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Playlist of Joranalogue Generate 3

  • Joranalogue Generate 3 // Through Zero Modulate EVERYTHING! // Eurorack multiphonic signal generator


    **TIMING BELOW - SKIP AROUND!** Here’s the new Generate 3 mega analogue oscillator from Joranalogue. As with other Joranalogue designs this of course pushes way past the basics and seeks (and achieves) to take analogue synthesis that bit further. Generate 3 is billed as a “through zero multiphonic signal generator” and offers through zero control of FM, PM and AM aka frequency modulation, phase modulation and amplitude modulation. You also get through zero control of the timbre as the full output mixes down the fundamental sine, even and odd harmonics. FM can be exponential, linear and through zero. The phase modulation gives a powerful way to create FM synthesis like sounds without actually changing the pitch. Through zero AM is Ring Modulation as the bipolar level controls can swing the waveform negative/inverted under voltage control. There’s two form of sync with reset and flip offering hard and soft sync as well as multiple outputs and a huge range of potential sounds and shaping in just 12HP. With all the through zero control you can be very dynamic and expressive with your modulation and as with most patches mixing modulation forms to sync modulation sources and then modulate multiple parameters leads to the widest range of options.

    Website, manual and info -

    More Joranalogue demos from me

    Filter 8 -
    Contour 1 -
    Select 2 -
    Compare 2 -
    Transmit 2 & Receive 2 -
    Mix 3 -


    00:00 Intro & video previews


    02:12 Feature & function run down

    03:15 FM controls (exponential, linear, through zero, bias + AC switching)

    04:30 Phase modulation

    05:24 Amplitude control, bipolar level shifts + Ring Modulation

    06:10 Reset + Flip (hard and soft sync)


    06:53 Waveform outputs plus recreating classic waveforms and making new ones


    08:57 Phase modulation demo (static + dynamic patching)

    12:25 Self patched feedback based phase modulation (ace!)

    14:31 Phase modulation synthesis in context of musical patch


    14:42 Stereo patching using different outputs with different sequences + modulations


    18:01 Fake filtering explained (fading harmonics)

    19:12 Percussive enveloped harmonic control

    19:35 Slowly fading waveshapes


    20:06 Ring Modulation patching (through zero level control)

    23:48 Heavily expanded Ring Modulation (independent ring mod on each waveform)


    27:00 Understand and patching analogue sync (hard and soft with reset and flip)

    29:53 Reset + Flip together (ALL THE SYNCS!)


    31:45 Through Zero FM

    34:14 Linear FM in practice

    35:53 Further FM explorations


    37:42 VCO Drum Kit (follow up video to come)


    38:09 Feedback patching to create white noise

    40:23 Glitchy noise textures under wonky beats


    40:38 Trying to create a super saw, PWM or unison vibe … sort of


    42:20 Demonstrating all of the control and shaping with the LFOs

    46:17 Phase shifting LFOs

    47:44 Sequencing beats WITH AN OSCILLATOR!

    MIXED MODULATION (where some of the magic happens)

    49:12 Ring Modulation & Sync

    49:38 Through zero Phase, FM, AM and Sync

    50:59 FEEDBACK with core to AM the fundamental + through zero FM

    52:06 Filthier tones and aggressive sound design

    53:12 Modulate EVERYTHING and it’s still musical!

    *** THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY JORANALOGUE ** They have funded the creation of this demo video which as always I aim to show off raw functions and sounds with clarity and give multiple musical examples to teach synthesis and patching. Joranalogue had no influence or control over the content beyond funding it’s creation, leaving me to do my thing. Any questions just ask.

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  • Joranalogue Generate 3 - Through Zero Multiphonic Signal Generator!


    A very fancy name for a very fancy oscillator - Roger Ebert
    89% on Rotten Tomatoes :)

    more info here

    My website:
    My Patreon:

    Video Shot by Edgar López and Quincas Moreira

    Produced, scored, directed and edited by Quincas.

    Stay Noisy!

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  • GENERATE 3 by JORANALOGUE - overall review


    If You like any of these videos and find them helpful, please consider supporting via Patreon:

    This is a review of GENERATE 3 manufactured by JORANALOGUE ( The review also appears in

    January (2020) issue of Estrada i Studio - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment.

    DISCLAIMER: I review this modules in return for a module. I am always trying to be objective and honest and I dont review the modules I dont like.

