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Playlist of Just Jinjer

  • Just Jinger - Shallow Waters


    This song always reminds me of the few months i lived in SA and the ripple effect it had on my life.
    Also, i miss the sun.

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  • Safer


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    Safer · Just Jinjer

    Just Jinjer

    ℗ Curb Records, Inc.

    Released on: 2010-01-19

    Artist: Just Jinjer

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  • Just Jinjer - What He Means Official Video



    This extremely beautiful new rendition of the original Just Jinjer recording, ‘’What He Means’’ is performed here by original band members Ard Matthews, Brett Harris and Denholm Harding in a unique collaboration with the KZN and Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestras.

    The recording was made under COVID-19 Lockdown restrictions with all players and performers connecting online to produce the recording as a special tribute to Nelson Mandela for Mandela Day 2020.

    Just Music:

    P&C 2020 Just Music

    #JustJinjer #WhatHeMeans #JustMusicSouthAfrica

  • Just Jinjer - What He Means


    Official Music Video for Just Jinjer's single What He Means.
    Available on the album, JUST JINJER.
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  • Just Jinjer - She Knows


    Please buy the album. Love this song. Original Version of the song. There is a US version of this on one of my uploads.

  • Shallow Waters


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    Shallow Waters · Just Jinger

    South African Pop Rock

    ℗ 1998 BMG Records Africa (PTY) Ltd.

    Composer, Lyricist: Ard Matthews
    Producer: P. Bowman

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  • Father and Farther . Just Ginger


    Stop child and woman abuse

  • Home


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    Home · Just Jinjer · Just Jinjer


    ℗ Just Jinjer

    Released on: 2003-07-01

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  • Just Jinger - Stand In Your Way south african 90s indie pop rock HIT 1998


    Stand In Your Way (Album Version)

    Copyright (c) – BMG Records Africa
    Record Company – BMG Entertainment

    South Africa's Just Jinger (pronounced ginger) led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Art Matthews (real name: Ard Matthews) have gone through several line-up changes during their remarkable career after forming in Randburg in 1996, with drummer Brent Harris the only other remaining member.
    Supporting acts like Def Leppard, Crash Test Dummies and U2, they achieved unheard-of success locally as a live act and in raw sales figures and decided to relocate to London in 2000 after releasing three albums and an EP.


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  • South African group, JUST JINJER with, Shallow Waters - Studio Version.


    Just Jinjer (formerly known as Just Jinger) is a contemporary rock group originally from South Africa and now based in California. Just Jinjer is one of the top selling rock bands in South African history, with over 250,000 units sold. Over the last decade, the band has performed and toured with U2, Counting Crows and Def Leppard among many others, performing for hundreds of thousands of fans in venues all around the world from the UK to Dubai, and released six critically acclaimed albums.

    The band's debut album, All Comes Round, became the best-selling rock album in South African history. Their second album, Something for Now, was certified gold in only three weeks from release. Both albums achieved platinum certification.

    2004 saw Just Jinger (as their name was then spelled) doing several arena shows with the Counting Crows and completed their own sold out tours of London and Dubai. In 2005, the band recorded their international debut album with Grammy Award-winning producer David Bianco in Los Angeles.

    In 2006 Just Jinger changed the spelling of their name to 'Just Jinjer', to avoid having the second word in their name mispronounced /ˈdʒɪŋər/ or /ˈdʒɪŋɡər/ instead of /ˈdʒɪndʒər/. They released a new eponymous album in 2006 with this new spelling, consisting of 13 songs including both new and old material.

    Current members
    Ard Matthews (vocals, acoustic guitar)
    Brent Harris (drums, vocals),
    Denholm Harding (Bass, vocals)

    Former members
    Sandy Chila (Guitar, producer) (2005–2009)
    Simon Bailey (Guitar) (2003–2005)
    Alec Bridges (Guitar)
    Danie Van Rensburg (Guitar)
    Anthony Galatis (Keyboard)
    Verny Scholtz (Guitar, keyboard, brass, vocals)
    Tuxx Mothomme (Bass)

    All Comes Round (1997)
    Something for Now (1998)
    Here's to You (1999)
    Strange World (2000)
    Greatest Hits (2001)
    Collectors 2003 (Limited copies) (2003)
    Howzit (Limited copies) (2003)
    Bootleg Album (2004)
    Just Jinjer (2006)
    Milk & Honies EP (2009)
    Just Jinjer (International release) (2010)

    1. Information courtesy:
    2. For a short biography on Ard Matthews, please go to:
    3. Just Jinjer official website @

    To my Beloved -- my one and only love. ~ Ephesians 1:6
    My Beloved is mine, and I am his.. ~ Song of Solomon 2:16
    I can no longer fight him or his memory, my Lord.
    Neither have I the desire anymore. I have lost the battle!
    Nevertheless, my Lord, remember Thou Thy servant, Elizabeth,
    And Thy promises to her, that my prayers are effectual for
    all those for whom I intercede with you. Whether those prayers
    are effectual for this temporal world we live in, or whether they
    are effectual for those for whom eternal life has been predestined,
    according to they word. Amen.

