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Playlist of I want xenophobic attacks to stop immediately

  • Xenophobia in South Africa


    Please avoid Johannesburg CBD

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  • See what 2Baba said about Xenophobia attack in South Africa


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  • South Africa violence could “sow seeds of genocide” BBC HARDtalk


    In an exclusive interview with BBC HARDtalk, Zimbabwe’s influential and outspoken Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has warned that recent violence in South Africa directed at foreigners could “sow the seeds of genocide”. Speaking to Stephen Sackur in the Zimbabwean capital Harare, Mr Moyo said that unless South African leaders condemned unconditionally the activities of lynch mobs there could be further ethnic violence. The Minister also said that Zimbabwe had the constitutional mechanisms in place to ensure a peaceful transition to a post-Mugagbe Zimbabwe.

  • Xenophobia - Trina South


    #Xenophobia - Trina South
    let love lead and #SayNoToXenopobia
    Stop the violence South Africa

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  • Breathing Serenity: Xenophobia Pre-Production Demo


    This is Xenophobia off my bands EP 'Dreaming a Reality
    All of you have been waiting patiently for this album to release and we are simply releasing this as an apology for the long wait!
    This is the Pre-production Demo of this song (Not mixed NOR masted)
    So this is NOT the final version

    I hope you all enjoy and get a little taste of what is to come on the EP!!

    The envision of the concept for this song is a Witch and a butcher in Salem of 1692, where He (our main screamer of THIS song and singer Gabe) is being shunned AND accused of being a witch, and the butcher (Nathan high screamer) is trying to catch her to burn or he-head his body for the crimes of being a witch, with also a priest (Kevin the vocals dialogue near the end) who doesn't believe in Witchcraft and thinks its just a normal person and that we should all be getting along as a society.

    Welcome to Salem around 1692,
    where your karma from mistakes just
    come directly right back at you.
    Oculist kneeling on their knees practicing
    what they preach
    But what they don't notice is that their
    tricks have come to show.
    Bow Down! Never!!! Country men be-head her!!
    Pick up your pitchforks and stab them
    through your throat.
    Make sure that the priest can help you
    cleanse your soul,
    Because after tomorrow there will only be
    more sin.

    (Verse 1)
    Pressure as to pain, see the evil in my eyes.
    Emptiness fills up my soul, hollow all inside.
    Burn it to the ground,
    God, you're never ever found.
    Broken apart once again,
    Crows, my eyes are what I lend!
    Slaughter all the people that you hated in your life.
    Angels are the dark and the nooses are the light.
    Murder to the left,
    And a murder to the right!
    See my hands are on their bones,
    Bodies laid out for the night.

    Be gone from this place,
    or be slowly executed.
    Won't be consumed from this darkness within.
    Holiness is just a myth, it's never fucking coming true.
    Xenophobia in me and never in you.
    Watching all my friends being burned on a wooden fucking stake.
    Wrap a noose around my neck
    and watch my neck break!

    You told the priest about my lies,
    And I'll watch you burn in your demise.
    See the pain hidden in my life,
    but living in life will not suffice.
    (I told the priest about thy dreams,
    But all he said is my eyes deceive me.)
    All you see is my tainted lies,
    And to kill me now would not be wise.

    I'll never be fooled by thous tricks again,
    Hold them on the ground, I'll slice their necks.
    (Kill me if thy please but my darkness still remains!)
    Prepare to be slaughtered!

    (Verse 2)
    See, how can you take matters into your own bitter hands?
    I am the black magic that will be in your pathetic head.
    What did you suspect? That I'd go easy?
    Never turn your back because that's your ending.
    Even if you leave a mark,
    I'll still make sure that you are all deceased.

    (Chorus 2)
    Solitude hidden in our dreams,
    And life isn't what it ever seems.
    Passion cries from deep inside,
    So what was alive and now has died.
    There's nothing left in this empty hole,
    Please understand that I'm not your foe.
    Feel the rage that I have felt,
    and please play the cards that I have dealt.

    (You're coming with me)
    (Get on your fucking knees!)
    (Fuck you!)
    (Get over here!)

    Stop this violence!


    They're so sick of the tension,
    sick of enmity,
    sick of everything that gets thrown around!
    Wanna put em' in a noose and tie it tight,
    Til' everything in this world just becomes right.
    They're so sick of the tension,
    sick of enmity,
    Makes you so mad you wanna thrash around.
    Bloody peasants are their security
    Because darkness is all around.

