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Playlist of John Scofield

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    John Scofield Performs Quiet And Loud Jazz


    Hear the radio episode:



    When we started to play, I did kind of get chills from the songs . - John Scofield

    Almost exactly 30 years ago, guitarist John Scofield recorded an album he evocatively titled Loud Jazz. Not quite a decade later, he made one called Quiet. Both albums were statements of intent, widely embraced and justly acclaimed. And despite the obvious differences between the two, both were genuine expressions of Scofield's musical personality, which has always been more flexible than those extreme dynamic markings would seem to suggest.

    Jazz Night In America caught up with Scofield this past spring, just before he played a concert called Quiet And Loud Jazz in Jazz at Lincoln Center's Appel Room. The idea was to both acknowledge and bridge the distance between the two disparate albums, which might have been more difficult were it not for Scofield's sly consistency. It's not like other famous jazz musicians, where their style changes, you know, decade to decade, says Jim Beard, the veteran keyboardist on hand for the Loud Jazz half of the concert. He sounds very similar to what he sounded like, you know, 30 years ago. I don't think he sounds that different. And it's just such a strong personal style that that's amazing.


    2:54 - Door #3
    9:00 - Hold That Thought
    15:40 - Tulle
    20:51 - Rolf and the Gang

    31:25 - Dance Me Home
    39:00 - Loud Jazz
    47:18 - So You Say
    52:48 - Trim

    John Scofield (electric guitar)
    Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone and flute)
    Charles Pillow (flute and horn)
    Michael Rodriguez (trumpet and flugelhorn)
    Roger Rosenberg (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet)
    Jeffrey Scott (french horn)
    John Clarke (french horn)
    Larry Grenadier (bass)
    Bill Stewart (drums)

    Jim Beard (keyboard)
    Gary Granger (bass)
    Dennis Chambers (drums)



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    John Scofield Trio - Blue Note, New York City, NY, 2004-09-26


    John Scofield Trio - Blue Note, NYC, 26 September 2004

    John Scofield, g
    Steve Swallow, b
    Bill Stewart, dr

    1. New Orleans (a.k.a. Heck of a Job)
    2. Green Tea
    3. Hammock Soliloquy
    4. Pretty Out
    5. Over Big Top

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    Medeski, Scofield, Martin _ Wood - Estival Jazz Lugano 2007 FullHD1080p 3D


    Genre : jazz, post-bop, fusion
    Duration : 1:16:08
    Starring : John Medeski, John Scofield, Billy Martin, Chris Wood in 3D (Optional)
    Description: New York band Medeski Martin _ Wood is headed in a new direction of improvised music, fully developed only in the mid 90_s - the movement of so-called jam bands. For adequate translation of the term we should stop at the option of _jam bands._ Jam bands are working on a thin, formerly almost imperceptible line between jazz, soul, club music, funk and rock music. The fact that they play - certainly improvised music (often much more spontaneous than mainstream jazz) elastic at the same time, almost dance ripple from the 80_s funk and old organ soul jazz 60s (what in modern practice is called succinct - and, again, badly translated - catchword groove) and significantly bluesy tone.

    John Medeski
    Country: United States
    Genre: Jazz
    Bands: «Medeski Martin _ Wood»
    Collaboration: Zorn, John
    Medeski, John (John Medeski) - American jazz keyboardist and composer. Having received a classical music education, became interested in musical directions such as funk and jazz, and in 1991 formed a very popular and respected jazz trio now Medeski Martin _ Wood. As a session musician has been involved with T-Bone Burnet (T-Bone Burnett), KD Lang, John Scofield (John Scofield), Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop), Macey Parker (Maceo Parker), The Blind Boys of Alabama and others.

    John Scofield
    Country: United States
    Genre: Jazz
    Style: contemporary jazz, post-bop, fusion
    Instrument: Guitar
    Recording Company: Gramavision (8), Blue Note (6), Enja (4), Verve (2), Polygram International (2), Capitol (2), CPP (2)
    Guitarist John Scofield has gained notoriety by playing for many years in a variety of jazz styles. He, along with Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell is one of the representatives of the _big three_ of current jazz guitarists. The owner of very characteristic-based rock music sound that is often heard from distorshenom, Scofield - a first-class jazz improviser whose music is often found between the post-bopom, fusion and soul-jazz.

