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Playlist of Lily Elsie

  • Lily Elsie - You didnt ask me first


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  • Walzer Der Graf von Luxemburg / Franz Lehàr


    El presente vals es de una operetta con letras en Inglés y libreto de Basilio Hood y Adrian Ross , música de Franz Lehár , basado libremente en el original en alemán, titulada Der Graf von Luxemburg , que se estrenó en Viena en 1909.
    El Conde de Luxemburgo abrió en Teatro de Daly en Londres el 20 de mayo de 1911 y corrió para 240 actuaciones. Estuvo protagonizada por Lily Elsie , Wright Huntley , Berry WH y Wallis Bertram . La opereta también tuvo una buena actuación en el Teatro New Amsterdam en Nueva York en 1912.
    Este Vals es conocido como Conde de Luxemburgo.Disfrutenlo y ¡SUSCRIBANSE!

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  • Toy Dolls - Nellie the Elephant


    Listen to The Toy Dolls on Spotify:
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    The Toy Dolls' chart-busting version of the popular childrens' song. All together now: oooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    This video is a celebration of the north of England's most famous punk rock outfit. We're Mad captures the band at their best. Not so much a set of songs as a series of short stories. Packed full of witty lyrics and mad machine-gun guitar licks

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  • Sven Svane


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Sven Svane · Pelle Joner

    Norwegian Folk Songs

    ℗ 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1958 Folkways Records

    Released on: 1958-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Lissie - Nothing Else Matters


    Music video by Lissie performing Nothing Else Matters. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

  • 1926 The Mikado - DOyly Carte Promotional Film


    Filmed in 1926, this is the oldest video of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. I added some clips of the DOC Mikado recorded the same year to give it a bit more flavor. But to get the authentic experience, you'll have to turn the sound off. :)

    The Mikado ... Darrell Fancourt
    Nanki-Poo ... Charles Goulding (recording: Derek Oldham)
    Ko-Ko ... Henry Lytton
    Pooh-Bah ... Leo Sheffield
    Pish-Tush ... John Huntington
    Yum-Yum ... Elsie Griffin
    Pitti-Sing ... Aileen Davies
    Peep-Bo ... Beatrice Elburn
    Katisha ... Bertha Lewis

    D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

    (Disclaimer - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.)

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  • Cosmos Midnight - Walk With Me Feat. Kučka


    Cosmo's Midnight - Walk With Me feat. Kučka
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    Stream -


    Director - Chester Buchanan
    Concept - Chester Buchanan and Grégoire Lière
    Producer - Madeleine Levins
    Producer - Chester Buchanan
    Producer - Sarah Christie
    Production Manager - Yiani Andrikidis
    Cinematographer - Grégoire Lière
    Editor - Chester Buchanan
    Colourist - Goldie Soetianto
    1st AC - Kit Baker
    1st AC - Hannah Klassek
    Gaffer - Morgan Sutton
    Best Boy - Declan Reardon
    Best Boy- Willis Yee
    Choreographer - Lily Ainsworth
    Production Designer - Diva Abrahamian
    Costume Designer - Cian Lyons
    Make-Up – Celeste Gubb
    Buyer/Dresser - Elsie Moult
    Dog Handler - Elizabeth Bathory
    Dog Handler - Sally Skerlikova
    Production Assistant - Ed Watson
    Production Assistant/Van Driver - Finn Boyle
    Stills photographer - Jordan Xinger Xanger
    Catering - Sue Foster

    Female Lead - Kate Bonnett
    Suburban Boy - Cosmo Liney
    Suburban Boy - Patrick Liney
    Back-Up Dancer - Marina Da Silva
    Back-Up Dancer - Amrita Hepi
    Husky - Elvira
    Husky - Squizzy

  • Nightcore - Monika vs. Sombra DDLC vs. Overwatch rap battle by VinnyO


    Nightcore - Monika vs. Sombra (Switching vocals) (Lyrics) [DDLC vs. Overwatch rap battle by VinnyO]
    We will nightcore them!
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    Original song: VinnyO - Monika vs Sombra (feat. Miss Shellah & Elsie Lovelock)

