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Playlist of Lily Elsie

  • Owen Nares and Lily Elsie - Im so very glad I met you. 1918


    Lily Elsie as Pamela.

    I do not own the rights of this song.

  • Lily Elsie - You didnt ask me first


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  • Lily Elsie - When a girl is in love with a man


  • Lily Elsie - Cupid cupid 1918


    Miss Lily Elsie singing cupid cupid, song from Pamela

    Picture of Lily Elsie as Lady Agnes Congress in The little cherub.

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  • Its not the things youve got From Pamela Lily Elsie & Owen Nares HMV 04225


    There cn't be a horrible Double - entendre there can there ?
    read more Here at the Only English language Gramophone forum in the World

  • Lily Elise- Let Me Down


    Let Me Down now Available on Spotify, ITunes and Soundcloud!

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  • Gert and Daisy - Shes a Lily But Only By Name


    Gert and Daisy, aka Elsie and Doris Waters, perform a song 'about lilies' in the 1942 b-movie 'Gert and Daisy's Weekend'.

  • GEE REIGN TRIBUTES Faashon Dee Icesysongz July Jey Stacy Elive Elsie Tata Mokom Bala 2k Mondo V


    Despite everything, No One Can Dictate who you Are To Other People.

  • Vilja Lied.Die Lustige Witwe.Wien.1906.The Merry Widow.Franz Lehár.Edited by Marino van Wakeren.


    Vilja Lied.Vilja Song. Die Lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow) Franz Lehár. Mizzi Günther. Soprano.
    It was on 30 December 1905 that the immortal Die Lustige Witwe was first performed at the Theater an der Wien.The first Hanna Glawari was Mizzi Günther and the first recordings of Die Lustige Witwe made on 22 June 1906 in Wien.
    Fotos of Lily Elsie ( Hanna Glawari, London 1907) and Gabriella Ray.
    From his Historical Record Collection and edited by Marino van Wakeren

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    Edison BA # 4825 rel. Jan 1924. A nice early Blues number recorded from our Amberola III using a Diamond A Reproducer.

  • Elsie - Fa, Ianao.flv


    Elsie - Fa, Ianao
    Réalisation: Henri Rachel
    Paroles: Elsie
    Compo / Arr: Haja.R

  • Lets Do It


    Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) · Lily Tea

    Tea for 20's

    ℗ Lily Thibodeau

    Released on: 2017-11-22

    Author: Cole Porter
    Composer: Cole Porter

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Since First I Saw Your Face


    Description The famous Elizabethan song by Thomas Ford arranged for Oboe and String Orchestra. Photo of my Great Grandmother Emily Painter plus photos of Gertie Miller famous Gaiety Girl and Lily Elsie the first person to play The Merry Widow in England. Two unknown Spanish ladies complete the humans. Stripey the cat is featured!!

  • Lily M - Afraid SUB ITA


    Per richiedere le vostre canzoni leggete qui ( il regolamento!
    DISCLAIMER: I do not own video or song in any way, no copyright infringement intended.
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    Secondo canale del fansub italiano Kpop Town! Iscrivetevi anche qui per continuare a vedere nuovi video sottotitolati in italiano, nella speranza che continuate a seguirci con affetto come sempre avete fatto ~

  • Poor Unfortunate Souls - Lily 13 yrs. old


    Walsh Intermediate School production of The Little Mermaid

  • The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár


    André Rieu from the Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland. Music to melt the heart.

    The Merry Widow (German: Die lustige Witwe) is an operetta by the Austro-Hungarian composer Franz Lehár. The librettists, Viktor Léon and Leo Stein, based the story — concerning a rich widow, Hanna Glawari, and her attempt to find a husband—on an 1861 comedy play, L'attaché d'ambassade (The Embassy Attaché) by Henri Meilhac.

