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Playlist of Jurassic Park



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    Original credits: John Williams
    This song is: Jurassic Park Main Theme


    Tags: #JurassicPark #JohnWilliams #MainTheme

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  • Jurassic Park: The Lost World Soundtrack-13 Visitor in San Diego


    Jurassic Park: The Lost World Soundtrack-13

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  • Jurassic Park Gate


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Jurassic Park Gate · John Williams

    Jurassic Park

    ℗ 1993 Geffen Records

    Released on: 1993-05-25

    Producer: John Williams
    Composer Lyricist: John Williams

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Welcome to Jurassic Park for 2 Pianos - performed by Joshua Tamayo & Victor Cheng


    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Steven Spielberg's JURASSIC PARK, here's an arrangement of Welcome to Jurassic Park for 2 pianos, as performed by Joshua Tamayo & Victor Cheng (who also recorded a wonderful performance of my arrangement of The Jedi Steps & Finale from THE FORCE AWAKENS).

    Check out the video of this performance on Joshua's channel here:

    Sheet music (including the film ending) can be downloaded here:

    Original composition by: John Williams
    Arrangement by: Thomas Kobialka

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  • Our Jurassic Park Expedition in Kauai, Hawaii


    As huge fans of the original Jurassic Park movie, we dedicated a portion of our vacation in Hawaii to visiting some of the original locations for the film. Needless to say, the experience was amazing!

  • John Williams & Vienna Philharmonic – Williams: Theme from “Jurassic Park”


    John Williams & Vienna Philharmonic – Williams: Theme from “Jurassic Park”
    Discover “John Williams in Vienna”:
    Watch the full concert on DG Stage on July 10:

    Hollywood legend John Williams has just added to an already incredibly long list of achievements by making his conducting debut with the Wiener Philharmoniker to perform iconic themes from “Jurassic Park”, “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter”, among other cinematic landmarks. The concert held at Vienna’s Musikverein in January 2020 – which was also the first performance Williams had ever conducted in continental Europe – will be released by the Yellow Label on 14 August 2020. Also available in Dolby Atmos®.

    John Williams & Vienna Philharmonic – Williams: Theme from “Jurassic Park”
    Discover “John Williams in Vienna”:
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    Discover full concert performances on DG Premium - registration and basic library are free:

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    최고의 클래식음악을 구독하세요:
    最优质古典音乐 – 此处订阅:
    Лучшая Классическая Музыка - Подписаться:
    La mejor música clásica - Suscríbase aquí:
    Le meilleur de la musique classique. Pour vous abonner cliquez ici:

    #JurassicPark #JohnWilliams #JohnWilliamsinVienna

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  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Alternate Theme - 20th Anniversary


    The Lost World: Jurassic Park turns 20 years old today! The sequel to Jurassic Park was released on May 23rd, 1997 and now two decades later, it still memorizes and scares us... or me at least. Insane to believe its been 20 years. I felt that I had to upload something Lost World-related today, so why not upload an alternate theme track from the recently released ultimate edition of John William's score!

    While The Lost World is my least favorite of the Jurassic Park films, I still love it to the heart and watch it nearly every year... In fact, I'm watching it right now as I type this. Enjoy the music! Now if you'll excuse me time to listen to the Jurassic Park theme! Dun---Dun-dun---Dun-dun-dun...

  • Carnotaurus Boss Theme - The Lost World: Jurassic Park OST Extended


    That's a chameleon-type dinosaur.

    One person wanted this. That person being me. So here we are.

  • Jurassic Park Theme Welcome To Jurassic Park Piano Tutorial Synthesia


    Piano tutorial of Welcome To Jurassic Park or The Jurrassic Park Theme from Jurassic Park on Synthesia.

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  • Jurassic Park Soundtrack-15 T-Rex Rescue and Finale


    Jurassic Park Soundtrack-15

  • Raptors Fans REACTION in Jurassic Park after winning NBA Championship


    Toronto Raptors fans and plant guy celebrating a championship win in game 6 vs the Golden State Warriors in Jurassic park. I was fortunate enough to be able to witness this historic moment on the streets of toronto with the millions of Raptors fans that were out there too. The scenes were wild and I hope this video was able to capture the feeling that we all had in the moment!

  • JURASSIC PARK 2015 Remix! -Remix Maniacs



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  • Jurassic World / Jurassic Park theme song - Fingerstyle Guitar #43


    Jurassic Park Theme Song (Journey to the Island / Welcome to Jurassic Park) composed by John Williams
    Johnny B. Goode:
    The Last of the Mohicans:
    Mortal Kombat:
    The Simpsons Theme:
    Titanic Theme:
    Rocky Theme (Gonna Fly Now):
    Rocky II (Going The Distance):
    Pink Panther (Theme):

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


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    Jurassic World
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  • 13. Rescuing Sarah 


  • Jurassic Park 1993 Remake - Jurassic World Evolution


    A remake of Jurassic Park as it would have been had Hammond been able to open the park to the public. This park was made using Frontier's Jurassic World Evolution on Xbox One. Music was borrowed from the Jurassic Park Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and from the Jurassic World Evolution soundtrack.