    Billy Martin
    Genre: Jazz, Funk
    Instrument: Drums
    Irrepressible jazz drummer, percussionist virtuoso avant-garde artist and lover of strange instruments, Billy Martin came onto the music scene in the early _80s. There are few drummers with such a relaxed African-American style of play (with the rhythms of Brazilian samba Martin manages not worse). List of teams with which he played Martin, is impressive in size, and the quality of Bob Moses (Bob Moses), Ned Rothenberg (Ned Rothenberg), John Scofield (John Scofield), John Zorn (John Zorn), The Lounge Lizards, and many others . However, the more he is best known as the drummer prolific fusion-funk trio Medeski, Martin _ Wood: Billy Martin is working with keyboardist John Medeski and bassist Chris Wood in 1991.

    Chris Wood
    Country: CA
    Genre: Jazz
    Style: contemporary jazz, post-bop, fusion
    Instrument: Bass guitar
    Virtuoso playing the bass guitar and double bass.

    1.Little Walter Rides Again
    2.In Case the World Changes IT_s Mind
    3.Down the Tubes Improvisation # 1
    4.Down the Tubes Improvisation # 2
    5.Tootie Ma is A Big Fine Thing
    6.Tequila _ Chocolate
    8. Hottentot # 1
    9.Hottentot # 2
    10.A Go Go

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    zZounds Exclusive Interview with John Scofield


    Legendary jazz guitarist John Scofield sat down with the zZounds video team recently to discuss his new JSM-10 and JSM-100 guitars from Ibanez, the sound of the Vox ACV30, and his own personal journey as a guitarist and musician.

    Go behind the scenes of this interview and see our top 5 John Scofield tracks on the zZounds Blog:

    1:30 -- Finding the Sound
    3:10 -- Discovering Jazz
    5:10 -- Practice Makes Perfect

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    Govt Mule and John Scofield, Stratus, 3-12-15, Boston, MA


    Govt Mule and John Scofield perform Billy Cobham's Stratus on 3-12-15 at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA. Brought to you by Less Than Face Productions.

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    John Scofield Trio - Lawns - Live @ Blue Note Milano


    performed by John Scofield Trio
    Blue Note Milano 21-10-2014

    John Scofield - guitar
    Steve Swallow - bass
    Bill Stewart - drums

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    Pat Martino Trio with John Scofield - Sunny


    Umbria Jazz 2002
    Pat Martino - guitar
    John Scofield - guitar
    Joey DeFrancesco - hammond
    Byron Landham - drums

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    John Scofield - Jolene


    Music video by John Scofield performing Jolene. (C) 2016 Impulse ! A Division of Universal Music France

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    A Go Go - John Scofield


    A Go Go - John Scofield

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    Miles Davis - Live in Montreal Jazz Festival


    Great live concert of Miles Davis in Montreal Jazz Festival featuring John Scofield and Bob Berg. Amazing sound! Enjoy

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    Govt Mule feat. John Scofield - Afro Blue


    Track 11 from: Sco-Mule 2015

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    John Scofield Organic Trio Live.


    John Scofield – guitar
    Larry Goldings – organ
    Greg Hutchinson - drums

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    John Scofield - Some of the Greatest Double Time Lines I know


    John Scofield is one of my favorite jazz-guitarists. In fact, he gets away with using an effect I don't like and I still love his playing!

    This video is on probably my favorite John Scofield solo: Milestones of the Joe Henderson album So Near, So Far (which is anyway a fantastic album).

    Milestones is a very difficult chord progression to solo on, but John Scofield really nails it with a lot of different approaches, pentatonics, and reharmonizations.

