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Playlist of KEN LASZLO

  • Ken Laszlo - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8


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  • Ken Laszlo - Tonight


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  • Ken Laszlo - Dont Cry


    Italo Disco, 1986
    ZYX Music, Memory Records (MEMIX 045)
    Vocal Version

    Amazon Download:


  • Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy


    Italo Disco, 1984
    ZYX Music, Memory Records (MEMIX 016)
    Vocal Version

    Amazon Download:


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  • Tonight


    1985 Dance Song

  • KEN LASZLO - Hey hey guy


    KEN LASZLO - Hey hey guy (Extended Version)
    Videomix by alekosg.

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  • Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together


    Formato : Vinilo, 12 , 33 ⅓ RPM
    País : Italia
    Fecha de lanzamiento : 18 de marzo 2009
    Género : Electrónico
    Estilo : Italo-Disco

  • Ken Laszlo - Tonight


    Italo Disco, 1985
    ZYX, Memory Records (MEMIX 035)

    Amazon Download:


  • Ken Laszlo - Dont Cry


    1986年,歐陸舞曲 (Euro Disco)

    Open your eyes,that's all he's ever wanted
    Maybe it's just your love thats gone
    I can be right when you get the
    feelings through your heart
    (into your heart) x 3

    What do you think about it
    Do you think that is to hide your pride
    What do you dream about yourself
    Now baby you can tell me,don't be so afraid, and

    Don't cry
    Don't cry this is my life
    Don't cry
    You've not better never lose your mind
    Now maybe you can feel me,
    Maybe you can see me

    Don't cry
    It's me forever don't forget my eyes
    Don't cry
    You have not better never lose your time
    Now maybe you can feel me
    Maybe you can see me
    Don't cry


    Now in your eyes,to the world
    you've been a strong girl
    maybe you'll reach for your goal
    I must believe that you kind of saw to get this far

    What do you think about it
    Do you think that is to hide your pride
    What do you dream about yourself
    Now baby you can tell me,don't be so afraid, and

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  • Dont Cry | Ken Laszlo


    Hi everyone! I am early today because I prepare the video yesterday.

    Here's another Disco Music back in the 80's. Ken Laszlo is an Italian Disco Singer. He became popular in 1980's because of his Disco Music. If you were an 80's lad or gal, you probably knew this song because during that time people loves to Dance, people loves to go to Disco Houses. We are called the Gen X ???????????? This music was released in 1986 and became #13 in Sweden. The Millenials might not like it and I'm okay with that. I respect it because we have different taste when it comes to music. But don't worry I will publish modern songs too in the coming days or months to cater the young ones. Rest assured this Music Playlist is for all ages.

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  • Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy - Original


  • Ken Laszlo Tonight Live at Super Italo Weekend Vääksy Finland 15/09/2012


  • Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy Live at Super Italo Weekend Vääksy Finland 15/09/2012


  • Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy


    Ken Laszlo, born as Gianni Coraini, is an Italodisco singer who commenced his music career in the 1980s.

    Ken started his musical interests early in the '80s by playing and singing in discos and clubs. He was interested in music at a young age, but had his first big hit in Europe in 1984 with the single Hey Hey Guy.

    Other songs he is well known for are Tonight and Don't Cry.

    Ken has quite a number of other Eurobeat songs that have been produced under his name and under many pseudonyms by various labels, some being Ric Fellini, K.L. Jones, DJ NRG, Mike Freeman, Gordon Jim, Maltese, Danny Keith, Jean Corraine, J. Corraine, Ken Hunter, Franz Tornado and Alvin.

    (Extracted from the Wikipedia).

    *Song copyrighted to WMG.



    Ken Laszlo se presento en JOYA DISCO de Sarandi en 20-08-16 en la noche retro de joya...

  • Ken Laszlo Dont cry Sthlm Italo Disco Party 2015


    Stockholm Nalen 16/05/2015

  • Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy


  • Ken Laszlo - Ken Laszlo



    01-Tonight (Remix) 0:00
    02-Let My Try 6:58
    03-Black Pearl 11:30
    04-Glasses Man 15:41
    05-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 19:55
    06-Talkin 24:37
    07-Don't Cry (Remix) 29:08
    08-Hey Hey Guy (USA Remix) 33:24



    Este es uno de los mejores mix de Modern Talking interpretado por KEN LASZLO

  • Ken Laszlo - Tonight Musica Disco 80s


    Una de las mejores canciones de la decada de los 80s

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  • Tonight - Ken Laszlo 1985 italo disco rare


    i bought this from VSP also, a canadian power records release. this version is a lot different than any other versions. it has that same sound as the original 12, but the song itself is much longer, total 7 minutes 18 seconds, and the intro is also much longer.



