world.
    There are pieces from my home country Portugal, but also some spanish dances, as well chinese, polish, vienese, slavonic traditional dances and even some famous tangos.
    This is the programm:

    Praeludium and Allegro ( in the stile of Pugnani)

    divertimento and popular dance

    Mazurka obertass op.19 no1

    Miniatura March Vienese

    Scherzo tarantella op.16

    Dança espanhola nº5 Andaluza

    zapateado Op. 232

    Slavonik Dance nº 2 op. 72

    Allegro Vivace
    3rd movement from 8th sonata for violin and piano op.30 nr.3

    tambourin chinois Op.3

    Valse-Scherzo Op.34

    Tango por una cabeza
    Trancription for piano and violin by
    Eliseu Silva

    Estaciones portenas Verano
    Summer in Buenos Aires
    Arrangement for String orchestra by Leonid Desiatnikov
    Transcription for violin and piano by
    Eliseu Silva

    In here I presente only the scherzo tarantelle from Wieniavsky
    it comes with a lovely booklet that explains each music in a very personal and inspired way...

    if you want to know more go to:




    REKA - Yuval Avital's new score is a huge vocal collage of whispers, shouts, chants and prayers created by six extraordinary traditional singers and a crowd of hundreds of non-musicians, premiering September 2014 in Warsaw's Autumn Festival and Milan's MITO SettembreMusica.


    16/09/2014 - MITO SettembreMusica, Milan, Italy
    24/09/2014 - Warsaw Autumn Festival, Warsaw, Poland

    A huge vocal Crowd formed by a heterogeneous group of participants with no need of previous musical knowledge including; six extraordinary soloists of rare ancient vocal traditions - from a Tibetan Böhn Lama to the tenores guttural singing of Sardinia, two virtuoso percussionists playing a complex set of numerous gongs and the insides of a concert piano; all these, coordinated simultaneously on the scene by two conductors.

    Commissioned by Warsaw Autumn Festival and co-produced by MITO SettembreMusica Milan, Yuval Avital's REKA (in Hebrew:background) is a large-scale sonic experiment that extends the human voice - the most essential and ancient sonic tool of all - to an affresco of techniques, aesthetics, shouts and whispers.

    A visionary score that jump from precise musical languages to complex sonic textures indicated with text and graphic elements; uniting and overlapping parallel events until reaching an extreme woven texture, a trembling background from which sonic messages are born in order to vanish again.

    The complex relations between background and protagonist - a key element of the visual arts for centuries - becomes in REKA a liquid roller-coaster of tension and complementarity between the three groups inside the work - The soloists, representing excellence of unique and complex gamma of extended vocal techniques, modal and a-tonal musical languages - The crowd, guided by a user-friendly score created with the voice sonic clouds & clusters of murmurs, drones and shouts - The two percussionists, placed on opposite sides of the stage, playing a great variety of gongs, metal idiophones and the inner parts of a concert piano, playing the role of markers of time and a rhythmic frame to a non-rhythmic ambient, a milestone of orientation.

    World premiere :

    16/09/2014 - MITO SettembreMusica, East End Studios, Spazio Antologico, Milan, Italy
    24/09/2014 - Warsaw Autumn Festival, Koneser Cultural Centre, Warsaw, Poland

    Dario Garegnani

    Soloists :
    OMAR BANDINU (SARDINIA / ITALY) - Canto a tenores tradition.
    SOFIA KKAIKOV (TAJIKISTAN / ISRAEL) - Bukara Jewish tradition.
    YUSSUF JOE LEGWABE (SOUTH AFRICA / UK) - Zulu tradition.
    LAMA SAMTEN YESHE RINPOCHE (TIBET / FRANCE) - Tibetan Bön tradition.

    Simone Beneventi & Lorenzo Colombo

    Press contacts:
    Press office MITO SettembreMusica:
    +39 0288454175

    Press office Warsaw Autumn Festival:
    Tel: +48 22 831 06 07

    Yuval Avital Studio :

    To participate in the crowd part of Milan, it's necessary to send an email to:

  • Trailer: Together at Home with Alina Horváth, suitable for general public


    Take a musical excursion to Europe with classical pianist, Alina Horváth. Today’s concert features pieces by composers from Italy, Germany, France and Hungary. You don’t need to fasten your seatbelts, you can enjoy the journey in the comfort of your own homes.

    Suitable for the general public.

    If you wish to donate to Live Music Now Scotland, please donate via JustGiving:

    Alina Horváth is a classical pianist from Hungary and a master graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is the recipient of the Philip Halstead Prize for Piano, winner of the ‘Music without borders’ International Contemporary Music Competition, including the Audience Award, the Governors' Recital Prize and the Mary D Adams Prize for Chamber Music. She has been a concerto soloist with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Symphony Orchestra and the Wind Orchestra, and a recitalist in many concert halls across the UK and Hungary. She has performed in various music festivals such as Budapest Spring Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Aberdeen International Youth Festival and Glasgow Piano Festival. Her love of music is not only dedicated to performances, but she is also an enthusiastic teacher at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Juniors) and an accompanist at the National Youth Choir of Scotland.

