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Playlist of Jazz in Czechoslovakia

  • Guest Mix: 70s Czechoslovakian Jazz with Magič


    All music rights belong to their rightful owners. Please support the musicians and buy their music.
    #czech #jazz
    This week's guest is Ondřej alias Magič (which is also a Czech slang word for tape recorder) is a DJ and record collector from Prague, Czech Republic. In this set, he introduces some of the most interesting musical genres that defined the sound of Czechoslovakia - big band jazz and jazz-rock. Which is one of his main digging interests. But he strives to find rare grooves, latin music, funk, soul, disco, hip hop or reggae from all around the world. Magič is also a former editor-in-chief of an online music magazine and a producer. This year he started working with a drummer Adam Urban on the Fela Kuti & Tony Allen tribute project, in which they play live variations of afrobeat classics.

    0:00 Intro
    0:09 Blue Effect - Má Hra (My Game)
    3:42 Gustav Brom - Uncles’ 12 (Strécovská Dvanástka)
    7:33 Orchestr Gustava Broma - Malované Sáně
    11:06 Pražský Big Band Milana Svobody - Ejhle Člověk
    15:53 JOČR - Mlhavo, Deštivo
    19:26 Energit - Superstimulátor
    23:43 Jazz Celula - Probuzení
    26:15 Impuls - Kdo Jinému Jámu Kopá
    31:15 Skupina F. R. Čecha - Bafff (Soul Sacrifice)


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  • Jazz In Czechoslovakia 1965 - 7th Review Of Best Czechoslovak Groups


    1. Ferdinand Havlik And His Combo - Reminiscense 0:00
    (Karel Růžička)
    2. Junior Trio - U Dunaja U Prespurka 4:48
    (Unknown Artist)
    3. Junior Trio - Ej Vyletel Ftak 6:57
    (Unknown Artist)
    4. Ivo Preis And His Trio - Jazz Studies 11:23
    (Branislav Hronec)
    5. The Reduta Quartet - Let Us Rejoice, Let Us Be Gay 18:16
    (Karel Velebný)
    запись 1965 г.
    выпуск 1966 г.

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  • Jiří Stivín & Pierre Favre - Excursions


    Artist: Jiří Stivín & Pierre Favre
    Album: Výlety / Excursions
    Year: 1981
    Genre: avant-garde jazz, free jazz, contemporary jazz, free improvisation
    Country: Czechoslovakia / Switzerland
    Label: Supraphon ‎– 1115 3381-82

    Drums, Gong, Tom Tom, Tom Tom [Water], Bells, Crotales, Percussion [Beans] – Pierre Favre
    Flute, Flute [Alto], Recorder, Crumhorn, Bassoon [Renaissance], Flute [Transverse Folk Pipe, Fuyara], Ocarina, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Recorder [Bressan Baroque] – Jiří Stivín
    Vocals – Pavel Kühn

    A1 Mysterious Excursion I
    B1 Mysterious Excursion II
    C1 Excursion In Search Of Light
    D1 Excursion Among People

    2 × Vinyl, Recorded November 1979 at concerts in the Theatre of Music, Reduta Hall and the Domovina Studio, Prague. Mixed October 1980 in the Mozarteum Studio.

  • Václav Zahradník - Interjazz


    Artist: Václav Zahradník A Hosté Jazzového Festivalu Praha 1970
    Album: Interjazz
    Year: 1971 (recorded in 1970)
    Genre: soul-jazz, post bop, fusion, big band, latin jazz, jazz-funk, psychedelic, free jazz
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Supraphon ‎– 1 15 0999

    Alto Saxophone – Ozren Depolo
    Conductor – Václav Zahradník
    Contrabass – Klaus Koch
    Drums [Bicí] – Andrzej Dabrowski
    Flute, Piccolo Flute – Simeon Štěrev
    Guitar, Sitar – Rudolf Dašek
    Piano, Piano [Preparé] – Laco Gerhardt
    Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Mihály Ráduly
    Tenor Saxophone – Dan Mindrilla, Rajmond Raubiško, Václav Maňas
    Timpani [Kotle] – Petr Šprunk
    Trombone – Andrzej Brzeski, Hubert Katzenbeier, Zdeněk Pulec
    Trumpet – Jiří Izera, Miloslav Bureš, Václav Týfa
    Tuba – Petr Fleischer

