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Playlist of Korg SQ

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    Korg SQ-1 Review and Demo


    You can get one here:

    (Though you will find it cheaper elsewhere at the moment)

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    Nova Musik - Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer with Rich Formidoni


    Check out great deals on the Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer at Nova Musik:

    Housed in a compact metal enclosure and powerable via USB or batteries, Korg SQ-1 is a sequencing powerhouse capable of connecting to your gear not only over MIDI or USB but also via two sets of CV/gate outputs. It even has dedicated ports for volca- and monotribe-style sync and for connecting to the Korg littleBits Synth Kit.

    SQ-1's CV/gate outputs can be set to different voltage scales and standards, including 1V, 2V, 5V and 8V (Hz/V). The behavior for the knobs controlling each step's value can be linear or constrained/quantized to minor, major or chromatic scales.

    SQ-1 is available both standalone and bundled with the limited edition Korg MS-20 Module Kit.

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    Modular Tips: Sequencing eurorack with the Korg SQ-1


    A look at some basic ways to use the Korg SQ-1 to sequence a eurorack modular synth.

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    Korg SQ1 Tutorial 1: Introduction


    00:00 - Intro
    01:20 - Connectivity
    03:40 - Limitations
    04:56 - Basic Out-of-the-box Usage

    In the first episode of a new series of tutorials devoted to the Korg SQ-1 sequencer ( I show you the basics of the device: what it does, the input and output ports, its limitations and also a simple out-of-the-box usage. I think my de-esser wasn't set up properly and there are quite a lot of sibilants in some parts. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and promise to have a look in my setup.

    ERRATA: This device takes 2 AA batteries, not 4, as I say in the video.

    More information on my personal website:

    Next Episode: Ranges and Scales in MIDI (

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    Korg SQ-1 Undocumented Features


    Undocumented and poorly documented features are shown. Including CV behavior in different modes, sustained notes of different lengths and rests.

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    Korg SQ-1 2x8 Analog Step Sequencer | Gear4music demo


    For more information not his product:

    The Korg SQ-1 is a compact step sequencer with 2 x 8 steps. Its wealth of connection jacks allows it to be connected to the MS-20 and a variety of other synthesizers. Vintage analog synths or the latest compact synths can be controlled from this single unit.

    You can also switch between a variety of synthesizer modes and use the step buttons to create performances overflowing with spontaneity, just as when using a volca unit.

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    Korg SQ-1 Sequencer: Active Step Demo


    Demo of the Korg SQ-1 Analog Sequencer controlling my Moog Voyager OS and sending sync signal to a Korg Volca Beats. Quick demo of the Active Step feature where the sequencer allows you to turn steps on and off with the 16 gate selection buttons. This is truly a live performance sequencer and it has enough balls to be serious without so much detail you ever need to read the manual at all. Loving this unit and the price of $100 US can't be beat. I may need two of these!

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    Sequencing Korg prologue with SQ-1


    Adding an easy-to-use sequencer to your Korg prologue opens up all kinds of possibilities! Sequence both timbres in the prologue or use the SQ-1 to sequence one side of a split while playing the other timbre by hand. Korg’s SQ-1 sequencer is the easiest way to add a sequencer to any synthesizer!

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    Korg SQ-1 Sequencer MS-20 MicroKorg Jam


    (日本語は下) Bought a microKorg second hand, so plugged into my SQ-1, which is sending in unison to both MS-20 and the microKorg. Aiming for circa 1976 Tangerine Dream improv's.

    SQ-1は同時にMS-20miniとmicroKorgに信号送っています。なんとなく76年代のTangerine Dream の音を目指している。

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    Una prueba del poder del secuenciador Korg SQ1 conectado al Volca Bass. La reverb proviene del Mixer y esta grabado con el microfono de la cámara

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    Korg SQ-1 sequences longer than 16 notes


    Utilize the Chan A and Chan B outputs together to make sequences up to 56 steps long

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    Behringer Neutron / Korg SQ-1 CV/Gate Tutorial


    Behringer Neutron sequenced by Korg SQ-1 over cv/gate inclusive paraphonic mode.
    I like this setup very much. it's easy to handle and very induitive. You can run two indivdual sequences with the Korg SQ-1 and the Behringer Neutron in paraphonic mode.