    Live Music Now Scotland will continue to bring the joy of music into people's lives, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Together at Home series is a programme of brand new concerts, recorded especially for sharing with our longstanding audiences, whether those in care homes, pre-school children or people at home in every one of Scotland’s 32 local authorities - and now beyond! We hope you enjoy.

    Live Music Now Scotland pays professional musicians fair rates to work in the heart of our communities. The charity selects exceptional musicians at the start of their careers, with the ability to communicate with a huge range of audiences. LMNS enhances their skills through training and organises performances for audiences that wouldn’t often get the chance to enjoy live music.

    Live Music Now is a music outreach charity, which operates throughout the UK and internationally. Violinist Yehudi Menuhin founded Live Music Now 43 years ago, after seeing first-hand the uplifting and transformative effect that music can have on people, no matter how difficult their circumstances.



    Avant Le Debut from Dasha&Vorse Exillusia
    DASHA DUST playlist:
    Buy on iTunes:

  • alfon zaaberg - ode to darkness ambient / trap / downtempo


    One of the most haunting tracks out there. Dive into the darkness of alfon zaaberg's ambient / trap track ode to darkness. - a place to discover new artists because life is too short to listen to bad music.

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  • Guessing Anime Songs and Music, Part 3 | Toss A Challenge | Toss A Show


    Hello everyone! I continued my quest on tossing a challenge of singing/humming Anime songs & music I rated 4 stars or more. Remember that I have 600+ anime songs/music I will cover in this challenge, so more parts will come soon!


    For those who wonder why the thumbnail has many anime characters, it's because it represents all of the songs and/or music I am going through in the episode. I hope this unconventional challenge will not make you having earache but I couldn't help it... I just love anime openings and endings, and I hope this is seen as a celebration of Anime songs and music.

    I was lucky to find those songs, music and even images in the thumbnail thanks to the web, so I would like to thank whoever was kind enough to share the anime knowledge and culture with me. I may not always be right with my comments, so don't take everything for granted, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    A big thank you to all the artists, composers and anime production teams that work on those music. I can't tell you how much your music mean to me, so thank you very much.

    NOTE: This was done in 2020 and I don't know most lyrics of the songs. I apologize for singing or humming wrongly, my hope is for you to learn more about anime songs/music, and my passion for them. I deeply appreciate the artists and wish them to be recognized for their talents. Please support the artists if you can. I hope all my comments are fair, and correct, but if they are not, please correct me and I am sorry for spreading wrong information...

    Overall this part 3 would cover the below anime (with the information I know):
    * Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu -- Opening: Perfect-area Complete! by Natsuko Asou
    * Bakuman -- Opening 1: Blue Bird by Kobukuro
    * Beck Mongolian Chop Squad -- Songs: Follow Me, Moon on the Water, Gymnasium, Slip Out (LITTLE More than Before) + Opening: Hit in the USA by Beat Crusaders
    * Beelzebub -- Opening 3: Hey! by FLOW + Ending 5: Shoujo Traveler by 9nine
    * Binbougami ga! -- Opening: Make My Day by PIKO
    * Black Bullet -- Opening: black bullet by fripSide
    * Black Clover -- Opening 3: Black Rover by Vickeblanka + Ending 2: Amazing Dreams by SWANKY DANK
    * Black Jack 2004 -- Opening: Gekkouka by Janne Da Arc
    * Black Lagoon -- Opening: Red Fraction by MELL
    * Black Rock Shooter -- Ending: Bokura No Ashiato by Supercell
    * Blassreiter -- Opening 1: Detarame Na Zanzou by Granrodeo
    * Bleach -- Ending 30: Mask by Aqua Timez + Ending 2: Houki Boshi by Younha + Ending 17: Hitohira No Hanabira by Stereopony + Ending 25: Last Moment by SPYAIR + Opening 15: HARUKAZE by Scandal + Opening 2: D-technolife by UVERworld ft. Hyde + Opening 5: Rolling Star by YUI + Opening 6: Alones by Aqua Timez + Opening 12: Change by Miwa + Music: Will of the Heart, Never Meant to Belong by Shiro Sagisu + Ending 1: Life Is Like a Boat by Rie Fu + Opening 1: Asterisk by ORANGE RANGE
    (Note: since then, I actually have MUCH more songs from Bleach Openings and Endings I added -- maybe for another dedicated video just about Bleach!)

    #animesongs #anime #animemusicreaction #animesongsreaction #anisongs #animeopenings #animeendings #guessinganimesongs #guessinganimemusic #animemusic #mytopanisongs #singing #challenge
    #bakatotesttoshoukanjuu #bakuman #beckmongolianchopsquad #beelzebub #binbougamiga #blackbullet #blackclover #blackjack2004 #blacklagoon #blackrockshooter #blassreiter #bleach

    Thanks for watching Toss A Show!
    Your host, Toss.
    #tossashow #tossachallenge #reaction



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