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Playlist of Johnny Hiland

  • Johnny Hiland - Bluesberry Jam


    Johnny Hiland put on a masterful performance at the 2018 Dallas International Guitar Festival

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  • Johnny Hiland and Brent Mason - Workin Man Blues


    This is from Johnny Hiland's A Benefit for Inspire Nashville. Shot at Douglas Corner in Nashville, March 11, 2016.

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  • Kiesel Guitars - Johnny Hiland - Solo S6H Guitar


    Johnny Hiland, one of the newest members of the Kiesel Family, gives you a run down and some sound examples of his Solo S6H Guitar.

    For more information on the Solo guitar, call our custom shop experts at (858) GUITARS
    or click below:

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  • Johnny Hiland Guitar Lesson - #2 Working Man Blues Rhythm


    DOWNLOAD NOW w/ tab:

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  • Johnny Hiland - Slow Blues


    Johnny Hiland shows off some true guitar wizardry on this slow blues at the Dallas International Guitar Festival 4/21/13. With Tim McDonald on keyboards.

  • Rig Rundown - Johnny Hiland


    Article and photos:

    High above the Nashville skyline, guitar slinger Johnny Hiland met with PG’s John Bohlinger for a pre-show Rig Rundown. Hiland showed off a diverse cache of 6-strings, two cool amps and a larger—yet practical—board that makes for a killer setup for both the studio and live gigs.

    Hiland’s current No. 1 is his 1998 Music Man Axis Sport loaded with his signature Six Shooter pickups from Electric City Pickups and custom wiring harness from Martin Six String Customs.

    This is Hiland’s 2010 Music Man Silhouette that also features the Six Shooter pickups and custom wiring harness. Between the middle and neck pickups sits a RunBarr by Easy Roll Guitar Methods. It acts as a pickguard in order to help your picking technique on speed picking and sweep arpeggios. Each of Hiland’s guitars are strung with Elixir Nanoweb (.009–.042) strings.

    To continue learning about Johnny's gear, visit:

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  • Johnny Hiland Live at Crossroads, Nashville - part 1


    You can see more video clips at the following page. 

  • British guitarist reacts to Johnny Hilands IMMENSE technical versatility!


    Tonight I'm taking a look at Johnny Hiland playing some slow blues!
    Original video -

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  • SNAMM 18 - Kiesel Guitars Johnny Hiland Signature Demo


    More SNAMM '18 coverage:

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  • Thats Alright Mama - by Johnny Hiland at the 2016 Dallas International Guitar Show


    That's Alright Mama - Performed by Johnny Hiland at the 2016 Dallas International Guitar Show 01 Day 2 4-30-16

    Johnny Hiland (guitar & vocals), Mike Barrow (guitar), T.J. Armstrong (bass), Bruce Guthrie (Drums)
    Johnny Hiland

    You might think that being legally blind would be a hindrance to learning to play guitar, but Johnny Hiland’s incredible guitar virtuosity is evidence that this isn’t the case. Though this must have been somewhat of a challenge to overcome while initially learning to play, he took up the guitar at the very young age of 2. He won the “Talent America Contest” in New York City when he was only 10. Until he turned 15 he played in a bluegrass band with his sister, Jodi, and brother, Jerry. They called themselves “The 3 J’s.”

    He became interesting in a wider range of music in high school, particularly the great rock guitarists, among them Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani. He then attended the University of Southern Maine while studying history. The pull of performing music professionally turned out to be too strong to resist and he dropped out after 3 years to move to Nashville. Soon after arriving there he attracted attention while playing local clubs. He was the first Nashville musician to be offered an endorsement deal from Fender without first being signed to a label.

    In a bid to win Hiland attention, his manager called Steve Vai and left a demo of his on Via’s voicemail. This earned Hiland a record deal on Vai’s Favored Nations record label. He worked for two years preparing his self-titled debut album, which was comprised of country and rock instrumentals and released in 2004. He has also become a successful session guitarists for well-known artists such as Ricky Skaggs, Toby Keith, and Randy Travis.

    Other than his love of performing, Hiland has found a passion for instructing others on how to play. In 2014 teamed up with Truefire to release a series of instructional videos titled “Ten Gallon Guitar”. He also owns a studio that he uses to produce other musicians as well as record session guitar tracks for various artists.

    We’re sure you’ll see in these performances from the Dallas International Guitar Festival in 2016, that Hiland is on a plane all his own. He is the modern king of chicken pickin’ guitar playing.

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  • Johnny Hiland Chicken Pickin at the Gig-FX Booth NAMM





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  • Johnny Hiland Guitar Lesson - #3 Chicken Pickin - Ten Gallon Guitar


    Download Full Course:
    Johnny Hiland:
    More Guitar Lessons:

  • Johnny Hilands 20 Favourite Country Licks! |


    Johnny Hiland's 20 Favourite Country Licks!

