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Playlist of Jumpmeeting

  • | 10. Jumpmeeting Stuttgart


    Hier ist das offizielle Aftermovie zum 10. Jumpmeeting der Jumpcrew-BW.
    Videoedit by b!g D.

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  • Samarinda 4th jumpmeeting


    we are still exist!!

    we are jumpstyler!!

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  • Jump2Xpress: Jump Meeting Poznan October 2012


    Jump-o-mentary about the visit by Patrick Jumpen and Dion to the 24th local Jumpstyle meeting in the city center of Poznan, Poland - October 20, 2012. A 4 minute introduction followed by 20 minutes of individual Jumps and styles builds up t
    o a multiple climax with group Jumps of up to 40 Jumpers in formation and an after-party at the BE4 Club in nightly suburban Poznan.

    We learn about the city of Poznan, get a taste of Polish culture and we see how big, active and diverse the Polish Jump-scene is. From Oldschool to Tek to Hardjump & Ownstyle: they do it all. We see how a meeting between cultures starts with a bit of tension and a need to show off, but as the day goes by, turns more and more into one big outdoor party where all teams and nationalities mingle, share and play together.

    The day is initially planned as a meeting between Patrick Jumpen and Polish national team Bioharzard - but local Poznanian team Bring It Back decides to organize a local Jump meeting for the occasion: XXIV Lokalny Zlot Jumpstyle w Poznaniu. Soon it turns into a public event where Jumpers and teams from all over Poland join for what becomes an unforgettable afternoon supported by pounding bassdrums, blue skies and an unusual 22 degrees temperature.

    Things almost go wrong: Patrick can't find his passport, misses the Berlin - Warsawa - Express and ends up travelling without ID on regional trains.. He gets arrested by Polish police in Szczecin where he spends 6 hours in a holding cell. Rime - DJ/Jumper from Poznan takes control and negociates Patrick's release with the police who finally put him on a direct connection to Poznan where he arrives at 8 in the morning after 22 hours of travel and no sleep - only 2 hours before being picked up for the meeting.

    Patrick wants to build bridges, visit teams, regions and countries, remove boundaries and offer new generations of Jumpers a chance to show, share and shine by opening up his network of 10k's of followers as worldwide platform to others. Being labeled superstar and #1 Jumper in 2007/2008, Patrick finds himself used as mascotte by commercial marketeers and forced into a role he did not choose. Now he seems to have found new direction as ambassador for today's Jumpers who have further developed the dance style.

    To achieve this, Patrick launches Jump2Xpress - adopting the slogan jump to express, not to impress. This slogan is often used in social media to ease pressure - when interaction, discussion and healthy competition between teams, regions or nationalities turn into distrust, rivalry, arguments and hostility.

    Patrick continues to create tutorials on all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert) and produce new songs and albums. By recently teaming up with his original crew of Jumpers, Dion & Antwan and producers Flamman & Abraxas he is slowly picking up where they left off in 2008.

    Do you want Patrick Jumpen to come to your country or city and promote your scene? See if you can find some local funding to sponsor a meeting - perhaps your tourism authority, health-, sport- or recreational organizations, even local businesses may be interested to see your city promoted in a positive light of culture, tradition, music, dance, fun, health and play!

    More Patrick Jumpen videos:

    Patrick Jumpen photo-, video- & press archive:

    Biohazard Facebook page:

    Bring It Back Facebook page:

    Island Jumpers Facebook Page:

    Patrick Jumpen music downloads:

    Post your Jump videos, promote your page or team:


    Produced by Jeroen Flamman & Patrick J. Pereira
    (c) 2012 Lower East Side Records, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    info at lowereastsiderecords dot com


    jump-o-men-ta-ry (dʒʌmpəˈmɛntərɪ)
    1. a factual film or programme about a Jumpstyle event, person, etc., presenting the facts with little or no fiction in an informative manner and often consisting of actual news or interviews accompanied by narration

  • DStylerZ - JumpMeeting Rotterdam


    A track from D'StylerZ:D

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  • *MEMORIES* | First JumpMeeting Brescia | 27/02/11


    E' passato più di un anno ma ho deciso comunque di caricare la prima parte dell'aftermovie, l'unica rimasta visto che ci furono stati dei problemi con le clip e l'aftermovie non fu mai uscito!

