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Playlist of Kit Harington (Jon Snow) Behind

  • Look at how Kit Harington reacted to his younger version


    Kit Harington (Jon snow) reaction to his younger version
    Arya reaction to her younger version

    Look at how Kit Harington (jon snow) reacted to his younger version
    kit harington
    jon snow reaction
    you know nothing jon snow

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  • Game of Thrones, The Musical, Kit Harington, Jon Snow Singing for Ygritte


    Game of Thrones, The Musical, Kit Harington, Jon Snow Singing for Ygritte ,, Subscribe ,, Like ,, and Share ,, Welcome & Thank you ..

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  • Emilia Clarke Kit Harington and Dolce & Gabbana Commercial 2017


  • Kit Harington gets a phone call from Maisie Williams


    Kit Harington speaks about lying on the Jonathan Ross Show and gets a phone call from Maisie Williams.


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  • Kit Harington reveals his thoughts on the end of Game of Thrones + More with Zoe Ball!


    Kit Harington drops by the brand new Breakfast Show with Zoe Ball! He explains his thoughts on the end of 'Game of Thrones', his role in 'True West', 'How To Train Your Dragon' and more!

    Listen back to the full show here:

  • Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke discuss Jon and Danys first meeting


    Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke discuss Jon and Dany's first meeting

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  • Games Of Thrones 8 Spoiler: Kit Harington chats #GOT8 finale and Daenerys baby


    Will Jon Snow and Daenerys have a baby?
    Is Bran the night king? Who will die first in the new series?
    Kit Harington teases the EPIC finale of the HBO show starting in April 2019.

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  • Kit Harington teaching Spice girl Geri Halliwell how to properly say You Know Nothing Jon Snow


    Kit harington
    Spice girls
    Game of thrones
    Jon snow

  • If Kit Harington cries... i cry..


    Kit's last day on playing jon snow... hbo documentary on making of got season 8

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  • Kit Harington / Jon Snow - Wild Thing/ Wildling


    This is a cover of Jon Snow's newest single called 'Wildling'.

  • *WARNING SPOILERS* Ramsay Bolton: Ive never seen anything like it!


    Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon tells Grimmy about the time Kit Harington whacked him in the face with a shield (and chats about secret stuff as well of course..!)

  • Kit Harington Is Sad About The Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale


    James Corden puts Kit in a dark place.

  • Game of Thrones Actors Height


  • Kit Harington on Jonathan Ross Show | 2 April 2016


  • Kit Harington on New Film Role vs. Game of Thrones


    - Game of Thrones star Kit Harington & Oscar-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou sat down with VladTV to discuss their new film, How to Train Your Dragon 2.

    Harington shared that this film was a pleasant break from the intensity of Game of Thrones, and that he jumped at the opportunity to do something different.

    Hounsou also enjoyed taking on a different role, as he usually fills the role of a traditional good guy. He said in this case he liked playing the villain because it let him reach a whole other range he never gets to touch on as the protagonist.

    When Harington is asked about his status as a sex symbol, he humbly admits it's not something he really thinks about.

    Check out the clip above. How to Train Your Dragon 2 hits theatres June 13th.

  • Kit Harington Londrada Bir Türlü Çekim Yapamıyor - The Graham Norton Show


  • Jon Snow // Best Of You


    Dedicated to the character of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in Game Of Thrones.
    - Foo Fighters - Best Of You

  • JUEGO DE TRONOS - Kit Harington sobre el final: Vosotros también sois culpables


    Después de ocho años e interminables esperas, ya conocemos el final de Juego de Tronos, pero las opiniones son dispares: un shock para muchos, brillante para otros y una decepción para una parte importante.

    Pero, ¿qué piensan los propios actores de la reacción del público? Kit Harington lo tiene muy claro.

    #JuegoDeTronos #JdT #GameOfThrones #GoT #JonSnow

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  • Frankie Boyle and Kit Harington on Jonathan Ross Show | 2 April 2016


  • Emilia and Kit Harrington reaction to Danys Death |Script Reading|Game of thrones


    The last watch

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  • Pa La Camara//Kit Harington Photoshoots Part 2


    Given that my first video about Kit's photoshoots had all that success, I decided to make another one for you :D

  • Iwan Rheon, Michael McElhatton & Alfie Allen Talk Game of Thrones


    Alfie Allen talks about what Iwan Rheon’s character did to his character on “Game of Thrones” and Michael McElhatton talks about how no spoilers for the upcoming season have come out yet.

    Deleted Scene from Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel -

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    Iwan Rheon, Michael McElhatton & Alfie Allen Talk Game of Thrones

  • Game of Thrones Cast reading season 8 scripts for first time


  • GAME OF THRONES ! LOVE BIRDS ! Kit Harrington & Emillia Clarke Aka Jon Snow & Daenaerys Targaryan !!







    THE LOVE BIRDS /////

  • Five times Jon Snow made us melt | KISS FM with NOW TV


    You know nothing Jon Snow! Game of Thrones Season 8 streaming weekly on NOW TV from April 15 #Ad #NOWTV

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  • Kit Harington Spooks Grimmy BBC Radio 1 2015


    Kit Harington chats with Grimmy about Spooks on BBC Radio 1 April 2015

  • Jon Snow thinks hes Batman


    Yes, he does.

