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Playlist of List of Azerbaijani composers

  • Composers of Azerbaijan.wmv


    List of Azerbaijani composers

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  • Vaqif Mustafazadə - Musiqiləri


    Baku Music - Listen Your Heart.

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    Music List:

    01. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Düşüncə 00:00
    02. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Tənhalıq 05:40
    03. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bakı gecələri 08:36
    04. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Əzizə 13:05
    05. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Evimizə gəlin gəlir 17:09
    06. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bağçada 23:45
    07. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Baharda 26:35
    08. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bakılı Bakıdan 31:53
    09. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bu Gün 35:08
    10. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Composers Union 41:35
    11. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Dəyanət 47:35
    12. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Doğma Nəğmələr 53:25
    13. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Fantaziya 55:33
    14. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Getmə getmə gəl 59:40
    15. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Hədiyyə 1:03:10
    16. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Mart 1:06:56
    17. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Platon Mayboroda 1:09:26
    18. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Payız yarpaqları 1:13:12
    19. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Qafqaz 1:15:20
    20. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Qızıl üzük (vocal Sevil) 1:19:36
    21. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ritm 1:22:19
    22. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Şirvanşahlar sarayı 1:25:34
    23. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Qəflətən 1:29:55
    24. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Sunrise 1:32:54
    25. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Səhər 1:38:01
    26. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Sənə də qalmaz (Tofiq Quliyev) 1:44:30
    27. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Warm Up Jazz 1:49:45
    28. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Yollar 1:52:26
    29. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Yollar (vocal Sevil) 1:54:56
    30. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Zibeydə 1:57:36
    31. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ad günü 2:00:23
    32. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Arzu-Niyazi 02:05:00
    33. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ballada (Arif Məlikov) 02:09:26
    34. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Muğam 02:13:57
    35. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Romantika 02:19:00
    36. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Vals (Qara Qarayev) 02:22:34
    37. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ana 02:33:37
    38. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Aman ovçu 02:36:12
    39. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Ay pəri 02:40:04
    40. Vaqif Mustafazadə - İmprovizasiya 02:45:41
    41. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Şıltaq qız 02:50:40
    42. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bakının işıqları 02:54:25
    43. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Bayatı-Şiraz (Mixed) 02:58:37
    44. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Kəklik 03:09:41
    45. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Qurban belə gəlinə 03:13:14
    46. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Günəş 03:15:28
    47. Vaqif Mustafazadə - Gəlmədi 03:18:45

    Vaqif Mustafazade haqqinda :

    Vaqif Əziz oğlu Mustafazadə (16 mart 1940 – 16 dekabr 1979) — bəstəkar, pianoçu, caz-muğam üslubunun banisi. Azərbaycanın əməkdar incəsənət xadimi (1979).Murad Qurbanov onun dayısı idi. Murad Qurbanov 1971-ci ildə Amerikaya gedir və vəfat edir.

    Daha çox məlumat üçün bura daxil olun:

    about Vagif Mustafazadeh:

    Vagif Mustafazadeh (Azerbaijani: Vaqif Mustafazadə; March 16, 1940 – December 16, 1979), also known as Vaqif Mustafa-Zadeh, was an Azerbaijani jazz pianist and composer, acclaimed for fusing jazz and the traditional Azerbaijani folk music known as mugham. According to many world famous jazz musicians, Mustafazadeh is one of the pioneers and the architect of jazz in Azerbaijan

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  • Mina Ristić - Piano Concerto on Arabian themes - Amirov/Nazirova


    The Belgrade premiere of the Piano Concerto by Azerbaijani composer Fikret Amirov was performed by pianist Mina Ristić, a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, with Ayyub Guliyev conducting the National Theatre orchestra.

    On 10 May 2018 a concert dedicated to Serbian-Azerbaijani friendship and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Serbia, was held at the National Theatre and the Cultural Centre of Azerbaijan in Belgrade. The concert showcased masterpieces by Azerbaijani and Serbian composers, as well as other classical composers. In addition to the top musicians from Azerbaijan – Ayyub Guliyev, the winner of international competitions, the conductor of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre; Ramiz Guliyev, folk artist, professor, prominent musician on the folk instrument tar (a bowstring instrument whose craftsmanship and performance art are characteristic for Azerbaijani music tradition, part of the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2012); and Afag Abbasova-Budagova, soloist with the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre – performers also included the principal artists of the Belgrade Opera, Prima Donna Jasmina Trumbetaš Petrović and bass-baritone Aleksandar Stamatović.

    Mina Ristić Official Website:

  • Etibar ASADLI - CD Album Projects 2017


    Etibar ASADLI
    Album: Projects 2017
    Design artist: Telman Eyzamoglu
    Asadli Pro Studio @ Paris, France

    Track List:
    1. Arshin mal alan ( Uzeyir Hacibeyov - Choir of girls)
    2. Ayradrom (Etibar Asadli)
    3. Ithaf (with melodica - Etibar Asadli)
    4. Kamancha concert
    (Hadji Khanmammadov - kamancha: Rafael Aliev)
    5. Islimi (Etibar Asadli)
    6. Getdi Yar (Azerbaijani Folk song - voc: Leyla Muradzade)
    7. Mugham
    (Microtonal Piano on Azerbaijani Makam - Etibar Asadli)
    8. Gubanin agh almasi
    (Azerbaijani Folk Song - tutak: Seddam Novruzbayov)
    9. L'amour (ft Sahib Asadli & Elsa Pedro)
    10. Ayildim ( Etibar & Sahib Asadli)

    (International competitions’ laureate, pianist, composer)
    Etibar Asadli – was born in 1992 in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 1998 he started attending fortepiano classes in The Secondary Music School named after Bulbul. After studying fortepiano for 11 years, due to an escalation in his passion towards a career as a composer he prepared himself and successfully got into faculty of composers’ at Baku Academy of Music in 2009. Since those years, as a pianist he successfully participated at jazz concerts, various projects, and many different jazz festivals and competitions both within and out of Azerbaijan.