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    Been watching in plain sight
    Can't leave a backdoor from this
    I didnt't expect Skrillex and Yuri to have a kid
    Disable heroes whilst you can
    Cause you cant't get rid of me
    I'll fail your missions and erase you just like
    Your identity
    Deleting your every trace is
    The objective I'll claim
    The only thing you're good for is
    A fat nerd's guessing game
    I'm used to punishing nerds
    A straight digital domina
    Vinny, just end it now
    Who's the winner?
    Just Monika

    Orphaned from the start
    Now giving the government hell
    All you did was make a game
    Just to go and cuck yourself
    Now that Sombra's online
    I'll make your Doki Doki panic
    Doesn't take a poem writer to
    Stop me from hacking the planet
    You're not worth wasting time with
    For the small price of free
    I coluldn't get better lyrics paying for DDLC
    Your nature's so predictable and
    Every inch of it is lame
    You killed your fellow club members
    Yet still no play of the game

    You anonymous reject
    You're more like a poodlecorp
    This ain't an omnic crisis, this is a real war
    With your childish schemes
    How can you expect to take me
    When you foiled your mission to ruin
    Volskaya industries
    You're better off without these rhymes
    Give a blank verse a try
    Just looking at your get up
    You could blind my third eye
    Say sayo-nara to your backstory
    Yuri's wounds go deeper
    Come between me and The Player
    And you'll meet the real reaper

    You're Dan Salvato's second favorite
    Project next to m
    I'll banish this fake thot
    Who ruined her only friends
    Self centered menace
    Responsible for Yuri's penance, ha
    Style so basic
    Natsuki pukes at your presence
    Looks like you're the true diva
    Though I have the gun in hand
    And i'll assure to make your
    Literature club disband
    I'll leave you hanging with the trash
    Like Sayori's noose
    Bienvenido a los muertos
    Do I win a prize?

    Just Monika

    Subtitles and effects in video created by me (aka Bibik)
    Programs used: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Audacity, WavePad Sound Editor, VirtualDJ.
    I don't own anything in the video, including the audio and picture. The credits go to the respective owners.

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    #rock #nightcore #lyrics #pop #playlist #music
    #anime #gamingmusic #Monika #Sombra #DDLC #Overwatch #VinnyO

  • Lily Elsie - Cupid cupid 1918


    Miss Lily Elsie singing cupid cupid, song from Pamela

    Picture of Lily Elsie as Lady Agnes Congress in The little cherub.

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  • Lily Elsie - When a girl is in love with a man


  • Owen Nares and Lily Elsie - Im so very glad I met you. 1918


    Lily Elsie as Pamela.

    I do not own the rights of this song.

  • Its not the things youve got From Pamela Lily Elsie & Owen Nares HMV 04225


    There cn't be a horrible Double - entendre there can there ?
    read more Here at the Only English language Gramophone forum in the World

  • Vilja Lied.Die Lustige Witwe.Wien.1906.The Merry Widow.Franz Lehár.Edited by Marino van Wakeren.


    Vilja Lied.Vilja Song. Die Lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow) Franz Lehár. Mizzi Günther. Soprano.
    It was on 30 December 1905 that the immortal Die Lustige Witwe was first performed at the Theater an der Wien.The first Hanna Glawari was Mizzi Günther and the first recordings of Die Lustige Witwe made on 22 June 1906 in Wien.
    Fotos of Lily Elsie ( Hanna Glawari, London 1907) and Gabriella Ray.
    From his Historical Record Collection and edited by Marino van Wakeren

  • Cinderella // A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes // Cover


    This is very out of the blue since I haven't uploaded in an age, but this quarantine has given me an unusual amount of time to be creative. I'm seeing so many people do incredible things with their time, and apparently my first instinct was to sew this bodice and apron for a Cinderella cosplay/bound, and record a cover and video. Odd choice, but I'll take it.

    If you only know me for my vintage content, this is a good time to say that I am also an old school Disney fan and an avid singer. I finally have enough equipment to record at home, so hopefully you enjoy this kind of content too, because it's been a dream of mine to make more of it. If you're curious, the backing track is from the 2015 live action film. Also, my little friend towards the end is my fancy mouse Pearl!

    I hope you're all happy and safe!

