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Playlist of List of Indonesian composers



    DIAN PRAMANA POETRA is a 80's musician and singer becoming known in Indonesia since one of his song composition was chosen to be the best song list in the annual young composers contest (LCLR) held by
    Indonesian phenomenal radio station - PRAMBORS RASISONIA Jakarta.

    Since then his career shot as the stars shine, the music works and his voice is always included top ranked hits of the era. Many best Pop music works in Indonesia was born in this GENRE then who called CREATIVE POP GENRE and DIAN PRAMANA POETRA is one of the important names of the group. This song titled KUSABAR MENANTI taken from his first album INDONESIAN JAZZ VOCAL 1983, where many best famous musician names in this GENRE involved.(DK)



    Powerless to say anything right now

    When your heart finally choose the way

    In your love life

    Like a never existed journey

    I dont understand everything

    Oh why there was never any happy stories

    like before when we are still together

    but now I've realize

    This restlessness will pass

    not only how you behave

    maybe also because I never have a perfect way

    oh let me wait

    and keep waiting for you to come back

    to me again

    ooh let me wait
    and keep waiting for you will be back
    to me again.......

    but now I've realize

    This restlessness will pass

    not only how you behave

    maybe also because I never have a perfect way

    oh let me wait

    and keep waiting for you to come back

    to me again

    *) back reff

  • The Asian Way - Anthem of Asia / AFEAN


    Pan-Asian version of The ASEAN Way, which is currently the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) official anthem.

    AFEAN stands for Association of Far East Asian Nations, a possible near future enlarging development of ASEAN which includes East, Southeast, and South Asia.

    Original English Lyricist:
    Payom Valaiphatchra พยอม วลัยพัชรา

    Music Composers:
    Kittikhun Sodprasert กิตติคุณ สดประเสริฐ
    Sampow Triudom สำเภา ไตรอุดม

    Chinese, Indonesian, and Korean Lyricist:
    Astro Liecharlie 李和星

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  • GHEA - TIBA-TIBA CINTA DATANG - Lirik | Indonesia Idol 2018


    Selamat datang di Channel Keisha Cantik

    Channel yang menghibur dan bisa untuk belajar listening, bahasa inggris dan mendengarkan lagu-lagu yang lagi hits.

    Originally By Ghea Indonesia Idol 2018 :

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    Terimakasih banyak, selamat menikmati lagu GHEA - TIBA-TIBA CINTA DATANG (Maudy Ayunda) - Lirik | Indonesia Idol 2018

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    (Lyrical Video I own nothing)

  • Michael Asmara Quartet マイケル・アズマーラ


    Michael Asmara is one of the Indonesian leading contemporary music composer. Hestudied music in the Indonesia Academy of Music in Yogyakarta from 1980-1983. In 1981he start to write his first piece for choir, guitar organ and violin “Illusi untuk Hidup” for IKI Festival 1981 in Surakarta. Since then through self thought in composition, Asmarahas written music for both western instruments and Javanese Gamelan. He has written arange of compositions which has been performed at several Art and Music Festival acrossIndonesia and abroad. “Pelangi” a piece for gamelan has been recorded on CD byMargasari Gamelan Osaka and “A Piece for Piano No 10, “A Little Piece for Pianoforte” bySteffen Schleiermacher.His honors include First Prize in the competition of the Humorous Dance Festival inJakarta (1986, for
    Clapping Dance
    ). His music has been performed in the US, Germany,Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand, includingthree time at the Asian Music Festival (2003, Tokyo; 2005, Thailand, Taiwan; 2011), TheInternational Composition Symposium ‘The Timbre of Hue Vietnam
    Art Summit Indonesia2007 etc.He has received commissions from Izumi Hall in Osaka, Shin Nakagawa/GamelanMarga Sari in Osaka, pianist Kees Wieringa, Bass soloist Allan Von Schenkel, EnsembleOmega Germany, Trio To Be Sung Holand among other ensembles, soloists like RiekoSuzuki and foundation such as Eduard van Beinum Foundation through Dutch Chamber Music Company, Asian Contemporary Music Ensemble (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand).He founded the Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival in 2003 and has served as itsdirector since 2003. and followed to found Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Ensamble andserve as Artistic Director and Manager.

    (text by Gentong Haryo Seno Ali, choreography by Synthia M.T. Sumukti),theatre cast (+ kentongan [bamboo alarm drums]), dance troupe (+ kentongan, lesung [ricemortars]), performance art (by Bambang Prashidi, Achmad Sururi), mixed chorus (+angklung [Indonesian bamboo rattles]), flute, oboe, bassoon, guitar, string orchestra, 1984;
    Clapping Dance
    , human body, 1986;
    (text by Khalil Gibran [Bahasa translation],choreography by Synthia M.T. Sumukti), 2 male speakers, dance troupe, flute, oboe,clarinet, bassoon, piano, 1987;
    Piece for playing
    Gending Dolanan
    ) (choreography by thecomposer), dancer, piano, any number of gamelan instruments in mixed tunings, audience,1994;
    , motorcycle, audience volunteer (+ any number of gamelan instrumentsin mixed tunings), any number of gamelan instruments in mixed tunings, participatingaudience, 1999;

    (text by Shin Nakagawa [also translated by the composer];all players also dance), pesindhen (female voice), gamelan orchestra in mixed tunings (+any number of small bells), 2003;
    Cooking Music
    (11 pieces involving the preparation of food; player also speaks about food), player (with kitchen utensils, foods, water, tea,metronome, handbell), lit candle, participating audience, 2004
    Symphony No
    , bonang in mixed tunings (rack of small tuned gongs),slentem in mixed tunings (Indonesian metallophone), saron penerus in mixed tunings(Indonesian metallophone), large orchestra (87 players), 1992.
    Etude for Orchestra,

    String Quartet No
    , 1996;
    Dream After Dreaming( solo for violloncello),
    ; String Quartet No
    , Op. 24, 1998;
    , string quartet, 1999;
    Night Music for Marzenka
    Trio for Gender
    ), 3 gender (Indonesian metallophones), 2002;
    A Piece for 15 Rebab
    (2-string Indonesian instruments), 2002;
    Music for String Quartet

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  • Java Nature Dramatic Music Intro | No Copyright


    Music by Position Music composed by Khaelani Free Audio Download, Backsound Video Java Nature Dramatic Music Intro
    Playlist Music Dramatic:
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    Artwork by Andrew Palyanov
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  • Indonesia International Guitar Festival and Competition 2013


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  • Ceiri Torjussen - Opening Titles Video HD 2014


    Opening Titles Fanmade Video HD 2014
    Ceiri Torjussen (born 1976) is a composer who has contributed music to dozens of film and television productions in the U.S.

    His music was described by the Los Angeles Times as a “sudden bolt of creative lightning”, and he was hailed in a UK newspaper as one of the brightest British musical talents in recent history. Similarly, in the last few years, he has made a sudden but marked impact on the world of film music in Los Angeles, with an enviable list of high-profile credits to his name.

    Torjussen was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1976 and is a fluent Welsh speaker. Showing a passion for music from an early age, he started playing the trumpet and piano at the age of eight, and began composing soon after. Although formally trained in classical music, he played in and arranged for various soul, jazz, funk and disco bands and began scoring TV documentaries whilst still in high school. In addition to the main canon of western music from the Middle Ages to the present, his musical interests have included a special love for jazz, electronic music, and for certain non-western music, especially Indonesian Gamelan and Indian classical music, the result of seven months teaching and traveling the Indian subcontinent in 1995. Following his travels, he gained his Bachelors degree in Composition at the University of York, UK, with a First Class Honours and his Masters at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

    Ceiri Torjussen has scored six feature films to date. In 2006 Undoing, a noir-thriller, premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and Mentor, starring Rutger Hauer, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Most recently he composed additional, heart-thumping action music for the 2007 blockbuster, Live Free or Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis. His music demonstrates an expansive creative range and versatility, being at home in all genres, including horror (Dracula III: Legacy, Soul’s Midnight, and additional music for Underworld: Evolution) and comedy (Funky Monkey and additional music for Scary Movie II). No stranger to television, he provided additional music for the WB TV show Glory Days, the CBS network shows Cold Case and Close to Home, and for the series Dead Like Me, on Showtime. Torjussen has also worked extensively in animation, composing music for high-profile animated shows such as Ni Hao Kailan (Nickelodeon), and for Mike Young Productions’ Max and the Mechanicals, The Mr. Men and Dive Olly Dive for which he received a 2007 Daytime Emmy Nomination for Best Original Score.

    Torjussen has also orchestrated and conducted on numerous studio feature films such as The Day After Tomorrow, I, Robot, Hellboy, Cheaper by the Dozen, Joyride, Blade II, When a Stranger Calls, Dracula 2000 and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. He is equally at home with the orchestra as he is with electronic music. His Wenallt Studios is fully equipped with 96-bit digital recording capabilities, state-of-the-art sound synthesis software, and an additional room dedicated to tracking live ensembles and vocals.

    Torjussen has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, in addition to scholarships from the British Arts Council, S4C, and the Welsh American Foundation. He won the Composers Medal at the Urdd National Eisteddfod three times, and received the Daily Telegraph Jazz Arrangers Award, as well as many other prizes for his composition and jazz playing. In 1999 he was honored with one of the highest musical achievements in Britain by winning the Composers’ Medal at the Welsh National Eisteddfod. In 2000 he was made a ‘White Druid of the Island of Britain’ for his services to Welsh music, and was the subject of a TV documentary. His orchestral work, Momentum, has been performed widely, notably by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and been conducted by such figures as Esa-Pekka Salonen and Grant Llewelyn. Torjussen has had numerous concert commissions from a variety of ensembles, some of which have been recorded and broadcast on Radio and TV in Europe and the US. His work has been recorded and released commercially and performed worldwide, including the US, UK, Germany, France and India. Recent other commissions include a work for four percussionists, based on Afro-Cuban rhythms, a work for 50-voice choir, and an upcoming new work for Player Piano to be released on CD in 2008. He resides in Los Angeles.