    Don't you see what you've done?
    You can't tell what's right from wrong
    We are all the same underneath,
    take a look at all this blasphemy.
    Anarchy is what we all seem to cause
    There are no witches in Salem,
    we don't need to spill the blood of the innocent.
    Pray for thee!

  • The Outlawed - Rise Official Music Video


    Watch the official music video by The Outlawed for their hit single Rise

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Dance To King Monada Malwedhe


    Cristiano Ronaldo Dance To King Monada Malwedhe Live 2018, Dance challenge

  • The Birthday Mix 22/Jan/2018 @Metrofm



    02-MZIKINIZER-0254 N W

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  • Malwedhe Dance Challenge by King Manoda


  • Kronstadt Uprising - Unknown Revolution ep


    1983 ep by Krondstadt Uprising, UK anarchopunk on Spiderleg Records. Songs: Blind People, Dreamers of Peace, Xenophobia, End of Part One.

  • Zolani Mahola ´Khumbula`


    'Where Do I Stand ?'
    Documentary on Youth and Xenophobia in South Africa
    The 37-minute film, directed and produced by Molly Blank, in partnership with the NGO Shikaya, uses the xenophobia attacks of May 2008 as a window into the lives of seven young people, reflecting not only on how they experienced this painful moment, but also on their engagement with fellow South Africans and their place in this complex and evolving nation.
    They include a Rwandan refugee, a girl wrestling with the reality of foreigners in her township, a boy facing calls of cowardice by friends for not looting, and a suburban girl whose family sheltered their Malawian gardener.

    The original song Khumbula was written and performed for the film by Daniel Eppel and Zolani Mahola, lead singer of Freshlyground.

  • King Monada - Malwedhe cover by NANA PAUL


    Nana Paul is a singer based in Tanzania, out of love for King Monada's Malwedhe, she did a cover of the song as swahili version. Enjoy the music.

    facebook: paul
    youtube: empire

  • President Paul Kagame promises African Migrants a better life in Rwanda than being sold as slaves


    African Migrants crisis: President of the Republic of Rwanda, H.E Paul Kagame says We can provide something that is better than drowning in Mediterranean sea or being sold as slaves.

    During his remarks at the Diplomats' Luncheon | Kigali, 16 January 2018

  • I Need My Heart Back - Music of Grace 09


    Title: I Need My Heart Back
    By: Grace Wong 06

    Verse 1:
    I thought that I was over you,
    but maybe I thought wrong.
    Cos when you didn't call, that turned my day all blue..

    In the silence of the night
    you can hear me crying out
    Baby, won't you be by my side

    I don't know if it'll happen again, anytime soon.
    For it's up to him who knows whats best.
    But for now I need my heart back, to fulfill the dreams I have. Baby I need my heart back now.



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  • The Shittiest Year of Them All


    What can we say about 2016? More importantly, what can we say about 2016 without using a series of naughty words? Absolutely nothing. That is why I wrote this song. Yes, there are swear words in it. There's a swear word in the title, so that shouldn't be surprising. Holy mackerel, but 2016 was terrible.


    The Shittiest Year of Them All

    You're tense. On edge.
    You tend to hold your breath.
    Everything you see
    Makes you think of death.
    You don't know where you are, and
    You don't know what to do.
    You don't think you're imagining
    That things are bad for you.

    You know you must relax;
    There's no real problem here.
    This is normal. This is fine.
    It happens every year.
    But though I don't know who you are,
    Or where you're from, or what you've been,
    You're right that this is something
    That no one's ever seen.

    This is the shittiest year of them all.
    This is the year that will simply not die,
    Though it's killed all our icons, so we think it's fair to call
    This year the shittiest year of them all.

    On January first,
    You were so keen to start.
    2016 beckoned
    And captured your soft heart.
    Then it punched you in the nuts
    And smashed your kneecaps with a mace.
    By January second,
    It had a chainsaw in your face.

    This is the shittiest year of them all.
    This may be the first year of World War Three.
    Join me in the corner; we can huddle there and bawl.
    This is the shittiest year of them all.

    Look, there goes another celebrity
    Who always meant an awful lot to you.
    You've fought for years to better humanity.
    Now we're back in 1932.
    Look, there goes another indignity.
    Someone's called you a dumb SJW.
    There's no end in sight, from what you can see.
    Oh, come on: not Leonard Cohen too!
    Cop shooting, protest, watch for civil unrest,
    Resistant bacteria, turn away from Syria,
    Terror cell and attack, need to take our country back,
    Need to make it great again, what's up with that damn campaign?
    Standing Rock, pipeline, guess what? What's yours is mine,
    Fake news, logic fails, bloody stupid e-mails,
    Brexit, alt-right, Trump is winning, crop blight,
    KKK not out of sight, watch out for the gas light!

