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Playlist of How to make Microtonal Lo

  • Lucky Numbers - Microtonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop - Adam Neely method - Experiment


    Thanks to Adam Neely for this method.
    Think it worked out well.

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  • Introductions to MICROTONES | Team Recorder


    An introduction to MICROTONES! What are they, where are they used, and how do you play them on the recorder?

    Playing microtonal music opens up a whole new spectrum of sound and harmony, and is used widely across musical genres and throughout history. You can play literally ANY microtonal interval on the recorder, so there's no excuse not to start ;)

    View a transcript of this video here:

    /// LINKS
    'The Quarter Tone Recorder Manual' by Peter Bowman and Kathryn Bennetts
    'Modern Recorder Player vol. 3' by Walter van Hauwe
    Microtonal projects
    Microtonal fingerings
    Peter Bowman and Kathryn Bennetts website
    Microtonal fingerings (more)

    In this video I play on:
    - a resin 442 alto by Yoav Ran
    - a wooden 442 tenor by Yamaha

    'Constellations' is out!! It can be ordered on (signed) CD or digital download here:

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  • How to Modulate to G 1/2 Sharp


    Jacob Collier has a very impressive ability to work with and sing micro-tones. In this video I look at an arrangement of his where the piece transposes mid-song from E major, to G half-sharp. It's quite mind-boggling.

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    #jacobcollier #microtonality #inthebleakmidwinter

    June Lee's Transcription of In the Bleak Midwinter:

    June Lee's Interview
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Masterclass at NEMPLA
    Part 4:

    Part 3:

    Part 2:

    Part 1:

    Jacob Collier: In the Bleak Midwinter

    Jacob Collier: With the Love in My Heart

    Jacob Collier: The Road Not Taken

    EDIT: During my explanation for the final A minor 9 chord I slightly mis-characterised the idea of the stacked 5ths above the A. In this case, the 5ths are actually 2 cents more (not 5 less as I stated) than the 'natural' tuning. Jacob used this to make the B itself higher this time, rather than making the chord beneath it move up. Sorry for the confusion, as I said, this stuff it complicated!

  • How Jacob Collier Uses Microtonality, Pitch and Temperament


    In this episode of 'Listening in', I look at how Jacob Collier uses microtonality, pitch and temperament to add colour to his music. I do this by defining these terms, and then by looking at how he uses them in three different songs. This includes use of just intonation to tune notes differently in his arrangement of 'Fascinating Rhythm', using two different pitches (A = 432 vs A = 440) in 'Hideaway' to give the feeling of the song opening up as well as his use of a microtonal key (G quarter sharp major) in 'In the Bleak Midwinter'.


    I’m hugely indebted to June Lee, in particular, for this essay, whose videos about Jacob Collier were an enormous help – I couldn’t have created this without them. If you liked it, then do take a look at my channel, as well as looking at June Lee’s astonishing transcriptions of Jacob Collier’s songs, some of which I’ve linked below.


    Jacob Collier - Fascinating Rhythm (Full Transcription - June Lee):
    Jacob Collier - In the Bleak Midwinter (Transcription - June Lee):

    Interview: Jacob Collier (Part 1):
    Interview: Jacob Collier (Part 2):
    Interview: Jacob Collier (Part 3):

    Hideaway – Jacob Collier:
    Overture - Jacob Collier w/ Metropole Orkest:
    Benjamin Britten Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell:

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  • Microtones: An Introduction


    A look at the notes between the notes.


    Classical Nerd is a weekly video series covering music history, theoretical concepts, and techniques, hosted by composer, pianist, and music history aficionado Thomas Little.



    - Ivan Wyschnegradsky: Arc en ciel, Op. 37 (for six pianos tuned in twelfth-tones [72-TET], performers unknown, original upload: RCcJHCkYQ6U)
    - Thomas Little: Gossamer Limerence, Op. 9b, performed by Wooram Kwon and Thomas Little


    Contact Information:

    Questions and comments can be directed to:
    nerdofclassical [at]



    All images and audio in this video are for educational purposes only and are not intended as copyright infringement. If you have a copyright concern, please contact me using the above information.

