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Playlist of Jason van Wyk

  • Jason van Wyk - Blinded


    Jason van Wyk - Blinded
    From the album Opacity
    Video by Khai Le

  • Jason van Wyk - September Rain


    full version of Jason Van Wyk track

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  • Jason Van Wyk - Dream On


  • Jason Van Wyk - Far From Me


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  • Jason Van Wyk & Audien - Someday


    Genre: Trance
    Label: Above Recordings -
    Album: Imagine The World Vol 01
    Release: 14.03.11
    Jason Van Wyk -
    Audien -

    Videos used:

  • Oceanblue - Jason Van Wyk ft. Johanna


    Im sick and tired of all the crappy remixes of this beautiful song. Enjoy the Amazing work of art known as Oceanblue, before it was Eff'ed up from all these crappy remixes. This is legit trance. (:

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  • Jason van Wyk - Awoken


    Jason van Wyk - Awoken
    From the album Days You Remember

  • Jason van Wyk - Progressive Tribute Mix HQ/HD 1080p


    This is my (GouryellaIV) submission for the September mix competition over at r/trance


    1. Jason Van Wyk - September Rain (Original Mix)

    2. Jason Van Wyk & Audien - Someday (Original Mix)

    3. LTN - Ordinary People (Jason Van Wyk Remix)

    4. T.O.M - Monsoon (Jason Van Wyk Remix)

    5. Protoculture - Early Bird (Jason Van Wyk Deep Mix)

    6. Jason Van Wyk - Luminate (Original Mix)

    7. Jason Van Wyk - Winter (Original Mix)

    8. Meridian - Shifter (Jason Van Wyk Remix)

    9. Jason Van Wyk & JPL With Cat Martin - Every Mile Away (Original Mix)

    10. BT Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - A Million Stars (Jason Van Wyk Remix)

    11. Signum - Beyond This Earth (Jason Van Wyk Remix)

    I do not own copyrights and im not making money from this video!

  • Jason van Wyk - Attachment



    01 Kept
    02 Before
    03 Coherence
    04 Unsaid
    05 Return
    06 Stay
    07 Red
    08 Found
    09 Evanesce
    10 Outset
    11 Away
    12 Depart

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  • Jason van Wyk - Kept


    Jason van Wyk - Kept
    From the album Attachment

  • First State - Cape Point


    First State - Cape Point (Jason van Wyk Remix) - Top Remix in Full lengh...check it out!

  • Jason van Wyk - Evanesce


    Jason van Wyk - Evanesce
    From the album Attachment

  • Jason Van Wyk & JPL ft. Cat Martin - Every Mile Away



    Welcome music lovers and audiophiles. Every single track in this channel is personally hand picked by me or uploaded upon request.
    All files are from a minimum of 320kbps / FLAC source.

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    You Think You Know Music

  • Jason van Wyk - Clouds


    Jason van Wyk - Clouds
    From the album Opacity

  • Javah featuring TiffLacey - One by one


    Javah featuring TiffLacey - One by one (Jason Van Wyk remix)

  • Jason van Wyk - Coherence


    Jason van Wyk - Coherence
    From the album Attachment

  • Jason Van Wyk - As You Sleep


  • Jason Van Wyk & Dreamquest - Imagine


  • Jason Van Wyk - Until Then


  • Jason Van Wyk - Clouds


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  • Jason van Wyk - Opacity



    Available 15 September 2017

    01 Shimmer
    02 Blinded
    03 Until Then
    04 Recollect
    05 Glow
    06 Clouds
    07 Beneath
    08 For Now
    09 Weightless
    10 Clearing
    11 Hidden
    12 Eyes Shut

  • Jason van Wyk | For Now


    In collaboration with Cape Town-based artist Jason van Wyk
    Taken from the album 'Opacity'

    Jason van Wyk
    ● Website |
    ● Bandcamp |
    ● Soundcloud |
    ● Facebook |
    ● Twitter |
    Director : Jacob Rigaux

  • Jason Van Wyk & Dreamquest - Imagine


    not very long..but its the best 3.13 mins you will spend today

  • Jason van Wyk, Stephen J. Kroos & JPL - Sun Rising Pure Trance Recordings


    Download (all portals)
    CD Single:

    PTP005. A triple-headed production supegroup here for the 5th release on Pure Trance Progressive, which has already seen support from some of the progressive scene’s most influential Djs from an initial mailout via Hugh B Music. The Original Mix is a warm & fuzzy trip into progressive trance, solid bass & syn-drum hits provide the groove, Balearic guitar & stabbing synth pads provide the emotion. Dutchman Stephen J. Kroos steps away from the trio for deeper club mix, fired by a growling bassline this intense & moody take on ‘Sun Rising’ features an extended & extremely Dj friendly intro, teasing in some eerie vibes before dropping the kick. An acidic bendy gritty lead & bass fusion tears up the latter half of the track and = big room mayhem!

  • Jason van Wyk - Days You Remember


    Days You Remember

    01 Picturesque
    02 Nightlight
    03 Becoming
    04 Last Look
    05 Scenic Days
    06 As You Sleep
    07 Furthermore
    08 Awoken

  • Jason Van Wyk - Dream On


    This Is A Fantastic Mix From Jason Van Wyk(One Of My Favorites)
    The Photos Are From Around The Net
    I Like ToThank Al Photographers For The Photos

  • Jason van Wyk & JPL with Cat Martin - Every Mile Away TWT 062 RIP


    NOTE: We DO NOT own Every Mile Away (JPL Club Mix) by Jason van Wyk & JPL with Cat Martin; it belongs to the Dutch label ''Songbird & producer(s) himself/herself/themselves. Our purpose is only to SHARE music, GIVE PROMOTION & SUPPORT. We make our videos with previews of the featured track(s) with fade in/fade out and we do feature tracks that are contained into DJ sets mixed by Andrés Machado. All rights Reserved.

