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Playlist of Jazz drumming

  • Drum Lesson - Introduction To Jazz Drumming - Part 1: The Basic Pattern


    This is an introduction to the basic Jazz drum set pattern.
    Check for the lesson guide, PDFs, play along bass lines, listening and reading guides, worksheets and practice tips.

    Introduction to Jazz Drumming Series:
    Part 1: The Basic Pattern
    Part 2: The Jazz Shuffle
    Part 3: Basic Left Hand Patterns
    Part 4: Comping Phrases
    Part 5: Solo Phrases

    Thanks and good luck!

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  • Art Blakey - The Best of Jazz Drums Jazz Standards Hot Songs


    Classic Mood Experience The best masterpieces ever recorded in the music history.
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    Art Blakey - The Best of Jazz Drums (Greatest Grooving Jazz Music) [Jazz Standards Hot Songs]
    00:00 Art Blakey - Just One of Those Things (1955)
    09:21 Art Blakey - Now's the Time (1954)
    17:36 Art Blakey - The Way You Look Tonight (1954)
    27:29 Art Blakey - Once in a While (1954)
    32:24 Art Blakey - Hank's Symphony (1955)
    36:58 Art Blakey - A Night in Tunisia (1954)
    46:04 Art Blakey - Mayreh (1954)
    52:15 Art Blakey - Wee Dot (1954)
    58:55 Art Blakey - Yesterdays (1945)
    01:01:55 Art Blakey - If I Had You (1954)
    01:05:21 Art Blakey - Confirmation (1954)
    01:14:05 Art Blakey - Split Kick (1954)
    01:22:30 Art Blakey - Gone with the Wind (1937)
    01:25:16 Art Blakey - Wee Dot (Alternate) (1954)
    01:32:09 Art Blakey - Like Someone in Love (1955)

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    Arthur Art Blakey (October 11, 1919 – October 16, 1990) was an American jazz drummer and bandleader. He was known as Abdullah Ibn Buhaina after he became a Muslim.
    Blakey made a name for himself in the 1940s in the big bands of Fletcher Henderson and Billy Eckstine. He worked with bebop musicians Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. In the mid-1950s Horace Silver and Blakey formed the Jazz Messengers, a group that the drummer was associated with for the next 35 years. The Jazz Messengers were formed as a collective of contemporaries, but over the years the band became known as an incubator for young talent, including Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Lee Morgan, Benny Golson, and Wynton Marsalis. The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz calls the Jazz Messengers the archetypal hard bop group of the late 50s.
    He was inducted into the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame (in 1981), the Grammy Hall of Fame (in 1998 and 2001), and was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. He was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1991.
    FROM WIKIPEDIA: ???????? ???????? ????????

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    Classic Mood Experience The best masterpieces ever recorded in the music history.

    Explore Classic Mood Experience music, the best  jazz, blues, rock, pop, R&B, soul, lantin songs ever recorded by Etta James, Billie Holiday, Bill Evans, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Muddy Waters, Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, James Brown, Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Harry Belafonte, Nat King Cole, Louis Prima, Duke Ellington, Elvis Presley, Count Basie, Little Walter, Herbie Hancock, Edith Piaf, Aretha Franklin, Charlie Parker, Lightnin' Hopkins, Son House, B.B. King, Thelonious Monk, Howlin' Wolf, Quincy Jones, Johnny Cash, Glenn Miller, Chuck Berry, Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Anka, John Coltrane, John Lee Hooker, Coleman Hawkins, Robert Johnson, Dean Martin, Oscar Peterson, George Gershwin, Ben E. King, Big Bill Broonzy, Hank Williams, Benny Goodman, Art Tatum, Big Joe Turner, Bing Crosby, Jimmie Rodgers, Mamie Smith, Ma Rainey, Dave Brubeck, Mahalia Jackson, Fats Domino, Marvin Gaye, Bud Powell, Sonny Rollins, Fats Waller, Tony Bennett, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Perry Como, Gerry Mulligan and many more.

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  • Daniel Glass - Drum Solo from The Century Project


    This is the Finale Solo that closes Daniel Glass' award-winning The Century Project DVD.
    In this clip, he is playing his DW Commemorative Buddy Rich kit. Don't let the lugs fool you, it's a DW Classics Kit (poplar/mahogany shells, Vintage Marine FinishPly). Sizes are 9x13, 16x16 (x2), 14x24, 5.5x14.
    This DVD is a MUST SEE for any drummer or musician, as it comprehensively takes you through the history of music from 1865 to 1965, via...THE DRUMS.

    Watch the trailer for The Century Project here:

    Buy the DVD here:

    The Century Project: 100 Years of American Music From Behind The Drums.

    The Century Project takes you on a thrilling journey through 100 years of music history, tracing the story of the drum set from its inception at the end of the Civil War (1865) to the dawn of the British Invasion (1965). Throughout the presentation, Daniel introduces and demonstrates a variety of classic styles and techniques, including double drumming, ragtime, New Orleans jazz, Chicago jazz, classic swing, bebop, rhythm and blues, rockabilly and early rock'n'roll.

    To bring these musical eras to life, The Century Project incorporates eleven stunning vintage drum sets, hundreds of rare product and vintage catalog shots, and a dozen high energy performances from an all-star band featuring members of Royal Crown Revue, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Conan O'Brien house band, and Bette Midler's Kiss My Brass Revue.

    Filmed and recorded in stunning high-definition, The Century Project reveals a side of the drums never before seen, and endeavors to show musicians here in the 21st Century just how much they actually have in common with the past. The bottom line - learning more about the classic styles demonstrated in The Century Project will make you a stronger and more competitive drummer, regardless of what style of music you play.

