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Playlist of Jacob Collier Masterclass en NEMPLA

  • Jacob Collier Qwest Masterclass


    Some highlights from a masterclass I gave in Paris last year for Qwest TV! Full masterclass here ➡

    Jacob's musical universe ➡

    Produced by Qwest TV, The American School of Modern Music, and Imusicschool.

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  • Jacob Collier Masterclass | Buenos Aires | 29-08-2017


    Masterclass realizada el día Martes 29/08/2017 en NEMPLA (Escuela de Música) en la Cuidad de Buenos Aires.

    #40 - Jacob Collier Masterclass - Buenos Aires.
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  • Master Class with Jacob Collier FULL VIDEO at Berklee College of Music Learning Center


    Master Class with Jacob Collier Berklee College of Music Learning Center

    00:00 - Introduction to the Masterclass
    02:00 - Arranging songs and Jacob's workflow (Fascinating Rhythm as an example)
    07:40 - What's the lowest note Jacob can sing?
    08:38 - Fascinating Rhythm segment from the bass up to the melody
    10:17 - Equal Temperament is a scam and properly tuning chords
    14:16 - Fourths and Fifths in voicings
    16:07 - Super Lydian and Super-Ultra-Hyper-Mega-Meta-Lydian
    17:17 - Tonality, key centers, cadences and resolutions
    27:13 - Last couple of chords from Fascinating Rhythm
    30:00 - Working triads over bass notes (major triads)
    33:10 - Figuring out harmony using piano
    34:36 - More about Lydian and the harmonic series
    37:25 - Personality of the notes of the scale
    40:29 - Chord tensions and voice timbre
    42:33 - Semitones at the top of voicings
    45:48 - Changing voice texture depending on chord tensions
    46:55 - Panning voices
    47:37 - Fascinating Rhythm easter egg
    52:19 - Last chords of Fascinating Rhythm (again)
    52:55 - How often does Jacob properly tune chords?
    54:27 - Microtones (Don't you worry 'bout a thing example)
    57:56 - Dorian cluster and working triads over bass notes (minor triads)
    1:02:10 - Fascinating Rhythm groove
    1:04:12 - Grooves in general
    1:04:22 - Fascinating Rhythm bridge groove and unquantized grooves
    1:07:45 - One of Jacob's groove experiments (+1,5 semitones solo modulation)
    1:10:35 - Back to Fascinating Rhythm bridge groove
    1:14:24 - Unquantized grooves (again)
    1:16:49 - Microtones (again)
    1:17:10 - Back to unquantized grooves
    1:17:36 - Close to you groove
    1:21:05 - Speech and grooves
    1:24:32 - Other influences other than African and Western music

  • Jacob Collier Masterclass in Norway May 2017


    jacob collier visited Stavanger recently and he had this masterclass and im sorry for the quality and filming, it was just meant to rewatch on a facebook livestream later.

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  • Jacob Collier discusses Negative Harmony and How To Learn Music



    There will be more music lessons coming (probably not by Jacob Collier though). Comment what you would like to see a lesson on.

    Jacob Collier gives an impromptu lesson on negative harmony after his show on 4/28/17 in Seattle.

    The book by Earnst Levy he mentions:

  • Jacob Collier - habla de Armonia Negativa- y otra cosas


    Quería compartir mas palabras inspiradoras de Jacob Collier hablando del Armonia Negativa, en castellano para la gente que no entiende inglés. (Jocob encima habla muy rápido!)
    desde video original:

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  • JACOB COLLIER INTERVIEW: Groove and fluency in odd rhythms


    Interview with Jacob Collier for my Master's Thesis about his music.
    Jacob reveals how to have such a great fluency in odd rhythms and different subdivisions.
    The interview took place before his concert in Katowice (Poland), 05.12.2017.

  • Jacob Colliers 2:3:4:5:6


    This video is about 2:3:4:5:6

  • Jacob Colliers Favorite Chord


    Most people's favorite chord is C major, right?
    What's yours?

    DJESSE Announcement


    Fano Jazz By The Sea 2017

    Vincent Persichetti

    Béla Bartòk - String Quartet No. 5



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  • HARMONIE ET RYTHME : Masterclass dharmonie avec Jacob Collier


    Découvrez la masterclass d'harmonie de Jacob Collier consacré à l'harmonie et rythme !

    Toutes les infos sur le cours ici ????

    ➡️ Vous voulez progresser à la théorie musicale? Découvrez tous nos cours :

  • #TwinkleTwinkleLittleStarChallenge Live! - Jacob Collier



    Jacob's musical universe ➡

  • Jacob Collier on practice and education


    Jacob Collier SuccessGenome

  • Jacob Collier Rhythmizes The Audience Toronto


    Jacob rhythmizes the audience, during his performance at The Opera House in Toronto.

