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Playlist of Johnny Copeland

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    Johnny Copeland - Devils Hand


    Ohne Filter, Germany. 1984

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    Stevie Ray Vaughan Tin Pan Alley


    SRV - Live At Montreux 1985

    Tin Pan Alley

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    Johnny Copeland on acoustic guitar: Flying High


    MICHAEL ROACH Piedmont Blues, fingerpicking, slide ¡y más!
    Próximo 12 de Febrero en Madrid (Clamores, 21.00 horas).
    14 Febrero en Gijón (Sala Memphis).

    Entradas en:

    SOLO BLUES 30 Aniversario. Sólo el artículo genuino.

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    Johnny Copeland - Live at the Lone Star Cafe, NYC 1991


    Track list:

    Cut My Right Arm-
    Honky Tonkin'-
    Love Her With A Feeling-
    Texas Party
    I De Go Now
    Nobody But You

    Solo acoustic set

    Bring Your Fine Self Home
    -Down Home Blues

    with Johnnie Johnson

    That's Alright/Matchbox Blues/One Room Country Sack/Tin Pan Alley/Rock Me Baby

    full-band with Johnnie Johnson

    -Down Home Blues

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    Stevie Ray Vaughan Feat. Johnny Copeland - Look At Little Sister - Montreux 1985


    From the DVD-Set Live At Montreux

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    Stevie Ray Vaughn & Johnny Copeland - Cold Shot


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    Johnny Copeland - Old Man Blues.wmv


    When The Rain Starts Fallin'
    Personnel includes: Johnny Copeland (vocals, guitar); John Liebman, Richie Fiegler, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joel Perry, Jimmy Hyacinthe, Ken Pino (guitar); Brooklyn Slim (harmonica); George Adams (soprano & tenor saxophones); Joe Rigby (alto, tenor & baritone saxophones); Byard Lancaster (alto & tenor saxophones); Sam Furnace (alto & baritone saxophone); Kotti Assale (alto saxophone); Greg Alper, Arthur Blythe, Bert McGowen (tenor saxophone); John Pratt, Ben Bierman, Yusef Yancey (trumpet); Garrett List, Bill Ohashi, George Lewis (trombone); Ken Vangel (piano); Anthony Brown (organ); Don Whitcomb, Michael Merritt, Brian Miller (bass); Candy McDonald, Jimmy Wormworth (drums); Michael Finlayson, Halial, Jean Claude Kungnon (percussion).

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    Johnny Copeland - Ghetto Child


    Johnny Clyde Copeland - The Texas Twister feelin' it! Ghetto Child off of Ghetto Child

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    Johnny Copeland


    Johnny Copeland at: San Antonio '88

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    Johnny Copeland - Copeland Special 1981


    Johnny Copeland - Copeland Special ( Texas Twister ) 1981
    CD, Compilation 1986

    I do not own anything all rights reserved to Johnny Copeland , this video is for entertainment purposes only, i own nothing !

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    Johnny Copeland: Honky Tonkin


    El maestro del soul-blues tejano, con uno de esos demoledores lentos que hacían subir la temperatura en sus inolvidables conciertos.
    ------------------ ooooOOOoooo -----------------

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    JOHNNY COPELAND - Blues Aint Nothin 1989


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    Johnny Copeland & Steve Morse - Midnight Fantasy


    Germany. 1994

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    Johnny Copeland - Texas Twister


    I do not own copyright of the songs.
    Copyright belongs to artists and company.
    For More Jazz / Blues / Rock / Soul / Greek Music,
    check my channel

    Vinyl Rip From The Original LP (1991)

    1. MIDNIGHT FANTASY [0:00]
    2. NORTH CAROLINA [3:01]
    3. DON'T STOP BY THE CREEK, SON [6:28]
    4. EXCUSES [10:31]
    5. JESSANNE [13:58]
    6. HOUSTON [19:59]
    8. I DE GO NOW [27:41]
    9. EARLY IN THE MORNING [34:32]

    JOHNNY COPELAND : guitar & vocals
    KEN VANGEL : piano
    BEN BIERMAN : trumpet
    SAM FURNACE : alto & baritone saxes
    GEORGE LEWIS : trombone
    BERT McGOWAN : tenor sax
    BRIAN MILLER : bass
    JOEL PERRY : rhythm guitar
    STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN : guitar on #3, #7
    ARCHIE SHEPP : tenor on #2

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    Johnny Copeland - Houston


    Johnny Copeland recorded this tune with Stevie Ray Vaughan for his third Rounder album, Texas Twister (1983). This live cover is not bad either!

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    British guitarist analyses Johnny Copelands SOULFUL blues in 1984!


    Tonight I'm taking a look at Johnny Copeland laying down the blues!
    Original video -

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    Johnny Copeland - Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me


    Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me (Johnny Copeland) - Live in Montreux on July 16th, 1983

    Johnny Copeland - Guitar & Vocals
    Ben Bierman - Trumpet
    Bert McGowan - Sax
    Ken Vangel - Piano
    Brian Miller - Bass
    James Wormworth - Drums

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    Johnny Clyde Copeland - Greater Man!