    A1. Foukej!
    A2. Jaumeau

    B1. Intima
    B2. Rituál
    B3. Podzimní Slunce

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  • Prague Big Band - Portrait


    Artist: Prague Big Band (Pražský Big Band)
    Album: Portrait (Podobizna)
    Year: 1978
    Genre: big band, jazz-funk, jazz fusion, psychedelic
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Panton ‎– 11 0692

    A1 Street Music
    A2 Ice Water
    A3 Portrait

    B1 Ecce Homo
    B2 Ondřej
    B3 Gee Whiz

  • Konstelace Josefa Vobruby - Václav Týfa


    Artist: Konstelace Josefa Vobruby
    Album: Václav Týfa
    Genre: jazz-funk, fusion, jazz-rock, easy listening, psychedelic, big band
    Year: 1975 (Recorded in 1974)
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Supraphon ‎– 1 13 1599, Gramofonový Klub ‎– 1 13 1599

    A1 Předmluva
    A2 Svatební Prstýnek
    A3 Panenská Láska
    A4 Andělské Přátelství
    A5 Domácí Vojna Mezi Tělem A Duší
    A6 Den Svatební

    B1 Bez Ní
    B2 Veverčí Kolo
    B3 Osamělá Suzie
    B4 Zmámená
    B5 Sbohem Dixie
    B6 Moje Stará Paní

    Jiří Urbánek - bass guitar
    Ivan Dominák - bongos
    Josef Vobruba - conductor
    Jiří Kysilka - congas
    Josef Vejvoda - drums
    Petr Janda, Radim Hladík, Zdeněk Dvořák - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
    Jiří Válek - flute
    Miroslav Kokoška - marimba
    Rudolf Rokl - organ
    Karel Růžička - piano, electric piano, harpsichord, organ, bagpipes (electric)
    Václav Týfa - trumpet, trumpet (electric), soloist
    Karel Velebný - vibraphone, marimba

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  • Benny Goodman In Prague Czechoslovakia 1976 #7


    The Song Is Back Home In Indiana
    Featuring Benny Goodman On Clarinet, John Bunch On Piano, Warren Vache On Trumpet, Buddy Tate On Saxophone, Cal Collins On Guitar, Peter Appleyard On Vibraphone, Lennie Bush On Bass, Barrett Deems On Drums.
    Recorded October 26, 1976 Lucerna Concert Hall

  • 09 Czechoslovakia


    From the Stan Kenton album National Anthems of the World. [Creative World ST-1060— 1972]

  • Blue Effect - Nová Syntéza


    Artist: Blue Effect
    Album: Nová Syntéza - New Synthesis
    Year: 1971
    Genre: jazz-rock, psychedelic, big band
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Panton ‎– 11 0288

    Bass Guitar – Jiří Kozel
    Conductor, Arranged By – Kamil Hála
    Drums – Vlado Čech
    Guitar – Radim Hladík
    Orchestra – Jazzový Orchestr Čs. Rozhlasu*
    Piano – Lešek Semelka
    Producer – Oskar Jelínek
    Trombone – Ladislav Pikart, Miroslav Koželuh
    Trumpet – Václav Týfa

    A1 Má Hra - My Game
    A2 Směr Jihovýchod - Southeast Bound
    A3 Popínavý Břečťan - Clinging Ivy

    B1 Blues Modrého Efektu - Blue Effect Blues
    B2 Nová Syntéza - New Synthesis

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  • Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa


    Follow us on:


    Perpetuum Jazzile is an XXL vocal group from Slovenia.

    Toto's Africa by Perpetuum Jazzile, performed live at Vokal Xtravaganzza 2008 (October 2008) - arranger Tomaž Kozlevčar.


    PJ shop:

    Thunderstorm simulation effects inspired by Kearnsey College choir (South Africa). THANK YOU!!!

    Perpetuum Jazzile. Vocal ecstasy.