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    Korg SQ-1, Monotribe, Volca Bass, Arturia Keystep - Arpeggiators


    The SQ-1 is used as a random arpeggiator, playing the Volca Bass via MIDI, while they Keystep plays the ramdom octave jumps on the Monotribe via CV/Gate. The Monotribe also plays the drums and serves as the master clock source for the appegiators (using Korg/Volca sync). The LFOs on the Volca and Monotribe are used to automate the slow filter sweeps.

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    Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer - Arturia Minibrute


    Sequencer Korg SQ1 + Arturia Minibrute connected via contro voltage, CV gate.

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    Yamaha CS10 Jam with Korg SQ-1. microKorg; MS-20 mini


    **live - no computers**

    Jamming with the SQ-1 and the Yamaha CS-10 from around 1:45.

    If anyone gets there, sorry about the distortion from around 5:00.

    Yamaha CS10 sequenced by Korg SQ-1 (CV/Gate 1): processed by Roland Digital Space Echo RE-3

    Korg MS-20 mini sequenced by Korg SQ-1 (CV/Gate 2): processed by BOSS Super Chorus CE-300

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    First Test! Korg SQ-1 - MIDI Testing w/Yamaha S80


    I just ripped it from it's box! The Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer! The MS20-mini is out of reach so I ran to the Yamaha S80 which is always set up, dialed up the first bass patch I could find and plugged it in!

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    Messin around with the Korg SQ 1


    Using the SQ-1 to control a modular acid patch. Channel A controls pitch and gate/envelope in the traditional CV/gate fashion. Channel B adds automated control over the cutoff frequency via CV B, while Gate B is routed to multiple locations to accomplish accents with TB-303 attributes.

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    Ambient Noodles | Waldorf Streichfett // Korg Sq1


    Waldorf Streichfett

    Sq 1

    Rec. Zoom Q2n

    Murat CALASIN

    Enjoy !!!

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    Behringer Model D + Korg SQ-1 = Moog DFAM?


    I picked up the D today and while I was at the store, I also played the lovely DFAM. So I thought, why not using the SQ-1 to do something similar with the D. Is it possible? Well kinda. The DFAM has much more weird possibilities. Higher ranges etc. But I did like the results anyway. Loads of fun and the D sounds damn good.

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    KORG SQ-1 Filter sequencing


    Instead of controlling the oscillator pitch, Korg SQ-1 control Microbrute (gate), Doepfer A-103, A-124 (Cut Off) and A-125 (Shift).

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    KORG SQ-1 control moogerfooger MF-102


    sound 00:30~
    KORG SQ-1 control moogerfooger MF-102 (self sound generate)

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    Korg SQ1 to Behringer Model D - CV!


    DescriptionThis is a short video connecting a Korg SQ1 sequencer to a Behringer Model D using the CV connections.

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    *** MS-20 + SQ-10 Analog Groove Machine ***


    This self explaining video shows a way on how to turn your MS-20 into a fat groove machine using a Korg SQ-10 analog sequencer.
    Watch it, try it, enjoy it !!!

    No patch settings included this time :P To try it yourself: Just start with the MS-20 default knob settings and follow the video.

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    Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synthesizer and SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer | Gear4music demo


    For more information on this product:

    The Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synthesizer is a reincarnation of the legendary MS 20 Analog Synth which was used by artists such as The Prodigy, Daft Punk and Portishead.

    The Korg SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer is the perfect companion to the MS-20 Mini, providing a wealth of connections and a variety of modes for endless creative possibilities.

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    Arturia Minibrute 2 & Korg SQ-1 Random + Random


    This was just a test. Since the Minibrute 2's second VCO is available on the patch bay, I thought I'd try syncing the SQ-1 to the Brute and using it to control VCO2's pitch, with the synth's arpeggiator controlling VCO1. Both the sequencer and the arpeggiator are in random mode, and are sending two separate groups of selected notes randomly to each of the Minibrute's oscillators.

    Recorded using AUM on an iPhone with EOS2 for reverb. Cameras: LUMIX GH4 and GX7.

    More Minibrute 2 videos here:

    You can get access to occasional exclussive videos, and help me to continue this channel for as litle as $1 a month here:
    My music can be purchased here:
    Otherwise, just subscribing and/or sharing my videos to others helps me out a lot. Getting exposure on YouTube is pretty difficult.
    Thanks for your support.

