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Playlist of List of Azerbaijani musicians

  • Sami Yusuf - Azerbaijan: A Timeless Presence


    Listen to ‘Azerbaijan: A Timeless Presence (Live)’ now:


    Azerbaijan: A Timeless Presence is a breathtaking musical odyssey through a rich artistic and cultural heritage. The music was composed, arranged, and directed by Sami Yusuf for the Opening Ceremony of the 43rd Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Baku on June 30, 2019. The performance was directed by the renowned creative director Andrei Boltenko.

    This newly created cultural treasure comprises nine themes; each theme expresses an aspect of the ethos of Azerbaijan from the land’s earliest inhabitants some twenty thousand years ago to its contemporary realities and aspirations.

    With fifty-seven highly skilled musicians under his direction, Sami Yusuf displays his mastery of a complex musical language while staying true to the traditional sounds of the region. The instruments used (except the piano) are traditional instruments from the region including the tar, an instrument so significant that it is said to have taken a role in shaping the cultural identity of Azerbaijanis; the kamancha, the stringed instrument related to the Byzantine lyra and European violin family; and the balaban, a double-reed ancient wind instrument with a plaintive, solemn sound.

    Azerbaijan: A Timeless Presence mesmerises with its dazzling musical range from the subtle to the powerful and from the evocative to the majestic. It is the soundscape of a region that displays an underlying universality. These inspired compositions by this renowned musician evoke powerful emotional responses in listeners no matter their cultural origin.

    Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan


    Published by Andante Records & Administered by Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd for the World

    Copyright of Andante Records. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Beautiful Ethnic Music - HD - Faran Ensemble


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    Faran Ensemble is a three player group, who joined each other in a
    spiritual quest, expressed in music and sounds. It has been years now that
    these players have deeply engaged themselves in studying the musical
    instruments and the theory of music with the best teachers in the country
    and abroad.

    The instruments played originate from esoteric and ancient traditions of
    the East.
    KAMANTCHE is an ancient musical instrument whose origins are
    rooted in Azerbaijan.
    OUD, one of the most ancient string instruments, is found anywhere it is
    customary to have very strong and dark tea in a small cup.
    The Percussion which have been in use since the first human heartbeat.

    The ensemble members grew up and come from different places,
    backgrounds and sceneries. From the very dry desert to the luscious green
    through the hectic noisy city sounds. The composed works reflect all of
    these as they were composed together by the four ensemble members.
    Both the composition-works and the musicians are deeply influenced by
    the Eastern musical system called 'Maqam' .
    Maqam in translation means all at once a physical place in the musical scale,
    the fingers' placing on the strings and the melody which expresses this.
    But more than that, 'Maqam' refers to a meditative place. A state that the
    player must be attended so the music will be played as it should be.
    In ancient cultures each Maqam has its own particular hour in the day,
    season and a specific ceremonial connection.

    Faran, is a dry desert wadi, which fills with water and life only in rainy
    winters; and in the hot season, otherwise silent. It crosses Israel on its
    way from Sinai, ignoring all borders.

    Music for us is a journey.
    Join us..

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  • Georgia & Paliashvili Dinner Video


  • Best Sufi Meditation Music... Vol. I موسيقى صوفية


    Sufi Meditation Music

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    1) Sufi dialogue from album (the egyptian music)
    2) Sufi_Music_Ensemble_Whirling Himma
    3) Sufi Music Ensemble - Himma
    4) .........
    5) .........
    6) Whirling Dervish from album (Omar Faruk Tekbilek)

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  • Keyvan Saket


    Vittorio Monti (6 January 1868 -- 20 June 1922) was an Italian composer, violinist, and conductor. Monti was born in Naples where he studied violin and composition at the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella. Around 1900 he got an assignment as the conductor for the Lamoureux Orchestra in Paris, where he wrote several ballets and operettas, for example Noël de Pierrot.
    His only famous work is his Csárdás, written around 1904 and played by almost every gypsy orchestra.

