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Playlist of Kelly suretti Griggs

  • Kelly Rowland & Fasika - Proud Mary


    The Voice Au
    Song By Tina Turner

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  • Kelly Griggs and band Shake your tail feather


    Railway inn Yatton

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  • Hallie Davis Signed Sealed Delivered


    Hallie Davis Performing Signed Sealed Delivered
    During the Southside Idol 2017 show.

  • Kelly Griggs - Hero



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  • Kelly Griggs - When You Believe



  • Kelly Griggs - Already There



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  • Kelly Griggs & band at the railway inn


    Great night and a fantastic band!

  • Bella Farinas Uptown Funk Cover #HardRockRising


  • Dana Gatziolis Cover Walking In Memphis


    Here a Classic County Tune Bringing back memories of Elvis, which I believe this Tune does, Dana Gatziolis Sing this rendition to the FireWater Saloon Crowd with the Crew of Big 95.5 looking on

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  • Proud Mary - Cover


    Reprise du morceau de la Grande Tina Turner à l’occasion de la fête du personnel 2019.

    ▶️ Guitare : Stéphane, Gilles, Gwenaelle
    ▶️ Batterie : Alexandre
    ▶️ Basse : Laurent
    ▶️ Choeurs : Laurent & Raymond

  • Talk Proud Mary / Tina Turner Live Wedding Band Berkshire - Hire at


    Berkshire wedding band, Talk performing 'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner as they go live in session at The Silk Mill Recording Studios for Alive Network Entertainment Agency.

    Offering a massive repertoire of party classics and modern chart toppers with a cool contemporary twist, Talk are an incredible live party band whose infectious energy and breath-taking performance will leave you wanting more and more.

    Check out the featured artist:
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    Bands looking to join us:
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  • Ross Steiner - Walking in Memphis


    Live at spectators Ross' solo set with the RoSham-Bros covers walking in Memphis

  • Proud Mary - Cover


    Proud Mary - Cover

  • Signed Sealed Delivered Cover - rehearsal


    The Kingsdown Band rehearsal of Signed Sealed Delivered, recorded on an iPhone 4s

  • Why - Dr Sax


    Another track from the new CD 'Take It to the Bridge' featuring the wonderful vocal talent of Kelly Griggs.
    Video is in two sections pt 1 is all Kelly then pt 2 & the band makes an appearance.
    Nice solo from Cliff!
    Look out for 'the stars falling from the sky'!

  • Stevie Wonder Mashup - Cover by Nome & Sunny


    We are two singers and besties (Noémie Lafortune and Anne-Sophie Viens) who love to create, so we decided to start a series of live sessions!

    This is a mashup of 'Signed Sealed Delivered' & 'Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing' by the best of them all: Stevie Wonder!
    *This arrangement/mashup is inspired by Camille Trust's version of Signed Sealed Delivered because it is sooooo good!*

    We both have a technique in jazz singing, and we love to do arrangements with different kinds of musical styles.
    If you like what you hear, don't forget to subscribe... ;)
    Hello from Montreal!


    Instagram :

  • Respect Cover by Margo Sabbah


    DYT show, march 24/12.
    fun, fun, fun......

  • Proud Mary Cover~ Gracie West


    Happy Mother's Day to the woman that made me listen to CCR and Tina Turner my entire childhood. So thankful to share a love for music with my mama. Little sneak peek at the end for this weeks scheduled cover as well. Hope you enjoy!

  • Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk



    . .
    . more info contact 085624597745 - 7ec3e51f (Ojan) .
    . Bandung, Indonesia .

  • Walking In Memphis Cover


    This was done by Reece and Ryan when they won Covers at the University of Mobile. I think it's pretty amazing.

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  • Proud mary - Covers & Beers - Maldonado.mp4


  • FOOLS - Live @ the Colorado Uptown Funk Acoustic


    Up town funk cover by us fools.