  • 鄧麗君 Teresa Teng 星願 - 毛阿敏/艾敬/張學友/齊秦/齊豫/鐘鎮濤/潘越雲合唱) A Star’s Wish – tribute by some Asias superstars


    鄧麗君 Teresa Teng 星願 A Star's Wish
    Lyricist 詞: 鄧麗君 Composers 曲: 李壽全 童安格 李子恆
    The lyrics of this song were originally composed by Teresa Teng. Five years after her passing, in 2000, her thoughts were incorporated in a song to honor her by a group of Asian superstars Mao Amin, Ai Jing, Jackie Zhang, Qi Qin, Qi Yu, Zhong Zhentao, Pan Yueyun (毛阿敏 艾敬 張學友 齊秦 齊豫 鍾鎮濤 潘越雲)

    **Please disregard the length of the video, which should have been a little over 5 minutes. The extra long and empty space to extend to 9 1/2 minutes is my way to express my sorrow of Teresa Teng's passing....into the darkness.

    The 2006 release of 15th Anniversary Memorial Album has two DVD’s and three CD’s. All the songs of the two DVD’s are included in three CD’s.

    15th Anniversary CD1 Playlist

    1.北國の春(日) Spring Of The North (Japanese + Mandarin)
    2. 我只在乎你 I Only Care About you
    3. 月亮代表我的心 The Moon Represents My Heart
    4. 甜蜜蜜 Tian Mi Mi –Sweet Honey Honey
    5. 小城故事 Small Town Stories
    6. 何日君再來 When Will You Return
    7. 千言萬語 Endless Words
    8. 但願人長久 Wish We Live Long Lives
    9. 再見,我的愛人 Goodbye, My Love
    10. 漫步人生路(粵) Slow Walk On Life’s Road (Cantonese)
    11. 在水一方 On The Other Side Of The Waters
    12. 夜來香 Evening Primrose
    13. 空港(日) Airport (Japanese)
    14. 海韻 Ocean Rhythm
    15. 你怎麼說 What Are You Going To Say
    16. 路邊野花不要採 Do Not Pick The Roadside Wildflowers
    17. 償還 Love’s Atonement
    18. 酒醉的探戈 Drunken Tango

    15th Anniversary CD2 Playlist

    1. 難忘的初戀情人 Unforgettable First Love
    2. 美酒加咖啡 Fine Wine Adding Coffee
    3. 獨上西樓 Alone Ascending The West Chamber
    4. 又見炊煙 Seeing Kitchen Smoke Rise Again
    5. 愛人 Lover (Aijin)
    6. 原鄉人 Hometown Folks
    7. 雲河 Cloud River
    8. 我怎能離開你 How Could I Leave You
    9. 南海姑娘 Girl Of South Sea
    10. 香港之夜 The Night of Hong Kong
    11. 假如我是真的 If I Were Real
    12. 忘記他(粵) Forget Him (Cantonese)
    13. 奈何 To No Avail
    14. 襟裳岬(日) Erimo Misaki (Japanese+ Mandarin)
    15 串燒: 歎十聲-天涯歌女-四季歌 Medley: Mournful Sighs – Wandering Songstress-Song of Four Seasons
    16. 淚的小雨 Tears Of Raindrops
    17. 賣肉粽(台) Selling Meat Zong (Taiwanese)

    15th Anniversary CD3 Playlist

    1. 我一見你就笑(鄧麗君演唱會1982 live) I Smile When I See You
    2. 紅豆 Red Beans
    3. 往事如昨 Past Events Like Yesterday
    4. 娘心 Mother’s Heart
    5. 誰來愛我 Who will Love Me
    6. 水上人 Aquatic People
    7. 幾多愁 How Much Melancholy
    8. 採檳榔(鄧麗君演唱會1982 live) Picking Betel Nuts
    9. 一個小心願 A Small Wish
    10. 心酸孤單女(福建語) Heart-Broken Lonely Girl (Fukien)
    11.東山飄雨西山晴 East Mountain Rainy West Mountain Sunny (Cantonese)
    12. 星 (鄧麗君演唱會1982 Live) Stars (Japanese + Cantonese)
    13. 夢向何處尋 Where To Find The Dream
    14. 難忘的愛人(台) Unforgettable Sweetheart (Taiwanese)
    15. 心中喜歡就說愛 If In Love, Speak Your Mind
    16. 星願 - 毛阿敏/艾敬/張學友/齊秦/齊豫/鐘鎮濤/潘越雲合唱) A Star’s Wish – tribute by some Asia's superstars
    17. 別れの予感(日) (鄧麗君+夏川里美2010時空對唱新版) Presentiment Of Separation (Japanese) Time and space duet Teresa Teng and Rimi Natsukawa

  • Robyn - Dancing On My Own


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    Music video by Robyn performing Dancing On My Own. (C) 2010 Konichiwa / Cherrytree / Interscope Records
    Buy the HBO Girls' soundtrack now featuring Robyn!

    #Robyn #DancingOnMyOwn #Vevo

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  • Various Artists - Modernism


    Since the dawn of club culture modernists have looked for the very best black American music. Here are 24 tracks that would have filled dancefloors at any time in mod’s history.

    For some the iconography of the original mod scene was a siren call. Starting from about 1978 – and inspired by the Jam’s first flush of success and the publicity around the soon-to-be-released film Quadrophenia – the first of what seems to be a continual series of mod revivals began to take place. It was a look back at the popular mod images of 1965 and 1966, when the very best of the early British mod groups broke through. Within a year, as the Jam broke through to the Top 10, there was an army of parka-wearing kids attending gigs by a slew of new bands. On the whole just too young for punk, rather than reviving something they were drawing upon influences from the past to champion a new set of groups.

    Some, of course, were looking for more, wanting to go deeper. They were given the chance by a group soul collectors who wanted to revive the musical fun of the original mod clubs. These included my colleagues DJ Tony Rounce and co-compiler Ady Croasdell, who with Randy Cozens ran the influential 6Ts Rhythm ‘N’ Soul club nights with a music policy that comprised a mixture of soul, R&B and whatever else worked.

    Randy in particular was evangelical about the new mods getting into the sounds the original mods had danced to. He wrote to the music papers and eventually Sounds asked him to compile a list of the Top 100 original mod records. The list was of 99 records – all original UK issues – plus one made-up title, set as a trap for anyone who claimed to have all 100.

    The list seemed to have little effect at first. Fans of the Jam and Secret Affair didn’t rush to find a copy of ‘It’s Rough Out There’ by Jerry Jackson, but it was a pebble in a pond whose ripples made it highly influential. Around the country small groups of mods were paying attention and spreading the word. Eddie Piller was an East London Jam fan who wasn’t yet 16 when he saw Randy’s list: “For me it changed everything. I immediately began collecting and DJing with those records, and started my own club night.”

    Eddie was typical of a small sub-set of the revivalists who began to look beyond the new bands and into the esotericism of the original mod scene. At first this sat happily alongside the new groups and a love of 60s mod bands. But as the revival faded and the bands became less exciting, the lovers of soul and R&B became more distinct. When Eddie re-ran Randy’s list in his fanzine, it reached an audience ready for its message.

    As the scene became smaller, groups of sharply dressed mods appeared, with their own clubs playing almost exclusively soul and R&B-based music. Seeing this as an extension of what the original mods would have liked, at first there was a bias towards records that had seen a British release. This was not only the result of Randy’s list but also the pictures in Richard Barnes’ 1979 book Mods.

    For me the ultimate club of this era was Sneakers, which was at its peak in 1984-5. The venue was full, with everyone in tailor made clothes. The music was fresh to the participants, as almost all were under the age of 21. The records I heard in those years will always be among my favourites. However, more important than individual records was the ethos, with jazz, R&B, ska, club soul, latin and some white pop all mixed together.

    For those who weren’t there, it might seem as if the music was lacking in ambition. There were very few US-only releases among the big dancefloor hits, but this was in the days before the internet, and dealers with US records for sale were not so plentiful. But those who cared enough began to discover the delights of US-issued records from the 1960s, whilst others disappeared off to the jazz and rare groove clubs and started hoovering-up Blue Note LPs and Curtom 45s.

    Few could resist some sort of connection with the mod scene and the records they were discovering would be fed back into it. Today, clubs such as Pow Wow and its DJs Mik Parry and Gav Arno take this to its logical extreme, playing everything from soul, 50s R&B, jazz and latin to proto-funk. It is almost certainly music the original mods would have danced to, if only they could have got hold of the records in an era when imports were almost impossible to find in the UK.

    “Modernism” is our take on the records mods would have, could have and sometimes actually did dance to. With our cover picture of a group of mods from the mid-80s, it may seem we have taken a bias towards that period, but in fact we are trying to depict the timeless nature of the whole world of mod. These 24 slices of rhythm and soul would sound perfect in any mod club.

  • Kahitna - Cantik


    Kata orang cantik itu relatif, Tapi kalo menurut aku cantik itu kamu.

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    Hi eclat performing an acoustic cover of Cantik by Kahitna

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    Give the Sax-man some love guys!

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    Gading Serpong, Tangerang

  • Messiaen - Turangalîla-Symphonie Audio + Score


    Olivier Messiaen [1908 - 1992] - Turangalîla-Symphonie [1948]

    I. Introduction. Modéré, un peu vif [0:03]
    II. Chant d’amour 1, Modéré, lourd [6:07]
    III. Turangalîla 1, Presque lent, rêveu [13:54]
    IV. Chant d’amour 2, Bien modéré [18:44]
    V. Joie du Sang des Étoiles, Vif, passionné avec joie [29:09]
    VI. Jardin du Sommeil d’amour, Très modéré, très tendre [35:09]
    VII. Turangalîla 2, Un peu vif, bien modéré [45:28]
    VIII. Développement d’amour, Bien modéré [49:05]
    IX. Turangalîla 3, Bien modéré [1:00:21]
    X. Final, Modéré, presque vif, avec une grande joie [1:04:31]

    The Turangalîla-symphonie (1946-48) is a work about love – human, physical, sexual love, the centerpiece of what the composer called “a trilogy on the myth of Tristan and Isolde,” whose other, much briefer components are the song cycle Harawi: Chants d’amour et de la mort (1945) and the choral Cinq rechants (1948).

    The title Turangalîla has its origin in two Sanskrit words, “Turanga,” time – as applied to movement and rhythm – and “Lîla,” play. It’s a good deal more involved than that, but let’s not get too bogged down. For a more complete account of the derivation and other matters germane to the Messiaen style, the reader is referred to the composer’s recently reprinted (in English) book My Musical Language. Messiaen found the word Turangalîla among a list of Indian rhythms recorded by a 13th-century scholar named Sharngadeva, whose compilation proved of inestimable value to the composer, vastly expanding his rhythmic vocabulary – and that of subsequent composers.

