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Playlist of Jurassic World: Minecraft Modded Survival Ep.38

  • Only The Beginning | Minecraft Jurassic World ep.1


    First episode baby yeah

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  • Jurassic World The Game Gameplay 1


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  • THE ISLE - NightShine DM || Killing Spree


    I forgot to leave the sound on for the game ugh..
    So many things wrong in this I could have fixed lol. Welp hope you enjoy the music and the fighting! Parden the lag.

    .::You can find me on other sites!::.

    Thumbnail pic used - Screenie by Warbear!

    .::Programs used::.
    Windows Movie Maker

    Kevin MacLeod ~ Pixel Peeker Polka - faster

    Caravan Palace · Lone Digger · Ragtime Piano

    Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song

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  • ????Rap Minecraft Paraíso | Ft TAUZ 2016







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  • Crocodile Yearbook: Honorable Crocodiles


    Sorry it's kinda fast it's late an I needed to post it tonight so enjoy!!
    Sorry if who you voted for didn't win
    There were alot of ties
    Thank you -Magi

    I own nothing!
    Created using Video Star:

  • Minecraft - 1.7.4 โดนข้ามพิภพ ตามล่าเพชร2 The dropper 2 #4


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  • Jicello 100 Compositions - Day 25 - Jurassic World


    Day 25 - Jurassic World Interview

    Panda : How was today's work?

    Jicello : Oh my gush. Found a way to sync with video. Actually, I could put video clip in Sonar program which I use for composition. I learned that feature by accident and It's much easier to sync with video. That gives me much more gentle workflow.

    This is day 25 of my Compose 100 songs in 100 days challenge!

    Composed and played by Jicello

  • เกมไม่ใช้เน็ตเล่นได้หลายคนพายในเกมเดียว


  • Mishka Bobishka - How Is A Bird Related To A Dinosaur?


    Our music is improvised and unedited. The video was made in the same spirit, but over five days instead of five minutes.

    How is a bird related to a dinosaur? I don't know.

    It doesn't have T-Rex arms. It doesn't have a beak that's black. It doesn't have teeth. It looks more like a fish with wings. It looks more like a fish with wings. Is everything related now? Is everything related now? Is everything related now? Is everything related now?

    Can't somebody show it to me in a youtube video, in a youtube video, in a youtube video, in a youtube video, in a youtube video, in a youtube video? 'Cause ain't nobody got time for anything else.

    And don't make it an hour long! Make it fuckin' fifteen seconds long. Goddammit make it ten. Make it nine!! Make it... make it three seconds long! Everyone's got AHDHD right now. Nobody knows what the fuck's going on. It's like huh, weh, wuh, whe, when, where?

    If I can't understand it in three seconds, forget about it: I lost... I lost my span: the span of my attention. I don't wanna hear it any more. It's done. Wh...wh...what you talking about dinosaurs? What are you talking about birds? Yeah, they used to be dinosaurs. Yeah th-th-th-there's birds here. Oh were they really? Who cares? Just keep going. Just... don't crowd up the subway doors. We gotta get out.

    Why are you even thinking about this right now man? There's like... it's rush hour. Stop blocking me from walking outta there. I said don't think about it in the bike lane. There's bikes coming through! Hello? Are you awake? Don't be thinking about dinosaurs and birds and tryin' to compare 'em. G'the fuck outta the way!

    We're all in a rush. We gotta get to our goddamm jobs and hate our life for nine hours. Well, maybe eight and a half hours 'cause we leave for thirty minutes. And we've gotta get to work immediately. Don't think about this shit! Get outta the fuckin' way!

    Don't compare birds with dinosaurs. Don't compare birds with fish. Don't compare dinosaurs with fish. Just get the fuck outta the way. Think about it on your own time. Think about it when you're fuckin' dead. Think about it when you're sleeping. Don't do it in public. Actually, don't even do it at home. Find better things to do.

    So watch about a thousand youtube videos that are three seconds long, one after another, in a row. And don't get mad at that pulsating circle: it'll go away. One day. Or just get out of everybody's way, and get rid of your AAAHDH or whatever and do whatever the fuck you want. Just outta people's way please. People in a hurry!

    Copyright 2014 by Misha D. Poloskin

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  • How to make bronze ingots


    This is a quick guide on how to make and use bronze ingots
    from the Direwolf20 pack 1.7.10 hope it helps and enjoy. 16/08/2014

    if have any problem questions comment below or refer to the FTB wiki

    Follow me on :

    Facebook :

    Twitter :

  • Lost Among The Dead - Testing a gameplay mechanic I made


    After fixing the rock item, I wanted to add some way of being able to obtain it in-game, so I made it possible to search through gravel to find the rock. (The percentage chance that you get a rock needs to be increased though)




    #Drumstep #Dubstep #Nikson

  • minecraft geo lame rollercoaster


    Thanks For Watching A Video coming up sooon ;o!

  • dinosaur feathers - your move


    whistle tips, 2012

  • DINO FIORE The Long Red Train


    THE LONG RED TRAIN (Fiore - Crovella) estrapolazione dal Cd Fleur Folia (2013) di Dino Fiore
    Production: Electromantic Music / Insinergia
    Musicians: Dino Fiore (multibasses) - Beppe Crovella (Synth) - Luigi Ranghino (piano) - Mattia Garimanno (drum)
    Design by Marta Fiore
    Photo by Sabrina Rivagli
    Editing Video: Dino Fiore

  • II Ecopedal Vale dos Dinossauros.


    II Ecopedal Vale dos Dinossauros.

  • The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Music - Dinosaur Battle


    Music: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    Composer: Koji Kondo
    Music will be uploaded in order and found in the playlist.
    Tribute to Silvagunner due to account being gone...forever...

  • Light Show before Ke$ha performed Dinosaur Live in Reno, Nevada



  • Eli Riding T rex


    Riding the Broncosaurus at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. :)

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  • La folie des taming.ARK survival evolved : epp 3


    bonjours a tous les amis.Comme vous avez vu dans le titre,ça va être la folie des taming.Bon visionnage :) . N'oublie pas de t'abonner et de liker



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