  • BRASS -Vienna Horns Jurassic Park


    Wiener Horns Ensemble from Philharmonic and Symphony of Vienna - Grupo de trompas de la Fca y Sinf. de Viena

  • Track 1: Tyrannosaur Paddock


    Track 1: Tyrannosaur Paddock
    Location: Isla Nublar
    Featured Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus (Female)

  • 【 Jurassic park 】 エレクトーン演奏 (エレクトーン動画コンテスト2016)



    ~John Williams作品集より~


    I played this music for the first time at a electone recital.

    I practiced while crying every single day.

    When I started there was only electric piano in my house.

    Going there is a two-stage keyboad, I imagine that there is a base, I was practicing in air electone

    Another six years have passed since.

    I wonder if a little is a good play?

    I have to play along with the memories of that time.

    At that time,while watching the same musical score written with a fluorescent pen...

    That day,
    This video
    Upload to YouTube
    My father said.

    Even a small child if the practice,possible to impress the people.

    This instrument.

    Want to know more electone! such a thought seems was in the perents.

    It is a joy when learned to play songs that, I don't like practice,but is the best thing I tasted.

    I was supported by everyone's warm message.

    Under the influence of their own performance,It began electone comments are really happy!

    Everybody cheering for me,so thank you!

    Thank you for your continuous support.

    Subtitles by 826aska

  • Jurassic Park - Main Theme


    Hey everyone!

    Here´s the the main theme from Jurassic Park for you.
    The picture in the beginning of the video is taken by me in Universal Studios in Florida :)

    I´d like to write a flashy description but i don´t have anything else to say lol. And we have super fast internet now so i barely have time to come up with a description before the video is up xD so i gotta hurry!

    No generic add me on facebook or follow me on twitter either because i hate that xD

    I just hope you enjoy my cover :)

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  • Jurassic Park Theme for Brass Quintet


    Short arrangement of the variations of the main theme from Jurassic Park for brass quintet. Enjoy! :)
    Sheet music made with MuseScore -

  • Jurassic Park Original Sound Track 1993 SEGA Arcade。ノンストップメドレー


    プレイ動画☛ このゲームはBGMもかなり味を出してると思うんです ハチャメチャ感というか島をノンストップで走り続けるカオスっぷりを見事に音楽でも表現出来ています(笑)個人的に好きなのは1番目T-REX戦かなぁ。

  • Jurassic Park Main Theme - Trumpet Multitrack Cover


    Jurassic Park. 9 trumpets. BAM.
    Facebook page:
    Now available on iTunes!!! Buy here:
    Amazon MP3:
    Google music store:

    Music by John Williams

    Part locations in video (for the most part):
    Melody: middle middle
    Harmony: left middle and right middle
    Bass: bottom left and bottom right
    Melody 8vb: bottom middle
    Top three video sections are pretty much for extra harmony parts or parts that simply couldn't fit anywhere else.

    The bass part in this video was accomplished by playing things up an octave or two and then digitally taking them down in my audio program.

    Also, the melody was usually doubled or even tripled for more power, but I only have one video representing it (if that makes any sense).

    -Acoustica Mixcraft 6
    -Behringer Xenyx 302 Mixer
    -CAD 2200 Microphone with pop filter
    -Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13

  • Jurassic Park


    Jurassic Park(John Williams / arr. Alan Catherall)
    2017/05/20(Sat) Harmony Hall Fukui

  • Themes from Jurassic Park | arr. Michael Sweeney


  • Jurassic Park- Weird Al Yankovic


    Original song by Weird Al, and this video is updated from several spelling mistakes.

  • El Mundo Perdido Musica


    La Cancion De Jurassic Park 2
    Sigueme en twitter: @_Crislion96_

  • Jurassic Park Remix - Swizz Beats


    I couldn't find this on Youtube myself, so I just uploaded it.

    I do not own these materials.

  • Jurassic Park Jurassic Cumbia reggaeton Remix


    100% bailable

  • ジュラシック・パーク 【 Jurassic park 】 エレクトーン演奏



  • Jurassic Park - Welcome to Jurassic Park


    // This is the new version with fixed audio problems. //
    Here's another tune from a movie of the dream team Spielberg-Williams. Partly pretty difficult to play but very great sounding also for piano solo. One of masterpieces.

  • Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues -09- Seek and Destroy



    -Jonathan Dunn
    -Dean Evans

  • The Triceratops - Jurassic Park


    A full score reduction and analysis of An Ailing Monster. Enjoy!

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  • John Williams conducts Jurassic Park 1993 - Boston Pops


    John Williams
    Jurassic Park
    Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra

  • Themes from Jurassic Park by Michael Sweeney


    Themes from Jurassic Park arranged by Michael Sweeney. Performance by the Faculty Reading Band at the University of Texas San Antonio Middle School Summer Band Camp.