    Come to a Jacob show! ⇨

    Jacob's musical universe ➡

    Directed by: Korey Schaefer

  • LOGIC SESSION BREAKDOWN: With The Love In My Heart


    720 tracks of madness. How on Earth does it all fit together?

    Jacob's musical universe ➡


  • Jacob Collier 21 against 22 Slowed down


    This video is about21 against 22

  • How to Modulate to G 1/2 Sharp


    Jacob Collier has a very impressive ability to work with and sing micro-tones. In this video I look at an arrangement of his where the piece transposes mid-song from E major, to G half-sharp. It's quite mind-boggling.

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    #jacobcollier #microtonality #inthebleakmidwinter

    June Lee's Transcription of In the Bleak Midwinter:

    June Lee's Interview
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Masterclass at NEMPLA
    Part 4:

    Part 3:

    Part 2:

    Part 1:

    Jacob Collier: In the Bleak Midwinter

    Jacob Collier: With the Love in My Heart

    Jacob Collier: The Road Not Taken

    EDIT: During my explanation for the final A minor 9 chord I slightly mis-characterised the idea of the stacked 5ths above the A. In this case, the 5ths are actually 2 cents more (not 5 less as I stated) than the 'natural' tuning. Jacob used this to make the B itself higher this time, rather than making the chord beneath it move up. Sorry for the confusion, as I said, this stuff it complicated!

  • IHarmU#51 Andrew Russell feat. Jacob Collier


  • Jacob Collier Improvises The Audience Toronto


    Jacob improvises the audience, during his performance at The Opera House in Toronto.

    Come to a Jacob show! ⇨

    Jacob's musical universe ➡

    Directed by: Korey Schaefer

  • Negative Harmony Jacob Collier


    Jacob CollierがNegative Harmonyについて語ります。Keyを最も確定するのはルートと5度のハーモニー。Key Cの場合、CとGです。そのちょうど間にあるポイントは「EとEbの間」です。「Perfect」側のハーモニーをその軸axisを中心に転回させるとPlagal「変格」側に和音ができます。これをネガティヴ・ハーモニーとJacobは呼んでいます。

  • Jacob Collier - Moon River


    Hundreds upon hundreds of Jacob Colliers join together in harmony to bring you an acapella rendition of Moon River, composed by Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer in 1960.

    Listen to 'Moon River' ➡

    Mooooon Contributors:

    Suzie Collier, Sophie Collier, Ella Collier, Ben Bloomberg, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Eric Whitacre, Hans Zimmer, Steve Vai, Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Martin, Charlie Puth, Lianne La Havas, Tori Kelly, David Crosby, Chris Thile, Daniel Caesar, Kimbra, Laura Mvula, MARO, Cory Henry, dodie, Becca Stevens, Jack Conte, Nataly Dawn, Oumou Sangare, Jules Buckley, Jamie Cullum, Tank, Beardyman, Genevieve Artadi, Sam Wilkes, Greg Phillinganes, Michael League, Hamid El Kasri, Avery Wilson, Jojo, Jonah Nilsson, Tom Misch, Darwin Deez, June Lee, Kathryn Tickell, Merrill Garbus, Nikki Yanofsky, Sam Amidon, Alvin Chea, Claude McKnight, Mark Kibble, Khristian Dentley, David Thomas, Joel Kibble, Andrea Haines, El Cockerham, Blake Morgan, Barney Smith, Chris Wardle, Jonathan Pacey, Rob Clark, Sam Dressel, Barak Schmool, Pedro Martins, Jake Sherman, Jonathan Dove, Brian Mayton, Fred Harris, Nicola Hadley, Steve Mulligan, Clyde Lawrence, Gracie Lawrence, Sumner Becker, Jordan Cohen, Thomas Gould, Gareth Lockrane, Gwilym Simcock, Jason Rebello, James Maddren, Nick Smart, Pete Churchill, Tom Cawley, Umar Hossain, Mischa Stevens, Jose Ortega, Claudio Somigli, Alessandro Melchior, Christian Euman, Rob Mullarkey, Adam Fell, Michael LaTorre, Michael Peha, James Wright, Noah Simon, Matthew Celia, Rocky Borders, Josh Helfferich, Robert Watts, Ewa Zbyszynska, Arend Liefkes, Jasper van Rosmalen, Murk Jiskoot, Ruben Margarita, Aleigha Durand, Allayna O'Quinn, André Smith, Asya Bookal, Briana Marshall, Catherina Lagredelle, Celine Sylvester, Chad Lupoe, Chesroleeysia B, Cleavon Davis, Cole Henry, Danielle Cornwall, Haley Flemons, Holland Sampson, Jason Max Ferdinand, Jourdan Bardo, JP Scavella, Kashaé Whyte, Keviez Wilson, Kobe Brown, Kristin Hall, Leonard Brown, Lincoln Liburd, Louis Cleare, Maia Foster, Malik George, Malik McHayle, Marissa Wright, Matthew Cordner, Mykel Inez, Naomi Parchment, Natrickie Louissaint, Patricia Williams, Roddley Point-du-Jour, Samella Carryl, Terell Francis-Clarke, Zaren Bennett, Leo Janssen