  • Game of Thrones Kit Harington & Rose Leslie Marriage Footage!


    Game of Thrones stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington have married at a church in Aberdeenshire.Guests lined the path outside Rayne church in Kirkton of Rayne, and the newlyweds were cheered and showered with flower petal confetti as they left.

  • #kitharington #dance Kit Harington dance gif


    music: The Knock - Classic (feat. Powers )

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  • Game of Thrones: The Musical – Emilia Clarke Teaser | Red Nose Day


    Emilia Clarke performs a song from Coldplay’s Game of Thrones musical. Part of Red Nose Day, the live charity event May 21 at 8/7c on NBC. Help lift children out of poverty. To learn more, go to

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  • Game of Thrones Star Puts Nas Among Favorite Rappers


    - Djimon Hounsou and Kit Harington recently spoke with VladTV while promoting their new film, How to Train Your Dragon 2.

    Aside from discussing their roles in the film, Djimon and Kit shared some of their musical interests in the Hip-Hop culture. While Djimon named some of the bigger names such as Jay Z and Kanye, Kit threw it back to more old school names in Hip-Hop. The English actor listed Gang Starr, Wu-Tang, Nas, and Slick Rick, among others, as some of his big Hip-Hop influences.

    Be sure to go see their upcoming hit movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2, when it hits theaters on Friday, June 13th.

  • Jon snow learns the Truth from Sam | Game Of Thrones Season 8


    Jon snow learns the Truth from Sam | Game Of Thrones Season 8

  • Game of Thrones - Jon Snow & Ygritte - kiss on the top of the wall


    Terceira temporada de Game of Thrones, cena linda de Jon Snow & Ygritte no topo da muralha

  • Sophie Turner Gets Her Revenge On Maisie Williams


    Maisie Williams joins Grimmy in the studio, and Sophie Turner gets sweet sweet revenge on her Games Of Thrones co-star with some cringe celebrity stories.

  • Jon & Daenerys ▶ Make Me Yours


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    Hope you like it

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  • Game of Thrones Final Season NYC Red Carpet Premiere


    Red Carpet Event for the Game of Thrones Final Season Premiere at Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY on April 3, 2019.

    My girlfriend Margo and I are massive fans of the show Game of Thrones. I saw on Instagram the morning of April 3rd that there would be a giant Iron Throne displayed in Rockefeller Plaza. I then read the description under said photo, the premiere would be happening that night at Radio City Music Hall. We currently are living in Albany, NY - which is about 3 hours from NYC. About an hour after finding out about the premiere, we were on the road. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and well, the video explains the rest. Enjoy!

  • You Know Nothing, Jon Snow!


    Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game of Thrones adjust to married life in this brand new sitcom! Featuring Megan Hayes as Ygritte and Brian Finifter as Jon Snow.

  • Kit Harington del Trono di Spade a Napoli balla Tu Vuò Fa lAmericano


  • Jon Snow For President


    He’s one part fire and he’s one part ice
    He’s good looking and he knows how to fight
    United we stand divided in the mud
    Winter is coming fire and blood

    Jon Snow for president

    He’s always been a man apart
    Tough life and a humble start
    His loyal friends have got his back
    He knows how to handle a zombie attack

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  • Kit Harington How to draw in pencil


  • Kit Harington Shares His Favourite Moment From Game Of Thrones | Hits Radio


    We spoke to Kit Harington at the Game of Thrones premiere in Northern Ireland with Now TV and Sky Atlantic.

    We asked him how it feels now the show is ending after so long working on it.

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  • Jon Snow Low Poly


    #lowpoly #art #jonsnow #alive #gameofthrones #kitharington by #raedalmurish

  • Favourite Scar//Kit Harington Photoshoots


    It's been so hard make this vid! Kit is so AMAZING!

  • Kit Harington season 2 tease


    Kit Harington season 2 tease

  • Game of Thrones S07E06 Jon Snow Longclaw Warg


  • Kit Harington vs Toothless Funny Scene


    Kit Harington vs Toothless Funny Scene
    Kit Harington vs Toothless Funny Scene
    how to train your dragon 3

  • kit harington blessing the Red Nose Day video for 2 minutes straight


    Feat. Unnecessary zooms and too many of them
    If this gets claimed I’ll die so I’m not actually Chris Martin and the original video isn’t mine k thanks
    Created using VideoFX Live:

  • Game of Thrones Jon Snow sings Goodbye by The Madaxe Experience


    An original written by Matthew Barker and Jazzwithbite

    Be sure to check out more of Matthew Barker on youtube here:

  • Game of Tunes – The Throne Room


    Daenerys & Jon sign an etherial, auto-tuned duet in the throne room of the Red Keep.

    (from Game of Thrones finale)

  • İğneArya ve Jon Game of Thrones


    (Türkçe Altyazılı) İğneArya ve Jon [Game of Thrones]



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