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    Australian Singer-Songwriter Jackson Dyer performing his soothing tune Steal Away. If this wasn´t a video, we´d say close your eyes and let it take you away.

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  • Jackson Dyer - Paper Lanterns


    Stream and Download 'Paper Lanterns' -


    Directed by Jackson Dyer
    Filmed by Jackson Dyer & Malli Abels
    Hula Hoop performance by Malli Abels
    Edited by Jackson Dyer & Redlight Monkey
    Additional camera assistance by Nat Vasbender

    A huge thanks to Malli and Nat for your assistance through out the shoot, the video wouldn't have been possible without your help!

    - Audio Credits -

    Mixed by Nick Rayner
    Mastered by Zino Mikorey
    Drums Performed by Myka Wallace
    Drums Recorded by Nick Herrera

    Recorded, produced and performed by Jackson Dyer

    Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.


    Sail in the wind, come on leave the fray
    All it underpinned, heaves in disarray
    Chance is gathering, rising paper lanterns

    The dark is dazzling, chase the phantoms
    Friends say, wisdom survives the pain
    And I’ll jump a thousand times, to know love again (x2)

    Sail in the wind, come on leave the fray
    All it underpinned, heaves in disarray
    Chance is gathering, rising paper lanterns
    The dark is dazzling, chase the phantoms

    Chase the phantoms, chase the phantoms, phantoms
    Friend’s say, wisdom survives the pain
    And I’ll jump a thousand times, to know love again (x2)

    To know love (repeated)

    Friend’s say, wisdom survives the pain
    And I’ll jump a thousand times, to know love again (x3)

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  • Jackson Dyer - Blue


    Stream and Download the studio version of 'Blue' -


    - Credits -

    Mixed by Adam Sait
    Filmed by Redlight Monkey
    Edited by Jackson Dyer and Redlight Monkey

    Thanks so much to Rustam Sulejmenow for letting us record in his rooftop space!

    Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal German Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.


    I do wonder what the stars have planned for me come morning
    Will I break, or will I find respite in clouds that gather?
    Rains I revel in your soft mutterings at my ceiling
    Bright and blue, the sky will spill, feel light and hope congealing

    Breathe out, breathe out, time is of no consequence
    Breathe out, breathe out, the lights are rising, rising

    Feel the dawn disrupt dark shapes that cowardly provoke me
    Feeble limbs concealed beneath the night’s sprawling canopy
    Gold and true and fresh, I savour silent evanescence
    I am here, I hold it burning in my veins, it’s present

    Breathe out, breathe out, time is of no consequence
    Breathe out, breathe out, the lights are rising, rising (x2)

    Rising (repeated)

  • Sam Ryder • Set You Free


    Stream / buy Set You Free:

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  • Dire Straits Walk of Life LYRICS


    song by dire straits more info no video

  • MetallicA - Dyer’s Eve Guitar Cover Solo Included - Kirk Hammet - James Hetfield - Jackson Marshall


    I just recorded this with IK Amplitube 4. All guitars recorded by me over the GuitarHero backing tracks of this song. Only vocals, bass and drums were on the backing track.

    - Right Rhythm are Kirk’s parts
    - Left Rhythm are James’s parts
    - Solo is dead center

    All Rights Reserved to James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and MetallicA; this is purely recreational.

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  • Sultans Of Swing ; drum cover by Sina


    For this drum cover I played along to a drumless track of the original studio version but I like the energetic Alchemy Live version better. So this is my tribute to Terry Williams, the great Dire Straits drummer throughout the 80s, I'm a fan! However, I did not cover his Live drum part note for note but I played 'in the style of' Terry Williams.

    This performance is available on iTunes, recorded with the Tribute Band 'Dire Straits UK': You can check out the full Band Cover right here: YouTube

    If you enjoy my covers and originals you can join my inner circle as a channel member:

    Or sign up to my Patreon account:

    More about me:

    #DireStraits #SultansOfSwing #DrumCover #Sina

  • Running


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Running · John Newman


    ℗ 2013 Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

    Released on: 2013-01-01

    Producer, Associated Performer, Guitar, Programming: Ant Whiting
    Producer, Associated Performer, Vocals, Percussion, Programming, String Arranger: John Newman
    Studio Personnel, Engineer: Robbie Nelson
    Associated Performer, Drums: Leo Taylor
    Associated Performer, Vocal Arranger, Vocals: Leonn Meade
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Carlton Sheekey
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Daine Dyer
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Cairo Woodward
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Vernetta Meade-Lynch
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Caroline Jay Barrett
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Monica George
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Lena Palmer
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Sabrina Ramikie
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Michelle Hoyte
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Rebecca Thomas
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Cecilia Stalin
    Associated Performer, Piano: Dom Pipkin
    Associated Performer, String Arranger: Tim Baxter
    Associated Performer, Orchestra Leader: Andy Brown
    Associated Performer, Violin: David Juritz
    Associated Performer, Violin: Philippa Ibbotson
    Associated Performer, Violin: Rita Manning
    Associated Performer, Violin: Ralph De Souza
    Associated Performer, Violin: Kathy Gowers
    Associated Performer, Violin: Cathy Thompson
    Associated Performer, Viola: Garfield Jackson
    Associated Performer, Viola: Joel Hunter
    Associated Performer, Viola: Bob Smissen
    Associated Performer, Cello: David Daniels
    Associated Performer, Cello: Nick Cooper
    Associated Performer, Double Bass: Chris Laurence
    Associated Performer, Saxophone: Mark Brown
    Associated Performer, Trumpet: Joe Auckland
    Associated Performer, Trombone: Trevor Mires
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Mark 'Spike' Stent
    Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Geoff Swan
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Tom Coyne
    Composer Lyricist: John Newman
    Composer Lyricist: Steve Mac
    Composer Lyricist: Wayne Hector

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Orla Gartland - Flatline


    Stream/pre-order here:

    Directed by
    Jack Howard –

    Produced by
    Sammy Paul -
    Ash Horne –

    Director of Photography
    Ciaran O'Brien -

    Executive Producer / Singer

    Orla Gartland -

    Mitchell Mullen -

    First Assistant Director

    Ross McGowan

    Associate Producer
    Edith Windle -

    Magician - Michael Gregory -
    Ballerina - Leanne Vincent
    Puppeteer - Camara Miles Hall -

    Dog Owner - Dominic Green
    Dog - Squidge
    Artist - Nadia Jackson
    Mime - Ross Warner
    Juggler - Oliver Jones

    Camera Assistant
    Rachael Hutchings –

    Christine Alexander –

    Jamie MacLeod -

    Camera Trainee
    Will Davis

    Make-up Artist
    Greta Isaac -

    Painting by
    Conor Travers -

    Production Assistants
    Reb Day -
    Ed Hubbard

    Dog Handler

    Thomas Ridgewell -

    Alice Bruce-Doig
    Alice-May Shaw
    Andrew Bond

    Felicity Brown

    Grace Goodhart
    Imogen Hughes-Tait
    Jaycie Dyer
    Lauren Scott
    Rebecca Barton
    Rebecca McInerney
    Tegan Rowe
    Toara Bankole
    Xanthe Nimmo

    Special Thanks
    Amie Salmon
    Chloë Dungate
    Claire Kilcourse
    Guy Larsen
    Hazel Hayes
    Mike Trueman
    Quentin Fletcher
    Sean Rath
    Steven Bridges
    Yasmine Paul-Rath

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  • Jackson Dyer - The Font


    Live Performance of 'The Font' by Jackson Dyer

    Produced by KATSU
    Directed: Adam Sait
    Assistant Direction: Alex Forrest

    Violin: Youka Snell
    Double Bass: Huntly Gordon


    Special thanks to Tischendorf, Berlin for lending us their space & to Richard Young.

    Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal German Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

  • Jackson Dyer - CBSKY


    Directed and Edited by Redlight Monkey, Jackson Dyer
    Stream and Download 'CBSKY' -


    Filmed by Redlight Monkey
    Concept by Jackson Dyer
    Drone Shots by Jordi Company, DronCompany

    - Audio Credits -

    Mixed by Nick Rayner
    Mastered by Zino Mikorey
    Drums Recorded by Nick Herrera
    Drums Performed by Myka Wallace

    Recorded, produced and performed by Jackson Dyer

    Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.


    You came like a summer breeze,
    but you changed course, you left so suddenly
    Found myself in the desert reeling
    Was I a fool who followed an abstract feeling, an abstract feeling

    Just beyond the breakers are the calmer seas
    Within sight of your shores, soon the tide will take me (x2)

    The tide will take me

    The longest night unfolded,
    under a naked sky smouldering
    We stared into the past, the majesty
    For all beauty belies the ultimate tragedy

    Just beyond the breakers are the calmer seas
    Within sight of your shores, soon the tide will take me (x3)

    Awake, awaken, awake (x2)


  • Jackson Dyer - The Fortress - Pine Street Sessions


    Jackson Dyer, from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, plays an original song 'The Frotress' for Episode 54 of the Pine Street Sessions.

