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Playlist of Kettel

  • Kettel - And unrequited as well


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  • Kettel - Sekt I Sing


    From the album My Dogan (2006)

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  • Kettel


  • Kettel - Cuddlecow


    Kettel is Reimer H. Eising. Track taken from the album Unreleased 2002​-​2012. Support him and download it @

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  • Kettel - Standpeeks


    From the album of Kettel & Secede called Perspeeks
    Picture by Mark Zug

  • Kettel - Raafstep 030303 - Various


    2 × Vinyl, 12, 45 RPM, Compilation released on 030303 [030LP001] 2009


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  • Kettel


  • DJ Bospad & Kettel - Sunaboveyou


    Sunaboveyou by DJ Bospad and Kettel, from the album Panoptica Frequences Modulees

  • Kettel - Youve had your tears


    Exactly a decade ago, on this day (feb22) I made this song. Thought I'd just share it,. I was browsing though this old dvd i burned and I found this song to be made on exactly this date but 10 years back.

    It's a bit of weird one. I think I listened to a lot of singer songwriters back then and tried to write my own song. Borrowed a guitar from a friend and all that. The things you do when you're 18, right : )

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  • Kettel - My Dogan


    My favorite song from the album My Dogan, by Kettel.
    Kettel is Reimer Eising (born 1982), a self-described elixir-brewing, camping-loving and musicmaking sorcerer-to-be. He is well-known for his playful, spontaneous melodies and organic folk sounds similar to Aphex Twin, Jega, and Plaid.

  • Secede - Born in a Tropical Swamp


    From the EP Perspeeks (2007)

  • Kettel & Secede - Fullmoon


    Another absolutely fantastic track on Kettel & Secede's new album, When Can. The CD is officially released and up for sale as well as MP3 downloads of it over at and there are some sweet t-shirts up for sale there as well!
    All rights to this song go to Kettel, Secede, and the Sending Orbs record label.

  • Kettel - I Was Fine


    I believe this is from his first album Through Friendly Waters. Good album.

    The picture shows you NGC 6992, or better said parts of what is left of it.

  • Kettel - Her Thin Voice


    Kettel - Smiling Little Cow
    Label: Neo Ouija - NEO 16 LP
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album
    Country: UK
    Released: 14 Sep 2002
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: IDM, Leftfield, Abstract

    Shoutout to BATalsdr and his awesome (but sadly deleted) YouTube channel.

    I do not own this piece of music.
    Support the artist and buy it if you like it!

  • Kettel - The wombat


  • Cardinalbaby


    Cardinalbaby · Kettel


    ℗ Clone Records

    Released on: 2016-03-14

    Producer: Kettel
    Composer: Reimer Eising
    Lyricist: Reimer Eising

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Kettel - Openeyed Greet


    from the album 'Smiling Little Cow' by Kettel

  • Kettel @ Mindcamp, Tivoli Spiegelbar, Utrecht




  • Kettel - Candace Bouvard


    --From the album Wingtip, out now on Clone/Dub records--
    Label: ||| Kettel: |||

    Video and additional artwork by Ben Sheppee / lightrhythm visuals -
    Original artwork by Studio Naam -

  • Kettel - Dolend


    From the album Myam James Pt. 1

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  • Kettel - Palles Popsong


    From the album Myam James Part 1 (2008)
    Out now at

  • Kettel - An Inky Moon


    Sweet sweet sweet electronica!!!..........

    Order digital here:
    Order vinyl here:

  • Kettel - Alacasa 2017


    Footage captured by Max Smith -
    ©+Ⓟ Analogical Force 2017. All rights reserved.
    Written and produced by Reimer Eising in Groningen, NL.
    Remix and additional production on 'Alacasa' by Mattias Östling.
    Mastering at Eternal Midnight, Madrid.
    Artwork by David O’Brien at Imposing Kittens, Dublín.
    Distributed by Clone, Rotterdam.