    The meeting was more than a year ago but I decided to upload the first part of the aftermovie, the only one remaining because there were problems with the clips and the aftermovie was never released!

  • 4º Jumpmeeting


    -David hardjumper
    -Encantaddo hardjumper
    -Ander hardjumper
    -Lorran hardjumper
    -Er tato hardjumper
    -Barambones hardjumper

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  • JumpMeeting - Holland Ft. Germany - EHV


    JumpMeeting in Eindhoven op 02-11-08.
    Was een toffe dag!

    Check Out:

    Back In Time Meeting 2009 [Eindhoven, 25-01-09]

  • Jumpmeeting Stuttgart 24 04 2014 JcBW&RNG


  • 8th Jumpmeeting Berlin 10.10.09


    Offizielles Video zum 8. Jumpmeeting in Berlin

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    Here is the summary of a beautiful After Midi between Jumpers.
    Another big thank you to all participants.
    Kevin MrCovin Martinelli (Mr Covin)
    Tomasz ToPa Gelding (Topa)
    Maxime Stormshadow Rcd (Stormshadow)
    Anthony Renaud (Striker)
    Peter Rcd (Peter)
    Yohann (YoraC)
    Romain Genna (Cyber)
    Nicolas (Agenious)
    Alice Nixie Gleize (Nixie)
    Lucas Chastel (TaZ)
    Edgar Edx Scassa (Edx)
    Valentin Bassardo Basset (Bassardo)
    Stéphane Rosillo (Kalix)
    Kevin Renaud (Slade)
    Erik Tatar (R'IKOU)
    Micka RS (Micka Rstylerz)
    Thank you also to the accompanying persons and those who came on purpose to see us.
    The next meeting is scheduled for June 09th.
    Hoping to see you more.
    Hardstyle Ain 01
    World-Stylerz Team
    Team Infinity Jump.
    See you soon

    Voici le Résumé d'une très belle Après Midi entre Jumpers.
    Encore un Grand Merci a Tous les Participants .
    Kevin MrCovin Martinelli (Mr Covin)
    Tomasz ToPa Hongre (Topa)
    Maxime Stormshadow Rcd (Stormshadow)
    Anthony Renaud (Striker)
    Peter Rcd (Peter)
    Yohann (YoraC)
    Romain Genna (Cyber)
    Nicolas (Agenious)
    Alice Nixie Gleize (Nixie)
    Lucas Chastel (TaZ)
    Edgar Edx Scassa (Edx)
    Valentin Bassardo Basset (Bassardo)
    Stéphane Rosillo (Kalix)
    Kevin Renaud (Slade)
    Erik Tatar (R'IKOU)
    Micka RS ( Micka Rstylerz )
    Merci également aux personnes accompagnant et ceux qui sont venus exprès pour nous voir .
    Le prochain Meeting est prévu le 09 Juin .
    En espérant vous voir plus Nombreux .
    Hardstyle Ain 01
    World-Stylerz Team
    Team Infinity Jump.
    A Bientôt

  • Dstylerz - JumpMeeting Rotterdam Anthem


    I just cut these together, and did some edit...

  • 18.4.09 Jumpmeeting Cologne


    A Movie about the Jumpmeeting in Cologne on the 18th April 2009

    Dedicated to my friends Paul Dennis and Florian :D

  • Mein Video von 7th Jumpmeeting in Berlin


    Ein kleines Video vom 7th Jumpmeeting in Berlin
    Das ist nicht das offizielle Video!

  • DStylerZ - JumpMeeting Rotterdam 2


    A track from D'StylerZ:D

  • Jump2Xpress: Jump Meeting Singapore


  • performance of JHJ in the Biscos square


    Aqui el primer jumpmeeting en jaca pero aunk no viniese nadie nosotros seguimos adelante aunk pareció una actuación de JHJ en la plaza biscos. Gracias a todos losk estubisteis

  • Jumpmeeting in Potsdam 29.08.09


    ein kleines aber feines Meeting

  • Dozer - Benjamin HQ Edit


    ..:.:: .EuphoricHardStyleZ YouTube Channel. ::.:..

