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Playlist of Korn's Brian 'Head' Welch

  • Korn - Blind Featuring Brian Head Welch - Rockingham, NC - Carolina Rebellion - 5/5/12


    Korn - 'Blind' Featuring Brian 'Head' Welch - Rockingham, NC - Carolina Rebellion - 5/5/12

    Directed by Sébastien Paquet
    Mixed & mastered by Marko Vujovic

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  • Brian Head Welch of Korn at Replay Guitar Exchange


    12/8/18 - Brian Head Welch Mini Clinic: Part of the Playback Music Expo, The Orange Amplifiers Guitar Summit featured artists David Ellefson, Brian Welch, Troy Sanders, Kyle Sanders, Steve Lynch, Bumblefoot, and Jason Bieler.

    MC'd by EMP Label Group's Thom Hazaert.

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  • Korns Brian Head Welch - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?


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    Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch sits down with Graham Hartmann to prove and disprove what's written about him on Wikipedia!

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  • Me And My Guitar: Korns Brian Head Welch


    Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch takes us through his LTD SH-7 EverTune signature model backstage at ESP's NAMM 2017 booth.

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  • Korn - 2013 World Tour rehearsals


    Korn gets ready for their first tour with original guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch back in the band after a 8 year hiatus...

    Directed by Sébastien Paquet

  • Korns Brian Head Welch on A Different World With Slipknots Corey Taylor


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    Brian 'Head' Welch talks with Graham Hartmann (@grahamwire) about working with Corey Taylor for the new Korn track A Different World.

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  • Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Chats With Sam Tinnesz | Battle Talks Ep. 2


    Behind every great artist, is a battle story

    Watch my talk with Brian Head Welch (Korn ; Love and Death) to hear about the personal and career battles he overcame.

    Warplanes EP out now -

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  • KoRn - Interview @ MuchMusic 1998


    Pretty awkward interview I found on an old tape my sister made back in the day.

  • Korns Brian Head Welch Details His Regrettable Past With Drugs


    Head released the book, With My Eyes Wide Open, detailing all the tribulations he faced while going solo and rejoining the metal band.

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  • Me And My Guitar interview with Korns Brian Head Welch / Ibanez KOMRAD20RS


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    Total Guitar meets up with Head from Korn in Cardiff, ahead of their show with Slipknot, to find out more about his latest Ibanez signature model, launched at NAMM 2015.

  • Korns Brian Head Welch on Jonathan Davis Suffering + New Album


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    Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch talks with Graham Hartmann (@grahamwire) about 'The Serenity of Suffering' and how Jonathan Davis suffers for his art.

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  • Brian Head Welch of Korn and the Rockerverb MKIII Head


    Brian 'Head' Welch discusses his experiences of Orange and how the Rockerverb MKIII has become his go to amp in the studio and on the road.

  • April 5, 2020


    Spiritual Contemplation and Meditation

  • Korn discusses Head quitting on Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV


    An exclusive clip of Korn discussing, guitarist and co-founder, Head quitting the band from Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV presented by JBL. See an all new episode on November 1st at 9pm ET | 10pm PT on DIRECTV's Audience Network, channel 239. Plus get the new album The Paradigm Shift available at

  • Brian Welch of Korn on James Robison


  • Korns Brian Head Welch Thanks Linkin Park for Their Forgiveness


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  • Korn Guitarist Brian Head Welch Gets Personal About Almost Dying From Addiction


    In 2013, Korn fans everywhere rejoiced at the news that founding guitarist Brian Head Welch had returned almost a decade after his abrupt exit.

  • Munky & Head on Ibanez 7th Heaven


    Munky and Head show some guitar techniques in this 7th Heaven video made by Ibanez circa 1997.

  • Korn Pt 2 - Why Head left, killing the environment


    Brian Adler interviews Korn.

  • koRn - Korn on new music and the evolution of their sound


    Munky and Head from KoЯn talk to Vevo at Rock On the Range 2017.