  • Child and Teenage Actresses~1915-19 Silent Movies 3/4~Nothing Could Be Sweeter~The Virginians~ 1927


    More beautiful actresses almost forgotten today from the silent films of the 1915-1919 World War I era. The actresses are introduced to the music of Nothing Could be Sweeter played by Nat Shilkret and the Virginians, a Victor Records studio orchestra. A few of the actresses such as Colleen Moore, Mary Miles Minter, Bessie Love, and Viola Dana still have limited name recognition but the majority are totally forgotten today although they achieved incredible fame in their time. A few of the actresses are referred to as WAMPAS BABIES. Those were 13 young actresses 18 or under chosen each year in the 1920s by the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers as having the talent to make it big on the silver screen. Third in the series of 4 videos picturing the early 1900s child actresses.
    Thanks to for some of the images used here.

  • Lily Elise- Let Me Down


    Let Me Down now Available on Spotify, ITunes and Soundcloud!

  • Gert and Daisy - Shes a Lily But Only By Name


    Gert and Daisy, aka Elsie and Doris Waters, perform a song 'about lilies' in the 1942 b-movie 'Gert and Daisy's Weekend'.

  • ???? musical villains mashup // 20+ shows ????


    evil lil villain mashup for an evil year! have some mean girls, some hamilton, some little shop of horrors, some fun villains wreaking havoc for all the family, and boy are they nasty ! some say that if you play this mashup while gazing at the blood moon, your darkest mischievous wishes will become reality; I cannot verify this claim.

    ???? i play a Bondi ukulele, my code for a 5% discount is LILY5 !
    ???? twitter + instagram: imlianaflores
    ???? my EP 'recently' is on streaming! search 'liana flores' : )
    ???? PayPal if ur feeling kind:

    list of all songs in the mashup !

    - plucked hellfire intro (the hunchback of notre dame)
    - miss baltimore crabs (hairspray)
    - charming (natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812)
    - kick it up a notch (starship)
    - when the going gets tough (spongebob on broadway)
    - + blood in the water (legally blonde)
    - dazzle dazzle (chicago)
    - dentist (little shop of horrors)
    - killer instinct (bring it on: the musical)
    - + I steal everything (twisted)
    - loud (matilda the musical)
    - stars (les miserables)
    - wait for it (hamilton)
    - a sentimental man (wicked)
    - hey little songbird (hadestown)
    - macavity (cats lmao!!)
    - the pitiful children (be more chill)
    - easy street (Annie)
    - the american dream (miss saigon)
    - what's up, duloc (shrek the musical)
    - world burn (mean girls)
    - last midnight (into the woods)
    - poor unfortunate souls (the little mermaid)
    - meant to be yours (heathers)
    - johanna (mea culpa) (sweeney todd)
    - hellfire (hunchback of notre dame)

    think thats all lmao

  • The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár


    André Rieu from the Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland. Music to melt the heart.

    The Merry Widow (German: Die lustige Witwe) is an operetta by the Austro-Hungarian composer Franz Lehár. The librettists, Viktor Léon and Leo Stein, based the story — concerning a rich widow, Hanna Glawari, and her attempt to find a husband—on an 1861 comedy play, L'attaché d'ambassade (The Embassy Attaché) by Henri Meilhac.

    The operetta was first performed at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna on 30 December 1905 with Mizzi Günther as Hanna, Louis Treumann as Danilo, Siegmund Natzler as Baron Zeta and Annie Wünsch as Valencienne. It was Lehár's first major success, becoming internationally the best-known operetta of its era. Lehár subsequently made changes for productions in London and Berlin but the version heard today is essentially that of the original production. Well-known music from the score includes the Vilja Song, Da geh' ich zu Maxim (You'll Find Me at Maxim's), and the Merry Widow Waltz.

    The operetta toured Austria and in 1906 enjoyed productions in Hamburg's Neues Operetten-Theater, Berlin's Berliner Theater (starring Gustav Matzner as Danilo and Marie Ottmann as Hanna, who made the first complete recording in 1907), and Budapest's Magyar Szinhaz. Many translations and international productions, as well as Austrian revivals followed, as did sequels, spoofs and film versions.

    In its English adaptation by Basil Hood, with lyrics by Adrian Ross, the operetta became a sensation in London, beginning in June 1907, starring Lily Elsie and Joseph Coyne and featuring Robert Evett and Gabrielle Ray, with costumes by Lucile. It ran for 778 performances in London and toured extensively in Great Britain. The English version opened in October 1907 on Broadway for another very successful run of 416 performances and played in Australia in 1908. Thereafter, it was played frequently in America and throughout the English-speaking world, and is still frequently revived in English.