  • IN THE SHED Ep15 - JAZZ DRUMMING - Intro To Comping


    A great lesson for beginner and intermediate jazz students. This is an introduction to left hand (or right hand for you lefties) comping while you're swingin'. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL to join the others who are discovering that this is one of the coolest spots for drum lessons!

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  • 5 Easy To Learn Jazz Swing Fills


    For jazz students or anyone just diving into the genre for the first time, this video will show you 5 simple, cool, creative and musical fills for swing jazz that you'll be able to easily turn into hundreds more with the right approach! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL for more great free drum lessons, tips advice and cool product reviews.

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  • Out in the Open Up Tempo Jazz Drums


    Up tempo jazz drumming. Thanks for watching.

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  • 25 Grooves Every Jazz Drummer Must Know w/ Bryan Carter


    For the full instructional video, isolated drums videos of each groove, and sheet music of all 25 grooves visit:

    Full video contains instruction on how to play the following grooves:

    Medium Swing
    Slow Swing
    Up Tempo Swing
    Brushes Ballad
    Brushes Medium
    Brushes Up Tempo
    Afro Cuban 12/8
    Afro Cuban 12/8 (w/optional LH pattern
    Funky Drummer
    4 on the Floor
    Hip Hop/Neo Soul
    Bossa Nova
    60s/70s Jazz Mambo
    Organ Groove
    Shuffle w/Spang-a-lang
    Half Shuffle
    European Modern
    New Orleans Dirge
    NOLA Street Beat
    NOLA Street Beat w/Press Rolls
    NOLA Street Beat w/Cymbals
    Jazz Waltz
    5/4 Groove
    7/4 Groove

    With a confidence reflecting an instrumental and compositional maturity that both belie his age and announce the arrival of a remarkable talent, Bryan Carter exudes what promises a highly successful career.

    Shortly after completing his training at The Juilliard School in New York City and still at the very outset of his career, Carter has already played and/or recorded with many notable artists including Clark Terry, McCoy Tyner, Wynton Marsalis, Marcus Roberts, Kenny Barron, Michael Feinstein and Kurt Elling.

    Carter attended The Juilliard School as a Jazz Studies major and studied with Carl Allen and Kenny Washington. He was the recipient of the Irene Diamond Scholarship as well as the Samuel L Jackson Scholarship. While at Juilliard, Carter took a strong interest in composition, orchestration and interdivisional cross-collaborative performance.

    Bryan is currently touring the world with his band, “Bryan Carter & The Young Swangers”. He also served as the house drummer for NBC’S “Maya & Marty” starring Maya Rudolph, Keenan Thompson and Martin Short. The show has featured guests including Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Tom Hanks, Drake, Steve Martin and Tina Fey.

    Aside from performing Carter conducts clinics, master-classes and workshops at schools, colleges and universities around the world. Currently Carter serves as a teaching artist for the Jazz at Lincoln Center, “Jazz for Young People” program in New York City and endorses Ludwig Drums, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, Zildjian Cymbals and 64 Audio Monitors.

    Chad LB is an international recording artist who has toured globally as a bandleader, and with superstars ranging from Chris Botti to Taylor Swift. He has been a featured soloist with premiere ensembles like the Juilliard Jazz Orchestra, and was formerly a member of the multi GRAMMY winning Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. Despite his demanding tour schedule, Chad is on faculty as a visiting artist at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for their new Roots, Jazz and American Music degree program.



    An Insane Drum Solo from Buddy Rich performed @ the concert of the Americas,

    Please Rate Comment and Suscribe!

  • Introduction to Jazz Drumming | Drum Lesson


    In this video I outline a basic approach to jazz drumming. Jazz can be a difficult genre and style to get into, so in this video I break down a few simple coordination methods to get you started, as well as a few key rhythms to listen out for.

    Of course, there is no substitute for listening to jazz, so be sure to be listening to jazz music whilst studying the coordination.

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    Jonathan Curtis proudly endorses Bosphorus Cymbals

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  • Jazz Drumming Setup for Optimal Movement and Flow


    The way I like to set up my drums, which is focused on ease of movement and flow. Hope this helps some of you, and let me know if you have any video suggestions in the comments below!

  • My Favourite 12 Best Jazz Drummer


    The order is determined alphabetically. There are absolutely missing items in the list. Jazz music is a long-standing music genre. Therefore, you can write the names of drummer who you think should be in this list in the comment section.

  • Can you hear melody in the drums? | JAZZ NIGHT IN AMERICA


    What would you say if I told you that drums can sing? The best jazz drummers have always understood this as fact. Allison Miller has even made it a core part of her artistic mission — as drummer, a composer and a bandleader, notably with her ensemble Boom Tic Boom.

    Jazz Night in America recently caught up with Miller, who skillfully demonstrates the concept of “melodic drumming” using her drums and cymbals, a Duke Ellington tune, and a new piece of technology. “There’s something about the platform of jazz,” Miller says, “that it lays this palette of having such deep communication with your other bandmates. And for me that's why I play this music.” --NATE CHINEN



  • How to Play Jazz on the Drums - Introductory/Beginner Drum Lesson


    Feathering the Bass Drum:

    Comping Course (Coming Soon):

    I’m going to break down the basic Jazz pattern into 4 easy steps. Click the link above download a free PDF of everything I’m demonstrating in this video.

    Step 1: The Ride Cymbal

    The ride cymbal is the calling card for all Jazz drummers and is vital to the feel of the music as a whole. For the last 60 years or so, the ride cymbal has been a standard in all Jazz.

    So when you’re first learning this, make sure that you are playing solid triplets on the ride cymbal pattern. Don’t use a triplet subdivision on a metronome, but keep them going in your head.

