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Playlist of Inuit music

  • Epic Native American Music - Arctic Hunters


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    Epic Native American music about a cold Inuit settlement in the arctic lands. This music is called Arctic Hunters. We hope you enjoy it!


    This arctic picture is based on sketches from Charles Francis Hall.

    Great thumbnail is done by Ankaraven.

    Artwork for the Native Tribes CD is by Albert Bierstadt.

    ~ Music by Derek & Brandon Fiechter ~

  • Katajjacoustic - Traditional Throat Singing of the Inuit


    Kiah Hachey and Karen Flaherty are two young Inuit women from Nunavut in Northern Canada. Their magic is the female traditional art of katajjaq. Mostly performed as a duet, this form of throat singing mimics the natural world. Wind, ice, sea and bird sounds dominate.

    Three young composers, students at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar/ studio of electro-acoustic music, joined the duo.

    Kiah Hachey – throat singing
    Karen Flaherty – throat singing
    Paul Hauptmeier – live electronics
    Martin Recker – live electronics
    Sergio Valencia – sound production

    Recorded on 1 July 2015 at the mon ami, Weimar.

    For further information visit:

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  • Alaskan Inuit People Folk Music


  • Blick Van Glory - Eskimo Love Song


    A romantic Eskimo dreamworld set to a beat. The second music video from Blick Van Glory, directed by Hoodwinked co-creator Todd Edwards.

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  • Native American Flute Music: Meditation Music for Shamanic Astral Projection, Healing Music


    Native American Flute Music: Meditation Music for Shamanic Astral Projection, Healing Music

    Shamanism is a system for psychic, emotional, and spiritual healing and for exploration, discovery, and knowledge gathering about non-material worlds and states of mind. Shamanism is a technique of ecstasy in which the spirit of the shaman leaves the body and travels to communicate with spirit helpers and other beings for the purpose of obtaining knowledge, power, or healing.

    Shamanic Astral Projection or Shamanic Journeying is an altered state of consciousness wherein you enter a realm called non-ordinary reality. By journeying you can gather knowledge and perform healing in ways that are not accessible in ordinary waking reality.

    How does shamanism work?

    Some people think that in shamanic healing journeying, the spirit leaves the body and a person is being healed by spirit helpers. Others think that shamanic journeying allows access to one's own intuition, which may otherwise be drowned out by the prattle of everyday thinking or by anxiety; and that it is a way of engaging a person's subconscious desires for healing.

    Shamanic healing may not cure physical or psychological illness, but it may help one gain psychic energy that will allow one better to handle illness. Shamanic healing therefore is best used in conjunction with other treatments, not as a substitute for them.

    Connection with a Power Animal

    A power animal protects you physically and provides you with emotional support, wisdom, and vital energy. Some people think a power animal is a spirit being that stays with you because it cares for you and enjoys being able to experience life in a physical body. Others think a power animal is a symbol for one's subconscious wisdom. Almost everybody has a power animal; some have several. (Perhaps you had an invisible animal friend as a child or have always been fascinated with a particular kind of animal. This animal may be your Power Animal).

    A person may, in the course of life, lose contact with the power animal, thereby losing the animal's protection, wisdom, and energy. If you lose contact with your Power Animal, you may feel dispirited, or you may become sick easily.

    The Shamanic Astral Projection technique of Power Animal Retrieval can restore a person's connection to a Power Animal. A person can also journey to find his or her own Power Animal. To maintain a connection with your Power Animal, take the time to learn about your animal, learn to feel its presence, communicate with it, and honor it by doing things that it enjoys.

    Free flow of emotional and physical energy

    Health requires a free flow of energy that one can use to accomplish one's desires in the world. But one's energy can become blocked in various ways.

    People who have lost parts of their life essence, who have been ill, who have lost connection with a Power Animal, or who are regularly exposed to emotionally stressful situations are vulnerable to intrusions or psychic infections that block a person's connection with self or drain a person's energy.