    Leverkusener. Germany. JAZZTAGE 1994.

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    Johnny Copeland - Every Dog Has His Day


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    Stevie Ray Vaughan Tin Pan Alley Reaction


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    Johnny Copeland - Let Me Cry


    from the album Ghetto Child (2003)

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    Some of the hottest Texas Blues: Johnny Copeland in 1984


    SOLO BLUES 30 Aniversario. Sólo el artículo genuino.

    MICHAEL ROACH Piedmont Blues
    Próximo 12 de Febrero en Madrid (Clamores, 21.00 horas).
    14 febrero en Gijón (Sala Memphis).

    Entradas en:

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    Johnny Copeland , Albert Collins / Bring Your Fine Self Home


    Showdown ! (With Robert Cray)

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    Johnny Copeland - Old Man Blues


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    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tin Pan Alley REACTION!!!


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    Tumblin Dice - Johnny Copeland


    From the House of Blues

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    Stevie Ray Vaughan Tin Pan Alley | REACTION


    Stevie Ray Vaughan Tin Pan Alley (with Johnny Copeland) | REACTION

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    Metalhead Reacts To Stevie Ray Vaughan


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    Stevie Ray Vaughan (Ft. Johnny Copeland) - Tin Pan Alley (Live At Montreux 1985)

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    Johnny Copeland - Live complete German TV show Ohne Filter 1984


    i delete the video, if sombody owns any rights, but i thought its worth watching anyway

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    JOHNNY COPELAND - Claim Jumper


    From LP ''Copeland Special '' 1981 [Rounder Records ‎– 2025, US]
    Alto Saxophone – Arthur Blythe
    Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Byard Lancaster
    Baritone Saxophone – Joe Rigby
    Bass – Don Whitcomb
    Drums – Candy McDonald (tracks: A1, A3, A5), Julian Vaughn (tracks: B2), Mansfield Hitchman (tracks: A2, A4, B1, B3 to B5)
    Guitar – John Leibman
    Guitar, Vocals – Johnny Copeland
    Harmonica – Brooklyn Slim (tracks: A4)
    Organ – Anthony Browne (tracks: A2, A5)
    Piano – Ken Vangel
    Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – George Adams
    Trombone – Bill Ohashi, Garrett List
    Trumpet – John Pratt, Yusef Yancey

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    Shemekia Copeland - Ghetto Child


    Shemekia Copeland performing Ghetto Child from her Alligator Records debut, TURN THE HEAT UP, at the 36th Annual Rawa Blues Festival in Katowice, Poland (10/1/2017).

    For additional info see

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    Johnny Copeland Orchestra - Atmosphere Strutt


    Johnny Copeland (Cloud One) Orchestra - Atmosphere Strutt

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    Johnny Copeland & His Soul Agents - Soul power


    By Johnny Copeland
    Blues & Soul Power
    Produced by the TCB Production Inc.
    Arranged by James Hensley
    Originally released on Kent 4534
    Album Compiled by Adrian Croasdell
    Post Production by Adam Skeaping and John Hadden
    Artwork by Phil Smee at Waldos
    Design by Artheft
    Liner notes Harbro Horace
    Kent KENT068

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    Johnny Copeland ‎– Boom Boom


    Full Vinyl Album: Johnny Copeland ‎– Boom Boom 1989

    1 Nobody But You 0:00
    2 Daily Bread 3:48
    3 Texas Party 7:54
    4 Flamin' Mamie 10:39
    5 Pie In The Sky 14:43
    6 I Was Born All Over 18:08
    7 Cut Off My Right Arm 22:55
    8 Beat The Boom Boom Baby 27:04
    9 Blues Ain't Nothin' 32:03

    All Tracks By Johnny Copeland
    Produced By Ken Vangel & Dan Doyle

    Johnny Copeland: Vocals & Guitar
    Ken Vangel: Keys
    Ken Pino: Guitar (Lead on 2)
    Michael Merritt: Bass
    Dwayne “Cook” Broadnax: Drums
    Joel Perry: Rhythm Guitar (Special Guest)

    I do not have the rights for the music and photos.
    I hope to enjoy with this!

    (In ancient Greek “onos” meaning donkey.)

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    Johnny Copeland - Dedicated To The Greatest


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    Johnny Copeland ~ Cut Off My Right Arm Live In Australia 1990


    Modern Electric Texas Blues 1990
    Live In Australia
    Enjoy , my friends !!!
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    Stevie Ray Vaughan & Johnny Copeland - Juneteenth Festival 1985


    Juneteenth, Houston, TX, June 16, 1985, professional shot.

    Sitting in with Johnny Copeland.

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    Johnny Copeland - Houston


    Ohne Filter, Germany 1994.