    The orchestra for this vast ten-movement musical orgy (one trusts that the composer would not have taken exception to the description) is appropriately immense, with a spectacular array of percussion, including glockenspiel, celesta, and vibraphone, employed to create what has been referred to as a gamelan effect (i.e., of the typical Indonesian, “soft-percussion” music), a hugely demanding solo piano part – written for Yvonne Loriod, who would become the composer’s wife – and the eerie, theremin-like keening of the ondes martenot, an electronic instrument played either with a keyboard and/or by moving a ring along a metal ribbon to produce long sustained notes and otherworldly glissandos.

    While this is hardly a symphony in the traditional sense, there are aspects of traditional symphonic form within its landscape: the fourth movement, for instance, might be regarded as a scherzo with two trios (although the fifth movement is the real scherzo of the piece) and the ninth is a set of variations of a sort that might be found in a symphonic finale – not that anyone will be tempted to think of Beethoven’s “Eroica.” And the composer describes the eighth movement as a “development section for the symphony as a whole,” although the listener would be hard put to discern this function, coming as it does so far along in the work.

    Turangalîla is a depiction of the contrast, if you will, of carnal, passionate love and idealistic, tender love, centered in the romantic explosion of “Joie du sang des étoiles” – Joy of the Blood of the Stars – the sort of wildly imaginative title (Messiaen also called it an “African dance”) that has proven catnip to the composer’s devotees, anathema to his detractors. The movement’s theme, in thirds, blasted out by the trombones and first heard at the start of the symphony, is, according to the composer, his “statue theme… evoking the terrifying brutality of Mexican monuments.” He elaborates:

    “Imagine a theatrical scene. Here are three characters on stage [personnages rhythmiques, he called them]; the first is active and has the leading role in the scene; the second is passive, acted upon by the first; the third witnesses the conflict without intervening, being only an observer and not stirring. In the same way three rhythmic groups are in action: the first augments (this is the attacking character); the second diminishes (this is the character who is attacked); the third never changes (this is the character who stands aside).”

    One could go on endlessly, quoting the many dedicated, articulate commentators who have tried to describe this magnificent monster of a work, but no one has done it better than the composer himself: “It is a love song, a hymn to joy; love that is fatal, irresistible, transcending everything, suppressing everything outside; joy that is superhuman, overwhelming, blinding, unlimited” – words that might have come from and were surely inspired by, that most love-obsessed musical work of them all, Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde.

    Jean Yves Thibaudet, piano
    Valerie Hartmann-Claverie, Ondes Martenot
    Verbier Festival Orchestra
    Charles Dutoit, conductor

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  • Dua Ballerina; Elfa Secioria


    Through the process of panel judgment, Elfa's MYC finally grabbed 3 Prizes: Golden Prize, Special Prize for Outstanding Artistic Choir and also Champion Of The Category for Mix Junior Category.

    The achievement in Grado added the champion list of the choir lead by Mr. Elfa Secioria as on July 2004 in Bremen, Germany, Elfa's Singers and Elfa's Ethnic Choir were crowned as The World Champion at The International Choir Olympic Champion. That's the third times they became the Olympic champ after Olympic 2000 in Linz, Austria and Olympic 2002 in Busan, Korea. 3 times in a row!!

    On that 3rd Choir Olympics, 2 Golden Champions for Indonesia came from Vocal Jazz With Accompaniment Category with score 91 and for Popular Choir Category, both by Elfa's Singers. The Vocal Jazz Category is the highest gold prize thus the winner in this category should become the grand champion.

    Indonesia also got 3 Gold, one of them came from Folklore With Instrumental Accompaniment Category by Elfa's Ethnic Choir with score 82.75.

  • Michelle Pollace Plays New Beginning with Nineteen Big Band


    Latin Jazz pianist Michelle Pollace performs her original composition New Beginning with one of San Jose's premier jazz big bands, Nineteen. Michelle arranged her piece for the traditional 19-piece big band as part of the band's tribute to female jazz composers, a concert held at Theatre on San Pedro Square in San Jose, California, in early 2015. The song originally appears on Michelle's Latin-jazz CD New Beginning, as the title song with Afro-Cuban cha-cha-cha bones and bluesy, modal overtones.

    On the CD New Beginning (April 2013), Michelle expresses her love of both jazz and Latin rhythms, inspired particularly by the small piano-centric combos of Michel Camilo, Hilton Ruiz, and, in his explorations of Latin jazz, McCoy Tyner. Her arrangements of jazz, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban standards are original, and her own compositions honor the roots of the music while adding a new voice. The CD garnered accolades in the press as well as airplay on around 200 satellite, public, and college radio stations, plus it made the most added releases list in JazzWeek. It features some of the San Francisco Bay Area's top-call musicians -- producer Rebeca Mauleon; David Belove on bass; Phil Hawkins on drums; Carlos Caro and Michaelle Goerlitz on percussion; and saxophonist Kristen Strom. The CD and examples of the audio are available at Michelle's website as well as at CD Baby, iTunes,, and more.

    Here's a sample of what the press is saying:

    Pollace's music overflows with a strong artistic command, an authentic connection to the source material, and an infectious sense of cool.... -- by Chip Boaz, Latin Jazz Corner, Album of the Week

    Pianist Michelle Pollace has a strong commanding presence on New Beginning. Like a baker, she has a way of gently whipping rhythms until they are cohesive and taut. ... Pollace digs in on every track, and songs like 'Forro' and 'Bright Eyes' evolve into mini-suites. -- by Marc Myers,, CD Discoveries of the Week

    As we search for the best new music on WEMU, we will often feature someone you've never heard before but think is worth your time. Pianist Michelle Pollace, who we premiered this morning on 89.1 Jazz, is one such artist. ... This disc has [a] crucial component of good Latin jazz -- it is loads of fun! -- by Linda Yohn, WEMU 89.1 FM blog, Latin Jazz has a 'New Beginning' with Michelle Pollace on the Keys

    Striking out on her own and being a mom are not the only beginnings pianist Michelle Pollace has to be proud of; with New Beginning Michelle reveals the depth of her compositional skills and her talents as a Latin jazz pianist of note. -- by Edward Blanco, CD Review:

    This is a CD full of rich melodies and rhythms that are infectious. ... This is obviously a highly skilled group of musicians and the ensemble effect is intricately connected. -- CD Review by Grady Harp on (5 of 5 stars)

    Think 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' has been done to death yet? You couldn't be more wrong ... [Michelle's] version even makes one wonder why no one's tackled it in this fashion before. -- Mark S. Tucker, CD Review: Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange


    Michelle has embraced many musical styles over her career; her performance and recording credits include orchestra member in Lou Harrison's internationally renowned Gamelan Si Betty (Indonesian orchestra), keyboardist for Chepito Areas (Santana's original percussionist/arranger), co-leader of blues-rock band featuring Robbie Hoddinott (Kingfish, Bob Weir), chorus member in a Gilbert & Sullivan theater company, bassist for a grunge band, and more. Besides studying classical and jazz piano (through SJSU and privately with Martan Mann), she has studied Latin piano/arranging (privately with Rebeca Mauleon) and Latin percussion (with Dan Sabanovich). Michelle is also co-author of a music-education book/CD called Musicreation.

    Before launching her current band, Michelle co-led Zarate Pollace Project with guitarist Abel Zarate (who also wrote hit songs for Malo and Willie Bobo). ZPP enlisted the musical contributions of many Bay Area luminaries, including John Santos, Paul VanWageningen, Dave Belove, Michael Spiro, Curtis Ohlson, and others to realize the blend of jazz, fusion, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban styles comprising ZPP's music. ZPP released the CD Soul Redemption (2005), which garnered worldwide radio airplay and favorable reviews.



    Thanks to for the Japanese lyrics.

    (Source: Thank you!

    Saigo No Iiwake
    (Last Excuse)

    Hideaki Tokunaga

    It’s so painful pretending to be asleep now
    The drops that fall are tears
    And you’ll wait for the dawn and then go
    Because it’s you who’s afraid of the dark

    The thing that’s most precious to me has become the furthest away
    I knew you so well, and now it’s all a memory

    I think everyone likes you
    I’ll miss you, you don’t need to worry about that
    What makes it so painful
    Is the fact that you think you’re doing me a favor by saying goodbye

    You’re the closest to me, and yet the hardest to understand
    I loved you so much, and now it’s all an excuse

    The thing that’s most precious to me has become the furthest away
    I knew you so well, and now it’s all a memory

    It’s all a memory

    You’re the closest to me, and yet the hardest to understand
    I loved you so much, and now it’s all an excuse

    The thing that’s most precious to me has become the furthest away
    You’re the closest to me, and yet the hardest to understand
    The thing that’s most precious to me has become the furthest away

    DISCLAIMER: Absolutely no copyright infringement intended. This video is for entertainment purpose only and not for any kind of monetary gain. I do not own nor claim to own anything in this video. The song and the photo(s)/gif image(s) are the sole property of their rightful and lawful owners. Thank you so much for uploading and sharing those lovely photo(s)/gif image(s) in the net. This song is one of my favorite songs. I just give tribute and praise to the song, the singer and the people behind this song by creating this video and sharing it with all the music lovers out there like me. All credit goes to the song owners, producers, label, writers, composers, singers and owners of photo(s)/gif image(s), as I thank them wholeheartedly.

  • BTS - Berdua Tak Mendua - Thito | Interview with Bemby Noor


    BTS Berdua Tak Mendua - Thito | Interview with Bemby Noor (Song Producer)

    Title : Berdua Tak Mendua
    Artist : Thito
    Song By : Bemby Noor
    Production : Artha Music Production
    Location & Thanks To : Ruang Tunggu Coffee, Radio Dalam

    Berikut List untuk Link DSP dan kode RBT Thito :
    - Link DSP :
    Spotify :
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    - Aktivasi RBT :
    Tekomsel :
    BERDUA TAK MENDUA REFF : ketik THITO1 kirim ke 1212
    BERDUA TAK MENDUA SONG : ketik THITO2 kirim ke 1212

    Tri / 3 :
    BERDUA TAK MENDUA REFF : ketik 87191 kirim ke 1212
    BERDUA TAK MENDUA SONG : ketik 87192 kirim ke 1212

    XL :
    BERDUA TAK MENDUA REFF : ketik THITO2 kirim ke 1818
    BERDUA TAK MENDUA SONG : ketik THITO2 kirim ke 1818


    Social Media :
    Instagram Thito :
    Instagram Bemby :

    Social Media Artha Musik Production :
    Twitter : @arthamusicpro ||
    Facebook : @arthamusicpro ||
    Instagram : @arthamusicpro ||

    #BTS #Thito #ThitoCilapop #BerduaTakMendua #BembyNoor #3Composer #Producer #Interview



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    Software Used:
    Cubase 5
    Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Top 10 Best Songs for Karaoke


    Top 10 Greatest Karaoke Songs

    Singing karaoke is always fun, but some songs are ideal for the activity. WatchMojo picks the ten best Songs to sing at karaoke.

