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Playlist of Learn about Sample & Hold, Ring Mod & other modular functions (Roland 555, SYSTEM

  • Learn about Sample & Hold, Ring Mod & other modular functions


    **TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Framed around the 555 Eurorack module from Roland & Malekko Heavy Industry as part of their SYSTEM-500 line up - let's go through and learn about common modular functions and features! The 555 has portamento (lag, glide, slew - it has various names), noise, ring modulation, sample and hold and an LFO. Use the timing index below to skip around as you see fit.


    00:26 Patch previews

    01:15 555 module explanation and what features/functions are in the video


    01:58 Sample and Hold / S&H - what is it and patch examples? Stepped random voltages, sampling LFO shapes and more

    06:04 Audio rate downsample / down sampler FX - plus created the YOI vocal/formant sound.

    08:37 Downsampling and “crunching” beats


    10:32 Using noise to make drum/percussion sounds + bonus Karplus Strong Synthesis voice

    13:06 Using noise for fuzziness, “vintage-ness”, instability and character


    15:22 LFO run down, wave forms, CV over rate, frequency range, delay and delay trigger.

    18:50 Classic “fading vibrato” patch

    RING MOD(ulation)

    20:16 Making new waveforms/sounds from two VCOs

    22:47 Ring modulation with dynamic sources


    24:12 Portamento, slew, lag, glide … what is it and how it can be used for pitch + modulation

    27:55 “patch hacking” to create filter/VCA/LPG behaviour

    *** Thanks to Roland for sponsoring the video. PLEASE NOTE - this doesn't mean they had any control over the content, anything I said, patched or chose to present.***

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  • Roland SYSTEM-500 555: LAG / S&H Module Overview


    The Roland SYSTEM-500 is a series of fully analog Eurorack modules inspired by vintage Roland modular synthesizers. Each module is made to exacting standards in a collaborative design and production process between Malekko in Portland, USA and Roland in Hamamatsu, Japan.

    Channeling inspiration from the Roland SYSTEM-100m's 150 and 165 modules, the 555 module is a five-in-one powerhouse that brings core utility functions to your modular setup, but with some new and interesting twists. With ring modulation, versatile sample and hold with seven waveforms and internal LPF, pink and white noise modes, LFO with internal ENV and VCA, and two CV controlled portamento circuits, your tonal shaping and modulation options are near infinite.

    For more information, go to

    NEW! 2018 SYSTEM-500 Modules:
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 510 Module Overview
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 505 Module Overview
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 531 Module Overview

    Original SYSTEM-500 Series:
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 512 Module Overview
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 521 Module Overview
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 530 Module Overview
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 540 Module Overview
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 572 Module Overview

    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 & AIRA TR-8S Performance
    ▶︎ Roland SYSTEM-500 & Roland Boutique Performance

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  • AJH Synth MiniMod Sample Hold & Slew // Everything you could want from S&H and more!


    **TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Here's the wonderful Sample Hold & Slew from the MiniMod range by AJH Synth. It's really everything you could want from a sample hold as ... you also get track and hold, a great noise source with a clipping option and tonal/colour shift, a gated slew/glide/lag processor with slew time, linear or exponential slew shaping, options to slew up (rising) / down (falling) or both movements in voltages. The internal clock source is always present on the output even when clocking externally so when you slew that you have a handy shapeable bonus LFO. Last but not least there's a totally unique restrict feature that restricts the potential range of movements between steps without restrict the overall output range.

    I tried to make this a real education/tutorial thing for sample and hold, noise sources, slew + track and hold so I hope it's a useful resource for learning about synthesis too.

    Other AJH Videos

    VCO -
    Waveswarm -
    Gemini -
    V Shape -
    Finaliser R-EQ -
    Glide + Noise -
    Ring SM -


    00:13 Patch previews

    01:13 Feature run down

    02:53 Demo patch - sample and hold. Feature melodies, the unique restrict feature and shaping random voltages with varying noise colours.

    07:27 Using S&H for modulation and dividing it down for pitch control.

    09:06 Gated slew

    12:11 Track and hold

    13:50 Track and hold as a crude VCA for audio

    15:48 Non-clocked sample and hold - using rhythmic triggers and modulation FX & more

    17:04 Exploring the noise source with audio - watch out for the unique pitched sonar noise … go knows how/why that works as it does!

    20:51 Fluctuating / smooth random voltages - it doesn’t have an output for that but we can patch it.

    22:29 Audio destruction! Using the sample and hold as a sample rate / downsampler effect for audio processing. There’s some killer vocal YOI tones in this patch (if I do say so myself)

    26:20 How to get a bonus wave shape-able LFO

    27:59 Quick musical patch break - sample and hold over hi hat decay and wavetable position

    28:38 Using the slew to smooth out square waves - this is very much the same as making the bonus LFO out of the internal square wave clock source.

    32:09 Stumble into a alien landscape with me … as we try to listen to sub audio S&H signals.

    35:35 Clocked downsampled noise - how to patch the noise out to get digital style clocked noise sounds. There’s a few Atari / 8-bit game explosion sounds going on in this.

    37:07 Adding instability to our sound sources with clocked noise

    38:32 A final patch trying to make use of EVERYTHING. Noise source percussion, sample and hold melodies, clock/slew LFOs all at once.

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  • Sample and Hold - what is it and what can I do with it?


    What the heck is a sample and hold? What should I use S/H for in my eurorack system? Are there any cool uses for sample and hold modules besides creating random unquantized pitches? What other parameters can I modulate with sample and hold? How do I make an 8-bit+ or bitcrushed style sound using modules already in my eurorack modular synth system?