    Download Link:

    JTC is incredibly pleased to bring you Nashville guitarist and Shrapnel Records artist Johnny Hiland’s first 20 Licks release!

    'I will tell you this folks, these 20 licks will change your chicken picking life, that's for sure! – Johnny Hiland'

    Johnny is a world renowned and prestigious country, rock, blues and bluegrass guitarist so when it comes to laying down some tasty country licks, this is the man you need to turn to!

    Whether you are a seasoned country professional, or you'd like to take your first steps into the wide world of country guitar, this is THE pack that you need to download. Each lick comes complete with fast/slow videos, audio and bonus notes to help you pick apart and learn exactly how to achieve your favourite country guitar solos. Choosing DELUXE will equip you with 20 great breakdown lessons taught by Johnny himself, where he guides you through every note and technique to help you master these classic country licks.

    Johnny says 'I have had an absolute blast making this package for you guys to learn. These are my favourite country licks that I use, and with this package we are going to study them one by one so that you can start using them in your own playing too! I want to say a big thanks to my studio engineer Jay Buchanan for all of his hard work, Jim Lightman for the studio access, and Steve Hardesty for the wonderful video work! I could not have done this without them, and I hope this series brings everyone a whole load of guitar picking fun!'

    Inside these licks you will find plenty of country techniques such as double stops, chicken picking, multiple types of country bends and slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs, open string licks, chromatic passing tones and rich melodic country themes.

    On the theory front you can expect to be working with Mixolydian scales, Pentatonic scales and the Blues scale amongst others. In the second half of the licks (over a Western Swing track) Johnny also takes a more jazz approach to his lines and hints at Super-Locrian scales, Diminished 7th arpeggios, and half/whole Diminished scales.

    Don't let the theory scare you though, as these licks are just as applicable for jamming even if you don't understand the scales behind the licks. We have 2 great jamtracks included in this package - one upbeat country track in A and a western swing track in G. So for an absolute bargain price of £19.99 (DELUXE) you can put all of these fantastic country licks to great use and enrich your guitar playing forever!

    As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.

    Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

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  • Johnny Hiland Workin Man Blues / Winter ASGN 2010


    Johnny Hiland, Stu Hamm and Danny Gottlieb play a cover of Merle Haggard's Workin' Man Blues during Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night charity event at the OC Pavilion Theater in Santa Ana, CA.

    Much more on

  • Barnyard Breakdown


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Barnyard Breakdown · Johnny Hiland

    All Fired Up

    ℗ 2011 Shrapnel Records, Inc.

    Released on: 2011-01-04

    Music Publisher: Varney Metal Music Co. BMI

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Johnny Hiland | In Laymans Terms


    LIVE FROM LAYMAN presents

    Johnny Hiland | In Layman's Terms

    Johnny Hiland, Guitar
    T.J. Armstrong, Bass
    Bruce Guttridge, Drums

    Recorded Live at Layman Drug Company, Oct. 25, 2017.

    More LIVE FROM LAYMAN sessions at:

    Promotional Consideration provided by AEA MICROPHONES

    Production Company: Bucket's Moving Company

    Director and Editor: Alex Chaloff
    Camera Operator: Tyler Barksdale
    Recording and Mix Engineer: Alex Chaloff
    Assistant Engineer: Will Powell

  • Glenn Proudfoot - Gatton. ft Johnny Hiland.


    'GATTON' by Glenn Proudfoot from the album 'INEFFABLE'
    Available now at
    iTunes US store:
    Also available on CD at:
    Film clip for the track 'GATTON' Shot, edited and produced by Peter 'Reggie' Bowman, Screamlouder Productions.
    Guitars: Glenn Proudfoot, Johnny Hiland
    Drums: Lucius Borich
    Bass: Peter Bowman
    Written by: Glenn Proudfoot.
    Produced & Engineered by: Proudfoot/Bowman.
    Mixed by Peter 'Reggie' Bowman at Screamlouder ProductionsMastered by Cameron Mitchell at:

  • Johnny Hiland Slow Blues


    Johnny Hiland performs Slow Blues at Sweet Water Ft Wayne IN with the Johnny Hiland Band .. Mike Hill -Bass .. Cody Leppo -Drums

  • In the Studio with Johnny Hiland - Sweetwater Studios


    This video takes you behind the scenes as guitar ace Johnny Hiland crafts a track, which he wrote on the spot, in Sweetwater's Studio A. He jams on a Wechter Nashville Special Elite Cutaway, a Fender American Standard Jazz Bass, and a PRS Custom 24.

