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Playlist of Inuit throat singing

  • Fantastic Inuit throat singing on TV show


    Now we have 2 options of learning:
    Online masterclass -
    Online master class and 3 Skype lessons with teacher -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)

    Name of this song is - The birth of Chukotka In this song we can see how she mix Inuit throat singing and Modern music.
    - throat singing online masterclass

  • Inuit throat-singing sisters from Canada


    Karin and Kathy Kettler, the Canadian throat-singing sisters who together are known as Nukariik, carry on the traditions of the elders from their mothers' village in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, which is located in northern Quebec.

    Read the full article on Alaska Dispatch:

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  • Inuit and Mongolian throat singers


  • Tumivut - Inuit Throat Singing - The Competition Song


    Tumivut - Inuit Throat Singing - The Competiton Song at Aboriginal Day 2010 at The Forks in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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  • Inuit Throat Singing with two Nunavut Sivuniksavut students


    Winterlude is underway and a highlight of our show was a visit from Jo Maple along with two students from Nunavut Sivuniksavut.

  • Katajjacoustic - Traditional Throat Singing of the Inuit


    Kiah Hachey and Karen Flaherty are two young Inuit women from Nunavut in Northern Canada. Their magic is the female traditional art of katajjaq. Mostly performed as a duet, this form of throat singing mimics the natural world. Wind, ice, sea and bird sounds dominate.

    Three young composers, students at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar/ studio of electro-acoustic music, joined the duo.

    Kiah Hachey – throat singing
    Karen Flaherty – throat singing
    Paul Hauptmeier – live electronics
    Martin Recker – live electronics
    Sergio Valencia – sound production

    Recorded on 1 July 2015 at the mon ami, Weimar.

    For further information visit:

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  • Tanya Tagaq- The sounds of throat singing


    Open University

  • Throat singing from different continents


    Now we have 2 options of learning:
    Online master class and 3 Skype lessons with teacher -
    Online masterclass -
    Онлайн мастеркласс -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)
    This is a compilation of throat singing different peoples from different continents.

  • Winter Olympics 2010: Inuit Throat Singers in Vancouver


    The World's Andrea Crossan shot this on a Flip at the Aboriginal Pavilion in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics. To hear more, visit

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  • How to do the Inuit Throat Singing - Wilbur Sargunaraj Feat: Hans Henrik


    Join Cultural Intelligence facilitator Wilbur Sargunaraj in Nuuk, Greenland as he learns the art of Inuit Throat singing with Simple Superstar Hans Henrik Suersaq. @hhsuersaq

    Qujaanaq (Thank you) National Theatre of Greenland, Sermersooq Music School, Visit Greenland and the NUIF centre.

    Video: Kenneth Horsbrugh and Susanne Andreasen

    Invite Wilbur to your organization or school for a CQ World Wide Event.


  • Tuvan Throat Singing


    Channna ham nah channa channa

  • Amazing female throat singing


    Now we have 2 options of learning:
    Online masterclass -
    Online master class and 3 Skype lessons with teacher -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)
    People often ask me if women can sing throat singing. I made a special collection of videos with examples of female throat singing. Hope you like it.
    1) Shonchalai Oorjak-Choodu
    2) Saylyk Ommun
    3) ??? (Can't find the name)
    4) Veronica Usholik
    5) Anna-Maria Hefele
    6) Chodura Tumat (Tuva Kyzy)

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  • Inuit Throat Singing, Tarniriik with Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre, part 1/4


    Remic Rapids Park, Balanced Rock Sculpture project; with Inuit Throat Singing 25Aug19 @ 5PM
    Samantha Kigutaq-Metcalf & Cailyn Degrandpre
    Throat singing, or katajjaq, is an Inuit tradition passed down from woman to woman over generations. It involves making guttural sounds — much like growls and gasps —that imitate animals and the natural world.

  • Inuit Throat Singing


    Traditional Inuit Throat Singing Performance at Aboriginal Awareness Week 2009, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

  • inuit throat singing


    Liza Iqaluk & Nellie Niviaxie.

  • Katajjaq from Hudson Bay


    Provided to YouTube by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

    Katajjaq from Hudson Bay · n/a

    Canada: Inuit Games and Songs

    ℗ 2014 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1976 Auvidis-UNESCO

    Released on: 1976-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • A Tribe Called Red - SILA Ft. Tanya Tagaq


    A Tribe Called Red teams up with Canadian throat singer Tanya Tagaq for their newest release, SILA.