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  • Ken Laszlo Entrevista / Interview 2020


    #kenlaszlo #giannicoraini #heyheyguy #tonight #dontcry #sos #kenlaszlointerview #kenlaszloentrevista #kenlaszlo2020

    Entrevista con un ícono del Italo Disco, Gianni Coraini alias Ken Laszlo.

  • Ken Laszlo Live 2016 sings tonight


    Ken Laszlo sings Tonight live at Spank under fire 2, October 2016 Melbourne Australia

  • Ken Laszlo - Everybody Is Dancing


    For Entertainment and Promotional Purposes Only!
    Thank You - DJ David - Here is a Hot Ken Laszlo from year 1993 :-)
    Great 2 Dance 2 - May be available from::

    (For Info & Cover Art, etc.)

  • Ken Laszlo - Fire and Ice - Official Promo Clip - Italo Disco


    Video footage of Ken Laszlo courtesy of ItaloVideoMaster:

    Label: AMD Records
    Format : 12 White vinyl, 45 RPM, Limited Edition
    Catalogue : AMD 012

    Genre : Italo Disco, Euro Beat, Euro Disco, Euro Dance

    Track listing :

    Side A:
    1. Fire and Ice (Extended Mix by Eddy Mi Ami & Mirko Hirsch)
    Side B:
    1. Fire and Ice (Synth Rock Mix by Mirko Hirsch)
    2. Fire and Ice (Eurobeat Mix by Electro Potato)

    Music & lyrics : Mirko Hirsch
    Produced by David Lin & Marek Kolodynski
    Executive Producer : David Lin

    Stock footage by

  • Ken Laszlo - Greatest Hits & Remixes




    01. Hey Hey Guy (7'' Vocal Version) 0:00
    02. Tonight (7'' Version) 3:24
    03. Glasses Man (7'' Version) 7:38
    04. (7'' Version) 11:20
    05. Red Man 15:05
    06. Don't Cry (Radio Version) 18:18
    07. Black Pearl 22:27
    08. Let Me Try 26:34
    09. Madame (12'' Version) 31:03
    10. Everybody Is Dancing (12'' Version) 38:39
    11. Dancing Tonight (Radio Version) 45:58
    12. S.o.s. (Radio Version) 50:08

    01. Don't Cry (Swedish Remix) 53:50
    02. Tonight (Vocal Version) 1:00:28
    03. Hey Hey Guy (US Remix) 1:06:18
    04. Glasses Man (Vocal Version) 1:12:07
    05. (Extended Vocal Remix) 1:18:12
    06. Red Man (12'' Version) 1:24:15
    07. Tonight (Swedish Remix) 1:30:41
    08. Don't Cry (The Marquee Remix) 1:37:18
    09. Hey Hey Guy (Vocal Version) 1:44:53
    10. Dancing Tonight (Vocal Version) 1:53:18
    11. S.o.s. (Vocal Version) 1:59:59
    12. Glasses Man (Instrumental Version) 2:06:29

  • KEN LASZLO - Hey Operator Maxi Version - ITALO DISCO


    You've asked for it, so here we go: The full maxi version of my remix of Ken Laszlo's Hey Operator. Unfortunately, there's still no official digital or vinyl release in sight but keep your fingers crossed - good things take time.

    Written, composed and produced by Mirko Hirsch
    Vocals by the legendary Ken Laszlo
    Fake cover artwork by Mirko

    No copyright infringement intended.

  • Ken Laszlo ‎- Mary Ann


    Radiorama Productions -- RA 37/92
    Vinyl, 12, 45 RPM
    Italo-Disco, Hi NRG

  • Ken Laszlo - Glasses Man Video Clip


  • Ken Laszlo - Madame


    Label: Memory Records
    Format: Vinyl 12
    Country: Italy
    Released: 1989
    Style: Italo Disco

  • Tonight - Ken Laszlo | Karaoke Version | HD ???? ????


    Tonight Karaoke Cover Version
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  • Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy 16:9 HD


    Hello All Music Lovers. Welcome In Retro Style Music Project.
    Glorious Era Of Music. 1984. ZYX Music.

  • ken laszlo - tonight extended version by fggk


    ken laszlo - tonight extended version by fggk

  • Ken Laszlo - Hey hey guy


    Ceci est la version Maxi 7:37 ! (libre à vous de couper ?)
    Voilà de quoi rappeler des souvenir à beaucoup, sortie Européenne 1984
    Que celles ou ceux qui chantent sur mes créations aient l'amabilité de ! CLIQUER sur S'ABONNER ! Merci !

  • Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy | Piano Instrumental


    Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy (Neon Fog Instrumental Cover Version)
    Subscribe & Enjoy!