  • Gibson Girls Love 1900s Music 1900 - 1909 @Pax41


    Gibson Girls Love 1900s music 1900-1909 @Pax41
    ????????GoFundMe: “WE NEED YOUR HELP.” “Please donate by clicking one of the links below.” Thank You!

    Song 1 - Harry Macdonough - I Can't Tell Why I Love You But I Do - recorded 1/12/1905 - Gibson Girl #4 is Billie Burke ( also known as Glenda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz).

    Song 2 - Haydn Quartet - In The Good Old Summertime - recorded 5/10/1906

    Song 3 - Walter Van Brunt - It's Hard To Kiss Your Sweetheart When The Last Kiss Means Goodbye - recorded 7/16/1909 - Gibson Girl models - #1 Lily Elsie, #2 Phyllis Barker, #3 Evelyn Nesbit

    Song 4 Sousa's Band - At A George Camp Meeting - recorded 10/23/1908

    Song 5 - Arthur Pryor's Band - Georgia Sunset Cakewalk - recorded 9/22/1908

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    If you like Yesterday Today, fallout radio or bioshock music then you will like this channel and post.

    #1910smusic #1910musica #1900songs

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  • ELSIE BINX - Amen Live Acoustic at The Pike Room


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    Say You Will Music Video:

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  • Music While You Work - Jack White and his Band


    As broadcast at 10.31 a.m. on 24th December 1963

    Calling All Workers (sig) by Coates
    Jolly Good Company by Raymond
    Marching Along Together by Staininger
    Changing of the Guard by 'Flotsam'
    Why did she fall for the leader of the band by Carr
    I belong to Glasgow by Fyffe
    If you're Irish by Glanville
    All Thru' the Night : Trad.
    The Lincolnshire Poacher by Kennet
    On Ilkla Moor by Windram
    Lassie from Lancashire by Murphy
    Up from Somerset by Sanderson
    Sussex by the Sea by Higgs
    Endearing Young Charms : Trad.
    Blaydon Races : Trad.
    Scotland the Brave : Trad.
    Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner by Gregg
    Destiny by Baynes
    The Veleta by Morris
    Lily of Laguna by Stuart
    Little Dolly Daydream by Stuart
    John Brown's Body : Trad.
    You made me Love You by Monaco
    The Lambeth Walk by Gay
    The Gay Gordons by Bonheur
    Who's Your Lady Friend by Fragsen
    Beside the Seaside by Glover
    The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo by Gilbert
    The Campbells are Coming : Trad.
    Loo-be-Loo by Turner/Farley
    Everybody's Twisting by Bloom/Keehler
    Knees up Mother Brown : Trad.
    Here's a Health unto her Majesty : Trad.
    John Peel : Trad.
    Calling All Workers (sig) by Coates

    For more information about 'Music While You Work' and the bands and orchestras that made the music visit:

  • 1900s British Music-Hall female singers mix vol.2


    A second compilation of the best 1900's british music-hall female vocalists , songs from 1905 to 1919 ; playlist :