    Fender American Standard Jazz Bass:

    PRS Custom 24:

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  • Johnny Hiland and Sammy Hagar at Tahoe Wabo


    This is Johnny Hiland with Sammy at Tahoe Wabo Grand Opening. Johnny can play almost any genre really really well. He plays country on our last Jennifer Brantley CD Breakdown One song titled Sound of Lonely really stands out and also features Sonny Garrish on steel. It's on itunes if you care to check it out. He also played on Hank 3's last CD too

  • Chicken Pickin - Johnny Hiland solo by Asa


    I love Johnny HIland's playing don't you? what an amazing player!
    So here's a solo by JH played by yours truly!
    Backing track by
    I recorded this direct using the Strymon IRIDIUM amp & cab IR pedal.

    Gear used:
    - Suhr Classic T Custom with Van Zandt pickups
    - Origin Effects Cali76
    - Xotic RC Booster
    - Catalinbread Belle Epoch tape echo
    - Strymon FLINT
    - Strymon IRIDIUM
    - UAD Apollo Twin
    - Recorded in UAD LUNA

  • Johnny Hiland Guitar Lesson - #3 Modern Country Techniques


    DOWNLOAD NOW w/ tab:

  • Johnny Hiland Band Until We Meet Again / Summer ASGN 09


    The Johnny Hiland Band performs an original song from their debut album, titled Until We Meet Again, during Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night charity event at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN.

    Much more on

  • Johnny Hiland - Thats Alright Mama


    Johnny Hiland singing That's Alright Mama. Yes this guy can sing too.

  • Desiree jams with Johnny Hiland


    Desiree' meets Johnny Hiland and jams with him in a private session at Beller's Music in Manchester, CT. What an amazing player and human being Johnny Is. Thank you Bear and Tony for making this happen

    Merch and CDs:

    Where to find me:

  • 2009 Dallas Guitar festival closing number - Johnny Hiland - Call Me the Breeze


    The final song. JHB had the honor of closing the Festival this year with this crunchin' cover of the JJ Cale classic. The band really cooks on this one. This performance provides an illustration of what one really great guitarist and technique can accomplish vs. three average ones......sometimes less is more. Uh comes the lame Skynyrd offense intended, I'm just making an observation and this is a great interpretation regardless.

  • Johnny Hiland - Orange Blossom Special


    Johnny Hiland - Orange Blossom Special (instrumental).

  • Johnny Hiland Honky Tonk Night Time Man / Winter ASGN 2010


    Johnny Hiland, Stu Hamm and Danny Gottlieb play a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Honky Tonk Night Time Man during Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night charity event at the OC Pavilion Theater in Santa Ana, CA.

    This and more at

  • Johnny Hiland Chicken Pickn With JHS


    Chicken Pickin' legend, Johnny Hiland, walks through the essential effects for your Chicken Pickin' tone. And there may be a point in the video when there is some country shredding through an Angry Charlie...but you'll have to watch to find out.

    For more info on the pedals:

  • Johnny Hiland creating the StarJam Loop Johnnys Jam


    Johnny Hiland creates his Johnny's Jam Loop for Ditto X2 Looper pedal.

    Learn more about StarJam Loops:



    Johnny Hiland doing some Country Pickin!

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  • Johnny Hiland amazing guitar solo


    Johnny Hiland amazing guitar solo (Truck Driving Man)

  • Johnny Hiland slow blues jam-2009 Dallas Guitar Festival


    This year the JHB had the honor of closing the festival with a blistering Sunday twilight set outside. Here's a killer slow bluz instrumental that was one of the highlights of his show and the festival. Tone to the bone on this one and some relatively rare slide. Even Solon looks like he's diggin' it :-) Sorry Cody, couldn't get your face in the video again. Buy the new CD and support this accomplished band. Johnny said they may be coming back to Texas soon.........bring it on, we need more.

  • Johnny Hiland Guitar Lesson - #7 Open String Licks - Ten Gallon Guitar


    Download Full Course:
    Johnny Hiland:
    More Guitar Lessons:

  • Johnny Hiland at Namm 2009 playing my tele


    Johnny Hilland playing my guitar at the Simple Amps booth.

  • Johnny Hiland Experience PRS 2008


    This was captured at the Experience PRS 2008. This was Johnny's Chickin Pickin demo while he was going over his Johnny Hiland Artist model. Mike Ault is also featured, as well as the Grainger brothers on bass and drums.