    One of the most ferocious metal bands around, KoЯn has been raging for almost a quarter centur. From the first splash of their kick-off tape 'Neidermeyer's Mind' to the arrival of their new 'The Serenity of Suffering' album, founding members Jonathan Davis, guitarists James Munky Shaffer and Brian Head Welch and bassist Reginald Fieldy Arvizu, have honed the band's sound, steadily revitalizing its impact. In May, KoЯn headlined the second day of the Rock On The Range fest in Columbus, Ohio. Vevo was on the scene, and we hooked up with Shaffer and Welch for some color commentary on all things KoЯn. The guitarists talked about how the new album charts “the ups and downs of life,” described their constant goal of reinvention, and shared some stories about the making of their new video, “Black Is the Soul.”

    Directed By: Dan Nastro
    Producers: Lori Schmon

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    koRn on Vevo -


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  • This Guitar RUINED Other 7-Strings For Me! || LTD Brian Welch SH-7 Evertune Sir Headly Demo/Review


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    3:53 Patron Shoutout
    4:07 My Thoughts
    9:23 Dirty Raw Sound Clips
    11:09 Clean Raw Sound Clips

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    This Guitar RUINED Other 7-Strings For Me! || LTD Brian Welch SH-7 Evertune Sir Headly Demo/Review

  • Как группа KORN изобрела свой стиль? Рассказывает Brian ¨Head¨ Welch


    Как группа KORN изобрела свой стиль? Рассказывает Brian ¨Head¨ Welch
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  • Interview with Korns Brian Head Welch at Rock on the Range


    Korn's Brian 'Head' Welch took a few minutes before the band's headlining set at this year's Rock on the Range to discuss the death of Chris Cornell, performing with 12-year old Tye Trujillo, and more!

  • Tina Smash helps Brian Head Welch of Korn with his bucket list!


    Tina Smash helps Brian Head Welch of Korn with his bucket list!

  • Rig Rundown - Korn


    Article and photos:

  • Korn At: Guitar Center


    We were able to catch up with Korn during their Sessions TV taping to discuss their Ibanez guitars. See an all new episode of Guitar Center Sessions featuring Korn on November 1st at 9pm ET | 10pm PT on DIRECTV's Audience Network, channel 239. Plus get the new album The Paradigm Shift available at For more information visit:

  • Interview w/ Brian Head Welch of KoЯn


    Behind the Scenes:
    We interviewed Brian “Head” Welch during his tour in Mexico. We chatted about his new book “With my eyes wide open” and talked about Korn’s future.





    Todos los sábados de 15:00- 16:00 horas por el 102.5 FM o a través de

  • Grey Daze - Making Amends: In The Studio With Korn


    Making Amends explores Grey Daze's beginnings, their original plans for reuniting, how the album was made and the musicians who helped to ensure Chester’s dream of a Grey Daze reunion and album release were fulfilled. This 8 part series will rollout weekly for the next 2 months, leading into the release of the new album.

    Amends available to stream everywhere:
    Listen to Sickness:

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  • Why Doesn’t Brian Head Welch From Korn Do Backup Vocals Anymore?


    Episode 246:
    Why Doesn’t Brian Head Welch From Korn Do Backup Vocals Anymore? Perhaps Head doesn't want to sing anymore because of his shift to Christ. Korn is far better off with Brian back in the band, but his Backup Vocals are amazing, I prefer his vocals to Munky (Munky is the rhythm guitar player in Korn) in the end Korn will always be my favorite band.

    #korn #brianheadwelch


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  • Brian HEAD Welch I wanted to die.


    The shorter version of Brian Head Welch's testimony!

  • Brian Welch - Mensaje a los fans españoles


    El guitarrista y miembro fundador de Korn envía a través de un mensaje a todos seguidores españoles coincidiendo con la salida de 'Loud Krazy Love', el documental que cuenta cómo Brian Head Welch y su hija rompieron el mundo de la música.

  • Head uses his Head Clean Reverb TonePrint for the Hall of Fame Reverb


    In this video Brian Head Welch from Korn uses his Head Clean Reverb TonePrint for the Hall of Fame Reverb pedal from TC Electronic.