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    .Artist: Dozer
    .Title: Benjamin
    .Label: Gearbox Euphoria
    .Cat.Nr: GBE033
    .Date: 17.04.2017
    .Quality: 320 kbps MP3 / 44.100Hz / Stereo

    ...:..::..::: .Artwork Info. :::..::..:...


    Credit for the older amazing artwork goes to Alexiuss: with the art Machinery of the Stars

    ...:..::..::: .Channel Info. :::..::..:...

    This channel is dedicated to the more melodic, uplifting and euphoric side of hardstyle. I'm always trying my best to upload in the best possible sound quality by remastering if necessary.

    Both the greatest of the latest from both non-signed and signed artists as well as a bit older classics will be uploaded. Requests and suggestions are welcome.

    ...:..::..::: .Contact Info. :::..::..:...

    If you are an upcoming producer don't hesitate to contact me at or give me a PM either here on YouTube or Facebook and I might concider uploading your track(s). Every track will be auditioned but every demo submit may not possibly recieve a reply due to limited amount of time at hand, so keep that in mind.

    I can also master your tracks if desired for free using professional mastering tools and my own experience. I might not accept every track for mastering depending on how busy I am.

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    I'm doing this out of promoting point of view only, I DO NOT take advantage of any kind of advertising or any sponsorship, I'm doing this mostly for FREE as a hobby! I act as a great fan of Hardstyle showing its greatness out to the world! All rights goes to the producers and the labels and other involved acts.

    If YOU, the artist, label manager or a 3rd party find some of my uploads inappropriate, please email me at or give me a private message and I'll remove it as soon as possible, thanks!

    . EuphoricHardStyleZ - The best of the euphoric stylez .

  • 1st East Borneo Jumpmeeting At KutaiKartanegara


    thanks to join in this jumpmeeting
    - JumpHighSamarinda
    - FirstStepSquad
    - ExtremSpeedJump
    - JumpToStyle

  • Jumpmeeting Stadthagen 15.11.08


    Das ist das Jumpmeeting Video vom 15.11.08 von Stadthagen. Viel Spaß beim zuschauen...

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  • 11th JumpMeeting Berlin ChoreoAusschnitt


    MassenChoreo der Berliner! :p

    Leider fehlt der Anfang aber egal :D

    Das Offizielle Video wird sicher bald bearbeitet ;) Habt also noch etwas Geduld! :D

  • 3er JUMPMEETING SEGOVIA || 2 years jumping J-killo


    Volvemos con otro meeting, el 3º, esperamos que os guste, dedicado a todos los hardstylers y jumpers de españa, y a toda mi gente, 2 YEARS JUMPING of Jumperkillo

    - Myst' - Right on time
    - Josh & Wesz - Boys will be Boyz
    - Abyss & Judge - My way
    - A-lusion - Just Ask
    - A-lusion & Brenan Heart - Don't Speak
    - Bioweapon - How else can I say it
    - Da-Tweekaz - Angeli Domini
    - Frontliner - Who I am
    - Showtek - Early Soundz (Da-Tweekaz rmx)

  • X-Qlusive Holland XXL: Carnaval Edit - Hardstyle Festival Mixes #4


    Thanks for watching guys!

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    Tracklist is coming soon!
    If you liked the video please leave a like and comment down bellow!

  • 24.04.2010.Jumpmeeting-Mendez Alvaro


    New Jumpmeeting in Mendez Alvaro(Spain) in Madrid,the city of Hardstyle.Edit: BeTiSs.
    Music:(song disorganized)
    .Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (The Vision. Remix).mp3
    Djanny - I Found You [FULL HQ + HD VERSION].mp3
    Doctor Zot - The Centre Of Your Mind [FULL HQ + HD ]
    Goldkind - A Look Into The Light.mp3
    Primax & MC G-Angel - Tunnel Biznizz (Lanai&Miss-N-Traxx
    The Arrivalz - Last Remain [HD].mp3
    Viperized - Corruption [FULL HQ + HD VERSION].mp3

  • 2do jumpmeeting-zaragoza Los mejores jumpers_.