    © Hajanga Records

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  • Interview: Jacob Collier


    1. Negative Harmony again (0:07)
    2. Tuning (5:35)
    3. Groove and Subdivision (10:58)
    4. This Thing on the Harmonizer (16:24)
    5. Crazy She Calls me / Voice Leading (18:03)
    6. Emotion vs Information (22:16)
    7. Close to You / Voice Leading (31:02)
    8. The Human Voice (32:53)

    Interviewed on June 17 and 18, 2017 in Washington DC, USA
    Audio examples, transcriptions and annotations done by June Lee
    Filmed by Robert Rittman, Sarah Harpring and Sarah Menefee

    Jacob Collier

    To support my projects, visit:

    For professional inquiries, please e-mail:

    #JacobCollier #Interview

  • Interview: Jacob Collier


    1. The Turn of the Screw (00:25)
    2. Tuning in In the Bleak Midwinter (9:36)
    3. Tuning in Fascinating Rhythm (12:11)
    4. Details in Hideaway (13:57)
    5. Details in Flintstones and You and I (21:13)
    6. In My Room (24:11)
    7. Singing 5th below bass in Norah Jones songs (26:27)
    8. Sensations and lyrics (27:14)
    9. Jacob at 30 (29:23)

    Interviewed on June 17 and 18, 2017 in Washington DC, USA
    Audio examples, transcriptions and annotations done by June Lee
    Filmed by Robert Rittman, Sarah Harpring and Sarah Menefee

    The Turn of the Screw film adaptation produced by BBC (performance by City of London Sinfonia, conducted by Richard Hickox)
    Nightingale from Come Away with Me (2002) by Norah Jones

    Jacob Collier

    To support my projects, visit:

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    23:03 - 2nd chord is Eb13#11, not Db13#11
    33:12 - *happiest
    33:46 - *challenge

    #JacobCollier #Interview

  • I harmonised Jacob Collier #IHarmU


    After a concert of Djesse in Madrid, I gave Jacob my phone and asked him to improvise a melody. Back home, I had a lot of fun harmonising it, so here it is !! #JacobCollier, thank you !!

    If you liked it, here is a music video I made for my song Travel :

    Check out my debut album Amour, recorded in my room :

    A lot of warm love to you all !

  • Jacob Colliers Harmonic Language - Moon River Analysis


    Brief summary of my bachelor thesis in music theory: Jacob Collier's Moon River broken down to the very detail. Hope you enjoy!

    Note to the figuring: roman numerals mark the bass degree, arabic numerals mark melodic degrees or the inversion of a chord. For example, III6 is the third degree of a scale in the first inversion (the sixth chord). In its root position, it sounds major.

    The depicted score is my own adaptation of June Lee's transcription.

    Correction: At 21:13, the degree should be VIb, not VIIb.

    Jacob Collier Moon River
    June Lee Jacob Collier Interview Part 1
    Jacob Collier’s Masterclass at NEMPLA:
    Jacob Collier’s Masterclass at Berklee:
    Listening In Moon River Analysis:

  • Jacob Collier and Cory Henry Performing Billie Jean


    wow thats what im going to say wow

  • Jacob Collier — Make Me Cry


    Music video:

  • Jacob Collier Interview | Piano | Yamaha Music


    Join Jacob Collier as he talks to us about his musical journey and how he can’t get enough.

    We can also catch a glimpse of his performance on the Main Stage!

    Stay up to date with our Musikmesse journey, here:

    Throughout the year Yamaha brings people together at music events around the world, helping them to connect through their passion for music.

    Yamaha is at Musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt, an international meeting point of artists, musicians, industry experts and music fans from across the globe.

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  • June Lee Interview


    This is my interview with June Lee. It's the first time we have ever met, and we had a blast together. Listen as we discuss Jacob Collier, harmony, composition, perfect pitch, and play and sing with each other. I hope you have as much fun listening as we had making this for you.