  • Kettel - Marliesje


    Awesome song from an awesome 12 inch.

  • Kettel - Visfred


    LP : Kettel Remixed (2010). Written & Produced By Reimer Eisingl. Remixed By Lennard van der Last. HQ Audio

  • Kettel - Be Nice Dust


    LP : Smiling Little Cow [NEO 16 LP] (2002). Written & Produced By Reimer Eising.
    - Video Extracted From :

  • Kettel - I Live You


    Sweet sweet sweet electronica!!!..........

    Order digital here:
    Order vinyl here:

  • Kettel - Four eyes at a gate


  • Kettel & Secede - When Can


    Collaboration mix between two IDM legends Kettel and Secede of the label Sending Orbs ( - Look forward to their new album release We Can !!!

  • Kettel - The Wombat


    From the album Myam James Part 1 (2008), out now at

  • Kettel - Song From Toverpeeks


    Track by Kettel called Song From Toverpeeks, from the album Myam James Part 2. Released on Sending Orbs.

  • kettel - LIVE @ TAICOCLUB10


    2010/6/5 TAICOCLUB'10

  • Kettel - Peeksje 1994


    SONG: Peeksje 1994
    ARTIST: Kettel
    ALBUM: My Dogan
    RECORD LABEL: Sending Orbs
    GENRE: Electronic
    STYLE: IDM, Downtempo, Ambient
    RELEASED: May 29th, 2006
    COUNTRY: Netherlands

    COMMENTS: Kettel is an amazing IDM composer. This song invokes an inspiring feeling of complete stillness within my my heart. Tell me what you think about this song and how it makes you feel. God Bless.

    This entire album and many other masterpieces composed by Kettel and the Sending Orbs family can be purchased by digital download (including Secede's Tryshasla) on the Sending Orbs website.

  • Kettel - Memory Steps


    : Taken from The Album Myam James 2 *~

  • Kettel - Not Gonna Get


    Album: Dreim

    Label: Kracfive

    Catalog#: KFAT006CD

    Format: CD, Album

    Country: US

    Released: May 2001

    Genre: Electronic

    Style: Abstract, IDM, Electro, Ambient

  • Secede - Leraine


    A masterpiece from the album Tryshasla (2005)

    Finally available for legal purchase again! Download the album now at !

  • Kettel - Live @ Eclectro



  • Kettel - Embolaze


    Brother Max 2001

  • Kettel - Song From 4PM Herring


    Song From 4PM Herring
    Myam James 2
    Sending Orbs

    Picture from:

  • Kettel - Twinkle twinkle


    This is the 6:30 version of this song included in Myam James part 1.

  • Twinkle Twinkle


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Twinkle Twinkle · Kettel

    Myam James, Pt. 1

    ℗ Sending Orbs

    Released on: 2008-04-15

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Kettel - Toen


    From the album Re: Through Friendly Waters (2007)

  • Kettel - Why Arent We Talking?


    From the EP Yellow Baron (2004), one half of the Kettel/Hydrus split LP.


  • Kettel - Hongkong


    from the album:

  • Kettel - Pinch of Peer official music video


    Kettel - Pinch of Peer (appeared on Through Friendly Waters (2005 Sending Orbs records) official music video by Ben Sheppee. Released on Lightrhythmvisuals Notations 02 dvd.

  • Kettel - Whisper Me Wishes


    0:00 Any Waken Sly Blonda
    4:24 And Unrequited As Well
    7:57 Zutphen
    12:26 Twijfel Doubt Hesitation
    16:29 Now Find Another Moon
    18:54 De Manke Das
    22:26 Whisper Me Wishes
    24:15 Prarieplant
    28:05 Blind Alleycat
    31:05 One Foggy Ear
    34:29 Veerooster
    36:01 Marco's Cases
    39:51 Coddle
    43:54 Napels Vluchtplan

    Kettel delivers another masterpiece! This is a brand new selection of earlier tracks and new recordings from Reimer Eising aka Kettel. Wisper me Wishes is a brilliant collection of tracks which could be categorized as modern electronica... However Kettel is taking things a couple steps further by producing almost classic music (using real instruments) combined with modern electronica. The result is nothing but stunning... emotional and original compositions which combine best of both worlds. Very much recommended!