    If you are asking yourself any of these questions, you will want to check out this video!

    In this video Alex takes a dive into Sample and Hold as a concept, a circuit, and a feature of the Eurorack module from WMD/SSF, the Modbox. From the basic obvious uses to more advanced ideas in synthesis.

    Different use cases include random voltage generation for modulation over Pitch, Filter, and other synth parameter, as well as down sampling, LFO control, Quantized voltage generation, pulling out notes from a sequence, and creating interesting soundscapes with panning and moving instruments around the stereo field.

    More info at +
    Facebook :
    Instagram :

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  • Cinematic Drones & Sound Design with Roland SYSTEM-500 Eurorack Modules


    I've been having a lot of fun with the SYSTEM-500 Eurorack modules from Roland. Making a whole range of percussion, drones, FX, drum one shots etc. I have a video coming soon on the 555 module which features Ring Modulation, Noise, LFO, S&H (sample and hold) and Portamento (slew/lag/glide) generation too. This stereo drone patch (with no FX I should add, totally dry SYSTEM-500) came out of trying to make the most out of the 555 module using each section for various bits of modulation in the patch. In turn out quite cinematic and evoking for a deep moving sound bed that would work well set to picture ... I think so, you tell me in the comments! - if you like it comment RED if you don't comment BLUE.

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  • V: Eurorack modular crash course for newbies - Sample and Hold


    Blind your friends with science - do sample and hold on a modular synth

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  • Exploring the Roland System 500 Eurorack modular system #TSR19


    I have some videos coming up in the future with some of the modules from the Roland System 500 Eurorack Modular series and thought it would be nice to grab the whole system and have a bit of a quick first look type video with the whole system. This was at the Thomann Synth Reactor event #TSR19.

    Nick de Friez -

    Full playlist of videos from the event -

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  • NANO Modules ALT // basic to advanced patch techniques AM synthesis, auto panning, sidechain + more!


    There is a giveaway to win an ALT module running over on Instagram alongside NANO modules. Check that out here to enter for free -

    ** TIMING INDEX BELOW - SKIP AROUND ** Here’s ALT from NANO Modules. A quad VCA module in an 8hp Eurorack format. Three channels features both manual gain (level, bias or offset) as well as CV inputs with CV attenuversion (attenuation and inversion) which gives lots of control and opens up the module to sidechain and ducking like FX as well as easily making auto pan FX too. The fourth channel is a more basic VCA with input, CV input and output. This is normalised open until you plug in a signal which is useful for the onboard mixing. ALT is also a mixer, either for basic mixing of audio or CV, for CV mixing, for cascaded mixing (2x 2 input mixers, 1x 3 input mixer + a VCA …). This video aims to go through the basics to more advanced patching answering the age old modular questions “WHY YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH VCAS!” Going from basic amplitude control to full on AM synthesis and patching up other FX and dynamic modulations of modulation. For those comfortable with how VCAs work skip ahead with the timing index below to get right to the patch tips.

    ALT on the NANO Modules site -

    More NANO Modules demos

    MAR -
    FONT -


    00:00 Hello & video previews

    00:53 What is ALT? Feature run down

    02:59 VCA basics and how ALT works

    05:34 Basic audio mixing, CV controlled mixing and how to patch sidechain compression / ducking FX

    07:52 A quick tip for creating unique modulation sources

    09:12 Expanding basic patches with VCAs

    10:25 How to create an auto panner

    12:22 Dynamic AM synthesis

    *** THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY NANO MODULES *** they have funded the creation of this demo video allowing me to show you what ALT does and how works but also teach you synthesis and patch tips along the way. Any questions just ask.

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  • Doepfer A127 Triple Voltage Controlled Resonant Filter Part Four-Audio Rate Modulation


    Description and Demonstration of the Doepfer A127 VCRF Triple Voltage Controlled Resonant Filter.Focus on Audio Rate Modulation of Resonant Filters.Demonstration of audio distortion with the A127.Number four of four videos.Audio Loops by Raul Pena.Sound and Video by Raul Pena.

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  • Why Sample and Hold Modules Are Ace


    Let’s explore another fundamental building block of modular - the Sample and Hold module. They’re not just for making the sound of how computers think, there are quite a few other useful things we can explore, mate. Maaaaaate.

    Doepfer A148 (mate):

    ⭍ Support Mylar Melodies: ⭍

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  • Michigan Synth Works SY0.5 - Pearl Syncussion Clone in Eurorack


    **TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Here's the new Michigan Synth Works faithful recreation of the classic synth percussion unit the Syncussion from Pearl. Modern equivalents of all the original components are still available so this is very close to the original. Lots of drum sounds on board, I've had some great punchy kicks, longer tom like tones, alien FM cowbell action. To me the unit feels like one big sweet spot, hard to make a bad sound on which can be as rare thing.