    Keyvan Saket
    Born in 1960 in Mashad, Iran, Mr. Kayvan Saket's musical experience began during his elementary school years while performing with the Music Workshop on national Iranian television. He received musical instruction on the tar from his uncle, Mr. Manoucher Zamanian, upon reaching adolescence where he showed promising signs of a future and successful musical career. He was also taught by Mr. Hamid Motabassem for a short period of time. Soon after, Mr. Saket began studying the works of classical and contemporary Iranian musicians. In 1989, Mr. Saket joined the Aref Ensemble under the leadership of Mr. Parviz Meshkatian; Saket's collaboration with the Ensemble continued steadily into 1996; during this time period, they released several albums and performed extensively throughout Iran and abroad.

    Around the same time, Mr. Saket established the Vaziri Orchestra. This orchestra's primary goal was to bring about a revival of the traditional style of Iranian master Colonel Alinaghi Vaziri. Together, Mr. Saket and the Vaziri Orchestra perform on a regular basis in Iran; their work includes pieces such as Ey Vatan, which is a dedication to the legacy of Mr. Vaziri.

    Mr. Saket has pushed the boundaries of traditional Iranian music to new and breaking grounds through his creative arrangements of well-known western classical music, using traditional Iranian instruments such as the tar and setar. These innovative works include pieces such as Mozart's colorful Symphony No. 40 and Brahms' Hungarian Rhapsodies (for a complete list of pieces and publications, please see under Books & CDs).

  • My Choice - Maltese Traditional: Contradanza Maltija


    Contradanza Maltija or simply Il-Maltija with the orchestra under the direction of Mro Domenico Lombardo. This is probably the most loved Maltese Folk music in this country. We are showing the Aurora Folk Dance Group of Gozo. The video clips are superimposed so they may not be following the music 100%.

    Early in 193I, a group of musicians travelled from the port of Valletta, Malta, to Tunis, to record the very first records of Maltese music. What ensued was a social phenomenon, which took much of society by storm. This is the forgotten story of recording Maltese, folk and popular music in the interwar period. A list of all the songs included in these CDs is found further down. It's an excellent collection of old Maltese Folk songs.

    A 60 page book with 30 tracks is now available. It's an intriguing account of musicians, composers, poets and songwriters who, contracted by the Valletta music agents, were sent to Milan and Tunis to record on the major record labels of the day, including HMV, Polyphon, Odeon and Pathé Records. Recorded music and gramophones became an attractive novelty, which played back local music and altered the Maltese people's perception of themselves forever.

    These old songs have now been restored. Concept, production, research and story writing by Andrew Alamango.

    This is one of 30 old Maltese songs available on two CDs. You can order them from here:

    This song is copyrighted by 2010 Filfla Records. Sincere thanks to Andrew Alamango for giving us permission to use it in this video which shows Maltese folkloristic dancers.

    This is the list of all the songs included in MALTA'S LOST VOICES CDs and we urge all the Maltese to purchase them to re live some of the beautiful days of the past. Titles are written in old Maltese as found on the original vinyl 78 rpm records.

    1. X'Ahna sbieh min jaf jarana
    2. Valz bil chitarri
    3. Il guerra l chbira
    4. Il Curunell u l'Ordinanza
    5. IX-Xudi u Tonina Sammut (GHANJA)
    6. L'Istorja ta'Arturo u Maria- Pt1
    7. L'Istorja ta'Arturo u Maria- Pt2
    8. Contradanza Maltija
    9. Ghanja Maltia (Semenza)
    10. Xalata ghal San Paul
    11. Ix-Xudi taht it tieka
    12. Il mara u ix xitan
    13. Festa ta Rahal
    14. Lucia ta Lamermur Pt1
    15. Maddalena - Raccont bil cant
    16. Hajja sabiha
    17. Selvaggia
    18. Carnival
    19. Imhabba fuk il bahar
    20. Matteu Callus
    21. Ghid Lil mama
    22. Valse Ta l Imhabba
    23. Is-Sacranazzi-Terzet
    24. Nghannu lil chuicheb
    25. Stedina ghas sfin
    26. Ghad daul ta kamar (Serenata)
    27. Evviva l ballijet
    28. Hdejch
    29. Rigal f' Banju
    30. Rivali ta Imhabba
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    MALPEN04 MISCELLANEOUS (Non music video)

