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Playlist of Hudson Brothers

  • Hanson - MMMBop


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    Music video by Hanson performing MMMBop. (C) 1997 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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  • Hudson Brothers So You Are A Star from The Hudson Brothers Show U.S. TV 1974


  • Hudson Brothers - Rendezvous


    Produced by Bernie Taupin

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  • Hudson Brothers - So You Are A Star



  • The Hudson Brothers Rondevous


    The Hudson Brothers Stars of Saturday Morning TV Shoe The Razzle Dazzle Comedy Hour singing Rondevous

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  • The Hudson Brothers - Coochie Coochie Coo


    From The album Hollywood Situation.
    The song was also released as a single in 1975.

  • The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show


    Aired on CBS for 1 season, Sept 1974 to Aug 1975.



    off 1974 LP Hollywood Situation
    on Casablanca Records

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  • The Hudson Brothers - If You Really Need Me


    A song from the Hudson Brothers 1974 album Totally Out Of Control.

    The album was not only released on Elton John's Rocket Records label, but was also produced by Elton's writing partner Bernie Taupin.

    The song was released as a single in '74.

  • Mark Hudson, Bernice Altschul--Rare TV Interview, Hudson Brothers


    Mark Hudson of the Hudson Brothers is interviewed in this rare 1988 show with cable TV host Skip E Lowe, joined by restaurateur Bernice Altschul of Carlos and Charlie's.

  • FULL ALBUM: Hudson Brothers - Totally Out of Control


    SAVE OUR ECONOMY! To buy an LP in the old days, you needed money. To buy an LP in the 2020s, you still need money. Here's how you can come up with it (while supporting the small businesses you love):

    -- (Canadian pressing, Rocket/MCA MCA-460)

    Track listing:

    Side 1

    1. Long Long Day
    2. Be a Man (starts at 2:28)
    3. Truth of the Matter (starts at 5:52)
    4. Killer on the Road (starts at 8:36)
    5. Dolly Day (starts at 11:37)
    6. Lover Come Back to Me (starts at 15:21)

    Side 2

    1. Straight Up and Tall (starts at 18:04)
    2. If You Really Need Me (starts at 21:52)
    3. Sunday Driver (starts at 23:48)
    4. Isn't It Lovely (starts at 26:33)
    5. La La Layna (starts at 28:58)
    6. Medley:
    These Things We Do (starts at 31:32)
    Home (starts at 32:41)
    Out of the Rainbow (starts at 33:18)
    Find Me a Woman (starts at 35:17)
    Little Brown Box (starts at 36:30)
    One and the Same (starts at 37:48)

    Fellows, may I present to you an early 70's power-pop album that's probably the most Beatlesesque album I've ever heard in my entire life! No, I'm not kidding. These three manage to emulate the Beatles' sound so precisely that John Lennon actually became a huge fan of them.

    Sometime in the 1960's, the then-teenage Hudsons landed themselves a contract for Scepter under the New Yorkers moniker (so named after a certain Chrysler automobile) and had a few hits for that label. In the wake of their third single, Show Me the Way to Love, they found out their manager had embezzled thousands of dollars and responded by quitting touring. They reunited in 1968 and released a few singles on the local Jerden label....and, believe it or not, this was a time when they found themselves constantly switching between labels. Following their tenure on Jerden, they released a single for Warner Bros. and then signed to Decca, who encouraged the group to tour the East Coast in support of Love Is the World, a single which they released as Everyday Hudson and which ultimately failed to sell, making Decca pull all its financial support for the group.

    They re-badged themselves (again) as simply Hudson and signed to Lionel (a very short-lived subsidiary of MGM, home to such acts as One Man Electrical Band) in 1971. Records they released for the label included an earlier version of Straight Up and Tall, one of the tracks that would be re-recorded for this album in 1973/74. The following year, in 1972, the Hudsons three switched to Playboy and released their first studio album on that label.