  • Duo Bednarek-Zgraja ‎- Walking Colour


    Artist: Duo Bednarek-Zgraja
    Album: Walking Colour
    Year: 1981
    Genre: free jazz, contemporary jazz, abstract, space jazz
    Country: Poland
    Label: PolJazz ‎– PSJ-96

    Double Bass – Jacek Bednarek
    Flute – Krzysztof P. Zgraja

    A1 Walking Colour
    A2 La Concha
    A3 Afrosfera

    B1 Folk-Music
    B2 Luz Blues
    B3 Flute Reflections
    B4 Pieśń Starego Dżeka

  • Kamil Hála Orchestra - Jubileum


    Artist: Hála & Jazzový Orchestr Československého Rozhlasu
    Album: Jubileum
    Year: 1980
    Genre: big band jazz, jazz-funk, latin
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Supraphon 1115 2730

    Kamil Hála - conductor;
    Miroslav Krýsl - alto saxophone;
    František Kryka - baritone saxophone;
    Karel Růžička - piano, electric piano (soloist 07);
    Petr Kořínek - contrebass, bass guitar (soloist 07);
    Josef Vejvoda - drums (soloist 07);
    Petr Král - flute (soloist 08), tenor saxophone (soloist 02);
    Zdeněk Dvořák - guitar;
    Jiří Tomek - percussion;
    Bedřich Kuník - tenor saxophone;
    Milan Ulrich - tenor saxophone;
    Jiří Doubrava - trombone;
    Josef Bažík Pavelka - trombone;
    Miroslav Koželuh - trombone;
    Svatopluk Košvanec - trombone;
    Jan Čapoun - trumpet;
    Jiří Hlava - trumpet;
    Laco Déczi - trumpet;
    Václav Král - trumpet
    Tony Scott - tenor saxophone solo (08)

    A1. Pouštím si draka
    A2. Klub 1
    A3. Jedenáct čtvrtek (Eleven Four)
    A4. Živá voda

    B1. Pojďme si hrát
    B2. Kapka rosy
    B3. Obraz v zrcadle
    B4. A Go Go

    Recorded at the Czechoslovak Radio Studio A, Prague-Karlín, 1978–1979.

  • Gonda Sextet ‎- Samanenek


    Artist: Gonda Sextet
    Album: Sámánének
    Year: 1976
    Genre: spiritual jazz, avant-garde jazz, psychedelic, folk, jazz-funk, prog
    Country: Hungary
    Label: Pepita ‎– SLPX 17484

    A1 Shaman Song
    A2 Dialogue
    A3 Confused Heads

    B1 Afro-Cuban
    B2 Avalanche
    B3 Profane Feast

  • Sofia Orchestra - Pithecanthropus robustus


    Artist: Sofia Orchestra (Bulgarian: Оркестър София)
    Album: Pithecanthropus robustus
    Year: 1981 (Recorded in 1979)
    Genre: jazz-funk, jazz rock, jazz fusion
    Country: Bulgaria
    Label: Балкантон ‎– BTA 10572

    Dimiter Simeonov - tenor saxophone, band leader
    Konstantin Nossov - trumpet, flugelhorn 'Martin' (2)
    Gencho Vertovski - trumpet
    Georgi Borissov - trombone, 'King' trombone with Octavoice King, Microsynthesizer Echo Purl (2) (3)
    Todor Karapetkov - keyboards
    Nikolay Belev - guitar
    Kroum Zahariev - bass guitar
    Kroum Kalachev - drums

    A1. Senor Blues
    A2. Suite In Two Parts

    B1. Pithecanthropus Robustus
    B2. Shadows
    B3. Strouma

  • Andrzej Kurylewicz Quintet ‎- 10 + 8


    Artist: Andrzej Kurylewicz Quintet
    Album: 10 + 8
    Year: 1967
    Genre: modal jazz, free jazz, post bop, avant-garde jazz, proto-disco
    Country: Poland
    Label: Polskie Nagrania Muza ‎– XL 0439 (Polish Jazz – Vol. 14)

    Alto Saxophone – Włodzimierz Nahorny
    Bass – Janusz Kozłowski
    Bass, Tambourine – Jacek Ostaszewski
    Drums – Sergiusz Perkowski
    Valve Trombone, Piano, Composed By – Andrzej Kurylewicz
    Vocals – Wanda Warska

    Recorded in Warsaw, October 1967

    A1 Już Ja Z Tobą Nie Zostanę
    A2 Requiem Dla Z. C.
    A3 10 + 8

    B1 Rondo
    B2 Twarz Widza

  • Collage - Collage


    Artist: Collage
    Album: Collage
    Year: 1971
    Country: Estonia, USSR
    Genre: jazz, post bop, experimental, folk, vocal, avant-garde, soul
    Label: original: Мелодия ‎– Д 028231-2, reissue: hyper.records ‎– hyper 1071.1

