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Playlist of IFANi

  • iFani - Shake


    Video shot in Port Elizabeth.

    Directed by Jean du Toit on Innerview Productions and shot by Chris Allen of Allen Visuals.

    Extras were comprised of rappers, dancers and singers from Port Elizabeth. No extras outside the arts were used, in other words everyone in the video is an artist in their own rights.

  • iFani EWE


    'iFani' and 'ewe' trended on Twitter twice in 2 weeks when this video aired on SABC 1 Live. Its uniqueness brought about a breath of fresh air in South African viewer. This later spread to the rest of Africa. A great thanks goes to ALL stations & channels that broadcast this video. Club 808, MTV Base, Channel O, Soweto TV, Music Lounge, Vuzu TV, Lesotho TV and without sounding disrespectful, thanks to everyone else who's played this video. @iFani_Haymani Created by Chris of Lucky Bean Media, dressed by Christina of Warddrobe Studio

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  • Papzito ft iFani - Mokibelo


    Get the song now on all digital platforms. Use Link Below:

  • iFani See Live


    Here's one for ALL hiphop heads and lovers of art.
    Beat was produced by California's own, THX. The song was inspired by the first man to ever play my music on radio; Dj C-live. That song was Hola Hater produced by THX (search for the video here).

    This incredible video was done by Pilot Films.

    This crazy guy rappin like crazy in Xhosa was produced by South Africa.

    please enjoy...hay'mani!
    --a BIG thank you to Tate Sutton, our drummer.

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  • iFani - Mlandeli Wam


    #iFani #MlandeliWami #iFaniMlandeliWami

    Mlandeli Wami by iFani

    Popular controversial rapper, iFani has unleased a brand new single “Mlandeli Wam”, the first single off his next album “I Believes In Me [3rd Quadrant]”. As controversial as he is, it’s very impressive how honest he can get. His new music attests to this fact.

  • iFani - chocolate AND vanilla ft. Blaksuga


    The video for iFani's third single, chocolate AND vanilla ft. Blaksuga [prod by Playakeys], taken from his forthcoming debut album.

    Follow iFani:

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  • iFani, Nelson Mandela Bay Artists - Sam Sufeketha


    Created by Nelson Mandela Bay Artists in Nelson Mandela Bay.

    (In order of appearance)
    1. Ndoro
    2. Benzo
    3. Rio
    4. Magazi
    5. iFani
    6. Ta Fire
    7. Hlesko
    8. Jerri
    9. iFani

    Sam Suk'feketha - voice of Chief Ngqoko.

    Beat by: Shooter Man (DJ Shooter) in Central (PE)
    Recorded by: Phumlani @ SABC (PE)
    Skelem @ Skelem Studios (Uitenhage)
    Azi @ Dockside Studios (Zwide)

    Mixed & Mastered by: Elroy

  • iFani - Ayadelela - Official Lyric Video


    Ayadelela translating to disrespectful in English is a beautiful isiXhosa song performed by the young, internationally renowned, Xhosa artist/rapper; iFani which was released in 2015.

    *Updated Lyric Video (Feb 2016)
    *Watch in 1080p.
    *Click Subtitles for the English translation.

    This lyric video was created for those of you who would like to grasp a deeper understanding of his lyrics or for those of you who would like to learn the lyrics to sing/rap along! Enjoy! :)

    Please note that the translations may not be 100% correct. If you notice a mistake, please leave a message in the comment section.

    Don't forget to like and subscribe for new, proudly South African videos!

    *I take no credit, nor profit from this video, nor claim to be the artist. This is purely for entertainment purposes.

  • iFani - STAY ft. Chad Da Don


    The story chapter.
    More to follow.
    #STAY tuned

    Director: Kyle Lewis
    Editor: Stephen Du Plesis
    Engineered by: Mzondeleli Boltina

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  • iFani - Umama


    Dear Ncinci,

    Mama wam, I understand life and the universe a little better now than I used to. I understand your role in my life. And you played it perfectly. For that, I love you with everything in me and for every memory we share together.

    Please forgive my childish ways. I’ve let go of everything that we buried in the past since our conversation about my awakening in 2015.
    Thank you for taking that call. I've healed since.

    May you accept this offering as my first gift to you for Mother’s Day since my birth. I hope from this year onwards, you and I, my brothers and sisters included - and all their kids too, will celebrate Mother’s Day together. Just like we used to when Mamthembu was alive.

