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Playlist of Johnny Winter

  • Johnny Winter - Be Careful With A Fool


    Johnny Winter from Danish TV in 1970 with Tommy Shannon on bass and Uncle John Turner on Drums

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  • JOHNNY WINTER - Jumpin Jack Flash ~ HIGH QUALITY HQ ~


    top of the pops old grey whistle test 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 funkyboymark rock roll and funk punk new wave blues guitarist riffs riff slide guitar heroes at bbc edgar

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  • Johnny Winter - SUZIE Q


    In this night JOHNNY WINTER, who had played at Woodstock, irrevocably established his name in Europe. He gave one of the most important concerts in the total 17 Rockpalast Nights (till 1986).

    This Concert is available on CD and DVD

  • Johnny Winter- Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo Backstage Jam 1971


    Reelin’ In The Years Productions has available for licensing over 20,000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years. Additionally, we have more than 5,000 of hours of in-depth interviews with the 20th century’s icons of Film and Television, Politics, Comedy, Literature, Art, Science, Fashion and Sports.

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  • Johnny Winter - Rock Me Baby


    From the LP Still Alive And Well released in 1973.

  • Johnny Winter Live at Woodstock playing Mean Town Blues - 1969. Johnny Winter Dies July 16th 2014.


    Johnny Winter Live at Woodstock playing Mean Town Blues at Woodstock 1969. Johnny Winter rocked the stage at Woodstock. News: Johnny Winter died on July 16th, 2014.
    Rest in Peace, my friend.

    YouTube Channel managed by Joe Griffin at

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  • Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter - Tobacco Road


    Music video by Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter performing Tobacco Road (Live).

  • Johnny Winters awesome speed in Sound the Bell 1987 Sweden in a tv studio


    Johnny is showing some of his famous licks here....

  • Johnny Winter Johnny B. Good 1984


    Johnny Winter Johnny B. Good 1984 Montruex

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  • Johnny Winter - Mean Town Blues ᴴᴰ


    Johnny Winter - Mama Talk To Your Daughter:

  • Johnny Winter - Old Grey Whistle Test 1979 - Full Concert


    Johnny Winter - Old Grey Whistle Test 1979 - Full Concert
    Nice Concert with Jon Paris and Bobby Torello.
    I don't own the rights!

    setlist :
    _ 00:00 Hideway
    _ 09:50 Messin with the kid
    _ 14:14 Mississipi blues
    _ 24:31 Walking by myself
    _ 31:33 Rock'n roll + Slide medley

  • 5 Johnny Winter Blues Riffs | Reverb Learn to Play


    Jeff Massey breaks down five lightning-fast blues licks inspired by Texas blues great Johnny Winter that you can incorporate into your playing.

    Read more on Reverb:

  • Johnny Winter - Death Letter


    ©2016 Megaforce Records

    Published on Dec 16, 2015

    Final film of Johnny's life to be released March 4, 2016 with extensive bonus content. Pre-order:

  • Johnny Winter - Mississippi Blues


    One of the world's greatest contemporary blues artists.

    In the words of Sam Phillips, originator of Sun Records - The essence of the blues can not be written as a score, it must come spontaneously from within

  • Johnny Winter - Mean Town Blues


    Johnny Winter - Mean Town Blues (1970)

  • Johnny Winter - Johnny B Goode


    Johnny Winter on Letterman

  • Johnny Winter - Live From Montreux


    Johnny Winter
    Live From Montreux Jazz Festival 1970

    Line Up:
    Johnny Winter on guitar
    Uncle John Turner on drums
    Tommy Shannon on bass

    - Johnny B. Goode 00:00
    - Mean Mistreater 03:48
    - Black Cat Bone 14:55
    - Help Me 20:32
    - Talk To Your Daughter 24:58
    - Mean Town Blues 29:42

  • Sweet Home Chicago


    Sweet Home Chicago is a popular blues standard in the twelve bar form. It was first recorded and is credited to have been written by Robert Johnson. Over the years the song has become one of the most popular anthems for the city of Chicago despite ambiguity in Johnson's original lyrics.

  • Johnny Winter - Live @ Massey Hall, Toronto 1983!


    This is a killer video of Johnny Winter performing live at Toronto's Massey Hall in 1983.With Johnny on guitar and vocals, John Paris on bass, harmonica and vocals and Bobby Turello on drums they burn through the following set list:
    Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo
    Stranger in Town
    Unseen Eye
    Sweet Papa John
    Highway 61 Revisited
    Mean Town Blues / Rollin' and Tumblin'
    Johnny Be Goode
    It's All Over Now
    This is a great show! If you like Johnny, you don't want to miss this one!