    My Lesson on Joe Henderson:

    More John Scofield Guitar Lessons:

    0:00 Intro - John Scofield on So Near, So far.
    0:20 Milestones with Joe Henderson
    1:06 Example #1
    1:08 Super-imposed pentatonic double stops
    2:17 Example #1 Slow
    2:22 Example #2
    2:29 Melodic statements with chords in the bridge
    3:50 The Basic Melody used
    4:11 Using Legato to mix bebop and pentatonics
    5:31 Example #2 Slow
    5:43 Example #3
    5:50 Scofields appraoch to double-time lines
    6:45 Repeated ideas Scorfield vs Metheny
    7:14 Signature Pentatonic Melody and Using different techniques for sound
    8:01 Example #3 Slow
    8:11 Example #4
    8:16 Contrast: Melodic vs Angular (how to keep it interesting..)
    9:11 Example #4 slow
    9:18 Example #5
    9:20 Intervallic double time ideas
    10:21 Example #6
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    The Musings for Miles Album:

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    Not You Again - John Scofield - Works For Me


    Not You Again es la cancion 2 del albun Works For Me del 2001 de John Scofield. La banda la integran John Scofield en guitarra Kenny Garrett en saxo alto, Brad Mehldau en piano, Christian McBride en bajo y Billy Higgins en bateria. John Scofield nacio en Dayton, Ohio,el 26 de diciembre de 1951. En su adolescencia, tocaba Rythm & Blues, blues urbano, soul y rock and roll de grupos de Wilton. Su primer trabajo como músico profesional fue en colaboración con el vibrafonista Gary Burton, profesor de Berklee. Su segunda y gran oportunidad le llegó cuando fue invitado a tocar con una banda liderada por el saxofonista Gerry Mulligan y el trompetista Chet Baker en un concierto en el Carnegie Hall. Posteriormente colaboro con muchisimos artistas como Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Phil Lesh, Billy Cobham, Medeski Martin & Wood, Dennis Chambers, George Duke. Su discografia es muy extensa. Comienza con East Meets West en 1977. Black HawkÜberjam Deux es su utlimo disco publicado en 2013 por EmArcy.

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    John Scofield - Practice are we talking bout Practice... Yes!!!


    Speaking words of wisdom! Listen!!!

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    tabularassa collection - John Mayer+John Scofield-I Dont Need No Doctor.flv


    tabularassa collection

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    John Scofield Uberjam performs Ideofunk at Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival


    John Scofield Uberjam performs Ideofunk at Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival. Friday, July 26, 2013 at Seaside Park in Bridgeport CT.

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    the chicken - Scofield Pastorius Dennard


    Jaco Pastorius, John Scofield and Kenwood Dennard playing the chicken as a trio

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    John Scofield & Pat Metheny 1994-06-29 2. Everybodys Party


    Pat Metheny & John Scofield Quartet:
    Jazz Open, Beethovensaal(in Kultur- und Kongreflzentrum Liederhalle), Stuttgart, Germany, 29th June 1994

    Everybody's Party

    Pat Metheny: Guitar, Guitar Synth
    John Scofield: Guitar
    Steve Swallow: Bass
    Bill Stewart: Drums

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    Jon Cleary & John Scofield • Fever


    live @ Reigen, Vienna, Austria
    video © Beate Sandor

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    Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood Sham Time | Live Studio Session


    John Medeski, Billy Martin, Chris Wood and John Scofield performing Sham Time, which will be on their upcoming September release, Juice.

    John Scofield guitar
    John Medeski piano
    Billy Martin drums
    Chris Woof bass

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    #JohnScofield #knkx

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    GearFest 2018 Interview with John Scofield


    Check out the Ibanez John Scofield JSM20 here:

    From his early work with Medeski Martin & Wood to his extensive solo career, John Scofield has played a leading role in the development of modern jazz guitar. In this interview he talks with Mitch Gallagher about his workshop at GearFest 2018, his signature Ibanez guitar, and much more.

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    John Scofield - Full Concert - 08/14/93 - Newport Jazz Festival


    John Scofield - Full Concert
    Recorded Live: 8/14/1993 - Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI)

    More John Scofield at Music Vault:
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    0:00:00 - Little Walk
    0:10:07 - Camp Out
    0:18:53 - Meant To Be
    0:29:25 - What They Did
    0:38:08 - Easy For You
    0:44:30 - Chariots

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    John Scofield & Dr John - Please Send Me Someone To Love


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    John Scofield On A Blues - This Is Why He Is Great


    John Scofield is one of the most important artists in Jazz for the last 40 years. Few artists can claim to have worked with such an amazing row of musicians and Scofields ability to come up with new and fantastic projects is amazing.