    Soon to leave Sydney's shores accompanied by his debut solo EP, Jackson Dyer is thrilled to share his brand new folk-orientated endeavour. After five years as the front man of Static Silhouettes, who played with the likes of the Jezabels, Last Dinosaurs, and Papa Vs Pretty, he has stripped back to focus on a subtler sound.
    Catch him at his last Australian Show at the Space, Manly NSW on Friday Oct 5th.
    Here's what others have to say about his music:

    Jackson's stunning song writing ability and pure unique sound make him an amazing artist to watch in action. -

    ...he's not your typical folk singer songwriter. Radiating immense passion... with a mature depth of emotion... -- Miss Feather's

    Like the Pine Street Sessions Facebook page and subscribe to keep up to date on new videos and releases!

    Pine Street Sessions web page

    Video edited and filmed by Kelvin Saik. Audio production by Fernando Aragones. Producer/Director Josh Fergus.

    This session of Pine Street Session was sponsored by Rekorderlig Cider

    Art supplied by Jack's Barber shop Curl Curl.

  • Lockdown #11 - Jackson Dyer live


    Holzmarkt Kultur presents Jackson Dyer live - from the Studio 25 am Holzmarkt recorded on the 16th of April 2020.

    Jackson Dyer and the Holzmarkt are asking for donations to Die Tafel:

    Jackson Dyer online:

    physical distance - no social distance
    #stayhome #washyourhands #leavenoonebehind

    Musician: Jackson Dyer
    Sound: Mirko Blank
    Camera: Maximilian Duwe, Max Zahl
    Production: Holzmarkt, Ludwig Noack, Hannes Husten

    More information and program:
    Holzmarkt Kultur live:
    Holzmarkt Kultur live Facebook:
    Holzmarkt 25 Facebook:
    Studio 25 Facebook:

    Special Thanks:
    Blackcam System:
    Sennheiser Store Berlin:
    See you Rent



    Jackson Dyer is a soulful singer/songwriter hailing from Sydney, Australia. This two part live session was captured in Connollys Of Leap, West Cork, Ireland.

    The Child And The Sea is the title track off his debut EP.

    For the second half of this session check in Pursuit here:

    For more from Jackson check:

    A huge thanks goes to Edan Ray, who recorded and mixed the live audio

    Filmed and edited by Blair Massie,



    Jackson Dyer is a soulful singer/songwriter hailing from Sydney, Australia. This two part live session was captured in Connollys Of Leap, West Cork, Ireland.

    In Pursuit is the second track off his debut EP.

    For the first half of this session check The Child And The Sea

    For more from Jackson check:

    Sound by Edan Ray

    Filmed and edited by Blair Massie

  • Jackson Dyer | småll sessions live


    Australian singer-songwriter Jackson Dyer performed at småll sessions live in Berlin and had a little chat.
    Next show: June 23rd in Berlin:
    You can catch more of him here:
    Listen: ►
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    ► Twitter:
    ► Website:

    Småll Sessions:
    Website |
    Facebook |
    Instagram |
    Twitter | @SmallSessions

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  • Jackson Dyer - In Pursuit | Sofar Berlin


    Jackson Dyer performing In Pursuit at Sofar Berlin on May 27, 2014
    Sofar Sounds connects artists and music-lovers around the world through intimate shows in unique venues.

    Subscribe for more great performances:

    (Sofar Sounds Berlin, Show #812)

    Find us on Facebook and Twitter for more information -

    Artist: Jackson Dyer

    Filmed by: Marvin Klocke & Jonas Niemann

    Edited by: Jonas Niemann

    Audio by: Ringo Behn

  • Jackson Dyer - Pariahs


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    Jackson Dyer
    Sound Cloud:

    ◮ Indie Music Dimension

  • Jackson Dyer - Release Live - Red Bull Music Studios, Berlin


    Stream and Download the studio version of 'Release' -


    - Credits -

    Drums by Richie Young
    Filmed and Recorded in Red Bull Studios, Berlin
    Recorded by Christian Prommer and Adam Radwan
    Mixed by Christopher van Niekerk
    Filmed by Redlight Monkey
    Edited by Jackson Dyer
    Colour Grade by Jackson Dyer

    Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal German Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

  • Jackson Dyer - CBSKY behind the scenes | making of.


    We had a blast shooting Jackson Dyer's Video to his incredible song CBSKY from the album Inlet which recently was released. We have experienced some Issues, had a lot of fun and gained an incredible amount of experience while shooting the video.


    JACKSON DYER Tour 2020:

    - The Video was shot on a Sony a7 III with a Sony Zeiss 55 mm f 1,8

    Thank You, Jackson!

