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Playlist of Inuit throat singing

  • Fantastic Inuit throat singing on TV show


    Now we have 2 ways of learning:
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    Master class + 3 Skype lessons -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)

    Name of this song is - The birth of Chukotka In this song we can see how she mix Inuit throat singing and Modern music.
    - throat singing online masterclass

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  • Inuit throat-singing sisters from Canada


    Karin and Kathy Kettler, the Canadian throat-singing sisters who together are known as Nukariik, carry on the traditions of the elders from their mothers' village in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, which is located in northern Quebec.

    Read the full article on Alaska Dispatch:

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  • Tumivut - Inuit Throat Singing - The Competition Song


    Tumivut - Inuit Throat Singing - The Competiton Song at Aboriginal Day 2010 at The Forks in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

  • Inuit and Mongolian throat singers


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  • Katajjacoustic - Traditional Throat Singing of the Inuit


    Kiah Hachey and Karen Flaherty are two young Inuit women from Nunavut in Northern Canada. Their magic is the female traditional art of katajjaq. Mostly performed as a duet, this form of throat singing mimics the natural world. Wind, ice, sea and bird sounds dominate.

    Three young composers, students at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar/ studio of electro-acoustic music, joined the duo.

    Kiah Hachey – throat singing
    Karen Flaherty – throat singing
    Paul Hauptmeier – live electronics
    Martin Recker – live electronics
    Sergio Valencia – sound production

    Recorded on 1 July 2015 at the mon ami, Weimar.

    For further information visit:

  • Throat singing from different continents


    Now we have 2 options of learning:
    Master class -
    Master class + 3 Skype lessons -

    Онлайн мастеркласс -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)
    This is a compilation of throat singing different peoples from different continents.

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  • Inuit Throat Singing with two Nunavut Sivuniksavut students


    Winterlude is underway and a highlight of our show was a visit from Jo Maple along with two students from Nunavut Sivuniksavut.

  • Алтайское горловое пение


    Данил Данжеев, Эзендей Балбин
    Июнь 2019, Горный Алтай
    (Живой звук / Live sound)

    Алтайское горловое пение - Алтын Туу

    Apple Music
    YouTube Music

    ВЕК за кадром в Instagram:

  • Tuvan Throat Singing


    Channna ham nah channa channa

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  • Amazing female throat singing


    Now we have 2 ways of learning:
    Master class -
    Master class + 3 Skype lessons -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)

    People often ask me if women can sing throat singing. I made a special collection of videos with examples of female throat singing. Hope you like it.
    1) Shonchalai Oorjak-Choodu
    2) Saylyk Ommun
    3) ??? (Can't find the name)
    4) Veronica Usholik
    5) Anna-Maria Hefele
    6) Chodura Tumat (Tuva Kyzy)

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  • Deep Trance Mongolian Tuvan Throat Singing | Shamanic Journey | Healing Waves


    Hello Beautiful Tribe Member!
    Deep Trance Mongolian Tuvan Throat Singing Shamanic Journey Healing Waves - Enhance Self Love - Energy Cleanse - Miracle Music Healing. Peaceful, empowering and soothing music and nature footage to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Supporting and empowering you on your life journey.

    This Tuvan throat singing meditation will help you in going into a meditation deep trance shamanic state, using throat singing chakra healing, you will balance your throat chakra.

    Music is tuned to 432Hz With Ancient Shamanic Trance elements which help in Synchronizing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, with the Theta Waves and opening a gate into the Sub-conscious mind.

    Do you want Unique Tuvan Trance Music?
    The Shaman Within - Shamanic Music
    Is a 5 Track Album of 5 Hours, that will take you into the Deepest trance state your looking for.

    ◐ The Power of Sound Vibration ◑
    When we dive into the human body, going into our organs, cells, molecules, atoms, and even smaller particles, we find that all that is left is a Vibration, a Wave of movement. We are made of vibration, that's why Sound Vibration is effecting us so Deeply.
    When the Sounds from the Meditation Music, come across our Body, they resonate with our Atoms, Cells, Molecules, and Organs, balancing them into their original Frequency and Vibration.
    as Nikola Tesla said before:
    If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

    ◐ Shamanic Trance ◑
    The word Trance comes from the Latin word Transire meaning to cross over. The old Shamans used to Cross over to the underworld, where is it you ask yourself? In today's modern world we know that there is the known meaning the conscious mind and the unknown meaning the unconsciousness mind or the underworld.

    Another word to Trance state can be Altered states of consciousness, and what exactly does it mean you ask? When we change the brainwaves pattern in our brain from Beta (Daily stressful life) to Alpha (Relaxation) / Theta (Dreaming) / Delta (Deep Dreamless sleep), we change the state of our consciousness and entering into an altered state.