    MALTA, MALAYSIA & OTHER (Jasmine's Videos)
    jasalf5959 Youtube Channel

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  • Traditional Uzbek Music from Bukhara


    Uzbeki musicians performing a traditional song from Uzbekistan in their home in Bukhara. Jeff Greene, from the global roots band, Tribecastan, filmed this clip on his music research adventure to Uzbekistan. For more music and info please visit Tribecastan on the web at

  • Composers of Azerbaijan.wmv


    List of Azerbaijani composers

  • AMAZING STREET SAXAPHONE PERFORMANCE _ Lost On You by Serxan Aziz _ Cover - in Baku #Azerbaijan 2020


    street performance 2020
    Saxaphone performance
    amazing street performance

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  • Azerbaijani Leyli and Majnun Mugham opera performed in San Francisco, California, Nov. 10, 2012


    The U.S. premiere of the first opera of the Muslim world, namely Leyli and Majnun, composed and staged by Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli in 1908 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The opera was performed in San Francisco by Azerbaijani Mugham masters Vusala Musayeva and Ilkin Ahmadov, accompanied by Azerbaijani virtuoso Kamancha and Tar masters Imamyar Hasanov and Rufat Hasanov as well as an extraordinary orchestra of Chinese, Indian, South Korean and American musicians, within the framework of the 13th San Francisco World Music Festival.

  • Azeri bass hamının axtardığı


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  • The Truth About The Song Stereo Love by Edward Maya


    This song's real name is Bayatilar and it was sung in 1989 first time.Bayatılar is an Azerbaijani 1989 composition by Eldar Mansurov with lyrics by Vahid Aziz. Bayatılar was released by Brilliant Dadashova in Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Europe (including Turkey, Greece, Germany, Spain, France), the Arab World and Brazil. The song was used in versions and samples by Turkish DJ Hüseyin Karadayı and Cem Adrian (in the album Miracles) and Greek DJ Pantelis (in the album I Have A Dream (Extended Mix).
    Bayatılar is the basis of the 2009 Euro-dance Stereo Love by Romanian musicians Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina. Mansurov contacted the Romanian Office for Copyright in the autumn of 2009 claiming the refrain of Stereo Love was a copy of a tune from his composition Bayatlar. In the videoclip, the composer of Stereo Love was indicated as Anonymous. Both the Office and Edward Maya later confirmed that Mansurov's work was in fact used in the making of Stereo Love. Maya commented by saying he was fascinated by the accordion version of Bayatılar he had come across on the Internet earlier in 2009 and claimed he had tried to contact the author but failed due to his busy schedule. On 19 January 2010, Edward Maya arrived in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he signed an agreement with Eldar Mansurov affirming their co-authorship of Stereo Love.[1]
    Bayatılar was also used as a basis for the Greek track I Have a Dream by DJ Pantelis.

  • Vaqif Mustafazadə - Musiqiləri


    Baku Music - Listen Your Heart.

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    Music List:

    01. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Düşüncə 00:00
    02. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Tənhalıq 05:40
    03. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bakı gecələri 08:36
    04. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Əzizə 13:05
    05. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Evimizə gəlin gəlir 17:09
    06. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bağçada 23:45
    07. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Baharda 26:35
    08. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bakılı Bakıdan 31:53
    09. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bu Gün 35:08
    10. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Composers Union 41:35
    11. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Dəyanət 47:35
    12. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Doğma Nəğmələr 53:25
    13. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Fantaziya 55:33
    14. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Getmə getmə gəl 59:40
    15. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Hədiyyə 1:03:10
    16. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Mart 1:06:56
    17. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Platon Mayboroda 1:09:26
    18. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Payız yarpaqları 1:13:12
    19. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Qafqaz 1:15:20
    20. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Qızıl üzük (vocal Sevil) 1:19:36
    21. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ritm 1:22:19
    22. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Şirvanşahlar sarayı 1:25:34
    23. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Qəflətən 1:29:55
    24. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Sunrise 1:32:54
    25. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Səhər 1:38:01
    26. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Sənə də qalmaz (Tofiq Quliyev) 1:44:30
    27. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Warm Up Jazz 1:49:45
    28. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Yollar 1:52:26
    29. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Yollar (vocal Sevil) 1:54:56
    30. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Zibeydə 1:57:36
    31. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ad günü 2:00:23
    32. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Arzu-Niyazi 02:05:00
    33. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ballada (Arif Məlikov) 02:09:26
    34. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Muğam 02:13:57
    35. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Romantika 02:19:00
    36. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Vals (Qara Qarayev) 02:22:34
    37. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ana 02:33:37
    38. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Aman ovçu 02:36:12
    39. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ay pəri 02:40:04
    40. Vaqif Mustafazadə - İmprovizasiya 02:45:41
    41. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Şıltaq qız 02:50:40
    42. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bakının işıqları 02:54:25
    43. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bayatı-Şiraz (Mixed) 02:58:37
    44. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Kəklik 03:09:41
    45. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Qurban belə gəlinə 03:13:14
    46. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Günəş 03:15:28
    47. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Gəlmədi 03:18:45

    Vaqif Mustafazade haqqinda :

    Vaqif Əziz oğlu Mustafazadə (16 mart 1940 – 16 dekabr 1979) — bəstəkar, pianoçu, caz-muğam üslubunun banisi. Azərbaycanın əməkdar incəsənət xadimi (1979).Murad Qurbanov onun dayısı idi. Murad Qurbanov 1971-ci ildə Amerikaya gedir və vəfat edir.

    Daha çox məlumat üçün bura daxil olun:

    about Vagif Mustafazadeh:

    Vagif Mustafazadeh (Azerbaijani: Vaqif Mustafazadə; March 16, 1940 – December 16, 1979), also known as Vaqif Mustafa-Zadeh, was an Azerbaijani jazz pianist and composer, acclaimed for fusing jazz and the traditional Azerbaijani folk music known as mugham. According to many world famous jazz musicians, Mustafazadeh is one of the pioneers and the architect of jazz in Azerbaijan

    You can read more here:

    For copyright issues, mail us here :

  • Gil Shaham in Jordan Hall - finale of Avner Dormans Niggun


    This concert (Feb 10, 2013) was nearly cancelled due to Nemo blizzard. The hall was half-full (unheard for Shaham performances) but the ovations were as loud as at a packed stadium.

  • SHABAB KA RANG | शबाब का रंग | Hot Romatic Ghazal Ever | 2018


    Producer: JUNED KHAN ( शबाब का रंग )
    Music & Singer: RAFIQ RAJA
    Rhythm Arranger: TAHIR HASAN
    Label: AUDIO CURRY
    Special Thanks: NAVED KHAN, IRSHAD AZIZ
    Follow Us:

    The ghazal (Urdu: غزَل ‬‎, Hindi: ग़ज़ल), a type of amatory poem or ode, was famous all around the Indian subcontinent in the 18th and 19th centuries. A ghazal may be understood as a poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the beauty of love in spite of that pain. The form is ancient, originating in Arabic poetry in Arabia long before the birth of Islam. It is derived from the Arabian panegyric qasida. The structural requirements of the ghazal are similar in stringency to those of the Petrarchan sonnet. In style and content, it is a genre that has proved capable of an extraordinary variety of expression around its central themes of love and separation. The ghazal was spread into South Asia in the 12th century by the influence of Sufi mystics and the courts of the new Islamic sultanates. Although the ghazal is most prominently a form of Dari and Urdu poetry, it is now found in the poetry of many languages on the Indian subcontinent. Ghazals were written by Rumi and Hafiz of Persia; the Azerbaijani Turkish poet Fuzûlî in the Ottoman Empire; Mirza Ghalib and Muhammad Iqbal of North India; and Kazi Nazrul Islam of Bengal. Through the influence of Goethe (1749–1832), the ghazal became very popular in Germany during the 19th century; the form was used extensively by Friedrich Rückert (1788–1866) and August von Platen (1796–1835). The Kashmiri poet Agha Shahid Ali was a proponent of the form, both in English and in other languages; he edited a volume of real Ghazals in English. Ghazals were also written by Moti Ram Bhatta (1866–1896), the pioneer of Nepali ghazal writing in Nepali. All the lines of a ghazal have the same meter. It is common in ghazals for the poet's name (known as takhallus) to be featured in the last verse (a convention known as the maqta). Can usually be interpreted for a higher being or for a mortal beloved. Love is always viewed as something that will complete a human being, and if attained will lift him or her into the ranks of the wise, or will bring satisfaction to the soul of the poet. Traditional ghazal law may or may not have an explicit element of sexual desire in it, and the love may be spiritual. The love may be directed to either a man or a woman.The ghazal is always written from the point of view of the unrequited lover whose beloved is portrayed as unattainable. Most often, either the beloved has not returned the poet's love or returns it without sincerity or else the societal circumstances do not allow it. The lover is aware and resigned to this fate but continues loving nonetheless; the lyrical impetus of the poem derives from this tension. Representations of the lover's powerlessness to resist his feelings often include lyrically exaggerated violence. The beloved's power to captivate the speaker may be represented in extended metaphors about the arrows of his eyes, or by referring to the beloved as an assassin or a killer. Take, for example, the following couplets from Amir Khusro's Persian ghazal Nami danam chi manzil buud shab: Many of the major historical ghazal poets were either avowed Sufis themselves (like Rumi or Hafiz), or were sympathizers with Sufi ideas.[citation needed] Most ghazals can be viewed in a spiritual context, with the Beloved being a metaphor for God or the poet's spiritual master. It is the intense Divine Love of Sufism that serves as a model for all the forms of love found in ghazal poetry.[citation needed] Most ghazal scholars today recognize that some ghazal couplets are exclusively about Divine Love (ishq-e-haqiqi). Others are about earthly love (ishq-e-majazi), but many of them can be interpreted in either context. Collection of ghazals. Illuminated headpiece. Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania LJS 44 Traditionally invoking melancholy, love, longing, and metaphysical questions, ghazals are often sung by Afghan, Pakistani, and Indian musicians. The form has roots in seventh-century Arabia,[citation needed] and gained prominence in the thirteenth- and fourteenth-century. Thanks to such Persian poets as Rumi and Hafiz and later due to Indian poets such as Mirza Ghalib. In the eighteenth-century, the ghazal was used by poets writing in Urdu. Among these poets, Ghalib is the recognized master.

  • Sharp Dressed Man cover Live, Awesome Hard Rock Band CROCK! , рок группа на корпоратив


    Awesome Hard Rock Band 'CROCK!' (Kazakhstan),
    рок группа на корпоратив (Казахстан, Россия)


    CROCK rock band - international musical team, created by experienced musicians, who played music at different times, at different countries and at different bands. Date created on June 1, 2014. Rock band was originally created for personal pleasure and getting aesthetic and moral satisfaction for our free time. 2015 had to be spent on the process of restoring all musical skills after a long break (naturally covers). We began to write their own at 2016. On how much successfully - let the audience judge. CROCK play list includes works as their own compositions (NAFFTALYNE album) and classics of world rock music that CROCK-road project combines the cover.
    Musical direction - Blues, Rock and Roll, Hard Rock.
    (Playlist over 500 min)

    The team consists of 5 musicians:
    Denis Davydov - vocal, lead guitar,
    Dmitry Davydov - vocal, guitar (harmonica, violin)
    Kamil Asfandiyarov - vocal, bass guitar,
    Galiya Kuanysheva - vocal,
    Azamat Berkeshev- drums.