    The operetta was first performed at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna on 30 December 1905 with Mizzi Günther as Hanna, Louis Treumann as Danilo, Siegmund Natzler as Baron Zeta and Annie Wünsch as Valencienne. It was Lehár's first major success, becoming internationally the best-known operetta of its era. Lehár subsequently made changes for productions in London and Berlin but the version heard today is essentially that of the original production. Well-known music from the score includes the Vilja Song, Da geh' ich zu Maxim (You'll Find Me at Maxim's), and the Merry Widow Waltz.

    The operetta toured Austria and in 1906 enjoyed productions in Hamburg's Neues Operetten-Theater, Berlin's Berliner Theater (starring Gustav Matzner as Danilo and Marie Ottmann as Hanna, who made the first complete recording in 1907), and Budapest's Magyar Szinhaz. Many translations and international productions, as well as Austrian revivals followed, as did sequels, spoofs and film versions.

    In its English adaptation by Basil Hood, with lyrics by Adrian Ross, the operetta became a sensation in London, beginning in June 1907, starring Lily Elsie and Joseph Coyne and featuring Robert Evett and Gabrielle Ray, with costumes by Lucile. It ran for 778 performances in London and toured extensively in Great Britain. The English version opened in October 1907 on Broadway for another very successful run of 416 performances and played in Australia in 1908. Thereafter, it was played frequently in America and throughout the English-speaking world, and is still frequently revived in English.

  • Lily Hoshikawa - Rap☆Battle


    Inspired by the Epic Rap Battles of History series created by EpicLLOYD and NicePeter.

    Whilst trying to hunt down the Administrator in charge of the Saga Prefecture, trans magical girl, Kiyoharu Suirenji (Magical Girl Site) comes across an grey-skinned little trans idol girl, the Legendary Child Actor Prodigy, Lily Hoshikawa (Zombieland Saga), whom Kiyorin mistakes for an Administrator. Lily uses her STAND power, 「To My Dearest」to defend herself.

    ☆ DISCORD ☆

    ☆ DOWNLOAD ☆

    ☆ CAST ☆
    Skeep☆Tieel as Kiyoharu Suirenji

    Luce as Lily Hoshikawa

    Produced, written, mixed and edited by Skeep☆Tieel

    Beat produced by NIME FIVE

    Special thanks to Fruzmig and Luce

    All characters and other properties belong to their respective owners.

  • Silent Movie Star Marcarthur on a National reso ukulele


    I wrote this as a tribute to the wonderful silent movie stars (Lily Elsie, Marie Doro, Mary Philbin , Louise Brooks, Betty Ross Clarke and many others)
    I use to play it as a ukulele duet with my pal Eric Marchienne from the Ukulele Preachers...

  • | Legends Never Die | GLMV | Elsie Felicia / •Cold• •Hearted• |


    Thank you Gacha khry2006 for suggesting this song :3 !
    Song: Legends never die League of legends , Against the Current
    (I am so confused what is up with the song and who wrote it so everything I know is up there ↑)
    I will leave my discord server and Kitty's discord server in the comments below)
    Also a big , huge thank you to Aubree Chapman (I hope I spelt it right sorry if I didn't) for subscribing , liking and hitting the notification bell! :3 Also Go subscribe to kitty's channel which is also going to be in the comments! Have a great day! Xoxo

  • Elsie - Tears Drop SUB ITA


    Per richiedere le vostre canzoni leggete qui ( il regolamento!
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    Secondo canale del fansub italiano Kpop Town! Iscrivetevi anche qui per continuare a vedere nuovi video sottotitolati in italiano, nella speranza che continuate a seguirci con affetto come sempre avete fatto ~

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  • MiSS ELSie FiLiVaa BeauTiFuL PT 3




  • Billie Eilish COPYCAT Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified


    California teen singer Billie Eilish first found music as an 8-year-old in the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus. This year, she released her debut EP 'dont smile at me,' which features the song “COPYCAT.” The track has been streamed an impressive 2.7 million times on Spotify, and also has over 346,000 Soundcloud plays. Produced by her older brother Finneas O'Connell, “COPYCAT” shows Eilish as a young girl who is tired of other people stealing her style.