    There are two main schools of thought with playing the ride cymbal. The first is to take the quarter notes, and then add the skip notes in between as a pickup. This is more in line with what I learned from Peter Erskine, and it can be a very effective way to keep a strong quarter-note pulse.

    The second school of thought for the ride cymbal is what I got from Jeff Hamilton, and it comes out of the lineage of Mel Lewis and John Von Ohlen. The idea here is to be as loose as possible, and treat the 3 note pattern as one big fluid motion that starts on beat 2.

    Depending on the style of Jazz, and the style of drumming you prefer, you’ll find your own voice. I usually find that it takes longer for students to develop the loose, Jeff Hamilton/Mel Lewis/John Von Ohlen 3 note ride cymbal technique, but when they do, it’s incredibly worthwhile and opens up a wide variety of possibilities on the drums. However, if this is literally your first time playing Jazz, it might be best to just start with quarter notes.

    Step 2: The Hi-Hat

    The hi-hat is played with your foot on beats 2 and 4, perfectly in sync with the ride cymbal pattern, like so

    Pretty self-explanatory, but incredibly vital to Jazz drumming. Make sure that you’re able to both play the hi-hat heal down, and heal up.

    At fast tempos, heal up with come in handy, because your leg will get in a flow bouncing in time with the fast tempo.

    But you don’t want to only be able to play heal up. So make sure that you practice all tempos heal down as well. Both have their sonic advantages that you’ll discover over time.

    Since there is so much weight coming down on the pedal with your entire leg with heal up, you’ll notice a crisper, snappier, and sometimes louder hi-hat sound. Incredibly effective when you need it.

    On the other side, since there is much less weight coming down on the pedal with heal down, you’ll notice a longer, more legato, wide, and sometimes relaxed hi-hat sound, which sometimes ends up softer. Also incredibly effective when you need it.

    Again, if this is literally your first time playing Jazz drums. Go ahead and start with just quarter notes on the ride, and 2/4 on the hi-hat heal down to get the coordination going.

    Step 3: Feathering the Bass Drum

    The bass drum feathers on all four beats, to blend with the acoustic bass that is commonplace in most Jazz. Make sure that the beater comes off of the drum, your heal is down, and the dynamic is super quiet. This is something that shouldn’t be heard but should be felt.

    For more on the subject, click here:

    Now, many great Jazz drummers choose not to feather the bass drum, but the vast majority prefer to do it. So ultimately it’s up to do whether or not you do it, but it’s important to learn, and be able to do regardless of whether you end up choosing to use it or not down the road.

    But, once you have that down, we can add some snare.

    Step 4: Snare Drum Comping

    Referring to the PDF linked above, there are 4 comping examples to add on top of the ride, hi-hat, and bass drum.

    So that’s just 3 basic comping patterns, and when you listen to or play Jazz, those are always changing, since Jazz is improvised.

    There’s no book that will fully teach you how to comp, and if you only rely on a book, you’ll never truly play Jazz correctly. You have to listen to understand it, a lot.

    To start out with, I’d recommend listening to the albums Relaxin with the Miles Davis Quintet, with Philly Joe Jones on drums, and Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, with Jimmy Cobb on drums. These albums are full of great comping ideas, and they’re just great, fairly simple albums to play along with as well.

    Then, head over to to check out our full eBook with hundreds of comping examples and exercises to learn and practice.

    This is hard stuff at first! So cut yourself some slack! 4 limbs doing different things, and making sure they’re in sync, at different dynamics and they feel good!

    For many more lessons on how to play jazz drums, subscribe on YouTube!

    Additionally, head over to for more lessons, blog posts, and podcast episodes all dedicated to the art of jazz drumming.

  • Quick Tip on Jazz Drumming For da Homies


    The video is from someone in my discord server asking to rate his jazz playing. If you want to join the discord (it’s free do it) click the link!

  • A Controversial Exercise to Improve Your Jazz Drumming


    Download the transcription -

    Five years ago, I made the first incarnation of this lesson. Some loved it, others said I was full of it.

    (Here's that lesson - - contrary to popular belief, I was not stoned.)

    I decided, it's time for a remake.

  • The Swing Cymbal Beat


    The swing cymbal beat is the fundamental drum rhythm in jazz music. The beat itself is simple; consisting of only ride cymbal and hi-hat pedal strokes, leaving the drummer space to improvise bass drum & snare drum rhythms over the beat. In this lesson we build up the basic beat and explore a few variations to the dynamics of the beat.

    ???? Preview the PDF worksheet for this lesson at
    Sacha’s video drum lessons are designed to work hand-in-hand with the matching notated PDF worksheets, all available for download with a yearly or lifetime membership at

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    ????Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, Sacha Kloostra is a multi-faceted drummer known for his delicate yet explosive playing and creative improvisational style.
    With over twenty years performing experience in various musical genres including rock & pop, funk, jazz, fusion, salsa, afro-Cuban, Brazilian, big band & musical theatre, Sacha’s musical voice is diverse and colourful, and set in a strong foundation of drumming traditions from around the world. Sacha plays drums / timbales for Brisbane salsa band ‘Chukale’ and is a regular on the Brisbane jazz circuit, performing regularly with local and international artists, and has performed at major music festivals and events such as Splendour In The Grass, Woodford Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Brisbane Festival, Darling Harbour Jazz Festival, Darling Harbour Latin Fiesta, York Jazz Festival, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols and more. In 2018 Sacha performed in the Melbourne premiere of Disenchanted! – the hit broadway musical garnering excellent reviews.

    Sacha teaches drum kit and timbales from his home studio in Brisbane as well as producing online video lessons which have accrued thousands of subscribers and millions of video views.

