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Playlist of Jacob Collier Masterclass en NEMPLA

  • Jacob Collier Masterclass | Buenos Aires | 29-08-2017


    Masterclass realizada el día Martes 29/08/2017 en NEMPLA (Escuela de Música) en la Cuidad de Buenos Aires.

    #40 - Jacob Collier Masterclass - Buenos Aires.
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  • Master Class with Jacob Collier FULL VIDEO at Berklee College of Music Learning Center


    Master Class with Jacob Collier Berklee College of Music Learning Center

    00:00 - Introduction to the Masterclass
    02:00 - Arranging songs and Jacob's workflow (Fascinating Rhythm as an example)
    07:40 - What's the lowest note Jacob can sing?
    08:38 - Fascinating Rhythm segment from the bass up to the melody
    10:17 - Equal Temperament is a scam and properly tuning chords
    14:16 - Fourths and Fifths in voicings
    16:07 - Super Lydian and Super-Ultra-Hyper-Mega-Meta-Lydian
    17:17 - Tonality, key centers, cadences and resolutions
    27:13 - Last couple of chords from Fascinating Rhythm
    30:00 - Working triads over bass notes (major triads)
    33:10 - Figuring out harmony using piano
    34:36 - More about Lydian and the harmonic series
    37:25 - Personality of the notes of the scale
    40:29 - Chord tensions and voice timbre
    42:33 - Semitones at the top of voicings
    45:48 - Changing voice texture depending on chord tensions
    46:55 - Panning voices
    47:37 - Fascinating Rhythm easter egg
    52:19 - Last chords of Fascinating Rhythm (again)
    52:55 - How often does Jacob properly tune chords?
    54:27 - Microtones (Don't you worry 'bout a thing example)
    57:56 - Dorian cluster and working triads over bass notes (minor triads)
    1:02:10 - Fascinating Rhythm groove
    1:04:12 - Grooves in general
    1:04:22 - Fascinating Rhythm bridge groove and unquantized grooves
    1:07:45 - One of Jacob's groove experiments (+1,5 semitones solo modulation)
    1:10:35 - Back to Fascinating Rhythm bridge groove
    1:14:24 - Unquantized grooves (again)
    1:16:49 - Microtones (again)
    1:17:10 - Back to unquantized grooves
    1:17:36 - Close to you groove
    1:21:05 - Speech and grooves
    1:24:32 - Other influences other than African and Western music

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  • Jacob Collier Masterclass in Norway May 2017


    jacob collier visited Stavanger recently and he had this masterclass and im sorry for the quality and filming, it was just meant to rewatch on a facebook livestream later.

  • How to Modulate to G 1/2 Sharp


    Jacob Collier has a very impressive ability to work with and sing micro-tones. In this video I look at an arrangement of his where the piece transposes mid-song from E major, to G half-sharp. It's quite mind-boggling.

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    #jacobcollier #microtonality #inthebleakmidwinter

    June Lee's Transcription of In the Bleak Midwinter:

    June Lee's Interview
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Masterclass at NEMPLA
    Part 4:

    Part 3:

    Part 2:

    Part 1:

    Jacob Collier: In the Bleak Midwinter

    Jacob Collier: With the Love in My Heart

    Jacob Collier: The Road Not Taken

    EDIT: During my explanation for the final A minor 9 chord I slightly mis-characterised the idea of the stacked 5ths above the A. In this case, the 5ths are actually 2 cents more (not 5 less as I stated) than the 'natural' tuning. Jacob used this to make the B itself higher this time, rather than making the chord beneath it move up. Sorry for the confusion, as I said, this stuff it complicated!

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  • J. Collier Master Class in Nempla


  • Jacob Collier Interview | Piano | Yamaha Music


    Join Jacob Collier as he talks to us about his musical journey and how he can’t get enough.

    We can also catch a glimpse of his performance on the Main Stage!

    Stay up to date with our Musikmesse journey, here:

    Throughout the year Yamaha brings people together at music events around the world, helping them to connect through their passion for music.

    Yamaha is at Musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt, an international meeting point of artists, musicians, industry experts and music fans from across the globe.

