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Playlist of List of Kenyan musicians



    #FemiOne #Utawezana #Ngomma #Mejja

    A Kaka Empire 2020 presentation
    Audio Produced by Riccobeatz MR 808
    Audio Mastered by ABH
    Video Directed By Trey Juelz
    Femi One Styled by @the_stylespirator
    Mejja styles by @dee_best_world
    Make up @Shazellahbeautygalore
    Hair @Saul juma
    Femi One appears courtesy of Kaka Empire & Kaka Empire Management
    Copy right 2020. All rights reserved

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    This is a video about East African Musicians with most Subscribers. The best has over 1.7M subscribers. Most musicians in the list are from Tanzania and Kenya because the best from Uganda is Jose Chameleon with 93, 558 subscribers.

    Music: Gilad-Unajua ft Wendy Kimani

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  • Top 9 Most Watched Kikuyu Secular Musicians on YouTube.


    Here are the top 9 kikuyu secular musicians. Who are trending on YouTube and the most watched for that matter. This is from YouTube statistics available to public from their official YouTube Channels as at 7th July 2018.
    Number 9.
    Sarafina Salim. Her channel goes by the Name Sarafina Salim official. It has over 10 uploaded videos, purely her music. The most watched video is Mwendwa with a total view of over 177,000
    Sarafina Salim Channel was created on Jun 30, 2015 and has a total subscription of over 4,300 subscribers and a totals viewership of over 791,000 views

    Number 8.
    Gathee Wa Njeri . He is a young, promising and a force to reckon in the kikuyu secular Music arena. His masterly skills in playing guitar are commendable.
    His channel goes by his Stage name Gathee wa Njeri, was created in Feb 20. It has a total of 32 videos. They include his newly introduced Guitar lessons and live performance videos.
    The most watched video has over 220,000 views
    His channel has a total over 4,600 subscribers and a total viewership of over 818,700 views

    Number seven.
    John Njagi
    His channel is called John Njagi official and has 32 uploads.
    His most watched video has over 260,000 views.
    His Channel was created on Jun 19, 2017. It has over 3000 subscribers and total viewership of over 1,006,000 views

    Number six.
    Joyce Wamama. She is known for her sweet vocals.
    Her channel goes by the name Joyce Wamama.
    Her most watched video has over 560,000 views. Her channel was create on Dec 29, 2016
    Her channel has a total subscription of over 6800 subscribers and a total viewership is over 1,350,000 views

    Number five .
    Franco Wasubu
    His channel was created on Jan 18, 2017 and goes by the name Franco Wasubu with over 30 uploaded videos.
    His most watched video has over 382,000 views .
    The channel has over 5,700 subscribers and total viewership of over 1,579,000 views

    Number Four.
    Jose Gatutura. His is a force to reckon, his style of music is one man guitar style and his composition is that of high standard.
    His channel was created on Mar 30, 2016.
    His most watched video has set a new record in kikuyu secular music as the first song to hit the one million viewership mark in a span of 7 months.
    His channel has goes by the name Jose gatutura Music and has 10,400 subscribers and total of over 1,946,511 views

    Number three.
    Gacathi wa Thuo.
    His YouTube channel goes by the name Gachathi wa Thuo and was created on Apr 27, 2012. His first upload was on Oct 27, 2014 and has a total of 28 videos.
    His most watched video has with over 650, 000 views .
    His channel has a subscription of over 7,500 subscribers and a total viewership of over 2,297,162 views

    Number two.
    Samidoh. His YouTube channel goes by the name Samidoh. He has only 10 upload.
    The most watched video in his channel has over 840,000 views
    His Channel was created on May 11, 2011 with a subscription of over 12,000 subscribers and a total viewership of over 2,390,588 views

    Number One.
    John Demathew. He is without doubt the king of Kikuyu Music. His is sometimes referred to as Kikuyu prophet. He has starred the scene for almost three decades.
    His YouTube channel goes by the name John Demathew. It was created on Sep 2, 2014 and has over 100 video uploads purely his work including his live performances
    The most watched video has over 400,000 views .
    All his uploads commands an average of 10,000 views.
    His channel has over 10,000 subscribers and a total viewership of over 4 million views.
    This undoubtedly makes him number one most watched kikuyu secular musician on YouTube. And as they say there is power in number, no doubts John Demathew is reaping fortune from YouTube.

  • Nameless - BUTTERFLY


    East African artist Nameless has always had a very close relationship with Uganda. During one of his many tours , a Ugandan fan challenged him to learn some Luganda. This inspired the idea to this song. Butterfly (kiwojolo) is a love song from a man to a woman of a different background. The man needs to learn her language to communicate his feelings to her. He also teaches her his language .