    List Entries and Rank:
    #10. Country “Friends in Low Places” in the style of Garth Brooks
    #9. Ballad “Angels” in the style of Robbie Williams
    #8. Easy “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” in the style of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
    #7. Rap “Ice Ice Baby” in the style of Vanilla Ice
    #6. Duet “Summer Nights” in the style of John Travolta & Olivia Newton John
    #5. Singalong “Don’t Stop Believin’” in the style of Journey
    #4. Deadly “My Way” in the style of Frank Sinatra
    #3. ?

  • Senok Biji Durian - m. aFFIF - Mashup Iwan Fals - The Fellowship Of KONAKITO Bengkulu


  • Erhu - Ballad of North Henan Province 豫北叙事曲


    Performed by Yu Hongmei 于红梅

    Yu Hongmei's Offical Website -

    Associate Professor of Department of Traditional Chinese Music, the Central Conservatory of Music (CCM); Guest Soloist of the China Central Chinese Orchestra; Guest Professor at the University of Calgary, Canada.

    Yu Hongmei began her erhu study at the age of eight, and she studied at the Attached High School of the ChinaCentral Music University and then the China Central Music University where she earned her Bachelor's and Master's degree. At the university she was taught by professors including Zhang Shao, Su Anguo, Lan Yusong and Liu Changfu; she also learned Banhu, Gaohu, Jinghu, Zhuihu and other national musical instruments with some masters.
    She won the Pro Musicis International Award in New York City. Her album A Collection of Erhu Concertos of Yu Hong Mei was given the 4th China Golden Record Award. She was also the first Chinese musician to receive the coveted Indie Award in the category of Best Traditional World Music for the CD entitled String Glamour. Another solo CD, Red Plum Blossom Capriccio, won the Best Chinese Musical Art Production. In 2002 she gave a successful solo concert in the world's most prestigious concert hall, Carnage Hall in New York where she played as the first Chinese traditional instrument performer. In 2005 she also received the First Prize of Outstanding Young Teachers of the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation.

    As a soloist she visited many countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa and Asia and gave more than 100 personal solo concerts. She debuted some outstanding music pieces including the Second Erhu Concerto -- After the Dream of the Capital, Ba Que and Xi Kou Ballad. Many of the important music activities she has attended are the Spring of Prague Musical Festival, the Chinese Art Festival, the Beijing International Music Festival, the Shanghai International Music Festival, the German Music Festival and the Macao Art Festival. She published 14 solo albums.

    Yu Hongmei gives out a genuine feeling in her performance which is full of subtle emotions and passionate. She can perfectly interpret the music by incorporating her unique understanding in the performance and is therefore noted as a performer representing the modern Chinese music and cultural spirit by the New York Concert Magazine. She also works with the international composers and performers in performing many modern music works. She founded the Qing MeJing Yue Chinese Traditional Chamber Music Orchestra for the development and innovation of the modern national string music.

    INFO :

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  • Java Diner Dramatic Music Intro | Khaellanesa


    Music by Position Music composed by Khaelani
    Free Audio Download, Backsound Video Java Diner Dramatic Music Intro

    Playlist Music Dramatic:

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    Artwork by Andrew Palyanov
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  • MEDLEY - 13 Lagu pop Indonesia |Cover By Angel & Aji|


    #Medley #Moza #Laguhits

    MEDLEY - 13 Lagu pop Indonesia

    List Lagu

    1. RAN - Inikah Cinta

    2. Tulus - Teman Hidup

    3. 3 Composers - Bangun Cinta

    4. Kunto Aji - Terlalu lama sendiri

    5. Laluna - Selepas Kau Pergi

    6. Jazz - Teman Bahagia

    7. Rizky Febian - Kesempurnaan Cinta

    8. Tulus - Sewindu

    9. Jazz - Dari Mata

    10. Kahitna - Cantik

    11. Citra Scholastika - Aku Pasti Bisa

    12. Tompi - Menghujam Jantungku

    13. RAN - Dekat Dihati

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  • Kibo no namida



    Like every aspiring artist, Maricar Riesgo dreamt of being successful, of being able to have complete creative control over what she wanted to put out and be herself when it comes to singing. Blessed to be talented in several genres, including the standards, R&B, power ballads and bossa nova, she was poised to take over the world of music in a big way.
    However, it wasn’t easy creating a musical career locally, which is why she decided to go to Japan, a country which is basically open to any kind of talent, regardless of what genre one specializes in. Here, she was infinitely more successful, with a considerable list of achievements to boot: 2nd placer in the Japan Karaoke Grand Prix, which is a prestigious competition aired over the TBS Network. She was also the most-awarded champion of UTAWIT, a grand singing competition for Filipino-Japanese singers in the country. She is also a member of Bless of GK, a big band based in Ginza, Tokyo. Her band performs regularly at the Kentos Ginza, a high-end club that caters to high-end clients. She has also played at the NB Club, appeared on NHK Television, Japan’s national public organization and even had a sold-out concert at JZBrat in Shibuya, a dining club frequented by Japan’s movers and shakers, as well as its biggest trendsetters in fashion and in other fields. She is living proof that Filipino talent is recognized and appreciated abroad, judging by the thriving career she has made for herself in Japan.
    But like all world travelers, she eventually felt the need to come home. Under the helm of no less than one of the country’s most respected hitmaker, Vehnee Saturno, Maricar had initially released a single, Mahal Mo Na Sya, which was under Universal Records. As the single had started to gain significant airplay, Maricar left again for Japan two months after the album’s release and was unable to follow through with the fledgling success of her single. It was a decision that she has regretted ever since.
    Part of being an artist means going through phases of hits and misses and she considers that one lapse of judgement a hard lesson learned. She is now ready to focus on her career here in the Philippines, willing to start over from the bottom and work her way up. While she is no slouch as far as hard work is concerned, she knows that it will take more than her fair share of patience and determination to succeed in creating a career locally. She also feels that one reason why she wasn’t able to penetrate the local music scene initially was because she went with the flow at that time, a flow she wasn’t comfortable moving with, so to speak. She put other people’s wants before her own and didn’t let her true aesthetic come through.
    Now, Maricar is raring and ready to take a big leap from a flourishing career in Japan, to the Philippines where promise of opportunities await her. Yes, Maricar is the “crossover songstress” who has taken all the hard lessons learned, and gained a new perspective and a new kind of freedom. One can easily glean that from her new single entitled Lumuluha, an alternative rock love song that many people can relate to.
    For someone who thinks her genre specialization is mostly pop, she rocks the alternative theme, a fact that a lot of people obviously agree with because her second album is chock full of original, alternative rock songs that were written by her friends who are aspiring composers. She loved most of the songs they presented her with, and also because she believes that new talent should be explored and given its own chance to shine. More importantly, she hopes that this second album will show who she really is as an artist and how much she’s grown in her music.
    Maricar is currently promoting her 2nd single - “Tahan Na”, along with an album launch salvo on May 5, 2018, Saturday, 4: 00 PM @Walwalan Overview ( formerly SKY Bar), located at Roces Ave., cor Quezon Ave., QC The album will be digitally available on May 6, 2016, on i tunes, spotify, deezer, and other music streaming and downloading sites. Limited copies of her physical CD album available will be made available through her Facebook page for orders and shipping only.
    The artist has crossed over and has truly come home.

    Follow Maricar on social media:
    Facebook page:
    Instagram: @truelymaricarriesgo
    Twitter: @I_am_Maricar

  • 鄧麗君 Teresa Teng 相看淚眼 Teary Eyes At Each Other


    Besides the current upload of a single poem song, I have set up a playlist containing all 12 poem songs of Teresa Teng's entire album,淡淡幽情 Light Exquisite Feeling, published in 1983, featuring some poems written during the Southern Tang Dynasty (南唐) (937-975) and the Song Dynasty (宋) (960--1279). Of Miss Teng's 100+ albums, I consider this the best Mandarin album of her career. Future Chinese generations can glimpse at the rich cultural treasures of their mother country via these songs. For a general description of this album, please google dan dan you qing, or Light Exquisite Feeling.

    淡淡幽情播放清單Light Exquisite Feeling Playlist:

    相看淚眼 (xiang kan lei yan), Teary Eyes At Each Other, 作詞:[宋]柳永《雨霖鈴》 Poem: Yu Lin Ling, by Liu Yong from the Song Dynasty

    芳草無情 (fang cao wu qing) The Grass Has No Feeling. 作詞:[宋]范仲淹《蘇幕遮》Poem: Su Mu Zhe, by Fan Zhong-Yan from the Song Dynasty.

    欲說還休 (yu shuo huai xiu) Refrain From Speaking My Mind 作詞:[宋]辛棄疾《醜奴兒》 Poem: Song of Ugly Slave, by Xin Qi-Ji from the Song Dynasty.

    胭 脂 淚 (yan zhi lei) Rouged Tears 詞牌: 烏夜啼 (Song lyrics: Bird Sings At Night) [南唐] 李煜 相見歡詞 (Southern Tang) Li Yu (Joyful Rendezvous).

    幾多愁 (ji duo chou) How Much Melancholy 詞牌: 虞美人 (Song lyrics: Papaver rhoea) Poem: Yu Mei Ren, by Li Yu of Southern Tang Dynasty.

    獨上西樓 (du shang xi lou) Alone Ascending The West Chamber. 詞牌: 哀思 (Grief / Ai si), segment of 相見歡 (Joyful Rendezvous), by Li Yu of Southern Tang Dynasty.

    但願人長久 (dan yuan ren chang jiu) Wish We Live Long Lives. 水調歌頭 Poem: Song By The River (shui diao ge tou) by Su Shi (蘇軾) from the Song Dynasty.

    思君 (si jun) Thinking Of You. 作詞:[宋] (李之儀)卜算子.
    Poem: Method To Divide Numbers, by Li Zhi-Yi from the Song Dynasty.

    人約黃昏後 (ren yue huang hun hou) Lovers Dating By Twilight. 作詞:[宋](朱淑真) 生查子 Poem: Lantern Festival, by Zhu, ShuZhen from the Song Dynasty.