    Johnny is currently on tour promoting his new release, Roots. Go buy a copy of the new CD, I''m sure it kicks butt and go see Johnny when he comes to your town (I'm going tomorrow night, can't wait). This man is a true American legend! Support him and his music any way that you can! This clip is brought to you for your entertainment and educational purposes from The Rev. Bob Archives! Always be excellent to each other and enjoy the show! Thanks for watching!

    The music and videos that I post on my channel are being offered free for the promotion of the artist that made the music and the enjoyment and education of fans of the music everywhere. No money is being asked for these performances. These are being posted for free. All credit will be fully given to any and all artist involved in the making of said video. These videos are being offered under the Fair Use And Free Trade Act for music lovers everywhere to enjoy and learn from. Special thank you's to any and all artist that made said video. You make the world a better place for all of us.

  • Muddy Waters feat. Johnny Winter - Chicago Fest 1981


    Muddy Waters feat. Johnny Winter - Live At The Chicago Fest 1981

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  • Johnny Winter Blues Lesson


    Johnny Winter Blues Lesson

  • Johnny Winter - Stray Cat Blues


    from Saints and Sinners

  • Live from Nerdville w/Joe Bonamassa | Johnny Winter


    Joe Bonamassa is back to talk about Johnny Winter and the impact he has had on the guitar community!


    All Guitar Network:
    Joe Bonamassa:



  • Johnny and Edgar Winter - Fast Life Rider


    denmark, 1970.

  • Johnny Winter - Mama Talk To Your Daughter ᴴᴰ


    Mean Town Blues:

  • Frankenstein - The Edgar Winter Group


    Frankenstein was a rock instrumental by The Edgar Winter Group from their album They Only Come Out At Night. In live performances of the song, Edgar Winter further pioneered the advancement of the synthesizer as a lead instrument by becoming the first person ever to strap a keyboard instrument around his neck, giving him the on-stage mobility and audience interaction of guitar players. The song topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart for a week starting in May 1973, and sold over one million copies. The song's title, coined by the band's drummer Chuck Ruff, derives from the fact that the original recording of the song was much longer than the final version, as the band would often deviate from the arrangement into less structured jams. The track required numerous edits to shorten it. The end result was pieced together from many different sections of recording tape using a razor blade and splicing tape. Winter frequently refers to the appropriateness of the name also in relation to its monster-like, lumbering beat. Winter played many of the instruments on the track, including keyboards, saxophone and timbales. As the album's only instrumental cut, the song was not initially intended to be on the release, and was only included on a whim as a last-minute addition. It was originally released as the B-side to Hangin' Around, but the two were soon reversed by the label when disc jockeys nationwide were inundated with phone calls and realized this was the hit. The song features a double drum solo, with Ruff on drums and Winter on percussion. In fact, the working title of the song was The Double Drum Solo. The song was actually performed three years previously when Edgar was playing with his older brother Johnny Winter at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970. They Only Come Out At Night was the fourth studio album by The Edgar Winter Group. It went to No. 3 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart, eventually selling two million copies. Edgar Holland Winter (born December 28, 1947), is an American musician. Winter is a multi-instrumentalist, performing on the keyboards, and as a vocalist, saxophonist and percussionist, well-versed in jazz, blues and rock. He was most successful in the 1970s with his band, The Edgar Winter Group. He is easily recognized by his albinism. After recording with his brother, Johnny, Edgar was signed to his own Epic Records contract in 1970 and recorded two R&B flavored albums, Entrance and Edgar Winter's White Trash. In 1972 he formed The Edgar Winter Group, which included Dan Hartman, former Sawbuck members Ronnie Montrose and Chuck Ruff and later included the band's producer Rick Derringer in place of Montrose. It was with this band that Winter had his biggest success with the album They Only Come Out At Night. During performances, Winter showed his virtuosity by performing on the keyboards, synthesizer, saxophone, and drums, all within the confines of the single song Frankenstein on stage. Both They Only Come Out At Night and Frankenstein each were awarded gold discs by the R.I.A.A. in 1973. This channel is dedicated to the classic rock hits that have become part of the history of our culture. The incredible AOR tracks that define music from the late 60s, the 70s and the early 80s . . . Classic Rock is here!