  • Next level analogue oscillator design from Joranalogues Generate 3 // Superbooth 2019


    As you'd expect from Joranalogue ... check the Filter 8 out here - - they really break out what the essence of a filter is and can do ... Generate 3 takes the core of what an oscillator is and breaks it out into way more. It looks at what the fundamental is, the core of the circuit, multiple FM options include thru zero, phase modulation, separate odd and even harmonics, ring modulation over fundamental and harmonic levels ... it does a lot, sounded great and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on one later this year.

    Superbooth 2019 videos -

    Thanks to our sponsors that have made these videos possible!

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  • Joranalogue Generate 3 demo


    Harmonics Demo about generate 3
    More info:

  • Joranalogue - Generate 3 - Gearslutz @ Superbooth19


    Joranalogue breaks down for us their impressive Generate 3 Through-Zero Multiphonic Signal Generator!

    For more Superbooth19 coverage:

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  • Drone - Joranalogue Generate 3 meets Instruo Cs-L


    Noisy little drone featuring Joranalogue Generate 3 modulated by Instruo Cs-L and other sources. Generate 3 is the only audible source, with no VCAs or VCFs, direct to PC. I've never heard a VCO sound like this thing does. Everything you hear is coming from Generate 3's FULL output which is a mix with ODD all the way up and varying amounts of FUNDAMENTAL and EVEN. No VC to the V/OCT changing pitch but lots of external modulation listed below. Instruo Cs-L is also static pitch with a little linear modulation of the top VCO by the bottom.

    Reset (Hard Sync): Cs-L top square wave
    Flip (Soft Sync): Cs-L bottom square wave
    Through Zero FM: Cs-L bottom sine wave
    Phase: Slight modulation by a slow LFO causing the rhythmic throbbing
    Exponential FM: Sine wave from SSF/WMD Spectrum sequenced by Malekko Voltage Block supplies the melodic element

    Recorded as a single track into Ableton Live. A little compression and reverb added in post.

    #modular #eurorack #synth #Joranalogue #Generate3 #ThroughZero #PhaseModulation #Instruō #music #Malekko #VoltageBlock #SSF #Spectrum

  • Turning analogue oscillators into drum kits with the Joranalogue Generate 3 // #JAMUARY2020 DAY 26


    Those that watch many of my videos will know I like trying to push oscillators around and turn them into weird little drum kits. I have a whole specific video on it in my BETTER BLEEPS series (link below) and have done it in other demos with other modules. But here I have the Generate 3 module from Joranalogue which with this particular patch is an odd almost 8 bit retro game drum machine with blips and thumps giving us a little groove.

    Generate 3 demo -
    BETTER BLEEPS turn 1 VCO into a drum kit -

    Full and detailed patch notes for #JAMUARY2020 exclusively on

    All #JAMUARY videos in this playlist -

    Less than 1 week of JAMUARY left and I'm sure we'll hit all 31 daily videos as intended from the start of this little journey I'm on. Be great to get some comments with your thoughts and feelings on not just my videos but other peoples and your own too. It's something I'd like to examine and look back on once it's over. Get posting, use the hashtags and follow along!

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  • Joranalogue - Joran van Gremberghe & Gregory Delabelle @SUPERBOOTH19


    Belgian electronics engineer Joran van Gremberghe founded Joranalogue Audio Design with the belief that modern components and techniques can't just make for more stable and reliable, but also better sounding modules than those of yesteryear.
    Join him and modular specialist Gregory Delabelle (Nordlys) to hear more on the company's design philosophy, and a new and very exciting Eurorack sound source - the Generate 3!
    SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19

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  • Live chat with Joranalogue about Filter 8 and more!


    Links to things in the show

    Filter 8 -
    Compare 2 -
    Select 2 -

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  • Modular practice / generate 3 synced phase and fm stuff


    #joranalogue #generate3 changed my modular noisebox into a completely different instrument.

  • Joranalogue Contour 1 - Slew Limiter & Function Generator // The BACKBONE of a Modular Synth


    *TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW* Here we have a real powerhouse and backbone of a modular system. The Joranalogue Contour 1 is a Slew Limiter & Function Generator which can be an envelope generator, LFO, oscillator, audio processor, filter, PWM generator, subharmonic divider, gate delay, slew/lag/glide and plenty more. This video is aimed to be an in-depth educational look at functions and features that really play into the core of a modular system. Skip around the video with the timing index below and try applying these examples to your own modules too. I hope this serves as an education reference for those features as well as clearly demonstrates the Contour 1 Eurorack module. Leave a comment and if you get something from these videos consider supporting on

    THUMBNAIL We all need this - we absolutely do all need these functions in a system, function generators and slew limiters are really the backbone of a modular system. Think Serge DUSG and all the variants that have followed, these modules can do SO much it's nuts!

