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Playlist of Joss Stone

  • Joss Stone - Son of a Preacher Man


    Joss Stone performing Dusty Springfield's 'Son of a Preacher Man' at the UK Music Hall of Fame on 14/11/06.

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  • Joss Stone Best Songs | Joss Stone Greatest Hits Full Album Live 2017


    Joss Stone Best Songs | Joss Stone Greatest Hits Full Album Live 2017:
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  • Joss Stone - Moon & Stars Festival 2019, Suíça PRO-SHOT HD 720p


    ???? The Chokin' Kind
    ???? Big Ol' Game
    ???? Clean Water
    ???? Love Me
    ???? Drive All Night
    ???? Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now
    ???? Harry's Symphony
    ???? Sensimilla
    ???? Stuck On You
    ???? Victim Of A Foolish Heart
    ???? I Put A Spell On You
    ???? Right To Be Wrong


  • Joss Stone - Here Comes The Rain Again - Amazing Live Performance


    Amazing performance for song 'Here Comes The Rain Again'.
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    Joss Stone - New Album - The Soul Sessions Vol.2


    1. I Got the Blues
    2. (For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People
    3. While You're Out Looking For Sugar
    4. Sideways Shuffle
    5. I Don't Wanna Be With Nobody But You
    6. Teardrops
    7. Stoned Out of My Mind
    8. The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)
    9. The High Road
    10. Pillow Talk
    11. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

    Buy Now Deluxe Edition on iTunes -

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  • Joss Stone - I Put a Spell on You


  • 14. Joss Stone - Midnight Train To Georgia - Live At The Roundhouse 2016


    Midnight Train To Georgia + I Say A Little Prayer

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  • Tell Me What Were Gonna Do Now


    Music video by Joss Stone featuring Common performing Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now.



  • The Resonate Band & The One Up Band ft. Joss Stone - Fiji


    This was a good day, we met up with two different bands, a first for the Total World Tour. Introducing, The Resonate Band & The One Up Band, all from the gorgeous country, Fiji. We sang a love song about a boy longing to see his loved one and not knowing when she'll be back. The best of times was had and another great moment for the Total World Tour. Thanks for having us, you made us all smile.

    Check out the video and we hope you'll enjoy.

    Team Joss x

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  • The Love We Had Stays On My Mind) Joss Stone



  • Joss Stone - Amy Winehouse Tribute, London, 2013


    ???? Big Ol' Game
    ???? Right To Be Wrong
    ???? Super Duper Love
    ???? I Don't Want to Be with Nobody But You


  • Joss Stone, No Woman no Cry, Live at Lisbon 01/06/2008


    Joss Stone, No Woman no Cry, Live at Rock in Rio, Lisbon 01/06/2008

  • Joss Stone - I Dont Want To Be With Nobody But You


  • Joss Stone - 4 And 20


    Joss Stone - 4 And 20

  • Joss Stone - Right To Be Wrong


    Video + Lyrics

  • Joss Stone - Al Green - How Can You Mend A BrokenHeart


    Joss Stone - Al Green - How Can You Mend A BrokenHeart

  • Willis and the Illest Reggae band ft. Joss Stone - Bahamas


    On our last bit of the Total World Tour, we met up with the incredible Willis and the Illest Reggae band from the Bahamas on a desert island all to ourselves. Flying over the tiny islands on a seaplane looked magnificent, once on the ground singing a song called Truth Search, a song about acceptance and fighting for what you believe in, had a great feel-good vibe to it. Music can help in all kinds of situations and it is possible to also find solace in music, this song definitely proves that. We feel really blessed to have collaborated with some wonderful people.

    Thank you for having us & thanks @transislandairways for the lift in the seaplane.

  • Joss Stone - Natural Woman Live at The Jonathan Ross Show


    Joss Stone singing Aretha Franklin's song Natural Woman, live at The Jonathan Ross show - 23.02.2013.

    Portuguese subtitle is hidden.

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  • Asher Otto ft. Joss Stone - Antigua


    Antigua, wow, what a treat it was to meet up with the lovely Asher Otto and her fellow band members. A really uplifting song which would jump start anyone's day. Her style of music has been influenced by Jazz, contemporary and RnB. We sang a beautiful song about missing home, which we can all relate to at some point in our life's. If you want a happy moment, be sure to watch and listen to these wonderful vocals. Thanks for having us, it was an amazing experience.

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  • The Kava Boys ft. Joss Stone - Tonga


    These guys were brill. The Kava Boys made our long trip here, worth the travel. Even though this was a sad song, the vibes were chilled and the people were lovely. They're just good friends who meet up regularly and have a jam together. We hope they're all doing well and still drinking kava on the beautiful island of Tonga. Watch the video and share if you like!