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    Paraphonic Sequence with the Korg MS-20 mini and Korg SQ-1


    More experiments with the Korg SQ-1 and Korg MS-20 mini...
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    Korg SQ-1, Monotribe, Volca Keys, Arturia Keystep - Endlosschleife


    Sometimes I just need some muzak while doing something else,
    So I just set the machines free.
    But in exchange for their freedom,
    I ask them to randomly improvise before me.

    Now you can have about 10 minutes of that.
    It could go on forever...

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    El Korg SQ-1 es un secuenciador análogo/digital inspirado en el antiguo sequencer creado a finales de los setenta por la misma empresa, el Korg SQ-10, lo que significa que es un poco limitado para los estándares modernos. Una de sus limitaciones es la falta de un puerto MIDI IN por el cual podamos enviarle la información de tempo y play, por ejemplo, desde una DAW u otro sintetizador que no sea compatible con la sincronización de Korg.
    En este video les voy a enseñar un método bastante simple y rápido para lograr sincronizar nuestro pequeño sequencer con Ableton Live y así poder controlar tanto el tempo como el play desde este software.

    ❗ Es importante saber que para lograrlo debemos contar con una interfaz de audio que tenga por lo menos una salida de audio mono independiente de la salida principal. En mi caso utilicé una Native Instruments Komplete 6, la cual cuenta con 2 salidas stereo (1-2 y 3-4) más una salida de auriculares.

    Espero les sea de ayuda!


    ✍ Para realizar este tutorial me base en la información de este hilo de conversación de Reddit:

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    How to Sync Korg SQ-1 with Abletons tempo


    In this tutorial I'll show you how to sync your external USB-Midi device with Ableton's tempo. This tutorial shows this method for Korg SQ-1 but you can apply the same principal with other USB-Midi devices.

    You can download the Korg SQ-1 USB MIDI drive from Korg's website

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    🔵 KORG SQ1 ✚ ABLETON LIVE 10 🔵 Analog Ambient Drone 🔴 USB SYNC SEQUENCER 🔴


    🇪🇸 En esta ocasión utilizo el secuenciador por pasos Korg SQ-1 sincronizado con Ableton Live 10. Utilicé el instrumento nativo llamado Analog, un modulo analogico que suena increiblemente bien.

    🇺🇸 On this occasion I use the Korg SQ-1 step sequencer synchronized with Ableton Live 10. I used the native instrument called Analog, an analog module that sounds incredibly well.

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    Korg SQ-1, LittleBits Synth Kit, Boss DR-110 - On The Run.


    A short demo featuring the Korg SQ-1 step sequencer, slaved to an old Boss DR-110 drum machine and playing Pink Floyd's On The Run on the LittleBits Synth Kit with a few extra bits.

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    Korg SQ-1, Monotron, Zoom MS-70CDR - Pentatonic Soundscapes


    In this video the SQ-1 is playing the original Monotron via CV/Gate mod. The Zoom MS-70CDR is providing stereo delay and plate reverb effects.
    The lowest note that will trigger the Monotron using the mod is F#4, so I chose to use the equivalent of 8 black notes on a keyboard, from F#4 to A#5, but tuned one octave down, or the same as a Pentatonic F# scale.
    The rain sounds in the background were captured by the video camera, so I figured that adding them to the mix would help to set the mood for this piece.

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    Defamiliarizing the Korg SQ-1


    The Korg SQ-1 is inexpensive, portable, super-useful, and ubiquitous. This video is about doing some different things with it, including using two of them together. Discussion and a bunch of relatively short clips, mostly using the Make Noise 0coast as a sound source - then, at the end of the video, a longer thing with the 0coast and Nano Garden (feel free to skip it - or feel free to skip TO it!). Thanks for watching!


    00:00 SQ-1 + Kastle 1.5, always a nice combo

    00:18 Intro. Devolving into comedy.

    00:40 Overview of SQ-1. The background music is a SQ-1 sequence controlling a MIDI Plus general midi engine (familiar with these? pretty amazing portable sound module for the $) going through a Korg Monotron.