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    ASADLI PRO Online

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  • Georgia & Paliashvili Dinner Video


  • Vagif Mustafazade - Don Quixote Improvisation


    Vagif Mustafazadeh (Azerbaijani: Vaqif Mustafazadə) was an Azeri jazz pianist and composer, famous for fusing jazz and traditional Azeri folk music known as mugam.

    Gara Abulfaz oghlu Garayev (Azerbaijani: Qara Əbülfəz oğlu Qarayev, February 5, 1918, Baku - May 13, 1982, Moscow), also spelled as Qara Qarayev or Kara [Abulfazovich] Karayev, was a prominent Azerbaijani composer of the Soviet period. Garayev wrote nearly 110 musical pieces,[1] including ballets, operas, symphonic and chamber pieces, solos for piano, cantatas, songs and marches, and rose to prominence not only in Azerbaijan SSR but also in the rest of the Soviet Union and worldwide

    Major works

    * 1942 - Film score for A Story About the Oil Workers of the Caspian Sea.
    * 1943 - Opera Motherland, with Jovdat Hajiyev, premiered in Baku in 1945.
    * 1947 - Symphonic poem Leyli and Majnun. Edits Muslim Magomayev's opera Shah Ismayil.
    * 1949 - Seven Beauties, a suite for symphonic orchestra.
    * 1950 - Six children's pieces for piano.
    * 1952 - Albanian Rhapsody, children's pieces for piano.
    * 1957 - Path of Thunder ballet.
    * 1958 - Film score for Her Great Heart, three nocturnes for jazz orchestra.
    * 1960 - Symphony Don Quixote.

    Don Quixote (/ˌdɒn kiːˈhoʊtiː/, Spanish: ['doŋ ki'xote] ( listen)), fully titled The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha (Spanish: El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha), is a novel written by Miguel de Cervantes. Published in two volumes a decade apart (in 1605 and 1615), Don Quixote is considered the most influential work of literature from the Spanish Golden Age and the entire Spanish literary canon. As a founding work of modern Western literature, and one of the earliest canonical novels, it regularly appears high on lists of the greatest works of fiction ever published. In one such list, Don Quixote was cited as the best literary work ever written.

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  • My Choice - Maltese Traditional: Contradanza Maltija


    Contradanza Maltija or simply Il-Maltija with the orchestra under the direction of Mro Domenico Lombardo. This is probably the most loved Maltese Folk music in this country. We are showing the Aurora Folk Dance Group of Gozo. The video clips are superimposed so they may not be following the music 100%.

    Early in 193I, a group of musicians travelled from the port of Valletta, Malta, to Tunis, to record the very first records of Maltese music. What ensued was a social phenomenon, which took much of society by storm. This is the forgotten story of recording Maltese, folk and popular music in the interwar period. A list of all the songs included in these CDs is found further down. It's an excellent collection of old Maltese Folk songs.

    A 60 page book with 30 tracks is now available. It's an intriguing account of musicians, composers, poets and songwriters who, contracted by the Valletta music agents, were sent to Milan and Tunis to record on the major record labels of the day, including HMV, Polyphon, Odeon and Pathé Records. Recorded music and gramophones became an attractive novelty, which played back local music and altered the Maltese people's perception of themselves forever.

    These old songs have now been restored. Concept, production, research and story writing by Andrew Alamango.

    This is one of 30 old Maltese songs available on two CDs. You can order them from here:

    This song is copyrighted by 2010 Filfla Records. Sincere thanks to Andrew Alamango for giving us permission to use it in this video which shows Maltese folkloristic dancers.

    This is the list of all the songs included in MALTA'S LOST VOICES CDs and we urge all the Maltese to purchase them to re live some of the beautiful days of the past. Titles are written in old Maltese as found on the original vinyl 78 rpm records.

    1. X'Ahna sbieh min jaf jarana
    2. Valz bil chitarri
    3. Il guerra l chbira
    4. Il Curunell u l'Ordinanza
    5. IX-Xudi u Tonina Sammut (GHANJA)
    6. L'Istorja ta'Arturo u Maria- Pt1
    7. L'Istorja ta'Arturo u Maria- Pt2
    8. Contradanza Maltija
    9. Ghanja Maltia (Semenza)
    10. Xalata ghal San Paul
    11. Ix-Xudi taht it tieka
    12. Il mara u ix xitan
    13. Festa ta Rahal
    14. Lucia ta Lamermur Pt1
    15. Maddalena - Raccont bil cant
    16. Hajja sabiha
    17. Selvaggia
    18. Carnival
    19. Imhabba fuk il bahar
    20. Matteu Callus
    21. Ghid Lil mama
    22. Valse Ta l Imhabba
    23. Is-Sacranazzi-Terzet
    24. Nghannu lil chuicheb
    25. Stedina ghas sfin
    26. Ghad daul ta kamar (Serenata)
    27. Evviva l ballijet
    28. Hdejch
    29. Rigal f' Banju
    30. Rivali ta Imhabba
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  • Joshua Weilerstein on how to meet the audience


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    Mr Kurz demonstrates how to play a Little Slavonic Rhapsody@second grade piano. This piece uses various tempos and is written in D minor.



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