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  • Jackson Dyer 01.05.14 live@Strom Munich


    Jackson Dyer as support for Mighty Oaks.
    His voice reminds me of Stu Larsen.

  • Lekker Presents: Sampology, Sedric Perry, Jackson Dyer, Àbáse + Wayne Snow


    Recap of Lekker Presents: Sedric Perry, Jackson Dyer, Sampology, Àbáse + Wayne Snow
    Song: Sedric Perry - Naked

  • Jackson Dyer 01.05.14 live@Strom München


    Jackson Dyer as support for Mighty Oaks. Great Voice!



    Jackson Dyer est un voyageur-musicien de 23 ans. Il quitte son Australie natale il y a deux ans pour parcourir l'Europe avec sa guitare et son sourire. La musique de Jackson est colorée, pleine de vie. Elle nous emmène dans ses voyages, ses rencontres et ses origines

  • Wayne Dyer talks about Michael Jackson - Greek subtitles


    To 1991 o Wayne Dyer κυκλοφόρησε το βιβλίο του Real Magic (Αληθινή Μαγεία), το οποίο αφιέρωσε σε τρεις ανθρώπους: την κόρη του Saje, τον Deepak Chopra και τον Michael Jackson. Το 2009 μίλησε σε ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή για τον Michael και μοιράστηκέ τις αναμνήσεις και τις εντυπώσεις που του άφησε η διαμονή του δίπλα του στην Neverland.

    Σχόλια υβριστικά ή ειρωνικά θα διαγράφονται.

    Μετάφραση / uποτιτλισμός: Maria Kelanti

    No copyright infringement intended. Copyright of audio and video owned by their respective owners. We only present it with Greek subtitles in order to help our Greek friends understand the content of the videos.

  • Jackson Dreyer - Mr. Bluebird


    One of two songs from The Cozy Sessions! May you cozy on up and enjoy the video! Watch the second song, Snow, here:

    Stream both songs on Spotify:
    Apple Music (Mr. Bluebird):

    Written by Jackson Dreyer
    Keys and Vocals - Andrew Tufano
    Tenor Saxophone - Micah Holmen
    Drums and Percussion - Chris Karabelas
    Bass - Stuart Caron

    Recorded at The Studio Nashville by Pierce Riddick
    Video and Editing - Nick Jones
    Video - Rowdy Domstead
    Mastering - Tyler Murray
    Father of the '75 Fender Rhodes - John Fuszner
    Connect with me:

  • Melanie Dyer - Throw Your Arms Around Me


    The Great Australian Songbook
    Enmore Theatre, Newtown, Sydney
    12th August 2013

  • June Dyer - Party


    Killer 60’s Rock ‘n Roll track by one of South Africa’s female Rock ‘n Roll pioneers – June Dyer - “Party”.
    Flip side: “Loch Lomand Rock”
    Released on the Renown label, N 1266, 1962.
    Publisher: Melody Music

    Created with

  • Michael Jacksons Some Words


    Immaginiamo di passeggiare sulla neve sottobraccio a Michael Jackson. Sognate!!!!

  • Wayne Dyer II


  • D.dyer - Groove on the dance Floor


    $1.30 Mp3 Stream or Download now!

  • Zack Dyer - No Diggity/Thrift Shop Cover


    A little mashup of Blackstreet's No Diggity and Macklemore's Thrift Shop. Lol.

  • Wish you were here - Kurt Dyer & Orquesta Filarmonica de Costa Rica


    Rock Filarmonico
    Teatro Melico Salazar
    San Jose, Costa Rica
    25 de mayo de 2012

  • Jackson – A June & Johnny Cash Cover


    This is an International collaboration cover. Please see the credits at the end of the video for the contributions and who made them.
    Thanks for viewing!

  • Dyer County Band WTSBOA 28SEP2019


    Dyer County Band WTSBOA 28SEP2019

  • Melanie Dyer - Chameleon


    in the foyer of P!nk Sydney gig @ The Entertainment centre an original song
    Melanie is currently writing and recording new material for release through Universal music Melanie has recorded a single for release early 2014

  • Hider - Dont Pretend It Was Nothing


    Hider - Don't Pretend It Was Nothing

    Spotify -
    iTunes -

    Video written and directed by ScaryJacks
    Produced by Cat Jackson
    Director Of Photography - Jeremy Hogg
    Camera Assistant - Erica 'Egg' Pownall
    Cactus puppet made by ScaryCat Studio
    Puppeteers - Gary Jackson and Russ Haigh
    Make-up Artist - Jana Lewis
    Modelmakers & Set Build - Karl Wardle, Jamie Carruthers, Russ Haigh
    Composited by Cat Jackson, Gary Jackson, Jeff Dillon
    Edited by Gary Jackson

    Katie - Anna MacArthur
    Office Staff - Amelia Cox, Jamie Carruthers, Karen Dyer, Russ Haigh, Sally Harding.