  • Jurassic park main theme | easy piano cover | perfect piano


    Presenting Jurassic park theme in mobile perfect piano. Hope you all like it. Thanks for watching
    #jurassic_park #jurassic_world #perfectpiano #piano #johnwilliams

  • Musica Tema - Jurassic Park



  • Data East | Jurassic park | pinball soundtrack


    track 1 - 00:00
    track 2 - 00:55
    track 3 - 04:08
    track 4 - 04:40
    track 5 - 05:07
    track 6 - 07:05
    track 7 - 07:49

  • John Williams - Welcome to Jurassic Park - Piano Cover


    Music/Musique: John Williams
    Arrangements: Teddy Leong-She
    Piano: Heintzman 186
    Micro: AT-2035, 2 Rode NT-1, Behringer C-2

    Thèmes principaux du film Jurassic Park sorti en 1993.

    Main themes from the movie Jurassic Park released in 1993.




    Free piano SHEET/PARTITION gratuite:

    PIANO Solo version:


    YOUTUBE Subscribe now/Abonnez-vous à ma chaîne:



  • Jurassic Park - The Falling Car And The T-Rex Chase


    Jurassic Park (Soundtrack) - The Falling Car And The T-Rex Chase

    John Williams

  • Jurassic Park Theme - Ocarina Tutorial || OcTalk


    Learn how to play the Jurassic Park Theme on your 12 hole ocarina. Download the music sheets at

    - Normal Speed: 00:14
    - Slow Speed: 02:15
    - With Backtrack: 04:58

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    A native of San Antonio, TX, David Erick Ramos is a professional ocarinist with a goal to inspire people to challenge themselves musically and connect with others through the ocarina. For over ten years, David has used Youtube as a platform to showcase the instrument with original and cover music, as well as his educational series OcTalk!, featuring tutorials and informational videos about the ocarina.

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  • Jurassic Park Theme - John Williams


    The beautiful Jurassic Park theme brought to you in ultra glorious slowness.

  • Jurassic Park Theme


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Jurassic Park Theme · Thomas Oliver

    Beneath the Weissenborn (Instrumental)

    ℗ Thomas Oliver Music - 2013

    Released on: 2013-08-23

    Author: RR
    Composer: RR

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Jurassic Park 2 - Soundtrack


    Here is the full score that I wrote for Jurassic Park 2 for the SNES. Below is a full track listing.

    For the people that have emailed me, I wrote all of the music for both Jurassic Park 1 (Amiga and PC) and Jurassic Park 2 : The Chaos Continues (SNES). I hope that clears things up :)

    00:00 - Ocean Logo
    00:24 - Opening Intro
    01:00 - Dark Jungle
    06:14 - Raptor Attack
    11:27 - Lethal Gas
    12:10 - Blockade
    16:35 - T-Rex Carnage
    17:26 - Protect the Gallimimus
    21:04 - Seek and Destroy
    24:39 - Escape from the Volcano
    25:12 - High Ptera
    29:27 - Mission Complete
    29:38 - Game Over
    29:48 - Staff Roll

  • Jurassic Park Arr. by Jarrod Radnich


    Jarrod Radnich - Incredible piano solo - Jurassic Park - Played by Denis Wiens

    Audio/Video Production: Denis Wiens
    Recording Location: Germany, Hochschule fuer Musik Detmold, Brahmssaal

    Download original piano solo music sheet here:

  • Jurassic Park Theme Custom Tune Music Box


    18 Note Custom Music Box Movement
    ~ Handmade Bronze Casting Cylinder ~
    more information:

    Original Music Composed by John Williams
    Custom Tune by TURN Music Box

  • Jurassic Park. Parque Jurásico. Partitura flauta dulce. John Williams. Sheet music.


    Enlace a nombres de las notas para ponerlas debajo, por si te hace falta:

    Enlace a posiciones de la flauta dulce:

    Página web:

  • Jurassic Park Main Theme


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Jurassic Park Main Theme (Piano Version) · Patrik Pietschmann

    Jurassic Park Main Theme

    ℗ Patrik Pietschmann

    Released on: 2019-06-06

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Jurassic Park for Alto Sax


    Jurassic Park Theme for Alto Saxophone

    Website for Midis and PDF

  • JURASSIC PARK Cello Cover | Movies for Cello


    #CelloCoach #CelloLessons #VioloncelleTuto
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    Lavalier -
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    Music Stand -
    Pedal -
    Practice Mute -
    Recorder -
    Rosin -
    Seat Cushion -
    Tailpiece -
    Tuner -
    Xeros Anchor –


    Camera -
    Lens -
    Tripod -

    My cello setup:

    A String -
    D String -
    G String -
    C String -
    Stand -
    Case -

    Edgar made my Cello -
    Jian Min made Excalibur I and II -

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