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  • Interview: Jacob Collier


    1. Super-Ultra-Hyper-Mega-Meta Lydian (0:02)
    2. Negative Harmony (1:30)
    3. 5th and 4th Theory (3:27)
    4. You and I (6:15)
    5. Harmonizer (8:43)
    6. Microtonal Voice Leading (10:12)

    Interviewed on February 14, 2017 in Chicago, USA
    Audio examples, transcriptions and annotations done by June Lee
    Filmed by Robert Rittman

    Jacob Collier

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    #JacobCollier #Interview

  • JACOB COLLIER INTERVIEW: Groove and fluency in odd rhythms


    Interview with Jacob Collier for my Master's Thesis about his music.
    Jacob reveals how to have such a great fluency in odd rhythms and different subdivisions.
    The interview took place before his concert in Katowice (Poland), 05.12.2017.

  • Jacob Colliers Garden Groove


    I made some groove. From garden sounds!

    Recorded on a wee Shure MV88, connected to an iPhone.

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

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  • #TwinkleTwinkleLittleStarChallenge Live! - Jacob Collier



    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 1 ➡

  • Jacob Colliers Favorite Chord


    Most people's favorite chord is C major, right?
    What's yours?

    DJESSE Announcement


    Fano Jazz By The Sea 2017

    Vincent Persichetti

    Béla Bartòk - String Quartet No. 5



  • Transcribing Once You by Jacob Collier


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    Jacob Collier

  • Gig VLOG / Усадьба Jazz 2018 / Jacob Collier live in Moscow 3.06.2018


    В этом влоге я повествую о своем выступлении на фестивале Усадьба Jazz 2018 в составе группы Космакс и певицей Асет, моей встрече в невероятным Jacob Collier и его потрясающем живом выступлении на площадке Аристократ!

    Dmitry Maximov, bass player from Moscow, Russia

    Instagram - realbassist

  • Jacob Collier on practice and education


    Jacob Collier SuccessGenome

  • Jacob Collier - Moon River


    Hundreds upon hundreds of Jacob Colliers join together in harmony to bring you an acapella rendition of Moon River, composed by Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer in 1960.

    Listen to 'Moon River' ➡

    Mooooon Contributors:

    Suzie Collier, Sophie Collier, Ella Collier, Ben Bloomberg, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Eric Whitacre, Hans Zimmer, Steve Vai, Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Martin, Charlie Puth, Lianne La Havas, Tori Kelly, David Crosby, Chris Thile, Daniel Caesar, Kimbra, Laura Mvula, MARO, Cory Henry, dodie, Becca Stevens, Jack Conte, Nataly Dawn, Oumou Sangare, Jules Buckley, Jamie Cullum, Tank, Beardyman, Genevieve Artadi, Sam Wilkes, Greg Phillinganes, Michael League, Hamid El Kasri, Avery Wilson, Jojo, Jonah Nilsson, Tom Misch, Darwin Deez, June Lee, Kathryn Tickell, Merrill Garbus, Nikki Yanofsky, Sam Amidon, Alvin Chea, Claude McKnight, Mark Kibble, Khristian Dentley, David Thomas, Joel Kibble, Andrea Haines, El Cockerham, Blake Morgan, Barney Smith, Chris Wardle, Jonathan Pacey, Rob Clark, Sam Dressel, Barak Schmool, Pedro Martins, Jake Sherman, Jonathan Dove, Brian Mayton, Fred Harris, Nicola Hadley, Steve Mulligan, Clyde Lawrence, Gracie Lawrence, Sumner Becker, Jordan Cohen, Thomas Gould, Gareth Lockrane, Gwilym Simcock, Jason Rebello, James Maddren, Nick Smart, Pete Churchill, Tom Cawley, Umar Hossain, Mischa Stevens, Jose Ortega, Claudio Somigli, Alessandro Melchior, Christian Euman, Rob Mullarkey, Adam Fell, Michael LaTorre, Michael Peha, James Wright, Noah Simon, Matthew Celia, Rocky Borders, Josh Helfferich, Robert Watts, Ewa Zbyszynska, Arend Liefkes, Jasper van Rosmalen, Murk Jiskoot, Ruben Margarita, Aleigha Durand, Allayna O'Quinn, André Smith, Asya Bookal, Briana Marshall, Catherina Lagredelle, Celine Sylvester, Chad Lupoe, Chesroleeysia B, Cleavon Davis, Cole Henry, Danielle Cornwall, Haley Flemons, Holland Sampson, Jason Max Ferdinand, Jourdan Bardo, JP Scavella, Kashaé Whyte, Keviez Wilson, Kobe Brown, Kristin Hall, Leonard Brown, Lincoln Liburd, Louis Cleare, Maia Foster, Malik George, Malik McHayle, Marissa Wright, Matthew Cordner, Mykel Inez, Naomi Parchment, Natrickie Louissaint, Patricia Williams, Roddley Point-du-Jour, Samella Carryl, Terell Francis-Clarke, Zaren Bennett, Leo Janssen