    ????Sacha plays Yamaha Drums

    Setup includes:
    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute shells
    10 x 8 Tom
    12 x 8 Tom
    14 x 13 Floor Tom
    16 x 15 Floor Tom
    20 x 18 Bass Drum
    14 x 6 Hybrid Maple Snare (awesome)
    14 x 6.5 Stage Custom Steel Snare
    DT50S, DT50K, DT20 Drum Triggers

    Sabian cymbals including
    8” Legacy Splash
    10” Legacy Splash
    14” Legacy Hi-Hats
    16” HHX Evolution Crash
    16″ O-Zone Crash
    19” HHXTreme Crash
    21” Legacy Ride
    LP Cowbells/Jamblocks
    Vic Firth SD2 Bolero and 2B Drumsticks & Wire Brushes

  • Jo Jones, a magician on drums, in Caravan


    Jo Jones is one of the greatest drummer in the history of Jazz. Most inventive, he frequently improvises the most unpredictable and bold breaks with an impressive rythmic energy. This example of his drum solo shows his amazing and unique variety.

    The extraordinary solo of Jo Jones, a magician on drums, ends in a blaze of spectacular glory the film l'Aventure du Jazz. This film will be showed again in France in 2012 by its director Louis Panassié to commemorate the centenary of Hugues Panassié's birth in 1912 and also the foundation of the Hot Club de France 80 years ago with the collaboration of Charles Delaunay and Pierre Nourry.

    A showing is already expected in December 2012 in Paris by the current Hot Club president François Desbrosses. More showings are being organized in several french towns.

    Soon you will see l'Aventure du Jazz in Lattes (near Montpellier ) on Friday, March 9 in the Jacques Coeur theater.

    Bonjour: you will find more information about this film on my website
    and also others subjects i have tackled in my long and adventurous life which started in 1956 with the first African tour on a Harley Davidson.

    As you may understand, I have lived and filmed rare and most unforgettable historical moments.

    Please contact me by mail
    So long. Louis Panassié.

    « Jo Jones est un des plus grands batteurs dans l'histoire du jazz. Très inventif, il improvise fréquemment les breaks les plus imprévisibles, les plus audacieux d'un tonus rythmique impressionnant. Ses solos de batterie sont d'une richesse, d'une variété uniques ». Hugues Panassié.
    L'extraordinaire solo de ce magicien de la batterie qu'est Jo Jones termine en apothéose et de façon spectaculaire le montage de « L'Aventure du Jazz ». Ce film sera à nouveau projeté en France en 2012 par son réalisateur Louis Panassié. A l'occasion de la commémoration du centième anniversaire de la naissance d'Hugues Panassié en 1912 et également de la fondation, en collaboration avec Charles Delaunay et Pierre Nourry, du Hot-Club de France il y a 80 ans.
    Une projection est notamment prévue par son actuel Président, François Desbrosses, à Paris en décembre 2012.
    D'autres séances sont actuellement en cours d'organisation en diverses villes de France.
    On pourra voir « L'Aventure du Jazz » tout d'abord à Lattes (dans la banlieue de Montpellier) le vendredi 9 mars à 20h.30 au Théâtre « Jacques Cœur ».

    Bonjour, vous trouverez plus d'informations sur mes reportages sur mon site et aussi sur d'autres thématiques que j'ai abordées durant ma longue vie d'aventurier-reporter qui commença en 1956 par le premier tour de L'Afrique en Harley-Davidson.
    Comme vous l'aurez compris, j'ai vécu et filmé des moments historiques, rares mais surtout inoubliables. N'hésiter pas à me contacter par mail à
    A très bientôt. Louis Panassié.

  • 20 Minute Beat - Dynamic Jazz Beat 120 BPM


    ???? More Beats:
    ???????????????? & ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????
    ???? Funk & Groove Rock Drum Beats (All)
    ???? Funk Beats (My Picks)
    ???? Funk Rock Drum Tracks (My Picks)
    ???? 20 Minute Funk & Groove Rock Drum Loops

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    ???????????????? ????????????????, ????????????????, ???????????????????????????????? & ???????????????????? ????????????????????
    ???? Hard Rock (All)
    ???? 20 Minute Hard Rock
    ???? Hard Rock (My Picks)

    ???????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????
    ???? Blues Drum Beats
    ???? 20 Minute Blues

    ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????
    ???? Jazz Drum Tracks
    ???? 20 Minute Jazz Loops

    ????????????????????????????????????????????, ???????????? ????????????????, ???????????????? ????????????????, & ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????
    ???? Alternative Drum Tracks
    ???? 20 Minute Alternative

    ???????????????????? ????????????????????
    ???? Reggae & Ska Beats
    ???? Tom Drum Tracks
    ???? World & Percussion Beats
    ???? Odd Time Drum Beats
    ???? 20 Minute Odd Time Beats
    ???? Good For Acoustic Guitar

    ???????????????? ????????????????????
    ???? All Of My Drum Beats
    ???? All Of My 20 Drum Loops

    ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????? ????????????????????
    ???? ????

  • Charly Antolini: CARAVAN - The Big Drum Solo


    Charly Antolini: CARAVAN - The Big Drum Solo - Dick Morrissey - Brian Dee - Len Skeat - Jazzfestival Bern - Switzerland - 1993
    More Charly Antolini Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD :

    #charlyantolini #Charly_Antolini #drumsolo #drummerworld #caravan #whiplash

  • Jazz Drummer Attempts: DEATH CORE


    Termina - Desolate Specter :


    Feel free to stalk me on Instagram! @ZackGrooves
    Nik's Channel:

    Song used for background:
    BeatsByCon - In The Night

    MY GEAR (I ordered it from Cheapest to Most Expensive because I know its hard out there yall trust me lol) If you purchase from any of these links, you will be supporting this channel directly!