    El segundo jumpmeeting de zaragoza lleno de jumpers con estilo. Espero que os guste el video porque e tenido que cortar muchas partes ;) Espero koments y puntuaciones...Video de una tardecica en el pilar haciendo lo que más nos gusta, bailar jumpstyle:)Kon: 1-Jimy(jjz), 2-Fran, 3-danibeats,4- mese(jjz), 5-edu(hcz),6- juli(ajz),7- riki(hcz),8 -cano(hbz), 9-adri(hbz),10- domec(hfz),11- rafita buum(engelzsquad),12- nestor(hfz),13- farru(hfz),14- berru(ajz),15- mao(ajz),16- carlos(ajz),17- ces(hcb),18- xoxi(hjz),19- rober(ajz),20- fibi(hjz), 21-gaby(hjz),22- adri(ajz).

  • DStylerz - Jumpmeeting Rotterdam Anthem Part 2


    Part 2 van D'Stylerz andere liedje jumpmeeting rotterdam

  • 2º Jumpmeeting Arganda del Rey || 24-10-09


    we present the second jumpmeeting of Arganda del Rey
    together with teams as XJA , HBA , GHJ and but jumpers

    let us hope you like
    thank 4 watching
    Coment and vote and subscribe to my channel
    EDITED BY: JumpingRxF

    Project One - Rate Reducer (Headhunterz Remix)
    M-Fever - Evil memories [Hardstyle]
    Adam Bass ft. Outragers - 2 Distinct Minds
    Bad Habitz Ft MC JB - Our Moment [HQ]
    !saiazz_hardstyle creation
    D-mind - Masked Man
    Intractable One - Play The Games [Alphas Q Base Edit]


  • DStylerZ - Blijheid 1+2


    A track from D'StylerZ:D

  • First JumpMeeting Vicenza 15/01/11 || OFFICIAL AFTERMOVIE


    Grazie a tutti i partecipanti :)

    Scusate per la bassa qualità di alcune clip ma abbiamo avuto problemi con la videocamera!

  • DStylerz - Jumpmeeting Rotterdam


    Oldschool Hardstyle

  • Jumpmeeting Vol 3 in Schwerin 26.04.09


    jaha ich hab die Aufzeichnung von einer der besseren Jumpstyle-Reportagen hochgeladen und mein gelber Flitzer kommt auch drin vor...^^ Viel Spaß beim gucken...über comments und rates würde ich mich freuen...subscibes natürlich auch xD

    MFG Sixty

  • Decibel outdoor 18.08.2018 | official mainstage showmovie


    It's time to check out the epic mainstage endshow ????
    See you all at Decibel outdoor 2019!

    ➤ Tracklist:
    01. The Nasty Boyz - Angel
    02. B-Front – The World
    03. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb – Danger Zone
    04. The Partysquad – Oh My (DJ Paul Elstak hardcore mix 2018 refix)
    05. DJ Mad Dog & Tha Playah – Embrace The Fire
    06. Brennan Heart – Fuelled by Fanatics (Official Decibel outdoor 2018 Anthem)

    ➤ Vimeo users watch here:

    ➤ Follow b2s online:

  • Jumping eMPii - Solocompilation Jumpmeeting Mainz


    03.03.2012 Jumpmeeting Mainz

    00:00 - 01:18 Bioweapon - Move Your Body (Noisecontrollers Remix)
    01:18 - 03:16 Audiofreq - GYHL (Gotta Have Ya Love)
    03:16 - 04:02 Audiofreq - Lose Control
    04:02 - 04:53 Davide Sonar - Don't Stop
    04:53 - 06:25 Adrenalize - Forest Interlude

  • Intents Festival 2018 - Endshow Sunday - 4K


    Intents Festival 2018 - Endshow Sunday - 4K

    See you next year:

  • Jumpstyle, Hardjump, Trance, Dance, Techno Remix


    ca. 14 Minuten langerer Remix hoffe er Gefällt
    Abonnieren nicht vergessen

  • Jumpforce 6th Jumpmeeting


    Jumpforce 6th Jumpmeeting

  • Jumpstyle & Hardjump Music Mix May 2009


    some of my favorite Hardjump tracks comipled into this music video
    many of them are old but rulz :)
    21 tracks.

