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Playlist of Jurassic park/World

  • Jurassic world full movie full hindi dubbed ||Irffan khan


    Jurassic world full movie hindi dubbed movie Hollywood
    #hollywood #jurassicworld

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  • Jurassic World Evolution ~ Rise by Skillet


    music and video

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  • Jurassic World Evolution Safari Park


    My first attempt at a true Safari, I'll give it another shot for sure.

  • The Lost World Jurassic Park- The Lost World


    This is my favorite theme out of all others in the Jurassic Park series, with exception of the classic JP theme and the Indoraptor theme which are tied with this one. What I did in this little quickie of a video was compile three tracks were this motif was used and combined into this little extension. Basically, I made my own extension based on the end credits of the movie.

    The T-rex Suite, which uses music cues from the Lost World Jurassic Park, is coming stay tuned!

    The tracks used for this video were:
    The Lost World
    Malcom's Journey
    The Lost World (Alternate Version)

    Anyways, remember to like, comment, and subscribe for more!

    Jurassic Park/World is the property of Universal.
    All music was composed by John Williams.

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  • Jurassic World Evolution Safari Park 3.0


    Site B. This video is completely unplanned and it was tough to get it to stand out like the others did. Its a shame there is a huge lack in variety with decorative tools, so I did my best. This may be the final Safari video until the next content update, but my beautiful parks are far from over. Stick around.

  • Lhugueny Jurassic World Remixes | RaveDj


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    Original Videos
    ♪ JURASSIC WORLD THE MUSICAL REMIX - Animated Parody Song -

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  • Jurassic Park: The Lost World Soundtrack-13 Visitor in San Diego


    Jurassic Park: The Lost World Soundtrack-13

  • Jurassic world movies. Life finds a way


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  • Jurassic Park 3 Theme Song


    Please enjoy The Theme for Jurassic Park 3! I don't own any rights to this song!!!

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  • Minecraft Jurassic Park Map for JurassiCraft Mod 1.7.10


    สำหรับคลิปเลโก้ จะเริ่มทำและอัพลงเร็วๆนี้นะครับ เพราะผมเพิ่งปิดเทอมวันเสาร์ที่ผ่านมานี้เอง อันนี้ทำไม่ยุ่งยากเท่าเลโก้เลยใช่เวลาหลังเลิกเรัยนซึ่งเป็นช่วงกีฬาสีทำครับ ฝากติดตามผลงานเรื่อยๆนะครับ

    Welcome To Jurassic Park by John Williams

    JurassiCraft Mod Installer for Minecraft 1.7.10

    Jurassic Park Map 2.0



  • Rexy & Carno Eats Mills Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


    This soundtrack was in the first Jurassic World movie (When Claire lets out the T.rex to fight the I.rex) Its recycled for this moment near the end of Fallen Kingdom, its a shorter version.

  • Jurassic Park: The Lost World Soundtrack-04 The Hunt


    Jurassic Park: The Lost World Soundtrack-04

  • 1 hour of Welcome to Jurassic World


    Here is a 1 hour song of Welcome to Jurassic World. I think this is the Jurassic World theme song.

    Leave comments below for songs (mostly movie/trailer songs) YOU want to hear an 1 hour of.

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  • Jurassic World - Warriors


    This is my friend's favorite song and I thought it was pretty cool.

  • Carnotaurus Boss Theme - The Lost World: Jurassic Park OST Extended


    That's a chameleon-type dinosaur.

    One person wanted this. That person being me. So here we are.

  • Jurassic World/Park and Lego Jurassic World game New Divide


    Credits to Linkin Park and Jurassic Park/World Creators

    Please watch: (48) Destorying GTA San Andreas with Mods


  • Jurassic Park Medley - John Williams


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    “Jurassic Park Theme Medley cover by Leksa Tremy
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    Available on iTunes and Spotify
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    SoundCloud -

    For booking and press inquiries, please contact Leksa Tremy through email (business only): leksatremy.inquiries[at]
    Arranged and performed on flute by Leksa Tremy
    Re-orchestration and music production by Torsten Gran-Ruaz
    Music production, filming, and video editing by Leksa Tremy
    Filming by Jordan Charette

    BIG thank you to Torsten for doing a fantastic job re-orchestrating the Jurassic Park themes and to Jordan Charette for being my camera man. Couldn't have done this without any of you!


    Torsten’s info!