    TonePrint page:

    Hall of Fame Reverb product page:

  • Brian Head Welch of Korn re-dedicates his life to CHRIST


    (Originally provided to by Mr. Ebenezar John Premkumar)

    Brian Head Welch is from Bakersfield, California. At the tender age of 11, Head picked up a guitar and found his original calling. Barely out of high school, he helped found the controversial rock band Korn. The band became a grammy award winning, multi-platinum selling band, and quickly soared to the top of the music world while selling some 30 Million records internationally. The band was credited with being the major influence in the rise of the Nu Metal Movement. While with Korn, Head won two grammy awards and several MTV music video awards.

    In February 2005, Head shocked the music world when he resigned from Korn to re-dedicate his life to Christ and focus on raising his daughter, Jennea, as a single father. The event set off a media frenzy as observers around the world sought out to understand what led this rock star out of the darkness and into the light.

    Significantly, and perhaps most importantly, upon his resignation from Korn, Head made clear to the music world that he had not retired from the music and entertainment industry. With his newfound calling, Head is committed to changing the youth of this nation through his music and other entertainment ventures. In this regard, Head penned an autobiography of his life, picked up and released by Harper Collins Publishers in July 2007, entitled, Save Me From Myself. Head gained further acclaim as a successful author, when the book quickly hit the New York Times Best Seller List (non-fiction). In his memoir, Head talks for the first time about his shocking embrace of God, and the tumultuous decade of drug and alcohol addiction that led him to his faith, where he was completely and instantly healed of his addictions.

    Heads debut album also entitled, Save Me From Myself, is a testimony of his life as he battled with drug and alcohol addiction, leaving KoRn, and finding spirituality. His debut album is a heavy metal epic, with a positive message. It will leave no doubt in everyones
    mind that Head, as a founding member of KoRn, has not lost his passion for the metal sound that originally helped make his former band famous. The Debut Album is set for release September 09, and features renown musicians such as Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, David Bowie), Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, Evanescence, Nine Inch Nails). The first single, Flush, will be available exclusively on I-Tunes on July 8th. The album was mixed by Bob Clearmountain, Ralph Patlan, and Head himself.

  • Waco



  • Brian Head Welch Korn New Music Lifest 2011


    Brian Head Welch, former lead guitarist for Korn, talks about coming out with some new tunes! Recorded at Lifest 2011 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Brian was a great interview.

  • 1 - Brian Head Welch - Re-Bel


    Show do One Love For Chi, ano de 2010.

    Vamos manter um contato?

    Havia momentos em que eu estava conversando com alguém sobre alguma coisa e Deus falava comigo naquele exato momento e me dizia para ir ao computador e escrever uma música sobre aquilo que era tema da conversa.
    Uma vez aconteceu em uma conversa que tive com minha amiga Lisa. Estávamos conversando ao telefone e ela estava me contando a história de uma criança que ela conhecia que tinha vários problemas e grande parte deles eram culpa de seus pais. Aparentemente eles não eram cuidadosos para com a criança, bebiam a todo momento e não cuidavam dela como deveriam[...]. Durante nossa conversa Lisa me falou como seria legal escrever uma música sobre crianças se rebelando contra as coisas negativas acontecendo em suas vidas e se voltando para Deus, de maneira que Ele pudesse trazer cura para suas vidas como fez para comigo.
    Após o fim de nossa conversa, eu não pensei em nada relacionado a isso por uns vinte minutos, até que ouvi a música em minha cabeça. Era uma música pesada. E então ouvi os versos gritados do refrão [...]
    Eu nem estava tentando escrever uma música; ela apenas veio rapidamente do nada. Depois, refleti um pouco sobre isso, não havia dúvida para mim que isso tinha vindo de Deus. O Senhor falou comigo por meio da Lisa, usando-a como meio de fomentar a ideia para a música. WELCH, Brian. Save Me From Myself Book.

  • Korn - Somebody Someone


    Korn - Somebody Someone

  • Korns Blind at Carolina Rebellion WITH Brian Head Welch


    Carolina Rebellion 2012, Head returns to play lead guitar with Korn on their song Blind

  • Jonathan Cain from Journey and Brian Welch from Korn Performing “Don’t Stop Believing”


    Both of these men gave their lives to Christ and want to give glory to God in all that they do. A great encouragement at the Better Man Event 2019

    Colossians 1:28
    [28] Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:

  • 2- Brian Head Welch - Save Me From Myself


    Show do One Love For Chi, ano de 2010. Música nº 2 da apresentação.