    Drum Sticks:


    Drum Heads:
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    Cymbal Bag:

    Drum Throne:

    Bass Pedal (Single):

    Snare Drum:

    YAMAHA EAD10 (Drum Mic)

    Meinl Cymbals Byzance Dual Trash Crash Cymbal - 16 :
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    Meinl Cymbals Byzance Dark Big Apple Dark Ride Cymbal - 22
    Meinl Cymbals Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin Hi-hat Cymbals - 16 -

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  • Syncopated Jazz Drum Fills & Techniques


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    Progressive Steps to Syncopation by Ted Reed:

  • Jazz Drummer Q-Tip of the Week: Comp like Art Blakey, Elvin Jones and Max Roach!



    By watching this video, you will gain a stronger understanding of what comping is, its importance and how to execute it better.

    You will also learn some practical applications of comping ideas and rhythms based on the master drummers Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Art Blakey and Art Taylor.

    If you wish to skip over the VERY IMPORTANT yet BRIEF speaking portion of this video (which I'm sure you don't:), the playing examples start at:

    Common comp rhythm @ 3:58

    Art Blakey/Art Taylor @ 5:04

    Max Roach @ 5:21

    Elvin Jones @ 7:11

    The books I recommend working out of are:

    Ted Reed - Syncopation
    Jim Chapin - Independence for the Modern Drummer
    Keith Hall - Jazz Drums Now Vol. 1
    John Riley - The Art of Bop Drumming

    If you are interested in taking Skype lessons, email me at Whether it's a technical, conceptual or a creativity issue, I'm happy to help out with any issues you are having with your playing that you'd like to improve upon.

    Don't forget to leave comments, questions and suggestions for future videos.

    You can reach me at

    Thanks for checking the video out!

    Assistant Professor of Jazz Drum-set, University of North Texas
    Vic Firth, Zildjian and Yamaha Artist

  • Jazz Grooves I - Daily Drum Lesson


    In this drum lesson you will learn the basics of jazz drumming. You will learn some left hand independence and will get some nice snare comping patterns.
    It doesn't matter if you are a Jazz beginner or an intermediate drummer this lesson has something for you.

    free notation PDF:

    Need some Jazz Fill-Ins?
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  • Flurries - The New Hotness in Jazz Drumming


    Grab your transcription (and get on the Insiders List, and get 3 videos to improve your playing in 3 weeks) -

  • Introduction to Jazz Drumming - Part 8: Bossa Nova


    If you enjoy the video, please click like, subscribe and share. Thanks!

    Check for the lesson guide, PDFs, play along bass lines, listening guide, recommended reading, worksheets and practice tips.

    Introduction to Jazz Drumming Series:
    Part 1: The Basic Pattern
    Part 2: The Jazz Shuffle
    Part 3: Basic Left Hand Patterns
    Part 4: Comping Phrases
    Part 5: Soloing Phrases
    Part 6: 3/4 Comping Phrases (The Jazz Waltz)
    Part 7: 3/4 Solo Phrases

    Remember to count out loud and take your time with each pattern. Focus on quality before speed. If you can play something simple and make it sound good, you are already playing at a high level.

    The two rhythms are first played at 60 beats per minute, then again at 120 beats per minute.

    Practice on your own to work your way up to 120 beats per minute. I would recommend increasing your tempo by 2-10 beats per minute at a time. Only proceed to the next speed after you feel solid at a given tempo.

  • Ralph Peterson *Jazz Drumming* Video: KILLER Comping & Syncopation Exercise


    Go to for more FREE Ralph Peterson Videos! This was an excerpt from Ralph Peterson’s Jazz Drumming Demystified” Instructional Video. Jam-packed 2h 20min Lesson, 60-min Interview, 4 Quartet Performances & 4 Play-Along MP3s, PDFs & lots MORE.

    A master drummer AND master teacher!
    A rare combination, indeed.
    Aptly titled Jazz Drumming Demystified.

    Click on - other killer jazz drumming instructional videos with Eric Harland, Ari Hoenig, Mike Clark, Portinho, etc.
    (Plus jazz instructional videos with MANY other great jazz artists like Lee Konitz, Kenny Werner, Jerry Bergonzi, Jean-Michel Pilc, Oz Noy, Lage Lund, Gilad Hekselman, Ingrid Jensen, Geoffrey Keezer, Walt Weiskopf & more.)

    Go to to check out the madness!

    For nearly 30 years, Ralph Peterson has been one of the most distinctive and recognizable drummers in jazz. His talent and drive as a drummer, composer, arranger and bandleader set him apart as a Master among his peers. In 1980, Ralph was accepted into the Jazz Studies program at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Some of his teachers there included Kenny Barron, Paul Jeffrey and drummer Michael Carvin.

    Peterson met master drummer Art Blakey in 1983. A few months after sitting in, Blakey called Peterson (then a college junior) to play along side him in his two-drummer big band. This was for a performance at the Boston Globe Festival. Ralph continued in the Jazz Messenger Big Band until Blakey's passing. Peterson takes seriously the honor and responsibility of being the Last Messenger Drummer and later paid homage to Blakey on his 1992 recording Art. In 1985, a year after his graduation from Rutgers, Peterson was hired to perform with piano giant Walter Davis Jr., as well as with trumpeter Jon Faddis. Ralph has since become a member of the jazz elite. His recording and touring resume includes jazz greats like Terrence Blanchard, Branford Marsalis, Stanley Turrentine, David Murray, The Count Basie Orchestra, Betty Carter, and Michael Brecker.