    Jordan’s info!
    Facebook -
    Twitter - @jchar12
    Instagram - @jcharguitar
    Original orchestral composition: John Williams

    Main Theme from Jurassic Park
    Welcome to Jurassic Park (Secondary Theme)
    The Hat Returns” (Jurassic Park III Main Theme)

    Check out the upcoming trailer for the movie “Jurassic World” coming out in theatres June 11:

  • Jurassic Park 3- Spinosaurus Theme


    Despite whatever opinions people have regarding the third Jurassic installment, Spinosaurus is without a doubt one of the best things of it. It is an aggressive creature, a prototype hybrid to the more perfected Indoraptor prototype, the Indominus rex. As dangerous as it is, there is a sort of mystery surrounding this illegal creature and it is said to be a super predator, one tat can can cause a mass extinction across the island of Sorna...

    It wasn't easy making this custom suite, since almost all of the music that has the Spinosaurus leitmotif is action oriented but I did my best to make a seamless experience.I'm not a big fan of this movie's soundtrack but I must say that it has some great pieces here and there...

    Hope you guys enjoy the video and remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

    The tracks used for this custom suite are:
    Isla Sorna Sailing Situation
    Cooper's Last Stand
    Frenzy Fuselage
    Clash of Extinction
    Underwater Attack
    Spinosaurus Confrontation
    Nash Calling

    Jurassic Park 3 is the property of Universal.
    All music was composed by Don Davis.
    The Jurassic Park 3 stone logo was created by steamblust.

  • Jurassic Park: The Lost World


    Music: John Williams - Jurassic Park: The Lost World (Suite)

  • Jurassic World Full Trailer Theme Song By Pitch Hawk


    Jurassic world soundtrack by pitch hawk original version

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  • Jurassic World - Trailer Music Cover


    Fan made cover version by me of the Jurassic World teaser track by confidential music. If anybody knows the name of the song please pn me and I will add it to the description. Made by parademics. This track was produced with Logic Pro X and a lot of sample libraries. Thanks for tuning in! Download the mp3 here with cover etc.!

  • Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Helicopter


    Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Helicopter

    Product Description
    Fire the net shooter to take down the pteranodon!
    Emergency! A pteranodon has grabbed an ACU trooper and is flying away with him gripped in its claws. Jump into the cockpit of the cool Jurassic One helicopter with Simon Masrani, soar into the sky and speed to the rescue. When you have the pteranodon in your sights, open the side door to hang out on the platform and fire the net shooter to capture the dinosaur before it can escape. Includes 2 minifigures: Simon Masrani and an ACU trooper with a weapon.
    In this video we unbox the Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture set 75915. Build the helicopter, minifigures and pteranodon.
    The Lego dinosaurs, helicopters, vehicles and minifigures are based on the Jurassic World and Jurassic park universe.
    Pterosaurs are flying reptiles of the extinct clade or order Pterosauria. They existed from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous Period. Pterosaurs are the earliest vertebrates known to have evolved powered flight.
    Other Great Videos
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    T-Rex Hunting Easter Eggs Song - Tyrannosaurus Surprise Eggs song - Schleich Dinosaur song for kids
    Lego förhistoriska världen Pteranodon fånga 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park dinosaurier helikopter
    Lego jura verden Pteranodon fange 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park dinosaurer helikopter
    Lego prehistorische wereld Pteranodon Capture 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park dinosaurussen helikopter
    레고 쥬라기 월드 Pteranodon 캡쳐 75915 - 레고 쥬라기 공원 공룡 헬리콥터
    Lego ジュラシックワールドプテラノドンキャプチャ 75915 Lego ジュラシックパーク恐竜のヘリコプター
    Lego Τζουράσικ κόσμο Pteranodon Capture 75915 - Lego ιουράσιο πάρκο δεινοσαύρων ελικόπτερο
    Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon fange 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park dinosaurer helikopter
    Lego 侏罗纪世界 Pteranodon 捕获 75915 - Lego 侏罗纪公园的恐龙直升机
    Lego mundo jurásico Los Pteranodones Capturar 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park dinosaurios helicóptero
    Lego mundo Jurássico Pteranodon Capturar 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park Dinossauros Helicóptero
    Lego Jurassic Welt Pteranodon Capture 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park Dinosaurier Hubschrauber
    Lego mondo giurassico Pteranodon catturare 75915 - Lego Jurassic Park i dinosauri in elicottero
    Lego Pteranodon mondiale Capture 75915 Jurassique - Lego Dinosaures Jurassic Park hélicoptère
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    Music by
    Including PressPlayPictureHouse theme music.

  • Jurassic World the Musical


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Jurassic World the Musical (Remix) · Logan Hugueny-Clark

    Jurassic World the Musical (Remix)

    ℗ 2019 Logan Hugueny-Clark

    Released on: 2019-10-13

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Indominus Rex Theme - Jurassic World


    The base genome is a T-Rex, the rest is... classified. - Yeah, that's a good sign.