    有誰知我此時情 (you shui zhi wo ci shi qing) Who Now Knows My Feeling. 作詞:[宋] (聶勝瓊) 鷓鴣天 Poem: Partridge Day, by Nie Sheng-Qiong from the Song Dynasty.

    萬葉千聲 (wan ye qian sheng) Echoes Of Countless Leaves. 作詞:[宋] (歐陽修) 木蘭花 Poem: Magnolia Flower, by Quyang, Xiu from the Song Dynasty.

    清夜悠悠 (qing ye you you) Lingering Clear Night. 词牌: [宋](秦少游) 桃源憶故人 Poem: Remembering An Old Friend In The Peach Orchard, by Qin, Shao-You from the Song Dynasty.

    Music composers of these 12 songs:

    《獨上西樓》Alone Ascending The West Chamber
    《胭脂淚》Rouged Tears
    《萬葉千聲》Echoes Of Countless Leaves

    梁弘志 Liang Hongzhi
    《但願人長久》Wish We Live Long Lives

    《幾多愁》How Much Melancholy

    鍾肇峰 Born in Hong Kong, now a Canadian immigrant residing in Vancouver, Canada
    《芳草無情》The Grass Has No Feeling
    《欲說還休》Refrain From Speaking My Mind

    古月 (左宏元)
    《清夜悠悠》Lingering Clear Night
    《相看淚眼》Teary Eyes At Each Other

    › 黃霑
    《有誰知我此時情》Who Now Knows My Feeling

    翁清溪 › 翁清溪
    《人約黃昏後》Lovers Dating By Twilight

    《思君》Thinking Of You

  • BCL - Harta Berharga | Official Video


    “Kamu memang gak sempurna, tapi kamu bisa bikin AKU LENGKAP DENGANMU. Starbe
    Update terus lagu baru kamu di channel aqmvideo dengan subscribe dan nyalain loncengnya!
    Dulu, lagu pengiring yang ikonik yang bertajuk “Harta yang paling berharga adalah keluarga”, melekat dan memberi nyawa dalam sinetron keluarga Cemara. Ada Abah sebagai kepala rumah tangga yang pantang menyerah, Emak yang sangat pengertian, Euis sebagai anak tertua yang punya cita-cita dan Cemara yang polos tapi memiliki semangat tinggi. Di luar sinetronnya sendiri, lagu tersebut telah menjadi legenda abadi di telinga keluarga Indonesia.

    Nilai kehangatan keluarga ini yang dirasa tidak akan lekang dimakan zaman. Kali ini kehangatan Keluarga tersebut akan diangkat ke layar lebar oleh Visinema Pictures. Angga Dwimas Sasongko selaku CEO Visinema Group ingin membangkitkan kembali sebuah keluarga yang dahulu sangat populer dengan kesederhanaan dan semangat hidupnya walaupun hidup dalam keterbatasan. Hal inilah yang akan diangkat kembali ke dalam sebuah film.

    Nah, seiring akan kembali dimunculkannya kembali film Keluarga Cemara di layar bioskop tanah air, soundtrack-nya sendiri harus muncul sama kuatnya dengan filmnya. Dengan masih menggunakan tema yang sama, film ini nantinya akan dibuat lebih kekinian yang tentunya disesuaikan juga dengan perkembangan zaman. Dengan diangkatnya kembali Keluarga Cemara ke layar lebar, Aquarius Musikindo dan Visinema Pictures bekerja sama untuk memproduksi soundtrack film ini dengan Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) sebagai pengisi soundtrack film Keluarga Cemara.

    BCL mewakili wanita Indonesia yang mempunyai keluarga di era modern sekaligus menanamkan nilai-nilai sebuah keluarga, melalui lagu ini dia memainkan emosi pendengarnya, ditambah lirik yang mudah diingat, karakter suara yang lembut dan ritme musik yang sederhana sangat menyatu dengan suara khas BCL. Lagu ‘Harta Berharga’ yang direcycle ulang ini terdengar berbeda saat dinyanyikan BCL, namun tidak merubah keikonikan lagu ini.

    BCL sendiri memproduksi Video Project untuk project lagu ini, di hari ulang tahun pernikahan nya ke 10 pada tanggal 8 November kemarin, dia mengajak fans nya untuk mengirimkan moment-moment berharga keluarga yang akan dikemas dalam sebuah video project sebagai kejutan manis untuk fans’nya, videonya sendiri akan dirilis tanggal 12 November di channel, serta lagunya sudah dapat didengar melalui berbagai streaming platform seperti apple music, spotify, joox, langit musik, smart music dan deezer.

    ▶Penyanyi : Bunga Citra Lestari
    ▶Judul: Harta Berharga
    ▶Pencipta: Harry Tjahjono & Arswendo
    ▶Director : Aco Tenriyagelli
    ▶Producer : Muthia Zahra & Aditya Alfiqry
    ▶DOP: Muhammad Arif Bontang
    ▶Art Director : Mursyid
    ▶Editor Offline: Khairun Na'im Kesuma
    ▶Editor Online: Yulia Anggraeni
    ▶PH: A Pict Films
    ▶Publishing: Arswendo A
    ▶Music aransemen: Ifa Fachir
    ▶Music produser: Ifa Fachir
    ▶Mixing engineer: Tommy Utomo
    ▶Studio mixing engineer: Aquarius Studio
    ▶Studio: Aquarius Studio
    ▶Mastering: 301 Studio, Sydney.
    ▶Produksi : PT. Aquarius Musikindo

    After the release of the Official First Look Teaser for the Keluarga Cemara movie, “Harta Berharga” was sung by Widuri Putri Sasono. Widuri sung each verse of the OST Keluarga Cemara with only a guitar accompanying - no need for complicated instruments, as this iconic song is suitable for the whole family to sing along.
    Along with the release of Keluarga Cemara in theaters, Visinema Pictures considered the artist most suitable for the soundtrack. The choice fell upon Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL).

    This artist, popularly known as BCL, was considered to be able to sing the song and at once represent the modern Indonesian family woman, who still instills the family value present in Keluarga Cemara.

    The choice of Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) as the singer is considered an excellent decision. BCL can be considered as a soloist who can smartly play with the emotions of her listeners. With lyrics that are easy to remember, BCL’s unique soft vocals and the simple musical rhythms become a harmony.
    BCL seems to be at ease in singing again the OST Keluarga Cemara for the silver screen. Her soft yet mature voice brings forward the modernity, fitting for the message of family values raised in the song.
    This recycling of “Harta Berharga” sounds different when sung by BCL, yet does not remove the iconicness of the song.
    Visinema Pictures have demonstrated their seriousness towards the OST Keluarga Cemara.

    In the movie Keluarga Cemara, Visinema Pictures presents new faces like Widuri Putri Sasono, chosen to play Ara. Widuri is the second daughter of celebrity couple Dwi Sasono and Widi AB3. Adhisty Zara (JKT 48) is entrusted with the role of Euis. Together with Ringgo Agus Rahman (Abah) and Nirina Zubir (Emak), they are the new Cemara Family.

  • Love Shot - EXO


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  • Cubase | Mix Tips - Before You Start A Mix...


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    #CubaseTips #CubasePro10 #MixTips

  • AOT - FULL VERSION Shinzou wo Sasageyo w/ English Singable Lyrics【Music Box】


    Read me!
    Click on Closed Captions for German Translyrics! [Link klicken auf CC für deutsche Texte]

    Yyayyyyy full version is outtttt. Sorry if the video has any timing errors.

    Check out all my AOT Music Boxes on this playlist:

    Download MP3:

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    Find the full version lyrics on my deviant art:

    Full Credits:
    Artwork: from the anime
    Song: Shinzou wo Sasageyo (Dedicate your Heart)
    Composer/Original Lyrics/Original Singer: Revo/Linked Horizon
    Arrangement/Video/English Lyrics: Saccharinne (here)

    I do not own the artwork. I only own the music box arrangement. All rights go to the original owners. I do not make money or profit from this video or any aspect from it.

    Feel free to use my music boxes in your own covers or videos, but please give credit to me (Saccharinne) for the arrangement (and also give credit to the original composers.) Thanks!

  • Classical Love - Romantic Classical Music


    Online purchase or streaming (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play):

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    New classical releases:
    The best of Liszt:
    The best of Bach:
    Most popular piano music:
    Beautiful classical Music:
    Classical music for dinnertime:

    Composer: Various
    Artists: Various

    About this Album:
    A beautiful classical compilation to relax with

    00:00:00 Alexander Warenberg-6 French Songs Op. 65 No. 6 Barcarolle
    00:03:42 Misha Goldstein-Clair de Lune L. 32
    00:08:41 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Nick Davies-Pavane in F-Sharp Minor Op. 50
    00:15:09 Michelangelo Carbonara-Pavane pour une infante dfunte M. 19
    00:21:33 Vincenzo Maltempo-12 tudes dexcution transcendante Op. 11 I. Berceuse in F-Sharp Major
    00:25:06 Misha Goldstein-Nocturne in E-Flat Major Op. 9 No. 2
    00:29:23 Wuertz-Bagatelle in A Minor WoO 59 Fuer Elise
    00:32:06 Wuertz-Impromptu in B-Flat Major Op. 142 No. 3 Rosamunde
    00:43:20 Mela Tenenbaum Anton Nel-Romance in A Major Op. 94 No. 2
    00:48:42 Mela Tenenbaum Anton Nel-Russian Romance
    00:51:33 Misha Goldstein-Lieder ohne Worte Op. 19b I. Andante con moto

    Thanks for watching! Feel free to subscribe and visit our channel for the best classical music from the greatest composers like: Bach, Satie, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Chopin, Haydn, Ravel, Debussy, Verdi, Vivaldi, Handel, Brahms, Liszt, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Wagner, Strauss, Handel, Dvorak, Schubert and many more! We upload complete albums, music for relaxing, working, studying, meditating, concentrating, instrumental music, opera, violin, classical piano music, sonatas and more!

    #Classical #BrilliantClassics #Music #Composer #ClassicalMusic
    #romantic #Romanticclassical

  • We Are The World


    a video of charity single ,,We are the World recorded in 1985 written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.

  • Rizky Febian - Menari


    Kolaborasi antara Rizky Febian sebagai penyanyi dan pencipta lagu bersama dengan Lale, Ilman dan Nino sebagai produser musik, menjadikan sebuah warna music yang baru untuk Rizky Febian dalam single terbarunya yang berjudul Menari.