    #kenlaszlo #heyheyguy #italodisco

  • Italo Disco TQ In The Night feat Ken Laszlo & Fred Ventura


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    Nach dem großen Erfolg der Italo Disco New Generation Sampler veröffentlicht ZYX ab Sofort auch One-Artist-Alben der New Garde des Italo Disco Sounds.
    Die erste VÖ kommt von der vietnamesisch-stämmigen US-Amerikanerin TQ mit ihrem Album “OUT OF THE SHADOWS”. 14 Songs plus einer Bonus DVD mit 12 Musikvideos!
    Featuring: Lian Ross, Ken Lazlo, Fred Ventura, Linda Jo Rizzo, Trans-X und John Sauli (ROFO) und ITALOVE.
    Hinzu kommt eine Special Appearance von Fancy im Musikvideo von China Blue.
    Für 80s Disco Fans ein absolutes Muss! Perfekt in Szene gesetzt von Produzenten u.A. vom Modern-Talking Produzenten Luis Rodriguez (“All We Need Is Love”), Mirko Hirsch, Galaxy Hunter und vielen mehr!

  • Ken Laszlo - Tonight


    Előadó: Ken Laszlo
    Album: Ken Laszlo
    Kiadás éve: 1987.
    Műfaj: Pop

    A videó termékmegjelenítést tartalmaz!

  • 80s Eurodance B612Js Mix - Ken Laszlo


    80년대 유로댄스 켄 라즐로 JS 믹스

  • Ken Laszlo - Glasses Man


  • Ken Laszlo - Tonight HD, HQ




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  • Hey Hey Guy - Ken Laszlo


    Decidido a sacar provecho del genero Hi NRG un compositor italiano de mediana estampa para las fechas en las que esta linea musical era incipiente, presenta una obra que al paso del tiempo habría de proponer una idea radical de lo que hoy se puede llamar Hi NRG en Italia, ese hombre es Stefano Cundari, que con el sencillo de 1984 titulado Hey Hey Guy demuestra que las cosas no debían de funcionar como muchos expertos en la materia habían dicho, ya que la ambición y la arrogancia de este tema lo catapultarían a la fama en un tiempo récord, al plantear cuestiones que otros en su época no se atrevían ni a nombrar, utilizando su ingenio mordaz para seducir a la gente este hombre define el genero a través de una creación rica y compleja que deja entrever infinidad de sonidos perfectamente acoplados a lo largo de todo la grabación, solo faltaba la voz y esta tenia se ser invitante, convincente y segura, es asi como Milán por medio de su firma Memory Records manda llamar a Ken Laszlo, un modesto cantante que después de este tema seria considerado el símbolo mas palpable de este genero a nivel mundial y que le haría eternamente famoso y de igual forma revelo leyes ocultas que regirían el genero, pero volviendo al tema la importancia tan destacada de este logro hacer que fuese editado en mas de 20 países en una dobleteada de ediciones, mixes y remixes a un grado tal que incluso a los expertos les costaría entenderlo ya que nadie había planteado algo asi hasta entonces, hoy por hoy tanto compositor como obra e interprete son piedras angulares de genero y los argumentos de todos ellos tan convincentes que esta es considerada por los expertos la máxima producción Hi NRG de todos los tiempos, en una teoría que aun en esta época resulta definitiva y es aceptada por todos.

  • Ken Laszlo - Tonight


    Artista: Ken Laszlo
    Álbum: Ken Laszlo
    Fecha de lanzamiento: 1985

    Si eres amante de la musica de los 70, 80 y 90 este es tu canal, entra en un canal donde encontraras la mejor epoca musical


  • When i fall in Love- Ken Laszlo


    Música Remember

  • Ken Laszlo - Glasses Man


    Italo Disco

  • Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy Dance Club Remix 2016



  • Ken Laszlo live at 330LIVE 2011


    Ken Laszlo live at 330LIVE 2011

  • Ken Laszlo in the mix - GAPUL


    Ken Laszlo on the mix - GAPUL

    1- Hey Hey Guy
    2- Tonight
    3- Glasses Man
    4- Mary Ann (Remix)

    Ken Laszlo (nacido como Gianni Coraini , 1954) es un cantante de música italiana disco que se hizo famoso en la década de 1980.
    Laszlo estaba interesado en la música a una edad temprana y su carrera comenzó en 1980 cuando tocaba y cantaba en discotecas, y clubes. Su primer éxito en Europa fue el single Hey Hey Guy en 1984. Sus canciones Tonight, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Mary Ann, Todos Dancing, Baby Call Me, Glasses Man, Do not Cry también son muy conocidos.

    Muchas de las canciones de Laszlo aparecen bajo su propio nombre y muchos otros, bajo seudónimos como Ric Fellini, DJ NRG y Ricky Maltese. Sus exitos fueron incluidos en distintos discos del conocido sello Gapul



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