  • MK Unplugged Just Jinjer - What He Means


    Just Jinjer se What He Means in MK Unplugged

  • Just Jinjer - Like You Madly


    Live at Rocking The Gardens 2009

  • Just Jinjer - Father And Farther/Sugar Man


    Just Jinjer perform their 1997 classic Father & Farther and their cover of the Rodriguez classic Sugar Man at the Barnyard Theatre in Rivonia, 7 July 2014.

  • Just Jinjer - What he means


    Just Jinjer are in a league of their own, inspiring a generation in South Africa.

    Original music video:

    Much love for their awesome music, I hope you enjoy my rendition.

  • Just Jinjer - She Knows


    The one i uploaded before went missing or i accidentally deleted it. This was featured on Cougar Town different rendition from their album in South Africa.. Support the band they are available at Itunes just search it.. Amazing band...

  • Just Jinjer At Cafe Roux


    Cafe Roux Noordhoek Cape Town 1st February 2014. Another excellent afternoon spent listening to a great South African band & enjoying a great Cape wine, The Wolftrap 'Syrah 2012

  • Just Jinger - Paradise in the summertime


    Noticed this song wasn't on youtube so decided to upload it so people can listen. Take no credit for pictures etc.

  • Just Jinjer Live in Johannesburg



  • Just Jinjer - Touch the Sky


    Photos and video to the song “Touch the Sky” by Just Jinjer. The song “Touch the Sky“ is from Just Jinjer’s 2015 album, “Everything Since Then.”

    Photographs and video were taken at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park along the Klahhane Ridge Trail in the state of Washington.

    Footage also includes a variety of plant and animal species including Black-Tailed Deer and Marmot.

  • Just Jinjer at the South African Tattoo at Monte Casino 8 September 2013


    Just Jinjer perform their hit songs Shallow Waters and What He Means backed by a 300 piece band as part of the finale of the South African Tattoo at Monte Casino in Johannesburg. This was the last show of the 2013 season. Filmed from the cheap seats but the sound is good enough to give you an idea of how brilliant it was.

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  • Just Jinjer - Sugar Man Middle & End


    Just Jinjer perform a blistering version of the classic Rodriguez song Sugar Man at the Barnyard theatre in Rivonia. Just Jinjer recorded and released their own version of this now famous classic on the BMG (now Sony) album 'Something For Now' back in 1998. (Apologies for Denholm being blocked by the lighting rig)

  • Just Jinjer - Milk & Honies


    The brand new video from Just Jinjer for the single Milk & Honies

  • Just Jinjer - Mr. Morgan


    A nice song from the SA band Just Jinjer as a tribute to Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's last resort in these dark days

  • Just Jinjer, South African Rock band live at Rocking the Daisies, October 2009


    South African Rock band 'Just Jinjer' performing as main act on Rocking the Daisies music festival in the Western Cape, South Africa in October 2009. The song you hear is called 'What he means'. A powerful message to the world to ask for more tolerance and peace, no matter what 'book' you read. Thanks guys for an awesome performance and moment of consideration.

  • Just Jinjer - Why


    In the night, there's a candle burning
    Little light full of ache and yearning
    For the child who won't be returning
    And all the loved ones left behind

    Morning breaks with the news of violence
    Nothing moves in the haze of silence
    Deep inside it feels like a riot
    Oh, where can I find peace of mind?

    (And they say that our trouble's just begun)
    Tell me how
    (Tell me how much we'll lose before we've won)
    These tears won't dry

    So I'm asking
    Why? (Why?) Why?
    Will we ever find the answer?
    Why? (Why?) Why?
    Why can't love be all that matters?
    Why? (Why?) Why?
    While we try to understand
    Faith and hope are slipping through our hands
    Can you tell me why?

    What's the secret to make things better?
    Where's the thread holding us together?
    How do we find the key that lets us
    Open up our hearts and minds?

    Winds of faith blow us past our limits
    Spend our lives searching for forgiveness
    Can one voice really make a difference?
    Still I know we've got to try

    (And they say that our trouble's just begun)
    Tell me how
    (Tell me how much we'll lose before we've won)
    These tears won't dry

    So I'm asking
    Why? (Why?) Why?
    Will we ever find the answer?
    Why? (Why?) Why?
    Why can't love be all that matters?
    Why? (Why?) Why?
    While we try to understand
    That faith and hope are slipping through our hands
    (Tell me why)

    Tears are falling down like rain
    A flood of questions come
    It is getting hard to wait
    Is really love so hard to find?

    So I'm asking
    (Why?) Why...?
    Will we ever find the answer?
    Why? (Why?) Why? (Why?)
    Why can't love be all that matters?
    Why? (Why?) Why?
    While we pray to understand
    Faith and hope are slipping through our hands
    Tell me why

  • The Dunes with Just Jinjer.m4v


    Just Jinjer Concert at The 'Dunes' Hout Bay Cape Town Dec 2010

  • Just Jinjer - She Knows


    Ard and Denholm from Just Jinjer perform an acoustic version of She Knows at the Barnyard Theatre Rivonia on Monday 7 July 2014.