    Menari menjadi pilihan pertama Rizky Febian dari 9 lagu yang dirilis dalam Album pertama Rizky Febian “JEJAK”, dengan konsep, nuansa dan karakter lagu yang sangat berbeda dengan single Rizky Febian yang telah dirilis sebelumnya.

    Menari bercerita tentang sebuah keyakinan yg dimiliki oleh seseorang dalam mengungkapkan cinta. Cinta adalah sebuah ungkapan perasaan, cinta tidak harus selalu tentang memiliki. Ketika memang semesta tidak berkehendak, ada kalanya kita sebagai manusia dewasa akan bersedia “mengalah” demi kebahagian orang yang kita cintai.

    Cara Unduh Nada Sambung Pribadi

    Telkomsel: Ketik JEJAK8 kirim ke 1212

    XL/AXIS: ketik JEJAK8 kirim ke 1818

    TRI: Ketik JEJAK8 kirim ke 1212

    INDOSAT: Ketik MG JEJAK8 kirim ke 808

    Listen on: iTunes / Apple Music :
    Spotify :

    Song Credits - Menari

    Written by : Rizky Febian
    Executive Producer : NET. Talent Management
    Producer : Quilla Jozal
    Music Produced & Arranged by : Laleilmanino
    Vocal Director: Laleilmanino
    Backing Vocals : Ratih Riskomar
    Mixing and Mastering : Rayendra Sunito

    Music Recorded at Organic Studio

    Music Video Credits

    Director : Bima Indra Sakti , Virlan Wana Langgong
    Producer : Quilla Jozal,
    D.O.P & Editor : Virlan Wana Langgong
    Koreografer : Reza Muhammad
    Talent : Tegar Satrya
    Dancers : Fany Gusyanti , Mario Avner F, Euridite Gumulya,
    FA Vinitia L ,Tommy Sandy S


    NET Talent Management is a part of NET Media Group based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our artists include Rizky Febian, Bilal Indrajaya, Besixxs, Sarah Fajira and many more.
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  • Handel: Ombra mai fu ; Christopher Lowrey, countertenor, Voices of Music 4K UHD


    Hi everyone~! Please consider a donation, and we will make more videos like this one :)
    Countertenor Christopher Lowrey sings the aria Ombra mai fù, from Handel's opera *Serse.* 4K, Ultra HD video from the Voices of Music Art of the Countertenor concert, March, 2016.
    Voices of Music FAQ
    Q. How can I support Voices of Music?
    A. Donate here: and we will make more
    videos like this one :) These videos cost thousands of dollars to make, and the money comes from individual donors.
    Q. Where can I learn more about this music?
    A. You can visit our website, Also, subscribe to our video channel! Just click on the logo on our videos.
    Q. Where can we hear you play in concert?
    A. We perform in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a concert schedule, visit our website or join our mailing list
    Q. Where can I buy CDs?
    A. Our CDs are available on iTunes, Google, Amazon, CD Baby and just about everywhere; you can also buy a CD in a jewel case from Kunaki:
    Q. What is Early Music performance, or historical performance?
    A. We play on instruments from the time of the composers, and we use the original music and playing techniques: it’s a special sound.
    Q. Why are there no conductors?
    A. Conductors weren’t invented until the 19th century; since we seek to recreate a historical performance, the music is led from the keyboard or violin, or the music is played as chamber music~or both :)
    Q. What are period instruments or original instruments; how are they different from modern instruments?
    A. As instruments became modernized in the 19th century, builders and players tended to focus on the volume of sound and the stability of tuning. Modern steel strings replaced the older materials, and instruments were often machine made. Historical instruments, built individually by hand and with overall lighter construction, have extremely complex overtones—which we find delightful. Modern instruments are of course perfectly suited to more modern music.
    Q. Why is the pitch lower, or higher?
    A. Early Music performance uses many different pitches, and these pitches create different tone colors on the instruments. See
    Handel’s arias form one of the core repertories for singers of 18th-century music, owing not only to the quality of the compositions but also to the variety of affects and styles present in his operas, oratorios and sacred music. The aria “Ombra mai fù,” known also as “Handel’s Largo,” is one of his best-known works; somewhat surprisingly, it comes down to us through a circuitous path. The original version was composed by Cavalli in the mid-17th century, then “borrowed” by Bononcini for his 1694 production of the opera Serse, then substantially revised by Handel for his own version of Serse which premiered in London in April of 1738. Handel's version retains the overall texture, scoring and melodic shapes of the original, but Handel reworks the vocal line and creates more interplay between the singer and the violins.
    *Voices of Music is creating a worldwide digital library of music videos, recordings and editions, free for anyone in the world.* To support this vital project, which will enable new generations of people all around the world to enjoy Classical music, please consider a tax-deductible donation or sponsor a recording project. With your help, anything is possible!

    Ombra mai fù
    di vegetabile,
    cara ed amabile,
    soave più.
    —Nicolò Minato
    Never was the shade
    from any plant
    more dear, more lovely,
    or so sweet.

    The Musicians and their Instruments
    Voices of Music performs on original instruments: hear the music played on
    instruments from the time of the composer.
    Lisa Grodin, baroque viola by Mathias Eberl, Salzburg, Austria, 1680
    Kati Kyme, baroque violin by Johann Gottlob Pfretzschner, Mittenwald, 1791
    Carla Moore, baroque violin by Johann Georg Thir, Vienna, Austria, 1754
    Maxine Nemerovski, baroque violin by Joseph Gaffino, Paris, 1769
    Elisabeth Reed, baroque cello, anonymous, 1673
    Farley Pearce, violone by George Stoppani, Manchester, 1985, after Amati, 1560
    David Tayler, archlute by Andreas von Holst, Munich, 2012, after Tieffenbrucker, c1610
    Hanneke van Proosdij, baroque organ by Winold van der Putten, Finsterwolde,
    Netherlands, 2004, after early 18th-century northern German instruments
    Gabrielle Wunsch, baroque violin by Lorenzo Carcassi, Florence, Italy, 1765
    #Handel #Countertenor

  • The Deer Hunter Soundtrack


    Theme song from the movie
    ..Composer - Stanley Myers

  • Brand X Music - Remember the Fallen


    Memorial day 2014 - In memory of all the brave men and women across the globe who have sacrificed themselves for freedom.
    Please read the description.
    Bitte lest die Beschreibung.

    Track: Remember the Fallen
    Composer: John Sponsler
    Company: Brand X Music


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  • Relaxing Music & Birds Singing - Peaceful Piano Music by Soothing Relaxation


    Relaxing music & birds singing with beautiful nature videos. Peaceful piano music by Soothing Relaxation (Calm Wind, ★168) that can be used for sleep, work, studying, reading, meditation, spas, yoga, massages or simply enjoyed as it is. Listen to more relaxing music ►

    💿 Track information:
    Title: Calm Wind
    Composer: Peder B. Helland
    Released: 2019
    Album: Not yet released
    SR index: ★168
    Download the music: Not yet available

    🎧 Let Soothing Relaxation fill your days and nights with music by playing one of these continually updated playlists.
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    I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

    Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Every single day I am completely astonished by all your warm support and it really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!

    - Peder B. Helland, composer for Soothing Relaxation

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    Snapchat: @PederBHelland
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    © Copyright:
    Music composed by Peder B. Helland.
    Footage licensed from:
    • MediaProduction, luza studios, ZoneCreative, SimonSkafar, captamotion, via iStockPhoto.
    • Pond5.
    • Videoblocks.

    ☀️ Relevant hashtags:
    #relaxingmusic, #relax, #piano

  • Maher Zain - Insha Allah | Vocals Only - Official Music Video


    Maher Zain - Insha Allah | Vocals Only - Official Music Video. From his album Thank You Allah - Vocals Only
    Watch entire album videos:
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    Insha Allah - Lyrics:

    Every time
    You feel like you cannot go on
    You feel so lost and that you're so alone
    All you see is night
    And darkness all around
    You feel so helpless you can't see which way to go
    Don't despair
    And never lose hope
    'Cause Allah is always by your side

    Insha Allah
    Insha Allah
    Insha Allah
    You'll find your way

    Every time
    You commit one more mistake
    You feel you can't repent and that it's way too late
    You're so confused
    Wrong decisions you have made
    Haunt your mind and your heart is full shame
    But don't despair
    And never lose hope
    Coz Allah is always by your side


    Turn to Allah
    He's never far away
    Put your trust in Him
    Raise your hands and pray
    Ya Allah
    Guide my steps, don't let me go astray
    You're the only one who can show me the way
    Show me the way
    Show me the way
    Show me the way

    We'll find the way

    Lyrics: Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi
    Melody: Maher Zain
    Arrangement: Maher Zain & Malek Shah
    Awakening Records is a subsidiary of the UK-based Awakening Worldwide that has operational offices in both United States of America (USA) and Egypt.
    Awakening Records currently represents five artists: Humood (Kuwait), Maher Zain (Sweden), Mesut Kurtis (Macedonia), Raef (USA), and Harris J (UK). (Previously Sami Yusuf & Hamza Namira among others).

    Awakening Records
    هي إحدى الشركات التابعة لشركة أويكنينج العالمية وهي شركة بريطانية لها فروع في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية و مصر.
    تمثل أويكنينج ريكوردز حاليا ستة فنانين هم: حمود الخضر (الكويت)، ماهر زين (السويد)، مسعود كرتس (مقدونيا)، رائف (أمريكا), هاريس جاي (بريطانيا) - (إضافة إلى سامي يوسف، حمزة نمرة وعرفان مكي وآخرين في وقت سابق).

    © 2016 Awakening Records



    Hayyy Squidiii, ada bocoran THROWBACK ALBUM nih buat kalian :D

    Song List:
    1. Kehampaan
    2. Harapan Tak Semanis Kenyataan
    3. Hariku Tanpa Senyummu Lagi
    4. Detik Kebahagiaan
    5. Jangan Takut
    6. Kado Untuk Mama
    7. Coba Ingat Kembali
    8. Kau Pantas Bahagia

    Untuk pemesanan rilisan fisik THROWBACK ALBUM bisa hubungi:
    081298715789 (Fitrah)

    Semoga kalian suka ya sama teaser album kita, jangan lupa subscribe dan like jika kalian suka.