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  • Jacob Collier: Moon River - Harmonic Analysis


    In this episode of 'Listening in', I analyse Jacob Collier's astonishing arrangement of 'Moon River'. I focus on how he moves between the 8 different keys*, or pitch centres, in the arrangement, as well as using transcriptions to highlight certain chords and progressions. This is one of the most complex a cappella arrangements he's ever made, and all done without using a piano.

    *In the video, I state that Jacob moves to A4 = 432 from A4 = 440 from the second to the third verse. In actually fact, this is a shift to A4 = 427.47 - down a quarter tone. This was confirmed by an Instagram post by Jacob on 16 June ( - he says he shifted the music up a semitone and a half whilst recording the video, making this verse in the original D half sharp major.



    Jacob Collier - Moon River:
    Flintstones - Jacob Collier:
    Georgia On My Mind – Jacob Collier:
    You And I (Audio) - Jacob Collier:

    Jacob Collier - Ancona (Maida Vale session):

    #jacobcollier #moonriver #djesse

  • Intro / Sky Above - Jacob Collier OFFICIAL AUDIO


    “Intro / Sky Above” by Jacob Collier [OFFICIAL AUDIO] from Djesse Vol. 2

    Intro: Kathryn Tickell is one of the world’s finest Northumbrian pipers, and a huge childhood hero of mine. Recorded in my room, mid-afternoon, November 2018.

    Sky Above: 3-part singing recorded on a sofa around one microphone, between 3-5am in May 2019, with MARO and Becca Stevens. All else recorded in my room between 2017-2019.

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    Animation by Mark Feldman

    © Hajanga Records 2019

  • Feel - Jacob Collier OFFICIAL AUDIO


    “Feel (feat Lianne La Havas)” by Jacob Collier [OFFICIAL AUDIO] from Djesse Vol. 2

    Lianne La Havas must have one of the most delicious, deep, versatile, scintillating and gorgeous voices on the planet... she has been a fave of mine for so many years. She came over to my music room at home one evening in May 2018 and by 4am we had recorded all the vocals. It was magic from her first note.

    Pino completely transformed my life (and the whole world of bass) forever with his sublime low-note contributions to D’Angelo’s iconic “Voodoo” album - and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind playing some bass on this song to bring some of that magic that only he can bring! When he sent the file my jaw dropped. So freakin’ special.

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    Animation by Mark Feldman

    © Hajanga Records 2019

  • Jacob Collier interviewed by Leo Sidran at TriC in Cleveland


    In one of his first public interviews, recorded on stage at the Tri-C Gill & Tommy LiPuma Center for Creative Arts in Cleveland, Jacob Collier discusses his philosophy, technique and approach to arranging.

    In conversation with Leo Sidran, Jacob opens up the Logic session for his arrangement of George Gershwin's Fascinating Rhythm and explains how he put the track together.

    Since then, Jacob has gone on to win multiple Grammy awards, perform around the world, and influence a generation of singers and arrangers. And he regularly shares his process in online sessions with his fans. But in the moment of this recording, he was still a bit of a mystery.

    Recording date Feb 4, 2015

  • Jacob Collier - It Dont Matter Lyric Video


    The fourth and final single of Djesse Vol. 2 – featuring the unbelievable voice of JoJo, and a myriad of funky Jacobs.

    Video notated, directed & edited by Jacob Collier.

    Listen! Stream! Buy! ➡

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    © Hajanga Records

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  • I Heard You Singing - Jacob Collier OFFICIAL AUDIO


    “I Heard You Singing (feat. Becca Stevens & Chris Thile)” by Jacob Collier [OFFICIAL AUDIO] from Djesse Vol. 2

    Becca Stevens is one of my closest musical companions on the planet... I knew I wanted to have her sprinkle her magic on Dj2, but I wasn’t exactly sure how until we sat in a little room in NYC last year and composed and recorded this song together overnight... a lullaby in 5! The vocals were recorded live together, side my side. When we had finished the sun was fully up!