    Read more on Genius:

    Read all the lyrics to COPYCAT on Genius:

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    #BillieEilish #COPYCAT #Verified

  • 1900s British Music-Hall female singers mix vol.2


    A second compilation of the best 1900's british music-hall female vocalists , songs from 1905 to 1919 ; playlist :

    Marie Narelle - The Wearing Of The Green (1905) 4:13 0 8
    Marie Narelle - Robin Redbreast [1906] 2:01 0 3
    Marie Narelle - The Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond [1906] 2:05 0 4
    Marie Narelle - Then You'll Remember Me (Bohemian Girl) [1906] 2:15 0 4
    Marie Narelle - Auld Lang Syne (1910) 4:09 0 4
    Marie Narelle - Bonnie Dundee (classic Scotland song) on Edison Blue Amberol 2288 4:19 0 8
    Marie Lloyd - When I take my morning promenade 3:08 0 6
    Marie Lloyd - It's a Bit of a Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About a Bit 2:49 0 3
    Marie Lloyd - A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good! 3:13 0 4
    Daisy Taylor - Popsy-Wopsy - on Edison Blue Amberol 23199 (1914), British music hall, London 3:50 0 5
    Daisy Taylor - You Can’t Make Music With That - Edison Blue Amberol 23255 bagpipes song Frank Leo 4:10 0 2
    Daisy Taylor & Jack Charman -Let's Pretend We're Married - on Edison Blue Amberol 23189 (1914) 3:59 0 5
    Gertie Millar - Chalk Farm To Camberwell Green [1915] 4:02 0 3
    Gertie Millar - The Fool of the Family - wife of Lionel Monckton 2:43 0 5
    Zona Vevey - The wee Macgregor (the twin412) (1911) 2:49 0 4
    Zona Vevey - Ida from Idaho (zonophone1959) (1919) 2:52 0 2
    Julia Ward Howe - Battle Hymn of the Republic- (1908) (Frank C. Stanley, Edison cylinder) 4:10 0 2
    Josie Sadler - He Falls For The Ladies Every Time - Edison Standard Record 10179 (1909) 2:14 0 2
    Grace Cameron - If Every Girl Was A Girl Like You (1909) 2:11 0 2
    Ada Reeve - Foolish Questions (1915) 2:57 0 2
    Elsie Janis - Fo' De Lawd's Sake Play A Waltz 3:03 0 1
    Victoria Monks -Take Me Back To London Town (Von Tilzer) Edison cylinder recorded in England 2:11 0 3
    Jack & Nancy Charman -The Belle Of The Barber's Ball - George M. Cohan song British music hall 2:48 0 1
    Elizabeth Wheeler & Harry Anthony - Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland (on 1909 cylinder) 1:58 0 1
    Walter Van Brunt & Helen Clark - When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget (1915) 4:26 0 2

    2017 Ill rec compilations

  • Lilys Eyes


    This is me singing both Archibald and Neville's parts in Lily's Eyes from The Secret Garden. This version has a better instrumental track, and I try to differentiate the two voices both in terms of vocal and emotional tone.

    Hope you like it. And check out my channel for more of my singing.

  • Happy Birthday Maisy


    Lots of Love, Dave, Katie and Lily (nd Elsie, currently asleep).

  • 【Lily】 Kyoto Candy Store Wars 【VOCALOID Cover】


    i rly wanted to try lily so i got her trial...i might just buy her

    Music&Lyrics: Mikito-P
    Illust: Akusan
    Translation&Typesetting: raspomme
    UST: YOI
    Tuning, Harmonies & Mix: PKAkatora

    Editor: VOCALOID4 Editor
    Voicebank: Lily V3 (Native)



    1967 Hit from The Who, Pictures of Lily. With (of course) pictures of Lily (Langtry).

  • Gibson Girls Love 1900s Music 1900 - 1909 @Pax41


    Gibson Girls Love 1900s music 1900-1909 @Pax41
    🎀🙂GoFundMe: “WE NEED YOUR HELP.” “Please donate by clicking one of the links below.” Thank You!