    Hope you enjoyed this video on jazz drumming

  • Jazz Music - Instrumental Cafe Music - Music For Relax,Work,Study - Background Music


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    Light, water, wind, and BGMC
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  • 7 People Who Changed Modern Jazz Drumming Forever


    Links of drummers featured in this video:

    Jeff Tain Watts -

    Greg Hutchinson -

    Clarence Penn -

    Bill Stewart - appears to have no social media or website :P

    Brian Blade -

    Eric Harland -

    Kendrick Scott -

    Marcus Gilmore -

    Mark Guiliana -

    Nate Wood -

    Maison Guidry -

    JD Beck -

    Music from this video -

    Xavier's Lair - Branford Marsails (Tain) -

    Got a Match - Chick Corea -

    April in Paris - Wynton Marsails (Tain)-

    Spartacus - Branford Marsails (Tain) -

    Friday the 13th - Branford Marsails (Tain) -

    Citizen Tain - Branford Marsails (Tain) -

    Too Marvelous for Words - Joe Williams (Hutch) -

    Courage (Asymetric Aria) - Joshua Redman (Hutch) -

    Confluence - Adam Rogers (Clarence) -

    Seventeen - Dave Douglas (Clarence) -

    Everybody's Party - Scofield - (Bill Stewart) -

    Get It - Pat Metheny (Bill Stewart) -

    Blues Cowboy - Pat Metheny (Bill Stewart) -

    Badlands - Seamus Blake (Bill Stewart) -

    Count Me Out - Joshua Redman (Blade) -

    Barcelona - Mark Turner (Blade) -

    Footprints - Wayne Shorter (Blade) -

    Over Shadow Hill Way - Wayne Shorter (Blade) -

    Treachery - Eric Harland -

    The Rules - Aaron Goldberg (Eric Harland) -

    Karma - Aaron Parks (Eric Harland) -

    Vonnegut - Lage Lund (Kendrick) -

    Pendulum - Kendrick Scott -

    The Source - Kendrick Scott -

    Humpty Dumpty - Chick Corea (Marcus) -

    Chick Corea gig -

    Historicity - Vijay Iyer (Marcus) -

    The Bucket Kicker - Gilad Hekselman (Marcus) -

    Nate's video on Marcus -

    Stadium Jazz - Donny McCaslin (Mark G) -

    Feediop - Avishai Cohen (Mark G) -

    Locked in a Basement - Mark G -

    You Have One Unheard Message - Kneebody (Nate Wood) -

    Mark G Solo on Seven Ways -

    Teddy Ruxpin - Kneebody (Nate Wood) -

    Maison Guidry Clip -

    Sniff - JD Beck and Domi -

    Do I Do - Stevie Wonder (Eric Harland) -

  • Whiplash and Caravan - HD Drum Cover By Devikah


    What does it mean when you call it a wrap after the very first take of a videoing taping? Click Show More below for the full details.

    To me, it means that I have a special place in my heart for the movie Whiplash. I hummed these two songs over and over in my head since I saw the movie. It's time to get them out of my system. :) The solo part to Caravan requires a lot more attention. I hope to tackle it when I have the time.

    I played on top of the original motion picture soundtrack and could not find a drumless track for it.

    The drum set is a Sakae Rhythm Almighty Maple in silver sparkle. The following components were used for the video:

    22x18 bass drum;

    12”X8” rack tom;

    10x7 rack tom;

    a 14X14 floor tom, and;

    14X6.5 snare.

    More information on this quality kit can be found here: .

    The cymbals are Murat Diril:

    21 Hommage ride;

    20 Artistic Arena crash;

    19 Artistic Mosaic crash, and;

    14 Artistic hi-hat.

    More information on these quality cymbals can be found here: .

  • The REAL Differences Between Jazz and Rock Drumming


    Get on the insiders list (and get my FR## 3-video mini-course to boot) -

  • Drum Lesson - Introduction To Jazz Drumming - Part 2: The Jazz Shuffle


    Check for the lesson guide, PDFs, play along bass lines, listening guide, recommended reading, worksheets and practice tips.

    There are many variations of this rhythm. This will be a good start.

    Beginning students may choose to stop the lesson after learning the hand pattern. Intermediate and advanced students will find a transcription at the end of the video. Take your time adding the bass drum and hi-hat.

    Introduction to Jazz Drumming Series:
    Part 1: The Basic Pattern
    Part 2: The Jazz Shuffle
    Part 3: Basic Left Hand Patterns
    Part 4: Comping Phrases
    Part 5: Solo Phrases

    Please feel free to post any questions, requests or suggestions.

    Thanks for watching!

  • Craig Reynolds Drums - Jazz Fusion - Its Our World


    I'm really fond of Jazz and Fusion music, particularly Weather Report and Dave Weckl Band. So this track is heavily inspired by those bands. and also by Dave Weckl himself, and of course Benny Greb.

    It's been a while since I learnt and wrote drum grooves simply from a guitar and sax chart. It was really fun picking out which hits to catch and what fills to use to set em up.

    The drum performance is completely written by me and the backing track is from Turn it Up Lay it Down Vol 8. 'Burning with Bernie'. The audio is one take, mixed but COMPLETELY UNEDITED. I'm not into miming.

    SM57s for all shells, a Beta 91 in the kick and Rode NT5s for overheads. Minimal post tracking mixing, bit of EQ, Compression, and TONS of reverb.

    Cymbals are all Meinl and set up from R to L:
    14 Byzance Extra Dry Hi-Hats
    18 Byzance Extra Dry Crash
    8 Soundcaster Custom Splash
    10 Byzance Dry Splash
    Stack comprising of 10 Byzance Dry Splash over 14 Gen-X China
    18 MB20 Medium Crash
    20 Byzance Raw Bell Ride
    18 Soundcaster Custom China

    Not sure whats gone on with the rendering, but I'm not sitting here for 4 hours again while it has another go. Peace!

  • Why Every Drummer Should Master The Jazz Swing ????