    Off his B4iR project is the single Butterfly.

    Produced by Washington...
    Written by David (Nameless) Mathenge , Saxess Busulwa Male and Emron.
    Performed by Nameless
    Video by Fenon films , Directed by Bob Dixon

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  • Kings of Kikuyu - Kikuyu Gospel Worship Songs Mix 2019


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  • Meddy - Slowly Official Video


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    Concerts & Licensing:
    #Meddy #AfrikanSauce #AdiTop

    Distributed by MMusic Group

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  • Harmonize Ft Diamond Platnumz - Kwangwaru


    To set KWANGWARU as Your Skiza Dial *811*175# or MYSKIZA 8542829 to 811
    Tuma herufi TJ kwenda 15050 kuwa muito wako wa simu (Tigo tz)

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    For Bookings & More
    Call: +255 752 222 442, +255 658 135 762

    #Harmonize #Kwangwaru #Kondegang

  • BEST OF MUNISHI 2020 MIX - PTP studios ft Best Munish songs of all time


    Old is gold. Subscribe & Listen to the best songs by Munishi

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  • Diamond Platnumz - Sikomi


    Get A Boy From Tandale Album

    For Bookings:

    Catch Up With Diamond Platnumz On:

    This Video was Shot by Kenny Under Zoom production Dar es salaam Tanzania. For the booking and more info contact us through +255652499979

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  • Otile Brown x Meddy - Dusuma sms skiza 7301521 to 811


    Dusuma ( Doucement) featuring Meddy is the 2nd official video off of the Debut Album JUST IN LOVE by Otile Brown. Stream the audio exclusively on boomplay app -
    #justinlovealbum #OB #Meddy Video shot by Deska Torres
    Audio by Ihaji

    Executive produced by Boomplay and Otile Brown

  • Sauti Sol - Suzanna SMS SKIZA 9935604 TO 811


    New album Midnight Train Out Now.

    Written and produced by: Sauti Sol
    Co-written by: Nviiri the Storyteller
    Live Drums by: Humphrey Otieno
    Additional Keys by: Gituamba
    Bass by: Ivan Kwizera

    Follow Sauti Sol on Socials

    Suzanna Lyrics:

    Suzanna I hope your happy now
    I see you flexing on the gram with your sponsor
    Suzanna I hope your happy now
    I see you change your skin colour
    And your hair is longer now

    Nakuona Paris, hapo kando ya Champs-Élysées ukitesa na kamini ye...
    None of my business.
    And I see you in London, silicon on your bum bum
    Shaking what your doctor gave you
    On your worst behaviour
    Suzanna Bhane

    Senje halo halo halo
    If you get to hear this song somebody loves you

    Senje halo halo halo
    Change your mind and come back home
    Somebody loves you

    Mwananmke Tabia
    Shepu ni majaliwa
    Ila wengi walinyimwa tabia
    Shepu kabarikiwa
    Mwanaume hisia
    Pesa ni majaliwa
    Ila wengi walinyimwa hisia
    Na pesa kabarikiwa

    Nakuona Brazil
    Hapo Rio de jenero eh
    Ukiongezewa nywele senje
    None of my business
    And I see you in china
    With the latest designer
    Shaking what your doctor gave you
    On your worst behaviour
    Suzanna bhane

    Senje halo halo halo
    If you get to hear this song somebody loves you

    Senje halo halo halo
    Change your mind and come back home
    Somebody loves you

    Ai senje nakosa usingizi usiku kucha mi naduaaaa
    Ai senje akilini moyoni bado we wanizuzua
    When are you coming home senje
    Tell me are you on your way. Tufe tukipendana kiromeo na julia ×2

    Senje halo halo halo
    If you get to hear this song somebody loves you

    Senje halo halo halo
    Change your mind and come back home
    Somebody loves you (x2)

    #SautiSol #Suzanna #MidnightTrain




  • Top 10 Kenyans Richest Musician 2017 HD


    Kenyans Top 10 Musicians who you didn't know have Money. Facts Watch has provided net estimates for these wealthy musicians. Do not enter music industry to make money let your music make money for you. SUBSCRIBE

  • Top 10 Richest Artists in East Africa New List 2020.