    Original Syncussion manual -


    00:13 Patch previews

    00:40 Feature run down and sound demo

    04:41 Jam patch, modulation and playing sounds in context

    05:56 Velocity changes with varying input trigger levels

    07:40 Mode CV/gate input - how to change from gated step up/down or CV addressed modes

    09:04 FM - audio rate frequency modulation through the pitch input and pushing the LFO into low audio rates too

    11:10 External modulation, creating organic moving parts and use of random

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  • 玩模組 - Roland 521 VCF



  • ALM Busy Circuits Squid Salmple // Fast & powerful 8 channel audio and CV sampler in Eurorack


    **TIMING INDEX // SECTIONS BELOW** So here's the Squid Salmple from ALM Busy Circuits. It's an 8 channel Eurorack sampler that can record, mangle, modulate and playback audio or CV. It's fast and immediate with quick on the fly recording options and an easy interface that very quickly became a fast and intuitive way to work with both audio and CV. There's a phenomenal bank of samples that comes with it on the USB stick that's really well put together from a range of artists and sources. You've got 5 outputs, 3 assignable (to multiple destinations) CV inputs, 8 trigger inputs and plenty of control and options. I'd love to hear what you think about the module and the video so leave a comment and let's chat. Skip around with the timing index below if you see fit and cheers for watching!

    Website, manual, sample bank list and more -


    PLEASE NOTE - all no talking demo patches are entirely dry with the outputs just mixed on the HexMix with level, pan and EQ.

    00:00 Hello and video preview

    01:28 What is the Squid Salmple? Feature run down.

    03:43 Demo patch - bank 01 - 606 drums + lately bass

    03:52 Getting started

    05:01 Demo patch - bank 02 - 707 drums

    05:06 Channel parameters 1 - channels 1-5 (with percussion)

    08:15 Demo patch - bank 06 - 808 drums

    08:26 Demo patch - bank 07 - 909 drums

    08:30 Channel parameters 2 - channels 6-8 (with synth drones)

    10:22 Demo patch - bank 08 - CR78 drums

    10:28 Demo patch - bank 13 - R70 drums

    10:34 Muting

    11:10 Demo patch - bank 18 - Linn drum

    11:19 CV playback & mangling

    14:48 Demo patch - bank 25 - Sash M5N Beats

    15:04 The FIRST PATCH I made with the module

    17:06 Demo patch - bank 27 - Jack Mumdance drums

    17:16 Key combos (mega useful!)

    19:25 Demo patch - bank 29 - Jack Mumdance drums

    19:32 Demo patch - bank 39 - Sash Beats - jungle tapes

    19:38 Choking

    21:04 Demo patch - bank 40 - GRM Tools + Microtonic drums

    21:14 CV inputs & CV assign, attenuate + offset

    24:04 Demo patch - bank 45 - Lauren Flax chords/melody

    24:21 How to set up accents

    25:35 Demo patch - bank 51 - Sue Zuki sample bank

    25:51 How to record samples

    27:15 Demo patch - bank 52 - Dungeon Acid Domestic Percussion

    27:23 Live sampling on the fly

    29:03 Demo patch - bank 54 - NYZ Field Recordings

    29:20 Sampling CV (control voltages)

    31:02 Demo patch - bank 59 - Yamaha CS80 notes

    31:11 Demo patch - bank 64 - Russell Haswell Hordijk Benjolin

    31:17 Notes of loading & saving

    32:31 Demo patch - bank 66 - Ebcidic Cocoquantus

    32:45 Demo patch - bank 67 - Ebcidic Lyra-8

    32:53 “Poor mans delay” patch example from the manual

    34:20 Demo patch - bank 68 - Drums + Roland SH101

    34:29 Cue sets (this is simple yet powerful!)

    37:50 Demo patch - bank 75 - Andrew Duff Roland TB303 + drums

    ** THIS VIDEO WAS SPONSORED BY ALM BUSY CIRCUITS** By sponsoring the video they received a service, which a demonstration video. However they had no control over what was said, patched or used in the video.

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  • Superbooth 2018 - Abstract Data Event Boss, Octocontroller Updates, New Filter, Logic Boss & VCO


    Justin from Abstract Data always has a great patch set up and a tonne of interactive modular action going on for rhythms, beats, basslines and modulation in not much space. We go through the upcoming new firmware for the ADE-32 Octocontroller, ADE-33 Event Boss which is a fantastic device for taking clocks and making patterns or taking patterns and making variations on patterns and then there's the new filter, logic boss and wave shaping VCO which sounds fantastic (I was lucky enough to test and early version).

    We're proud to have our Superbooth 2018 content sponsored by &

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  • WMD DVCA - Ring Modulation as an integral part of the eurorack voice?


    Synthesis techniques are what eurorack in general is all about. having all options available at all times is a huge reason why one would want to get into modular synths. That said, it's common to learn a few things and settle, ending up uninspired yet again.

    Subtractive synthesis is synthesis is a technique that is used in countless synths on the market both hardware and software, and we can all agree that simple voices sometimes just sound the best in the right contact. However, when patching up the same modules the same way every time, it can get a bit boring and one could ask why should I use modular if I'm just going to patch up what a Moog Model D does every time?

    In this video, Alex explains a simple, yet fun technique to get more out of your eurorack system with modules that you probably already own. He explains the usefulness of Ring Modulation and Amplitude modulation to create filter-like sounds that have a different overall character. Revealing some tricks along the way like synching your modulator oscillator, and Filtering the modulator's signal, this video is a must watch for anyone stuck in the same old loop when it comes to patching.

    The DVCA is a voltage controlled amplifier module with an all analogue signal path and a digital detection circuit, allowing the user to easy eliminate clicks and pops from using a fast envelope with low frequency and smooth audio signals.

    DVCA retails at $199 and is available now.

    For more information on DVCA:

    More info at
    Facebook :
    Instagram :

  • Eurorack Drum Synthesis Plus Free Sample Pack


    Download our free drum sample pack made with this eurorack modular system here:

    This video is just a quick overview of analog drum synthesis. Let us know which techniques you would like us to explore in more depth in future videos.