    An intrusion can be thought of either as a foreign energy being that takes up residence in a person's psychic body (a psychic infection), or as a psychic structure (an emotional wall or barrier) that a person built to keep herself safe from harm, but that now is blocking some of his/her energy expression. A person with an intrusion might feel drained or ill, might have aches and pains, might have nightmares or other fears. A shamanic healer can find and remove intrusions and barriers in a healing ritual called extraction.

    A sense of purpose

    A sense of purpose is necessary to happiness. The person who loves and cares about the world and fellow beings, who wants to make some small part of the universe a better place, has a sense of purpose. A person can find a sense of purpose in life by seeking knowledge and direction through shamanic journeys, divinations, and rituals. One can do this alone, or with a group of people engaged in similar quests. A shamanic healer or counselor can't find another person's purpose, but can help one seek and interpret information.


    NUMEDITATIONMUSIC youtube channel

    Nu Meditation Music

  • Inuit Musical Tribute


    Here is an extract of traditional Inuit throat singing, followed by a great song called Inuit wedding by the one and unique Sainkho Namtchylak, the famous Siberian singer, whose Tuvan singing style is close to the Inuit style.
    Originally, Inuit throat singing was a form of entertainment among Inuit women while the men were away on hunting trips. It was regarded more as a type of vocal or breathing game in the Inuit culture rather than a form of music. In Inuit throat singing, two Inuit women would face each other either standing or crouching down while holding each other's arms. Sounds produced can be voiced or unvoiced and produced by inhalation or exhalation. Both Inuktitut words and meaningless syllables are used in Inuit throat singing songs. When meaningless syllables are used, they are often portrayals of sounds the Inuit hear in their natural environment such as animal sounds or even water running down a creek. Unfortunately, there is no written record of when the Inuit first developed their form of throat singing which differs from the type found in Mongolia and other parts of the world that has some form of throat singing. The Inuit did not keep any written records and history was simply passed down from generation to generation orally. There has been a resurfacing of this traditional activity in the Inuit communities during the last 20 to 30 years. The revival of Inuit throat singing has been so popular that in September of 2001, the first throat singing conference was held in Puvurnituq, Nunavik, where different types of Inuit throat singing from different Arctic regions of Canada were demonstrated and shared.
    Enjoy this little tribute to the fabulous Inuit culture!

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  • Qalunaat Nunanganit


    Aasiva is a young Inuttitut indie folk songwriter and ukulele player from the hamlet of Pangnirtung (the home of Riit and Nancy Mike of The Jerry Cans). With Aasiva’s debut album set for release in June, Aakuluk Music is proud to share yet more of Nunavut’s rich and varied music scene with the rest of the country.

    Colleen Nakashuk, who performs as Aasiva, is a young Inuktitut songwriter and exciting addition to Nunavut’s flourishing indie music scene, one that is quickly gathering momentum and attention on the national stage.

    Aasiva’s sound, airy and lively, is shaped by her melodious voice set against playful ukulele. With Inuktitut lyrics and delicate throat singing elements interwoven throughout her songs, Aasiva’s music offers a fresh, buoyant and distinctive twist on indie folk.

    Originally from the remote and majestic community of Pangnirtung, Aasiva currently resides in Iqaluit, also home to new label Aakuluk Music and, not coincidentally, a hotbed for contemporary Inuktitut music. A graduate of the Nunavut Sivuniksavut program for Inuit youth, a groundbreaking cultural and educational partnership with Ottawa’s Algonquin College, Nakashuk is eager to pass her knowledge of throat singing to younger generations of Inuit youth through her performances. She has appeared with throat-singer and Jerry Cans collaborator Avery Keenainak throughout Nunavut and beyond.

    With a new album brimming with songs about language, love and the luxury of her Inuktitut upbringing, Aasiva adds her voice to a growing chorus of young artists proudly bringing new Inuktitut music into the mainstream.