    Here are the 10 richest musicians of 2020 in East Africa taking into consideration their investments and the number of gigs they get. Thank You For Watching

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    #OyeeRemix #KumontanaProduction

    Oyee remix is literally a song specifically for the Maasai community from the southern part of Kenya appreciating the Maa community diversity of life, their culture and the environment surrounding those beautiful land not forgetting the natures and wonders of the world in it, like Maasai Mara among others.
    This shows and brings out the true identity of the Maa community.
    Lemarti Music is a gift to every living creature in this world

    Written, Performed and directed by Lemarti
    Audio; Kumontana Production/Gabzo
    Video;Kumontana Production/Ozbag

  • Jose Gatutura - Tuirio Twega



    ©2018 Administered by Ngomma VAS Limited.

  • MARIOO - AYA Sms 9574273 To 15577 Vodacom Tz


    “Aya” is Marioo 1st smash hit release in 2020, The music video was Directed by a Tanzanian Legendary Music video Director ADAM JUMA.

    You can follow MARIOO on any his Social Media and Official Digital network.

    Hashtag: #Marioo #Aya

  • Goodluck Gozbert | Hauwezi Kushindana SMS SKIZA 8633371 TO 811 TO GET THIS SONG


    Inspired By Philip 4:6
    It is A Song from Goodluck's New Album (Shukurani)
    Audio:Produza Paulo
    Video:Director Destro

  • Mbilia Bel - Nakei Naïrobi Clip Officiel


    REGARDEZ tous les clips de Mbilia Bel :
    ÉCOUTEZ / TÉLÉCHARGEZ l'album Bel Canto :

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  • REMA & B2C Guttuja New Ugandan Music 2019 HD


    REMA & B2C Guttuja New Ugandan Music 2019 HD

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  • Eunice Njeri - Nani Kama Wewe OFFICIAL VIDEO HD


    My Latest release from the album Nimekubali
    Video by Eagles Films
    Audio by John Nyika
    Facebook : Eunice Njeri
    Twitter @eunicenjeri11
    Twitter : @eunicenjeri11



    #SalimYoung #IndoCiene #NgommaVernacular

    ©2018 Administered by Ngomma VAS Limited.

  • Secret Love Song


    We have so many great musicians in Kenya. Please subscribe to these incredible artists;

    Elvis Who YouTube-

    Kavi Pratt Youtube-

    Natalie Lukkenear Sauti Academy FB page-

    Trevor Jerry on Instagram-

    Jaaz Odongo Audio FB-

  • Sona Jobarteh & Band - Kora Music from West Africa


    Click times for titles: 1) 0:12 2) 10:06 3) 16:52 4) 24:40 5) 34:02 6) 44:24 7) 49:30

    Sona Jobarteh performed in Weimar on invitation of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar and its UNESCO Chair of Transcultural Music Studies (TMS). The TMS Chair regularly invites artists to bring the musicology students into contact with various musical cultures for inspiration and exchange.

    Sona Jobarteh is the first female Kora virtuoso to come from a west African Griot family. The Kora is one of the most important instruments belonging to the Manding peoples of West Africa (Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau). It belongs exclusively to griot families, and usually only men who are born into these families have the right to take up the instrument professionally. Sona Jobarteh combines various genres of African Music and western musical elements.

    Sonah Jobarteh – Acoustic Guitar/ Kora/ Vocals
    Kari Bannermann – Acoustic Guitar
    Andi McLean – Electric Bass/ BVs
    Mouhamadou Sarr – Djembe/ Congas/ Calabash/ BVs

    Recorded on 1 July 2015 at the mon ami, Weimar.

    For further information visit:

  • Culture Musical Club & Bi Kidude - Muhogo wa Jangombe - AFH188


    Performance - 28 June 2009
    Muhogo wa jang'ombe (The cassava of jang'ombe),
    Sijauramba mwiko (I didn't leak the cooking spoon),
    Usitukane wakunga (don't abuse the nurses),
    Na uzazi ungalipo (you still have a womb).
    Verse 1:
    Ya nini kutoka damu (why do you bleed),
    Kwa jambo lisilokuwa (for something that wont happen),
    Utahadhari na mwiko (give a warning to the cooking spoon),
    Wakati wa kupakua (when serving),
    Ukitaraji makoko (if you expect the crust),
    Chungu utakitoboa (you will perforate the pot).
    Verse 2:
    Kamfunge kamfunge (go tie him go tie him),
    Beberu wa athumani (Athumani's He-goat),
    Umfunge Umfunge (tie him, tie him),
    Pahala panapo jani (where there is grass),
    Endaye tezi na omo ( He who goes front and back of the ship),
    Marejeo ngamani (will come to the centre of the ship).
    Verse 3:
    Wataka na kutembea (you want to walk),
    Laazizi unifikie (to reach me my love),
    Walimwengu walimwengu ((worlders worlders) - people of the world people of the world),
    Kila mmoja na lake (everyone has their own)
    Muhitaji hana haya (the needy don't feel shy)
    Wacha watu wakucheke (let people lough at you)