    Marie Narelle - The Wearing Of The Green (1905) 4:13 0 8
    Marie Narelle - Robin Redbreast [1906] 2:01 0 3
    Marie Narelle - The Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond [1906] 2:05 0 4
    Marie Narelle - Then You'll Remember Me (Bohemian Girl) [1906] 2:15 0 4
    Marie Narelle - Auld Lang Syne (1910) 4:09 0 4
    Marie Narelle - Bonnie Dundee (classic Scotland song) on Edison Blue Amberol 2288 4:19 0 8
    Marie Lloyd - When I take my morning promenade 3:08 0 6
    Marie Lloyd - It's a Bit of a Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About a Bit 2:49 0 3
    Marie Lloyd - A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good! 3:13 0 4
    Daisy Taylor - Popsy-Wopsy - on Edison Blue Amberol 23199 (1914), British music hall, London 3:50 0 5
    Daisy Taylor - You Can’t Make Music With That - Edison Blue Amberol 23255 bagpipes song Frank Leo 4:10 0 2
    Daisy Taylor & Jack Charman -Let's Pretend We're Married - on Edison Blue Amberol 23189 (1914) 3:59 0 5
    Gertie Millar - Chalk Farm To Camberwell Green [1915] 4:02 0 3
    Gertie Millar - The Fool of the Family - wife of Lionel Monckton 2:43 0 5
    Zona Vevey - The wee Macgregor (the twin412) (1911) 2:49 0 4
    Zona Vevey - Ida from Idaho (zonophone1959) (1919) 2:52 0 2
    Julia Ward Howe - Battle Hymn of the Republic- (1908) (Frank C. Stanley, Edison cylinder) 4:10 0 2
    Josie Sadler - He Falls For The Ladies Every Time - Edison Standard Record 10179 (1909) 2:14 0 2
    Grace Cameron - If Every Girl Was A Girl Like You (1909) 2:11 0 2
    Ada Reeve - Foolish Questions (1915) 2:57 0 2
    Elsie Janis - Fo' De Lawd's Sake Play A Waltz 3:03 0 1
    Victoria Monks -Take Me Back To London Town (Von Tilzer) Edison cylinder recorded in England 2:11 0 3
    Jack & Nancy Charman -The Belle Of The Barber's Ball - George M. Cohan song British music hall 2:48 0 1
    Elizabeth Wheeler & Harry Anthony - Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland (on 1909 cylinder) 1:58 0 1
    Walter Van Brunt & Helen Clark - When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget (1915) 4:26 0 2

    2017 Ill rec compilations

  • Saturday | Elsie Eastman Original Song


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  • Israel in Egypt, HWV 54, Part I: Recitative: Now There Arose a New King


    Provided to YouTube by Awal Digital Ltd

    Israel in Egypt, HWV 54, Part I: Recitative: Now There Arose a New King (Remastered) · Sir Malcolm Sargent · Sir Malcolm Sargent

    Handel: Israel in Egypt

    ℗ FIN

    Released on: 1957-08-26

    Composer: George Frideric Handel

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Little Man Youve Had A Busy Day


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Little Man You've Had A Busy Day · Elsie Crlisle

    Vintage Kids Songs From The '30s, '40s & '50s

    ℗ 2010 Goldenlane Records

    Released on: 2010-04-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • True Kinda Love


    The original songs of this video is available in the description below. If you like this. Subscribe to me for more videos and other stuff. If you are already subscribed, share this with a friend to help the channel grow!

    Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar

    Song Links
    Caleb Hyles
    Princess Rizu
    Elsie Lovelock
    Jack Guzman
    Amy Rothwell
    Minaku Ki
    Lord Of The Things
    Athena P
    Raven Pines
    Acerus Gamer

    Edited with Garageband, iMovie, Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle, Video Converter, and

    Like always
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  • Jack Shea-Lovesick Blues Vocalion Records-78


    Jack Shea-Lovesick Blues Vocalion finds from Toledo Record Show Oct. 7 2012
    Lovesick Blues is a show tune written by composer Cliff Friend and co-lyricist & producer Irving Mills. It has become a pop standard and an even more popular country song since it helped make Hank Williams famous in the 1940s.
    Published through Tin Pan Alley in 1922, the song was first recorded by the popular contralto Elsie Clark. Later that year, it was recorded by Jack Shea (not the 1932 Olympic medalist speed skater) on Vocalion 14333. This recording contains a verse that no later versions include. Emmett Miller recorded it on Okeh 40465, September 1, 1925. He re-recorded it on June 12 1928, accompanied by his Georgia Crackers (which included Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Eddie Lang, and Leo McConville). On November 26, 1926, blues singer Bertha Chippie Hill recorded a different song titled Lovesick Blues (Okeh 8453). The song was a minor hit for her.
    The first country music version of the song was by Rex Griffin (Decca 5570), September 25, 1939. The song's most recognizable version did not come until 1948, with Williams' hit rendition.
    Though Williams had scored a few hits prior to Lovesick Blues, the song was the first of many number one hits on Country radio for the singer. It also marked one of the songwriter's few cover songs. The song's monumental success led to Williams' tenure at the Grand Ole Opry and remains one of his best remembered songs. In 2004, it was one of 50 recordings chosen that year by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registry. His version of the song appeared in such films as The Last Picture Show (1971) and The Shawshank Redemption (1994).
    Since Williams' hit rendition of the song, it has been covered by a wide array of performers. Country performers including Slim Whitman (1957), Patsy Cline (1960), Glen Campbell (1974), Charley Pride (1973), and LeAnn Rimes (1999), have all recorded their own renditions of the song. Floyd Cramer's rock-and-roll cover crossed over to pop audiences in 1962, while Frank Ifield took the song to #1 in the United Kingdom in 1963. In the 1970s, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Arlo Guthrie, Don McLean, Etta James and Linda Ronstadt all covered the song. George Strait took his cover all the way to #24 on the country chart in 1992 with little traditional promotion of the single. Alt-country artist Ryan Adams recorded the song for Timeless, a Hank Williams tribute album.