    Live and quality music - only !!!

  • Hot Kazakh Female Singers


    Keshyou Ризамын

  • Şəhriyar İmanov: Tar böyük zirvələrə layiq alətdir English subtitles


    Tanımalı Azərilər - Turan agentliyinin - incəsənət, elm, idman xadimləri və sadəcə olaraq istedadlı insanlarla tanış etməyi nəzərdə tutan yeni layihəsi belə adlanır.

    Tanımalı Azərilər siyahısında ilk şəxs gənc tar ifaçısı - virtuoz Şəhriyar İmanovdur.

    Qloballaşma dövründə xalqımızın nümayəndələri bir çox ölkələrdə əhəmiyyətli mövqelər tuturlar. Bu, əvvəllər mühacirət edənlərin övladları və son iyirmi ildə Azərbaycanı tərk edən gənc nəslin nümayəndələridir.

    Bizim vəzifəmiz həmvətənlərimizi öz istedadı və intellekti ilə Azərbaycanı ölkə hüdudlarından çox-çox uzaqlarda təmsil edən bu insanlarla tanış etməkdir.

  • Uzeyir Hajibeyov Arshin Mal Alan performed by children


    Uzeyir Hajibeyov 125 anniversary dedicated concert of children musicians organized by Toronto based Allegro Academy of Music and Arts with the support of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Canada. Arshin Mal Aalan variation performed by children musicians.

  • DUM TAK Revolution featuring Alla Kushnir


    music video EP DUM TAK Revolution Vol.1
    DUM TAK Revolution combines traditional arabic music with modern electronic pop, shaabi and belly dance. Palestinian musician Khader Ahmad and Berlin based producer Felix Neumann collaborate in this intercultural music project with renowned Lebanese, Syrian, and Egyptian musicians to create a musical and cultural synergy.

    DUM TAK Revulotion
    تجمع ما بين الموسيقى العربية الأصيلة وأنغام البوب الالكترونية المعاصرة وبين الموسيقى الشعبية والرقص الشرقي. هذا المشروع الطموح وغير المألوف من الموسيقى المستوحاة من مُختلف الثقافات العالمية والذي يقدمه الفنان الفلسطيني خضر أحمد والمنتج الموسيقي البرليني فيليكس نويمن بالتعاون مع نُخبة من مشاهير الموسيقيين من لبنان وسوريا ومصر يبتدع نمطاً جديداً يمزج ما بين ألوان الأصالة والحداثة في الموسيقى

    DUM TAK Revolution verbindet traditionelle, arabische Musik mit moderner, elektronischer Popmusik sowie Shaabi und orientalischem Bauchtanz.
    Dieses außergewöhnliche, interkulturelle Musikprojekt des palästinensischen Musikers Khader Ahmad und des Berliner Musikproduzenten Felix Neumann kooperiert dabei mit renommierten Musikern aus dem Libanon, Syrien und Ägypten und schafft so crossover Songs aus Tradition und Lifestyle.


    Alla Kushnir
    Khader Ahmad
    Leon Düvel
    Ahmad Sabra
    Romeo Natour

    Directed by
    Matt Frik

    Director of Photography
    Ralf Noack

    Andreas Helm

    Produced by LEGRAIN Productions
    Felix Neumann
    Lenn Kudrjawizki

    „Raqset El Darabouka“
    Khader Ahmad

    Music production and sounddesign
    Felix Neumann

    1st AD
    Laura Mihartescu

    Production Assistants
    Linita Reimann
    Viviana Tomei

    Gaffer and Key Grip
    Holger Ohlhus

    Assistant Cameraman
    Christoph Dudek

    Costume Design
    Daniel Margraf

    Hair and Make-up
    Alina Barbu

    Cana Restaurant und Catering

    Postproduction Services provided by ARRI Mitte
    Postproduction Supervisors
    Frieda Oberlin
    Lola Knoblach
    Wolf Bosse