    Arab melodies from Zanzibar with the queen of Taarab, the 93 year old Bi Kidude
    Founded in 1958, the Culture Musical Club is Zanzibar’s premier taarab club. The
    orchestra performs widely at concerts in Zanzibar town, but also frequently travels
    overland with a fold-up stage and an electricity generator to bring its music to the
    rural areas as well. The club has released hundreds of songs on the local market and
    since 1988 they have had six releases on the international market. The orchestra has
    had highly successful tours all over Europe in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005
    and 2007; in September 2006 they toured the US to high acclaim, in July 2007 the
    club performed in Japan. A North American tour is planned for the 2008-2009
    season. Besides taarab, many club members are also active in kidumbak groups, smaller ensembles that play a more down-home dance-focused music. Both types of music are played on stage, contrasting the serene sound of orchestral taarab to the festive and sexually charged dance that is kidumbak.
    On its tours the club regularly features invited guest singers. The summer 2009 will include the legendary 93 year old Bi Kidude, the veteran diva of Zanzibar, who is now in her mid-90s but is still famous for breaking taboos, both in her sexually-explicit lyrics and her bravery for daring to sing with her face uncovered.

    Rajab Suleiman, qanun, kidumbak
    Ali Hassan, oud, violin, cherewa
    Kesi Juma, violin
    Makame Faki, vocals, violin
    Taimour Rukuni, accordion, mkwasa
    Mahmoud Juma, bass, cherewa
    Amour Haji, dumbak, sanduku
    Foum Faki, bongos, kidumbak
    Rukia Ramadhani, vocals, chorus
    Fatma Juma, chorus, dance, rika
    Bi Kidude, vocals
    Mgeni Khamis, chorus, dance

    Bi Kidude (Fatuma binti Baraka), singer, born around 1910; died 17 April 2013



    Artist: Guardian Angel
    Song Produced by VICKY PONDIS (Simba Sound Production )
    Video Produced by KEVIN CURRENT

    Click here to subscribe to this YouTube channel:

    Enjoy Guardian Angel Other Songs:

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    Watch All Guardian Angel Music Videos:
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    Tel: +254713531359

    #GuardianAngel #7heavenmusic



    #Bahati, #Taniua, #BoondocksGang, #Ngomma






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  • Oskidos Candy Tsa Mandebele kids


    Oskido's Candy Tsa Mandebele kids from Kalawa Jazmee

  • Daniel Owino Misiani & Shirati Jazz????????: Kenya????????


    Featuring the full Kenya (1988) LP. Classic Dholuo Benga from the yesteryears. Plesir! :D. Anybody knows the list of musicians that passed through this band? #DanielOwinoMisiani #ShiratiJazz #Kenya #BengaMusic #Africa #WorldMusic Rest in Peace, Daniel Owino Misiani.

    A1 Kenya
    A2 B.L.BS
    A3 Nora
    B1 Wuod Bade Boyo
    B2 Africa
    B3 Olero Samy
    Arrangement: Daniel Owino Misiani
    Mastering: Polygram Studios - Nairobi, Kenya

  • Otile Brown & Sanaipei Tande - Chaguo La Moyo Sms skiza 7300557 to 811


    #OtileBrown #SanaipeiTande #ChaguoLaMoyo
    Chaguo La Moyo is written by Otile Brown and performed by him and Sanaipei Tande
    The Song is produced by Teddy B
    The video concept was created and directed by X antonio .Dressed by @RomaDesignsAfrica

    Follow me on:

    Twitter :
    Facebook :
    Instagram :

    For any Bussiness inquiries my team can be contacted through +254727967478

    Special Thanks to Cake City Westlands Branch and All Jobs service Providers for providing the cake and the decor for the video respectively.

  • James Brown performs Please Please Please at the TAMI Show


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    James Brown performs Please Please Please to a live audience on the TAMI Show.

    Please, Please, Please was written by James Brown and Johnny Terry and released as a single on Federal Records in 1956, it charted #6 R&B. It was the group's debut recording and first chart hit, and became their signature song.

    The TAMI Show is a 1964 concert that included performances by numerous popular rock and roll and R&B musicians from the United States and England. TAMI stood for both Teenage Awards Music International and Teen Age Music International. The concert was held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on October 28 and 29, 1964. Free tickets were distributed to local high school students. The best footage from each of the two concert dates was edited into the film, which was released on December 29, 1964. The TAMI Show is particularly well known for James Brown's performance featuring his legendary dance moves and explosive energy.