    Order vinyl here:
    Order digital here:

  • Kettel - Verkens in London


    Off of Myam James Pt 2!

  • Kettel - Poblesec


    buy Wingtip here:

    ~Music by: Reimer Eising - POBLESEC~

    Directed by: Peter Corina
    Produced by: Pier Pictures
    Mastered by: Benn L. Jordan
    Cinematographers: T.S. Pfeffer, Peter Corina
    Artwork by: Jude Corina
    Butterfly Girl: Erika Harrington
    Evil Nerd: Peter McKay
    Special thanks to Brint Genzler, Isabella Corina, and Kaelin Corina
    Butterflies bred and provided by Jack Little of Little's Greenhouse:

  • Kettel and Secede - When Can


    Kettel and Secede's recent masterpiece, When Can. If you enjoy this, I implore you to purchase this album from, it's entirely worth it and the packaging is suitably beautiful.

    I've uploaded this as much to give me the ability to stream it while out than anything else in frustration of the lack of more than a few videos popping up, but hopefully more people will enjoy it too, this is an incredible album, and also better listened to as a unified piece than as disparate tracks. I believe the latter half of the album (track eight and onwards, roughly) is the strongest, but the first is almost equally great and I'd still recommend listening to them as a unified piece, just the singular track Fullmoon is great taken separately or as part, and the transformation through the powerful but minimalistic Grandcan and Canned Forever is mind altering.

    Tracklisting (length):
    1. A New Factory (0:01-1:16)
    2. Kirsten (1:17-5:41)
    3. Admittance (5:42-10:44)
    4. Pentimento (10:45-12:59)
    5. Ringvanes (13:00-19:11)
    6. Missing Time (19:12-21:32)
    7. Jahe (21:33-26:24)
    8. Deliria Noon (26:25-33:00)
    9. Fullmoon (33:01-39:12)
    10. Grandcan (39:13-42:19)
    11. Canned Forever (42:20-51:12)

  • Kettel - Wingtip


    00:00 Poblesec
    06:19 Quickpig
    10:19 Cooked
    11:28 Candace Bouvard
    14:37 Redbud
    19:32 Cardinalbaby
    22:59 Yoong Thief
    27:10 Hardship
    29:57 Id Bitte
    34:37 Here Comes The Gang
    38:02 Inman
    41:46 Hulio
    43:54 The Koi
    49:59 Mousefort
    53:27 Laundry

    We warmly welcome back Kettel who makes his return to Clone/DUB records since his debut Cenny Crush 15 years ago (which was followed by the brilliant Whisper Me Wishes in 2007). After a hiatus of 3 years since his last release Kettel is releasing his new album on Clone Records. The talented musician has been busy producing music for computer games and commercials, but is now offering a fine selection of pieces he has made in the last couple years with this full length in mind. The result is a playful, inspiring, eclectic, delicate, melodic, well-balanced and brilliantly produced album fuzzing elements of electronica, classical music, jazz and techno stirred into flawless, memorable compositions. As a 90's kid Kettel has always been inspired by the early electronica pioneers (whose names don't even need to be mentioned... everyone knows who we're talking about, right?), and on this album too you can hear some of the aesthetics of those late 90's productions, but adopted into Kettel's unique world of confident rhythms and melodies filled with expression. The music on this record has a lyrical quality to it and is so expertly written that it does not strictly depend on its electronical environment: these compositions would still stand firm performed on whatever combination of instruments. Another lovely and magical release by Kettel that's spreading good vibes from the first to the last second!

    Order digital here:



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