    Team Joss x

  • Joss Stone - Fell In Love With A Boy


    Music video by Joss Stone performing Fell In Love With A Boy.

  • Robbie Williams & Joss Stone - Angels


    Robbie Williams and Joss Stone performing Angels at Brit Awards (10-02-05)

  • Joss stone & Melissa ethridge


    Singing Janice Joplin tribute

  • Joss Stone - This Aint Love - 11/5/2015 - Paste Studios, New York, NY


    Joss Stone - This Ain't Love
    Recorded Live: 11/5/2015 - Paste Studios - New York, NY
    More Joss Stone in the Paste Cloud: Stone&m=Video
    Visit Paste Magazine:

    Audio: Bob Mallory
    Video: Brad Wagner

  • Joss Stone - Right To Be Wrong


    Music video by Joss Stone performing Right To Be Wrong.

  • Joss Stone - The Love We Had - LYRIC VIDEO


    Joss Stone - The Love We Had (Official Lyric Video)
    Joss Stone is proud to present for her fans The Love We had Official Lyric video from her Album Soul Sessions Vol 2.
    Download the Album at ITUNE:
    Record Label: Stoned Records
    Production Company: Lovelove Films
    Director: Brian Nelson
    Producer: Georgina Hurcombe
    Editor/Animator Ximon Gray
    DOP: Andrew Flemming

    Joss Stone was born April 11, 1987, in Devon, England. In 2003 she released her debut album, The Soul Sessions. The record was a huge hit worldwide, selling in the millions. She followed her debut with 2004's Mind, Body & Soul. She has won multiple awards, including two Brits and a Grammy, with dozens more nominations.

    In 2012 she released The Soul Sessions Vol 2, which replicated the success of her earlier album and has set her career into new and interesting directions.

    For More information on Joss Stone and tour dates see:

  • Joss Stone - Karma Subtiulado Español Ingles


    Joss Stone - Karma Subtiulado Español Ingles
    Jocelyn Eve Stoker, (11 de abril de 1987), más conocida por su nombre artístico Joss Stone, es una destacada cantante y compositora inglesa de soul, R&B y blues, famosa por su expresiva y emotiva voz de mezzo-soprano.Saltó a la fama después de la edición de su disco debut multi-platino y nominado al Mercury Prize, The Soul Sessions, de 2003, grabado mientras contaba tan sólo 16 años, el cual consiste en versiones de canciones de algunas de sus más importantes influencias musicales. Mind Body & Soul fue su segundo trabajo, lanzado en septiembre de 2004, que la presenta ahora también como compositora e incluye su mayor éxito en los charts ingleses hasta la fecha, You Had Me. Según la RIAA, Stone es el segundo mejor debut de la historia del Billboard 200 para una artista inglesa, gracias a su tercer álbum Introducing Joss Stone de marzo de 2007. Su cuarto trabajo titulado Colour Me Free! debutó dentro del top ten de Billboard en 2009, al igual LP1 de 2011, que llegó al noveno puesto. LP1 fue lanzado a través de su propio sello discográfico, Stone'd Records, luego de una larga disputa para desvincularse de su contrato con la gigante EMI,principios de 2009 se unió al supergrupo de rock ecléctico SuperHeavy, integrado además por Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Damian Marley y A.R. Rahman, con el cual grabó el disco debut, del mismo nombre del grupo, que fue lanzado en septiembre de 2011. Stone lanzó la secuela de su primer álbum, The Soul Sessions Vol. 2, el 23 de Julio de 2012, y alcanzó el sexto puesto en el ranking de álbumes ingleses, su mejor posición desde Mind Body & Soul, al mismo tiempo que su debut en América logró ser su cuarto disco Top Ten consecutivo en el Billboard 200.También ha realizado trabajos de actuación como invitada en cine y televisión. Hizo su debut en el filme de aventuras y fantasía Eragon de fines de 2006. Y también interpretó en la serie The Tudors, a la reina de Inglaterra, Ana de Cléveris, durante las dos últimas temporadas, entre 2009 y 2010.Stone ha vendido más de once millones de copias a nivel mundial, lo que la convierte en una de las cantantes más exitosas de su generación. Es la artista británica más joven en recibir un Brit Award, y también la de menor edad en tener un álbum número uno en el Reino Unido. El compositor y productor discográfico de soul y R&B, Smokey Robinson, impresionado al conocerla, la llegó a rebautizar como Aretha Joplin, en referencia a las grandes cantantes de soul y blues de fines de los sesentas, Aretha Franklin y Janis Joplin. Su talento ha sido reconocido por la industria discográfica estadounidense e inglesa con variadas nominaciones, dos premios Brit Awards y un Premio Grammy.

