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Playlist of List of Luxembourgish composers

  • United Instruments of Lucilin - Down and Arise - Yu Oda / Premiere Excerpts


    Excerpts from the premiere of the commissioned work Down and Arise performed by United Instruments of Lucilin, the ensemble for contemporary music and the only Luxembourgish chamber music ensemble specialised in contemporary music.

    Down and Arise: The piece is foreshadowing Sorrow Stay by John Dowland. Art of Deconstruction, Arrangement, and Recreation - this piece is a part of Downland series, a set of works that take existing music materials of works by John Dowland, in order to question the definition of composition and discover creative methods in writing music.
    Composition: Yu Oda (2018)
    ▶️ Dowland Series

    - Performers -
    Violin: Andre Pons-Valdes
    Viola: Danielle Hennicot
    Cello: Ingrid Schoenlaub
    Tenor Saxophone: Olivier Sliepen
    Percussion: Guy Frisch
    Piano: Pascal Meyer

    Commissioned by: United Instruments of Lucilin
    Website ▶️

    Recorded at Philharmonie Luxembourg on May 4th, 2018.
    Audio recording - Mike Butcher

    Yu Oda is a composer based in the the Netherlands. His activities include composing for various ensembles/musicians as well as performing live electronics. The list of his compositions has a wide range of styles, and they are characterized in exploring groove and sound colour. Such as open gallery, classic concert hall, underground venue, theatre, radio, film, and religious ceremony, his works have been presented in a wide range of occasions and recognized internationally.


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  • David Ianni • ADIEU • Tribute to Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg


    In order to honor Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (05.01.1921 – 23.04.2019) on his first memorial day, David Ianni and his publisher Universal Edition invited musicians to interpret their personal version of David’s ‘Adieu’, a composition that he wrote after the passing of the Grand Duke in late April 2019. More infos about David Ianni’s ‘Adieu’ project:

    Musicians in order of appearance:
    • Maxime Prinz
    • Yasi & Yaning Chen
    • Christiane Bachstein
    • Lilia Recht
    • Daniel Balthasar (
    • Athena & Keny Chen
    • Charel Rosselet
    • Lukas Sternath (
    • Claude Windeshausen
    • Astrid Koemptgen
    • Nora Braun & Constantin Riccardi ( /
    • Kasia Wieczorek (
    • David Ianni
    • Tamara Rosselet
    • Jeremy Ney
    • Charel Hoffmann
    • David Ianni (premiere at RTL Télé Luxembourg on 27th April 2019)
    (Video of first performance:

    Watch the complete videos of all the musicians in this playlist:


    Preface of the sheet music:
    On 23 April 2019, Grand Duke Jean of Luxemburg died at the age of 98. Moved by this news, I composed ‘Adieu’, a musical homage to the beloved head of state in my country, Luxembourg. The piece’s 98 bars begin with the ducal family’s anthem, the so-called ‘Wilhelmus’. At first, it is played in unison, before being repeated in canon with the left hand. After this prologue, follows the main theme: a broad melody that expresses esteem and gratitude for the late Grand Duke. After the theme’s repeat in a solemn crescendo, we once again hear the ‘Wilhelmus’ before both melodies are combined in the closing section. – David Ianni

    Vorwort der Partitur:
    Am 23. April 2019 verstarb Großherzog Jean von Luxemburg im Alter von 98 Jahren. Bewegt von dieser Nachricht komponierte ich in jenen Tagen „Adieu“, eine musikalische Hommage an das beliebte Staatsoberhaupt meines Heimatlandes Luxemburg. Das 98 Takte umfassende Stück beginnt mit der Hymne der großherzoglichen Familie, dem sogenannten „Wilhelmus“, zunächst einstimmig gespielt, dann im Kanon von der linken Hand wiederholt. Nach diesem Prolog erklingt das Hauptthema: eine weit gespannte Melodie, die Wertschätzung und Dankbarkeit für den Verstorbenen zum Ausdruck bringt. Nach der Wiederholung des Themas in einem feierlichen Crescendo hören wir erneut den „Wilhelmus“, bevor beide Melodien im Schlussteil zusammengeführt werden. – David Ianni


    Buy the sheet music (Partitur) here:
    The music single is available here:
    The piece is also available on David’s album FAREWELL PRAYERS:


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