    Canadian Bookings and General Enquiries -

  • Sam Tutanuak Back In 58 Official Music Video


    One of the great new voices of the Canadian north, Sam Tutanuak. This song is about those affected by the native relocation projects of the past.

  • Fantastic Inuit throat singing on TV show


    Now we have 2 options of learning:
    Online masterclass -
    Online master class and 3 Skype lessons with teacher -
    Any way I'll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best)

    Name of this song is - The birth of Chukotka In this song we can see how she mix Inuit throat singing and Modern music.
    - throat singing online masterclass

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  • Inuit throat-singing sisters from Canada


    Karin and Kathy Kettler, the Canadian throat-singing sisters who together are known as Nukariik, carry on the traditions of the elders from their mothers' village in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, which is located in northern Quebec.

    Read the full article on Alaska Dispatch:

  • Terra Nuna - Inuit


    Je n'ai jamais trouvé le clip original sur Internet, à mon grand regret. Je suis donc allé à la pêche aux souvenirs dans mes vieilles VHS ^^

    Vidéo publiée pour le plaisir, aucune atteinte intentionnelle aux droits d'auteurs. Merci aux ayants-droits de me contacter directement pour que je supprime la vidéo si nécessaire (mais ce serait dommage pour les fans!).

    Auteur compositeur : Jean Falissard - Olivier Renoir
    (C) 1998 M6 INTERACTIONS

  • Inuit Song


    Mentor Duke Addicks plays songs Eskimo sounds that Scottish fisherman heard off the coast of England in the 1500's. These Eskimo sounds were captured by the fishermen's fiddler and passed on to us.

    Duke plays Inuit Songs on a Butch Hall C Minor African Hardwood Flute.

  • Nanook - Ingerlaliinnaleqaagut


    Music and lyrics by :
    Frederik & Christian Elsner
    Record Label : Atlantic Musik ApS (Greenland)

    music video produced by Tumit Production, may 2011 with incorporation with Am A Rock Media for the feature filmm Qaqqat Alanngui

    Photography by Malik Kleist and Knud Brøns.

    Edited by Malik Kleist and Knud Brøns

  • Amazing Grace


    Native American-Susan Aglukark-Amazing Grace (Inuit)with pic of the NorthernLights

  • Imiqtaq ft. Viivi - Riit


    Riit is a singer-songwriter who was raised in Panniqtuq (Pangnirtung), Nunavut. The multi-talented musician has toured the world as a throat singer, guitarist, and accordion player, performing with the likes of The Jerry Cans, IVA, Elisapee Isaac, and Twin Flames. She has taken the stage in her home territory of Nunavut and in places as far away as Scotland and Australia. The Nunavut Sivuniksavut graduate is currently signed to Aakuluk Music and recording her first EP of original songs, which is expected for release in June 2017.


    Produced by: Michael Philip Wojewoda and Andrew Morrison

    -Video Upload powered by

  • Diamonds In Inuktitut Taimantitut


    Lyrics below
    This is a song that Martha Kyak and I translated Rihannas Diamond into our Inuit language Inuktitut, made at Nunavut Sivuniksavut. Make up and the camera man is Charlotte Qamaniq. The scenes with the Polar Bear are thanks to Arctic Kingdom youtube channel and the other with the northern lights are from Ed Mauryama :). I own nothing diamond song is owned by Rihanna.

    Here are the Lyrics
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu

    Qaumajumi takuvunga sijami
    Uvagu uvagulunu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Takujunga ulluriarujuti
    Takutsa quvianartualumi
    Iqqikavinga ummavunga
    Qaumaju taimantitu

    Qaujimalauqqunga katiiniaranu taratara
    Takurutsunga siqini nuilaurtu, Takutsa

    qaumari unua ivvi uvanaga
    piujuvurut taimantitu tapaani

    Iijinu inujuru
    Piujuvurut taimantitu tapaani

    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantit low
    Qaumaju taimantitu