    There are two basic parts of drum synthesis explored here, noise drums and pitched drums. noise drums can be shaped with filters VCAs and effects like distortion, or by using unique noise generators. Pitched drums can be modulated by a sharp decay envelope for traditional percussive sounds, and you can add ring or frequency modulation for more complex harmonic drums. More complex drum sounds are made by layering and combining these simple building blocks.

    #PerfectCircuit #synth #eurorack

  • Glitchy Minimal Modular Techno Jam featuring Roland SYSTEM 500


    Glitchy Minimal Modular Techno jam - single take featuring full suite of Roland SYSTEM 500 modules.

    Main sequencer is the Intellijel Metropolis. Including drums from Roland TR-09 and TR-08. Additional help from Launch Codes and Basimilus Iteritas Alter along with other bits and pieces.

    No computers were harmed making this jam.

    #roland #system500 #minimaltechno

  • Moffenzeef Modular Dial-Up // Glitch Drum, Noise Drones & Mad Modulator!


    TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW - Here we have Dial Up, yes dial up ... like dial up internet, you know ... for all of those modem biting your ear off tones you may remember from the pre Broadband days of home internet access. It's a 4hp Eurorack module that is focussed on becoming a glitch drum. Tail adds a release to the incoming 'BANG' (trigger/gate) and has a range switch for longer tails or shorter tails. You can add an offset voltage rather than trigger or gate to the make the unit drone too, turning it into a noise drone source or mad modulation source. Tones, glitches, noise and pitch are all controlled on the single knob labelled with the computer. You get CV over that parameter too.

    More info, audio examples on the site -

    Moffenzeef Modular GMO video -


    00:00 Patch previews

    00:41 What is Dial-Up? Feature run down.

    01:42 Sound demo

    03:08 Dial-Up beat, riff & melody

    04:41 Noise drone and ambient patch

    06:20 Moffenbeatz

    07:07 Dial-Up as a modulation source

    08:56 Salt n pepper on your techno!

    09:27 Natural glitch variance and lazy wonky beats

    ** This video is sponsored by Moffenzeef Modular. It is not a REVIEW, nor did they have any control over the content (spoken, examples or otherwise). By sponsoring the video they get a demo video in return. Simple! **

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  • Music Theory & Modular Synths // dVoxx Télégraphe


    Music theory and modular synths don't often come up in the same conversation. So as the fourth part in a series of videos with d'Voxx talking about their new album Télégraphe we wanted to talk about just that. Approaching modular musically, with theory in mind (or not) and related composed music and themes to a modular workflow and performance.

    Check out this playlist for all video interviews with d'Voxx on Télégraphe -

    Vinyl album launch gig -

    Grab the album -
    Vinyl release -
    d'Voxx -

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  • Joranalogue Contour 1 - Slew Limiter & Function Generator // The BACKBONE of a Modular Synth


    *TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW* Here we have a real powerhouse and backbone of a modular system. The Joranalogue Contour 1 is a Slew Limiter & Function Generator which can be an envelope generator, LFO, oscillator, audio processor, filter, PWM generator, subharmonic divider, gate delay, slew/lag/glide and plenty more. This video is aimed to be an in-depth educational look at functions and features that really play into the core of a modular system. Skip around the video with the timing index below and try applying these examples to your own modules too. I hope this serves as an education reference for those features as well as clearly demonstrates the Contour 1 Eurorack module. Leave a comment and if you get something from these videos consider supporting on

    THUMBNAIL We all need this - we absolutely do all need these functions in a system, function generators and slew limiters are really the backbone of a modular system. Think Serge DUSG and all the variants that have followed, these modules can do SO much it's nuts!

    Website + info -



    00:00 My fugly mug

    00:15 Video previews

    01:41 Contour 1 features - what is a slew limiter / function generator? What can it do etc.


    03:11 Envelope Generator - gated and triggered behaviour, plus merging triggers, gates and LFOs to create dynamic modulation.


    06:41 Slew Limiting + freezing voltages with the hold input - slew, lag, glide + more


    08:26 LFOs - LFO shapes and curves, gated on/off + triggering resets

    11:09 Complex shapes with modulated LFOs - using modulation to create fluctuating random style complex CV shapes.


    11:54 Envelope following and deriving gates from audio - using a drum beat to create a dynamic CV shape and using audio as an input to derive in time gate signals from the rise/fall outputs.


    14:14 Low pass filter - using the module as a filter to smooth out audio and using the bend to reshape curves in the audio

    15:53 Low pass filter - BONUS 1 - using the rise and fall outs for stereo PWM FX, creating buzzy bright textures to mix with the filtered audio

    16:42 Low pass filter - BONUS 2 - using another oscillator for audio rate hold or gating on top of the filtering for sync like overtones


    17:30 Oscillator behaviour - quick arpeggio exploration with Contour 1 as an oscillator

    17:59 Pitch dependent vibrato - adding vibrato and harmonic shifts to Contour 1 as an oscillator

    19:28 How to improved saw wave oscillator behaviour


    20:18 Gate delays - create delayed gates for custom grooves and flams


    21:58 Dynamic envelopes - merging envelope generation and slew processing for more dynamic voltages.


    24:36 Creating kick drums right out of Contour 1

    25:52 Definitely NOT a snare drum

    26:48 Weird custom percussion sounds


    27:35 Creating downsampler like alias FX - audio rate hold modulation.

    28:49 Stereo PWM BEAST!!! - plus bonus audio rate overtones.

