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Playlist of Killing Time (American band)

  • p.e. - Killing Time


    Broke is the second studio album by American punk rock band Hed PE. Released on August 22, 2000, the album incorporated more classic rock and world music influences, and featured guest appearances by Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray, System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian and Kittie vocalist Morgan Lander.

    The album peaked at #63 on the Billboard 200, while its first single, Bartender, peaked at #23 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and at #27 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. A music video for Killing Time, the second single from Broke, was produced in promotion of the film 3000 Miles to Graceland, which featured the song on its soundtrack

  • Killing Time - Greg Mayo Band


    Killing Time performed by The Greg Mayo Band at Backscratch Session 9, live at the Red Lion.
    Shot and Edited by Sam Teichman.

    Greg Mayo -Guitar and lead vocals
    Chris Anderson - Bass and backing vocals
    Rebecca Haviland - Keys and backing vocals
    Kenny Shaw - Drums

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  • Killing Time


    Provided to YouTube by EMPIRE Distribution

    Killing Time · McFarland


    ℗ 2019 American Pioneer Records

    Released on: 2019-08-23

    Producer: The McFarland Band
    Composer Lyricist: The McFarland Band

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Killing Time til ItsTime to Die


    Provided to YouTube by Ferret Music

    Killing Time 'til ItsTime to Die · Zao

    The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here

    ℗ 2006 Ferret Music, Llc

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Matt Lewis Band -Killing Time


    Matt Lewis and RB playing Killing time in Portland Oregon!!

  • Obituary - 07 - Killing Time HQ-HD


    Obituary is an American death metal band formed in 1984 in Tampa, Florida under the name Executioner, then changed the name's spelling to Xecutioner, and later changed their name to Obituary in 1988. The band comprises vocalist John Tardy, drummer Donald Tardy, guitarist Trevor Peres and bassist Terry Butler. The band is a fundamental act in the development of death metal music and one of the most successful death metal bands in the world

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  • Killing Time - what I want


    Killing Time

    From their beginnings in 1988, under the name Raw Deal, they went on to record two full-length albums and several EPs, singles, and compilation tracks. The band went through three hiatus before formally disbanding in 1998. However, the band re-formed in 2006 and has been touring/playing since. Work on their third full-length album was completed in March 2009.

  • Killing Time - DB.KINNEY


    Killing Time
    by DB.KINNEY
    EP - Blind Side Mirror

    For more about DB.KINNEY - Tour - Music - Photos and more...

    Their release, Blind Side Mirror, is a bright and colorful rock album which contains the single, Killing Time which was featured on Hartford CT's Radio 104.1. Overtones of bands such as Toad The Wet Sprocket and The BoDeans, and others immediately come to mind in this airy and ambient number of loss, regret, and hope for change…DB.Kinney's music has been described as a refreshing post-punk pop-rock revival.

    DB.Kinney currently performs in the New England area with his power trio, clubs dates and more at

    His latest 5-song recording, Blind Side Mirror, is available at:

    also on - iTunes or Spotify

  • hate5six Killing Time - September 29, 2018


    Killing Time at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan, NY on 2018-09-29

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  • The Dance Performed By Brad Johnson & Killing Time Band


    The Dance Performed By Brad Johnson & Killing Time Band

  • Killing Time


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Killing Time · Rökkurró


    ℗ 2014 Rökkurró Music

    Released on: 2014-10-27

    Music Publisher: CV America

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Killin Time


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Killin' Time · John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band


    ℗ 1993 Volcano Entertainment III, L.L.C.