    Qaumaju taimantitu

    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Piujuvuru taimantitu

    Agait tapaungajut
    Taqqititujurut nallinivut
    Nirumitu tuqulanagitu
    Qaumajuru taimantitu

    Takujunga uluriarujuti
    Takutsa quvianartualumit
    Iqikavinga umavunga
    Qaumajuru taimantitu

    Takurutsunga siqini qimalautara
    Inusirmit illini takuniqunga

    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Piujuvurut taimantitu

    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Piujuvurut taimantitu

    Qaumaju taimantitu (woah)
    Qumaju taimantitu (woah
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Piujuvurut taimantitu
    Qumaju taimantitu(woah
    Qaumaju taimantitu(woah
    Qaumaju taimantitu low

    Piujuvut taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu

    Qaumari unua ivvi uvanga
    Piujuvurut taimantitu tapaani
    Ijinu inujurut
    Piujuvurut taimantitu tapaani

    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu high
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Piujuvurut taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Qaumaju taimantitu high
    Qaumaju taimantitu
    Taimantitu piujuvurut

  • Charlie Adams - Inutuusunga


    The Inuit Artists World Showcase

  • Inuit


    Provided to YouTube by iMusician Digital AG

    Inuit · Swelto / Pathos


    ℗ Swelto / Pathos

    Released on: 2018-11-26

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Inuit Berceuse


    This is a traditional Inuit lullaby (or more precisely a berceuse). It was recorded by Jean Malaurie who is a French cultural anthropologist, geographer, physicist, and writer.
    Probably, this chant was recorded during his geographical and ethnographical mission to the North of Greenland in 1950 to 1951. The exact place of the recording is not absolutely clear to me, but it must be either Siorapaluk, Pituffik (today the location of the Thule Air Base) or Qaanaaq (formerly Thule or New Thule) in the Northwest of Greenland. From the information I have, I believe the singer to be an Inuit women called Bertsie.

    This recording and other examples of Inuit music were released by the Ocora record label on the album Chants et tambours inuit, de Thulé au Détroit de Béring (Track 7: Berceuse de Bertsie, Siorapaluk/Thule) in June 1988.

    You may find further information under the following links:

  • Eskimo Callboy - Prism


    ESKIMO CALLBOY - Prism (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album Rehab, out November 1st, 2019. Order now:

    Concept by Kami Zero & Eskimo Callboy
    Produced by Schillo Brothers & Eskimo Callboy (
    Director of Photography - Oliver Schillo
    Camera Assistant - Pascal Schillo
    Make-Up & Costume Design - Kami Zero

    #EskimoCallboy #NewAlbum #Rehab


    You are so specialbut so insecure
    With all of the struggles
    You had to endure
    You are a light caught in a prism

    All of your dreams you have buried inside
    Are just a flame that you need to ignite
    Wait for the light
    That hits your prism

    Cause you knowBefore you rise you need to fall
    Before you rise you see it all
    And nothing will be holding you down
    You’re exceptional (exceptional)
    Stop trying to fit into the masses
    The time is nowSo take your chances
    You’re exceptiona (exceptional)

    You are so specialand now you’re so pure
    Below your surfaceyou found so much more
    Now you’re the light
    Inside the prism

    Pass on this world
    Build a new on your ownFacing the edge
    Push yourself far beyond ’cause
    Now you’re the light inside the prism

    Cause you knowBefore you rise you need to fall
    Before you rise you see it all
    And nothing will be holding you down
    You’re exceptional (exceptional)
    Stop trying to fit into the masses
    The time is nowSo take your chances
    You’re exceptiona (exceptional)

    And now you know
    Now you know
    That you will never back down
    Don’t become your own biggest enemy
    Cure the sickness
    You are the remedy

    And now you know
    Now you know
    That you will never back down
    Don’t become your own biggest enemy
    Cure the sickness
    You are the remedy