    Tombol loncengnya sekalian di pencet juga yaaa :P

    #throwbackalbum #newalbumsquadward #keepenjoyandlisteningsquadward

    SQUADWARD - KADO UNTUK MAMA (Official Music Video)




    Follow band page kita disini:




    For Booking
    Phone & WA: 081298715789 (Fitrah)

    Follow our team on instagram


    Recorded at: @amploprecords
    Mixed & Mastered by: @anotherbonr

  • Song of Moluccan fishermen: Pangajo - Wiesława Frejmanówna, 1959


    Wiesława Frejmanówna & Zespół Instrumentalny Mieczysława Janicza (Mieczysław Janicz Instrumental Band) - Pangajo (indonezyjska pieśń ludowa, sł. K.Winkler), Muza 1959 (Polish)

    NOTE: In the second half of the 1950s, after Joseph Stalin's death in Russia, the political regime in Poland loosened and the substitute form of the artistic freedom gave some more air into the lungs of the nation. After atrocities of the 2nd WW and the massacre of the best of the nation, the new generation of the artistic youth had meanwhile grown up to be able in the late 1950s to take over the leadership of the artistic life in Poland. The names of young film directors: Andrzej Munk, Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polański, of composers such as Wojciech Komeda (composer of the music for Polański's Rosemary's Baby) or writers: Marek Hłasko, Leopold Tyrmand -- were soon to appear on the front covers of cultural magazines throughout the world. Notwithstanding the doses of freedom were still carefully controlled by the Communist Party censors, it was enough to give birth to a phenomenon of so-called thaw in the political, intellectual and artistic life of Poland. Although in the next decades, the whims of rulers often changed, and again there were periods of the tightening of the Communist collar, but Poland has subsequently never returned to the role of an obedient subject. Hence, it was often called then the happiest barrack in the communist camp.

    Also in the pop music, the thaw meant appearing of the whole array of new talents: singers Ludmiła Jakubczak, Janusz Gniatkowski, Maria Koterbska, Rena Rolska, Natasza Zylska, or the jazz vocalist Wanda Warska -- to mention only a handful of names. Undoubtedly, Wiesława Frejmanówna belonged to that new wave of the 1950s. In spite of that, her name completely disappears in the early 1960s -- as if the owner of it had suddenly dissolved in the air. Even in the web -- that bottomless treasure of all memorabilia -- neither her data nor a photograph are available. Pangajo is one of her most interesting recordings she managed to leave behind, before her disappearance. Two other -- which I have -- are two Polish versions of enormous French hits of the 1940s: Mon Coeur est un Violon (Tobie dałam serce me) and Sous le Ciel de Paris (To śpiewa Paryż) . Both are sung very well and it is really a great loss, Wiesława Frejmanówna had ceased her artistic progress in the turn of the 1950/60s .

    I don't know the meaning of the song's title. Polish lyrics describe the word Pangajo as the calling of the sea space. The song has a subtitle: Indonesian folk tune, yet somwehere else I found a hint, it's a song of the Moluccan fishermen. Therefore, I selected for the slideshow a small collection of the vintage as well as contemporary, Moluccan photoes. I hope, they go well with Frejmanówna's interesting alto voice and the tune's slow and dreamy tempo.

  • ايامي معاك Aiyamiye Maa3ake


    ايامي معاك
    سنين وانا بحلم ابقى معاك
    سنين من عمري بستناك
    ولما حبيبي شفت عنيك
    بقيت يا حبيبي ملك اديك
    ايامي معاك
    انا عايش علشان بهواك
    انا عاشق وبموت في هواك
    انا ناسي في حضنك انا مين
    جوايا غرام
    ولا يمكن احكي بكلام
    من يقدر يوصف احلام
    كان عايش يحلمها سنين
    تعالى في حضن قلبي وعيش
    دغيرك انت بس ما ليش
    بحس بمعنى عمري معاك
    بحب الدنيا وانا واياك
    Audio XGlite Music Studio Productions Recordings Oujda Maroc Omar Mohammed El Houcine Chari
    Audio XGlite
    High-quality music to access your audiovisual production
    Music, our goal is to provide musical illustration of the highest possible quality to all audiovisual content producers, in all styles and all musical genres, for any type of project.
    The production quality of all of its music are exceptional authentic instruments where you need it, solo recordings and a complete orchestra, including the Royal Orchestra, the famous sound technician such as the famous studios
    Built in our catalog about a solid core of XGlite music composers, we provide music
    All of our music is authorized for use in the world, in all media, for an indefinite period
    Enjoy unlimited access to our site through a € 295 sole production unit
    Configure the original to adapt from the current titles,
    Rich and international, include our customer list
    $ £ € and more
    Contact us today to learn more
    E-mail address

    audio XGlite
    musique de haute qualité pour atteindre votre production audiovisuelle
    Musique, notre objectif est de fournir de la musique de la meilleure qualité possible pour tous les producteurs de contenu audiovisuel illustration, dans tous les styles et tous les genres musicaux, pour tout type de projet sera.
    Qualité de la production de toute la musique est authentique outils exceptionnels où vous en avez besoin, et les enregistrements en solo orchestre complet, y compris le Royal Philharmonic, et le fameux son art comme les célèbres studios
    Construit dans notre catalogue sur un noyau solide de compositeurs de musique Audio XGlite, nous offrons
    Tous autorisés à utiliser notre musique au monde, dans tous les médias, pour une durée illimitée
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    جودة الإنتاج من وجميع موسيقاها هي أدوات استثنائية أصيلة حيث كنت في حاجة إليها، والتسجيلات منفردا أوركسترا كاملة، بما في ذلك أوركسترا الملكية ، وفني الصوت الشهيرة مثل استوديوهات الشهيرة
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    اتصل بنا اليوم لمعرفة المزيد
    عنوان البريد الالكتروني
    الهاتف المحمول

  • Aku Cuma Punya Hati Mytha - Cover Akustik Pengamen Jalanan Ganteng Sabian Nanda


    Terimakasih telah menyaksikan video cover lagu oleh street musician / pengamen jalanan CFD Idjen Malang, Indonesia. Dukung terus musisi jalanan dengan cara like, dan share video. Sempatkan juga untuk komentar yang membangun, karena setiap bulan ada bagi-bagi pulsa untuk subscriber yang komentarnya terpilih. Jadi, jangan lupa subscribe dan aktifkan loncengnya, supaya update selalu dan berkesempatan mendapatkan giveaway setiap bulannya.
    Mau REQUEST? Silakan tulis judul lagu dan nama bandnya di kolom komentar. Untuk menyaksikan semua lagu dalam playlist, silakan klik link ini:

    Selalu Ada - Blackout
    Lagi Syantik - Siti Badriah
    Aku Takut - Repvblik
    Dengan Caraku - Brisia Jodie feat Arsy Widianto
    Deen Assalam - Nisa Sabyan Gambus
    Akad - Payung Teduh
    Benci Untuk Mencinta - Naif
    Asal Kau Bahagia
    Naif - Posesif
    Coldplay - Up and Up
    Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
    The Thrill Is Gone - BB King
    Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror
    Bukti - Virgoun
    Kekasih Bayangan - Cakra Khan
    Pengamen feat Mamanya (Reggae Bob Marley)
    Ed Sheeran - Perfect
    Jaran Goyang ft Cewek Cantik
    Cewek Jilbab Cantik Bikin Gemes
    Bojo Galak (Cewek Cantik Imut)
    Bapak - Iksan Skuter
    Candra Malik - Cinta Itu Luka, Rindu Itu Perihnya
    Sapradi Djoko D. - Gerimis Kecil di Jakarta, Malang
    Ingin Hilang Ingatan - Rocket Rocker
    Risalah Hati - Dewa

    Sabian Nanda @SabianNanda
    Guitar Yamaha APX-500 II (White Love)
    Backsound Yamaha
    Software edit video: Final Cut Pro X
    Kamera: Fujifilm XT-10 Lensa 35mm F2 & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    Audio: Mixer Behringer Xenyx 802 USB
    Follow Social Media :
    Twitter :
    Instagram :
    Facebook :
    Youtube :

    Copyright Jidat, Yuda Taufiqurrahman. All Rights Reserved.

  • Bali Spa Music - Instrumental Meditation Music for Relaxation, Sleep, De-Stress - Zen Music


    We could all do with a little peace and serenity in our day to day lives. When the outside world bexomes too chaotic, it does one good to retreat to your inner self, and soothe your sould with Peace and Serenity from Bali – a new title under the Spa music for relaxation series. Especially compiled to accompany a traditional Balinese massage or spa, these tracks can also be played to de-stress and unwind at the end of a hard day. Music plays an important part in our daily lives its effects on our spiritual well being cannot be undermined. A variety of composers renowned for creating music that brings balance and harmony between inner and outer worlds have come together on this album. They have used everything from traditional Asian Instruments to wind ambience, water droplets and nature sounds to create a harmony of notes that will quite literally stir your soul.
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  • Saat Teduh - Monita Tahalea | #jemari_mengiringi


    Cover lagu Saat Teduh yg dipopulerkan oleh Monita Tahalea.

    Kunjungi channel resmi Monita Tahalea di tautan berikut :


    ▶Playlist Tutorial Gitar:

    ▶Playlist Accoustic Cover:

    ▶Playlist Gitar Solo:

    ▶Playlist Acapella Cover:


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    ☆ Instagram : @valiant_ferraro ( )

    ☆ Twitter : @Valiant_Tnx ( )

  • Thirty But Seventeen New Korean movie Hindi Songs korean mix 2019


    A love song is a song about romantic love, falling in love, heartbreak after a breakup, and the feelings that these experiences bring. A comprehensive list of even the best-known performers and composers of love songs would be a large order.

    Love songs can be found in a variety of different music genres
    Love songs have been around for centuries and can be found in the histories and cultures of most societies, though their ubiquity is a modern phenomenon.

    A highly controversial and startling explanation of the genesis of love songs can be found in Denis de Rougemont's Love in the Western World.De Rougemont's thesis is that the love song grew out of the courtly love songs of the troubadours and that those songs represented a rejection of the historical Christian notion of love.

    Identities of love songs change from time to time, from the decade of love in the '70s, through night partying in the '80s, and into the dark romance of the '90s.