    Video transcript:

    Please, please, please, please. (Please, please don't go). Please, please, please. (Please, please don't go). Honey, please don't (Go). Yeah, oh yeah, love, I love you so. (Please, please don't go). Baby, you did me wrong. (So you got me woman). Well, well you done me wrong. (So you got me woman). So you done, done me wrong. (Go). Well, oh yeah, took my love, now you're gone. (Please, please don't go). Please, please, please, please, please. (Please, please don't go). Please, please, please, please, please. (Please, please don't go). Honey, please don't (Go). Well, oh yeah, love, I love you so (Please, please don't go). I just wanna hear you say I, I, I, I, I. (Please, please don't go) I, I, I, I
    (Please, please don't go). Honey, please don't. (Go). Oh, oh yeah, love, I love you so. (Please, please don't go). Baby, take my hand. (Please, please don't go)

    I wanna be your lover man. (Please, please don't go). Oh yeah, slipped out of my head. Honey, please don't (Go). Well, oh yeah, love, I love you so. (Please, please don't go). Please don't go. (Please, please don't go).Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please don't go. (Please, please don't go). Honey you don't know what you do to me. Don't go. Don't go. Honey, please don't go. Ha, I love you so, please, please. (Please, please don't go).

    Want more James Brown, go to Shout Factory:

  • J.S. Ondara — Live in Studio


    December 5, 2018 – J.S. Ondara performs a live acoustic set in WGBH’s Fraser Performance Studio. Ondara grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2013 out of admiration for his musical hero (and native Minnesotan), Bob Dylan. Ondara learned English both in school and through his love of artists like Nirvana, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan.

    Ondara’s debut album Tales of America comes out February 15, 2019.

    Set list:
    Saying Goodbye 0:03
    Torch Song 5:55
    American Dream 11:36
    Lebanon 17:34

    More about J.S. Ondara:

    Subscribe to WGBH's YouTube Channel:

    FRB web:

    Video Credits:
    Greg Shea – Director/Camera/Editor
    Stacy Buchanan – Producer
    Chris Anderson – Audio Recording & Mix
    Mike Kligerman – Camera/Lighting

  • John DeMathew - Njata Yakwa


    John De'Mathew - Njata Yakwa

  • Embe Dodo - Zilizopendwa : Them Mushrooms


    Embe Dodo - Zilizopendwa : Them Mushrooms

    The group was founded in 1969 as Avenida Success. The original line-up consisted of brothers Teddy Kalanda, Billy Sarro and two other members, Dennis Kalume Harrison (now deceased) and George Zirro Harrison who left the group for a solo career. Other musicians have joined the band to keep it going strong.

    The band took their name from the mystical magic mushroom species, that grow wildly across the depths of Africa's rain forests. They are seen as East Africa's premier band.

    This group rose to fame with a distinct blend of taarab and sega folk music, before taking to chakacha and spicing it up with rap and hip-hop beats.

    Originally from Mombasa, this group played the beach hotel circuit until 1986, using classical coastal influences.

    One of the most famous of their songs is 'Jambo Bwana' which is on the lips of every tourist who visits Kenya. Penned by Teddy Kalanda, the band leader, this song went on to sell 30,000 copies. Jambo Bwana, borrowed from a popular Kenyan folk song of the same name was an instant it in the 1980's

  • Aloka Ohangla Group - Otieno Ochako Thume - The Singing Wells project


    Here's famous Luo musician Otieno Aloka playing the orutu with his band. You can find his profile on our website here:

    Recorded on the 29th November 2011 in Aluny Village, Nyanza as part of the Singing Wells project field trip to record the music of the Luo of Kenya.

  • Rehema nyar Alego - Omoya Sherry& Collela Mazee


    Tanzania and Kenya have been musically brothers both for Les Wanyika and Benga music. (Just before I move ahead this was a favorite song of the late Francis Aringo Aresi. Wuod Odienge rest in peace.) And whenever I talk of Benga-Music-Tanzania-Kenya, some beautiful notion flows into my mind, as in the beauty, the beat and the artist.

    Well, the list is long but on this set, I mention Morris Abich Abuya, or simply Omoya Sherry moja or Omoya kawich mbuta motamo Joramba gweno. Morris was gifted in percussions and lyrics besides being man of the people. He was in the list of Tanzanian born Kenyan musicians. Tanzanian beauties are known all over Africa to torture the hearts of both single and married men but this is a problem and I want to skip it.

    On this year 1987, Sherry, who had been married for almost a decade to Rehema Adhiambo nyar Ndere, Alego. decided to anticipate the 10th anniversary of their union. Loveland has many tales, some untold, others narrated in lyrics.
    This is one of them.