    30:35 Subharmonic generator/divider - classic Serge style patching to create subharmonic undertones.

    33:32 Combined AM/FM - a great patch from manual showing how using Contour 1 as an oscillator then adding an oscillator to the input creates a mixed amplitude and frequency modulated behaviour … it’s very musical.

    **THANK YOU to Joranalogue for sponsoring this video. By sponsoring the video they are funding the creation of a demo/overview video. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW, nor did the sponsor have any control over the content**

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  • Sample and Hold Randomizer


    First modular jam of 2015 :)

  • Roland System 500 versus vintage System 100m and SH-5 Synthesizers


    I’ve been leant a Roland System 500 for a video and so the first thing I wanted to try with it was a side-by-side with the System 100m (1978) and SH-5 (1976) as these are two of the heritage synths that inspired it.

    The third synth it’s based on is the System 700, but I’m sure you can forgive me for not getting that one in there too!

    All-in-all I think the System 500 is excellent, has the Roland family sound and stands up well against the classics that inspired it. Trying to be as impartial as possible, there are a couple of comments I had about it that could be improved which I also mention, but I genuinely think it’s a great sounding and accessible modular synth.

    Let me know what you think about it.


  • Modular in a Eurorack module! SSP from Percussa // Superbooth 2019


    The SSP from Percussa offers a tonne of power and potential in a Eurorack module as it's a full modular environment within a module. From polyphonic wavetable synths with in built FX and modulation, to multi-mixed modulation generators, multi track recorders, samplers, live input granular processors and waaaaay more ... it can be pretty much anything you imagine. Super powerful, looks stunning, I'd love to get deep into it's potential.

    Superbooth 2019 videos -

    Thanks to our sponsors that have made these videos possible!

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  • NÖÏZ - “V’ger”


    Live improvising.
    Arturia Keystep and Evolution UC33 controlling Roland Jv1010.
    Roland Sp555 just for textures and drums.
    V’ger appears on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

  • Modular Wild Presents Feedback- Ring Modulation?


    Answering a viewers question about ring modulation and what it can be used for.Sound and Video by Raul Pena.© 2012 Raul Pena

  • Voltage Modular ///Patch 1.3


  • Erica Synths Fusion Series - Tube Ring Modulator


    Here is the final video in the series of overviews for the Erica Synths Fusion Series of Tube eurorack modules. As always feel free to ask questions in the comments and hit subscribe and like for more videos coming soon.

  • sample and hold and slew


    sorry for pronouncing Moog wrong

  • Frap Tools Falistri 3/4: LFO


    This third movie on the Falistri Movement Manager focuses on using it as an LFO, with emphasis on how to combine its two halves to create more complex LFO shapes. The index is:

    00:00 starting settings
    00:15 unipolar vs. bipolar vs. attenuverted outputs
    00:42 Rise and Fall times
    00:55 Shape controls
    01:41 Time Scale switch
    02:11 linear slew generator to create a second waveshape
    03:42 preview of combining the two function generators
    04:20 Max (analog OR)
    05:15 amplitude modulation (two quadrant multiplier)
    06:30 balanced modulation (four quadrant multiplier)
    08:21 two different waveshapes in series
    09:45 Quadrature mode

    The first movie ( gave an overview of the module, and also showed how to use it as a normal function generator (Attack/Decay or Attack/Sustain/Release envelopes). The second movie ( explored advanced envelope features, such as voltage control over time, and combining the two envelope sections to create more complex envelopes. The fourth movie ( focuses on using it as a VCO.

    My Patreon supporters will have access to additional posts further discussing these features:

    This movie is also part of the extended Eurorack Expansion course available through Learning Modular:

    FTC Disclosure: Frap Tools sent me this module at no charge as a “thank you” for consulting on some of its features. There was no guaranteed that I would make videos about it in return – but I thought it was a significant enough of a module that I should.



    Today we mess with a very simple patch concept I've been using to squeak out funkier basslines from my modular (eg: not just the same pattern repeating over and over, able to self-evolve). HANDY INFO BELOW:

    Further Reading:
    ▶ Illustration of the patch:

    ▶ Stoichea (Euclidean Sequencers Explained) Video I mention:
    ▶ Attack Mag article about bass patterns:
    ▶ This modular on ModularGrid:

    Modules I'm using:
    ▶ 2HP Euclid:
    ▶ Music Thing Turing machine:
    (But the principles can apply to many other modules of course!)
    ▶ VMPE Euclidean Circles: (Now in V2)
    ▶ LS1 Lightstrip:

    Other good stuff mentioned:
    ▶ Thonk Prok Drums:
    ▶ ALM MCO:
    ▶ Tiptop One Samplers:

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  • Ambient Eurorack Modular Livestream | Playing with Planar


    New module day! Let's explore what it can do together, from a barely opened box!

    ⁂ Connect With Me ⁂
    Livestreams ↝
    Twitter ↝

    #eurorack #ambient #livestream

  • Live jamming with Eurorack + Octatrack


    List of hardware used:
    Moog Mother 32
    Make Noise Maths
    Bastl Cinnamon
    Mutable Instruments Frames
    Pittsburgh modular lifeforms Mod Tools
    Serge VCFQ diy clone
    Behringer Neutron
    Volca modular
    Volca FM
    Elektron Octatrack

    There are some out-of-steps/tune, but this is my first live jamming with modular as a heart of setup (not SEMI-modular, I mean)

  • Steady State Fate SSF Zero Point Oscillator ZPO // unique thru zero FM & AM + morphing and more!