    Song 1 - Harry Macdonough - I Can't Tell Why I Love You But I Do - recorded 1/12/1905 - Gibson Girl #4 is Billie Burke ( also known as Glenda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz).

    Song 2 - Haydn Quartet - In The Good Old Summertime - recorded 5/10/1906

    Song 3 - Walter Van Brunt - It's Hard To Kiss Your Sweetheart When The Last Kiss Means Goodbye - recorded 7/16/1909 - Gibson Girl models - #1 Lily Elsie, #2 Phyllis Barker, #3 Evelyn Nesbit

    Song 4 Sousa's Band - At A George Camp Meeting - recorded 10/23/1908

    Song 5 - Arthur Pryor's Band - Georgia Sunset Cakewalk - recorded 9/22/1908

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    If you like Yesterday Today, fallout radio or bioshock music then you will like this channel and post.

    #1910smusic #1910musica #1900songs

  • Annie the Musical - 12. Easy Street by Rooster, Miss Hannigan, Lily - Live @ Hollywood Bowl 7/28/18



    Book by Thomas Meehan • Music by Charles Strouse • Lyrics by Martin Charnin

    Michael Arden director
    Todd Ellison conductor
    Eamon Foley choreographer
    Roger Bart as Rooster Hannigan
    Ana Gasteyer as “Miss Hannigan”
    David Alan Grier as Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks
    Kaylin Hedges as Annie
    Megan Hilty as “Lily St. Regis”
    Lea Salonga as Grace Farrell
    Ali Stroker as Star to Be
    Amir Talai as Bert Healey
    Steven Weber as Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The Bowl celebrates one of the longest-running shows in Broadway history – Annie! This classic story of a young girl overcoming adversity features a beloved score of hits (including “Tomorrow” and “It’s a Hard Knock Life”) and is a delightful experience for the entire family!

  • Elsie Carlisle - When a Woman Loves a Man


    When a Woman Loves a Man. Recorded by Elsie Carlisle with orchestral accompaniment on June 14, 1934. Decca F. 5071 mx. TB1321-2.

  • RICHARD TAUBER SINGS - VALSE- franz lehar 1933


    The Count of Luxembourg is an operetta in two acts with English lyrics and libretto by Basil Hood and Adrian Ross, music by Franz Lehár, based on Lehár's three-act German operetta Der Graf von Luxemburg which had premiered in Vienna in 1909. Lehár made amendments to his Viennese score to accommodate the two-act adaptation. He also interpolated into the score three new pieces: a waltz that he had written for a commemorative performance of Der Graf in Vienna; a song from his first operetta, Wiener Frauen; and a Russian dance from the opera Tatjana.
    The Count of Luxembourg opened at Daly's Theatre in London on 20 May 1911 and ran for a successful 345 performances,[2] followed by a UK tour. The operetta starred Lily Elsie, Huntley Wright, W. H. Berry and Bertram Wallis. The opening night was conducted by Lehár and attended by King George V and Queen Mary. The Times particularly praised the singing and dancing of Elsie and Wallis, as well as Lehár's music, though the paper judged the story to be thin and improbable.[3] It also had a good run at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York in 1912 with the libretto further adapted by Glen MacDonaugh,[4][5] and it played in Australia in 1913. There was a Broadway revival in 1930

  • ELSIE OBED Ministering @ WHM Port Harcourt 2018


    Worship His Majesty King Jesus Port Harcourt 2018

  • Do You Want To Build A Snowman - Lily Pan


    Go watch Frozen y'all, although personally I still like Tangled better :)
    Oh and happy new year!

    Instrumental creds to:

    - Lily P.

  • Lily Alexander - I Will Always Love You


  • Lily Lily burning night Acoustic


    One of my favourites! Slowly building my collection up :D


    Rhi xxx

  • Frisk vs. Chihiro - Rap Battle!