    Released on: 2014-11-21

    Composer, Lyricist, Producer: John Cafferty
    Producer: Karl Rasmussen
    Co- Producer: Bob Cotoia
    Co- Producer: Gary Gramolini
    Co- Producer: Pat Lupo
    Co- Producer: Kenny Jo Silva

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Hot Tuna - Killing Time in the Crystal City - 3/4/1988 - Fillmore Auditorium


    Hot Tuna - Killing Time in the Crystal City
    Recorded Live: 3/4/1988 - Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco, CA
    More Hot Tuna at Music Vault:
    Subscribe to Music Vault on YouTube:

    Jorma Kaukonen - vocals, guitar
    Jack Casady - bass, vocals
    Paul Kantner - vocals, guitar
    Guest: Grace Slick - vocals
    Guest: Papa John Creach - violin
    Guest: Will Scarlett - harmonica

    Paul Kantner opens this show with an interesting observation: Ah, the late show here. It used to be the young kids would always come to the late show to get home in time for curfew and the old folks would stay for the late show. Now all the old folks come to the early show and the young kids stay late... The year was 1988, and for the San Francisco music scene, it seemed everything that goes around, comes around again.

    The legendary Fillmore Auditorium was back in business, and playing on stage was the famed acoustic duo of Kaukonen and bassist Jack Casady, better known as acoustic Hot Tuna. The duo, which formed in 1970 as a side project featuring two of the six members of the Jefferson Airplane, eventually added Airplane drummer Johnny Barbata and violinist Papa John Creach to become Electric Hot Tuna. But on this night, it was back to the original two-man, acoustic lineup for an evening of old time blues and country-blues standards.

    This show, part of a multiple night stand at the Fillmore recorded by promoter Bill Graham for his archives, includes a few surprises. On hand for the show were electric Hot Tuna member Papa John Creach, who contributes his tasteful violin runs on a few songs, including the boogie romp, John's Other. Also on hand is Jefferson Airplane/Starship founder Paul Kantner, who sits on a few Airplane and KBC Band songs, among them, the 1967 Airplane classic Martha. And Grace Slick sits in too, contributing vocals on Good Shepherd and the set-closing Volunteers. Surprises aside, this is a solid collection of classic Hot Tuna including Reverend Gary Davis' Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning, Candy Man, Bukka White's 1930s prison lament, Parchman Farm, and the band's own catchy instrumental, Water Song. Another highlight is Kaukonen's solo acoustic number for the Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow album, Embryonic Journey. Hot Tuna (both acoustic and electric) remain a touring act, and Paul Kantner is overseeing yet another incarnation of Jefferson Starship. Sadly, Papa John Creach died in 1994, at the age of 76.

  • Wonderful Tonight Performed By Brad Johnson & Killing Time Band


    Wonderful Tonight Performed By Brad Johnson & Killing Time Band

  • Set 1 - 10 Courtney Patton - Killing Time


    Cody Jinks, Courtney Patton, and Deryl Dodd got together on Luckenbach's outdoor stage, this sunny Sunday afternoon for a Song Swap.I had never attended one of these types of performances, but let me tell you, November 2nd, 2014 was a day to remember! The night before, Cody and Deryl both played in the Dance Hall full Band. A great night was had by all, (Deryl a little more than the rest I think).The humorous interaction between the performers on stage, and the audience was perfect. Great singing and guitar playing, by all 3. I already love everything Cody does, but found 2 other GREAT musicians on this outing. Only thing missing this day was Mr,.Jason Eady!

    Support Local Music!!!

    For all booking inquiries,
    please email us:
    and for Cody Jinks -

  • Jonathan Lloyd - Killing Time


    From Johnny Lloyd's album, A Picture of a Century. Use it in your videos with a Creator/Creator + licence:

  • The Frantic - Killing Time


    Video for the band's debut single 'Killing Time'

  • Conquest - The Killing Time


    Power/Thrash Metal from St. Louis, Missouri, US.