  • BEST SOMALI SONGS 2019-2020


    Si aad ulasoco Video yada so socda SUBSCRIBE dheh
    isbuuc walba iyo MIX cusub.

    Hadi ay jirto heeso aan ku jirin oo aad kaheshay fadlan comment ku dhaaf si mix ga dambe looguso daro.

    List Heesaha magacyadoda.

    00:01 - XARIIR NAJAX
    04:00 - SULDAN SEERAR - AXDI
    13:15 - XARIIR AHMED - NAJAX
    18:00 - ISMAIL - JALEECADA

    Snap: real_Irshad

  • Kipsang ft Sweetstar - Koriryo Skiza 7632503 to 811OFFICIAL VIDEO .


    Producer; Dj WESO
    Mixing and Mastering;TawalaBeats
    Video Director; Dolls
    Guitar; Papa Utukufu

    This is the combination of Roots and Urban sound...Kipsang comes in with urban vibe,Sweetstar comes with Roots sound to make it a masterpiece.
    First Release from a An EP OF 7 Songs,to be Lauched later.

  • Kanda Bongo Man - Monie


    Kanda Bongo Man

  • DJ FATXO - NDI MANGA Skiza~Dial *811*380#


    Artist : Dj Fatxo
    Song : Ndi Mang'a
    Directed by: Miracle Baby

    Follow Dj Fatxo on Social Media



    #NdiManga #Djfatxo #DjFatxoMusic
    Sms SKIZA 7637604 to 811

    Previous Music:
    DJ FATXO - KIOGORA (Official Music Video )

    Sms SKIZA 8549077 to 811

    Dj Fatxo - Tuinuke Twi Kong'o

    Sms SKIZA 8549078 to 811

  • Shem Tube & Family, Bunyore, Kenya, May 2016


    The great Kenyan guitarist Shem Tube of Abana Ba Nasery (Nursery Boys) plays at home in Bunyore, Kenya. He's backed by his son and two friends, also sons of old musicians.

    It took us two days to round up these instruments. Shem gave his guitar to his son and rarely plays himself. The frayed strings wouldn't stay in tune. The rains lashed at the tin roof and made recording impossible for nearly an hour. When the sky cleared cleared the musicians began -- a quavering, wobbly version of the past.

  • Flavour - Nnekata


    Flavour presents the eye catching visuals for the beautiful love song, “Nnekata.

    Directed by Tchidi Chikere.


    Visit & for all the latest updates on Flavour's music.

    Subscribe to Flavour’s channel and social media platforms to stay up to date on all the new releases!