    Alto Vocals – Anne Erm, Maire Eliste
    Conductor, Baritone Vocals – Aarne Vahuri
    Bass Vocals – Ivar Johannson
    Double Bass – Meeme Saareväli, Toivo Unt
    Drums, Percussion – Peep Ojavere
    Piano – Tõnu Naissoo
    Pipe – Tiit Varts
    Saxophone [Alto], Flute – Avo Joala
    Saxophone [Tenor] – Lembit Saarsalu
    Soprano Vocals – Kersti Johannson, Lea Sion
    Tenor Vocals – Alo Põldmäe, Enn Tomson
    Trombone – German Pekarevski

    A1. Kee, Pada! (Good Boiling!)
    A2. Tähemõrsja (The Star’s Bride)
    A3. Linad Liulaskijalle (Slide Is Good For Flax)
    A4. Talgulaul (Harvest Bee Song)
    A5. Ketra, Vokikene! (Keep Going My Spinning-Wheel)
    A6. Vikerkaar (Over The Rainbow)
    A7. Bossanova Hing (The Soul Of Bossanova)

    B1. Tallinna Blues (Blues For Tallinn)
    B2. Me Rändame Linnast Linna (We Wander From Town To Town)
    B3. Nokturn (Nocturne)
    B4. Spordihalli Blues (Blues In Sportshall)
    B5. Alfabeet (The Alphabet)

  • Gunārs Rozenbergs ‎- Laura


    Artist: Gunārs Rozenbergs
    Album: Laura
    Year: 1979
    Genre: Jazz-Funk, Disco

    Arranged By -- G. Rozenbergs
    Bass Guitar -- B. Bannihs
    Flute, Alto Saxophone -- I. Birkāns (tracks: A1 to A3, A5 to B2, B5)
    Guitar -- J. Vilsons (tracks: A1, A2), M. Beļickis (tracks: A4, B1), Z. Lorencs (tracks: A3, A5, B2 to B5)
    Organ [Electric Organ «Yamaha»] -- K. Rūtentāls
    Percussion -- V. Boldirevs
    Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone -- E. Straume (tracks: A2, A5 to B2, B4)
    Tenor Saxophone -- J. Zirnis (tracks: B4)
    Trombone -- A. Amoliņš (tracks: B4), P. Mierlejs (tracks: A1 to B2, B4, B5)
    Trumpet -- F. Raudis (tracks: A1), Gunārs Rozenbergs, Z. Linde (tracks: A3 to B1, B4, B5)
    Vocals -- M. Zīvere, S. Ozolīte

    A1 Laura
    A2 Krāsainās lāses
    A3 Disko roze
    A4 Sniega deja
    A5 Tallina — 76

    B1 Slaloms
    B2 Greizais kvadrāts
    B3 Kādreiz vasarā
    B4 Stari skan
    B5 Vējam līdzi

  • Anatoly Vapirov Ensemble - Misteria


    Artist: Anatoly Vapirov's Leningrad Ensemble (Russian: Ленинградский джаз-ансамбль под руководством Анатолия Вапирова)
    Album: Misteria (Russian: Мистерия)
    Year: 1980
    Genre: Jazz Fusion, Free Jazz, Avant-garde Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Prog
    County: Russia, USSR
    Label: Мелодия ‎-- С60-13575-6

    Anatoli Vapirov - tenor & soprano saxophones
    Boris Debedinskog - guitar
    Venianima Dinayvskog - bass
    Daniel Martina - drums, percussion

    A1 Мистерия
    B1 Мистерия (Окончание)

  • Jazz In Czechoslovakia 1965 - 7th Review Of Best Czechoslovak Groups


    1. Traditional Jazz Studio - Harlem Vespers 0:00
    (Antonín Bílý)
    2. Karel Krautgartner And His Orchestra - Rythm And Timbre 2:59
    (Pavel Blatný)
    3. The Reduta Quartet - Neo-Realistic Variations 10:02
    (Karel Velebný)
    4. Ladislav Gerhardt Jazz Quartet - Meditation 14:38
    (Ladislav Gerhardt)
    5. Gustav Brom And His Orchestra - Ornis 19:06
    (Josef Blaha)
    запись 1965 г.
    выпуск 1966 г.