    Nico Hauter

    supported by: ARRI Rental | ARRI Mitte | Nissan | Funkhaus | Cana | 1st Unit | Allianz | Spielkind | Al Sultana

    © LEGRAIN GmbH 2015 | All rights reserved

    Buy CD here:
    DUM TAK Online Shop
    Belly Dance Music | Oriental Music | Remixes

  • x
  • Awesome Hard Rock Covers Band CROCK! Kazakhstan


    Awesome Hard Rock Band 'CROCK!' (Kazakhstan),
    рок группа на корпоратив (Казахстан, Россия)


    CROCK rock band - international musical team, created by experienced musicians, who played music at different times, at different countries and at different bands. Date created on June 1, 2014. Rock band was originally created for personal pleasure and getting aesthetic and moral satisfaction for our free time. 2015 had to be spent on the process of restoring all musical skills after a long break (naturally covers). We began to write their own at 2016. On how much successfully - let the audience judge. CROCK play list includes works as their own compositions (NAFFTALYNE album) and classics of world rock music that CROCK-road project combines the cover.
    Musical direction - Blues, Rock and Roll, Hard Rock.
    (Playlist over 500 min)

    The team consists of 5 musicians:
    Denis Davydov - vocal, lead guitar,
    Dmitry Davydov - vocal, guitar (harmonica, violin)
    Kamil Asfandiyarov - vocal, bass guitar,
    Galiya Kuanysheva - vocal,
    Azamat Berkeshev- drums.

    Live and quality music - only !!!

  • Mina Ristić - Piano Concerto on Arabian themes - Amirov/Nazirova


    The Belgrade premiere of the Piano Concerto by Azerbaijani composer Fikret Amirov was performed by pianist Mina Ristić, a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, with Ayyub Guliyev conducting the National Theatre orchestra.

    On 10 May 2018 a concert dedicated to Serbian-Azerbaijani friendship and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Serbia, was held at the National Theatre and the Cultural Centre of Azerbaijan in Belgrade. The concert showcased masterpieces by Azerbaijani and Serbian composers, as well as other classical composers. In addition to the top musicians from Azerbaijan – Ayyub Guliyev, the winner of international competitions, the conductor of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre; Ramiz Guliyev, folk artist, professor, prominent musician on the folk instrument tar (a bowstring instrument whose craftsmanship and performance art are characteristic for Azerbaijani music tradition, part of the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2012); and Afag Abbasova-Budagova, soloist with the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre – performers also included the principal artists of the Belgrade Opera, Prima Donna Jasmina Trumbetaš Petrović and bass-baritone Aleksandar Stamatović.

    Mina Ristić Official Website:

  • White Dove Cover Live, Awesome Hard Rock Band CROCK , группа на корпоратив


    Awesome Hard Rock Covers Band 'CROCK!' (Kazakhstan),
    рок группа на корпоратив (Казахстан, Россия)


    CROCK rock band - international musical team, created by experienced musicians, who played music at different times, at different countries and at different bands. Date created on June 1, 2014. Rock band was originally created for personal pleasure and getting aesthetic and moral satisfaction for our free time. 2015 had to be spent on the process of restoring all musical skills after a long break (naturally covers). In 2016 we began to write their own. On how much successfully - let the audience judge. CROCK play list includes works as their own compositions (NAFFTHALENE album) and classics of world rock music that CROCK-road project combines the cover. Musical direction - Blues, Rock and Roll, Hard Rock. (Playlist over 300 min)

    The team consists of 4 musicians:
    Denis Davydov - vocal, lead guitar,
    Dmitry Davydov - vocal, guitar (harmonica, violin)
    Kamil Asfandiyarov - vocal, bass guitar,
    Galiya Kuanysheva - vocal,
    Azamat Berkeshev- drums.

    Live and quality music - only !!!