    Check out this video to see why you might want to consider gettin' real good at that jazz swang! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL for more great free drum lessons, tips, advice and cool product reviews.

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    ????BEGINNER DRUMMER'S HANDBOOK (eBook Download)

    Available to purchase or stream on all major platforms globally.


    Yamaha PHX
    A&F Drum Co. 14x6.5 Raw Brass
    Evans Drumheads
    Paiste Cymbals
    Promark Sticks

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  • Helpful Jazz Exercises for Drummers!


    Click a timecode to skip to that section!
    0:00 Introduction
    1:43 What do I play when I'm keeping time?
    2:20 Key Jazz recordings (Tain, Elvin and Jack)
    3:18 Why advanced independence is valuable even if you don't play busy
    4:03 Right-Hand lead
    5:00 Right Foot lead
    5:33 Left-Foot lead
    6:22 How to practice all the lead exercises
    7:00 Left hand buzzing (aka one-motion drop)
    8:14 Coming up with left-hand buzz phrases
    9:23 Dynamics among all limbs = musical phrases!
    9:58 Tricky bar breakdown
    11:11 Fusion-style left hand 16th note phrases against the swing pattern
    12:04 Breaking up 8th note triplets between hands and feet
    15:31 Double-bass jazz phase? How dare you!
    16:06 Words of wisdom on jazz drumming and how to practice it

    13 New Beat Hats
    15 A Custom Crash
    K Custom Special Dry crash in the back 15 or 16 - I think 15.
    Azuka on my left, camera right. Sizzles added to it.
    20 K Custom Dry Light Ride. My favorite ride ever.

    Drums are Yamaha PHX. Snare is Dunnett.

  • Jazz Drum Comping Patterns With Push Beats - Jazz Drum Lessons


    In this jazz drum lesson, you will learn how to play jazz drum comping patterns with push beats. This is the 3rd lesson from my Jazz Drum Comping Patterns lesson series. In this drum tutorial, you will learn how to play push beats from a swing time feel. NOTE: A push beat is method of ending a jazz phrase on the upbeat of a measure. I guarantee you will become a better jazz drummer by incorporating this great sounding technique into your playing.

    Purchase Transcription.


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    **Jazz Snare Drum Comping Patterns - #1:

    **Jazz Snare Drum Comping Patterns - #2:

    **Quarter Note Triplet Jazz Drum Comping Patterns:

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  • The evolution of jazz drumming: different styles through the years


    Soundbrenner Instructors Nate Wong and Jerold Chu take you through the evolution of jazz drumming over the last century, demonstrating six distinct styles.

    This lesson is part of our Jazz Drumming Series on Soundbrenner Plus.

    This 8-part series covers everything you need to get started as jazz drummer: from setting up your drum kit to the jazz grip, jazz form, essential licks, odd meter improvisation and more.

    Watch the full course on the Soundbrenner iOS app at

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  • How to Comp for Jazz Drums


    - Transcriptions here!

    Also have to shout out my buddy Quincy, fellow Needle house-band drummer (think he was at least a few spots ahead of me on the call list;), who did an excellent lesson on comping, and who I'm hoping to interview soon!

  • IN THE SHED Ep10 - JAZZ DRUMMING: Spicing Up Your Swing!


    Spice up your swingin! Check out this simple but cool approach to playing your ride. Great tip for beginner & intermediate jazz students!

    DOWNLOAD THESE FREE BASS LOOPS for practicing here:
    Have fun!

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  • Louis Hayes - Jazz Drum Legend


    Full Video at

    Description: In this extended-length jazz drums masterclass, legendary bebop drummer Louis Hayes shares his vast wisdom and experience with you. Louis discusses his drumming philosophies, routine, musical journey and more. If you're looking for some priceless knowledge, insight and anecdotes from a serious jazz legend, this video is for you. NOTE: This masterclass is more of a lecture with musical examples, rather than a formal lesson containing specific exercises.

    Topics Covered: Jazz Drums, Being Prepared, The Ride Beat, Louis' Musical Journey, Practicing, Drumming Peers, Odd Time Approach, Choosing Your Own Path, Comping Approach, Transitions, Styles, Knowing the Form, Playing Up-Tempo, Advice, Finding Compatible Musicians, Cannonball Adderley, Oscar Peterson, Sam Jones, John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard, McCoy Tyner, Tony Williams, Bud Powell, Etc.

  • Fundamentals of Jazz Drumming


    Check out a full lesson from Hutch's latest course all about brushes:

    The jazz drumming master Greg Hutchinson goes over the fundamentals, giving you a preview of his premium Open Studio course: The Fundamentals of Jazz Drumming. #hutch #jazz #drums #tutorial #greghutchinson #openstudio #happypracticing

    More information on Greg's course:

    Jazz Magazine describes him as “the drummer of his generation” and indeed, Gregory Hutchinson is one of the most highly respected musicians of our time. His professional career began right out of high school, when he was introduced to Red Rodney after playing in a Big Band for a year. He quickly became known as a young phenom in the jazz community sharing the stage with the likes of not only Rodney, but Betty Carter, and Ray Brown while still in his early twenties. Since then, he has worked with a virtual who’s who of the jazz world including: Dianne Reeves, Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, John Scofield, Roy Hargrove, Charles Lloyd, Diana Krall, Joshua Redman, and Christian McBride, as well as many others.

    Check out Greg's other Open Studio courses:
    Rhythm Section Fundamentals:





  • 5/4 jazz drumming


    Dave Brubeck with Joe Morello did the original version of this.
    Here you are listening to a play along version. Taken from a site called play jazz

  • Jazz Drum Solos - Lesson #1 with Colin Bailey - Jazz Drum Lessons


    In this jazz drum lesson, you will learn how to play jazz drum solos from jazz drumming legend, Colin Bailey. Colin demonstrates 4 two bar drum solos from his book, Drum Solos, The Art of Phrasing. All instrumentalists use phrases to put together a solo. In this lesson, Colin teaches you how to solo in two and four bar drum phrases. He also shares some great sounding variations for each of the drum solo examples.