    In 1973, Elton John and his long-time collaborator Bernie Taupin discovered the group in Los Angeles, and signed them to the then newly-formed Rocket label, which AFAIK would arguably be the company that the band would remain signed to for the longest time. A year later, the Hudsons began starring in their own variety television show on CBS, known as the Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show. This is what the group are probably most famous for - quite a shame their best musical material didn't get widespread recognition (more detailed info below in my description of this album). In support of the show, they released an album for Casablanca named Hollywood Situation, another very cool Beatlesesque album which I'd also recommend checking out. Of course, Casablanca were the ones who obliged to put the Chucky Margolis sketch from their TV show in the tracklisting, kind of breaking the album's flow, but it's still great otherwise.

    During their time as television stars, the Hudson Brothers would compile some of the material they had recorded for Rocket into this one album. As I already mentioned, Totally Out of Control sounds SO much like something that the Beatles would have done, that you could almost swear it was them had you ever heard one of the songs from here BEFORE you knew who actually performed it! If You Really Need Me reminisces of We Will Work It Out; Sunday Driver is like Drive My Car albeit with harsher lyrical commentary; Be a Man being akin to something from side two of Abbey Road; Isn't It Lovely and Lover Come Back to Me sounding a LOT like Badfinger songs (the latter of the two also reminiscing of ELO); and the seven-minute medley at the end of side two is almost like the Hudsons' own version of the Abbey Road medley.

    Since then, the brothers have gone on to other things. Bill Hudson married actress Goldie Hawn and majored as a television/movie actor (the couple would go on to have two children, actors Kate and Oliver Hudson); Brett became a TV producer and writer and eventually the unlikely survivor of a car crash; and Mark Hudson became closely associated with Ringo Starr and Aerosmith, the latter of whom he co-wrote Livin' on the Edge for in 1993.



    The Hudson Brothers 1980 release . Please Like & Subscribe

  • Hudson Brothers - Be A Man


    From Totally Out Of Control

  • THE HUDSON BROTHERS - Hollywood Situation -


    1974 release .Please Like & Subscribe

  • Hudson Brothers - Be A Man


    taken from the 1974 album Totally Out Of Control
    check out for review.

  • The Hudson Brothers - Help Wanted


  • The Hudson Brothers - Hollywood Situation


    The title track from their 1974 album for Casablanca Records.

  • So You Are a Star - Hudson Brothers


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  • The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show


    The series is now available on DVD:

    The opening and closing to the Hudson Brothers' 1974 Saturday morning series.



    The Hudson Brothers 1972 debut album . Please Like & Subscribe

  • Hudson Brothers Medley


    Hudson Brothers Medley
    The quality is terrible. . .but hey. . . this is about listening to my 45 and how it would be if you listening too.

  • Hudson Brothers - Rendezvous


    Original 45 rpm from 1975. On the label Elton John created, produced by Bernie Taupin (Elton's songwriting partner), co-written by the Hudson Brothers and Beach Boy Bruce Johnston (who wrote I Write The Songs), and sounds like 10 years retro (at its time). How's THAT for a record!



    I've had requests or this song and I had it on a CD so this is a new artist from the 70's that I have not done yet. I kicked it up and notch. Fun song to work on and sounded very good in the headphones and monitors.
    Jack it up!

  • Joni - HUDSON


    Joni - Recorded on the 1980 HUDSON (The Hudson Brothers) album, Damn Those Kids, vocals by Mark Hudson, was written with Joni Mitchell in mind. As seen in the video's newspaper article, Mark, 23 years old at the time, was crushing on Joni (The Dispatch News, Lexington NC 3/21/1975). While at A&M studios, Mixonline reports, Mark had seen Joni Mitchell flirting with Graham Nash.

    Sean Dauber, from the abbyrd site, shares info into the song's background telling of when producer Bernie Taupin recorded Mark singing his new song 'Joni,' but without the benefit of hearing the entire song ahead of time resulted in some session musicians to storm out of the session due to some unintentional offensive lyrics, no doubt putting a kibosh on the songs' future radio airplay.

    Been searching for this song on YouTube for years. It has not been available so I've created this video/slide show with the music. Who of us hasn't experienced deep feelings and the desperate frustration of an unrequited love/crush? If you haven''re one of the fortunate ones!

  • HUDSON BROTHERS - Sunday Driver


    From the 1974 album Totally Out Of Control.