    In this John Scofield I am going to take a look at some phrases from a solo off the I Can See Your House From Here album that was a collaboration with Pat Metheny. An album that features Steve Swallow and Bill Stewart. who would later form the Scofield Trio for a few albums.

    The song is You Speak My Language which is a Bb Blues and I am going to analyze three phrases from the solo and talk about some of the things that are typical for John Scofield Licks

    #Scofield #jazzguitar #jenslarsen

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    John Scofield & Chris Minh Doky performing Alone Together..mp4


    John Scofield & Chris Minh Doky performing Alone Together, composed by Arthur Schwartz.

    Produced by DR K. 2010.

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    Green Tea - John Scofield


    Green Tea - John Scofield

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    Bowlive VIII ft. Soulive w/s/g John Scofield :: 7/13/19 | 9:30PM ET :: Brooklyn Bowl :: Sneak Peek


    Tune in tonight at 9:30PM ET to watch the first few songs of Bowlive VIII ft. Soulive w/s/g/ John Scofield, live from Brooklyn Bowl. Want to watch the entire livestream? Subscribe to The Relix Channel:

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    The John Scofield Band - Born In Troubled Times


    from the Album: Up all Night (2003)
    John Scofield (g)
    Avi Bortnick (g, samples, loops)
    Andy Hess (b)
    Adam Deitch (dr)

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    guitar lessons john scofield jazz funk guitar


    guitar lessons john scofield jazz funk guitar.

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    Dennis Chambers/John Scofield - Time Marches On / The Nag


    John Scofield - guitar
    Dennis Chambers - drums
    Gary Grainger - bass
    Jim Beard - keys

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    John Scofield - I Brake 4 Monster Booty


    John Scofield (guitar), Avi Bortnick (guitar), Andy Hess (bass), Terence Higgins (drums)

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    John Scofield is Awesome, heres why


    This video is a collection of solos from various performances. -- a brief sample of an amazing career. Discover more about him and other awesome musicians @

    Interviews & more

    also visit:

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    John Scofield - Do Like Eddie


    Do Like Eddie, by John Scofield's group in his studio album Hand Jive, from 1994.

    The group:

    John Scofield - guitar
    Eddie Harris - tenor saxophone
    Larry Goldings - piano, organ
    Dennis Irwin - bass
    Bill Stewart - drums
    Don Alias - percussion

    Track list:

    01- I'll Take Les
    02- Dark Blue
    03- Do Like Eddie
    04- She's So Lucky
    05- Checkered Past
    06- 7th Floor
    07- Golden Daze
    08- Don't Shoot The Messenger
    09- Whip The Mule
    10- Out Of The City


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    John Scofield & Uberjam Band - Boogie Stupid


    Live At The Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2013
    John Scofield - guitar
    Avi Bortnick - guitar and samples
    Andy Hess - bass
    Louis Cato - drums
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    John Scofield - Acidhead


    Überjam 2002
    Überjam is an album by the John Scofield Band which was released on January 29, 2002 on Verve Records. Many unique musical styles are performed throughout Überjam, including Jazz fusion, Jazz-funk, drum and bass, and Acid Jazz. It was produced by John Scofield and Jason Olaine and recorded and mixed by Joe Ferla, executive producer was Susan Scofield.

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    John Scofield, July 1987: Blue Matter


    Sco performs Blue Matter from the album of the same name at Christiansborg Ridebane, July 1987. This is a higher quality and longer version of a video I uploaded in 2008. It doesn't stop abruptly after ten minutes :)

    I've also uploaded new versions of So You Say and Still Warm, from the same set.

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    Miles Davis Band featuring John Scofield Guitar solo


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    John Scofield Trio - Leverkusen, Germany, 2010-11-09


    John Scofield Trio - Leverkusener Jazztage 2010

    JOHN SCOFIELD - guitar
    STEVE SWALLOW - bass
    BILL STEWART - drums

    1. How Deep
    2. Chicken Dog
    3. Everything I Love
    4. Pretty Out
    5. Trio Blues
    6. Someone to Watch over Me

    31. Leverkusener Jazztage 2010 (Germany)

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    INSIDE SCOFIELD - a film about jazz legend John Scofield


    INSIDE SCOFIELD (music documentary, aimed for mid-2020)
    Join the mailing list:
    Guitarist John Scofield crossed paths with people like Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Gerry Mulligan, Herbie Hancock, Bill Frisell, Joe Henderson and Chet Baker but kept himself grounded and became one of today's greats jazz and fusion guitarists and composers. His unique style and sound are influencing musicians worldwide.
    The film provides rare insight - straight from the head of one of modern jazz's finest.