  • Sevish - Gleam


    Microtonal electronic music from Sevish's album Harmony Hacker -

    Gleam has a fast quintuplet groove and uses 22-tone equal temperament as its tuning. I love how a familiar pop or rnb chord progression can become very wonky when played in a tuning like 22.

    I write these video descriptions at least a couple weeks before the videos get uploaded. So when folks started responding to my last video with the names of colours I got confused for a minute. Later when I remembered the reason for the colours I just had to smile from ear to ear. Thanks for that, everyone!

    Buy the album:

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  • How to do Microtuning with Fruity Keyboard Controller in FL studio


    How to do Microtuning with Fruity Keyboard Controller in FL studio
    Surprise,toward the end :)

    איך לעשות רבע טון וחצי טון בעזרת Fruity Keyboard Controller ב-FL studio
    הפתעה בסיום הסירטון :)



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  • Microtonal Bach Experiment 2 - Which Tuning Sounds Better?


    Renaissance Experiment ►
    Bach Experiment 1 ►

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    I'd like to thank to my student Burak Akan who made a great job by playing the tune.
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    Many thanks to Kaan Ceylani for mastering and Alejandro Magana Avina, Anton Smyk and Adrian Bartoli for their supports on Patreon.

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    History of Microtonal Guitars ►
    All Guitars are Out of Tune Except One ►
    What is a Microtone? ►
    Major 3rd Problem of All Guitars ►

    5 Microtonal Guitar Types ►
    Microtonal Guitar Competition ►
    Microtonal Guitar (Fixed Fret) ►
    Microtonal Guitar (Adjustable) ►
    Microtonal Guitar (Interchangeable) ►
    Microtonal Guitar Duo ►
    Convert your guitar to a microtonal guitar ►

    New Microtonal Guitar CD
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    Amazon ►

    #bachprelude #microtonalmusic #bach

  • Using Microtones in Electronic Music


    Today we're using microtonal scales to make our computer music wavy and wonderful. This xenharmonic tutorial should work in any DAW because we're using plugins that support microtonal tuning.

    Microtonal music is a deep topic, and this video is just a starting point. If you know of alternative approaches then please share them in the comments to help out others!

    0:00 Intro
    0:30 What software
    2:00 Tuning up
    2:35 5edo
    4:37 Messing around with 19edo
    14:40 19edo semaphore[9]
    18:19 A golden ratio inspired tuning
    27:00 Some chords of 22edo
    32:07 How a song like Gleam looks on piano roll

    The big list of microtonal software synth plugins:

    Create tuning files using the Scale Workshop web app:

    Optionally, use Scala instead of Scale Workshop:

    Brendan Byrnes's microtonal music tutorial video is way better than mine:

    Find me online:

    Video was recorded using OBS and edited using Kdenlive on KDE Neon (Linux). My DAW is Bitwig Studio. I demonstrated Zyn-Fusion (ZynAddSubFX) and EP-MK1 plugins during this video.

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  • Microtonal Music Tutorial


    Introduction to xenharmonic/microtonal music concepts, tuning, and the harmonic series. Analysis of Kaleidoscopic. Music and tutorial by Brendan Byrnes. More information and music at
    A link to the album Neutral Paradise:

  • How to Play a PHAT Chill-Hop Chord Progression: Step by Step


    Here's a simple but lush sounding electric piano chord progression that would really sit well within a chill hop or trip hop instrumental piece. It has some interesting chords and tensions that I'll walk you through. Feel free to use it in your compositions! If you do, please send me a link so I can have a listen and maybe even publicize it here on this channel or video description!

    Link to my piano jazz course here on Youtube:

  • Adam Neely Made Me Do It | Making Microtonal Jazz


    Inspired by Adam Neely's latest video on microtonal low-fi beats, I made a 24-tone version of my original song It'll Happen To You. I had no choice in the matter.

  • Lo-Fi Hip Hop Meets The Middle East!