    Skeep Tieel as Frisk

    CookieSaurus as Chihiro

    Mancha as Sans

    Freshy Kanal as Yubaba

    mysterioustrumpet as Lin (Cameo)

    Freshy Kanal, GamingPlush64, Jason, Julian M. and Jughead Jay

    Assistant Writers:
    Zim 11037, Brodecai, Light and Hippie Rat

    Mixed and Mastered by:
    Freshy Kanal

    Beat by:

    Edited by:
    Skeep Tieel, Gamingplush64, Brodecai and Freshy Kanal

    Subtitles by:

    Thumbnail by:

    Happy Birthday Zim!

  • Just Gert & Daisy Played by Elsie & Doris Waters Parlophone R1490


    read more Here at the Only English language Gramophone forum in the World

  • Evil Elsie live original rock music


    Evil Elsie live at Just Jakes in NJ playing 'I Wanna Live'...shot by our fans...

  • Panorama Jazz Band at The Spotted Cat - Elsies River


    The tune is Elsie's River (due out on our upcoming live CD, Dance of the Hot Earth The personnel are:
    Ben Schenck - Clarinet / Leader
    Aurora Nealand - Alto Saxophone
    Charlie Halloran - Trombone (absent on this particular night)
    Walt McClements - Accordion
    Patrick Mackey - Tenor Banjo
    Jon Gross - Sousaphone
    Sean Clark - Drums

  • Where The Roses Never Fade


    A favorite since it was written in 1942 by Elsie & Jack Osborn with Jim Miller.

  • Miss Florence De Vere ~ Daisy With The Dimple On Her Chin


    Miss Florence De Vere / Daisy With The Dimple On Her Chin / A Chinese Honeymoon (Talbot) / Recorded: September 29, 1902 --

    Howard Talbot

    Daisy was a baby
    Just as others may be
    With a pair of eyes of blue
    Looking like her father
    Like her mother rather
    Just as other babies do
    She's her auntie's tint of rose
    And her uncle's classic nose
    But her special merit
    She did not inherit
    It was, what do you suppose?
    She's a dainty darling dimple on her chin
    And so everyone to love her did begin
    Her eyes were bright and blue
    And her lips a rosy hue
    But her beauty mark was simple
    'Twas a dainty darling dimple
    Such a dainty darling dimple on her chin
    Such a dainty darling dimple on her chin, chin, chin!

    Daisy is now is grown up
    Parents have to own up
    She's now no longer a child
    Daisy tall and slender
    All the other gender
    Surrender'd to her when she smiled
    And their love they would confess
    But without the least success
    Reason unexpected
    Why they're so affected
    Well now, can't you make a guess?
    They were tempted by the dimple on her chin
    It was that that gather'd all the fellows in
    For it seem'd to promise Yes
    While it lur'd them to distress
    For the maid was not so simple
    She'd a dainty darling dimple
    A most captivating dimple on her chin
    A most captivating dimple o her chin, chin, chin

    Offers she had plenty
    Nineteen p'raps or twenty
    Manly bosoms vow'd to burst
    Twenty hearts lay wilted
    When the lot she jilted
    In favor of the twenty-first
    Tears enough to fill the Nile
    Fell, as she walked up the aisle
    Afterwards she dried 'em
    For she satisfied 'em
    How, well, wait a little while
    She has daughters now
    With dimples on their chin
    All as like her as a row of little pins
    And nineteen dejected men
    All are happy once again
    And the explanation's simple
    Each won a little dimple
    Yes, a darling with a dimple on her
    Yes, a darling with a dimple on her chin, chin, chin!

    Chinese Honeymoon is a musical comedy in two acts by George Dance, with music by Howard Talbot and additional music by Ivan Caryll and others, and additional lyrics by Harry Greenbank and others. One song that originated in the show was Mister Dooley which became famously associated with The Wizard of Oz for decades, when John Slavin, in the title role, interpolated the song for much of the first year of its run. L. Frank Baum even wrote an essay about it titled The Real Mr. Dooley. The piece opened at the Theatre Royal in Hanley, England on October 16, 1899 and then toured extensively. After that, it played at the Royal Strand Theatre in London, managed by Frank Curzon, opening on 5 October 1901 for an astonishing run of 1,075 performances. It also played at the Casino Theatre, in New York, opening on June 2, 1902 for a run of 376 performances. In London, Lily Elsie took over the role of Princess Soo-Soo from Beatrice Edwards in early 1903 and was in turn succeeded by Kate Cutler. It also starred Louie Freear, and Arthur Williams took over the role of Mr. Pineapple. A Chinese Honeymoon was the first musical to run for 1,000 performances. The story concerns couples who honeymoon in China and inadvertently break the kissing laws (reminiscent of The Mikado). (wikipedia)