    1. Chicago Zone - Everyway
    2. DJ Ruthless - Remote Control
    3. Binum - Chapter One (Greg C Remix)
    4. DJ Mystery - Hard School
    5. G-Tonix - Bass Jam (Original Remix)
    6. DJ Tek Soldierz - Work This
    7. Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue (Jumpstyle Remix)
    8. Franky Carbone - Hamela
    9. d'Stylerz - Jumpmeeting Rotterdam Anthem
    10. Binum - The Last Time
    11. Bad Girl - Something Else
    12. Chicago Zone vs. Electrostan - Reactor 1
    13. DJ Brainsick - The Mexican
    14. Sexy Body - Do It
    15. Sybian vs. DJ Tony - Krekwakwou
    16. D-Noizer (AKA Ronald - V) - Go On Move
    17. Meadow Inferno - Fixed (Original Remix)
    18. Jump Starz - Umbrella
    19. DJ Furax vs. Red Shark - Big Orgus (Original Mix)
    20. Jump Project - The Whistle
    21. DJ Ruthless & Vorwerk - Satisfaction

  • Saiko dub Vol 1


    Reggae mix. The most high

  • How to shuffle / Cutting Shape Tutorial #2 || Easy Steps for Beginners by | ELEMENTS


    How to shuffle / Cutting Shape Tutorial #2 || Easy Steps for Beginners by (kayeli2) | ELEMENTS

    Song by :- Ncs
    Song name :- 1)In the Air
    Video tutorial by :- Kayeli2

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  • Jumpmeeting Arganda del Rey || 22-05-10


    Mini Jumpmeeting Arganda del Rey || 22-05-10

    Organized by:
    XJA!! ( JumpinRxF & JumpingPower3d )

    1.The Inventors Meets Adam Bass - Reloaded Master 2
    2.Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Unknown Remix)
    3.Brooklyn Bounce vs Alex M & Marc Van Damme - Crazy (Jan Van Bass-10 Remix)
    4.BioWeapon Cosmic Destination
    5.Brainkicker - That's My Name
    6.FreakOne & Snip presents Soulphaserz - Magic
    7.Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy

    *No lo he considerado un meeting porque no eramos suficientes,ya se informara para el 3º meeting argandeño!

    Comment vote and suscribe


  • Kaiser at Lehmann Club


    Follow Kaiser here:

    His last release on our channel:
    Kaiser - Solitude EP [MDC001]

    Based near Bari in the south of Italy, Gianluca Caiati aka Kaiser started making his first steps in 2007 by practicing on old turntables, mixing house, classic, disco, funky and electronic music.

    Introduced to the international scene since the very young age of 18, Kaiser started to make his own music and during the years he has released his productions for such labels like Planet Rhythm, Voxnox, Animal Farm, Konflkt, End Of Dayz, and more, with great results and feedbacks by international artists who regularly play his music.

    Moreover, he is working for great clubs around the Italy and for best places in the EU techno scene and also, has shared the major clubs with the best international artists.

    In the mid of 2018 Kaiser starts his own imprint K S R where the meeting of his multi-faceted art takes shape.
    DISCLAIMER: All tracks are uploaded in a low quality for promotional purposes only and with buy links to respect label and artists.

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  • Leipzig jumpt!!! - Official video


    Versuch Nummer 3

  • Solo Jump 6th Jumpmeeting


    Solo Jump 6th Jumpmeeting

  • Play Violin - Frenchcore


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    FRENCHCORE! - Play Violin - Frenchcore

  • Jumpmeeting Osnabrück 29.11.08


  • Jumpmeeting in Madrid 14/11/15


  • Jumpmeeting Osnabrück 17.1.09


    Video Materials: ©Hütti
    Pictures: ©Os-Community (StayBlue)
    Les Drums - ©2Best Enemies
    I Survived - ©The Hose
    Indeep - ©Bass Modulators
    Spacer - ©Frontliner
    last of the Mohicans - ©Headhunterz
    Dangerous Danes - ©Rephex&ABW

  • Summer Harddance meeting 2017 Chile


    Junta realizada el día 21 de Enero en plaza maipu

    Excelente tarde junto a las comunidades de jumpstyle chile y shuffle chile !

  • 3º Jumpmeeting arganda del rey // 23- 10 - 10


    3º jumpmeeting arganda del rey !!
    organizado x Nadhjumper !!!
    editado x jumpingSxR
    esperamos k os guste !!

  • Sonnenschein Jumper 6th Jumpmeeting


    Sonnenschein Jumper 6th Jumpmeeting