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    Track supported on Andrés Machado's TranceWorld Tunes 062 aired on the finnish radio station Syke.FM, you can check tracklist here:

    - Andrés Machado Pres. TranceWorld Tunes 062 on Syke.FM (June 04th 2013):

    01. Tarmo Tammel - Guitarrissimo (Loquai Remix) [Balkan Delights].
    02. Danilo Ercole - Player One (Gai Barone Remix) [Saturate Audio].
    03. Purple Stories - Locust (Original Mix) [Coldharbour Recordings].
    04. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Protoculture Reconstruction) [CD-R].
    05. ASKII - Borderline (Original Mix) [CD-R].
    06. Jason van Wyk & JPL with Cat Martin - Every Mile Away (JPL Club Mix) [Songbird].
    07. Simon Moon - Polar Express (Undercontrol Remix) [TFB].
    08. Estiva - Teddybeat (Original Mix) [Enhanced].
    09. Shaun Greggan - Unconquered (Oliver V Remix) [Silent Shore White].
    10. Alekzander - Fuck Templates, It's Beauty (Danila Kraev Remix) [Timeline].
    11. Nitromethane - Religion (Redstar Lost Remix) [CD-R].
    12. Suncatcher & Aneym - Together Again (Club Mix) [Afterglow].
    13. Edu Padilla - No Hope (Original Mix) [Linger].
    14. Sound Apparel - Victoria (Short Edit) [Pulsar].
    15. August Vila - Titan (Original Mix) [É Música].
    16. Talla 2XLC - Rush Hour (Original Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro].
    17. John Newall - Trancelate (Original Mix) [Monster Digital].
    18. Trance Arts & Colin James - Ballistic (Liam Wilson Remix) [Mental Asylum].
    19. Chris Voro - Makishima (Second Sine Remix) [Brain Mapping].

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  • Jason van Wyk - Luminate HQ/HD 1080p


    I do not own copyrights and im not making money from this video!

  • Jason van Wyk - Always


    Interpret the title as you guys want.For me is 100% a melancholic feeling listening this beautiful track
    PD: My aim is to support artists,not to steal their job

  • Jason van Wyk - Red


    Jason van Wyk - Red
    From the album Attachment

  • Jason Van Wyk - “Clouds”


    Jason Van Wyk - “Clouds”

    Uploaded for promotion

  • Jason van Wyk - Before


    Jason van Wyk - Before
    From the album Attachment

  • Jason van Wyk - Outset


    Jason van Wyk - Outset
    From the album Attachment

  • Once Again - Jason Van Wyk


  • Jason van Wyk - Far From Me


    My first upload!!! :D

    One of my favorite artists around, Jason van Wyk, this is his latest track titled Far From Me, this sample was taken off his myspace and then re uploaded to here, so apologies for the sound quality. Hope you all like it!!! :D I think its absolutely out of this world!!!

    Released April 2009 on Redux Recordings with remixes from JPL, Sunny Lax and Pierre Pienaar!

  • C-Systems feat. Van Dresen - Embrace



    Can you feel the silence?
    Your worries fade away
    You're captured by the beauty
    You hear me call your name

    Embrace the moment of peace
    Take my hand
    I'll take you there

  • Jason van Wyk - Depart


    Jason van Wyk - Depart
    From the album Attachment

  • Daniel Kandi - Promised


    OUT NOW:

    Cat. Number : ALWAYSA001
    Label : Always Alive Recordings (Enhanced Music Ltd.)

    For more info:

  • Jason Van Wyk - Always HD


  • Jason van Wyk - Dream On


  • Jason van Wyk - Winter


  • HD Amex & Jason van Wyk -- Moments


    Another amazing trance track. It's hard to not to turn the volume switch up... Ripped from A State of Trance 486.

  • Daniel Kandi - Promised


    Fantastic tune!

  • JPL & Jason Van Wyk feat. Cat Martin - Safe


    JPL & Jason Van Wyk feat. Cat Martin - Safe (P.H.A.T.T. Remix)

  • Billy Lincoln, Jason Van Wyk & Kat Green - High Rise Eighty Five


    I do not own anything

    Music Credited To Billy Lincoln, Jason Van Wyk & Kat Green

    © Copyright Emm. All rights reserved.

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • Billy Lincoln, Kat Green, Jason Van Wyk - Shallow Impact


    Shallow impact by Billy Lincoln, Kat green, and Jason Van Wyk

    All rights are reserved by the artists/label.

    Graphic used was taken from and was made by Riot Games.

    2018 League of Legends Rift Rivals music.

  • LTN - Ordinary People


    OUT NOW:

    Cat. Number : ENPROG077
    Label : Enhanced Progressive / Enhanced Music

    For more info:

  • Jason Van Wyk & Vast Vision Feat. Johanna - Oceanblue



  • Jason van Wyk & Vast Vision feat. Johanna - Oceanblue


    Jason van Wyk & Vast Vision feat. Johanna - Oceanblue

    Trance !!!

    Mais Musicas ?
    More Music's ?

  • Jason Van Wyk & Audien - Someday




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