  • James Brown & Joss Stone Live 2005


    0:10 Sex Machine
    2:10 It's A Man's Man's Man's World
    5:37 Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

  • Joss Stone: Karma Video Clip LP1


    The radio new single from Joss Stone's Top Ten stunning album LP1!! Available now from Stone'd Records & Surfdog Records.

  • Joss Stone - Tell me what were gonna do now / Turn you lights down low - Festival SWU


    Joss Stone se apresenta no Festival SWU (10/10/2010). Realizado na Fazenda Maeda em Itú

  • Joss Stone & Rob Thomas-Stop dragging my heart around



  • Royal Messenjah ft. Joss Stone - The Gambia


    Surrounded by crocodiles and under an almighty silk cotton tree, we shot a little vid with Royal Messenjah​ in The Gambia. Mr Messenjah wrote this song with the aim to unite The Gambia. Watch the vid to find out if it worked...

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Joss Stone - Free Me


    Joss Stone - Free Me (Live) 2017

  • Joss Stone Live at Java Jazz Festival 2013


    Joss Stone live at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013, March 1st - D2 Hall JiExpo Kemayoran Jakarta , Indonesia. Follow her on twitter:
    Get her music on itunes:

    1 (For God's Sake) Give More Power to The People (0:00)
    2 While You're Out Looking for Sugar (3:52)
    3 You Had Me (8:10)
    4 Super Duper Love (Are You Digging On Me?) (9:55)
    5 Big Ol' Game (17:35)
    6 Karma (24:21)
    7 Jet Lag (28:51)
    8 Stoned Out Of My Mind (36:21)
    9 Tear Drops (41:15)
    10 Free Me (47:16)
    11 Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now (51:29)
    12 Happy Birthday (57:30)
    13 Medley (Puts Your Hands On Me, Baby Baby Baby) (58:32)
    14 Landlord (1:03:10)
    15 Solo Guitar (1:08:25)
    16 Fell in Love (1:10:50)
    16 Spoiled (1:20:40)
    17 Right To Be Wrong (1:22:05)

    Get her albums on itunes:

  • Deltino Guerreiro ft. Joss Stone - Mozambique


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Deltino Guerreiro from Mozambique

  • Nancy Agag ft. Joss Stone - Sudan


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Nancy Agag from Sudan.

  • Gaby Moreno ft. Joss Stone - Guatemala


    A truly captivating experience, when we met up with the delightful singer Gaby Moreno from Guatemala in 2016. Gaby's music comes from the heart and you can sense this in the song. Her voice is a joy to listen to, we did smile a lot. There was something unique about singing in a jungle, especially a song with emotions. Thanks a million for having us. Hope everyone enjoys the collaboration as much as we do.

  • Nneka ft. Joss Stone - Babylon - Nigeria


    In Nigeria, we met up with an old friend Nneka and sang her song 'Babylon'. With the help of Sweet Sounds, we had a jam on a street corner of Lagos. If you like what you hear check out Nneka through her website at

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Omara Portuondo ft. Joss Stone - Cuba


    Not so long ago, In the heart of Havana, Cuba, we met up with the
    gorgeous Omara Portuondo and the lovely Roberto Fonseca. Omara has a wide range of styles from Jazz to Son Cubano and is renowned for popularising Cuban music far and wide. In a beautiful part of the world singing a beautiful song, we couldn't have asked for more. A memory which will last forever. Thanks for having us. Have a listen and see what you think!

  • Joss Stone - Son Of A Preacher Man


    Night Of The Proms 2017

  • Joss Stone - Super Duper Love


    Nice groove laid down by the band in this 2005 Soundstage performance

  • Nancy Ajaj ft. Joss Stone - Ahibak | 2017 | نانـسي عجاج & جوس ستون - أحـبك


    ما تنسا تعمل لايك (????) وتشترك في القناة (✔) .و تفعل زر التنبيهات (????) علشان تشوف الفيديو اول ما ينزل .

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  • Blondie And Joss Stone - One Way Or Another.


  • Joss Stone - RIGHT TO BE WRONG


    SWU Festival de Música é Artes - Itu - São Paulo, Brasil 2010

  • Buddy Guy Feat. Joss Stone You Got What It Takes !


    From Album :Born to Play Guitar,2015.

  • Joss Stone - This Aint Love


    Special thanks to Bruno Sampaio for the amazing artwork. Water For Your Soul, out now!
    Amazon CD:

    Connect with Joss:


  • Joss Stone - Super Duper Love - Namibia, 2019 1080p



  • Joss Stone - The Love We Had


    Joss Stone apresenta The Love We Had em Salvador, Bahia (2013).

    Música: The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind)
    Composição: Terry Callier / Larry Wade
    Versão original: The Dells (1971)

    Tradução e legenda: Juliana Karla

  • SoundStage: Joss Stone feat. Mavis Staples


    Amazing performance of Joss Stone and Mavis Staples on SoundStage.



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