    Cause you knowBefore you rise you need to fall
    Before you rise you see it all
    And nothing will be holding you down
    You’re exceptional (exceptional)
    Stop trying to fit into the masses
    The time is nowSo take your chances
    You’re exceptiona (exceptional)

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  • Musique Inuit : Chants de gorge et Danses du tambour - Gjoa Haven - Nunavut - Canada


    Chants de gorge (Katajjaq) et Danses du tambour (Qilaut) Inuit
    Inuit Throat singing and Drum Dancing

  • The Jerry Cans - Ukiuq - English HD


    The Jerry Cans from Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada release 'UKIUQ' with english text. From their album 'INUUSIQ / LIFE' our NOV 4

    Directed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda.

    Pre-order the album at:

    More Inuktitut Lessons at:


    Aullaqsimaguvit ukiutaqtumi
    Iqaumajaqattalanga taikanimiutaq

    Kuuk quaqqat



    When you find yourself traveling in the Arctic
    While the wind blows
    Remind them of me
    Remind them I used to love them

    If you travel through a blizzard
    During the time when the river freezes
    In the early fall
    Make sure to dress warm
    Make sure they are warm

    I used to love them

  • Kill Yourself - Inuit Song


    Prism Songs (2013)
    Obscene Baby Auction

  • Susan Aglukark Hina Na Ho Celebration 1995 This Time Inuk Inuit Native


  • Inuit Rap Arctic Records Ft, S Unit


  • Unknown Inuit - Experimental Mouth Music


    Obscure and essential Canadian/Alaska Inuit experimental-primitive mouth music.

  • David Haulli.wmv


    One of the best in Inuit music. Nunagijavu Annirijavu suraktailimalaurlavu.

  • The Inuit - Summertime music video


    The Inuit Summertime music video. Directed by Jonathan Lewis
    The Inuit are an animated band from Sweden

  • Pamyua - Bubble Gum - Electric Igloo


    Bubble Gum is from Pamyua's album SideA/SideB. This drumsong commemorates a student in band member Ossie's dance class who was chewing gum when he wasn't suppose to.

    Pamyua's double album SideA/SideB is a collection of Inuit drumsongs primarily sung in the Yup'ik and Cup'ik language from Southwestern Alaska. Drumsongs are powerful expressions of Inuit creativity and connection to our Arctic environment. SideA/SideB offers a new approach to appreciate Inuit music. SideA (disc 1) honors Inuit tradition by featuring only vocals and Inuit drumming; SideB (disc 2) has the same songs with different world music arrangements.

    This music video was shot in Unalakleet, Alaska during the filming of the Discovery Channels show Flying Wild Alaska season three by Anchorage-based film collective Electric Igloo Creative.

    Special thanks go out to the many Kickstarter supporters who funded this project. Quyana!

    LYRICS (Yup'ik / English)
    Tamualua yagiralua / Chewing as I dance X2
    Pagaaggun-qaa un'gagun-llu / Up there and down there
    Akulikun-llu alairtuq-gguq / In the middle he appears
    Tamaksuarluni / Chewing

    VERSE 1
    Pagkumiu ilagaraakut / Person from up north joined us
    Yagirainanrani ellagnuqiigna / While he is dancing he becomes aware
    Pagaaggun-qaa un'gagun-llu / Up there and down there
    Akuliikun-llu alairtuq-gguq / In the middle he appears
    Tamaksuarluni / Chewing

    VERSE 2
    Talluryugnerma yagirayaaqua / Even if I am embarrassed I try to dance
    Tamualua yagiralua / Chewing as I dance
    Pagaaggun-qaa un'gagun-llu / Up there and down there
    Akuliikun-llu alairtuq-gguq / In the middle he appears
    Tamaksuarluni / Chewing

  • Inuit Chant


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Inuit Chant · Willie Thrasher

    Spirit Child

    ℗ 2015 Light In The Attic
    ℗ 2015 Light In The Attic Records & Distribution

    Released on: 2015-10-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Silent Inuit