  • Jazz In Czechoslovakia 5


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  • Jazz In Czechoslovakia 1


  • Karel Krautgartner - Jazz Kolem Karla Krautgartnera


    Artist: Karel Krautgartner & Jazzový Orchestr Čs. Rozhlasu
    Album: Jazz Kolem Karla Krautgartnera
    Year: 1965
    Genre: jazz, hard bop, soul-jazz, big band, avant-garde jazz
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Supraphon ‎– SV 9012, Gramofonový Klub ‎– SV 9012

    A1. 31° Ve Stínu
    A2. Kult Jazzu
    A3. Modely Pro Karla Krautgartnera
    A4. Zčista Jasna

    B1. Ex
    B2. Ty Jsi Můj Svět
    B3. Opojení
    B4. Ruch Na Refýži

  • Karel Velebny and his SHQ ‎- Motus


    Artist: Karel Velebny and his SHQ
    Album: Motus
    Year: 1972
    Genre: post-bop, soul jazz, contemporary jazz, latin jazz
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Supraphon 1 15 1138

    A1 Motus
    A2 Vzpomínka
    A3 Nová Kůže
    A4 Sem Tam
    A5 Valčík Pro Jaruš

    B1 Svatební Pochod Josefa Kanára
    B2 Sice Pomalu, Ale Zato Rubato
    B3 Vzal Jsem Křídlo Za Křídlo
    B4 Osamění
    B5 Nový Muž
    B6 Znělka

    Recorded February 9 – March 17, 1971, at studio Mozarteum, Prague.

    Contrabass – Karel Vejvoda (tracks: A2, A4 to B2, B4), Petr Kořínek (tracks: A1, A3, A4, B3, B5, B6)
    Drums – Josef Vejvoda
    Tenor Saxophone – Rudolf Ticháček
    Vibraphone, Leader – Karel Velebný

  • Jazz In Czechoslovakia 3


  • Jazz In Czechoslovakia 4


  • Laco Deczi & The Cellula Quintet - Pietoso


    We highly recommend purchasing this album

    Artist: Laco Deczi & The Cellula Quintet
    Album: Pietoso
    Year: 1969
    Genre: post bop, avant-garde jazz
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Supraphon ‎– I 15 0596

    Bass – Pavel Greifoner
    Drums, Featuring – Laco Tropp
    Piano – Karel Růžička
    Tenor Saxophone – Petr Král
    Trumpet – Laco Deczi

    A1 Pietoso
    A2 These Foolish Things
    A3 Yesterdays
    A4 Za Živa Popraveni

    B1 Embraceable You
    B2 Ticho
    B3 Jay Hawk Talk
    B4 A Lot Of Rehearsals This Week And No Money

    Recorded in the Studio A of the Prague Radio

  • Jazz In Czechoslovakia 2


  • OtisRush/1966 PragueJazzFestival,Czechoslovakia


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    Otis Rush
    Prague Jazz Festival, Czechoslovakia

    01 Tops
    02 You're Breaking My Heart

    Otis Rush - Guitar and Vocals
    Jack Myers - Bass
    Fred Below - Drums

    These came as a mix of parts of Otis Rush & Junior Wells/Buddy Guy from Prague Jazz Festival in 1966, along with unrelated parts of T-Bone Walker and B.B. King's sets at Monterey Jazz Festival, Sept 16 1967. I decided to separtate them for my own archive, and figured I would share them as well. It's not every day material as historic as this appears, and therefore I personally decided it needed some better treatment. I also cleaned up some typos, and corrected song titles. Online research has shown that Prague Jazz Fest was held on the dates above from early/mid Oct., so that it narrows down the date some.

  • Otis Rush - Prague Jazz Festival, Czechoslovakia. 1966


    01 Tops
    02 You're Breaking My Heart

    Otis Rush - Guitar and Vocals
    Jack Myers - Bass
    Fred Below - Drums

  • Song of the day ????Soul Jazz???? Czechoslovakia 1968


    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Genre: Jazz
    Style: Soul Jazz
    Year: 1968
    If you want to watch more music videos and interesting movie clips follow me on Instagram @___homme.psychedelique___

  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk - 1967-10-19, Tschechoslowakisches Jazz Festival, Prague, Czechoslovakia


    Tschechoslowakisches Jazz Festival, Prague, Czechoslovakia
    1967-10-19 - FM

    01. Announcement
    02. Ode to Billie Joe
    03. My Ship
    04. Creole Love Song
    05. The Inflated Tear
    06. Lovellevelliloqui
    07. Making Love After Hours
    08. Free Interlude & Applause
    09. Bessie's Blues/Afro Blue

