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Playlist of Jurassic World: Minecraft Modded Survival Ep.43

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    Copyright 2014. We made this. We own this. Don't steal this.


    Monster coming down from the mountain
    No one can save you, no one can stop him
    See how they flee as he draws near
    Essence of sorrow, spirit of fear

    Tranquil twilight, sky turns to black
    Once he has you, there’s no going back
    Try as you might there is no escape
    Lay down your head, accept your fate

    Tide is churning
    Deadly reactor
    I am your master
    Tides keep churning
    World spinning faster
    No god can save you
    I am your master

    Snow-swept field, reflections of torture
    Faces familiar, they stare in horror
    Twisted smiles, nails digging deep
    Sound the guards, protect the keep

    Somber midnight, lead me astray
    Signed the contract, no time to pray
    Tried as I might no more could I take
    Emptied chamber, accept my fate

    Tide is churning
    Deadly reactor
    I am your master
    Embrace the doldrums
    No more laughter
    Nothing can wake you
    I am your master

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    Dino Oon § Conrad Craft, live mouth cant spell


    live mouth can't spell : 23 Feb 1991
    SDV Tontrager

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    I FOUND A SHRINE!| CelestialCraft Modded Survival | Minecraft


    So sorry that I haven't recorded a video in a LONG time dudes. But.... I'M BACK AND I'M BRAND NEW with an all new, MODDED SURVIVAL

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    Across the Sea by Dinosaur Eyelids


    Buy 'Down a River' on iTunes:
    Experience Dinosaur Eyelids at

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    Crocodile Yearbook: Honorable Crocodiles


    Sorry it's kinda fast it's late an I needed to post it tonight so enjoy!!
    Sorry if who you voted for didn't win
    There were alot of ties
    Thank you -Magi

    I own nothing!
    Created using Video Star:

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    Jicello 100 Compositions - Day 25 - Jurassic World


    Day 25 - Jurassic World Interview

    Panda : How was today's work?

    Jicello : Oh my gush. Found a way to sync with video. Actually, I could put video clip in Sonar program which I use for composition. I learned that feature by accident and It's much easier to sync with video. That gives me much more gentle workflow.

    This is day 25 of my Compose 100 songs in 100 days challenge!

    Composed and played by Jicello

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    Minecraft Comes Alive Lets Play Introduction


    So, this is just a introductory video, so its just five minutes. EXPECT A TWENTY TWO MINUTE VIDEO, I SUCK AT SONY VEGAS

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    Ark Survival Evolved Playlist


    A journey to a barbaric land where only the strongest survive...

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    mcrft 2013 02 27 04 35 31


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    GUNUNGSARI Banyumasan Gending Jawa Klasik Instrumental Musik Orgen Tanpa Sinden JAGAD KLANGENAN


    GUNUNGSARI KALIBAGORAN Banyumasan Gending Jawa Klasik Instrumental Musik Orgen Tanpa Sinden [JAGAD KLANGENAN] Koleksi gendhing jawa klasik campursari langgam keroncong sebagai hiburan serta bisa menjadi pengantar tidur anda, terkemas menjadi full album jagad klangenan, di ambil dari budaya jawa kuno terpopuler dengan aura mistis dari bunyi gending tetabuhan instrumen gamelan yang bisa membuat bulu kuduk merinding, marilah bersama melestarikan budaya jawi dan semoga gamelan jawa serta para niaga dan sinden menjadi instrumental yang mendunia . . .

    #GendingJawa #GendingBanyumasan #GunungSari

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    Religi Islami Anak ~ PINTAKU YA ALLOH # Group An Nur Banjarsari Kulon


    Judul Lagu : PINTAKU YA ALLOH - Artis : Grup Sholawat An Nur Banjarsari Kulon - Gubahan : Sutopo - Label : AlbumSholawat Religi Anak - Kategori : Kumpulan Lagu Islami - Musik : Dangdut Koplo Hadroh

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    Lagu Pemalang ~ EBEG REKOR_MURI # Penari 33.435 Orang


    Judul Lagu : EBEG REKOR MURI - Artis : Meli - Gubahan : DP - Label : Album Khas Daerah Pemalang - Kategori : Kumpulan Lagu Campursari - Musik : Dangdut Koplo Pemalangan



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