  • Bad Moon Rising Cover


  • Feeling fine by one night only pt 1


    One night only feeling fine !!!!!!!!! Bestset band eeeevvvveeeerrrr , need to come to Colorado

  • Анна Кравченко - Proud Mary


  • Signed Sealed Delivered


    Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder
    Halfway to New York - Cover Version
    Ft. Adam Holloway (sax)

    Booking Enquiries:

    Directed and Filmed by Dan Baxter
    1st AC and Lighting by Dan Coffey
    Produced by Coalition Create



    Soul Chain-To love somebody
    (cover BeeGees)

  • Molly Hughes Singing One Night Only Cover x


    Small version of one night only by Jennifer Hudson x

  • Uptown Funk Party Cover


    Crossfirestl cover band from St. Louis, Missouri playing the Mars hit at a St. Pat's party March 2018

  • Aleksej Ignjatov Proud Mary



  • Proud Mary Cover


  • Summertime sadness -cover


    Hey guys here a new cover this time is of lana del rey. Thanks for all the beautiful comments you wrote we appreciate them.we made this cover for you soooo hope you like it.dont forget to COMMENT,SHARE,PUT A TUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL. Love you all xox

    If you want to join us





  • Proud Mary Your Wife


    Jam Night at The Sip Night club in Regina,Saskatchewan

  • Groove Addiction cover of Signed, Sealed Delivered.


    SS&A Club 27/12/2016

  • Proud Mary Cover Delphine V


    Voici mon cover de Proud Mary de Tina Turner dans le cadre du Sankofa Soul Contest.

    Belle ambiance de feu au Bizzart, célèbre bar club live parisien pour la musique Soul 8 Be soul Be there !

    Si la video vous a plu, je vous encourage à vous abonner à ma chaine pour être informer de mes prochaines videos !

    Proud Mary
    Tina Turner

    I left a good job in the city
    Working for the man every night and day
    And I never lost one minute of sleeping
    I was worrying 'bout the way the things might've been
    You know that big wheel keep on turning
    Proud Mary keep on burning
    And we're rolling, rolling, rolling yeah
    Rolling on the river (the river)
    Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis
    Pumped a lot of tane down in New Orleans
    But I never saw the good side of the city
    Until I hitched a ride on a riverboat queen
    You know that big wheel keep on turning
    Proud Mary keep on burning
    And we're rolling, rolling, rolling yeah (rolling)
    Rolling on the river
    Say we're rolling (rolling) rolling yeah
    Rolling on the river
    The river
    Oh I left a good job in the city
    Working for the man every night and day
    And I never lost one minute of sleeping
    Worrying about the way the things might've been
    Big wheel keep on turning
    Proud Mary keep on burning
    Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river
    Say we're rolling, rolling, rolling on the river
    Oh I cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis
    And I pumped a lot of tane down in New Orleans
    But I never saw the good side of the city
    Until I hitched a ride on a riverboat queen
    Big wheel keep on turning
    Proud Mary keep on burning
    And we're rolling, tell you rolling, we're rolling on the river
    I tell you we're rolling, rolling, rolling on the river
    If you come down to the river
    I bet you gonna find some people who live
    And you don't have to worry if you got no money
    People on the river are happy to give
    Big wheel keep on turning
    Proud Mary keep on burning
    And we're rolling, tell you rolling, we're rolling on the river
    Tell you we have no time (rolling, rolling, rolling on the river)
    (Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river)
    Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river)
    Tell you we're rolling, rolling, rolling on the river
    I tell you we're rolling, rolling, rolling on the river)
    Paroliers : John C. Fogerty
    Paroles de Proud Mary © The Bicycle Music Company

  • Aint Nobody - PORTRAIT - Chaka Khan - Cover


    PORTRAIT - Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan - Cover

  • Bruno Mars ft Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk


    This is my new cover!
    It's Uptown funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars!
    Hope you enjoy it!
    Lena Bubble Blue :)

  • Walking in Memphis


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Walking in Memphis · Scott Chapman

    Cover Countdown Sessions 2

    ℗ 2018 Chapman Music

    Released on: 2018-06-08

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Karine Perreault - Walking in memphis


    Palace de Granby

  • Pitagóricos - Proud Mary cover


    Clássico da banda Creedence Clearwater Revival, na versão Pitagóricos!!