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    Copyright 1972 Epic Records
    All Rights Reserved

  • Johnny Winter - A Lot of Bad Smells


    An exclusive series of Living Legends Music interviews with Johnny Winter. Part 1 of 5. Recorded on November 20th, 2008 at the Seawalk Hotel in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

  • Johnny Winter - I Smell Smoke


  • Edgar Winter Tobacco Road Live at Rockpalast 2007 Part One


    Edgar Winter : Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone
    Doug Rappoport: Guitar
    Mark Meadows : Bass
    Antonio Pia : Drums

  • Johnny Winter / Mean Town Blues


    Fast Version

  • Johnny Winter - Highway 61 Revisited Live 2007 @ Crossroads Festival


    Johnny Winter - Highway 61 Revisited Live 2007 @ Crossroads Festival

  • Johnny Winter - Be Careful with a Fool


    Music video by Johnny Winter performing Be Careful with a Fool (audio). Originally released 1969. All rights reserved by Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

  • Johnny Winter / Bony moronie



  • Johnny Winter - Dust My Broom .mp4


    Tube fell down........ this happens. Did somebody gave it back to him during playing? Or did they mix the performance?

  • Johnny Winter - Mojo Boogie, Sweden 1987


    Johnny Winter - Mojo Boogie, Sweden 1987

  • Johnny Winter - Life Is Hard


    Life Is Hard Lyrics
    Johnny Winter

    Life ain't easy
    It's a long, hard, rocky road
    Well it's dog, dog eat dog
    And survival of the fittest so I'm told
    No matter how you try
    Life is hard and then you die

    This old world is a tangle
    You can't trust your closest friend
    You know the devil wears a blue dress
    And she's out to get you in the end
    I can't count the tears I cried
    Life is hard and then you die

    Yeah, it's hard...

    Got their own cross to bear
    Black or white, rich or poor
    You know the blues is everywhere (everywhere)
    Just keep reachin' for the sky
    Life is hard and then you die

  • Johnny Winter And / Live


    『Good Morning Little School Girl』『It's My Own Fault』『Jumpin' Jack Flash』

  • British guitarist reacts to Johnny Winter from 1970. Ahead of his time? Definitely.


    Johnny Winter was playing some seriously cool lines... in the late 60's! We're going all the way back to 1970 for tonight's analysis video to see some of that playing in action.
    Original Video -

    For more, check out my other sites!

    Twitter - @wingsofpegasus
    Insta - @wingsofpegasusofficial

  • JOHNNY WINTER - Still Alive And Well


    JOHNNY WINTER - Still Alive And Well
    ALBUM Still Alive And Well (1973)
    Still Alive and Well is an album by blues rock guitarist and singer Johnny Winter. It was his fifth studio album, and his first since Johnny Winter And almost three years earlier. It was released by Columbia Records in 1973.
    Many of the songs on the album have a more rock-oriented power trio sound, with Randy Jo Hobbs playing bass and Richard Hughes on drums.Rick Derringer, who produced, plays guitar on three tracks.

  • Johnny Winter - All Tore Down


    Johnny Winter - All Tore Down,
    from Still Alive And Well 1973

  • Johnny Winter - Aint nothing to me




    Great song!
    Love this so much!!!
    One of my favorites.
    Lyrics・Music:RICK DERRINGER

  • Johnny Winter Inspired Lick • Wildwood Guitars


    Schweedle schweedle schweedle whoooooaaaaa, hold on there! Join us for another episode of the Wildwood Minute with Greg Koch as he takes us down the road of Johnny Winter and this 100 mph riff!!! This one is a keeper, friend, I tell you what!




    Live from Essen, Germany. April 21, 1979. (*) Jon Paris (Bass) and
    Bobby Torello (Drums).

  • Johnny Winter-Winter Ballad


    Johnny Winter from 1970, filmed in Upstate New York. Clip is from a French TV show. Only video I ever saw with Johnny playing a National ghee-tar.

  • Johnny Winter - Walkin` By Myself


  • Johnny Winter - Fast Life Rider - Live



  • johnny winter live in Holland 2010 Hideaway


    Legend Johnny hits the stage

  • Johnny Winter - Messing with the Kid


    Old Grey Whistle Test 1979.

    Johnny Winter - Guitar, Vocals
    Jon Paris - Bass
    Bobby Torello - Drums

  • Johnny Winter - Too Much Seconal


    Still Alive And Well



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