    Get A Tribe Called Red's new album We Are The Halluci Nation now:

    Catch us on tour in 2019! You can get your tickets here:
    06/22: Lewiston, NY - Artpark - Strawberry Moon Festival
    07/12: Calgary, AB - Calgary Stampede
    07/13: Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory & Constellation Room
    07/17: San Francisco, CA - The Independent
    07/19: Seattle, WA – Capitol Hill Block Party
    07/20: Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
    07/22: Spokane, WA – Lucky You Lounge
    07/27: Squamish, BC - Squamish Constellation Festival
    08/09: Regina, SK - Regina Folk Festival
    08/11: Salmo, BC - Shambhala Music Festival
    08/17: Peterborough, ON - Peterborough Folk Fest
    08/18: Elora, ON - Riverfest Elora
    11/04: Berlin, DE - Lido Berlin
    11/06: Munich, DE - Kranhalle Feierwerk

    --------------A Tribe Called Red-------------

    --------------Tanya Tagaq-------------

  • Inuit throat-singing demonstration


    To learn more about throat singing of the Inuit people and other cultures, please visit:

    Inuit women of northern Canada developed a unique, guttural vocal style that involves short, sharp, rhythmic inhalations and exhalations of breath. Inuit sisters Karin and Kathy Kettler, of northern Quebec, Canada, explain the history of the vocal style and illustrate the technique.

    A higher resolution version of this video can be viewed at:

    The content and comments posted here are subject to the Smithsonian Institution copyright and privacy policy ( Smithsonian reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any content at any time.

  • Inuit throat singing - featuring Nancy Mike at Womadelaide


    A Jerry Cans Workshop featuring vocalist and accordionist Nancy Mike.

    Nancy talked about Inuit throat singing and gave a demostration.
    The band comes from Nunavut, which is the newest (1999), largest and most Northerly Territory of Canada.
    Nancy told me she was born on Baffin Island and saw her first tree when she was 12 years old.
    WOMADelaide 2016

  • Tanya Tagaq- Improvised Performance


    Open University

    Tanya Tagaq is a non traditional Inuit throat singer.

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  • inuk eskimo throat singing


    inuk throat singing alone! the songs are #1 love song. 2. segal 3. Nunavut 4. Saw 5. qimmaaluapik 6. Geese thats it!

  • Inuit throat singing


    Inuit throat singer

  • throat-singing on the Eiffel tower 2010


    Kathleen Merritt and Charlotte Carelton sing the Love Song in the City of Lights and Romance! LOL

  • Mongolian Throat Singing-Batzorig Vaanchig


    Throat singing online masterclass -

    Original video:
    I saw it first on FB before to put it here, I'm just suprised!

    Thanks to Munkhbayar Sainjargal

    Praise of Gengis Khan
    Blessed by the 'Blue Sky' or 'Khokh Tenger' (referencing to the God)
    Born in the 'Khuduu Aral' (Birth place of the Genghis Khan)
    United the 'Blue' Mongols (Blue is referencing to Mongolian blue spot)
    The whole World is remembering/missing you
    Chorus: Eee, Eyaye!
    To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan)
    To the Holy Lord Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan)
    From all of the metals
    You are strong as steel
    On this Earth
    You are strong as Garid (Garid is large bird-like creature. See Garuda)
    Chorus: Eee, Eyaye!
    To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan)
    To the Warrior Lord Chinggis (Genghis Khan)
    Blessed by the Upper Tenger (referencing to the God)
    Followed by the half of the world (Mongol Empire conquered half of the know world)
    United all the might and power
    Inflamed the spirits
    Chorus: Eee, Eyaye!
    To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan)
    To the Great Lord Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan)

  • Nukariik- Inuit Throat Singing- Richmond Folk Festival 2008


    Sisters Karin and Kathy Kettler of Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, Canada.An art in several cultures of the world, this is great fun to watch. CSX contributes authentic train sounds.There are videos from other performances on youtube.

  • Ene-Sie - The Ancestors Gift


    This is a tribute to the Mongol/Tuvan Warriors...the horse lords of Mongolia.
    Album: Alaak

  • Inuit Throat Singing The Love Song


    Sisters who are proud in keeping the inuit culture and traditions alive

  • Lowell Folk Fest - Nukariik Inuit throat singing


    Sisters Karin and Kathy Kettler are Nukariik, a duo that carries on the Inuit throat singing tradition and other age-old forms of Inuit entertainment such as drum dancing and a ja ja songs. Inuit throat singing has its roots in a vocal game used to amuse children and women while men were out hunting; it is an practiced almost exclusively by women. Two singers stand close facing each other and engage in a friendly competition as one singer takes the lead and the other follows. During the vocal exchange, the voiced sounds and breath of each singer combine to form rhythmic melodies that imitate sounds from nature such as a mosquito or a river. The result is mesmerizing, as the singers playfully compete to see who will stop or laugh first.