    Ndiyakuthanda O’lady. I know awuzothi uyandithanda back but i know you do :)

    Now let me go back to studio and do what I do best. Ubuyazi ba that’s what you gave birth to me for? To tell the world about my path from poverty to success to failure and to finally finding happiness within ourselves through art.

    Until the next hug...shap shap.

    Your son,
    Me [your favourite 3rd born]

    Artist: iFani
    Track Name: uMama

    Created with: Pam De Menezes from Shotgun Fakes, Garrick Jones, Dale Allman, Afrikan Roots, Chad Alexander, TeamiFani & Musa Nkosi

    Sampled: iingoma ezimnandi produced by Sixfo [licensed to Sony Music Africa by Mzondeleli Boltina]

    Composers: Mzondeleli Boltina, Garrick Jones, Dale Allman, Afrikan Roots, Chad Alexander, Siviwe Nkanyuza

    ISRC: ZA-C70-16-00002
    Published by: inyaniso Publishing,
    Record Label: disGuiz
    TeamiFani Recorded at: Cosher Studios, Cape Town
    Musa Recorded at: Jazzworx,Johannesburg
    iFani Recorded at: Elroy @ 4 Hillman, Johannesburg

    iFani dressed by: Xoli Designs

    A HUGE THANK YOU to all the mothers, grandmothers, sons and daughters of South Africa that participated in the making of this music video.
    Thank you Nicki, Liesel, Jay and Al for helping me turn this dream into this dope African visual art.

  • iFani - Sushi Dip ft. Lex LaFoy, Quebonafide


    South Africa meets Poland meets China meets Japan meets the world! Go ahead and dip that Sushi Dip.

  • iFani: ewe music video


    iFani's first hit single from his debut album titled 'i believes in me'. This track has made waves on many radio stations including MetroFM, 5FM, Umhlobo Wenene, GoodhopeFM, TruFM, Bush Radio etc.

  • iFani - Sam Sufeketha Official Audio


    Sam Sufeketha by iFani feat. Nelson Mandela Bay Artists.

    Controversial rapper and TV personality, Ifani is making a well deserved comeback after a long hiatus from music. Making the comeback on his latest offering titled “Sam Sufeketha”, Ifani features the Nelson Mandela Bay Artists on this one and we are excited about its release.

    Mzayifani Mzondeleli Boltina known in music circles as Ifani is as controversial as they come. If it’s not his dressing, it’s his beef with other artistes, most recently, Cassper Nyovest was the subject of his beef.

    On “Sam Sukefetha”, Ifani again brings that magic and fire we know he has and delivers well on this to make us recommend it for a cool listening experience.


    No copyright infringement intended. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS

  • iFani EWE


    iFani and his dancers randomly dancing in the streets of Diepkloof, Soweto (Gauteng)... Njeee widit.

    EWE was selected by SABC 1 Live as one of the best track and video of 2011. If that was YOUR video, wouldn't you randomly dance in the streets of Diepkloof, njeee widit?

  • Papzito - Mokibelo


    Papzito fuses Kiba, trap and pedi rap on this song. The sound is the intersection of the traditional Bapedi's Dinaka dance and trap with the aid of 808s and dinaka melodies. The beat is produced by Maslaw and Thabo Mmotong added Marimba.

  • Blaklez ft iFani FlyAway


  • iFani SABC2 Morning Live Sample.mpg


    a sample of iFani's performance for Morning Live on the 21st of Feb 2011...did you miss it? if so, hang in there for the full performance clip. coming next...

  • Myekeni Lo- Jaziel Brothers ft. iFani


  • Papzito - Ke Mopedi


    A Video for Ke Mopedi shot in Ga-mphahlele, Limpopo. Papzito is the King Of Pedi Rap.

  • iFani Shake D.O.Ps Cut & Grade


    Co-Directed, Shot & Graded by Chris Allen
    Co-Directed & Edited by Jean Du Toit

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  • Turn Up: iFani Performs “iBhadi”


    iFani Performs “iBhadi”

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  • Quebonafide ft. iFani - Changa


    Egzotyczne promocje z okazji DIAMENTOWEGO WYRÓŻNIENIA (tylko do 02.10)

    Quebonafide na fb:
    iFani na fb:
    FORXST na fb:
    QueQuality na fb:

    Album Egzotyka w dystrybucji cyfrowej:

    Apple Music
    Google Play
    Muzyka T-Mobile
    Muzyka Tu i Tam

    HDSCVM na fb:

    „Egzotyka” to drugi, po pokrytej platyną „Ezoteryce”, album studyjny Quebonafide.