  • The Hudson Brothers - Oh Gabriel


    So You Are A Star:The Best Of The Hudson Brothers

  • Hudson Brothers Live At The Chateau 1978


    Full audio of the Hudson Brothers Live At the Chateau 1978

  • The Hudson Brothers - Oh Gabriel


    The song, was not only included on the album Ba Fa, but was also included on the CD compilation, So You Are a Star: The Best Of The Hudson Brothers, released in 1995.



    Essa musica é linda e muito marcante. Descobri este video hoje
    e estou compartilhando com quem gosta .
    Uma curiosidade é a incrivel semelhança entre o Mark ( o de bigode ) e o Hurricane Smith , parecem até irmãos gemeos !!

  • The Hudson Brothers - Rendezvous


    The Best Of The Hudson Brothers

  • The Hudson Brothers - Lonely School Year


    The Best Of The Hudson Brothers

  • hudson brothers - sometimes the rain will fall


    Hudson Brothers, 1974

  • The Hudson Brothers - Do 4 Me


    So You Are A Star:The Best Of The Hudson Brothers

  • The Hudson Brothers - Afraid to Love


    The Best Of The Hudson Brothers

  • The Hudson Brothers - Help Wanted ■ 45 RPM 1976 ■ OffTheCharts365


    Come listen to this and more FOR FREE at:

    The Hudson Brothers (Mark, Bill and Brett) were musicians and songwriters good enough to host their own summer fill-in variety TV show and on Saturday mornings called The Razzle Dazzle Show in the mid 70's.

    They are most remembered by their Top 40 hits So You Are A Star (1974) and Rendezvous (1975).

    Bill was briefly married to actress Goldie Hawn and is the father of actress Kate Hudson.

    © 1976 Arista Records, Inc.

  • HUDSON BROTHERS - Killer On The Road


    From the 1974 album Totally Out Of Control

  • The Hudson Brothers - Rendezvous


    1975 - The Rocket Record Company Album - Ba-Fa
    The Hudson Brothers - Rendezvous
    The Hudson Brothers were an American music group from Portland, Oregon, United States, who released numerous singles and albums under the names the New Yorkers, the Hudson Brothers, Everyday Hudson, and Hudson. The group was formed in 1965 by brothers Bill Hudson, Mark Hudson, and Brett Hudson. Their discography includes six studio albums, one compilation album, and 24 singles.

    Written By ~ Bill Hudson & Mark Hudson & Brett Hudson & Bruce Johnston
    james' single release peaked #26 on the US charts...enjoy!
    From The Hudson Brothers 2nd The Rocket Record Company album Ba-Fa.

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    Grande Hit de 1974

  • The Hudson Brothers-Annie


    From their final album, Damn Those Kids, released in 1980 under the name Hudson. Although their entire oeuvre is filled with Beatle-esque tracks, in many ways this one has the strongest McCartney influence. One would think that the fact that they didn't release the album using their conventional monicker, along with the title of the album, suggests an attempt to eradicate their image as a children's show-biz band, but sadly, the lingering effects of their TV show did them in.

    The photo is the cover of their The Best Of The Hudson Brothers CD, from 1995 on Varese Sarabande, along with autographs from the band members I acquired when I met them that same year.