  • London PridePts 1 & 2 talking & Song by Elsie & Doris Waters Col FB 1174


    The Well - Known War -Time radio Comediennes

  • Moonstruck, sung by Elsie Fox-Bennett. From musical comedy: Our Miss Gibbs


    A 'Jumbo' record of C. 1910, Cat. No.502. Tho' in a good state of preservation reproduction isn't too clear in parts, fortunately the full lyrics are available on the 'net. early studios had no mixer desk, performers having to move back & forth from the recording horn according to the volume of the passage. There was no means of monitoring, but recording engineers would give hand signals, or even physically move the artist to get correct modulation. Wax recording blanks could not be played back, so a 'test pressing' would be made, the artist being re-called to the studio if there were any serious flaws. Its surprising how many excellent recordings were made under these conditions.



    Edison BA # 4825 rel. Jan 1924. A nice early Blues number recorded from our Amberola III using a Diamond A Reproducer.

  • Tijo feat. Elsie Nouvel - Keep It Together


    Our new single is out! Keep It Together is a smooth and catchy tropical house tune, lifted to even greater heights by the lovely vocals of Elsie Nouvel. This is the special orchestral version, for relaxing and chill out moments. Enjoy! Links for streaming or purchasing:

  • To All And Each


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    To All And Each · Company

    The Arcadians (The Musical Comedy Soundtrack)

    ℗ 2011 Master Classics Records

    Released on: 2011-04-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Vénus des abribus


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Vénus des abribus · Elsie Parker and The Poor People of Paris

    Elle se Souvient

    ℗ 2009 The Poor People of Paris

    Released on: 2009-11-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



  • Ruddigore , Act II: He yields! He yields...


    Provided to YouTube by Warner Classics

    Ruddigore (or, The Witch's Curse) (1987 Remastered Version) , Act II: He yields! He yields (Ancestors, Robin) · George Baker/Glyndebourne Chorus/Pro Arte Orchestra/Sir Malcolm Sargent

    Gilbert & Sullivan: Ruddigore - The Merchant of Venice Suite

    ℗ 1963 Warner Classics, Warner Music UK Ltd Digital remastering (p) 1987 Warner Classics, Warner Music UK Ltd

    Tonmeister: Christopher Parker
    Soprano Vocals: Elizabeth Harwood
    Soprano Vocals: Elsie Morison
    Bass- Baritone: George Baker
    Lead Vocals: George Baker
    Baritone Vocals: George Baker
    Bass-baritone Vocals: George Baker
    Chorus: Glyndebourne Chorus
    Lead Vocals: Glyndebourne Chorus
    Choir: Glyndebourne Festival Chorus
    Bass: Harold Blackburn (Bass)
    Remastering Engineer: John Holland
    Bass: Joseph Rouleau (Bass)
    Alto Vocals: Monica Sinclair
    Bass: Owen Brannigan (Bass)
    Alto Vocals: Pamela Bowden
    Choir: Peter Gellhorn
    Chorus: Peter Gellhorn
    Orchestra: Pro Arte Orchestra
    Lead Vocals: Pro Arte Orchestra
    Tenor Vocals: Richard Lewis
    Producer: Ronald Kinloch Anderson
    Conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent
    Lead Vocals: Sir Malcolm Sargent
    Librettist: W. S. Gilbert
    Composer: Arthur Sullivan

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Perchance to Dream: Well Gather Lilacs


    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

    Perchance to Dream: We'll Gather Lilacs (Arr. S. Ralls) · The Elora Singers

    And so It Goes: Songs of Folk & Lore

    ℗ 2018 Naxos

    Released on: 2018-07-13

    Artist: Leslie De'Ath
    Conductor: Noel Edison
    Choir: The Elora Singers
    Composer: Ivor Novello
    Composer: Stephen Ralls

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Franz Lehar - Vilja Lied - Die Lustige Witwe


    Sopran: Nuccia Focile

  • Neger Wholu Lebego by Elizabeth Berhane


  • Andenet Gezahegn: Lilys Appreciation day!