  • Performance of the Leyli and Majnun opera in San Francisco, Nov. 10, 2012 - SHORT CLIP


    The U.S. premiere of the first opera of the Muslim world, namely Leyli and Majnun, composed and staged by Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli in 1908 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The opera was performed in San Francisco by Azerbaijani Mugham masters Vusala Musayeva and Ilkin Ahmadov, accompanied by Azerbaijani virtuoso Kamancha and Tar masters Imamyar Hasanov and Rufat Hasanov as well as an extraordinary orchestra of Chinese, Indian, South Korean and American musicians, within the framework of the 13th San Francisco World Music Festival.

  • Piazzolla, Astor Tango Oblivion


    Tango by Astor Piazzolla in improvised performance by Sabina Rakcheyeva, Isfar Sarabski, Matt Ridley, Vasilis Sarikis in London, December 2009.

  • Stillness - Michalis Kouloumis


    Composed by Willem Tanke

    At the basis of my musicianship is Stillness, a piece that I composed for organ or piano solo in 1996. It is particularly suited to serve as a framework for improvisation with musicians from various traditions in world music, jazz, pop and Western classical music. I always described Stillness as a piece about silence full of a concentration. In January 2017, I had a vision that referred to my ancestors who during many centuries were labourers in the fields or peasants with a small piece of ground in Twente, a region in the east of Holland, bordering Germany:

    Springtime. At the end of a hard day’s work a farm worker is resting a while before going home. He is leaning against a tree, his face in the late afternoon sun and his thoughts nowhere. Suddenly and for a very short time he sees Eternity. Some years later it happens again and after that never more. But the longing for it encourages him during the rest of his life and strengthens him at the hour of death.
    Willem Tanke

    Michalis Kouloumis - violin
    Willem Tanke - piano

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Rotfront - Everyone speaks Russian // Live 2014 // A38 World


    In 2014 A38 World recorded the live concert footage of this song called Everyone speaks Russian performed by Rotfront . Performers: Jurij Gurzsi: Wahorn Simon: Katja Taseva: Mad Milian: Dan Freeman: Max Hacker: Anke Lucks: Phillip Zwirchmayr. Watch the full concert here:

    Just like the Danube on which it floats, the A38 Ship doesn't care about borders or (language) barriers – this has been proven by the well-earned international frame of the venue, and also by the colorful origins of the artists it hosts: Jamaican reggae-dancehall legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, Japanese psychedelic rock heroes Acid Mothers Temple and Tamikrest from Tuareg are just a few examples. The musicians of different nations also bring the traditional instruments and sounds of their home. It’s not a surprise that A38 Ship was one of the selected venues to host the world's biggest music expo, WOMEX 2015 in Budapest. A38 World – where music knows no boundaries. Subscribe to this channel:

    You can follow us:

  • Мой Ашхабад - наша Родина!


    Мой Ашхабад - наша Родина!
    - Ашхабад - это наш город! -
    - Светящийся ночью Ашхабад! -
    - Акыш Сапаров в 1-ом парке Ашхабада. -
    - Преображённая улица Подвойского, нового Ашхабада! -
    Подписывайтесь на мой канал! И оставляйте свои комментарии! И жду вас в гости сюда - и сюда - А я всегда рада Вас приветствовать у себя в гостях!
    А так порой хочется, вновь вернуться в свой город Ашхабад, ну не надолго!

  • Rubab Music at Serena Hotel Islamabad


    Rubab, robab or rabab (Pashto: رباب‎, Urdu: رباب‎, Azerbaijani: Rübab, Turkish: Rübab, Persian: رُباب‎ rubāb, Tajik and Uzbek рубоб) is a lute-like musical instrument originating from central Afghanistan.

    It derives its name from the Arab rebab which means played with a bow but in Central Asia the instrument is plucked and is distinctly different in construction.

    The rubab is mainly used by Pashtun, Tajik, Turkish, Kashmiri, Baluch, Azerbaijani, and Iranian Kurdish classical musicians. Rubab is one of the national musical instruments of Afghanistan.


  • Sk-Hall___Ludwiig_-_AzePanda


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