    You know, of course,
    That other years suck too.
    At least we're not all dead yet,
    And we can still win through.
    But a racist, sexist, homophobic,
    Xenophobic cheer
    Just slapped you in your chainsawed face.
    It must be Murphy's Year.

    It's almost done.
    You just have to stay alive.
    You know that you can do this.
    You're sure you can survive.
    Though I don't know who you are,
    Or where you're from, or what you've been,
    I say good luck; you'll need it
    In 2017.

    This is the shittiest year of them all.
    But next year may be shittier still.
    Go on, Mr. President; tweet about your stupid wall.
    This is the shittiest year of them all.

    This is the shittiest year of them all.
    But let's stop sobbing and take a stand.
    The year wants to destroy us, so it can share our fall.
    Piss off, you shittiest year of them all.
    Get stuffed, you shittiest year of them all.
    Fuck you, you shittiest year of them all.

  • Russia: Putin calls on European Jews to move to Russia


    Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Jews to come to Russia after listening to the President of the European Jewish Congress Vyacheslav Kantor complain about attacks against Jews in Europe, during a meeting with the European Jewish Congress in Moscow, Tuesday.

    SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): We see your organisation, which is one of the most representative European non-governmental organisations, as a natural ally of Russia in the fight against xenophobia, anti-Semitism and the various manifestations of extreme views.

    SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): And, of course, as our straight allies in the preservation of the memory about the Second World War, the consequences of this catastrophe of planetary scale and about the Holocaust.

    SOT, Vyacheslav Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress (Russian): Of course, we know that you are a true friend of the Russian community and help the community not only morally, but also in all possible dimensions and meanings.

    SOT, Vyacheslav Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress (Russian): The position of Jews in Europe today is the worst since the end of world war II. Jews gripped by fear and the very real new Exodus of Jews from Europe.

    SOT, Vyacheslav Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress (Russian): For example, the emigration flow from France, which only yesterday seemed so safe, is bigger than from Ukraine, engulfed in civil conflict. Why the Jews are fleeing from Europe? They run, as you said, not only because of terrorist acts against our communities in Toulouse, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, now in Marseilles, but because of the fear to just appear in the streets of European cities.

    Video ID: 20160119-065
    Video on Demand:


  • NO a La Discriminacion Social -SAY No To Social Discrimination Campaign


    Our Spanish Class Project, but I see it as more than a Project, our campaign. I would like it to go far because we are ALL THE SAME. Thanks For Watching, share.
    Nuestro Proyecto de español que me gustaria que llegara lejos, No discriminen porque todos merecemos Ser TRATADOS IGUAL. Gracias Por ver :)
    We have all felt inferior sometimes
    My Nationality is different
    My religion is different
    Women are different and inferior
    I have different Social Status
    We are all different, but we want to be treated Equally
    Social discrimination is a very serious issue
    It affects kids, teens, and people of all ages
    Insulting their race, social class, sex, Religion
    Discrimination affects us with consequences such as: violence, distrust reject, and Hate, hate, hate.
    This problem has got to stop
    Please do not discriminate
    Join us,
    Do not discriminate, the power of changing this is in your hands
    We may seem to be few, but if you join us we can make a real BIG difference
    Say NO to social discrimination
    - Help us and like this campaign on facebook Somos Diferentes pero queremos ser tratados igual
    Songs used: Glee- Get Right and Impossible James A.

  • Herbybwoy - Feel The Pain .


    Published on 4th September, 2019 by HenWorld Records.

    Produced by Amposco.

    This is the official Audio Slide and Lyrics for Herbybwoy’s debut single titled ‘Feel The Pain’ Produced by Amposco.

    ‘Feel The Pain’ by the new HenWorld Records signee only echoes the voice of the voiceless.