  • Dance & Electronic No Copyright Music Modern Theme - Nicolai Heidlas Music



    [ pop ] sounds list

    [ Rock ] sounds list

    [ Hip Hop & Rap ] sounds list

    [ Dance & Electronic ] sounds list

    [ Relaxing ] sounds list

    [ Country & Folk ] sounds list

    • Track Info: Title: Modern Theme Artist: Nicolai Heidlas Music Genre: Dance & Electronic Mood: Bright Download:
    • Licence: You’re free to use this song in any of your videos, but you must include the following in your video description (Copy & Paste): Modern Theme by Nicolai Heidlas Music Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Music for Creators


    SUMMER MIX 2017 | Club Dance Music Mashups Remixes Mix - Dance MEGAMIX - CLUB MUSIC

    New Dance Music 2017 2018 dj Club Mix

    SUMMER MIX 2017 | Club Dance Music Mashups Remixes Mix - Dance MEGAMIX - CLUB MUSIC

    Best Remixes Of Popular Songs 2018 | Live Stream Music 24/7 |💯 New Hits 🔥| Best Party Club Dance Mix

    Best Selection - Dance Music Of 1990-2000 Vol.2

    Best Shuffle Dance Music 2017 Live Stream Music 24/7 Best Remixes Of Popular Songs 2017

    New Best Popular Club Dance House Music Megamix 2017 - PDB

    Popular Shuffle Dance Music Mix 2017 Best Electro Melbourne Bounce Party🔥Shuffle Girls Video

    Despacito Remix Best Shuffle Dance Music 2017 Melbourne Bounce Best Remixes Of Popular Song

    Best Disco Hits Of 80s and 90s - Golden Dance Playlist - Best Dance Music

    Best Shuffle Dance Music 2017 🔥 Best Remix of Popular Songs 2017 🔥 New Electro House 2017 Ewolf #84

    Best Shuffle Dance Music 2017 Best Electro House & Bass Boosted Live Stream 24/7

    Shuffle Dance Music Video ⚡ Best EDM Music Mix 2017

    New Best Club Dance Music Mashups Remixes Mix 2016 - CLUB MUSIC

    SUMMER MIX 2017 | Club Dance Music Mashups Remixes Mix - Dance MEGAMIX - CLUB MUSIC

    New Year Party Mix 2017 - 2018 | Best of Popular EDM, Dance, Electro & House, Club Music MEGAMIX

    Best Shuffle Dance Music 2018 Best Of EDM Popular Songs Remixes 2018 Best Music Mix

    【作業用BGM】 絶対にテンションが上がる神EDMメドレーBEST40 【MY TOP 40 EDM】

    徹夜BGM/超かっこいいダンスミュージック 2015/Nice Dance Music!! / 洋楽EDM

    Munbe Vaa BGM | Irudaya Dance Company | #IrudayasJourney


    Upbeat Background Music Instrumental Dance & Electronic

    【極上BGM】おしゃれ&超クール!洋楽ヒップホップ・ダンスミュージック♫ HIP HOP Dance Music トレンド/人気急上昇!


    고두림] BGM EXID - 덜덜덜 / K-POP / DANCE

    作業用BGM Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO 全曲集

    【極上BGM】クラブ人気曲2017ベストリミックス 洋楽ヒットチャートメドレー【EDM CLUB DANCE】 Alva Mix

    Premam BGM Dance Practise

    エグゼイドBGM Dance The Battle

    [DDR A AC] DanceDanceRevolution A BGM


    Dance BGM Forever~this is living

    College Dance (Mass BigB BGM, palkari penne and lots more.)

    The King Loves - Dance BGM

    湾岸ミッドナイト5 BGM 07 Lightning Dance

  • MV Henry - Its You 당신이 잠든 사이에 OST Part 2


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    Title: Henry – It's You (While You Were Sleeping OST Part 2) 당신이 잠든 사이에 OST Part 2
    Movie / Drama: While You Were Sleeping
    Singer/ Artist: Henry
    Lyricist: 김지수, Mike Woods, Kevin White, Andrew Bazzi
    Composers: 김지수, HENRY, Mike Woods, Kevin White, Andrew Bazzi
    Arranger: 김지수, Mike Woods, Kevin White, Andrew Bazzi
    Type: Korean OST
    Released Year: 2017
    Genre : OST
    Release Date : 2017-10-04
    Language : English

    [당신이 잠든 사이에 OST Part.2]
    28일 첫 방송을 순조롭게 출발하며 점점 더 기대감을 선사하고 있는 SBS 드라마 스페셜 '당신이 잠든 사이에' OST의 두번째 주자로 가수 '헨리'가 나선다.
    4일 오후 6시에 공개되는 '헨리(Herny') It’s You는 아름다운 피아노와 ‘헨리’만의 음악적 색깔이 돋보이는 곡으로, 극 중 재찬(이종석 분)과 홍주(배수지 분) 서로의 애틋한 마음을 잘 표현해주고 있다. 국내는 물론 중국, 미국 등 해외로 그 인지도를 넓혀 나가며 실력을 보여주고 있는 '헨리'만의 독특한 음색과 더불어 그의 음악성을 확실하게 느낄 수 있는 It’s You는 '헨리' 본인이 직접 작곡에 참여하며 OST의 완성도를 높이려 노력하였다.

    2회 엔딩곡으로 삽입되며 시청자들의 관심을 한 몸에 받고 있는 It’s You는 앞으로도 '당신이 잠든 사이에'의 완성도를 한층 더 높여줄 것으로 기대를 모으고 있다. 시청자들의 많은 관심을 받으며 순항중인 SBS 드라마스페셜 [당신이 잠든사이에 OST Part.2] '헨리(Herny)' It’s You 는 4일 18시 멜론, 벅스, Mnet 등 전 음원사이트를 통해 공개된다.

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  • Takanashi Iori - Nandemonaiya - Drum Remix


    Finally I’ve done my tribute remix to my favorite movie (君の名は) and female anime character (宮水三葉) XD!! Being greatly inspired by my favorite drummers (Luke Holland and Matt Garstka) and Djent band (Animals as Leaders) over 10 months, I’m so excited to introduce you guys my wholehearted work! See? As Mitsuha’s grandma said, 'Musubi' can link totally irrelevant things together!!!

    It is my progressive jazzy metal drum remix on an emotional song “なんでもないや”that I recently fall in love with. I tried not to write any “hyper” drum parts to avoid ruining the song like you guys always said smh… Instead, I added all the crazy, technical, rudimental stuff that I have been inspired from my favourite Djent band “Animals as Leaders”. As you heard from remix, it’s ….. LOL entirely chemical stuff that I used to never imagine. Lots of odd time signature groove, polyrhythm and polymeter are used in the chorus. Some of them are Math tricks. lol
    Hope you guys like it. Enjoy!!

    I have spent almost 10 months to immerse myself into a totally different style of techniques. Thanks to my heroes, Luke Holland and Matt Garstka, for the inspiration which has made me completely change on drumming.

    I announce I am back and will upload more videos on YouTube more regularly, I hope you guys can keep following me for my biggest motivation to keep me making. Again, thanks all for supports!!

    Movie: 君の名は / Your Name/ 你的名字/ 너의 이름은
    Song: なんでもないや (みやみず みつは Movie Ver.)/ Nandemonaiya (Mitsuha's Movie Version) /別來無恙 (三葉版本)
    Artists: 上白石萌音/ Kamishiraishi Mone
    Original composers: RADWIMPS
    Drum parts written, played, composed, arranged by: Iori Takanashi

    Kit used:

    Roland TD-25KV

    Other gears:

    Tama hardware and iron-cobra pedals

    Tools and software used:

    Drum track recording, editing and mixing: ProTools HD 10
    Video Editing: VSDC Free Video Editor

    Download list:

    1. Original Drum MIX

    2. Drum Track Audio

    Also, please check out my Facebook page HERE:

    Tags: 君の名は, Your Name, 你的名字, なんでもない, 너의 이름은, Nandemonaiya, 別來無恙, 甚麼都沒有, Mitsuha, Taki Tachibana, 上白石萌音, Kamishiraishi Mone, RADWIMPS, Melodic rock, Progressive metal, Djent, Matt Garstka, Luke Holland, Animals as Leaders, Polyrhythm, Polymeter, Change of tempo/ time signature, odd time signature, Iori Takanashi

    Copyright Disclaimer:

    Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

  • Best of Firoza Begum Nazrul Geeti | Bengali Songs | Feroza Begum Bengali Nazrul Songs


    Presenting Best of Firoza Begum Nazrul Geeti is a unique collection to celebrate the birthday of the Nazrul Geeti artiste Feroza Begum. The legendary Firoza Begum and Nazrul Geeti have almost become two synonymous words. She was born in 1930. Feroza Begum was educated in Calcutta in undivided India and was closely linked with rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, who is now Bangladesh’s national poet.Some people called her The Nightingale of Bangladesh. Some of Nazrul's songs related to the Indian independence movement, with which he was closely associated, while others were more spiritual. Yet many credit Begum with saving a canon of music that was going out of fashion. She would later serve as the first chairperson of the Nazrul Institute, a government-funded institution dedicated to publishing the poet's works and recordings. In 1949 she and the established ghazal singer Talat Mahmud were the voices selected for the inauguration of Pakistan Radio's Dhaka studio.
    This album “Feroza Begum : Evergreen Nazrul Geeti Hits or Best of Firoza Begum Nazrul Geeti” is a compilation of some very famous Nazrul Geeti rendered by Feroza Begum. Some of very popular nazrul tracks like Ami Jaar Nupurer and Esho Priyo Mor are compiled here.

    === ALBUM SONG DATA ===

    ► Ami Jaar Nupurer 0:00:01
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Patha Cholite Jodi 0:04:23
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Bhiru E Moner Koli 0:08:10
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Naachey Irani Meye 0:12:24
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Modira Swapaney Momo 0:15:36
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Banka Chhurir Matan 0:18:10
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Ashey Basanto Phulo Baney 0:21:35
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Priyo Emon Raat Jeno 0:24:42
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Moner Rang Legechhey 0:28:43
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

    ► Esho Priyo Mor 0:31:53
    Artiste- Feroza Begum
    Lyricist- Kazi Nazrul Islam
    Composer- Kazi Nazrul Islam

  • Creating the Music


    An unexpected journey through the long work of Howard Shore and so many other ones to create one of the best-ever soundtracks.

    0:00:10 Prologue
    0:03:33 Overture : Music of the Wilderland
    0:23:01 1st movement : the World of Men
    0:44:00 2nd movement : in the Halls of Erebor
    1:00:42 Credits

    (0:17:37 Tauriel and Kili)
    (0:46:44 Smaug)

  • 🎵 JaeNev & PRATZAPP - Waiting 🎵


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    👉Check Out All The Hits:

    🎵🤭Music Only:

    🗣🎙With Vocals:


    If you would like to use this song in your video, please kindly give credit to the artist.

    Copy and paste the following in between the lines below into your video description.
    Music By:

    JaeNev & PRATZAPP - Waiting



    Music Promoted by: Strike Free Music



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