    Chris Thile is potentially the world’s best musician. I mean... the amount I have been thrilled by him for the last ten years knows no bounds... from Bach to Punch Brothers and back again. We met for the first time last year and he agreed to decorate the middle section of this with his magnificence. I almost cried the first time I heard it when he sent it over. He is just so special.

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    Animation by Mark Feldman

    © Hajanga Records 2019

  • Interview: Jacob Collier


    1. The Turn of the Screw (00:25)
    2. Tuning in In the Bleak Midwinter (9:36)
    3. Tuning in Fascinating Rhythm (12:11)
    4. Details in Hideaway (13:57)
    5. Details in Flintstones and You and I (21:13)
    6. In My Room (24:11)
    7. Singing 5th below bass in Norah Jones songs (26:27)
    8. Sensations and lyrics (27:14)
    9. Jacob at 30 (29:23)

    Interviewed on June 17 and 18, 2017 in Washington DC, USA
    Audio examples, transcriptions and annotations done by June Lee
    Filmed by Robert Rittman, Sarah Harpring and Sarah Menefee

    The Turn of the Screw film adaptation produced by BBC (performance by City of London Sinfonia, conducted by Richard Hickox)
    Nightingale from Come Away with Me (2002) by Norah Jones

    Jacob Collier

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    23:03 - 2nd chord is Eb13#11, not Db13#11
    33:12 - *happiest
    33:46 - *challenge

    #JacobCollier #Interview

  • Jacob Collier на Усадьбе Jazz в Архангельском!


  • Interview: Jacob Collier


    1. Negative Harmony again (0:07)
    2. Tuning (5:35)
    3. Groove and Subdivision (10:58)
    4. This Thing on the Harmonizer (16:24)
    5. Crazy She Calls me / Voice Leading (18:03)
    6. Emotion vs Information (22:16)
    7. Close to You / Voice Leading (31:02)
    8. The Human Voice (32:53)

    Interviewed on June 17 and 18, 2017 in Washington DC, USA
    Audio examples, transcriptions and annotations done by June Lee
    Filmed by Robert Rittman, Sarah Harpring and Sarah Menefee

    Jacob Collier

    To support my projects and access PDFs, visit:

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    #JacobCollier #Interview

  • Hideaway


    This guy is isane! I was listening to some music by him and I got the idea to cover it

  • VIDEO REACTION Jacob Collier - Moon River


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  • Metropole Orkest feat. Jacob Collier • NOW ON QWEST TV !


    Metropol Orkest feat. Jacob Collier

    Full show now on Qwest TV!


    [About Qwest TV]

    Co-founded by Quincy Jones, Qwest TV is the world's first video on demand service (SVOD) dedicated to Jazz and beyond featuring special concerts, documentaries and archives.

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    Qwest TV - 2019



    Jacob Collier breaks down the logic session of his GRAMMY nominated arrangement of Moon River.


    Listen to Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)!➡

    Listen to Djesse Vol. 2! ➡

    Listen to Djesse Vol. 1! ➡

  • Dun Dun Ba Ba - Jacob Collier OFFICIAL AUDIO


    “Dun Dun Ba Ba (interlude)” by Jacob Collier [OFFICIAL AUDIO] from Djesse Vol. 2

    I have been obsessed with the illusion of the ‘Shepard Tone’ for many years now, and I’ve always wanted to have a go at a ‘Shepard Groove’ — i.e. a groove that never stops speeding up. It’s a pretty careful illusion to construct, where one needs to bury the exact groove at half speed within the groove from the off, and so in order to pull it off I called up one of the greatest musical forces in my life, my friend and great teacher Barak Schmool (the man who opened doors for me with Negative Harmony, just intonation, wonky grids, and so much more), to assemble a circle of the greatest Cuban drummers living in London, to pull it off. We sat in a small room in Elephant & Castle, and recorded the groove at two tempos, which I then glued together.

    The lead singer on this song is in fact me! I recorded it a little slower and sped it up. It’s one take, straight through. Rough, but the vibes are strong.