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    John Scofield Band - Ideofunk


    John Scofield (2002) Ideofunk, Überjam (John Scofield Band)

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    John Scofield Plays Blues


    Someone at Sam Ash asked John Scofield to play a traditional blues, so he did. The guitar he is playing in the video is his own that he brought with him to the store.

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    John Scofield / Medeski, Martin & Wood - Hottentot - North Sea Jazz 2007


    John Scofield with Jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood live at North Sea Jazz 2007 (friday 13 july 2007) playing Hottentot.

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    John Scofield Quartet feat. Mulgrew Miller - Live at Jazz in Marciac


    JOHN SCOFIELD - guitar
    MULGREW MILLER - piano
    SCOTT COLLEY - bass
    BILL STEWART - drums

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    John Scofield, July 1987: Still Warm


    This is a non-truncated and higher quality version of a video I uploaded in 2008. From the Christiansborg Ridebane set of July 1987: Still Warm. See also Blue Matter and So You Say from the same set.

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    John Scofield live at the North Sea Jazz Festival • 13-07-1986 • World of Jazz


    John Scofield (born December 26, 1951) often referred to as Sco, is an American jazz-rock guitarist and composer whose playing spans bebop, jazz fusion, funk, blues, soul, and rock.

    Mark Cohen, keyboards
    Gary Grainger bass,
    Rick Sebastian drums

    Compositions played:
    ‘Protocol’ (John Scofield) from the album ‘Still Warm’ (1986)
    ‘Thanks Again’ (John Scofield) from the album ‘Electric Outlet’ (1984)
    ‘Rule of Thumb’ (John Scofield) from the album ‘Still Warm’ (1986)
    ‘10th Movement’ (Steve Swallows)

    Recorded at the North Sea Jazz Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands, 13 July 1986, by AVRO Television.

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    Chank - John Scofield


    Chank - John Scofield

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    John Scofield - I want to talk about you


    4 jun 2011, Moscow (Russia). International festival Usadba jazz.
    It was amazing! Especially this version of piece I want to talk about you.

    John Scofield Group :
    John Scofield - guitar,
    Ben Street - bass,
    Adam Nussbaum - drums,
    Michael Eckroth - keyboards.

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    I Dont Need No Doctor John Scofield & John Mayer


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    John Scofield @ Padova Jazz Festival 2018 - Icons at the fair


    Padova Jazz Festival 2018
    Teatro MPX - 27 ottobre 2018
    Icons at the fair

    JOHN SCOFIELD: chitarra
    GERALD CLAYTON: organo e piano
    BILL STEWART: batteria

    John Scofield (nato in Ohio nel 1951), dopo un apprendistato nei gruppi di Gerry Mulligan con Chet Baker, Billy Cobham & George Duke, Charles Mingus, Gary Burton e David Liebman, nel 1982 entra a far parte della band di Miles Davis. Sono anni in cui andava ancora forte il jazz-rock, al quale Scofield diede un personale contributo, prendendo parte ad alcuni dei gruppi fondamentali del genere. A lanciare definitivamente la sua inarrestabile ascesa in qualità di leader, oltre al triennio trascorso al fianco di Miles Davis, furono i dischi che la Blue Note iniziò a produrgli dal 1990. Da allora la sua carriera non ha conosciuto momenti di arresto, mentre tra le collaborazioni successive spiccano il vertice chitarristico con Pat Metheny e il duraturo sodalizio iniziato nel 1998 con il trio Medeski Martin & Wood (li si è ascoltati a Padova Jazz nel 2014).

    Scofield è uno dei chitarristi jazz più influenti degli ultimi quattro decenni, ferratissimo solista post-bop da sempre aperto alle seduzioni della fusion, il funky, il soul jazz. E la sua nuova band, Combo 66, è appunto un versatile strumento per muoversi liberamente in territori stilistici aperti.

    Riprese e montaggio: Go Live Now



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