  • Super Junior & Elsie


    Again my 6-yr-old sister!
    She tries to dance to suju's song : U
    yeah not a good dancer but still funny ^^ !!

    Leave a comment ^^

  • Prelude | Elsie Eastman Original Christmas Song


    Sunday Session #32-- my original Christmas song!
    Buy and download it here:
    Buy my album here:
    Keep up to date on my goings on here:
    And follow my instagram! @elsie.eastman
    Twitter: @elsieeastman

    On the other side
    of the frosty window
    there's a world of

    The wind is a cry in the night
    the moon a glowing hole
    lighting the way
    for the ghost

    Jesu, Joy of man's desiring
    they followed this same skyline
    to make him known.
    Jesu, aquí está por fin (here you are at last)
    let us enter in
    to make you known.

    ... ... ...

    Follow, follow,
    the stars will lead you,
    in excelsis Deo...
    Aquí está (Here you are)
    Encienda una vela (light a candle).

    A snowy night
    with the wind in your hair
    traverse only if you dare
    to find your home.
    Noche (night),
    con el Rey de la luz (with the king of light),
    todavía estoy buscándose (I'm still looking for you)
    so where are you?

    ... ... ...

    Follow, follow
    in excelsis Deo!
    gloria, gloria, Gloria!
    Encienda una vela... (light a candle)
    Aquí está (You are here).

  • | I need a hero | GLMV | Elsie Felicia / •Cold• •Hearted• |


    Hope you guys enjoyed this video! It took me agesssss!!
    I'm holding out for a hero.
    (I forgot who it was by apologies) I'll put her name in the comments! Sorry!!!
    But all musical credit goes to that singer.

  • Andenet Gezahegn: Lilys Appreciation day!


    Lily's Appreciation day!

  • Lily Connors - Lovesick Blues .


    (Written by Irving Mills (Lyrics) and Cliff Friend (Music) I've Got The Lovesick Blues...1st Performed 1922 in the Musical Oh! Ernest...1st Recorded 1922 Elsie Clark...1925 & 1928 Emmet Miller...1939 Rex Griffin...HANK WILLIAMS 1st performed this in Lousiana Hayride 1948 and Recorded it 22 December 1948...Released on 25 February 1949 sold 50,000 Copies in Two Weeks...#1 for 16 Weeks and #24 as Most Played by Disc Jockeys...HANK'S Signature Song)....Recorded by LILY CONNORS Circa 1955...Born in Cessnock NSW (1931)...Won Heat of Australia's Amateur Hour 1942 (Age 11)...Regular on Radio (Bonnington's Bunkhouse) and TV (Bandstand & Reg. Lindsay's Show)...Inducted into Hands of Fame 1978

  • The Edwardian Era ~ A Tribute To The Forgotten Beauty Of Yesterday


    Clips from the early 1900s-late 1910s.
    Put together and edited by Jessee Riehl.

  • Lily Logan Sings Let It Go


    Eleven year old, Lily Logan sings the 86th Academy Awards Best Original Song winner Let It Go from Disney's 2013 animated feature film Frozen. Idina Menzel performed the song as Queen Elsa in the hit musical.

  • DJ Elsie - Take On It


    This Is just a random one I mixed up on my ipad. Its not brilliant but it's a start, If you enjoyed this video please hit the like button. Don't forget to subscribe! xo

  • Boards of Canada - SixtyTen


    Just Lily and Elsie and a moment of free movement whilst I (dad) played some Boards of Canada.



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