    „Egzotykę” wyróżnia niewątpliwie koncepcja. Krążek powstał podczas podróży po świecie, a każdy z 14 utworów inspirowany jest innym miejscem na Ziemi. Pomimo jasnego motywu przewodniego, tracklista „Egzotyki” jest bardzo różnorodna: od emocjonalnych i osobistych kawałków, po świeże i nowoczesne bangery.

    W swoich utworach, Quebonafide porusza tematy związane nie tylko z kulturą i atmosferą odwiedzanych miejsc, ale również problemami społecznymi. Obecność międzynarodowych gości dodaje płycie autentyczności i wyjątkowego klimatu.

    Za produkcję utworu Changa odpowiada FORXST, za zdjęcia i montaż odpowiedzialna jest ekipa H D S C V M.

    Title: Changa ;
    Artist: Quebonafide ;
    Featuring: iFani ;
    Album: Egzotyka ;
    Producer: FORXST ;
    Lyrics: Quebonafide ;
    Mix / Mastering: Solar (NOBOCOTO STUDIO) ;
    Video: H D S C V M ;
    Label: QueQuality ;

  • iFani Sam Sufeketha feat Nelson Mandela Bay Artists Official Audio


    uploaded for love,glory n joy...askies no copyrights #ifaniIsBack

  • Mlandeli Wam


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Mlandeli Wam · Ifani

    Mlandeli Wam

    ℗ 1181627 Records DK

    Released on: 2019-10-17

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sakhekile feat iFani - Cant Believe


    disGuiz introduces Sakhekile | our ONLY rule at disGuiz is... have fun! | directed by Ryan Kruger. Shot in Sea Point, Cape Town. #Tjooweeh [NOT for TV. NOT for Radio. For fun ONLY.]

  • iFani - Ewe


    Music video for Ewe(Produced By St Bosseratti) by iFani.

  • iFani - Settle Down


    Settle Down is the first single from iFani's sophomore album.

    Pre-order I BELIEVES IN ME[2nd Quadrant] -



    ifaçı-Ziyafeddin Xelilov

    ifa-Sevgi ayrılıq Haqqında 2019

    sintez-Vüsal Qasımov
    gitara-Ənvər Zeynalov

    Getdi o yarım qürbətə yandırdı məni
    Bivəfa dünyada yarım kimə tapşırdı məni
    Niyə mən ürəyimin ixtiyarın verdim ona
    Qara gune qaldım eşqi bir qumarmış mən uduzdum
    nə yaman odlandım vay qəlbim vay
    Axar qanlı yaş gözlerimden qan ağlayar sözlerimden
    inan gülməz dodaqlarım doymamışam sözlerinden

    Bu dünya heçkime qalmayıb gülüm səndə solacaqsan günün birində
    Yadına düşəndə görüşlərimiz məni axtaracaqsan günün birində
    Sənin də saçına qarlar yağacaq Sənin də gözünə yaşlar dolacaq
    Üstündən karvanar yollar salacaq
    peşman olacaqsan günün birində

    Bu sevgiden sən qorxursan eybi yox mən sevərəm ikimizin yerine bu eşq üçün bir gün dara çəksələr mən gedərəm ikimizin yerinə
    Bir ömurdu sensiz keçən hər gunum itirmişəm yaxşı yaman ferqini bu sevdanın dünya boyda derdini men çekerem ikimizin yerine

    Gül deyirəm gul xetrine dəyirəm
    Mən sənin üçün tanrı yazan şeirem
    Dodaqların incemse deyirəm mən öperem ikimizin yerine

    Sen dine bilmesen qarla yağışla
    Bağışla sevgilim meni bağışla

    Hər kəsin öz qisməti baxdı var nə sən gunahkarsan nə mən gunahkar
    Hələ çox cavansan Hələ odlusan Bahar nefeslisen quş qanadlısan
    Men yorğun sense atlısan
    Eşqimiz bir yolda turtarmı qerar nə sen gunahkarsan nə mən gunahkar
    Sevirsən sen sev məni səssiz səmirsiz
    Dilere duşmesin məhəbbətim iz
    Bir vaxtlar dünyaya gəlməmişik biz
    Birimiz payızıq birimiz bahar
    nə sən gunahkarsan nə mən gunahkar

  • iFani EWE


    Official video for iFani's Ewe Produced By St Bosseratti



  • iFani ft Blaksuga chocolate AND vanilla Official Video


  • iFani - Shake


    Shake is the first single from iFani as a signed Sony Music Entertainment artist.