    **TIMING INDEX BELOW SKIP AROUND!** Here we have the wonderful ZPO from SSF. It has a totally unique take on thru zero modulation that couples the frequency modulation with amplitude modulation. Enabling either the linear of exponential FM to go into the thru zero modulation also couples that modulation into the zero point. The zero point offers level control in a bipolar fashion which can invert waves and provide ring modulation. Merging TZFM and TZAM alongside the other features such as sync, waveform morphing, 3 types of pulse width modulation, sub oscillators and some unique waveform outputs really elevates this as a powerful analogue oscillator.

    Check out the SSF Stereo Dipole here -
    More info on the ZPO here -


    00:00 hello & video previews

    02:59 what is the Zero Point Oscillator?

    04:40 what makes the ZPO unique?

    06:37 waveform types and outputs

    08:44 waveform morphing

    09:24 audio rate morphing

    12:17 ring modulation and TZAM (thru zero amplitude modulation)

    16:35 thru zero linear & exponential FM and AM

    21:06 3 types of pulse width modulation (PWM)

    25:35 ZPO as an LFO

    28:14 oscillator sync

    31:25 tremolo effects

    33:25 super stereo drones!

    35:38 layering parts to sound like multiple synths

    37:57 single VCO turned drum kit

    40:26 the space between sines & triangle

    42:03 mixing waveforms & additional zero point shaping

    44:15 kick drums and weird FM

    ** THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY STEADY STATE FATE ** they have funded the creation of this demo video. That means I provide them with a demonstration video of this particularly module. They have no control over the content and my aim is always to show the raw sound and features of any device and teach synthesis while offering musical patch tips that ca be applied to this module or others. Any questions, just ask.

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  • Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Processor *PROTOTYPE!* // Next generation Eurorack FX


    **TIMING INDEX BELOW, SKIP AROUND!!!* Here's the early prototype of the new E520 Hyperion Processor from Synthesis Technology. To me this is really the next generation of audio processing and FX in the Eurorack format. Having the prototype to play around with I wanted to get this out to show you the great sounds already in the unit, which is constantly getting updates and new features even at this stage. Head to the links below to support it on Kickstarter and for more info.

    Kickstarter -
    Website -
    Interview with Paul about the E520 -


    00:00 Hello etc etc

    00:57 Video patch previews

    02:26 Features and walkthrough

    03:25 Resampling Mini-Delay (Tape, BBD, Clean)

    06:01 Stereo Pitch Shifter

    08:34 Stereo Frequency Shifter (+ Ring Modulation)

    12:40 Spectral Delay + Pitch Shifter

    13:57 Stereo Shimmer Reverb (patch one)

    17:05 Stereo Shimmer Reverb (patch two)

    18:05 Spectral Crusher

    19:41 Stereo Flanger Delay (with LUSH diffusion!)

    21:43 Auto Wah

    22:02 Stereo Chorus

    23:29 Spectral Time Machine (doing this real time is NUTS!)

    26:37 Phaser

    *THIS VIDEO WAS NOT SPONSORED - the prototype is on loan to try out and I decided to share a video playing around with it.*

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  • Euclidean Circles V2 - Deep Dive


    VPME.DE reinvents the wheel with Euclidean Circles V2 :)

    Don't miss the one man jam in the end!

    Video written, directed, shot, edited and scored by Quincas Moreira
    35mm film photography by Quincas Moreira
    Additional editing by Edgar López

    More info on the EC2 here:
    My website:
    Join my Patreon! Deluxe members get a sample pack made of the sounds in this video :)

    Thanks to Vladimir Pantelic for sending me this module, I love it !
    (module demo, not DIY)

    Thanks for watching, Stay Noisy!

  • The Mystics Cloak


    Metropolis, Pressure Points + Brains, 2x Turing Machine, 2x Q960, Moon Modular M563 Trigger Sequencer and a Q119 step sequencer are used to conduct a looping round of notes and key changes to various euro and 5U modules, (mainly Rings, a Mos Lab 901 VCO suite and several Q106 VCO's).
    A pair of the STG Soundlabs Envelope Generators and Sidecars are used with a Mega Ohm Audio CdS for the percussive elements.
    Longer gate timings for the background sequences from the STG Voltage Mini Stores and Trigger Mini Stores are stretched out by the use of a triple switch from and a pair of Q962 Sequential Switches.
    The phase shifted noise is from the Jurgen Haible Tau Pipe Phaser.
    The noise wash and background discordant chord pads which begins and ends the piece are a recording of Mutable Instruments Rings into the Makenoise Morphagene. The Morphagene is run into a Z-DSP with Halls of Valhalla ensemble chorus and a Clouds in feedback loop. Various LFO's are handling the feedback and mix between these elements.
    Additional effects include Electro Harmonix Canyon in tape delay mode, two Behringer DD400 delays, a Modcan 73B dual delay and a Synthetic Sound Labs 1210 Digital Delay.
    All recorded in a single take to Cubase and video edited in Final Cut Pro.

  • A Patch A Day, No. 41


    Wogglebug finally takes front seat as the main source of life.

    Ok - this is a hell of a patch. To begin, the Wogglebug is clocking the Clock Divider. But the Random Gate Burst is doing the clocking, not the nice plodding clock. So yes. This is delightful beyond belief.