  • My House - Flo Rida


    Song: My House - Flo Rida (Jack Dyer Bootleg)

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  • Hallelujah LIVE - Evie Clair & George Dyer, Michele Baer, Debbie Coon & Hannah Lofgreen


    Evie Clair joined George Dyer and other local talent for a night of classic hits to support the Joshua Wayne Leavitt Foundation at the Dutton Family Theater in Mesa, AZ.

    Instagram @evieclair
    facebook @evieclairofficial
    twitter @evieclair

  • Deric Dyer - Little Drummer Boy


    Deric Dyer - Little Drummer Boy Deric Dyer with The Velvet Elves: David Stefanelli on drums, Brad
    Hallen on Bass, David Mitchell on Guitar, Joe Deleault on Piano,
    Stephen Baker on keyboards with the Tornado Alley Horns (Roger
    Grover, Allen Kiefer, Ben Gould, and Steve LeClaire)

  • Because Of Love


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Because Of Love (Frankie & David Dub) · Janet Jackson

    Because Of Love

    ℗ 1994 Virgin Records Ltd

    Released on: 1994-01-18

    Producer: Janet Jackson
    Associated Performer, Percussion, Studio Personnel, Remixer: David Morales
    Producer: Jimmy Jam
    Associated Performer, Keyboards: Satoshi Tomiie
    Associated Performer, Keyboards: Peter Daou
    Associated Performer, Piano: Terry Burrus
    Producer: Terry Lewis
    Studio Personnel, Engineer: John Poppo
    Studio Personnel, Remixer: Frankie Knuckles
    Composer Lyricist: Terry Lewis
    Composer Lyricist: Janet Jackson
    Composer Lyricist: James Harris

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • LIVE and LOUD #TCMF2018


    Featuring Judah Kelly, Jasmine Rae, Kaylens Rain, Melanie Dyer, Missy Lancaster, Route 33, Alex & Bec Crook, Emily Joy, Cassidy Rae Gaiter as well as some very special guests.

  • My House - Flo Rida


    › My House - Flo Rida (Jack Dyer Bootleg)
    › Free Download:
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  • Kurt Dyer - Faith cover


    Tocando con full banda.
    Batería: Danilo Guzmán
    Bajo: Mario Álvarez
    Guitarra: Carlos Delgado

  • Lamour pur chasse toutes les peurs


    Provided to YouTube by Select

    L'amour pur chasse toutes les peurs · Wayne W. Dyer

    Il existe une solution spirituelle à tous vos problèmes

    ℗ Alexandre Stanké

    Released on: 2016-04-29

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • A Little Bit More - Melba Moore feat. Freddie Jackson


    This wonderful song produced by Gene McFadden, for Melba Moore's A LOT OF LOVE album in 1986. It became Melba Moores first #1 R&B song. Hush Productions was on a roll in those days, why do you say, because the record to follow this as number one was another Hush Production song by Freddie Jackson.
    It was because of a relationship that I (who mixed this song) had with Gene McFadden that also helped make this a great sounding record. Gene and I had a history that went back to when Ain't No Stoppin Us Now was being recorded when Cheryl Tyrrell, me, Beau Huggins and Frank West were enlisted to do a HandClap track for that song. Gene taught me alot and I repaid him with this winner as well as Melbas second number one song also from the A Lot of Love album, Falling was Melba and Genes' second # 1 that I mixed. Varnell Johnson made sure this didn't get lost. What a team!

  • One Day - Zack Dyer


  • Wayne Dyer- Inspiration


    Music by Lifted Spirit with an excerpt by Wayne Dyer. Please be sure to like our band page at

  • Melanie Dyer - Maybe on mercury 2019 at Family Hotel Moonshiners honky Tonk Bar


    Shot version Melanie was on the first series of The Voice Au, did not get a chair turn, Keith asked was she a songwriter Mel said yes and Seal asked Mel to sing some of one of her songs Mel sang Maybe ion mercury and was signed to Universal Music as a singer-Songwriter on the strength of this song

  • Loving Arms


    Provided to YouTube by PIAS

    Loving Arms · Millie Jackson

    21 of the Best 1971-83

    ℗ Ace Records

    Released on: 2008-07-07

    Composer: Tom Jans

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



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