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    Animation by Mark Feldman

    © Hajanga Records 2019

  • LOGIC SESSION BREAKDOWN: With The Love In My Heart


    720 tracks of madness. How on Earth does it all fit together?

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 1 ➡


  • FLINTSTONES MonoNeon & Jacob Collier + Kevin Jrumz


  • Nebaluyo - Jacob Collier OFFICIAL AUDIO


    “Nebaluyo (feat. Oumou Sangaré)” by Jacob Collier [OFFICIAL AUDIO] from Djesse Vol. 2

    Oumou Sangaré is one of my most favourite human voices in the world. She inspires such a majesty, magic and wisdom in every word she sings. I have wanted to meet her and collaborate for so many years… so when I saw she was playing in London a few months ago I invited her over to my room in London. She arrived at 11am, and by 1pm (when she left to take a flight) we had the whole song recorded and mapped out. Despite barely speaking a word of each other’s language, we communicated through the omnipotence of music - and came up with something that inspires me to no end. She is such a powerhouse, with such deep-rooted care for the music and the energy she creates.

    I called an old friend and hero of mine, Josh Arcoleo, to shred some killer sax over the ending and lay down some stabs... I reckon he’s one of the greatest sax players on the planet right now. What he played literally melted my face.

    The last 20 seconds are entirely built from ‘train’ sounds. It’s a train to Djesse Vol. 3... but you’ll have to wait a few months before we get there :-)

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    Animation by Mark Feldman

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  • TRIMS - Jacob Collier & Maro Djesse


    TRIMS - The Road Is My Song - Discussing music, culture, influences and experiences weekly with members of Seven Eyes, Tanya Wells and Paulo Vinicius.

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    Live in Lausanne 06.02.2019 (Djesse European Tour 2019)
    Jacob Collier mixes several genres with jazz, deploys expansive arrangements. Grammy winner with an ambitious quadruple album on the horizon named Djesse, his path promises to be incandescent.

    Jacob Collier – Vocals, Piano, Harmoniser, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards
    MARO – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Percussion
    Robin Mullarkey – Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
    Christian Euman – Drum Kit, Electronic Percussion
    Contact ➪

    Website ➪

    Facebook ➪

    SoundCloud ➪

    Instagram ➪ @seveneyesofficial

    Twitter ➪ @seveneyesmusic


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  • Respondiendo preguntas No 4 Analizando Chopin! Big bands, Jacob Collier...Los Beatles,


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    Videos recomendados!

    Analizando Queen

    Big Bands 2

    Big Bands 3 Armonizando a 5 voces

    Cómo piensan los jazzistas?

    Aprendiendo a transcribir con Coltrane


    Rearmonizando Cumpleaños

    Jacob Collier

    Entrevista hablando de amonía

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  • Jacob Collier - Saviour - Live From Lincoln Hall


    Jacob Collier performs Saviour filmed live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on February 14, 2017.

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  • Jacob Collier live instagram stream 4.09.2018


  • How To Play Daniel Caesar & H.E.R.‘s “Best Part” With Jacob Collier


    Grammy-winning musician Jacob Collier recently sat down with Genius to break down the chords for Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.’s 2017 collaboration, “Best Part.” Collier first became known for his multi-instrumental rearrangements of popular songs such as Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” and caught the attention of Quincy Jones in 2014. In this video, the 24-year-old musician puts his talent for explaining musical concepts to work.

    Read more on Genius:

    Read all the lyrics to Daniel Caesar & H.E.R.’s “Best Part” on Genius:

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  • Jacob Collier - Here Comes The Sun


    Here’s a Jacobean / dodic rendition of a Beatles classic, to bring in the Spring! It's the second single from Djesse Vol. 2.

    Video directed, filmed and edited by Jacob & dodie.

    Listen! Stream! Buy! ➡

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    Visit the music video for the FIRST single of Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

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  • Do You Feel Love / Outro - Jacob Collier OFFICIAL AUDIO


    “Do You Feel Love (feat. Steve Vai)” / Outro by Jacob Collier [OFFICIAL AUDIO] from Djesse Vol. 2

    What is there to say about the legend that is Steve Vai??? Well, mainly that he is one of the most special human beings in the planet. We have become friends over the last couple of years, and his humility and life-awareness, in face of his greatness, never ceases to blow my mind. I wrote Do You Feel Love especially for him. I sent him a bunch of impossible midi-guitar, which, impossibly, effortlessly, he transcribed and played note-for-note. He then completely let loose over the end of Outro... it brings me goosebumps every time. It was the last song I wrote for the album—it was imagined and recorded in a total of three days. The Northumbrian pipes legend from Intro, Kathryn Tickell, returned to play that epic melody in harmony with Steve on this one.