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Silent Inuit · Willie Thrasher

    Spirit Child

    ℗ 2015 Light In The Attic
    ℗ 2015 Light In The Attic Records & Distribution

    Released on: 2015-10-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • How to do the Inuit Throat Singing - Wilbur Sargunaraj Feat: Hans Henrik


    Join Cultural Intelligence facilitator Wilbur Sargunaraj in Nuuk, Greenland as he learns the art of Inuit Throat singing with Simple Superstar Hans Henrik Suersaq. @hhsuersaq

    Qujaanaq (Thank you) National Theatre of Greenland, Sermersooq Music School, Visit Greenland and the NUIF centre.

    Video: Kenneth Horsbrugh and Susanne Andreasen

    Invite Wilbur to your organization or school for a CQ World Wide Event.


  • Inuit Tears -- Low Brow


    Jonathan MacDonald - Keyboard
    Keith McInnis - Drums
    Bill Potter - Guitar
    Chris Andrea - Bass

    Cover by Bill

  • Labradorimiut - Sons of Labrador - Nain Drum Dancers and Gregoire Boys, Innu Nikamu 2010


    Labradorimiut - Sons of Labrador - Nain Drum Dancers and Gregoire Boys, Innu Nikamu 2010, August 6, 2010, Mani-utenam, QC.
    Original English lyrics by Sid Dicker of Nain, Labrador -

  • Inuit - The Staybright


    Band : Inuit
    Album : Don't Forget You're Here Forever
    Track : The Staybright

    released 27 April 2014

    Inuit are:

    Chris Monan - Guitar
    Darren Gibson - Guitar
    Andy McMillan - Drums

  • Inuit Dance


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Inuit Dance · Mystic Rhythms Band

    The Sacred Ones II

    ℗ 2001 Oreade Music/Xquisite Planet

    Released on: 2001-08-20

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Native American Sleep Music: canyon flute & nocturnal canyon sounds, sleep meditation


    The Native American Flute can transport one to a more relaxed and calm state, especially after listening for 10 minutes or more. This feeling is known as the ‘alpha’ state, a state during which your brain is pulsing at a lower rate than your mental and emotional fluctuations. (Price, Creating and Using the Native American Love Flute, 1994). One of the most impactful ways to develop this alpha state, is by focusing on the breath. During our daily activities this can be a challenge, as due to our busy lives, our minds end up operating mostly in the ‘beta’ state. In this state, your conscious mind is dominant and your subconscious mind can’t break through to help you out, as it can when you are asleep. So, people who are able and trained to maintain a prolonged alpha state can deal with life much more effectively than people who are usually in beta (Price, Creating and Using the Native American Love Flute, 1994). In this way, native flute can lead you to develop more coordination, intuition, and intelligence. One of the main reasons for this is because listening to the flute encourages one to sit and ‘be with the breath’.

    We’re devoted to grow a place where you can return whenever you need to relax and heal.

    Which of the following playlists of our best videos would you like to watch?


    A selection of our best meditation tracks, music influenced by different cultures, religions and schools of thought. The sound of instruments and chants with thousands of years, like the Indian flute and buddhist chants, that carry the essence and roots of meditation.

    Meditation Music from different Cultures




    Far East

    Middle east


    Chakra Meditations

    A selection of our best Chakra Meditations for Balancing and Healing: Videos for the 7 Chakras and for each Chakra (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown). Aura cleansing meditations and long sleep Chakra videos.

    NEW RELEASES by NuMeditationMusic

    Enjoy our new releases of, Sleep Music, Healing Music and Relaxing Music from different cultures.
    We upload twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) a great collection of Reiki Music, Chakra Meditations, long Deep sleep music videos, and relaxing music from different cultures such as Native American Flute and Indian Flute music.