    The Afropop and Reggae sensation touches on the sufferings many goes through on the streets of Ghana ???????? and other African countries and called on the ordinary to stand up and fight for their rights and freedoms in quest of stopping any new form of slavery from the so called ‘powerful people and leaders’ who don’t really care about their sufferings. This song also speaks to the root cause of the ongoing Xenophobic attacks at South Africa ???????? and Nigeria ???????? #SayNoToXenophobia #SayNoToXenophobicAttacks #FeelThePain

    Contact Herbybwoy via +233246649490 or and also follow him on all social media handles via the username: @HerbyBwoy also Stream Feel The Pain in Audiomack here; and on SoundCloud here:

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    Attracted by its charm, Fermin Muguruza came to the The Big Easy to record an album, Irun Meets New Orleans - where he adapts eight songs from his career to the sounds of New Orleans and interprets two of the city's classics -, and to film a documentary, Nola?, about the situation ten years after Hurricane Katrina. All this, whilst surrounded by the elite of the local scene: from the legend that is Preservation Hall Jazz Band to the Bounce music rapper Katey Red, together with collaborators Galactic, Dr. John and Trombone Shorty.

    Nola? draws many parallels the TV series Treme: the songs are very well integrated, relating to what the protagonists describe. The music has therefore transformed into a personality rather than just a narration. The guiding thread is the narrator, WWOZ radio personality George Ingmire, who is also a documentary-maker and author of various radio essays on the impact of the hurricane. With his critical and ironic speech, he alternates the story of the recording of the album with observations on the state of things.

    Director: Fermin Muguruza
    Director of photography: Daniel Gómez
    Editor: Daniel Urdiales
    Script: Fermin Muguruza
    Sound Engineer: Jonathan Freilich, Mark Bingham
    Recordings: The Living Room Studio, Preservation Hall (New Orleans)
    Mixes: Karlos Osinaga “Txap” - Bonberenea estudioak (Tolosa)
    Mastering: Angel Katarain
    Production: Jone Unanua

    Feature lenght: 67 min

    Kolore Bizia
    Mess Around
    Zugarramurdin Akelarrea
    Dub Manifest
    When I Die
    Gora Herria
    Black Is Beltza

  • Arctic Shore - Alerta


    Arctic Shore - 5 piece melodic hardcore from Germany

    I see your faces before my eyes
    I thought we evolved after 45
    We head up to the countryside
    And find a desperate club with black bold signs

    Fascists guarded by guns and machines
    Right wings sitting on the bar chairs and chanting their themes
    Nazi fucks are lifting their hands
    Blackshirt operatives infiltrate our intelligence

    I will not take what you brought up
    By bringing back the tolerance
    I will not take what you brought up
    By smashing borders
    By cracking ignorance

    We never said It's easy up here
    Our Injustice takes its toll
    But how hard is your life out there
    That you tattoo up with runes and choose that dark path

    Fascists guarded by guns and machines
    Right wings sitting on the bar chairs and chanting their themes
    Nazi fucks are lifting their hands
    Blackshirt operatives infiltrate our intelligence
    I ain't talking 'bout paranoia
    This is real and we must get rid of it soon
    I'm talking 'bout xenophobia
    No tolerance for ignorance and inequality
    Alerta alerta
    Alerta Antifascista

    Europe will stand as one and keeps on fighting history
    Alerta alerta
    Alerta Antifascista
    We have always been the heart
    We want
    Equality before the law
    Tolerance kept in the minds
    Democracy for rich and poor
    Socialization for those who are blind

  • Awareness Video for every Ghanaian.


    Family! Let's all volunteer to spread this video across all the lands of the earth so every Ghanaian will watch and be motivated to stay patriotic and focused on our land of gold - Ghana.

    Also as Ghanaians living abroad and in our motherland, this video will help and educate us to know the reason we need to learn our history and take politics a little serious and as well as our way forward.

    This video is a very short clip of awareness to advocate unity, peace and solidarity for our motherland Ghana. We are a great land of authority. Blessed bountifully by God in all diversities, we possess something great inside all of us. Yet, we lack the ability to transform and activate our greatness into our nation to see the reality within us. The equation ends in an error because we always omit God from it. Without God we can't make our country great and strong again.

    Our only reason why we are failing is because we haven't noticed where we've been channeling our inputs. It's obvious a land that is divided is far from development. Ghana is enriched with enormous treasures still yet to be discovered.

    GHANA ???????? MUST RISE AGAIN! PROMINENT CELEBRITIES OF THE COUNTRY MUST RISE JUST AS HON. A-PLUS SAID. We need to work hand in hand to put Ghana on the map ???? globally when it comes to development.

    What legacies are we leaving for our children and their children's children? This cold Ghana??? Then we're in trouble! Politicians are failing us, they're selfish and don't really care much about you or me. It's all about their fame, glory and riches.

    Let's trust in God, let's unite, love one another and place our country on the map of the world so all will see how great our God is. He alone is able to bless our land to our very expectation.

    I know we can make it. YES we can! 2 Corinthians 1:18.