    Website + info -



    00:00 My fugly mug

    00:15 Video previews

    01:41 Contour 1 features - what is a slew limiter / function generator? What can it do etc.


    03:11 Envelope Generator - gated and triggered behaviour, plus merging triggers, gates and LFOs to create dynamic modulation.


    06:41 Slew Limiting + freezing voltages with the hold input - slew, lag, glide + more


    08:26 LFOs - LFO shapes and curves, gated on/off + triggering resets

    11:09 Complex shapes with modulated LFOs - using modulation to create fluctuating random style complex CV shapes.


    11:54 Envelope following and deriving gates from audio - using a drum beat to create a dynamic CV shape and using audio as an input to derive in time gate signals from the rise/fall outputs.


    14:14 Low pass filter - using the module as a filter to smooth out audio and using the bend to reshape curves in the audio

    15:53 Low pass filter - BONUS 1 - using the rise and fall outs for stereo PWM FX, creating buzzy bright textures to mix with the filtered audio

    16:42 Low pass filter - BONUS 2 - using another oscillator for audio rate hold or gating on top of the filtering for sync like overtones


    17:30 Oscillator behaviour - quick arpeggio exploration with Contour 1 as an oscillator

    17:59 Pitch dependent vibrato - adding vibrato and harmonic shifts to Contour 1 as an oscillator

    19:28 How to improved saw wave oscillator behaviour


    20:18 Gate delays - create delayed gates for custom grooves and flams


    21:58 Dynamic envelopes - merging envelope generation and slew processing for more dynamic voltages.


    24:36 Creating kick drums right out of Contour 1

    25:52 Definitely NOT a snare drum

    26:48 Weird custom percussion sounds


    27:35 Creating downsampler like alias FX - audio rate hold modulation.

    28:49 Stereo PWM BEAST!!! - plus bonus audio rate overtones.

    30:35 Subharmonic generator/divider - classic Serge style patching to create subharmonic undertones.

    33:32 Combined AM/FM - a great patch from manual showing how using Contour 1 as an oscillator then adding an oscillator to the input creates a mixed amplitude and frequency modulated behaviour … it’s very musical.

    **THANK YOU to Joranalogue for sponsoring this video. By sponsoring the video they are funding the creation of a demo/overview video. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW, nor did the sponsor have any control over the content**

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  • MIX 3 by JORANALOGUE - overall review


    I You like any of these videos and find them helpful, please consider supporting via Patreon:

    This is a review of MIXER + VCA manufactured by JORANALOGUE ( The review also appears in November (2017) issue of Estrada i Studio - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment.

  • Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MK3 Overview


    In depth demonstration of the new Bionic Lester MK3 dual multimode filter and overdrive VCA.

    BIONIC LESTER MARK III is a 2-channel 2-pole state-variable digital filter with an unusual amount of aggressive sonic character. The filter mode is continuously variable under manual or CV control, smoothly fading from lowpass to bandpass to highpass to notch to allpass/comb with a single motion. The resonance stops just short of self-oscillation in the first three modes. A digital VCA controls the amplitude and the distortion of the input signal pre-filter. The filters have independent inputs and outputs, and an additional Mix output with balance control. The comb filters feature negative or positive feedback, and controlled self-oscillation to generate howling feedback evolution from the most mundane input. Your modular audio signal can now be heard from the short-delay-line claustrophobic perspective of a fuel tank entry crew, an overdue addition to the Industrial Music Electronics arsenal of Low Art Enforcement Technique. The allpass and comb modes are also useful for designing primitive diffusion, phasing, chorus, or delay effects, and even crude reverberation when multiple Lester units are used together.

    More Information Here:

    Follow IME for updates and new product releases

    Video by Zach Guyette of Coldshoes

  • Modular practice / getting to know Generate 3 and Maths


    #joranalogue #makenoise

  • Joranalogue - Mix 3 *Mini Demo*


    Here's what a mini demo is in case you're curious - - this is the great Mix 3 from Joranalogue. It's 3 channels mixing and VCAs with a 4th input that passes through with no level adjustment and there's also a final level adjusting VCA which here I'm using for sidechaining.

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  • Joranalogue Contour 1, a very precise Slope Generator!


    AKA, Slew Limiter, Function Generator, etc...
    A modern take on a classic module, this module is a true chameleon!
    Check out some of my ideas for using it in many different applications and learn something about using Slews in the process :)

    Thanks Joranalogue for providing me this unit!