    Here is a soundtrack compilation of all the themes of the Indominus Rex from Michael Giacchino's score to Jurassic World. The Indominus Rex's theme just screams John Williams original Raptor theme from Jurassic Park which is ironic considering the Indominus is part Raptor. Enjoy.

    1. Bury The Hatchling
    2. As the Jurassic World Turns
    3. Indominus Wrecks
    4. Chasing the Dragons
    5. Costa Rican Standoff
    6. Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours

  • Jurassic World / Jurassic Park theme song - Fingerstyle Guitar #43


    Jurassic Park Theme Song (Journey to the Island / Welcome to Jurassic Park) composed by John Williams
    Johnny B. Goode:
    The Last of the Mohicans:
    Mortal Kombat:
    The Simpsons Theme:
    Titanic Theme:
    Rocky Theme (Gonna Fly Now):
    Rocky II (Going The Distance):
    Pink Panther (Theme):

  • Jurassic World Movie Trailer


    The piano score from the official Jurassic World trailer in anticipation of the film and the new trailer. God, I can't wait! Enjoy.

    Sad that Michael Giacchino didn't compose this, but instead Hawk Pitch did. Still awesome though.

  • T. Rex Theme Compilation


    Artist: John Williams

    0:00-1:43: Big Feet
    1:43-5:09: Up in a Basket
    5:09-7:30: In the Trailer
    7:30-11:35: On the Glass
    11:35-16:48: Rescuing Sarah (Extended Version)
    16:48-22:39: Ripples
    22:39-25:02: The Wrecked Ship
    25:02-27:39: Monster on the Loose
    27:39-35:21: Visitor in San Diego (Extended Version)
    35:21-38:13: Ludlow's End
    38:13-43:05: Tranquilizer Dart and End Credits (Film Version)

  • Jurassic World The Game: Battle Theme


    The track that plays when you are choosing your dinosaurs or when in a battle. As soon as the music starts, you can noticed there is like a slight moment where the music suddenly cuts off for half a second. That half second bothered me a lot, so I went and fixed it.

  • NEW! Jurassic World with my first reaction at Universal Studios Hollywood.


  • LEGO Jurassic World Music - Jurassic Park 1 Hub Theme


  • How To Play - JURASSIC PARK - Theme Song


    This is a step by step piano tutorial on the Jurassic Park Theme Song
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  • Jurassic World Evolution | Jurassic Parks & Rex Creation | Alternate Theme Music Soundtrack


    Jurassic Parks & Rex Creation
    Triumphant Alternate Orchestral Theme Music

    Composed by Daryl Leigh Lynn

    Written mid-2017 as a demo for Universal and Frontier Developments Jurassic World Evolution video game.

    Based on themes by Michael Giacchino & John Williams.

  • Jurassic Park - Welcome To Jurassic Park Minecraft Noteblocks


    One of my absolute favourite themes in any movie, I absolutely love how magical and awe-inspiring this theme made me feel upon seeing that first dinosaur.
    As Yari was still on vacation, Spirit stepped in to help record. This is the first time he has recorded with Chase and Deamon present.
    Tune in next week for another iconic song written by John Williams.

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    Link to the sheet music I found as a guide for this song;

    As usual, credit is given in the beginning of the video.

    Special Thanks to Deamon, Yari, Chase and Spirit for pushing me to continue making these songs. They also help inspire and implement the ideas for the extra builds to accompany the songs.

    Please go bug them on their own channels and tell them Talon sent you :D


    And a huge thanks to Universal for creating such inspiring music and stories!


    Include Dino-RAWR! in your comment if you read the description! :D

    PS. I have snuck in a link to my personal Discord Channel for anyone who wants to join it. Just scroll up a little :D

    #MinecraftNoteblockMusic #TheNoteblockLizard #JurassicPark

  • Jurassic World/Jurassic Park Medley Violin & Cello


    Jurassic World/Jurassic Park Medley for Violin & Cello (composed by John Williams and Michael Giacchino) arranged and performed by Duo.Hansen. Get the *SHEET MUSIC:

    Julia Hansen, violin
    Adam Hansen, cello

    Jurassic Park/Jurassic World Medley:

    -Welcome to jurassic world 0:00
    -Owen you nothing 1:43
    -Fits and jumpstarts 2:49
    -As the jurassic world turns 3:54

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  • Jurassic Park 1993 Remake - Jurassic World Evolution


    A remake of Jurassic Park as it would have been had Hammond been able to open the park to the public. This park was made using Frontier's Jurassic World Evolution on Xbox One. Music was borrowed from the Jurassic Park Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and from the Jurassic World Evolution soundtrack.

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Main Theme by Filip OIejka


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    Music Copyright - Filip Oleyka

  • Jurassic Park Remix ◕ ◡ ◕


    My first video :)

  • JURASSIC WORLD REMAKE - Jurassic World Evolution


    A remake of Jurassic World prior to the 2015 Indominus Rex disaster. Made on Jurassic World Evolution (XBOX One).