    Track list:
    1.Feel My Pain 03:08
    2.Snow Man 04:05
    3.Killing Time 03:56
    4.Tomorrow's Black 03:17
    5.Sign of the Times 04:03
    6.Street War 02:24
    7.Bastard 02:58

  • Brad Johnson & Killing Time Band at The Ranch


    Brad Johnson & Killing Time Band at The Ranch

  • Jeramiah Red - Killing Time


    Jeramiah Red - Killing Time Live Music Video
    Instagram: @jeramiahred /

    Jeramiah Red is: Wes Dickson, Ian Cullen, Tim Miller, Spencer Askin and Garrison Giali

    Executive Produced by John Hampton of Hampton Productions Inc™
    Directed and Edited by Cole Blackamore
    Filmed by Cole Blackamore and John Hampton

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  • Good Good People - The Killin Time Band & Sarah Beatty


    Good Good People - The Killin' Time Band Featuring Sarah Beatty.
    Written by KTB, Sarah Beatty & Todd Pyper
    Recorded at Rude Clown Music thanks to the kindness of Todd Pyper.
    Special Thanks to Thorpe's Organic Produce for the location, Jason Blakely & Eric Wojcik for lending their Camera skills & The Good Good People we call friends that joined us for a campfire and some laughs.

    FREE DOWNLOAD OF Good Good People!

    Check our more Sarah Beatty
    Todd Pyper
    The Killin' Time Band



  • Killing Time Guitar Lesson - Clint Black


    1st 30 days free with code youtube at
    This is a preview of our guitar lesson on how to play Killin' Time by Clint Black. For the full lesson and tabs please visit

  • Killing Time


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Killing Time · American Blues Box

    American Blues Box

    ℗ 2006 Derek Davis

    Released on: 2006-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Tim Easton Killing Time


    Tim Easton has a new album climbing the Americana charts called “American Fork”, and he drove to Knoxville from Nashville (after dropping his daughter off at school) to share some tunes from the new release with the Blue Plate Special audience. This song, “Killing Time”, is, “… an open letter to all armchair non-conformists to stand up and be counted”. It’s also the basis for the title for the new album. “American Fork” is a little different from Tim’s previous efforts, featuring a fully fleshed-out backing band, musicians and elaborate song arrangements. Learn more about Tim Easton and “American Fork” on his website at:

    The WDVX Blue Plate Special is a live performance radio show held at noon, Monday through Saturday, at the WDVX studio inside the Knoxville Visitor’s Center. Come and play your part as an audience member in the radio show that’s popular worldwide! Listen live at Follow us on Facebook at Lots more videos on our YouTube channel at:

  • The Pine Box Boys - Arkansas Killing Time


    Band: The Pine Box Boys
    Album: Arkansas Killing Time (2005)
    Track #3: Arkansas Killing Time


    Fare thee well, for it's Arkansas killing time, and
    This time of year is a favorite of mine
    We'll vanish like mist when it's Arkansas killing time
    Life on the road suits us fine

    There's bad men that gather to prey
    On travellers who've wandered astray
    And it's lonely to be so far from home
    When with strangers you've chosen to roam

    Fare thee well, for it's Arkansas killing time, I'm
    Glad you and yours chose to travel with mine
    But my watch says it's Arkansas killing time —
    It seems like yours have left you behind

    I love to be here in the fall
    In the hills where the coyotes call
    And you know that your tracks won't be found
    For the leaves fall and cover the ground

    Fare thee well, for it's Arkansas killing time, I
    Already feel like I'm getting behind
    But my watch says it's Arkansas killing time
    You can't see the sun for the pines

    Fare thee well, for it's Arkansas killing time, and
    This time of year is a favorite of mine
    We'll vanish like mist when it's Arkansas killing time
    Life on the road suits us fine

    Take comfort in this guarantee
    One day they will catch up to me
    And you know that they'll put me away
    In a grave dug in Arkansas clay

    But for now it's Arkansas killing time
    Now we's drunk on power and wine
    Give up a cheer for Arkansas killing time
    And put your Yankee hand in mine

  • Speaking Volumes: The Killing Time Band - Lay Your Body Down


    The Killing Time Band - Lay Your Body Down - MP3 Song Download

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  • Killing Time LONDON Live in Nashville Very raw footage but live!


    LONDON tearing it up Live in Nashville! Killing Time from the album Don't Cry Wolf

  • The Hollow Killing Time


    The new single released 8/8/17 from The Hollow.
    (Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Groove, etc.)

