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Playlist of Incub̲u̲s̲

  • Incubus - Morning View Sessions Concert


    Incubus Morning View Sessions Concert

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  • Incubus - Wish You Were Here


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    Pardon Me:

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    I dig my toes into the sand.
    The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket.
    I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment i am happy.

    I wish you were here
    I wish you were here
    I wish you were here
    I wish you were here.

    I lay my head onto the sand.
    The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it.
    I'm counting ufo's.
    I signal them with my lighter
    and in this moment i am happy, happy.

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  • Incubus - Drive


    Make Yourself:
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    About the album:
    Make Yourself is Incubus' third album released 1999. The album has been certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and produced three charting singles - Pardon Me, Stellar, and Drive - all of which reached the top three of the Billboard Alternative Songs chart.

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  • Incubus - Love Hurts


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    About the DVD:
    Incubus' explosive Look Alive features footage from their groundbreaking Light Grenades Tour, including concert performances from their Northerly Island show in Chicago on July 25th, 2007, plus additional glimpses of life on the road.

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  • Incubus | The Best Playlist | Greatest Hits


    The Best Song From Incubus [Playlist] :
    01. Nice To Know You
    02. Love Hurts
    03. Drive
    04. Pardon Me
    05. Wish You Were Here
    06. Megalomaniac
    07. 11 am
    08. I Miss You
    09. Stellar
    10. Talk Shows on Mute
    11. Aqueous Transmission
    12. Warning
    13. Circles
    14. Mexico
    15. Vitamin

    #incubus #sonymusic #Music #wishyouwehere
    All Music by Sony Music Entertainment

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  • I̲n̲cubus - A Crow Left of the Murder


    Enjoy this while it's up.

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  • justice son - Incubus: A Darkwave Narrative


    Free Download:
    0:00 Night Oil
    1:53 Silk Scorch
    5:06 Waiting So Long
    7:42 Recast
    11:14 Chrysalis



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