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    © 2NITE Music Group




  • Best of Christopher Monyoncho


    Music comes in many different types and styles ranging from traditional rock music to world pop, easy listening, and bluegrass. Many genres have a rich history or geographical significance, a cult following or music roots that go far beyond the 20th century.
    The heavy metal music scene in Africa, particularly in Eastern African countries such as Kenya and Uganda, Western African (such as Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc) and Southern African countries including Namibia, Zambia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Angola, Botswana,[South Africa, Mozambique,[ and Zimbabwe. It also extends into North African nations such as Algeria,] Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia, although bands in the North African region associate themselves more closely with the MENA region in terms of cultural and social consistencies.apart from other Kisii legendary musician like Nyakoora success, Mabundu,Machoge one,Kerage, Arisi Osababu, Kirwanda and grandfather of Kisii musical anthems Christopher Monyoncho whom during his musical career cannot be debated by his music lovers, Esabari Nyanyaribari. This is one of the top trending Kisii songs. It was released and also engineered by the famous Arisi Osababu. Apart from this song he has also released outstanding songs like Omwanchi and Kerito and many more. What many fans want in a song is a story and this song brings out just that. Moreover, this song has fast and nice bets that will make you want to stand up and dance to it. Arisi has been in the industry for a long time and until now, we can only anticipate for his next song. He surely knows how to entertain the young and the old, and people from all tribes.
    The song Ogosira gwo was released by Onsongo O’mosongo under the sungusia band. Osongo was part of the Sungusia band and he was one of the top artists in the band. However, he passed away last year at the age of 41. As much as he left us, his music is still very amazing. Onsongo took part in making songs like Nyaboke Egesaganeke, Amakweri, Lideni and many more. If you follow up and listen to popular Kisii radio stations then you are bound to know all these songs. He died young and may his soul rest in peace these songs will just encourage you to love being Kisii and they will encourage you to be a better Kisii by supporting the Musicians in the industry
    Eng’ombe ne’ngima was sung at ceremonies and happy events. It is sung by the one and only Henry Sagero Man Pepe. Sagero is one of the top Gusii artists that are making tremendous changes in the industry. People love this man and his music because they are humorous and you can’t help but laugh at the words. Sagero has also released omogusii omokombozi, omoika bwo mosiki, omosiki and many more. Sagero loves his culture and most importantly, he loves being Kisii. So these songs are equally celebrated in the Kisii region and if you are Kisii, then you are bound to enjoy these amazing songs.
    Rebecca Thomas one of the top Gusii artists in the gospel industry. Rebecca has a history of picking a story from the bible and making it into an amazing Gusii song. Isaya talks about the book of Isaiah and you got to listen to believe that this is a touchy song. It brings you from the physical to the spiritual realm ensuring that you get more of God.
    Kisii is located on the western part of Kenya and it is home to some of the outstanding artists in Kenya. Kisii songs are basically outstanding because they are mostly made of fast beats and they are pleasing to the soul
    Miggy champ is known for his Mamissments track and also his collabo with Kisii veteran musician Ong'eng'o
    Arisi Osababu is one of the finest musician Kisii lands has ever produced. In his prime, he recorded many songs that have remained relevant to date. Omwanchi Jemima, Esabari ya Nyaribari, Kerito are some of his songs that will entertain many generations to come
    Onsongo was a member of the famous bana sungusia band. Its believed that he was the brain behind major hits released by Bana sungusia. Nyaboke egeseganeke, boss, Amakweri, lideni, are among the songs he engineered
    Sagero is arguably the best Gusii musician currently. His series of hit songs is an indication that the rules when it comes to entertainment. How he uses his lyrics in a humorous manner is what makes him stands out. Eng’ombe ne’ngima, omogusii omokombizi, omoika bwo mosiki, Omosiki neriogo are some of his songs that have ruled airwaves in Kisii region
    Kwasakwasa is a talented musician who was initially a member of the popular bana sungusia. He later moved out of the group and decided to do solo projects. Ebitina is one of the hit songs that truly defines his success in the music industry. He is one of the most sought after Kisii musician
    Nyagwoka is arguably one of the best musicians in the Kisii region. Obotaka tibori kegomi, is the song that made him not only popular but also most sought after musician

  • Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You


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    'Shape Of You' by Ndlovu Youth Choir and Wouter Kellerman.

    Watch my latest cover of '7 Rings' by Ariana Grande here:
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    We loved covering Ed Sheeran's song 'Shape of You' with the amazing Ndlovu Youth Choir!
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    Shape of You by Ndlovu Youth Choir & Wouter Kellerman

    Composers: Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, John McDaid, Kevin Jerome Briggs, Kandi L Burruss, Tameka D Cottle
    Choir: Ndlovu Youth Choir
    Flute: Wouter Kellerman

    Video Direction: Clive Morris Productions, South Africa.
    DOP: Daniel Black.
    Producers: Sian Clark and Tholsi Pillay.
    Camera Crew: Neo Pule, Morena Medi.
    Assistants: Simphiwe Mngomezulu, Isaac Sibiya, Mike Nqabeni
    Choir Production Coordinator: Liesje Tempelman
    Shooting location: a Special thank you to Maropeng, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa

    Sound Producers: Ralf Schmitt, Wouter Kellerman
    Arrangers: Ralf Schmitt, Wouter Kellerman
    Flute Percussion: Wouter Kellerman
    Percussion: Sipho Hleza
    Translation: Sandile Majola & Lungelo Masango
    Vocal Recording Engineer: Bruce Forbes
    Assistant Engineer: Sipho Hleza
    Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Bill Hare
    Lead Vocals: Lungelo Masango, Thulisile Masanabo and Sandile Majola

    All vocals recorded at the Ndlovu Miracle Studio, Moutse, Limpopo, South Africa
    Flute recorded at Kellerman Music in Johannesburg
    Mixed and mastered at Bill Hare Productions, Milpitas, California, USA