    Beauty shots by Edgar López. Video shot and edited by Quincas.
    BG music by Quincas from the Youtube Audio Library:
    Metamorphosis, Mariposa and The End

    Please join my Patreon!

    Check out my website too!

    Stay Noisy!

  • Announcement NEW DIVKID EURORACK MODULE // Meet ochd made with Instruo


    Hello hello, here's my second eurorack module øchd or ochd. It's pronounced oct as in octave or octuplet and as if by magic there's eight outputs on this module, an octuplet of analogue LFOs if you will. I often find I need more modulation, simple sources that will keep things moving and stop things getting repetitive. That’s why ochd was brought to life, to keep patches organically drifting and moving… and as it’s modular, we wanted an intuitive easy to use module with plenty of patchable tricks up it’s sleeves too!

    ochd is a 4HP Eurorack module with eight analogue triangle LFOs. The outputs go from fast on the top output to slow on the bottom output. The default ranges are deliberate NOT synced. These are free running LFOs that were tuned by ear to be musical useful for a range of fast to slow modulations in a patch. Organic animation, drifting and musical phasing is the intention of the module. The rate control controls the rate of all LFOs globally and takes this into lower audio rates right down to 25 minute cycles on the lowest output. This can be extended even slower with CV, with the CV input and attenuverter on board and we can also track and hold the outputs with a negative CV, interrupting and holding modulation values with external gates of CVs. Another trick to take this from simple triangle shapes is to patch a spare output into the CV input and wave shape with feedback. Exponential curves, odd squares, stepped waveforms and more are available with some adjustment of the attenuverter and using different outputs to voltage control itself.

    While patching a prototype at DivKid HQ Richard Devine said this was the most organic little modulator ever - lovely stuff!

    This module is made in collaboration with Instruo and I'm very proud to be part of their amazing line up of modules.

    The full product description and specs can be found on the Modular Grid link or my website link below

    DivKid website


    STORES - either in stock now or in transit to be in stock very soon to the following ...

    UK & EU

    Cymru Beats (Bristol, England)

    Elevator Sound (Bristol, England)

    Escape From Noise (Stockholm, Sweden)

    Matttech Modular (Manchester, England)

    MIDI Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    Patch Point (Berlin, Germany)

    Rubadub (Glasgow, Scotland)

    Schneidersladen (Berlin, Germany)

    Signal Sounds (Glasgow, Scotland)


    Control (Brooklyn, New York)

    Perfect Circuit (Burbank, California)


    Clockface (Tokyo, Japan)

    Found Sound (Melbourne, Australia)

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  • Joranalogue Filter 8 the cutting edge in analogue VCF design


    TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW - Here's the new Filter 8 from Joranalogue. It's a VCA based filter topology similar to but not exactly an OTA design. It features a unique resonance circuit and (according to Joranalogue) is the cutting edge in analogue VCF design. Now I can't talk specifics about the circuit but feature wise it certainly packs in a massive punch. 8 filter outputs including 1, 2, 3 and 4 pole low pass filters, a 1 pole high pass, unique band boost and notch, phase shifted output and 4 pole band pass. There's gain compensation to even out each output under self oscillation, we can freeze and hold the core of the module to effectively silence and halt the output or freeze (like a sample/track and hold) when it's producing it's own CV signals. The outputs turn to 8 phase shifted sine waves that tracks great as a multi phase oscillator or LFO and patching feedback means we can create a range of saw like waves with various exp. lin. and log. curves. We can drive the filter with the second input, or again with feedback, exponential and linear FM means we can get gorgeous rich formant throaty vocal tones under audio rate modulation or musical harmonious FM tones when using it as an oscillator. There's even more so I'll let the video do the talking. Enjoy and leave a comment to chat below.


    00:00 hello, introduction and patch previews of what's to come

    01:17 Feature walkthrough, going through bits of the manual, all the ins outs and controls.

    03:26 Filter sweeps, 1, 2, 3 and 4 pole low pass, high pass, band boost and notch, phase shifted out and the band pass. Various resonances and output comparisons.

    06:35 Using dual inputs to drive the filter

    7:11 Dual inputs driving the filters. Sweeping through the responses.

    08:40 Animating the filter. Using envelopes, sequences and gate patterns to modulate 1v/oct, exponential FM and resonance depth.

    10:42 Filter rich layered and animated detuned sounds. This also looks at building up dynamic patterns and filter modulation.