  • One Night Only Cover


    This For My Bestest Friend Ryan Kearney In

  • One Night Only - Cover


    Rights go to DreamWorks, Paramount, Music World Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Columbia Records. I don't want to rip anyone off! I hope you guys like it!

  • Marc Cohn - Walking In Memphis


  • Osaka Monaurail - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Im Yours Our Label 2008 Deep Funk Revival 45


    Osaka Monaurail - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours
    Our Label Records # Our45-005. Released in 2008.
    Cool instrumental deep funk revival 45 cover version 45 on Stevie Wonder soul classic from Japanese funk katanas Osaka Monaurail band! Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45's records collection.

    You can support the Unique Records label and buy on label official bandcamp shop:

    Osaka Monaurail (オーサカ-モノレール, Ōsaka Monorēru)Band Official Facebook:

    - Musicdawn 45s Shop & Blog
    - My weirdo instagram

    If you want to support this channel & help me to buy more obscure 45s, you can send any donation on my paypal:

    And do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for new rare funky choones almost every day:

    If you like this record, listen to my playlist with nowadays funk & soul 45's:

    Get some more new age funky grooves and deep funk revival 45's for your youtube playlist:
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    The Soul Investigators - Make It Mellow Parts 1&2 [Soul Sides] 2006 Deep Funk Revival 45:

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    The Grits - Strychnine (The Sonics Cover) [Mocambo] 2012 New Sister Funk 45:

    Myron & E - Clap Sing Dance [Stones Throw] 2013 New Sweet Soul 45:

    Slow Surfers - Bird [FNR] 2013 Russian Funk Breaks 45:

    Birdwave - Hard Times (Baby Huey Cover) [Jaycees] 2009 Funk Instrumental 45:

    The Soul Surfers - Romeo's Rasklad [Funk Night] 2013 Russian Funk 45:

    Breakestra - Deuces Up, Double Down Pts 1 & 2 [Stones Throw] 2001 Deep Funk Revival 45:

    I - Another Song & Another Dub (About Love) [Funk Night] 2013 Psychedelic Sitar Funk 45:

    The Turn Keys - That Place [Pres Records] 2010 RnB Popcorn Instrumental 45:

    The M-Tet - Shades Of Joy (El Topo Soundtrack Cover) [Funk Night] 2019 Organ Funk Revival 45:

    The Diplomats Of Solid Sound feat. The Diplomettes - Hip Drop [Stag-O-Lee] 2010 Deep Funk Revival 45:

    Hanz Mambo & His Cigarettes - The Rays [EEE ZEE] 2019 Psychedelic Lounge 45:

    #deepfunk #newfunk #funk45 #funkrevival #musicdawn

  • Proud Mary Guitar Cover & Swamp Vlog


    I’ve been out of town visiting Louisiana, so I thought I’d share my acoustic guitar swamp rendition of “Proud Mary” (as well as some silly vacation footage). Cell phone audio and visual quality, but lots of love!

    Hope you're all doing well and listening to some great music! Back to regular programming soon.

    I did a really different arrangement with this song, but hopefully I didn’t suck all the fun out of it.

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  • Dance Away Evening Party Medley


    We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - Rock DJ - Fascination

    Dance Away are a slick party band who effortlessly inject energy and glamour into any event. If it's disco fever, 80s-00s hits, funk, soul and modern pop that you want then look no further!

    Dance Away is a female fronted five piece with exceptional musicianship and the ability to entertain everybody in the room.

    Also available with additional horn section, or as a trio.

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered cover by Style



  • Kate Surette - untitled


    Live At th'Yarc #lynnhemeon

  • Marc Cohn - Walking In Memphis


  • Credence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary


    Cover by ater buskers



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