    Buy here for $.99 cents.

    Big thanks to Steve Babula at for the great recording and Dave Patino at for the kick ass video!

  • Killing Time - Janelane


    Off of the Peaches and Cream EP (3/20/15)!!

    Listen to us @ & follow us on instagram @janelanemusic 4 updates

    I never understood how I had opened up your locker
    I never knew the combination or how to tweak
    The dial so that I could steal all that was inside
    Plus no one ever really saw me as a thief

    My fingers ache and I can barely look you in the eye and
    Wish I could clock you out to cure the malady
    I know I said that only ever would my legs be open
    Still stings that you just wanted peaches and cream

    I'm just killing time now baby I'm
    Just killing time now baby I'm
    Just killing time now baby, I

    Why do I tell you not to look far when you're needing a friend
    When I'm the girl that has the aching cavity
    Why do I still care if you run to strangers at dead ends
    Sweet tooth prevents me from seeing what's in front of me

    I'm just killing time now baby I'm
    Just killing time now baby I'm
    Just killing time now baby, I

    I'm just killing time now baby I'm
    Just killing time now baby I'm
    Just killing time now baby, I

  • Killing Time - Live in N.Y.C. 9/29/18


    Killing Time - Live @ Tompkins Square Park in N.Y.C. (9/29/18)

  • KIllin Time Island


    Killin' Time Island (Isla Got Soul) Featuring Nafta
    Brad Hails - Jaret Kop - Paul Dickinson - Kirk Humbert - Julian Camaz

    Filmed in Beautiful Isla mujeres Mexico at the Coolest little Music Festival in the Caribbean!
    All proceeds from Isla Got Soul are donated to “She believed She could so She did”, An organization created to empower the island women through teaching English, coaching and mentoring.
    100% of the proceeds from downloads of this song will also be donated to the same cause so please if you enjoy it download it from your favourite download site. (links in video description) share the video and we can't wait to see you on Killin' Time Island! (Isla Got SOul)

    Download Links
    CD BABY: (Preferred)



  • John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band - Killing Time


    John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band - Killing Time 1988

  • Killing Time


    Music: by 805
    Acting: 805
    Stunts: by 805
    Story: 805
    Directed: by 805
    Produced: 805

  • Just A Season - Killing Time


    Video by Colebrook Productions

    Nick Corcoran: Camera, Editing
    Jason Tweten: Camera

    Just A Season

    Band Lineup
    Guitar and vocals: Scott Smith
    Harmony vocals: Jenn Bojm
    Pedal Steel: Tim Tweedale
    Bass: Brad Ferguson
    Drums: Liam MacDonald
    Piano: Tyson Naylor
    Electric Guitar: Curtis Debray

    #folkmusic #countrymusic

  • The Killin Time Band - Run Free Download!


    The Killin' Time Band
    Featuring Mista D of The
    From the Album One Set To Freedom 2013

    Download The single RUN for FREE!

    Get your copy of One Set To Freedom on itunes and from our website
    itunes link:

    Video Directed & Edited by Pailface Brad
    footage shot by Pailface Brad & Jason Bourke
    special thanks to all our amazing friends & their kids for being a part of this video.

  • The Killin Time Band - Heavy - Its Okay thats Love OST


    Featured in It's Okay that's Love episode 4.
    The Killin' Time Band - One Set to Freedom (Lyrics below in the description)
    02. Heavy

    Free DL:



    Knock me down again
    I think I need a friend
    Someone who understands
    And won't pretend

    I feel like everyday
    Someone gonna take another swing
    I don't know if I will bend or break

    And don't let it get too heavy (bring you down)
    Don't let it get so hard (bring you down)
    Don't let it get too heavy (bring you down)
    And get your feet back on the ground
    Feet back on the ground
    Get your feet back on the ground (oh yeah)
    Feet back on the ground

    So won't you pick me up
    Instead of putting me down
    You know they say what goes around comes around
    'Cause I can say everyday
    Spoken my mind, had my say
    But don't you try to put that trip on me