  • Inuit Throat Singing


    Pauyungie Nutaraaluk and Nancy Saunders performing at the 2017 Inuit Art Society meeting in Corning, New York.

  • Inuit Throat Singers


    Urban Inuit throat singers Cynthia Pitsiulak and Charlotte Qamaniq perform at the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, NT.

  • A mix of Kargyraa, Xhosa and Inuit Throat singing styles. 1st Recording


    Mainly a bit of a mess about. I've been practising different styles of throat singing for a while now so thought I'd share it!

  • How to learn throat singing at home


    Now we have 2 options of learning:
    Online masterclass -
    Online master class and 3 Skype lessons with teacher -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)

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  • Inuit Throat Singing - Geese - Memogana and Ulaajuk


    This video is of myself Sarah Jancke (Ulaajuk) and my cousin Donna Lyall (Memogana) singing one of our favourite throat singing songs. Donna and I are both from Cambridge Bay and have been throat singing together for about 9 years now. This song is imitating the sounds of geese. I like to picture large flocks of geese flying around us in the spring time.
    Ipeelie Ootoova filmed this video for us in the late spring/early summer in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. The evening was beautiful, and we decided to do some throat singing with the beautiful midnight sun and the summer ice before it quickly melted away.

    In the Summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to take classes offered by the University of Victoria and Nunavut Arctic College. The Certificate program for aboriginal language revitalization. One of our class projects was to create a video where we use Inuinnaqtun. I have played around with video editing before, but this was my first time really creating a finished product.
    Special thanks to all of the ladies in my class who helped out with translating my script to Inuinnaqtun and Rosemary Meyok for narrating.

    If you are interested in learning more, then please ask away. Please be respectful.

    Quana ,


  • Inuit throat singing in Igloolik, NU


    Charlotte Qamaniq and Noah Amaaq

  • tuvan throat singing


    traditional throat singing from the film Bells From The Deep (Herzog, 1993)

  • Inuit Throat Singing - Atlin, British Columbia


    Inuit throat singing at the Atlin Music Festival in Atlin, British Columbia.

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  • Inuit Throat Sing


  • Inuit Throat Singers - Jenna Broomfield & Sileema Angoyuak


    Inuit Throat Singers at BC Hall of Fame in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Sharing a piece of their culture.

  • Tahirih learns to throat sing.


    Tahirih learns to throat sing while the boys partake in some Inuit games in the background.

  • Eskimo Inuit Throat Singing


    An example of Eskimo Inuit throat singing by two young singers from Canada. Motivational speaker Clint Cora is a huge fan of Inuit culture.

    Free Spirit Gallery is at

  • Aryaut & Aniksak


    Inuit Traditional Throatsingers from Arviat, Nunavut CANADA. Thank you for viewing my videos,

  • Tanya Tagaq - Uja


    Official video for the song Uja from the Polaris Music Prize winning album Animism, by Tanya Tagaq.

    Directed by Procter Bros.

  • Eskimo Inuit Throat Music


    An example of Eskimo Inuit throat music by four Inuit singers from the Canadian Arctic. Motivational speaker Clint Cora is a huge fan of Inuit culture.

    Free Spirit Gallery is at

  • Vocal Coach Reacts to Tanya Tagaq, Canadian Inuk Throat Singer Miki’s Singing Tips



    I now take special requests for my reaction videos! For $15 to Paypal, subject line Vocal Coach Reacts, you can jump to the front of my request line, and I'll react to your favorite artist/performance next! (Make sure to include the artist/performance you'd like me to review in your payment)

    Take Skype lessons with me, or send me a video of you singing for an evaluation of your strengths/weaknesses and personalized vocal exercise recommendations:

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  • Beatrice Deer - Throat singing freestyle


  • Eskimo Inuit Throat Singers


    An example of Eskimo Inuit throat singing by two Inuit elders from Arctic Canada. Motivational speaker Clint Cora is a huge fan of Inuit culture.

    Free Spirit Gallery is at

  • Tanya Tagaq & David Pay play a throat singing game


    Tanya and Dave play a throat singing game on the hottest day in Vancouver's history (July 30, 2009). Dave makes Tanya laugh first and feels victorious (even though that's the only pattern he can sing!).

  • KUULAR - Feeling sunrise


    Tuvan throat singing master class -
    Mongolian throat singing and tuvan throat singing with relaxing music by SHAMAAN

  • Inuit Throat Singing feat. Thomas the Tank Engine



    Inuit Throat Singing:



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