    13:41 Audio rate modulation of cut off and audio rate modulation of 'hold' for a sample and hold like freeze. Similar to sync and downsampling FX.

    16:28 Driving the filter with feedback. Creating clipping, saturation and non linear responses. At point digital-like phase modulation / phase distortion overtones appear.

    20:09 Phase shifter! Using the phase shifted output like a phase shifter effect. There's also audio rate resonance depth modulation in this patch.

    21:56 A short acid break. Patching up some 3 pole 18dB per octave low pass patches for a little bit of an acidic filter pattern.

    22:48 Filter Pings. Using the ping input to excite the filter core. Create melodic lines, deep bass, percussion and linear FM tones.

    25:42 8 phase oscillator. Using the oscillating filter as a sine oscillator. Glassy and harmonious FM tones under modulation.

    27:20 Patching feedback over the oscillating sine to create new wave shapes. You can make a near perfect saw wave as well as other exponential and logarithmic ramp shapes as well as some odd comb like shapes.

    28:19 8 phase voltage controlled LFO. Using multiple phases to create cascading modulation across a wider patch. As above with audio we look at feedback to make new LFO shapes too.

    30:22 Slew limiting. As the filter works at sub audio rates we can use it slew a signal. Here we add glide by slewing a pitch sequence. We also add resonance for a way to inject wobble and vibrato into the pattern.

    32:39 FM oscillator tones - a little musical break. We look at gated the hold on and off while this operates as an oscillator. This creates little clicky rhythms and breaks in the sequences we're using.

    33:52 Resonating envelopes - using envelopes to excite the near oscillating core of the filter to create wobbles within the envelopes shape. We can also superimpose audio rate tones or LFOs into the envelopes too.

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  • generate 3 - drum test 2


    Joranalogue Generate 3 (main drum voice)
    Dannysound Timbre
    Blue Lantern LFO (as vco through zero)
    Sonic potions Descent (envelope for VCA and modulation)
    RYO Arperture (only as VCA)
    Mannequins 3 Sisters (channel slightly panned to the right)
    SDS ReFlex Liveloop (delay)

    Erica Synths delay

    Mutable instruments Yarns
    Malekko Voltage Block (modulation, random steps)
    Sonic potions MAL 2 (random gate as clock for voltage block)

    Sietse Bruggeling

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  • Module Overview #1 - Joranalogue Filter 8


    Taking Joranalogue's incredible Filter 8 module out for a spin :)

    Video by Quincas, featuring Daniel Riera and his EWI.

    More on the filter 8:
    Div Kid's video manual:

    My Patreon:
    more about my work :

    Thanks to Joranalogue for providing the module!

  • Instruo - Analogue Oscillator Live Stream


    As I've just made demos for the Ts-L - and Tona - oscillators from Instruo I thought it would be nice to get Jason from Instruo onto a live stream to chat about his oscillators. There's his video of the new complex dual VCO the Cs-L - and there's Troika to talk about too. So with 4 analogue oscillator designs I wanted to chat about similarities, design, overlap, differences etc.

    Things we mentioned during the live stream

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  • Koma attenuator cable on ripples filter fm


    Future retro transient and pico drums. Erika synths black wavetable vco with fm mod by Make noise STO and joranalogue generate 3.

  • Joranalogue - Compare 2


    Here's the absolutely killer Compare from Joranalogue. It's a compactor, but not a normal one, a dual window comparator, a 4 output logic section, CVable window size and position, NOT / inverted output ... it's a magic voltage controlled voltage controlling toolbox! :) Check out the various patches processing audio, CV gates and making all sorts of stuff. It's really great at getting more out of other modules.

    Grab the module here -

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  • JORANALOGUE Filter 8 self osc session



    This is a session with various self oscilliations with the FILTER 8.

    Filter 8 in and outs in this session:
    - V/OCT IN from Stages with a 6 step sequence
    - EXP FM IN from oC getting a falling slope
    - RES MOD IN from the oC getting a trigged envelope
    - LIN FM IN from Marbles getting triggers
    - INPUT none

    More info:

  • Øchd: Overview and Demo


    Welcome to the Patchwerks video series! In this inaugural video of our series, our resident expert Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) demos the amazingly simple and musically powerful features from the new DivKid module øchd. Remember to like and subscribe, because we'll have more videos of great gear coming your way soon.