    And don't let it get too heavy (bring you down)
    Don't let it get so hard (bring you down)
    Don't let it get too heavy (bring you down)
    And get your feet back on the ground
    Feet back on the ground
    Get your feet back on the ground (oh yeah)
    Feet back on the ground

    Don't let it get too heavy (bring you down)
    Don't let it get so hard (bring you down)
    Don't let it get too heavy (bring you down)
    And get your feet back on the ground (oh no)
    Feet back on the ground
    Get your feet back on the ground
    Feet back on the ground (oh~ get you feet back on the ground)
    Feet back on the ground
    Feet back on the ground

  • Synthetic ID - Killing Time - live at Great American Music Hall, SF 2013-12-18


    Synthetic ID
    Killing Time
    Great American Music Hall
    San Francisco CA

    Original footage courtesy of Razorcake:

    Consider helping them out.

    Synced with my recording made on an Olympus LS-5, captured with Sony ECM-MS907 mics.

  • The John Taylor Band - Killing Time


    A great cover by the John Taylor Band in a performance at Dee's Music Bar & Grill in Orange Park Florida.

    Killin' Time is a song written by Kenny Walls and recorded by American country music artist Clint Black. It was released in July 1989 as the second single and title track from his debut album.

    Band members in video:
    John Taylor - Lead Vocals
    Danny Cercy - Keyboard
    Ben Mobley - Drums
    Zeb Padgett - Guitar

    Video production by Trevor & Eileen of OTELproductions

    This video was shot at a local venue, is not intended as copyright infringement and is not for sale

  • Killing Time


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Killing Time (And Space) · Nekrogoblikon

    Welcome to Bonkers

    ℗ 2018 Mystery Box

    Released on: 2018-04-13

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Killin Time - Were an American Band 8-24-19 Pine Grove Inn


    Killin' Time at Pine Grove Inn, E. Patchogue NY 8-29-19
    John Sirianni - Lead Vocal
    Walt Firman - Guitar, Vocal
    George GG Gelish - Bass, Vocal
    Vic Delgado - Sax
    Paul Nowicki - Drums, Vocal
    Ken Salz - Keys
    Arnie Frank - Percussion

  • THE CELIBATE RIFLES - Killing Time - LIVE @ Caravan Music Club, 27/5/2017


    THE CELIBATE RIFLES - LIVE @ Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh, Melbourne, Australia - 27/5/2017

  • Killing Time 3DO Soundtrack


    Killing Time 3DO Soundtrack

  • CALIFORNIA - Killing Time Live at The Whiskey A Go Go 9-26-19


    We are a Rock n Roll band from Los Angeles, CA. called CALIFORNIA.

    Check out this clip of our new song called 'Killing Time' from our show at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, CA on 9-26-19 opening up for Steel Panther at their Record Release Party.
    Turn it up and please share with everyone!!

    Follow us on Social Media:

    Band Members:
    John Gregory (Lead Vocals, Guitars)
    Jason Orme (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
    Joe Lester (Bass, Vocals)
    Max M.(Drums)

  • Anthony Raneri - Killing Time Part 4 of 10 Wheres the Band? Gainesville, FL


    Anthony Raneri of Bayside playing solo acoustic during Where's the Band? @ Double Door Live in Gainesville, FL 01.27.12

    I'm not affiliated with the band, just a huge fan of everyone on this tour.
    If you like their music, please support the artists!