    In the Trance state, this Meditation Music or Shamanic Music Album will take you, you will change your Brainwaves Patterns, and you may achieve a different state of consciousness, each will suit your inner needs, maybe you need to let go of stress or maybe you need to let go of repressed emotions? you can get into the state you need by just playing this music will practicing your Meditation.

    ◐ Healing Waves Community ◑
    Healing Waves is the understanding that we are all one big family, we all suffer and we all overcome suffering, and we can do it the hard way, each soul on its own, or we can do it the easy way, as one big family, one big community helping each outer on the journey of life.

    Here in Healing Waves, we understand that while practicing Meditation and Yoga, we are polishing the diamond we are, we are reaching our higher potential, we are using new DNA strings and becoming the best version of ourselves.

    In Healing Waves we combine the sacred and the profane, we use the latest scientific research on Brainwaves and the effect of music on the human brain. That is how we able to create the most unique Meditation Music for our community practice.

    Our product collections aimed to aid our community members in practicing different Meditation techniques, gaining better benefits and boosting the experience of your Meditation and Yoga practice.

    ◐ Join Our Community ◑

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    ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

    ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

    “There is some kind of a sweet innocence in being human—in not having to be just happy or just sad—in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time.”
    – C. JoyBell C.

    From Deep Within our Soul, From the Bottom of the Heart,
    We send love to all living creatures.
    May we all find peace, and compassion in our life.
    Sefy From Healing Waves ❤

  • Inuit Musical Tribute


    Here is an extract of traditional Inuit throat singing, followed by a great song called Inuit wedding by the one and unique Sainkho Namtchylak, the famous Siberian singer, whose Tuvan singing style is close to the Inuit style.
    Originally, Inuit throat singing was a form of entertainment among Inuit women while the men were away on hunting trips. It was regarded more as a type of vocal or breathing game in the Inuit culture rather than a form of music. In Inuit throat singing, two Inuit women would face each other either standing or crouching down while holding each other's arms. Sounds produced can be voiced or unvoiced and produced by inhalation or exhalation. Both Inuktitut words and meaningless syllables are used in Inuit throat singing songs. When meaningless syllables are used, they are often portrayals of sounds the Inuit hear in their natural environment such as animal sounds or even water running down a creek. Unfortunately, there is no written record of when the Inuit first developed their form of throat singing which differs from the type found in Mongolia and other parts of the world that has some form of throat singing. The Inuit did not keep any written records and history was simply passed down from generation to generation orally. There has been a resurfacing of this traditional activity in the Inuit communities during the last 20 to 30 years. The revival of Inuit throat singing has been so popular that in September of 2001, the first throat singing conference was held in Puvurnituq, Nunavik, where different types of Inuit throat singing from different Arctic regions of Canada were demonstrated and shared.
    Enjoy this little tribute to the fabulous Inuit culture!

  • Mongolian Throat Singing | Dark & Powerful Battle Music


    A compilation of cinematic music inspired by the Mongols and Huns.

    Full Download:

    0:00 Might of the Khan
    2:55 Ambush
    5:20 No Retreat!
    8:12 Night Battle
    10:47 Mongol Advance

    The Mongols

    The Mongols are a ethnic group native to Mongolia and to China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. By the late 13th century the Mongol Empire spanned from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Danube River and the shores of the Persian Gulf in the west.

    The Huns

    The Huns were a nomadic tribe prominent in the 4th and 5th century CE whose origin is unknown but, most likely originated in nowadays Northern China or Mongolia. In the Han Dynasty the Huns were called Xiongnu and invaded China before being driven out and let to exile. Over many years the Huns migrated from East Asia to Europe were they invaded the split-apart Roman Empire.

    Throat Singing

    Throat-singing, a guttural style of singing or chanting, is one of the world's oldest forms of music. Throat singing is found in 3 cultures: The Tuvans living in the rural region of Russia located northwest of Mongolia, the Inuit and the Xhosa people of Bantu. Throat singing is most often linked to the Mongolian Tuvan style which is also featured in this album. All samples are from real Tuvan Throat singers.