    Rahsaan Roland Kirk - tenor sax, flute, manzello, stritch, clarinet
    Ron Burton - piano
    Steve Novosel - bass
    Jimmy Hopps - drums

  • Benny Goodman In Prague Czechoslovakia 1976 #4


    The Song Is Called All Of Me
    Featuring Benny Goodman On Clarinet, Buddy Tate On Saxophone, John Bunch On Piano, Cal Collins On Guitar, Lennie Bush On Bass, Barrett Deems On Drums.
    Recorded October 26 1976 Lucerna Concert Hall

  • Alan Vitouš - Kročej / A Step Ahead Czechoslovakia Easy Listening, Jazz, Scat singing


    album: Jazz Praha Live (featuring Zdeněk Dvořák & Mirka Křivánková)

    This channel owns nothing. The copyrights remain with the appropriate people. This material is shared here under the applicable laws for fair non-commercial use. Disclaimer please ask me to delete the video, and I will as soon as I can.
    None of these videos are monetized.

  • Karel Velebny & SHQ - S/T


    Artist: Karel Velebny & SHQ
    Album: Karel Velebny & SHQ (PF 69)
    Year: 1969 (Recorded in 1967)
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Genre: post bop, modal, avant-garde jazz
    Label: ESP Disk – ESP-DISK 1080


    Jiri Stivin - Alto Saxophone, Flute, Recorder
    Karel Vejvoda - Bass
    Josef Vejvoda - Drums
    Ludek Svabensky - Piano
    Karel Velebny - Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Vibraphone


    A1. The Uhu Sleeps Only During The Day
    A2. Joachim Is Our Friend

    B1. Beetles On The Head
    B2. Waldi On The Castle Steps
    B3. Andulko Safarora

    Recorded in Germany, April 1967.

    Copyright (c) – United International Copyright Representatives, Ltd.
    Record Company – ESP-Disk' Ltd.

  • Jazz Celula ‎– Oheň Až Požár


    Artist: Jazz Celula
    Album: Oheň Až Požár
    Year: 1976
    Genre: jazz-funk, jazz fusion, latin jazz, psychedelic, experimental
    Country: Czechoslovakia
    Label: Panton ‎– 11 0638


    Bass – Petr Kořínek
    Drums – Josef Vejvoda
    Guitar – Zdeněk Dvořák
    Trumpet – Laco Deczi
    Percussion – Jiří Tomek
    Piano – Karel Růžička
    Saxophone – Petr Král
    Trombone – Svatopluk Košvanec

    A1 Filip Samonil
    A2 Desatero řemesel
    A3 Zmoklá voda
    A4 Palma

    B1 Polobotka
    B2 Do toho
    B3 Probuzeni
    B4 Oheň až požár

  • SBB Keep It Cool live in Czechoslovakia 1980


    From the album Live In Czechoslovakia 1980. Three Quarters (Poland).

  • Jazz & Swing 1960-1970 Jaroslav LAIFER Czechoslovakia Tanečný orchester Čs. Rozhlasu v Bratislave


    Tanečný orchester Čs. Rozhlasu v Bratislave
    Jaroslav LAIFER: Kontinuita
    Juraj LEHOTSKÝ – trúbka
    Tanečný orchester Československého rozhlasu v Bratislave
    Diriguje: Vieroslav MATUŠÍK
    Nahr.: 17.8.1976; Štúdio: Čs. rozhlas Bratislava

    Jaroslav LAIFER: Stal sa zázrak
    Vokální soubor Jaromíra HNILIČKY
    Aranžoval: Jaromír HNILIČKA
    Nahr.: 28.6.1973; Štúdio: Čs. rozhlas Brno

    Jaroslav LAIFER: Kryštálová bossa nova
    Nahr.: 26.7.1965; Štúdio: Čs. rozhlas Bratislava

    Jaroslav LAIFER: Aesculap
    Aranžoval: Jaromír HNILIČKA
    Nahr.: 7.10.1970; Štúdio: Čs. rozhlas Brno

    Jaroslav LAIFER: Potoky sĺz 10:00
    František KARNOK – pozauna
    Tanečný orchester Československého rozhlasu v Bratislave
    Diriguje: Vieroslav MATUŠÍK
    Aranžoval: Ivo MORAVUS
    Nahr.: 30.6.1975; Štúdio: Čs. rozhlas Bratislava