    From DivKid:
    This collaboration between DivKid and Instruo is a 4HP all analogue triangle LFO generator with 8 outputs. Each of the 8 outputs are free running and are musically tuned intervals, as opposed to synced or variable phase outputs from each other. A range of fast to slow outputs can be set to make any patch drift organically and beautifully, letting your modulation freely drift various parameters. There's a global rate control to go up into either lower audio rates on the fastest outputs, or glacially slow. A CV input with attenuverter allows for waveshaping via feedback patching, everything from log, lin or expo curves through to odd staircases waves and more. A negative voltage can reliably halt the circuit which gives 8 track and holds over the outputs.

    Order here:

    Demo by: Matthew Piecora

  • Multimode Filter & 8 Phase Oscillator with Filter 8 from Joranalogue at Superbooth 2018


    I've had the pleasure of testing this one for a while and it's a gorgeous filter and great VCO with all the different phase outputs for modulation or audio rate use and even feedback patching this works really well. The Filter 8 from Joranalogue will be out later this year and we also take a quick look at Select 2 which builds on the great utility that is the Compare 2 (demo here - )

    We're proud to have our Superbooth 2018 content sponsored by &

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  • SWITCH 4 by JORANALOGUE - overall review


    I You like any of these videos and find them helpful, please consider supporting via Patreon:

    This is a review of SWITCH 4 manufactured by JORANALOGUE ( The review also appears in January (2018) issue of Estrada i Studio - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment.

  • WOW - 6HP Eurorack modules // #JAMUARY2020 DAY 16


    Wow indeed! Here's the 6HP Eurorack modules alongside their 2HP power and custom case. Godspeed, Squawk Dirty, Airstreamer and Milky Way give us a feature packed oscillator, highly capable function generator, multimode stereo filter with additional high pass and VCA and a multi FX engine again with added VCA. I made a quick stereo synth patch with the Milky Way FX on a send so I can use the onboard VCA to fade the FX sound in and out separate to the dry input.

    Full and detailed patch notes on demos
    Furthrrrr Generator -
    Grand Terminal -

    Still lots of January left so i would be great to see more people getting into #JAMUARY posting some jams, beats, riffs, textures and ideas making music, making demos, talking through ideas anything! Still pushing for daily until day 31 here, wish me luck. #JAMUARY2020

    All JAMUARY videos -

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  • Kit Review # 13 - Joranalogue Test 3


    In depth review of the cool new Volt and Amp meter module from Joranalogue, the Test 3! Great tool for builders, developers or just Eurorack users to measure and plan for power usage in their systems.

    Music and Video by Quincas Moreira

    Please like, subscribe and support me on Patreon!

  • Modular practice / fully articulated notes / generate 3 / manhattan analog MA35


    Just acquired a filter for my modular. About f###ing time.

  • Joranalogue Contour 1 Transmit 2 Eurorack @ DMF 2018


    Joran showed us the new Contour 1 and Transmit 2 modules, at the Dutch Modular Fest in The Hague, Netherlands.
    Here is the Gearslutz forum thread:
    Manufacturer Website:

    Thanks to Martijn Verhallen for the drone sound in the intro. :-)

  • Modular Étude #6 | Piston Honda mk3, Voltage Block


    An experiment to explore the timbre of Piston Honda mk3 dual wavetable oscillator. Oscillator A was used for bass and B was for upper octave arpeggiator. Malekko Voltage Block generates cv sequences for PH’s cv controlled parameters. Arpeggiator was played live from keystep.

  • Instruo - Arbhar Overview


    arbhar heralds a new generation of granular processing in eurorack. Sampled audio can be chopped into tiny grains, scattered, shaped, re-pitched, reversed and layered for an endless range of audio manipulation from seamless frozen tones to mutated acousmatic madness.

    Featuring a condenser microphone set into the front panel, built in audio analysis for automatic sampling and internal modulation over various parameters; this is truly a granulator like no other.

  • FILTER 8 by JORANALOGUE - overall review


    I You like any of these videos and find them helpful, please consider supporting via Patreon:

    This is a review of FILTER 8 manufactured by JORANALOGUE ( The review also appears in October (2018) issue of Estrada i Studio - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment.

  • CONTOUR 1 by JORANALOGUE - overall review


    If You like any of these videos and find them helpful, please consider supporting via Patreon:

    This is a review of CONTOUR 1 manufactured by JORANALOGUE ( The review also appears in
    October (2019) issue of Estrada i Studio - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment.