    ___JOIN MY MAILING LIST to receive free copy of my 4 Bar Jazz Drum Solos lesson series:

    **If you liked this video, you might enjoy my paradiddle-diddle jazz drumming fill lesson:

    Drummer Colin Bailey has had a distinguished career. He has played with many of the worlds greatest musicians in all areas of the business. He's recorded over 100 jazz albums, many commercial albums, T.V. shows, and toured world wide with the likes of Benny Goodman and Joe Pass. He has written three drum books:
    Bass Drum Control, Drum Solos - the Art of Phrasing, and Bass Drum Control Solos.
    His DVD, Bass Drum Technique, is available internationally. It is also available as a master class, or lessons, on the Drum Channel.

    **To watch more drum lessons with Colin, please see my guest lesson playlist:


  • BEST jazz drummers | Top 15


    Here is the list of my personal (I realize this is totally subjective haha) list of the top 15 jazz drummers. These aren't in order of best to worst or anything, just listed them as I thought of them:

    Tony Williams: Miles Davis Four & More
    Brian Blade: Chick Corea Trio Trilogy
    Jimmy Cob: Miles Davis Kind of Blue
    Elvin Jones: Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil
    Art Blakey: Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Moanin'
    Ulysses Owens Jr.: Christian McBride Trio Out Here
    Nate Smith: Chris Potter Follow the Red Line
    Vinnie Colaiuta: Brian Bromberg Downright Upright
    Paul Motian: Bill Evans Trio The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings
    Antonio Sanchez: Antonio Sanchez Migration
    Mark Guiliana: Mehliana Taming the Dragon
    Dennis Chambers: Dennis Chambers Planet Earth
    Ed Thigpen: Oscar Peterson Trio We Get Requests
    Jeff Hamilton: Ray Brown Trio Don't Get Sassy
    Eric Harland: Taylor Eigsti Let It Come to You

    Comment below with who your favorite jazz drummer is and what album you like their sound best on!

  • Broken Time Jazz Drumming


    Support this Channel:

    In this live stream, I explore conceptual and practical approaches to broken time jazz drumming. This is a sub-style of jazz drumming in which all four limbs improvise within to create a time-feel, without the use of an ostinato or repeating pattern.

    This material is under development for a book I'm writing on the subject, so this is a great place to test my ideas.

    I proudly endorse Bosphorus Cymbals.

    Video Lessons

    Buy Linear Freedom:

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  • How to Play Jazz Drums 1 - The 80/20 Drummer


  • Intro to Jazz Drumming 1: Basic Jazz Time Keeping / Brian Ferguson


    Excerpted from Brian Ferguson's extensive drumset lesson series on, this video covers the basics of jazz time keeping.

    For more video lessons from Brian, please visit:

    About Brian Ferguson:
    Currently, Brian performs with Texas based country artist Aaron Watson. He has toured throughout the US and Canada, and has played in Europe several times.

    Brian's knowledge and respect for the history of the instrument has given him the ability to authentically blend into a wide variety of styles including jazz, rock, country, soul, blues and gospel. Brian is most at home playing the right part for the song and supporting the musicians around him.

    This approach has enabled Brian to perform/record/tour with a wide variety of great artists: Country/Americana artists Eleven Hundred Springs, Soul Singer Curtis Salgado, Blues guitarists Mike Morgan and the Crawl, Jazz organist Red Young, Songwriters such as Hope Cassity and Jon Christopher Davis, and Gospel artist Quinten Hope and Prestonwood Baptist Church to name a few. While with Curtis Salgado, Blues Review Magazine called Brian's playing ...totally on the money rhythmically, while keeping the loose feel that soul music requires.

    Brian resides just outside of Dallas, TX where he maintains a busy performance and recording schedule.

  • Hihat Stirring - Jazz Drumming


    Enjoy the video? Get over 300 more for free:
    Enjoy the video? Get over 300 more for free:

  • Drum Lesson: Ace That College Jazz Drumming Audition


    Get Your Free DRUM! Mag Pack ► For the past 14 years, Danny Gottlieb has been a professor of jazz studies at the University of North Florida. For his incoming jazz drum set students, he asks for a 10-minute audition made up of three components.

    Get the full lesson at and check out more at!

  • Jazz Four | Drum Metronome Loop | 100 BPM


    Practice in your own safe haven, using our quality drum metronome loops.
    Will be uploading other genres soon. Please subscribe and like the video!
    Jazz Four - full playlist - click here:

  • Introduction to Jazz Drumming - Part 3: Basic Left Hand Patterns


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    Check for the lesson guide, PDFs, play along bass lines, listening guide, recommended reading, worksheets and practice tips.

    Introduction to Jazz Drumming Series:
    Part 1: The Basic Pattern
    Part 2: The Jazz Shuffle
    Part 3: Basic Left Hand Patterns
    Part 4: Comping Phrases
    Part 5: Solo Phrases

    Beginning students may choose to play the hands alone before adding the feet. Remember to count out loud and take your time with each pattern. Focus on quality before speed. If you can play something simple and make it sound good, you are already playing at a high level.

    The three patterns are first played at 60 beats per minute, then again at 120 beats per minute. Practice on your own to work your way up to 120 beats per minute. I would recommend increasing your tempo by 2-10 beats per minute at a time. Only proceed to the next speed after you feel solid at a given tempo.

    Please feel free to post any questions, requests or suggestions.

    Thanks for watching!



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