    If Middle Eastern music chilled to power chords, this is what it might sound like. This video was inspired by Adam Neely's video How to make Microtonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop. Here's the link to the Adam Neely Video:

  • How To Play Lofi Hip Hop Guitar / Guitar Chord Ideas / solo tips


    How To Play Lofi Hip Hop Guitar (Chillhop, Jazzhop, all the hops) / Guitar Chord Ideas / solo tips - Tutorial On How I play some go to chord progressions, where you can find your own and some solo tips - Stay tuned for part 2 soon!#

    Get my sample pack here:

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    More Free Samples:

    My Spotify Grooves:
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    My Gear If You Care (These are also affiliate links)

    My Guitar: HSH Strat - favorite guitar i've ever owned:
    Audio Interface: Focusrite 2i2 (Previously had the solo) :
    Also if you care i'm using regular slinky strings (As does John Mayer and other guitar dons) :

    #lofi #guitar #loops

  • ???????????????????????????????????????? lofi hip hop playlist - ♩beats to relax/study to♩


    00:00 : Adam Neely - chill 10 (
    02:26 : Charlie McCarthy - Microtonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop to jam to (
    04:17 : Nill - Microtonal Lofi M (
    05:26 : Adam Neely - Chill 24
    07:39 : Musiclassic1 - T3st
    09:20 : Adam Neely - Jingle Bells/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 19TET
    11:17 : Lucky Numbers - Microtonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop (
    12:49 : Adam Neely - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 17TET
    14:42 : Adam Neely - Christmas Time is Here 24TET
    16:27 : CritDeathX - 24edo_lofi (
    18:32 : Kant - Microtonal Lofi (
    20:04 : Musiclassic1 - SpiritedAway remïx
    21:47 : Phortran - Ascension (
    24:00 : CritDeathX - Level_7

    This is for purely the promotion of Microtonal Lo-Fi HipHop/Chill -- beats to listen / study to, because I like it. If you're featured in this list but don't want to be on it, then that's perfectly possible, because I hope to delete this playlist and update it with many more songs that I missed out on. So hit me up literally anwhere, in the comment section of this video, on reddit somewhere, on discord over in Xenharmonic Alliance or /r/NoX, you're ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? to message me anytime. Some in the queue for the reupload of our dear Microtonal lofi hip hop playlist:

  • Lo-fi microtonal drones to sleep/chill to


    This drone is based on a chord made up of an equal tempered subminor third (a minor third 50 cents flat,) equal tempered fifth, septimal seventh and small major second (10/9.) Its rhythmic qualities are the result of interference with tones differing by less than a cent or, in some cases, slightly more than one cent. The intervals were then transposed independently by complex ratios in opposing proportional directions until reaching 2 and 1 respectively for the resolution back to the initial chord with octave displacement. The polymeter created by the beats in the slightly detuned tones creates a hypnotic effect.

  • The End of Summer Beach Nights - Microtonal Lo-fi Hiphop


    microtonal lo-fi hiphop. Adam Neely method. 24tone beat

  • Sevish – Freathy


    Microtonal electronic music from Sevish's album Harmony Hacker -

    Named after a beach in Cornwall where I took my holidays as a kid, where the low tide would reveal soft sands that seemed to escape into the horizon.

    Two tunings were used. You’ll hear TOP Blackwood[10] throughout most of the piece. The ending section uses the 1 3 7 9 11 dekany. A dekany is a combination product set tuning dreamed up by Erv Wilson.

    Blackwood[10] is one of my favourite tonal structures, as it contains 5 major chords and 5 minor chords distributed evenly and symmetrically, with no need for a diminished chord like you would find on the 7th degree of the major scale. You might have heard me use this scale in 'Enterprise' and 'So Thankful'. I would recommend Blackwood[10] as a scale for beginner microtonalists to explore as it's easy to navigate, not too many notes, sounds fantastic and has a good balance between familiar/xenharmonic.


    Buy the album:

  • Making microtonal scales with Scale Workshop


    Here I make microtonal scales with Scale Workshop. Way easier than Scala! Try it yourself at

    Scale Workshop allows you to design microtonal scales and play them in your web browser. Export your scales for use with VST instruments. Convert Scala files and AnaMark Tun files to various tuning formats.

    Background music: Sevish - In The Zoon (23-edo)

    This has been a labour of love for almost 2 years - I hope that many people will find it useful! If you want to share any work you've created with Scale Workshop then I'd love to hear about it. Now that Scale Workshop is in a stable state, I am going to focus my attention back on composing new music and hosting the Now&Xen microtonal podcast.