  • The Hudson Brothers - Lonely School Year


  • The Hudson Brothers - Spinning the Wheel


    So You Are A Star:The Best Of The Hudson Brothers

  • The Hudson Brothers - With Somebody Else


    So You Are A Star:The Best Of The Hudson Brothers

  • Rendezvous - The Hudson Brothers


    Video Thumbnail Photo: 1970's Dr. Pepper Soft Drink Vending Machine from New York in the 1970's
    Video Photos: Memories of people, places, products, items and commercials i remember as a kid from back in the 70's.
    1. Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones & Billy Preston Singing Together 1972
    2. Sports Illustrated Cover Evel Knievel 1974
    3. Doritos Taco Flavor Tortilla Chips Package
    4. Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony The Hustle Record Sleeve
    5. Hallmark Date Books 1978 & 1979
    6. McDonald's Commrercial
    7. 8 Track Tape Dana Gillespie 1974
    8. Dana Gillespie
    9. 8 Track Tape Redbone 1975
    10. 8 Track Tape Three Dog Night Coming Down Your Way 1975
    11. Queen Live
    12. Kansas Live
    13. Kansas Live
    14. Kansas Live
    15. Styx Live
    16. Styx Live
    17. Hugh Hefner Rollerskating
    18. K-Tel Hit Action Album
    19. Happy Bird
    20. Texaco 1975 State Road Maps
    21. Suzi Quatro
    22. Alice Cooper
    23. Early 1970's Dating Dress Wear
    24. Joe Namath Brut 33 Advertisement 1977
    25. Old Spice Dry Lime Catalog Advertisement
    26. Old Spice Dry Lime Stick Deodorant
    27. Loblaws Grocery Store Logo
    28. New York City Early 1970's
    29. Chinatown New York City 1970's
    30. Jimmy Walker
    31. Bridget Bardot
    32. Debbie Harry
    33. Doritos Advertisement
    34. The Banana Splits
    35. Dr. Pepper Sugar Free Cans
    36. Black Light Posters
    37. Ed Sullivan 1974
    38. 8 Track Tape Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack 1977 Canada
    39. Brothers Johnson Right On Time 8 Track Tape 1977
    40. Sister Slege
    41. Foghat 1975 Concert Advertisement Poster
    42. The Beatles 1975 Black Light Poster
    43. Slapshot 1977 Movie Poster
    44. Outdoor Concert Crowd
    45. Jello Pudding & Pie Filling Banana Cream Mix
    46. 10cc I'm Not In Love Blue Label Record 1975
    47. Heart 1979
    48. Steve Marriott
    49. Engelbert Humperdinck With The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    50. Engelbert Humperdinck With Elvis Presley 1972
    51. Kentucky Fried Chicken Sign 1970's
    52. Kentucky Fried Chicken Late 1970's
    53. Interstate 70 Ohio Sign
    54. SOHIO Gas Station
    55. Colonel Harland Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken Money Bank
    56. Time Magazine 1970 Cover Featuring The Band
    57. Star Record Single By Stealers Wheel

  • So You Are a Star - The Hudson Brothers


    The Hudson Brothers were an American musical group consisting of brothers Bill, Brett, and Mark Hudson. They garnered fame as teen idols in the 1970s after making an appearance on the Sonny & Cher show, which resulted in their performing in their own variety half-hour series for CBS, The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show, which ran from 1974 to 1975. They also released numerous hit singles during this time, including this single, So You Are a Star, which they wrote and produced. It was their biggest hit, peaking at Number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1974.

    Bill Hudson was married to actors Goldie Hawn from 1976 to 1982 and Cindy Williams (Shirley from Laverne & Shirley) from 1982 to 2000. He and Goldie are the parents of Kate and Oliver Hudson.

  • The Hudson Brothers - Be a Man


    So You Are A Star:The Best Of The Hudson Brothers

  • The Hudson Brothers Hollywood Situation


    The Hudson Brothers' song Hollywood Situation off the classic 1974 LP of the same name. Great album from a very talented band, they don't get mentioned nearly enough nowdays. Fingers crossed their comedy show will be available on DVD at some point. Hope this song brings back good memories or introduces you to a wonderful band if you haven't heard of them until now. I think this album is available for download, if you dig this song, please buy it, you won't be disappointed :)

  • The Hudson Brothers - Spinning The Wheel


    Included on the albun Ba Fa - 1975.

    It was also included on the CD compilation So You Are a Star - The Best Of The Hudson Brothers, released in 1995.

  • Hudson Brothers - If You Really Need Me


    ...and then another
    This is THE HOTTEST business trend. $81 billion – how about that? How can you have a piece of this pie? Watch this video:

    -- Taken from the album Totally Out of Control (Canadian pressing, Rocket/MCA MCA-460)

    Requested by cbfall. This song from the Portland, OR pop-rock group (and stars of their very own Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show) was recorded in 1973 while they were still named Hudson, and was the first single of theirs to be produced by Bernie Taupin.



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