    Anthony's info:

    Anthony Raneri:

    Anthony Raneri:

  • Killing Time - Dream Alone


    Killing Time Dream Alone. 1992 single charting at #23 in Australia in May 1992. Killing Time later changed their name to Mantissa. Official music video HQ and when I'm in the middle of a good dream I can't bring you back. ohnoitisnathan



    This lonelyness, oh can't you see
    it's killing you, it's killing me
    I find no point in making sense
    in everything that we say next

    Don't ask me how i'm feeling
    just keeping time we're sinking
    this lonely sun's a power
    waiting sip the lone

    Stop killing time
    killing time
    every time you're with me
    stop, killing time
    perfect sense is a crime

    Stop killing time
    killing time
    every time you're with me
    stop, killing time
    perfect sense is a crime

    How many times must we mourn, away

    This emptyness, oh can't you see
    it has become, your faith in me
    lets keep the faith that we do best
    lets live our love and not expect

    Don't ask me how i'm feeling
    just keeping tight we're sinking
    this lonely sun's a power
    waiting sip the lone

    Stop killing time
    killing time
    every time you're with me
    stop killing time
    perfect sense is a crime

    Stop killing my time
    It's a crime

    Stop killing time
    killing time
    every time you're with me
    stop killing time
    perfect sense is a crime

    Its a crime
    Stop killing my time

    Its a crime
    Stop killing my time

  • Jamie Brackman - Killing Time


    Single from the upcoming album: You Are the Light

    This song is about appreciating the beauty of the present moment, being kind to the people around us, and being thankful for the gift of life in all seasons.

    Featuring Appearances From: Lyndsey Duel, Brea Boswell, Amie Burke, Abby Coley, Donna Deville, Catalina Ariel, Mitchie Moore, Alec Elzinga, Jason Blackwood, & Nicholas James Thomasma, and More

    Filmed on location at Mackinac Island, Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Founders Brewing Company, Le Foto Gallery - Sherwood Estates

    Audio by: Stoney Mountain Studios
    Video by: Elzinga Productions

    Audio Download:

  • No Use For A Name - Killing Time


    Keep Them Confused - 2005

    All rights reserved to No Use For A Name

    Not Knowing what he had got into, only following the sheep
    The message sent for his deployment at only twenty-three
    Promised to be there for a short time
    His mother looks at photos
    Passed down from a family tradition;
    Her head lies on her lap...

    I'll never be sure exactly what it means
    To serve and protect us from enemies
    They make sure we're scared
    To justify this ugly, bloody mess
    It's less than your pride, it's suicide at best

    The waiting fills her with delusion and memories gone by
    How could I give life to my baby and then let him go die?
    But with this joke administration where no one is exempt
    It's not your fault and never will be.
    Don't hold love in contempt...

    I feel like I'm lost, drowning out at sea
    Surrounded by space with no regard for sympathy
    She sees the parade of victory and war that wasn't won
    I'm not coming home. He's my only son.

    If an angel earns its wings every time somebody dies
    Then todays the angels black out the blue sky



    Nine is a Swedish hardcore band, formed in Linköping in 1994. The band has released five albums and two EPs.
    Discography: To the Bottom [EP] (1995), Listen (1997), Kissed By the Misanthrope (1998), Nine/Like Peter At Home [Split album] (2000), Lights Out (2001), Killing Angels (2003), Death is Glorious [EP] (2006)
    Its Your Funeral (2007)

  • Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire


    Bullet For My Valentine's official music video for 'Scream Aim Fire'. Click to listen to Bullet For My Valentine on Spotify:

    As featured on Scream Aim Fire. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
    Google Play:

    More from Bullet For My Valentine
    Tears Don't Fall:
    Waking The Demon:
    Your Betrayal:

    More great metal videos here:

    Follow Bullet For My Valentine

    Subscribe to Bullet For My Valentine on YouTube:



    Kill your enemies,
    My brothers dead around me!
    Wounds are hurting
    Death is creeping for me!

    Smoke is blinding!
    Hearts are pounding!
    Chaos soon ignites
    The call is made, it's one for all!
    Will I meet thy maker?

    Over the top, over the top!
    Right now, it's killingtime!

    Over the top, over the top!
    The only way out is to die!

    God has spoken through his conscience!
    As I scream, aim and fire!
    The death toll grows higher!


    f**k this battlefield!
    The bullets shatter 'round me!
    Bodies falling,
    Voices calling for me!

    #BulletForMyValentine #ScreamAimFire #Vevo



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