  • Johnny Hiland - Swinging the Strings


    'Johnny Hiland' (Country Rock, USA, 2004)

    -Johnny Hiland: guitars
    -Pat Torpey: drums
    -Billy Sheehan: bass
    -Bill Holloman: saxophone, keyboards

  • Johnny Hiland & Albert Lee at the Ernie Ball/Music Man Show at Summer NAMM 2016


    Guitar Masters Johnny Hiland and Albert Lee perform for a packed house at the Ernie Ball/Music Man Show at Nashville's Mercy Lounge during Summer NAMM 2016.

    For info and booking for Johnny Hiland, please contact John Haring at Crush Worldwide, Inc. -

    Thank you Chris Dunnett for shooting the video.

  • Call Me the Breeze


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Call Me the Breeze · Johnny Hiland

    Standing Strong

    ℗ 2017 Johnny Hiland

    Released on: 2017-08-15

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Johnny Hiland Fatty Arbucker


    Johnny Hiland playing his ECP Fatty Arbucker and MSSC wiring harness equipped Comins Jazz guitar.

  • Country-Tele: In The Style of Johnny Hiland


    Download backingtrack & tabs here:

    This is a cover of In Your Face made by Johhny Hiland.
    You can find it on his CD called Johnny Hiland. An amazing CD for pickers...highly recommendable.

    Being able to make this video was a long & hard goal for me to reach. Climbing the Hiland speed-picker wall took me 4 months and many crises during that period. Each day with at least 1-2 hours of practice.

    This edition is only 95 % of the original speed (115BPM).
    And even then I had to remove some of his ultrafast no open strings licks and change those into something I could handle. Some may advise me to play it at slower speed..but I felt it would spoil the characteristics - but for sure tones and precision may be better at a lower BPM. But I opted that out.

    I also had to switch to using thumbpick - and found out I needed to re-invent a thumbpick that suited me, - and THEN LEARN to use it.

    Also I had to get 2 acrylic nails set on my picking fingers, - AND THEN LEARN to USE them.

    I had to totally re-invent my gear-setup - make many recordings and decide on how to get the best sound. One thing for sure is that a Tele cannot entirely sound like his PRS guitar. The PRS guitar has a somewhat more midrange heavy output.

    When I saw this video myself first time I instantly thought That looks like it is very easy to play. But I am telling you - I may look relaxed - but in my head there's a buzzing of (what's left) brain cells trying to keep up with the song.

    I felt I had to make a video-take more showing my picking hand as a picture-in-picture, to give you a chance to see what goes on under that hand.

    I would like to thank Dave Shapiro who has made the tabs / transcription to In Your Face. You can find other good tabs made by Dave on

    Also a big thanks to Kevin (Kevland1 here & Ormond on TDPRI) for being my Tele-mentor & Tele-shrink during these months. Whenever I felt like I hit the Hiland wall - he gave me a kick and made me go for it again.

    Keep Picking and upload your stuff :-) / Cheers

  • All Fired Up Johnny Hiland Band Live @ Crossroads


    All Fired Up Johnny Hiland Band Live @ Crossroads Johnny performs the title track of his new CD ALL FIRED UP

  • Thats allright mama - Johnny Hiland


    quel guitariste !! mon regretté chum Johnny Larivière avais capoté sur ce clip là ....

  • Johnny Hiland - Fast Country Blues


    Johnny Hiland Band - Santa Rosa, CA 1/13/2012

  • Johnny Hiland Guitar Lesson - Working Man in A Turnaround Breakdown - Ten Gallon Guitar


    Download all Johnny Hiland guitar lessons with tab, notation, jam tracks, slo-mo, looping, and more:

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    Learning Paths:
    In The Jam:
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    Jam Tracks:
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  • Keeley Electronics - Johnny Hiland Dallas International Guitar Festival 2018


    Here's the first video of our series from the Dallas International Guitar Festival. Johnny Hiland stopped by the booth to try out the Compressor Plus, Super Phat Mod, El Rey Dorado, Aria Compressor and Drive, Dark Side Workstation, and Omni Reverb. He used his Kiesel guitar and a Supro amp.

  • Johnny Hiland - In Your Face Guitar Cover


    Hope y'all have been dialing in some solid quarantones lately. How about this one using the Neural DSP Abasi amp sim on a little Johnny Hiland?

    My new 20 Licks Pack is available now on JTC Guitar! Get it here:

    #johnnyhiland #inyourface #neuraldsp

  • Johnny Hiland - Celtic Country


    'Johnny Hiland' (Country/Rock/Shred, USA, 2004)

    -Johnny Hiland: guitars
    -Pat Torpey: drums
    -Billy Sheehan: bass
    -Bill Holloman: saxophone, keyboards

  • Johnny Hiland Band Train / Summer ASGN 09


    The Johnny Hiland Band performs a request song to close out Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night charity event at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN.

    Much more on



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