  • Sugarman - Just Jinger


    Art Matthews sings Rodriquez's Sugarman at the Walkabout in Sheperds Bush, London.

  • Jinjer - Just Another - Live@John Smith Rock Festival 20.7.2019


    Jinjer - Just Another - Live@John Smith Rock Festival 20.7.2019
    Watch the full gig here:

  • Just Jinjer and The Kick Stand LIVE at Old Mutual Music at The Lake


    A short clip from an Epic event where Just Jinjer and The Kick Stand played LIVE at Old Mutual Music at The Lake in Durban

  • Just Jinjer Live in Kirstenbosch Gardens


    South Africa Rocks !!

  • Just Jinger - Time Of Your Life


    A great song from my childhood memories. Proudly South African.

    Hope other South Africans and people from the world will enjoy it

  • Steady - Just Jinjer


    'Steady' by Just Jinjer from the album 'Just Jinjer'.
    Pictures taken at Rocking The Daisies outdoors concert from:

    With a leading light,
    And a face that launched a thousand ships before
    To no return follow me I'm right behind you.

    On a dreamless night,
    Pulled forward by the moon and the dark stars
    To another world,
    Where love will die or come to find you.

    One day when my boat comes in from,
    Far away to keep my head above water...

    Steady now,
    Steady as she goes,
    I'II sail closer to the wind,
    Before I miss her boat,
    Ready here I go,
    I'm not gonna swing in the lead anymore

    Time and tides wait for no one,
    If you don't know the ropes...
    You're in the dark,
    Treading water deep beneath your feet,
    l've seen this night,
    l've seen it over and over again...

    Well I feel I'm moving full steam ahead,
    To my oil on trouble waters...
    Steady now,
    Steady as she goes,
    I'II sail closer to the wind,
    Before I miss her boat,
    Ready here I go,
    I'm not gonna swing in the lead anymore

    Nights are wasting, I feel wasted,
    'Cause I'm not getting what you're on about
    Though I try, try to forget about it,
    But I'm tired of waiting round,
    Cause I'm just ready now.

  • Just jinjer Joberg Concert


    Live Concert

  • Just Jinjer at the SA Tattoo


    Just Jinjer playing with all the bands at the South African Tattoo, September 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Just Jinjer - Steady


    The first song of the 2006 Just Jinjer's self-titled album

  • Just Jinjer Interview Rocking The Gardens 2009


    Just Jinjer talk to about what's been happening in California and what's about to happen in South Africa for the band.

  • Just Jinjer - Perfect Ground


    Perfect Ground by Just Jinjer;
    Album: Here’s to You (1999);
    Songwriters: Ard Matthews, Brent Harris, Denholm Harding.

    Photo by Ramunas Bruzas

    Check out the whole collection of songs with lyrics on a screen.

    Subscribe if you love alternative style! :)

    More songs by Just Jinjer:
    Painting Hours

  • Just Jinjer - Drum Solo


    Last show of their current USA tenure - July 11th, Mozambique - Laguna Beach.
    You will be missed boyche's!

  • JINJER - Captain Clock


    A full guitar playthrough by Roman Ibramkhalilov, guitarist of JINJER. Just the way the song is performed live.
    Filmed by Aleksey Pesotskiy

    At Jam Music Store, Kiev, Ukraine

  • Just Jinjer


    Ard of Just Jinjer(the all-time biggest selling band in South Africa)took us backstage at the House of Blues for an Inside The Musicians Head session...

  • Stand By You


    Just Jinjer - Everything Since Then

  • Just Jinjer Playing For Katharine Story Fundraiser


    Just Jinjer playing for the Animal Crackers Pet Rescue Fundraiser at Katharine Story's Boutique in Laguna Beach, CA.

  • Just Jinjer at Rocking the Daisies, 2009 - Percussion solo


    South African Rock band 'Just Jinjer' performing as main act on Rocking the Daisies music festival in the Western Cape, South Africa, October 2009. Besides being a talented singer song- writer, Ard Matthews is also a guitar player and percussionist, as this video shows.

  • Haven Media - Louise Day, Just Jinjer & aKING Trinity Show


    A highlights video I filmed and edited for Louise Day, Just Jinjer & aKING from their recent performance at one of Cape Town's most unique events venues,Trinity.

  • Just Jinjer Drumming Set


    Just Jinjer play one of their legendary drumming sets live at Rocking The Gardens 2009.

  • what He means - Just Jinjer LIVE at 46664 AIDS Concert 07


    backstage footage taken through friends camera.
    audio distorts when band come in but you get the picture. hopefully more the message...right??!

  • Art Matthews - Just Jinjer - 46664 - Fancourt, George - Home


    Ard Matthews performing at the 46664 concert in Fancourt.

  • Just Another


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Just Another · Jinjer

    King of Everything

    ℗ 2016 Napalm Records Handels GmbH

    Released on: 2016-07-29

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • JINJER - Just Another || Primera Reacción


    Vídeo original:

    Qué onda muchá, espero les haya agradado, y si no cononcían esta rola de Jinjer, pues ahora ya saben. xd

    Instagram: dariomoran_r

    Saludos lml



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