    The DPO's VCO B FINAL goes out to the mixer. The FOLD circuit is turned almost all the way down. The EXPO of that channel is being modulated by the WOGGLE CV OUT. The STRIKE of the FOLD coming from the OR 3+4 of the Quadra, with 4 coming from the Random Gate Burst, and 3 cycling. The SHAPE of the DPO being modulated by Smooth VCO OUT, because why the hell not.

    VCO A of the DPO is modulated by WOGGLE VCO OUT (again, why the hell not???) and the EXPO is being modulated by RING MOD OUT.

    The Dixie II is being modulated by the stepped CV, and that goes out to the MMG via the complex waveform.

    The MMG gets struck by two of the clock divisions, producing delightful percussive sounds to rhyme with the DPO's strike. The gate opens and closes from a Maths envelope, which gets triggered by another clock division.

    Speaking of Maths, Ch. 1 oscillates, gets the RISE modulated by a simple graphic sequencer, erm, sequence, which goes right into the Tame Machine, then into Rise, set to linear. So the effect is sort of close to 12-tone/diatonic, but not quite, and it is actually quite lovely.

    Holy crap. This is a lot of stuff. And nearly everything is actually modulated by the Wogglebug.

    I'll be doing this all week, because it is too fun not to, and that poor module has suffered neglect now for 40 days.

    Musically, I love the ploddingness of the patch. It is something to rhythmically grasp, and rhymes and clashes with the random strikes provided by the Wogglebug's random gate. Every other aspect of this patch needs very little introduction, if you've been watching this series. I use both the CV and the oscillators to produce the most ridiculously wacky

  • Octocontroller // Eurorack Session 5


    Voice 1: Rings
    Voice 2: Z3000
    Both driven by arpeggios from an Octocontroller

    Percussion: BIA and Mutant Snare

    Snare drum is run through an Intellijel Rainmaker with filtered delays and cut-offs on the left channel
    Z3000 through comb filter on the right channel

    Enjoy watching my elbows suckas. Apparently framing your shot is important!

  • ADDAC System 103 T-Networks // 4 classic vintage analogue drum voices in Eurorack


    **TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Here we have the vintage, analog / analogue T bridge, twin T (it get called multiple things) circuits that make up some classic circuits in well known drum machine and electronic percussion of yesteryear. This circuit has been tweaked and modded and brought into Eurorack as a simple 4 voice percussion module as the T-Networks from ADDAC System. It can be punchy yet soft clean percussion, or ripe for percussion and FX, kicks, toms, claves, short rimshot like snaps and more. You can audio rate trigger/input for some interesting destructive filtering too.

    More info + website -


    00:30 Feature run down, notes, historic mentions

    01:42 Sound demo, pure T-Network drum beat

    03:23 T-Networks Techno - with processing to add “spice” to standard beats and sounds

    04:57 Audio rate input for DESTRUCTIVE FILTERING

    06:35 Adding processing to create very different drum sounds + FX

    08:55 Creating melodic melodies, riffs and basslines

    10:55 Stacking the four voices for chordal tones

    **SPONSOR MESSAGE** thank you to ADDAC System for sponsoring this demo video. By sponsoring this video they have paid for a service, which is me providing an overview/demo video. It's not a review, nor did they have any say of what I say, patch or choose to do in the video.

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  • Patching Panda Hatz - Dynamic Analog Hi Hat


    After first checking out Punch (link below) here's 'Hatz' from Patching Panda. Hatz is a closed and open hi hat module for Eurorack based upon classic analog hi hat tones from a whole history of drum machines. We have two blend-able noise colours from white to metallic, envelope shaping, decay modulation, two filters with modulation, accent, external input, closed priority open hi hat choking, accents and more. It takes to modulation really well for a range of hi hat sounds and can also be a noisy quirky backend for a synth voice when you use an external oscillator too.

    Punch demo -
    Website + more info -

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  • Mutes - the first DivKid Eurorack module


    **TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** So here we have it, the FIRST DivKid Eurorack module. It's been a long journey (and and on / off casual one to start with) since I first drew up a rough idea and panel design for this years back but this super simple, but highly effective little module (if I do say so myself) is finally released! Now I'm not a circuit designer or manufacturer, which is why this took some time. But more recently I worked with Befaco to bring this to life so I'm proud to say that although this is a DivKid module the PCBs say powered by Befaco on them. There's tonnes of potential ways to patch and make use of this and nothing will make me happier than to see the module living in peoples systems for a long time. This is available as a DIY kit or PCB/panel as well as assembled. Check the link below for more information.

    **CORRECTION** This is available as a FULL DIY KIT or PCB/Panel combo not a partial kit as I say at the end of the video.

    More information here -


    00:00 unboxing, general teasing etc

    00:59 Reveal and patch previews

    01:33 Sponsor message, and feature run down

    02:18 Adding mutes to mixers (inputs and outputs)

    03:22 Dub style FX performance tricks

    05:20 Muting, pinging and performing with CV modulation

    06:54 Combing muting and ping switching of gates, audio, cascaded FX sends and modulation.

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  • Patching Panda Vibrazum // Triple Resonant Multimode Filter in Eurorack


    **TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW ** Here we have the very lovely triple filter 'Vibrazum' from Patching Panda (it's the v2). It's a single shared input into a network of mutlimode filters with independent and global control, separate and mixed outputs and CV over all the parameters. From simple characterful low pass to weird formant triple peak vocal sounds there's a tonne of range in here. Although it's not labelled as a stereo device plenty of the patch examples here are stereo, using Vibrazum to create a stereo image for FX or general synth tones. So grab some decent headphones or monitors to hear the details in the sounds. Any questions just ask, thanks for Patching Panda for sponsoring this video and cheers for watching!