  • Joranalogue - Filter 8 *FIRST PATCH*


    Here's my first patch video with the new Joranalogue Filter 8 / F8 which is a 8 output multimode filter that's also an 8-phase oscillator. We've get exponential and linear FM, great tone, 1, 2, 3, 4 pole low pass outputs and other filter modes. There's 1v/oct tracking, audio rate modulation giving us vocal and formant like tones and I'm using Select 2 to switch the audio input into the filter and also switching outputs. Mixing in other outputs through other processing also gives a nice ping pong rhythms pattern that works well when panned for a stereo image. Full video demo coming in the not too distant future! :)

    Modules used/mentioned in the video
    Joranalogue - Select 2 -
    Joranalogue - Compare 2 -
    Befaco Hexmix series -
    TINRS - Tuesday -
    Hexinverter - Mutant Drums -

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  • SELECT 2 by JORANALOGUE - overall review


    I You like any of these videos and find them helpful, please consider supporting via Patreon:

    This is a review of SELECT 2 manufactured by JORANALOGUE ( The review also appears in September (2018) issue of Estrada i Studio - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment.

  • Eurorack Interfaces // Receive 2 & Transmit 2 from Joranalogue Audio Design


    Shout outs to the birds outside my house! (you'll see what I mean) ... I wanted to make this video to highlight something that's really simple but I think an important part of a modular system.

    In the video I go through the Receive 2 (RX2) and Transmit 2 (TX2) from Joranalogue Audio Design. They are a dual balanced XLR/Jack input pre amp and a stereo balanced output and headphone amp. Having quality interfacing and gain staging throughout the studio/stage is important for ensuring things work properly. Yes plugging a pedal or keyboard right into a Eurorack system will probably work but you'll be closer to the noise floor and further away from the expected levels and behaviours of modules. That can lead to a varied and unsatisfactory experience a lot of the time. I also wanted to dangle a microphone outside of my house and process some real world sounds to create a foley texture and alien landscape excited and led by the suburban environment.

    More info -

    Shout out to Dove Audio, Mordax Systems, Addac System, & VoicAs for the modular drone in the first patch. KORG for the Volca Sample (crunchy beats ahoy!) and Møffenzeef Mødular for the harmony drone. Second patch is the Qu-Bit Electronix Prism (with plenty of external modulation) and the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP.

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  • Eurorack Modular Patch 21.02.20


    Joranalogue generate 3 and Atlantis on bass. Black wavetable vco and STO on lead.

  • Joranalogue Switch 4 Compare 2 Mix 3 Select 2 Test 3 @ Ginko Modular Fest 2017


    At the Ginko Modular Fest we met Joran, who just started manufacture of a new range of eurorack modules. In his rack were the Switch 4 performance switch, the Compare 2 window comparater with logic functions, the Select 2 utillity module for CV and audio, the very tight sounding Mix 3 and a handy module for checking how much power DIY or prototype modules use; the Test 3.
    Check out the full report here:

  • Steady State Fate SSF Zero Point Oscillator ZPO // unique thru zero FM & AM + morphing and more!


    **TIMING INDEX BELOW SKIP AROUND!** Here we have the wonderful ZPO from SSF. It has a totally unique take on thru zero modulation that couples the frequency modulation with amplitude modulation. Enabling either the linear of exponential FM to go into the thru zero modulation also couples that modulation into the zero point. The zero point offers level control in a bipolar fashion which can invert waves and provide ring modulation. Merging TZFM and TZAM alongside the other features such as sync, waveform morphing, 3 types of pulse width modulation, sub oscillators and some unique waveform outputs really elevates this as a powerful analogue oscillator.

    Check out the SSF Stereo Dipole here -
    More info on the ZPO here -


    00:00 hello & video previews

    02:59 what is the Zero Point Oscillator?

    04:40 what makes the ZPO unique?

    06:37 waveform types and outputs

    08:44 waveform morphing

    09:24 audio rate morphing

    12:17 ring modulation and TZAM (thru zero amplitude modulation)

    16:35 thru zero linear & exponential FM and AM

    21:06 3 types of pulse width modulation (PWM)

    25:35 ZPO as an LFO

    28:14 oscillator sync

    31:25 tremolo effects

    33:25 super stereo drones!

    35:38 layering parts to sound like multiple synths

    37:57 single VCO turned drum kit

    40:26 the space between sines & triangle

    42:03 mixing waveforms & additional zero point shaping

    44:15 kick drums and weird FM

    ** THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY STEADY STATE FATE ** they have funded the creation of this demo video. That means I provide them with a demonstration video of this particularly module. They have no control over the content and my aim is always to show the raw sound and features of any device and teach synthesis while offering musical patch tips that ca be applied to this module or others. Any questions, just ask.