    02:50 CLIP 1 - Two MIDI tracks in Ableton Live sending midi out the usb to the SQ-1. One track is continuing on as midi into the 0coast to gate/pitch the main oscillator. The other track is coming out as CV and changing the pitch on the audio frequency LFO (Slope module in cycle mode). Not very well-tuned, tbh. Might be cooler to use the CV as a control signal for something other than pitch. Also, I was just lazy and copied a short clip from the first track to the second - the tracks could be sending two different patterns of any length.

    04:00 CLIP 2 - This one uses the 0coast LFO to sync the SQ-1. It can run a LOT faster than the tempo control knob actually allows. Then I'm using the CV from these sequence bursts to control the 0coast pitch.

    05:10 CLIP 3 - Using a split audio signal (piano) - one half to sync the SQ-1. Again, bursts of sequence, and in this case I am using the CV to control the filter cutoff (on the Happiness pedal from Dwarfcraft Devices) - which the other half of the audio is going through.

    07:00 CLIP 4 - synced sequencers, 4 CV (1 pitch and 3 control) x 8 steps. It's subtle. I'm changing the timbre and envelope, per step, and it has quite a bit of character.

    08:00 CLIP 5 - synced sequencers, 2 CV (1 pitch and 1 control) x 16 steps.

    08:42 CLIP 6 - syncing to a panning audio click track, 1 CV (pitch) x 32 steps? well, not really. the issue is that when a SQ-1 stops it keeps delivering the voltage, there might be a way to do this as 30 steps, where the 16th step on each sequencer is 0 volts. As it is, I just did the 2 voice thing again, similar to CLIP 1. It doesn't quite work right, but I think it's indicative that it COULD work. Is there a better way?

    10:00 CLIP 7 - synced sequencer, 1 CV (pitch) x 16 steps, and then 2 CV (control) x 7 steps. using 7 instead of 8 makes the number of steps in an exact cycle go up to 112. I like the sound on this one a lot. Using slides on parameters other than pitch can give some great sounds on the 0coast. Headphones bring this one out.

    11:30 CLIP 8 - Where this all started, my first post on Instagram with 2 SQ-1's. I saw a video by @gemini.horror on there that made me think about getting a second SQ-1. Anyway, I use CV out from the first SQ-1 instead of the sync out signal to control the syncing of the second SQ-1. You can make it erratic. The whole thing is filled in by the Transmisser delay from Earthquaker Devices.

    13:05 Outro. Setting up the Ender.

    14:35 Ender. This is 2 SQ-1's, the 0coast, and the Folktek Nano Garden in 'long delay' mode. I originally did like 10 minutes of filming/recording to get 2 1-minute shots for Instagram, posted those, and then @bernissimo suggested very kindly that I should do some sort of longer form of it. So, I set it back up and got like 11 minutes of it - with the intent of it being a whole thing. The unique thing about this one is using the controlling SQ-1 in random sequence mode, and then turning gates off to statistically cause freezes/holds. I also use the 0coast 'maths' knob to shift the LFO from sort of bubbly to sort of FM. Lots of fun to explore this setup.

    undulations, korg, korg sq-1, sq-1, make noise music, 0coast, experimental music, ambient music, soundscape

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    Korg SQ-1 as oscillator with 0-Coast


    Here I'm driving SQ-1 sequencer rate with 0-coast cycling slope. CV-A from SQ-1 is routed back to 0-coast external audio input.

    - draw you waveform with knobs on SQ-1
    - blend with wavefolder signal
    - tune both sources by adjusting slope curve

  • desc Drum Programming


    Here is a fully analogue drum machine, created by sequencing a Modular Synthesizer with a Korg SQ-1 step sequencer. I'm basically only demonstrating the different things you can do on the fly with the sequencer, with a brief description of how the patch was made.

    Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel to see more synth and musical videos! I have a lot more in the works.

    Sights and sounds copyright 2015 Moot Booxle Studios.

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    Korg SQ-1: 56-step Sequence Demo


    Combine 8-step and 7-step sequence with the math function on the 0-coast.