    Other Patching Panda demos

    Hatz -
    Punch -

    Website + info -


    00:00 Video/Patch previews
    00:53 Feature run down
    02:00 Raw filter sound
    03:41 LP-HP stereo patching
    04:53 3D FX ambiences
    06:33 Triple peak phaser
    07:24 Dynamic animation
    08:43 Audio rate modulation
    09:44 Filter ping MACHINE!
    10:49 Feedback paths with delays
    12:01 Big stereo imagining
    13:08 Extracting audio info for multi channel processing

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  • Oscillographic Block | snippets 01


    A collection of small Oscillographic Block sounds, originally recorded then shared on my instagram account.
    The Oscillographic Block is a fantastic eurorack module, it's old Sega chip core aims of course at chiptune making, but its clever design makes it capable of far more experimentations and soundscapes. It is also able to provide modulations that you draw yourself from the onboard 8 steps sequencer.
    In those snippets, the Oscillographic block is used by itself most of the time, but it is eventually also completely transformed through an Intellijel Polaris and Rainmaker. The last snippet is the wet output from the Rainmaker.

  • Detachment 3 Spinner Stereo Ring Modulator - NAMM 2017 - Patchwerks Seattle


    Patchwerks Seattle goes to NAMM 2017 and talks to Joe Grisso of Detachment 3 about the new Stereo Ring modulator. Demo of the Archangel analog sequencer as well.

  • Hands on analog sequencing with the Generator from Analogue Solutions


    **TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW**. Here's the hands on, performance orientated, knob-laden begs to be touched ... Generator from Analogue Solutions. The Generator offers 3 rows of analogue voltage sequencing, a unique way to create gate sequences, a series of pressure pads for transposing, performing and interacting with the sequences or independently and plenty more. It can be driven from an internal clock, external clock or MIDI and you also get some CV influence over the patterns and voltages. Lovely stuff. Skip around as you see fit, timing links below.

    More info + website -


    01:41 Features

    06:28 Classic analogue synth sequencing

    09:03 Modulation, mode and FX sequencing

    09:58 PATCH HACK - creating additional gate patterns

    13:48 Distortion jam with CV control of the Generator

    15:21 3 note chord sequencing

    16:44 Voltage Generator with pressure performance mapping

    A big thank you to Analogue Solutions for sponsoring this content. Please note that sponsorship of a video demo DOES NOT add any element of control over my patches, what I say or how I choose to make a video. Other than as a service - I will make an overview demo video.

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  • Mimeophon Development: a conversation with Tom Erbe and Walker Farrell


    (A version of this video without the background music is available here:

    As we were wrapping up development of the Mimeophon, Tom Erbe stopped by our shop to discuss his inspirations behind the module with Make Noise's Instrument Specialist Walker Farrell.

    Tom Erbe (of Soundhack) has worked with us on several modules, including the Echophon, tELHARMONIC, Erbe-Verb and Morphagene. Our latest collaboration, the Mimeophon, is a stereo, multi-zone color audio repeater, and is a modern take on various historical sound copying, echo and repeating devices. More information on the module (including its manual) can be found here:

    We hope to be adding more content like this to our channel— if you liked it, be sure to give it a thumbs up and let us know in the comments what you'd like to see us cover next!

  • Introduction to Instruo Eurorack Modules // Modular Meets Leeds 2018


    Jason Lim of Instruo walks us through a range of their Eurorack modules at the Modular Meets Leeds 2018 event. There's audio demos, design talk, musical ideas and more in the video that goes through the Cs-L, Scion, Harmonaig, the new io47 and it also touches on a few other Instruo designs. Watch out for Jason casually dropping in that he got the chance to talk circuits with Alan R. Pearlman of ARP (RIP, Alan has passed away since this was filmed).

    **THIS VIDEO IS FROM THE 2018 MODULAR MEETS LEEDS EVENT for info on this years event (2019) click here -

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  • MP Features #02 - Qu-Bit Chance


    PATCH EXAMPLES ... Ben - Greg - Matthew -

    Here's the second MP Features show where Modular Podcast walk through a specific piece of gear with patch examples and the designers/creators alongside us to introduce and discuss the gear. It's a pleasure to have Andrew from Qu-Bit on the show taking us through Chance which has been loads of fun and one of my favourite modules.

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  • Creating a synthesiser ecosystem with Soulsby Synths // Superbooth 2019


    The whole family is coming together in the new ATX system from Soulsby Synths. There's the existing Eurorack Oscitron (demo video below) and Oscidrum (alt. firmware) but the new Atmegatron, Atmultitron and new expanders are all coming together for future release. Blending 8 bit dirty lo fi filters and polyphonic analogue filter expanders in Eurorack there's a potentially large system of Soulsby goods on the way!

    Oscitron demo -

    Superbooth 2019 videos -

    Thanks to our sponsors that have made these videos possible!

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  • A mind phased post probe abduction with Hexinverter // Superbooth 2019


    Stacy ... now DJ Heisenberg ... takes us through probing, abduction, witness protection and more ... we were also rather lovingly offered a pickle although after realising the pickles had ran out we were offered a sip of pickle juice from a rather large jar ...

    The new Mind Phaser (coming this summer) is an all analogue dual VCO building upon the classic Buchla 259 design. This adds different wave shaping, with clipping, feedback, AM synthesis, wave folding and analogue phase modulation too.

    Superbooth 2019 videos -

    Thanks to our sponsors that have made these videos possible!

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