  • benyamind ¬ Arch | Microtonal Music


    A microtonal piece of music
    Composed, produced & performed by benyamind

    #microtonal #hiphop #breakbeat #xenharmonic #rap

    The Arabic sounding piano is sampled from The Multicultural Piano - an ingenious invention from Ronen Shapira. The piano holds magical sounds in unconventional tunings and when I heard him perform an Arabic bit on it in one of his videos I was captivated by the enchanting quality to the sound and tuning. With Ronen's blessing I've used some snippets for this track so here is the first track that holds sounds of the instrument!

    The Multicultural Piano:


    I extend the piece using Tibetan morning chants and I harmonize that with melodic Turkish just intonation (JI). I found that by shifting the intended fundamental this JI system has a nice resonance with the rest of the soundscape, so I am using this JI system 'the wrong way'. The usage of this JI system and the shifting of the fundamental also allows for some freaky modulations into the micro-realms... Hope you enjoy!
    - Prof. Xen 'Armon

    Make sure to subscribe, more will follow! The track is downloadable via my soundcloud. Questions, ideas, remarks etc. are always welcome. Peace
    Freelance composer. For inquiries and such:
    benyaminddesign at

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    Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix
    Sleep & Rain mix

    Listen to another Rain mix here -

    0:00 TRA$H - Journey

    2:24 BIDØ - last sunshine.

    3:45 broey. - Paradise

    6:04 heytheremylove. - bloom.

    7:37 tzelun - see u soon

    9:05 Jay-Lounge - Sleeping City

    11:59 WYS - lone

    15:33 Jay-Lounge - Puddles /w Jordy Chandra

    Artwork by Nikolai Lockertsen

    ???? bootleg ????
    soundcloud -
    twitter -
    instagram -
    spotify -
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  • ????MELODY SECRETS: How To Make Beautiful LOFI Chords From Scratch ✏️????


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    LoFI Melody Tut:


    ????Midi Scales:
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    #LoFi #Beatmaking #FlStudio

  • Lo-fi for Ghosts


    Do you have a pulse? this video isn't for you...

    ????You can help take HR to the next level! 2000 people - $1/£1 a month is it possible? Hitting this target would allow me to run the channel full time which in turn would allow me also work on more uploads & other things such as reviews (movies/games etc) and gaming livestreams - and yes I'll even go on camera for this ???? (consider this your pre-warning!) If you enjoy my content please consider supporting - Current Patron's 71/2000
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    ➡More music on my channel, feel free to come and take a look!

    00:01 1. nogfgoodnight - 四月 (shigatsu)
    01:51 2. nogfgoodnight - with you in my arms
    03:30 3. Low Frequency Music - It May Stretch Your Soul
    05:55 4. anoma - Artificial
    07:33 5. Eyeless - atmosphere
    09:42 6. nogfgoodnight - table for one.
    11:42 7. nogfgoodnight - i love her so much (2018, cut)
    13:53 8. S O S O R R Y - I missed you, i have many stories to tell you ...
    15:03 9. raccoon with a groovebox - winters solitude.
    17:38 10. raccoon with a groovebox - nitecaps
    19:49 11. Aireey - Ohana
    22:04 12. Hovenbet - RAIN
    24:14 13. Hovenbet - Sleep
    28:16 14. isko - wanderers
    30:04 15. Hovenbet - Supermarket
    32:18 16. Kumonaut - Night owl
    35:08 17. 秋本'awesome tonebender - Damaged Noxious Fragile
    37:32 18. 秋本'awesome tonebender - Kikyo
    40:08 19. Sukonjura - Night Vibes
    42:22 20. Tatami - Underappreciated
    44:11 21. raccoon with a groovebox - in the orange light
    47:18 22. Johnny no one - Lost At Sea
    49:39 23. Chordyceps - bittersweetmemories
    52:00 24. Brother Mac - 24 hours
    55:00 25. anoma - i made a lullaby for my cat

    ???? Original artwork concept: Wren @sleeprealms

    Thank you Wren for your inspiring artwork!

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  • Microtonal Austin


    A little different than my normal videos, but after watching Adam Neely's micro-tonal video I wanted to try making my own.