    Fun fact: The groove in the verse was made from chopped up sounds of garden tools!

    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    Animation by Mark Feldman

    © Hajanga Records 2019

  • Jacob Collier - Lua live


    Jacob, MARO, band, and the exquisite 'Sydney Strings' sextet perform 'LUA', from Djesse Vol. 2.

    Bass: Robin Mullarkey
    Drums: Christian Euman

    Violin: Helena Rathbone
    Violin: Suzie Collier
    Viola: Martin Alexander
    Viola: Henry Justo
    Cello: Eliza Sdraulig
    Cello: Alexandra Partridge

    Composed by Jacob & MARO.
    Arranged, produced & mixed by Jacob.

    Director: Mike Cardillo
    DP: Kevin Scott
    Colourist: Goldie Soetianto
    Video Produced by Sixteen Corners

    Recording Engineer: Daniel Denholm
    Assistant Engineer: Rose Mackenzie-Peterson
    Recorded at The Simon Leadley Scoring Stage, Trackdown Studios in Sydney, AUS

    Listen to Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)!➡

    Listen to Djesse Vol. 2! ➡

    Listen to Djesse Vol. 1! ➡

  • Jacob Collier talks about autotune/quantizing/life


    clip stolen from jacob collier's livestream

  • Jacob Collier Rhythmizes The Audience Toronto


    Jacob rhythmizes the audience, during his performance at The Opera House in Toronto.


    Listen to Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)!➡

    Listen to Djesse Vol. 2! ➡

    Listen to Djesse Vol. 1! ➡

    Directed by: Korey Schaefer

  • #IHarmU LIVE ft. Chris Costa!


    #IHarmU LIVE feat Chris Costa – harmonised live by Jacob Collier.

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 1 ➡

  • #IHarmU LIVE! #2 ft. Aaron Floyd


    #IHarmU LIVE feat. Aaron Floyd

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 1 ➡

  • Cory Henry & Jacob Collier | I Wish


    Welcome to MUSIC CIRCLE

    Cory Henry & Jacob Collier | I Wish

    Stevie Wonder




    #MusicCircle , Art Tatum, #CoryHenry , #JacobCollier , Oscar Peterson, #Gospel , #HammondOrgan , #Bass , #Keyboard , #Guitar , #Drums , #ClassicalMusic , #Jazz, #Blues, #Funk , Stride, Reggae


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  • Jacob Collier - The Last One Man Show


  • JACOB COLLIER Groove 1


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  • Jacob Collier Improvises The Audience Toronto


    Jacob improvises the audience, during his performance at The Opera House in Toronto.


    Stream and Download Time Alone With You (feat. Daniel Caesar)➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 2 ➡

    Stream and Download Djesse Vol. 1 ➡

    Directed by: Korey Schaefer

  • Jacob Collier - habla de Armonia Negativa- y otra cosas


    Quería compartir mas palabras inspiradoras de Jacob Collier hablando del Armonia Negativa, en castellano para la gente que no entiende inglés. (Jocob encima habla muy rápido!)
    desde video original:

  • BBC Proms: Jacob Collier and Friends, Part I


    Presenting the first part of the performance by Jacob Collier for people outside of Great Britain (UK) who can't reach this content because of country restrictions.

    Part II in the link below:
    23-year-old vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and arranger Jacob Collier is already a multi-Grammy Award-winner. Here he teams up with Jules Buckley, the Metropole Orkest and special guests Sam Amidon and Take 6 for a special Proms performance.

    0:00 Intro
    3:33 Don't you know
    10:59 Hideaway
    21:19 Djesse
    26:41 Pat do this, Pat do that
    33:18 As
    39:09 Hajanga
    (timestamped by Mauricio Carbajal)

    Footage courtesy of the BBC.

    Jazz Transcriptions - Donum Valley