    Jaroslav LAIFER: Pozor, sklo
    Juraj LEHOTSKÝ – trúbka
    Nahr.: 11.8.1967; Štúdio: Čs. rozhlas Bratislava

    Jaroslav LAIFER: Marcela (Suita pre štyri sólové nástroje)
    Sólisti: Ladislav VLASIČ, Eduard VIZVÁRY, Alojz BOUDA
    Tanečný orchester Československého rozhlasu v Bratislave
    Nahr.: 2.2.1966; Štúdio: Čs. rozhlas Bratislava

    Jaroslav LAIFER: Do videnia v pondelok
    Tanečný orchester Československého rozhlasu v Bratislave
    Diriguje: Vieroslav MATUŠÍK
    Aranžoval: Ján SIVÁČEK

  • A Night In Czechoslovakia


    Provided to YouTube by Routenote

    A Night In Czechoslovakia · Varseblivningen

    Senmodernitetens Rise and Fall

    ℗ Varseblivningen

    Released on: 2020-10-20

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Lignatone. Vintage archtop guitar made in Czechoslovakia


  • Melanie - Melanija Karl Eckert mit seinen Rhythmikern on Bellaccord 4006


    Melanie - Melanija (composed by M. Jary) Karl Eckert mit seinen Rhythmikern on Bellaccord 4006 (Czechoslovakia)

    Sound file was done by Rainer E. Lotz.

  • Plexis - Take It Easy


    Another good track from the first Plexis LP, Půlnoční Rebel (Midnight Rebel) from 1990.

  • Benny Goodman In Prague Czechoslovakia 1976 #5


    The Song Is Called That's A Plenty
    Featuring Benny Goodman On Clarinet, John Bunch On Piano, Warren Vache On Trumpet, Buddy Tate On Saxophone, Cal Collins On Guitar, Lennie Bush On Bass, Barrett Deems On Drums, Peter Appleyard On Vibraphone.
    Recorded October 26 1976 Lucerna Concert Hall

  • Czechoslovakia - Malimy


    Nocą 0:00
    Prąd 4:35
    Synu 8:45
    Dzik 15:37
    Inżynier 20:53
    Nielegalny 26:24
    Wersal 33:59
    Marzę 38:01

    Synu - klip/clip:

    Czechoslovakia Malimy album dostępne na/available on:

    kup/buy CD -

    Płyta została nagrana na setkę w White Noise Studio w Gdyni zimą 2017. Rejestrował, pił Specjale, kręcił nosem, miksował i masterował Max Białystok / Pracownia Bodega. Zawartość to wzruszająco brudne piosenki o wzlatywaniu, ucieczce i znikaniu, przy dobrych wiatrach wprowadzające w trans. Tam ciemny wszechświat, tutaj mali my.
    Second album of Czechoslovakia - Gdansk trio, was recorded in White Noise Studio Gdynia during winter 2017. Band was playing live. Max Białystok was the person who recorded it, mixed and mastered. It's a blend of songs and trans/impro music with poignantly dirty singing about flying, escaping and disappearing. There is a dark universe, here we are small.
    released December 27, 2017

    Adam Piskorz - gitara, głos
    Paweł Strzelczyk - bas, głos
    Krzysztof Wroński - perkusja

    gościnnie - Radek Skowroński - głos
    rejestracja, miks, mastering - Max Białystok / Pracownia Bodega

    dzięki / pozdro: Max, Piołun, Ludo, Radek, Miłosz, boss sp 303

  • Full Album Jarasum Jazz Residency Ⅰ


    Jarasum Jazz Residency Ⅰ(How to face my anxiety)
    Residency Artist Hyunpill Shin

    00:00 Walking On Winter - Woonsool Lee
    04:59 Glacier - Ji Park
    09:12 Melt - Ji Park
    13:34 Coexistence - Taesung Yu
    18:30 몽세(夢世) - Taesung Yu
    22:45 Fear - Hyunpill Shin
    26:19 Hope - Hyunpill Shin

    Produced by Jarasum Jazz Festival
    Executive Director - Victor Kye
    Project Manager - Alice Park
    Coordinator - Joon Suh Park