    Lily's Appreciation day!




  • Prelude | Elsie Eastman Original Christmas Song


    Sunday Session #32-- my original Christmas song!
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    On the other side
    of the frosty window
    there's a world of

    The wind is a cry in the night
    the moon a glowing hole
    lighting the way
    for the ghost

    Jesu, Joy of man's desiring
    they followed this same skyline
    to make him known.
    Jesu, aquí está por fin (here you are at last)
    let us enter in
    to make you known.

    ... ... ...

    Follow, follow,
    the stars will lead you,
    in excelsis Deo...
    Aquí está (Here you are)
    Encienda una vela (light a candle).

    A snowy night
    with the wind in your hair
    traverse only if you dare
    to find your home.
    Noche (night),
    con el Rey de la luz (with the king of light),
    todavía estoy buscándose (I'm still looking for you)
    so where are you?

    ... ... ...

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    in excelsis Deo!
    gloria, gloria, Gloria!
    Encienda una vela... (light a candle)
    Aquí está (You are here).

  • Elsie - Tears Drop SUB ITA


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    Elsie Was a Mighty Fine Cow. Audrey Baxter and John Hilme (Basso Profundo) at the Worship arts Dinner at Wesley United Methodist Church in Springfield MO on April 27 2012

  • Waltzes From Musicals - The Quaker Girl by Lionel Monckton


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    Musicals or Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. The music is often romantic and light-hearted. This genre came into prominence in the late 19th century beginning with the operettas of Offenbach and Johann Strauss II, to the satirical English musical comedies of Gilbert and Sullivan and then to the Romantic comedies of the roaring twenties.

    The Quaker Girl is an Edwardian Musical. The Edwardian Musical is a British Musical form which started at the end of the Victorian period, just after the success of the Gilbert and Sullivan period, and lasted until the rise of the American Musical. The Father of the Edwardian Musical is George Edwardes, who took over a musical theatre and spawned a new genre of musicals. These musicals often feature a herione, and the word Girl often feature in the titles of the Edwardian Musical.

    Lionel John Alexander Monckton (1861 – 1924) was an English writer and composer of musical theatre. He became Britain's most popular composer of Edwardian musical comedy in the early years of the 20th century. His music remained popular until the end of WW2, when the American Musicals took over as the main musical trend.

    The song in The Quaker Girl that is still remembered today is Come To The Ball, which forms the main waltz in this medley of waltzes, and the waltzes begin and end with this waltz.

  • Ellise - 911


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  • Canção do Poeta do Século Xviii


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Canção do Poeta do Século Xviii · Teca Calazans

    Teca Calazans Canta Villa Lobos

    ℗ 2013 Kuarup

    Released on: 2013-08-07

    Music Publisher: ADDAF

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Coronation Girls Sung by Elsie & Doris Waters Col FB 1169


    Variety Record bri=ought to you by Popular request

  • Elsies Tune


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    Elsie's Tune (KinDread Spirit) (Irie Remix) · Amsterdam Klezmer Band

    Oyoyoy (Remixes)

    ℗ Amsterdam Klezmer Band

    Released on: 2016-02-12

    Music Publisher: D.R
    Composer: G. Levelt
    Author: RR

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  • Kevin Costner & all Stars on McFarland USA-


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    Kevin Costner official

    Kevin Costner: vocals, guitar
    John Coinman: guitar, vocals
    Teddy Morgan: guitar / producer
    Blair Forward: bass
    Larry Cobb: drums
    Park Chisolm: guitar / Vocals
    Bobby Yang / Roddy Chong / Luke Bulla : fiddle
    Sarah Beck / Lily Costner : guitar, vocals
    Kevin Costner @arqueonautas



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