    I claim no rights to the music used in this video.

  • Jurassic World Original Soundtrack 19 - The Park Is Closed


    Music by Michael Giacchino

  • Welcome to Jurassic World - Acappella cover - Jurassic Park


    Welcome to Jurassic World A cappella cover from Jurassic World movie, originally by Michael Giacchino. Subscribe to my channel -

    Buy this song directly from me at Loudr:
    Google Play:

    Main website -
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    A cappella music recorded and produced by Thais Martínez
    Instruments made with voice recorded by Thais Martínez
    Video shot by Rubén Fernández and edited by Thais Martínez
    Album cover by Thais Martínez

    Original song
    Welcome to Jurassic World
    Originally performed by Michael Giacchino

  • Jurassic Park Theme || Beginner Ukulele Tutorial


    Get the TABS & Access the On-Screen TAB Viewer at:


    An elegant take on one of the most beloved themes from, John Williams. As you listen to this arrangement, take note of its pace; which can be defined in one word: slow. Maintaining a ‘slow pace’ is vital, as it attributes to the overall beauty of the piece.

    Another area of this arrangement that can be difficult to play are the stretch chords. There’s actually quite a few of them; and some of them require the pinky finger to span a distance of 6 frets. If you are new to playing stretch chords (or stretch phrases/licks), I’d highly encourage you to check out this lesson [LINK BELOW]. It has three exercises that will help increase your left hand’s reach.



    Wondering Where to Start as a Beginner Player? Find Out Here:

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    Increase Your Left Hand Reach (Play Stretch Chords with Ease):

  • Jurassic Park: The Lost World Soundtrack-12 Ludlows Demise


    Jurassic Park: The Lost World Soundtrack-12

  • Jurassic Park / World Theme - Extended Piano Medley | Synthesia & Sheets


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    Welcome to The Piano Channel! Learn how to play the Main Theme from Jurassic Park on the piano... we've made a special extended medley version.

    Get the sheet music:
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    Writer: John Williams
    Arranger: The Piano Channel

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    Please leave any requests in the comments.

    Videos made with Synthesia -

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  • The Hunt Film Version


    Artist: John Williams

    This was the version heard in the film and unfortunately has still not been released, even on the expanded edition soundtrack that came out in 2016. I did not make this version. I found it on here after much searching, but I can't seem to find it anymore, so I can't give the original creator credit. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

  • Jurassic Park/World Piano Cover | Charlie Albright, Piano


    New Commercial Album out now! Click here:

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    Charlie Albright (찰리 박 올브라이트)

    Charlie Albright holds any and all rights to the video and all content created therein (including audio and video).

  • Jurassic Park II OST - Mariachi & Los Camperos de Nati Cano - Tres Dias


  • Jurassic Park



    ジュラシックパーク を弾いてみました
    The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    Steven Allan Spielberg KBE

  • Jurassic Park / World Main Theme | GuitarGheddu


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    #JurassicPark #JurassicWorld

  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park - All Intro


    All cutscenes from the 1997 Ps1 The Lost World game.

  • Welcome to Jurassic Park Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


    Synthesia Tutorial Video + MIDI file + MP3 file download:
    Arranged and performed by ear by RedCaio. Improvisation inspired by Welcome to Jurassic Park aka Main Theme from Jurassic Park by John Williams.

    Subscribe to RedCaio for amazing and unique arrangements of Hollywood's most popular and iconic Film Scores!
    John Williams Medleys:
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    Harry Potter Medleys:
    Enjoy and subscribe for more!

    Themes in this medley appear in the soundtrack to Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom:
    1. This Title Makes Me Jurassic
    2. The Theropod Preservation Society
    3. Maisie and the Island
    4. March of the Wheatley Cavalcade
    5. Nostalgia-Saurus
    6. Double Cross to Bear
    7. Lava Land
    8. Keep Calm and Baryonyx
    9. Go With the Pyroclastic Flow
    10. Gyro Can You Go?
    11. Raiders of the Lost Isla Nublar
    12. Volcano to Death
    13. Operation Blue Blood
    14. Jurassic Pillow Talk
    15. How to Pick a Lockwood
    16. Wilting Iris
    17. Shock and Auction
    18. Thus Begins the Indo-Rapture
    19. You Can Be So Hard-Headed
    20. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Free
    21. There’s Something About Maisie
    22. World’s Worst Bedtime Storyteller
    23. Declaration of Indo-Pendence
    24. To Free or Not to Free
    25. The Neo-Jurassic Age
    26. At Jurassic World’s End Credits/Suite



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