    Adam's video here:

  • benyamind ¬ Hypno | Microtonal Music in 15/4


    Hey what's going on everyone. Back with some microtones. This time a 22-tone breakbeat in 15/4.

    Tuning: 22-EDO/TET

    Scale degrees:

    Main scale:
    0, 2, 5, 9, 13, 15, 18, 22
    (Arabic) Modulation:
    0, 2, 7, 9, 13, 15, 20, 22
    Second main scale:
    0, 4, 6, 9, 13, 17, 18, 22

    (+ some occasional passing notes)

    Hope you enjoy, cheers for tuning in! Track is downloadable via my soundcloud. More microtonal music will follow so if you like the madness make sure to subscribe to stay up to date. If you have any questions, remarks, comments.. feel free to share your thoughts!

    Freelance composer. For inquiries and such:
    benyaminddesign at

  • Chillhop Radio ???? jazzy beats / lofi hip hop


    Welcome to the Chillhop Radio, playing the best jazzy / lofi hip hop beats from our label to get you through your day. Enjoy your stay! ????

    ???? Chillhop Radio Playlists
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    ???? Listen to the lofi hip hop radio

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    ???? Illustration & Animation by Tévy Dubray

    ⭐ Brand new features:
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    ↪︎ Link to all tracks and artists in chat
    ↪︎ Random Giveaways
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    ???? The Chillhop Community

    #jazzy #lofihiphop #beats

  • Bohlen-Pierce Temperament Tutorial


    You can support me on Patreon here:

    Software is Hex from


  • Lo-fi Hip Hop, As Digested by a Classical Musician


    A chill day exploring beats, lo-fi hip hop, downtempo, glitch, and loops, that led to the step-by-step creation of my first beat...

    Part 2:

    The playlist mentioned:

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  • chill 10 - Adam Neely


    Adam Neely

    two microtonal lo-fi jams

    Video Image:
    Jean Alves

    from two microtonal lo-fi jams, released October 14, 2019

  • The Moment of Revelation - Microtonal Music in 18 EDO


    The moment of revelation is a microtonal ethnic orchestral opus in 18 EDO (18 notes per octave).
    Composer, performer and producer: Akhila Rasa.

    There are 8 parts of composition.

    1) 0:00 Forest of dreams about material happiness
    2) 1:31 Forest is overrun by storms of suffering
    3) 2:50 Prayer to the uncertain God for deliverance from suffering
    4) 4:15 Mystical revelation as a consequence of prayer
    5) 6:01 Sincere prayer to the Personality of Godhead
    6) 7:27 Past values burn in the heart
    7) 8:07 The way to the Spiritual World
    8) 9:04 Perfection: spiritual abode - Goloka Vrindavana.
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    And don' t forget to comment that I can improve the quality.

    #microtonalmusic #ethnicmusic #epicmusic

  • Lo-Fi Hip Hop | Ableton Live Tutorial


    17:00 song


  • How To Make Lush Lofi Beat


    Lofi Kit (free) -
    Piano Chord Progressions eBook (discount) -
    SeratoSample -

    In this beatmaking vid I share how to make a lush lofi beat inside garageband but the concept works across the board. Sounds being used come from the above link which is a free mini lofi drum kit to create lofi hiphop. The chord progression are the exact chords from the piano chord progressions ebook (link is at the top of this description) Also serato sample was used to play the drums in this vid. If you have any questions please let me know.

    Loopmasters SamplePack DEALS -
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    Free Streaming -


    Disclaimers: I give my own opinions, sponsors are acknowledged. Affiliates are Loopmasters, PluginBoutique, B&H, Amazon

    Intro performed by @NahjaiSoul

  • Future of Jazz? - Dsilton - Microtonal Guitar & Drums & M-Claviton


    Great band Dsilton playing Finkostar with the 31-tone electric microtonal guitar, amazing microtonal keyboard called M-Claviton and drums.