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  • Post Buchla Techno


    Joranalogue Generate 3 into Three Sisters and lxd sequenced by Eloquencer. First official jam after selling the Buchla...

  • Joranalogue Filter 8 - Gearslutz @ Superbooth 2018


    Joranalogue debuts the impressive Filter 8 and also a couple of utility modules for eurorack.

    For more Superbooth 2018 coverage:

  • Best first Eurorack module? Start Up from Music Thing Modular // Superbooth 2019


    Is this a module we all need? There's certainly a strong argument for it with tap tempo clocks, stereo mixing and headphone/line out. It certainly meets the desire of Music Thing Modular as a module that would be a great first module for small systems. The new clock phasing modes add a nice Steve Reich flare and influence and in 4hp it's a module that's hard to ignore for small or large systems I think. Super useful!

    Get it here -

    Superbooth 2019 videos -

    Thanks to our sponsors that have made these videos possible!

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  • NANO Modules ALT // basic to advanced patch techniques AM synthesis, auto panning, sidechain + more!


    There is a giveaway to win an ALT module running over on Instagram alongside NANO modules. Check that out here to enter for free -

    ** TIMING INDEX BELOW - SKIP AROUND ** Here’s ALT from NANO Modules. A quad VCA module in an 8hp Eurorack format. Three channels features both manual gain (level, bias or offset) as well as CV inputs with CV attenuversion (attenuation and inversion) which gives lots of control and opens up the module to sidechain and ducking like FX as well as easily making auto pan FX too. The fourth channel is a more basic VCA with input, CV input and output. This is normalised open until you plug in a signal which is useful for the onboard mixing. ALT is also a mixer, either for basic mixing of audio or CV, for CV mixing, for cascaded mixing (2x 2 input mixers, 1x 3 input mixer + a VCA …). This video aims to go through the basics to more advanced patching answering the age old modular questions “WHY YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH VCAS!” Going from basic amplitude control to full on AM synthesis and patching up other FX and dynamic modulations of modulation. For those comfortable with how VCAs work skip ahead with the timing index below to get right to the patch tips.

    ALT on the NANO Modules site -

    More NANO Modules demos

    MAR -
    FONT -


    00:00 Hello & video previews

    00:53 What is ALT? Feature run down

    02:59 VCA basics and how ALT works

    05:34 Basic audio mixing, CV controlled mixing and how to patch sidechain compression / ducking FX

    07:52 A quick tip for creating unique modulation sources

    09:12 Expanding basic patches with VCAs

    10:25 How to create an auto panner

    12:22 Dynamic AM synthesis

    *** THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY NANO MODULES *** they have funded the creation of this demo video allowing me to show you what ALT does and how works but also teach you synthesis and patch tips along the way. Any questions just ask.

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  • COMPARE 2 by JORANALOGUE - overall review


    I You like any of these videos and find them helpful, please consider supporting via Patreon:

    This is a review of COMPARE 2 manufactured by JORANALOGUE ( The review also appears in February (2018) issue of Estrada i Studio - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment.

  • Joranalogue - Select 2


    Here's the very lovely, very powerful, deceptively simple ... Select 2 from Joranalogue. Just like with their module 'Compare 2' (demo here - ) at first I thought this was just a simple, utility which is all well and good but not always fun. I was wrong, this is really fun and it invites learning and patching and trying out new things. There's a handful of patches in this video but there's a lot of things you can do with it using it to create, manipulate, freeze, switch and process audio and CV. That equates to gated CV generation, gated muting, switching inputs, attenuversion, offsetting, ring modulation, weird sample and hold that's like a kind of 'freeze and pass'. Really nice.

    There's another video with Select 2 showing the 'freeze and pass' or 'odd sample and hold' here -

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  • Nordlys - Supercharger


    The ORCA is feeded to Joranalogue

    Main sequence from Monome WW running ORCA
    Main voice Joranalogue Generate 3

  • Freeze & Pass weird sample & hold from the Joranalogue Select 2


    Here's an odd, weird, quirky (whatever you want to call it) sample and hold style affect that I'm calling 'Freeze & Pass' with the Joranalogue Select 2 (I know it's Track & Hold). I'm using the gated hold input to freeze/hold audio (at audio rates). This gives a downsampler style effect but when it's not held it lets the signal pass. Rather than just sample one thing and step to another held sample like a sample and hold. Select 2 can do a tonne of stuff, so check out the full demo above.

    Full video demo here -

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