    MOST POPULAR by NuMeditationMusic videos:

    Our most popular video (Indian Background Flute Music) is one of the most viewed meditation music videos ever!
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    A selection of our best sleep music, some videos have visuals, some have a black screen. Sometimes we mix healing frequencies like the 528hz, the 432hz, and others, with the music for healing benefits. Sleep waves music may also be found on this playlist, look for the title and choose what you enjoy the most.


    Reiki music

    Our Reiki music playlist was composed to intensify your Reiki sessions, promoting healing relaxation and a sense of peace. This playlist contains Reiki Healing Music (for emotional, physical and spiritual healing) and Healing Meditation Tracks.
    Sometimes we mix healing frequencies like the 528hz, the 432hz, and others, with the music promote healing.


    Our best mix of beautiful Relaxing music with amazing nature footage: Piano Music, Guitar Music, Flute music etc. Sometimes we mix the music with relaxing nature sounds, like the sound of rain, gentle thunder, birds chirping, streams and ocean sounds.
    These ambient backgrounds are perfect for meditation, practice of Yoga, Study and whenever you need to relax! Sometimes we mix healing frequencies like the 528hz, the 432hz, and others, with the music for healing benefits.

    Relaxing music by instrument

    Indian Flute

    Native American Flute

    Every Flute Music




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  • Inuit



  • INUIT - Goodbye Sun


    from the album IIAALI (2019) on Aural Canyon

    Italian native Marco Santucci de Magistris emerges with his debut release IIAALI via Aural Canyon. IIAALI finds de Magistris utilizing synth and guitar to carve keys for opening our doors to perception, finding deep harmonic resonance between rhythmic and repetitive sequences and sun-kissed leads. Influenced equally by kosmiche and minimalist tendencies, IIAALI blends a multitude of genres (from krautrock to deep ambient) and feels equal amounts progressive and retrospective; a professor and student acting as one, intuitively creating a meditative space to drift outside our realms of anxious existence.

  • Inuit woman nursing her two children - Music: Boundless Joy


    Boundless Joy
    Jimmy Memorana
    From the Album Canada: Music of the Inuit - The Copper Eskimo Tradition
    March 17, 2015

    blossom like a rose - Art & Music

  • Needle Drop. Traditional Songs of the Inuit.


    For jc68, Andrea, and Scott Maise. Cheers.
    1. The Duck Song
    2. Summer Life


    3. The Village Dogs
    4. The Ajaja Song.

    Thanks for watching.

  • Inuit Traditional Songs


    Weetalutuk Qasalluat singing traditional Inuit songs

  • Inuit Throat Singing


    Traditional Inuit Throat Singing Performance at Aboriginal Awareness Week 2009, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

  • 3 HOURS Native American Relax Music | Spirit of Freedom | for Meditation Background, Relax, Dreaming


    3 HOURS Native Americans' Music | Spirit of Freedom |. Enjoy this awesome music and relax. Use it in background for Sound Therapy, Meditation and Yoga practices, Stress Relief and Dreaming. Please subscribe and share.

    Music lies at the heart of Indian culture. From birth to death, all occasions, sacred and secular, personal and tribal, in the life of the Plains Indian are inextricably intertwined with musical performances. Native American music is the music that is used, created or performed by Native Americans in the United States and First Nations people of Canada, specifically traditional tribal music. In addition to the traditional music of the Native American groups, there now exist pan-tribal and inter-tribal genres as well as distinct Native American subgenres of popular music including: rock, blues, hip hop, classical, film music, and reggae, as well as unique popular styles like waila (chicken scratch).
    Singing and percussion are the most important aspects of traditional Native American music. Vocalization takes many forms, ranging from solo and choral song to responsorial, unison and multipart singing. Percussion, especially drums and rattles, are common accompaniment to keep the rhythm steady for the singers, who generally use their native language or non-lexical vocables (nonsense syllables). Traditional music usually begins with slow and steady beats that grow gradually faster and more emphatic, while various flourishes like drum and rattle tremolos, shouts and accented patterns add variety and signal changes in performance for singers and dancers
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