    Follow iFani:

  • iFani Live


    iFani performing Ewe, Drumstick and Roger That...

    *You can download iFani's album, i believes in me (1st Quadrant), on iTunes:

    *Drumstick link:

  • iFani - Settle Down


    Second Quadrant Second Quadrant
    Second Quadrant Second Quadrant
    Second Quadrant Second Quadrant
    Second Quadrant Second Quadrant


    -uploaded in HD at

  • Shake It Produced by Pro


    More Beats & Instrumentals Available at:

    Visit To Purchase Beats or email Pro at

    Twitter: @ProMixATL

    $10 LEASES

  • IFANI - See-Live


    Produced by Pilot Films

  • SAMAS 20 - Uhuru and iFani


    Uhuru - Y-Tjukutja
    iFani - Milli

    Music direction by Thatch Music

  • Side EffeX Beat Breakdown of Shake by iFani


    Side EffeX broke down the Shake beat he made for iFani.
    This was recorded in 2012.

    You can follow him on twitter & instagram: @SideEffeX
    His facebook account : Side Effex

  • Dj Elque - Take Off Feat. SeanPages,iFani & Da Kid X


    Off his upcoming compilation project, Dj Elque is proud to bring you TAKE OFF, his lead single featuring three of S.A's talented and well-spoken artitsts:

    - SeanPages - Not only did he engineer the production of this track but also delivers his rap in 'G' style..
    - iFani - Definately brought this joint from 99 to a 100% with is clever play of words and flawless vernac raps.
    - Da Kid X (Cashtime Fam) - This dude definately wrapped up the track in style. Cool,calm & collected, Kid X delivered one gawdly verse...

    Video By - EverisWorld ( Mahlale Molele)
    Directed By - Q. Lerotholi (Dj Elque)
    Editing by - EverisWorld (Mahlale Molele) , Elque, Seanpages & iFani


    Twitter - @IamDJELQUE
    Facebook - Qefate El-Que Lerotholi
    email -

  • Ifani Settle Down


    Ifani performs the single Settle Down off his Gold Seliing Album I Believes in Me ( 2nd Quadrant)

  • iFani - Sijabulile ft Afrikan Roots & Ishmael uploaded by Eithen☺☻♥


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  • Uphambene - Stethoscope and Ifani ft H2O


    Musical collaboration from Episode 13 of Season 3 of the award winning Jam Sandwich TV Show!

    Episode premiered 6 March 2013 at 22h30 on SABC 2.

    Stethoscope and Ifani ft H2O got together to create the track Uphambene!

    To get it SMS JAMTV11 to 3 33 33. R10/Full Track. T&C's apply.

    R10 per Full Track. Network charges extra. No free or bundled SMSes.
    Errors billed. Exactmobile, a Division of Primedia Online (Pty) Ltd
    Help: 0822 302 222 (VAS). T & C's at

    More information at

  • Psyfo Umtu Wam Teaser


    Psyfo Umtu Wam ft iFani...the single is on the way!!!

  • hola hater produced by THX


    iFani drops heat on THX's beat. taken from mixtape: crenk 'n crunk available for FREE at

  • Dj Cleo ft Ifani, Lection, Duncan GOGO


  • Ifani says Tito Mboweni is Trash


    Welcome to another Exciting show, Celeb boo boos hosted by your girl @Just_KayM at Kai one Studios Shot by HourGlass Media. edited by Austin Sithole

    Today's video looks at Ifani's video throwing shades at Cassper Nyovests' song Tito Mboweni.

    Comment below and subcribe for more videos like this.

    Cassper Nyovest
    Cassper Nyovest
    Cassper Nyovest
    Cassper Nyovest
    Cassper Nyovest
    Tito Mboweni
    Tito Mboweni
    Tito Mboweni
    Tito Mboweni
    Tito Mboweni
    Tito Mboweni
    celeb boo boos
    celeb boo boo
    Celeb Boo boos
    Celeb Boo boos
    Celeb Boo boos
    Celeb Boo boos
    Celeb Boo boos

  • Myekeni Lo


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Myekeni Lo (feat. Ifani) · Jaziel Brothers · Ifani

    Out of the Box

    ℗ 2016 Jaziel Music Productions

    Released on: 2016-08-05

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • IFani - Relax and Manifest


    IFani - Relax and Manifest

  • Mono t Ft Professor,Pro,Ifani,Mr selwyn,Ab crazy,zuluboy and Brickz - Burning session


    kalawa's legend

    -uploaded in HD at

  • iFani - IIngoma Ezimnandi




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