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    June's Once You transcription:

    Recorded using:
    Earthworks SV33 Vocal Condenser Mic
    AKG P220 Vocal Condenser Mic
    Earthworks PM440 Piano Mic
    Presonus StudioLive AR8 Mixer
    Samsung S8 (my camera was in the shop)
    Polaroid Cube

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  • Interview with Jacob Collier: Microtonal Music and Education


    Interview with Jacob Collier after his show in Seoul on 25 April, 2018.
    Huge thanks to Jacob sparing time to share his awesome idea.


  • Jacob Collier Is Albert Einstein Of Music


    He Is a Human Instrument ........your mind will be blown get ready.......

  • Jacob Colliers Garden Groove


    I made some groove. From garden sounds!

    Recorded on a wee Shure MV88, connected to an iPhone.

    Jacob's musical universe ➡

  • Cohen: Hallelujah // JACOB COLLIER


    Performed by Jacob Collier for BBC Radio 3

    Captions are available




    Canal de Jacob Colier:

  • Jacob Collier - Dont Stop Til You Get Enough


    'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough' by Michael Jackson, arranged and performed by Jacob Collier, transcribed by Han Zhao.

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    If you would like to commission a transcription (or arrangement), fill out this form:

    Original Video:

    This score was made using Dorico Pro 2.

    I am a classical musician with a limited knowledge of jazz harmonies so please correct me if you spot any mistakes.

    For enquiries and requests, please email


  • Jacob Collier - Fascinating Rythm


    Jacob Collier cerrando el tremendo espectáculo del miércoles con su versión de Fascinating Rythm de George Gershwin.

  • Jacob Collier ~ With the Love In My Heart ~ Fonda Theatre ~ 3-15-19


  • Jacob Collier - Djesse


    2018 BBC Proms Live

  • Jacob Collier - In My Room


    Jacob Collier singing In My Room joined by Robin Mullarkey, Maro, and Christian Euman in an encore.

  • Jacob Collier - Microtonal Harmonizator


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    June's channel here↓

    I'm using a 24 note octave for Microtonal Harmozator videos.
    ≠ = Half sharp
    d = Half flat

  • Jacob Collier - Best Part -Full Version- HD


    I hope he record a full version of this song on the piano

  • Jacob Collier Greeting Fans -


    Singer and Musician, Jacob Collier Greeting Fans after his show outside Howard Theatre in DC! 5/16/19.

  • Hideaway x Jacob Collier Detroit- El Club


    Jacob Collier at El Club in Detroit, MI

  • Questions & Answers with Jacob Collier, July 9th, 2017, North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam


    After his sold out concert with Cory Henry (Snarky Puppy) and the fantastic Metropol Orchestra Jacob Collier came down to the small Jazz Cafe venue for a Q & A date. It's really worth checking it out.

  • TRIMS - Jacob Collier & Maro Djesse


    TRIMS - The Road Is My Song - Discussing music, culture, influences and experiences weekly with members of Seven Eyes, Tanya Wells and Paulo Vinicius.

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    Seven Eyes launched their second studio album 'Senses' at the EFG London Jazz Festival on the 16th of Nov. 2018. Senses album, as well as their debut album 'The Seed', can be streamed, downloaded on all digital platforms or accessible through purchasing the CD hard copy on the Seven Eyes website:
    Live in Lausanne 06.02.2019 (Djesse European Tour 2019)
    Jacob Collier mixes several genres with jazz, deploys expansive arrangements. Grammy winner with an ambitious quadruple album on the horizon named Djesse, his path promises to be incandescent.

    Jacob Collier – Vocals, Piano, Harmoniser, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards
    MARO – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Percussion
    Robin Mullarkey – Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
    Christian Euman – Drum Kit, Electronic Percussion
    Contact ➪

    Website ➪

    Facebook ➪

    SoundCloud ➪

    Instagram ➪ @seveneyesofficial

    Twitter ➪ @seveneyesmusic


    © Seven Eyes 2019



    Jacob Collier breaks down the logic session of his GRAMMY winning arrangement of Moon River.

    Come to a Jacob show! ⇨

    Jacob's musical universe ➡

  • Introducing Amazon Jacob Collier


    Amazon Jacob Collier, BUY NOW!!!!!
    no disrespect intended !
    Jacob Collier - Close to you - i do not own the right to this
    Will take down on request

  • Jacob Collier ft. Steve Vai - Do You Feel Love/Outro


    bass transcription of Do You Feel Love and Outro by Jacob Collier ft. Steve Vai

  • Jacob Collier - Youve got a friend - 05.02.2019


    Kaufleuten, Schweiz

    Ninas VoxBox

  • Jacob Colliers most beautiful few seconds


    Just a short one today. This is my favourite few bars for music from Jacob Collier. The violinist in the back seems to agree. Find other music transcriptions at

  • DJESSE Announcement!


    What on Earth is DJESSE?

    Jacob's musical universe ➡



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