    Residency Artist Hyun Pill Shin
    Assistant Director Jieun Jeong

    Composed by
    Wonsool Lee (Track 1), Ji Park (Track 2, 3),
    Taesung Yu (Track 4, 5), Hyun Pill Shin ( Track 6, 7)

    Performed by
    Wonsool Lee - Double Bass (2, 3, 4, 5, 7)
    Ji Park - Cello
    Taesung Yu - Guitar & Sound (1, 4 ,6)
    Hyun Pill Shin - Piano (1, 3, 4, 6, 7), Bass Clarinet (2)

    Strings Performed by VRI String Quintet
    Shin Hye Kim - Violin
    So Young Choo - Violin
    Yong Eun Park - Viola
    Ji Hyun Joo - Cello

    Recorded at Music Village 1939
    Recording - Ki Seon Yoon (A&Tive)
    Mixing & Mastering - Jae Hoon Lee (Moon Studio)

    Sponsored by
    Ministry of Culture Sports And Tourism
    Arts Council Korea
    and Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

  • Made In Czechoslovakia


    Provided to YouTube by Supraphon

    Made In Czechoslovakia · Bohumil Bláha

    Chvilky s akordeonem

    ℗ 1984 SUPRAPHON a.s.

    Released on: 2012-08-30

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Jazz station big band - live - 7 over rock @jazz station



  • Archie Shepp - The Magic of Ju-Ju - Avant-Garde Jazz


    Archie Shepp - The Magic of Ju-Ju - 1967
    Style: Avant-Garde Jazz
    Release Date April 26, 1967
    Genre: Jazz, Free Jazz

    1. The Magic of Ju-Ju
    2. You're What This Day Is All About
    3. Shazam
    4. Sorry 'Bout That

    Album Atmosphere:
    Complex, Confrontational, Fierce
    Fiery, Intense, Passionate, Aggressive
    Dramatic, Swaggering, Uncompromising
    Urgent, Sophisticated, Spiritual

    The Allmusic review by Al Campbell states of the title track Shepp's emotional and fiery tenor takes off immediately, gradually morphing with the five percussionists who perform on instruments including rhythm logs and talking drums. Shepp never loses the initial energy, moving forward like a man possessed as the drumming simultaneously builds into a fury. Upon the final three minutes, the trumpets of Martin Banks and Michael Zwerin make an abrupt brief appearance, apparently to ground the piece to a halt. This is one of Shepp's most chaotic yet rhythmically hypnotic pieces.

    Bass – Reggie Workman
    Design – Robert & Barbara Flynn
    Design [Liner Design] – Joe Lebow
    Drums – Beaver Harris, Norman Connor
    Engineer – Bob Simpson
    Liner Notes – Ralph J. Gleason
    Percussion – Dennis Charles
    Percussion [Rhythm Logs] – Eddie Blackwell
    Percussion [Talking Drums] – Frank Charles
    Photography By – William A. Levy*, Frank Kofsky
    Photography By [Liner Photos] – Marty Topp
    Producer – Bob Thiele
    Tenor Saxophone – Archie Shepp
    Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Martin Banks
    Trumpet, Trombone – Michael Zwerin

  • Benny Goodman In Prague Czechoslovakia 1976 #2


    The Song Is Called Here's That Rainy Day
    Featuring Benny Goodman On Clarinet, John Bunch On Piano, Cal Collins On Guitar, Lennie Bush On Bass, Barrett Deems On Drums.
    Recorded October 26, 1976 Lucerna Concert hall




    Softly As In The Morning Sunshine (Hammerstein II/Sigmund Romberg) 0:00
    Balada O Očích Paní Topičové (Jiří Stivín) 8:40
    Ezop A Brabenec (Jaroslav Ježek) 12:50
    Strejček Hlad (Jaroslav Ježek) 19:42
    Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma) 28:27
    Dvě Ryby V Cizím Městě (Jiří Stivín) 39:58
    The Fine Crystal (Jiří Stivín [adapted by]) 48:15
    Big Blít, Či Ne Big Blít (Jiří Stivín Jr.) 52:55


    Flute, Recorder, Tenor Saxophone – Jiří Stivín
    Bass Guitar – Aleš Duša
    Guitar – Jaroslav Šindler
    Drums – Jiří Stivín Jr.

    Recorded at AghaRTA jazz club Prague, 29 - 30 September 1994.
    Released 1997

  • Dr. Max - Homo veget


    Another good song from the Prague based new wave band, Dr. Max from their 1st LP.



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