    This Awareness Video was inspired by: GOLDEN EYE STUDIO | EFOCUS LIVE.


    The Wo'Ara Album is now available on



    Google Play Store:


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    OR my Website:

    #awarenessvideo #ghana #danieljeddman #trendingsong #africa #unity #youth

    ORIGINAL 5K Graphics WOARA VIDEO is coming next!

  • Xenophobia in South Africa February 24, 2017


    Video from South Africa

  • Race and Ethnicity: Politics of Immigration in the European Union


    Professor Gordan Vurusic presents Politics of Immigration in the European Union, at GRCC's Race and Ethnicity Conference.

  • Queen Pauline Political Satire by Pierre Chalifoux




    music & lyrics by Pierre Chalifoux 2014 c

    Queen Pauline don't lead your sheep to the slaughter
    'Cause once you do, it can't become undone
    Instead just try to keep their heads above water
    'Cause they'll find drowning won't be any fun

    Your economy is in the tank
    But they'll still have you to spank
    Rearranging deckchairs on your New Titanic

    Misdirection with your Charter
    When in fact you might be smarter
    To treat them to a healthy dose of panic

    Queen Pauline don't lead your sheep to the slaughter
    'Cause once you do, it can't become undone
    If you take them while they sleep, your sons and daughters
    May wake up to a very different sun

    You want to build your Poutine Nation
    Based on your hallucinations
    Reality could bring you to your knees

    One week, Pasta's on your face
    Another scandalous disgrace
    Your on-going case of foot-in-mouth disease

    Queen Pauline don't let your Brown Shirts probe our babies
    Measuring letters and apostrophes
    Infecting us with strains of racial rabies
    Your xenophobic ideology

    You're fiddling Nero's violin
    Yet you can't see the mess you're in
    While becoming everybody's fool

    You go for Blokes then go for broke
    On the world stage, you're a joke
    Still you sit and sink in your own stool

    The feeble ideology
    That still fuels your strategy
    Sends people packing down the 401

    Resurrecting René's ghost
    Like Lucien, Bernie, Jacques, you're toast!
    Another relic of Bill 101

    Queen Pauline don't lead your sheep to the slaughter
    Your lemmings march in lockstep to a fall
    And when they do, don't weep, please just don't bother
    Remember that this will have been your call

    (Neverendum Referendums)
    Just like Marie-Antoinette
    Who lost her head playing cake roulette
    You pray your ilk will unify
    By feeding them pie in the sky

    Your Banana Republicans
    Basking in New Cuba's fun
    Will find that it's too late to run
    When all is said and done

    Take Le Québec Libre de Charles De Gaulle
    Flush it down your half-million dollar toilet bowl

    PQ, SQ, CAQ, no more FLQ
    SAAQ, FTQ, how about FU2

    Queen Pauline you lack in substance and in style
    Once and for all, just get off our backs
    To the likes of you, we'll never Zieg Heil
    Ostie d'calice de crisse de tabarnac

    In your De-Stink society
    Your Pure-Laine minority
    Should simply just try googling Germany

    Look up other sinking ships
    As with most dictatorships
    There are different shades of tyranny

    You send your kids to private schools
    Unlike the plebian mass you rule
    You're superior to the folks to which you pander

    Unclear on how you really plan
    To govern your Kébekistan
    Why don't you just simply write Ann Landers

    Money and the Ethnic Vote
    Les Maudits Anglais got your goat
    Pulling the wool off of your sheep's eyes

    Instead you should attack le Joual
    Québec's real Langue Officiale
    And send in the OLF's Nazi spies

    Queen Pauline we should just put you out to pasture
    Banging pots and pans with your devout
    Someday in Maroisland, there may be Rapture
    Canada will simply vote you out
    (So Goodbye!)

    Even if you beg, plead, scream and cry
    Stop whining, promise to behave and try
    We'll never ever really will see eye to eye
    Our answer still will be goodbye
    And much to your chagrin
    We won't let you back in

  • Funeral Service - Arise


    LYRICS: Arise

    Earth is nothing but a village
    A tiny little town with cows and sheep
    With just one road that everybody uses
    To get from home when dawn breaks to their fields
    And life there could just be so easy
    And no one'd ever need to cry
    If just aggressions wouldn't lead us
    If happiness would show us our way

    All colours of the rainbow
    All people of the world
    It's time for us to go now
    United we survive
    We're humans altogether
    Stop violence at the roots
    The difference doesn't matter
    That's what we're gonna do