  • Mongolian Throat Singing With My Daughter


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  • Vocal Coach Reacts to Tanya Tagaq, Canadian Inuk Throat Singer Miki’s Singing Tips



    I now take special requests for my reaction videos! For $15 to Paypal, subject line Vocal Coach Reacts, you can jump to the front of my request line, and I'll react to your favorite artist/performance next! (Make sure to include the artist/performance you'd like me to review in your payment)

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    Michal Towber released her first CD on SONY/Columbia at 17. She was mentored by Billy Joel, who called her “a great songwriter.” Fellow Hunter High school alum, Lin-Manuel Miranda, recently tweeted that she was “always the most talented person in our class.” In 2005 she won an Emmy for outstanding composition on the daytime television drama One Life to Live. Her music has been featured by such various clients as SONOS, Rdio, Canon, and Urban Decay. You can check out her original music at

  • Music & Nature XVIII - Throat Singing featuring Tarniriik


    This video features a very special performance from the throat singing duo Tarniriik, with Samantha Metcalfe and Cailyn Degrandpre. The two talented young artists share their lifelong love of throat singing, traditionally sung face to face by two women as an entertaining contest, with The Seagull and The Poor Little Dog. This performance was filmed in the Canadian Museum of Nature's Arctic Gallery.

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    Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Music and Beyond is a classical music and arts festival organization that began in July 2010. The organization seeks to broaden the audience base for classical music and the arts by finding creative ways to combine music with a broad range of art forms and cultural activities. Music and Beyond is also committed to providing accessible opportunities for young people to engage with arts and culture in the community, as well as creating transformational performance opportunities for young and local musicians.

  • The Hobbit - Misty mountains cold cover by Mandaakhai


    Mandaakhai - (covered by morin khuur and throat singing)

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  • Love Song


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Love Song · Nukariik

    Inuit Throat Songs and Drumming

    ℗ 2008 Nukariik

    Released on: 2008-08-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Tanya Tagaq- The sounds of throat singing


    Open University

  • Inuit Throat Singing, Tarniriik with Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre, part 1/4


    Remic Rapids Park, Balanced Rock Sculpture project; with Inuit Throat Singing 25Aug19 @ 5PM
    Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre
    Throat singing, or katajjaq, is an Inuit tradition passed down from woman to woman over generations. It involves making guttural sounds — much like growls and gasps —that imitate animals and the natural world.
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  • inuit throat singing


    Liza Iqaluk & Nellie Niviaxie.

  • Inuit throat-singing demonstration


    Inuit women of northern Canada developed a unique, guttural vocal style that involves short, sharp, rhythmic inhalations and exhalations of breath. Inuit sisters Karin and Kathy Kettler, of northern Quebec, Canada, explain the history of the vocal style and illustrate the technique.

    A higher resolution version of this video can be viewed at:

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  • How to do the Inuit Throat Singing - Wilbur Sargunaraj Feat: Hans Henrik


    Join Cultural Intelligence facilitator Wilbur Sargunaraj in Nuuk, Greenland as he learns the art of Inuit Throat singing with Simple Superstar Hans Henrik Suersaq. @hhsuersaq

    Qujaanaq (Thank you) National Theatre of Greenland, Sermersooq Music School, Visit Greenland and the NUIF centre.

    Video: Kenneth Horsbrugh and Susanne Andreasen

    Invite Wilbur to your organization or school for a CQ World Wide Event.


  • Inuit Throat Singing Tarniriik, Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre, part 4/4.


    Inuit Throat Singing 25August 2019 @ Remic Rapids Park, Ottawa
    Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre with a very unplanned 'fine volunteer' to attempt to do throat singing, many thanks to Anik Doremi for her passionate participation

  • ODUCHU - Bombureng Hoo


    It's time to launch a new project in Tuva. We have something to tell you ...

    Thanks to BFREE Production for this video!
    Director and Cameraman -- Nachyn Mongush

  • Nukariik- Inuit Throat Singing- Richmond Folk Festival 2008


    Sisters Karin and Kathy Kettler of Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, Canada.An art in several cultures of the world, this is great fun to watch. CSX contributes authentic train sounds.There are videos from other performances on youtube.

  • Inuit Throat Singing, Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre, part 3/4


    Inuit Throat Singing 25August 2019 @ Remic Rapids Park, Ottawa
    Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre
    Throat singing, or katajjaq, is an Inuit tradition passed down from woman to woman over generations. It involves making guttural sounds — much like growls and gasps —that imitate animals and the natural world.

  • Inuksuk High School Choir Throat Singing


    Two amazing young performers throat singing three songs at the Iqaluit Music Society's Choral Music Concert at Inuksuk High School in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. February 12th 2012.