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    Johnny Copeland ~ Old Man Blues & Honky Tonkin 1982


    Modern Electric Texas Blues 1982
    Enjoy , my friends !!!
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    The videos are purely for entertainment and recreational purposes.
    No Copyright infringement intended!
    All rights go to their rightful owners.
    I do not own the rights of the music.
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    JOHNNY COPELAND - Down On Bended Knee 1981


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    Stevie Ray Vaughan with Johnny Copeland Montreux 1985 - Dont Stop by the Creek, Son


    Stevie Ray Vaughan with Johnny Copeland Montreux 1985 - Don't Stop by the Creek, Son. Officially unreleased anywhere.

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    Johnny Clyde Copeland Lifes Rainbow YouTube xvid


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    Johnny Copeland - Nobody But You


    Live at Lone Star Café, NYC. 1991.

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    Johnny Copeland Im Going To Make My Home Where I Hang My Hat


    I do not own the copyright to this recording. This video is for historical and educational purposes only.

    Composed by Johnny Copeland

    Johnny Copeland:Vocal & Guitar

    Joey Long:Guitar

    Other musicians unknown

    Recorded in Houston, TX. 1965

    Originally issued on the 1965 single (Wand 1114) (45 RPM)

    This recording taken from the 198? album Guitar In My Hands (Moonshine 104) (LP) (Europe)

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    Johnny Copeland - Rock And Roll Lily - R&B Rocker 45


    Johnny Copeland, Rock And Roll Lily, Mercury Records 71280
    Recorded 1958, Chicago, Illinois

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    Johnny Copeland - Old Man Blues


    Johnny Copeland - Old Man Blues
    Taken from the Rounder album “Make My Home Where I Hang My Hat” [1982]

    Artist Biography by Richard Skelly [

    Johnny Copeland was born March 27, 1937, in Haynesville, Louisiana, about 15 miles south of Magnolia, Arkansas (formerly Texarkana, a hotbed of blues activity in the '20s and '30s). The son of sharecroppers, his father died when he was very young, but Copeland was given his father's guitar. His first gig was with his friend Joe Guitar Hughes. Soon after, Hughes took sick for a week and the young Copeland discovered he could be a frontman and deliver vocals as well as anyone else around Houston at that time.
    His music, by his own reasoning, fell somewhere between the funky R&B of New Orleans and the swing and jump blues of Kansas City. After his family (sans his father) moved to Houston, a teenage Copeland was exposed to musicians from both cities. While he was becoming interested in music, he also pursued boxing, mostly as an avocation, and it is from his days as a boxer that he got his nickname Clyde.
    Considering the amount of time he spent steadily rolling from gig to gig, Johnny Clyde Copeland's rise to prominence in the blues world in the early '90s wasn't all that surprising. A contract with the PolyGram/Verve label put his '90s recordings into the hands of thousands of blues lovers around the world. It's not that Copeland's talent changed all that much since he recorded for Rounder Records in the '80s; it's just that major companies began to see the potential of great, hardworking blues musicians like Copeland. Unfortunately, he was forced to slow down in 1995-1996 because of heart-related complications, yet he continued to perform shows until his death in July of 1997.
    Despite his health problems, Copeland continued to perform his always spirited concerts. After 20 months on the L-VAD -- the longest anyone had lived on the device -- he received a heart transplant on January 1, 1997 and for a few months, the heart worked fine and he continued to tour. However, the heart developed a defective valve, necessitating heart surgery in the summer. Copeland died of complications during heart surgery on July 3, 1997.

    The video is not intended to be a copyright infringement. Audiovisual content does not belong to me, I do not profit from this video and it is only for fun. I am not the copyright owner of the content and all rights go to their legitimate owners

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    Johnny Copeland - Down on Bended Knee


    Drum Kit:
    Ludwig Centennial LRC20 Groover 4pc Shell Pack:
    Evans Genera Resonant - Resonant on all toms
    Evans Coated G2 - Batter on all toms (10x7.5, 12x8,16x14,)
    Bass Drum: 20x20
    Evans Clear EMAD w/AF Patch - Batter
    Evans EMAD Resonant w/Evans EQ Pad & KickPort - Resonant
    Ludwig Centennial Snare Drum (Black Lacquer 6.5X13)
    Batter - Evans Genera G1 Coated
    Resonant - Evans Hazy 300
    Sabian HH Splash - 8
    Sabian HH Regular Hats - 14
    Sabian HHX Evolution Crash - 16
    LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
    Sabian AAX Stage Ride - 20
    Sabian HHXtreme Crash - 17
    DW 5000AD3 Accelerator Chain-Drive Single Foot Pedal
    Pork Pie Big Boy Bicycle Drum Throne
    Pro-Mark Hickory 5B Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Recording Gear

    - Shure Beta 52 (kick drum)
    - Shure SM57 (snare)
    - Shure SM81 (overheads)
    - Sennheiser e604 (toms)
    - Presonus Firestudio Project (recording interface)
    - Cubase 5 (audio recording)
    - Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 (video editing)
    - Kodak Zi8 (0.67x Wide Angle Lens)
    - Vic Firth Isolation Headphones

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    JOHNNY COPELAND - Kasavubu 1985


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    Johnny Copeland / I Wish I Was Single


    off 1981's Copeland Special album



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