    Other 0-coast/SQ-1 videos:
    2-voice / FM Patch Demo

    Trigger Repeat Demo

    Random Arpeggio Demo

    0-COAST and SQ-1: Sunday's Patch

    SQ-1: Transpose Demo (with 0-COAST)

    Desynchronise Note Trigger and Pitch CV

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    Korg MS-20m Monophonic Synthesizer Kit and SQ-1 Step Sequencer


    The new MS-20m and SQ-1 open a whole world of analog experimentation. Connect, sync, and sequence all your gear with the flexible SQ-1 Step Sequencer, and take the famous MS-20 sound to new levels with the FM and sync features of the tabletop MS-20m

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    Analogue Love // Korg MS-20 • SQ-1 • Volca Beats/Bass/Keys


    Live synth jam, featuring the Korg Ms-20 Mini, Korg SQ-1, Korg Volca Beats, Bass, and Keys, TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb pedal.

    Recorded direct from my mixer into a stereo track in Ableton, with a light master compression.

    Track available to download from my Soundcloud:


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    Korg SQ 1 Sequencing a Roland SH 101


    Playing around with the KORG SQ-1 Sequencer. I have the SQ-1 CV and Gate outputs going into the CV and Gate inputs of the Roland SH-101 and the Sync output of the SQ-1 going into the Arpeggio Clock Input of the Roland Juno-6. I'm also using a Boss DD-3 Digital Delay on the SH-101 and a Lexicon MPX 100 on the Juno-6.

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    Korg SQ-10 with Korg MS-10 plays kraftwerk


    Tuned all notes using the SQ sequencer- Korg SQ-10 with Korg MS-10 plays Kraftwerk Endless Europe.

  • desc

    How to KORG SQ-1 Sync to BASTL KASTLE


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    Korg SQ-1 sequencing the Korg MS-20 mini


    This is just a quick first test of the Korg SQ-1 sequencing the Korg MS-20 mini using both CV outs to sequence the two VCOs of the MS-20; with CV-A (VCO 1) as the Bass and CV-B (VCO 2) as the Lead.

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    Live Dub Techno Korg SQ-1 & MS20, Volca, Roland Juno 106, Strymon Blue Sky, Boss RE20


    Volca Sample & Beats - Drums
    Volca Keys - Chords
    Volca Bass - Chords
    MS20 - Bass

    No multitracking

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    Korg SQ-1 Troubleshoot, Tips & Tricks by Polypumpkins 📻


    A quick video about some troubles I went into when using the SQ-1. Hope to help someone out there.

    1. Static noise with computer powered USB 0:28
    2. Sudden power-off with computer powered USB 1:10
    3. Extra power with USB hub in a cheap way 2:01

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    four korg sq1 vs ableton live


    using four korg sq1 sequencers to sequence ableton live

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    Korg SQ-1 test, different GATE polarity


    Korg SQ-1 test with KORG MS10 and ROLAND SH-09, different GATE polarity.

    KORG SQ-1 have the same GATE polarity for the two sequence row: it is necessary to use a cable, with some electronics, to convert the GATE positive to S-TRIG. Then, it is possible to use synthesizer with different GATE polarity.

    Here you can find the schematics:

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    Demo :: Minimoog Model D + Korg SQ-1 + Midiverb II


    Demo of Minimoog Model D Reissue + Korg SQ-1 Sequencer + Alesis Midiverb II, using an acid techno style riff. The aim was to demonstrate the sound of the filter with the resonance set high and being modulated by a slow LFO. What I found special was that, where many synths become thin or piercing or digital, this just sounded hypnotic and musical...

    Reverb is Preset 29 on the Midiverb II, Xlarge Warm 15 secs.

    Minimoog audio recorded through Tube Tech MP2A pre-amp and Antelope Eclipse Converter.


    About SOLON:

    Matt Singmin is an English musician based in Sydney, Australia, composing and producing meditative electronic music. He is the DJ & Co-founder of The Future Sound of Yoga, and an explorer of the magic in vintage & modern audio gear.

    ► Web:
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    Behringer Neutron - Korg SQ1 Quick Tip accent in the sequence


    In this video I want to show you a little trick to make youre sequence from the SQ-1 to the Behringer Neutron more interesting.

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    Korg SQ-1 and Two Moogs


    Using the CV/ Gate outs to control Moog synths from different eras.

    Link to the Gate- S Trig conversion video:

    Link to the Werkstatt Gate Input Mod:

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    Korg SQ-1 play Korg MS-10 & MS-20




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