  • Inuit Throat Singing


    Traditional Inuit Throat Singing Performance at Aboriginal Awareness Week 2009, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

  • Nukariik - Mosquito Song


    Inuit throat singers, Karin and Kathy Kettler, performed at the 2011 Lowell Folk Festival, Lowell, MA

  • Tuvan throat singing on the top of the mountain


    Master class + 1 Skype lesson -
    Master class + 3 Skype lessons -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)

  • Aryaut & Aniksak


    Inuit Traditional Throatsingers from Arviat, Nunavut CANADA. Thank you for viewing my videos,

  • Inuit Throat Singing


    Sisters who are new to throat singing and love it as it is keeping the culture and traditions alive

  • Tuvan Throat Singing Lessons


    Sean Quirk with Aldar Tamdyn at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival July 7, 2013.

  • Inuit Throat Singers at 2008 Richmond Folk Festival


    Inuit Throat Singers at 2008 Richmond Folk Festival

  • Inuit Throat Singing - Sounds of Our Ancestors


    Inuit throat singing is an intimate game women would play when the men were out hunting. As you'll see in the video, they actually hold each other and try to make each other laugh as they produce their unusual, unforgettable sounds.

    See more at

  • Throat Singers Canada Day Iqaluit 2007


    Throat Singers from Nunavik.

  • Tuvan Throat Singing -REAL KARAOKE !! Can you sing it?


    Incredible!! Own Transcription.FULL SCREEN BETTER!! I thought that i woudn´t be able to do that, but finally i get it!! EXCLUSIVE KARAOKE, I was hearing this song a lot of times , now i could sing it..:-)

  • Inuit Throat Singers at 2008 Richmond Folk Festival


    Inuit Throat Singers at 2008 Richmond Folk Festival

  • When your neighbors in a train are throat singers


    Tuvan throat singing master class -

  • KUULAR - Feeling sunrise


    Tuvan throat singing master class -
    Mongolian throat singing and tuvan throat singing with relaxing music by SHAMAAN

  • Freestyle Throat Singing


    this is me and kiah at NS. She's doing random sounds and im following and trying not to make mistakes.. Its harder then doing a song because when you do a song, you know whats coming, but you have no idea what to expect from this kind of katajjaq.. its a really fun way to become a better throat singer.. Im pretty tired right now so i hope that was a coherent description lol

  • Nukariik Inuit Throat Singers


    5th Annual Westfest - Celebrating Canadian Aboriginal Women in music

  • Nukariik - Throat Singing - Lowell Folk Festival 2011


    Sisters Karin and Kathy Kettler of Nukariik captivated audiences at the Lowell Folk Festival with their age-old tradition of Inuit throat singing, at the Market Street Stage on Saturday, July 30. The National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA) is a proud partner of the festival, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2011.

  • Shamanic music | Tuvan Throat Singing | Shamanic drumming and Mongolian healing chants with jaw harp


    #healingshamanicdrums #tuvanthroatsinging #shamanicmeditationmusic

    Healing shamanic drumming and tuvan throat singing are deeply rooted in traditional Mongolian culture, as well as jaw harp. This shamanic music helps to get into deep states of trance, cleanse one's body, remove blockages, renew energy flow and get healing effect.

    This shaman drum, Tuvan throat singing and jaw harp meditation music will help you to get connected with nature.

    This tracks fits into following categories: healing shamanic drumming, shamanic music drumming, healing shamanic drumming, shamanic healing drumming, shamainic drumming healing meditation, tuvan throat singling.

    Healing Meditation Music © All rights reserved

  • Plains Of The Elite - Mongolian Throat Singing


    Mongolian throat signing.

    I don't know the singer, but more of the songs and the CD can be found here.

    The singing is deep and grounded. By listening you get a feeling of lightness in your body, chest and mind.

    Please enjoy this song for meditation or healing.

    If you like the song, I highly recommended you buy this CD to keep supporting good music and to keep small record labels alive so that they can keep bring us treasures like these.

  • Inuit Throat Singing


    Pauyungie Nutaraaluk and Nancy Saunders performing at the 2017 Inuit Art Society meeting in Corning, New York.

  • inuit throat singing


    Karen flaherty and Kathleen merritt singing the river (kuurvaluk) and start of the wind (anuri)

  • Tumivut throat singing and beat-boxing at Inuksuk High School in Iqaluit, Nunavut


    [2017 EDIT: Cynthia and Charlotte are now Silla + Rise, and are nominated for a Juno Award for indigenous album of the year] Cynthia Pitsiulak and Charlotte Qamaniq of Tumivut perform Inuit throat singing mixed with beat-boxing during a performance at their alma mater, Inuksuk High School in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada September 9, 2011. Shared with permission from Charlotte Qamaniq

  • Eskimo Inuit Throat Singing


    An example of Eskimo Inuit throat singing by two young singers from Canada. Motivational speaker Clint Cora is a huge fan of Inuit culture.

    Free Spirit Gallery is at



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