    Vamos manter um contato?

  • Korn Blind performed by Brian Head Welch, George Lynch , Billy Sheehan and Ray Luzier


    Brain Head Welch makes a special appearance at the 2013 NAMM show performing a bit of Korn with George Lynch of Dokken on guitar, Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big on bass and Ray Luzier of...well Korn on drum.
    This was at the Sabian Live event in Anaheim January 2013

  • Former Korn Bassist Brian Head Welch on His Solo Album


    For more info, visit:

  • ESP Guitars: Ken Susi Plays Brian Head Welch


    We had a challenge for Ken Susi, guitarist and clean vocalist of Boston-based metalcore band Unearth. Bringing him into ESP headquarters, we tasked Ken with emulating the tones and playing styles of a number of other ESP signature artists who, like Ken, use Fishman Fluence pickups in their guitars. The results are outstanding! In this episode of our Style Series, Ken recreates the tones of guitarist Brian Head Welch of Korn, using Brian's LTD Signature Series SH-7 EverTune guitar on dueling riffs from Korn's song Blind. More info on ESP Signature Series guitars...

  • Brian Head Welch - Leaves Korn


    Brian Welch visits KRAB Radio in Bakerfield in 2005, To announce he has left the band Korn!
    If you'd like to make a donation to the channel it would be greatly appreciated, then I can finally reach my goal and buy a new PC, once I'm able to get that I will be able to post more content and just better quality content overall! Thanks everyone.

  • KORN BOOSTER PACK Brian Head Welch


    Download Rock Science for free:

    Download Rock Science and play the Korn Booster Pack. Be sure to chart among the top 300 players on the leaderboard by November the 19th at 00.00 PST, when the contest ends. Then, two lucky winners from the leaderboard will be drawn in a final chance to win a Korn signature guitar.

  • Brian HEAD Welch playing Blind @ the rev room


    BRIAN HEAD Welch playing Blind @ the rev room from his previous band KORN

  • Arrival from Korn to Bogotá Colombia, Brian Welch Head and Raymond Lee Ray Luzier. El Dorado.


    Llegada de Brian Philip Welch Head y Raymond Lee Luzier Ray al aeropuerto El Dorado por la puerta internacional para el concierto de Korn live, en vivo lunes 17 abril de 2017, 8:30 p. m. en el Chamorro Entertaiment City Hall, Bogotá Colombia. Novedad, Tye Trujillo en el Bajo. La industria trash registra movido en el aleteo. #nosotrosteamamos The Serenity of Suffering Tour Latinoamérica​.
    A live, en vivo Originals VideoTape never died.
    Featuring Tye Trujillo on Bass.
    Play list: Right Now, Here to Stay, Rotting in Vain, Somebody Simeone, Word Up!, Coming Undone, Insane, Y' all want a Single, Make Me Bad, Shoots and Ladders, Blind, Twist, Good God, Fallay Away from me, Freak on a leash. Junto a Jonathan Davis, James Snaffer Munky.



    What do you guys think of my new intro? :) Head is such a cool guy, I'm so glad that he did this for me! :D I met him at a retreat and he did this, took some pics with me, and signed a few autographs. He's a really cool dude. If you don't know who he is he's the singer/guitar player for the band Love And Death and he used to be the guitar player for the Metal band, KoЯn! For the video on his new band, Love And Death go to my channel:

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  • Korns Brian “Head” Welch release some details on new album for next fall


    Korn's Brian “Head” Welch release some details on new album for next fall

    Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has had a chat with Revolver and released some details on the new album they are currently writing.. He stated:

    “The new record, I’m very stoked on. I can’t wait to get that done. There’s a lot left to do. What we have is really encouraging. We have been writing and we have tracked most of the drums. But we’ll probably write a couple more songs — that always happens. At the beginning of the year, we’re going to really focus and get it done.” “We’re doing it all over. We’ve been to Nashville a few times, we’ve done a lot in L.A. We actually wrote with John Feldmann, too, for the demos. Travis Barker laid the temporary drums for some, and that was cool “The Korn album should be out by next fall.

    full articel here;

    Korn's Brian “Head” Welch release some details on new album for next fall



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