    This planet's rich enough for everyone
    No one needs to suffer here at all
    If just we can ban xenophobia
    All that pain will finally be gone
    It doesn't take an effort we can't handle
    What we need's the will to make a change
    Humanity will glow as one huge candle
    And no ever will to us look strange

    All colours of the rainbow
    All people of the world
    It's time for us to go now
    United we survive
    We're humans altogether
    Stop violence at the roots
    The difference doesn't matter
    That's what we're gonna do

  • Bernie Sanders bashes Donald Trump bigotry against Muslims and xenophobia, supports American Muslims


    Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive away hate, only love can do that. - M.L.K

    “There is obviously a serious problem with religious violence, and particularly with Islam and in the Middle East, but if you’re going to blame religion for violence in the name of religion, then you have to credit religion for every act of compassion in the name of religion, you have to credit religion for every act of love in the name of religion, and that’s not what people usually think. They focus very much on the negative.

    The wrong way to think about it is to just simply divorce religion from it altogether, I totally understand that sentiment, whenever you attach dogma to something, it lends power to it. Part of the problem is that there is this misconception that people derive their values from their scriptures. The truth is it is more often the case that people insert their values into their scriptures. That’s the thing about scripture, its power comes from its malleability. You can read it in any way you want to.
    How you read scripture has everything to do with who you are. God did not make you a bigot, you’re just a bigot. It’s not God’s fault if you use religion to justify hate.

    We need to resist saying ISIS has nothing to do with Islam or that violence in the name of religion has nothing to do with religion. Of course it has to do with religion. If ISIS calls itself Muslim, we should probably take them seriously. Fine, they are Muslim.
    Without that, they would find another organizing principle, whether it be through a tribal affiliation or through a nation state, we are very adept at finding organisational categories for ourselves to belong to, to fight a group that belongs to a different one. And religion is a very good category, in fact it has the most currency for the masses.

    I’m okay with you saying ISIS is Muslim as long as you realize that the tens of thousands of people that they kill are also Muslim, and the tens of thousands of people fighting them are also Muslims. So if ISIS is Muslim, and their victims are Muslim, and the people fighting them are Muslim ... that doesn't really say anything interesting about Islam itself, certainly nothing that you could make a generalization about.

    The reality of what's happening here, and I think it's important to understand it, is that this fear is so manufactured by a news channel that has spun it into ratings gold, politicians who use it to get votes.

    Everything that is said about Muslims today, that they are not American, that they are fearful, that they don't belong here. Everything that was said about Muslims today were said about the Jews in the '40s and '50s. Was said about Catholics at the end of the 19th century. And those two religions through the passage of time, through the slow-building of relationships and the integration of story became very much part of the religious fabric. The same thing is going to happen to Muslims. The bad news is- then we will find somebody else to hate.

    - Jon Stewart and Reza Aslan, The Daily Show

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Blacks, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Black.
    Then they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Muslim.
    Then they came for me—
    And there was no one left to speak for me.

    Bernie Sanders / ( Elizabeth Warren | Martin O'Malley ) 2016!!!
    The problems we face, did not come down from the heavens. They are made, they are made by bad human decisions,
    and good human decisions can change them.
    The greed of the billionaire class has got to end and we are going to do it for them. I don’t represent the big-money interests and I don’t want their money.
    What kind of nation are we when we give tax breaks to billionaires, but we can't take care of the elderly and the children?
    We have billions to spend on war but no money to take care of the very pressing needs of the American people.
    That bothers me a lot.
    Children should not go hungry in this country while profitable corporations and the wealthy avoid their tax responsibilities.
    Education must become affordable to all.
    Health care should be a right, not a privilege.
    Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty.
    I believe that at the end of the day when people come together, when people are united there is nothing, nothing, nothing that can stop us. - Sanders

  • Character by Pastor Dee



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  • Cant Help Falling In Love - Laura Albino


    Another Elvis Presley Cover and yet another favorite.

    First Live video, sorry for the errors.

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  • Trump for 2016 president 6 - A Mexican said Trump has the best idea that any person can have


    Please go to my other channel, Minnie Elvis, for non religious videos. This current Tiny Bruno youtube channel will be mainly for religious videos as of 10 Nov 2017.

    Obama signed the executive order let the illegal immigrants just to come in and tells the border patrol to stand down, and no media is airing the fact that the border patrols are being abused by the illegal immigrants and helplessly tolerating that! We need Trump wall built at the border now!

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    Fire In The Ugandan Parliament Regarding Bobi Wines Cancelled Concerts

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