    About the Ndlovu Youth Choir:
    Can participation in a music program change the lives of even the world’s most disadvantaged children? The choristers of the Ndlovu Youth Choir are living proof that it certainly can. This vibrant youth choral ensemble chants, harmonizes, and tip-toe-taps their way through a powerful 11-language repertoire that includes a sampling of all things South Africa: from isicathamiya (is-caht-a-MEE-ya), the a cappella genre accompanied only by body percussion, made famous by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, to ancient tribal chants, contemporary gospel, Afro-pop and Afro-jazz from the repertoires of Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba, and uplifting choral music written exclusively for the choir.
    Founded in 2009, this exuberant group has toured southern Africa and Europe with their multi-sensorial performances to significant critical and audience acclaim. The members are selected by audition from the young people from the Ndlovu Care Group, a community program providing healthcare, early childhood education, after-school activities, and more to rural Moutse, Limpopo, South Africa. Program directors find that, because of the time commitment of the choir, as well as the values of self-discipline, self- confidence, and leadership that participation imbues, choristers have lower rates of drug use, delinquency, and teen pregnancy than their peers.
    It’s about more than just staying out of trouble, though. The choir offers an early pathway to artistic and professional achievement that is so often only available to children from affluent backgrounds, but it also offers a connection to the children’s ancestral roots and allows them to share those cultural roots with the world. It’s a profound gift in both directions, and one which the singers themselves say fills them with hope: for a better life and for a better world.

    About Wouter Kellerman
    Globe-trotting flutist and composer Wouter Kellerman received a 2015 Grammy® Award for his collaborative album 'Winds of Samsara'.
    His next album 'Love Language' debuted at nr. 1 on the World Music Billboard charts and received a Grammy® nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, Kellerman’s second nomination in as many years.
    Kellerman has also been recognised at home, winning seven SAMA’s (South African equivalent to the Grammy), reinforcing his status as one of South Africa’s foremost musicians. Delighting audiences with a magnetic alchemy of warmth and technical mastery, Kellerman finds his inspiration in the spaces between cultures and countries, genres and disciplines.
    Passionate about teaching and empowering young people, Kellerman has sponsored the SOS Children’s Village for the past 17 years.

  • Harmonize - Happy Birthday


    Available In All Digital Platforms

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    Call: +255 752 222 442, +255 658 135 762

    #Harmonize #HappyBirthday #Kondegang

  • Naomi Wachira - African Girl - MUSIC OF AFRICA - KENYA - AFRICAN MUSIC TV.


    Checkout my FAVORITE guitar store

    African Girl is about embracing all of who you are... your past, your present, your future... being proud of your heritage, your family and community because they influence who you become. It's about having a vision for your life that chooses to overcome adversity with grace and dignity, while building up those around you. Words of wisdom by Naomi Wachira

    Lyrics: African Girl

    I've been walking down this road
    for about 35 years now, and I can tell you, it's been one hell of a ride
    And I've been carrying my father's words that he said to me
    learn to be wise, walk with integrity and be honest
    and I can hear my grandma say, child I've got nothing to give you
    but may God be with you, in that distant land

    I am an African girl, well I know where I'm coming from
    And I know who I want to be
    I am trying to defying everything they said of us
    we who have chocolate skin

    In the back of my mind all I can hear ooh ooh are voices
    of those who are here and those who've already gone
    And I can hear them whispering, mwari witu,
    when you go their land, please represent us well
    and I can hear my grandma say, child I've got nothing to give you
    but may God be with you, in that distant land

    I am an African girl, and I know where I'm coming from
    And I know who I want to be
    I am trying to defying everything they said of us
    we who have chocolate skin x2

    I will sing, I will sing, I will sing

    Ngai, wa Ibrahamu, ithe witu, udirikane
    tondu wa thakame ya murugwo, udirikane, udirikane
    ndeithagia maundu makwa mothe, ndikamachonorithie, udirikane
    ndeithagia maundu makwa mothe, ndikamachonorithie, udirikane

    I will sing, I will sing, I will sing

    I am an African girl, and I know where I'm coming from
    And I know who I want to be
    I am trying to defying everything they said of us
    we who have chocolate skin

    from African Girl, track released 27 November 2012
    Vocals & Guitar: Naomi Wachira
    Percussion: Zach Fleury

    Naomi Wachira is a talented African Soul singer from Kenya. Click play and enjoy her breathtaking performance of her hit single African Girl. Naomi, is our true African Queen that is why we are behind her all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. One Love Kenya. Remember this, Africa / Kenya is the place to be.

    African Music - Kenyan Music - African Music tv

    TheAfricanmusictv is proud to promote this sweet African Soul Vibrations by Naomi Wachira. All credits to this video goes to the artist. This video is a must watch. follow our website at . All copy rights belongs to the artist and her production management. .

  • AFRIMMA 2020 Best Male West Africa


    You have the power to decide who wears the #Afrimma2020 Best Male #WestAfrica crown with your vote.

  • Best Of old Kipchamba music


    Best Of old Kipchamba music

  • Spotlight on Kenyan music - music of the pastoralists, part 2


    Filmed at Alliance Francaise, Nairobi on October 7, 2011. Performances by Daasanech from Illeret, Borana musicians and Kachumbari Seven that play music with inspiration from Africa, Asia and Europe.



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