    Follow them on YouTube:




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  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 17TET - Adam Neely


    Adam Neely

    Christmas Microtonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop EP

    Video Image:

    from Christmas Microtonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop EP, released December 23, 2019

  • 5 FREE lo-fi plugins


    ⬇️Links to all plugins ⬇️
    Room Piano ($1)
    Izotope Vinyl
    LowBit MonoSyn
    London Atmos
    The drums were played on a Maschine Mikro MK3

    In this video, I share 5 FREE plugins for lo-fi, vintage sound. These are instruments and effects that will let you create lo-fi beats for hip hop or EDM. These plugins are free and great for either hip hop or EDM music. London Atmos is great for ambient music too. These are the best new plugins for lofi music. These are LoFi vsts that you can use with FL Studio, Ableton, Logic and any other DAW. You can download these free plugins above. :-)

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  • ◤On & On ◣ ____ **MASHUP**


    A mashup of the vocal track from the song On & On by Erykah Badu and Adam Neely's shaving kit chords vamp from his video on microtonal LoFi

    It started as a little experiment but turned out kind of cool so I figured I would post it as a video... It shows how great a singer Erykah Badu is. The backing vocals are a bit off with those chords though.

  • Как написать Микротональный Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Adam Neely на русском


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    How to make Microtonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop
    by Adam Neely

    Перевел и озвучил Дмитрий Павлушин

  • Lucky Numbers - Microtonal Hiphop / Funk - Lofi / Hifi - 24EDO


    The sun goes up, the sun goes down
    nothing changes in this little town
    The light goes red, the light goes green
    nothing changed in the in-between

    The factory horn blows once more
    we all work hard we all play ball
    on Saturdays spend the cash we save
    then smoke ourselves to an early grave

    where were you when the clocks went back
    we all got out our heads
    another hour of drinking time
    another hour in bed

    did your lucky numbers save you?
    did your lucky numbers save you?

  • Lo-Fi masterclass - How to make Lo-Fi Hip-Hop & House Course


    ► Watch course :

    The course will teach you all the techniques you need for making Lo Fi Hip Hop and Lo Fi House. Learn how you can use vintage drum machines as well as modern VSTs to get an authentic vintage sound in a DAW.

    Led by creative powerhouse KayKay, this course will massively improve your understanding of how to capture lo-fi sounds while boosting your general creative output.

    Get pro tricks and tips on exactly how to mix and apply effects that sound authentically Lo Fi; capture sounds around the house and your environment to achieve a more organic feel in your productions; and get valuable insights into 15+ VSTs that KayKay uses regularly to get a grimier and more textured sound that you can use in all styles of production, not just Lo Fi music!

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  • How To Get A Lo-Fi Guitar Sound


    Some affordable pedals to help you achieve this sound:
    Vibrato -
    Bit Crusher -

    Here's a tutorial on how to get a lo-fi guitar sound. One way uses guitar pedals, and the other uses a free VST plugin.

    My music:

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  • Ableton Live LoFi Beat Making Tutorial


    In this video, I show you some cool groove techniques in Ableton Live for your drums. You can apply this to all genres, but it sounds really good on the boom bap style drums and live instrument sounds.

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  • How to make BASIC LOFI


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  • Sevish - Earthling


    From the album Rhythm and Xen by Sevish:

    This track actually samples one of my older tracks (do you know which one?) and flips it into a chilled hip-hop tempo tune. There is no systemic approach to microtonality here. The pad in the background is just intonation, and other elements were free-pitched or used a microtonal equal temperament. The Rhythm and Xen download includes liner notes with more information about each track.

    Hit subscribe, I'm uploading original microtonal music in various styles. :)

  • lofi chords - music theory tutorial


    Lo-Fi embraces flaw and musicality. That's why it's so great to have it in the hip hop world. We can now show all our skills within the umbrella of hip hop.

    I will show you how to make chords which give a vibe for your lofi beats.

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  • Vocal Sampled Lo-Fi Beat Breakdown


    Here is my first tutorial for my Lo-fi beat / song it's not the same anymore (ft. Vict Molina).
    Sorry for the poor quality compared to other channels; I have never done a tutorial like this before. Enjoy :)

    Stream this song on Spotify:

    Link to original song on YouTube:

    Dreams of you started to feel like nightmares..
    Lease Beats:
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    IG (@zainibeats):
    Twitter (@cheyennezaini):

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  • How to create a lo-fi piano


    In this video, we use stock Ableton plugins to sound design a lo-fi piano. We also cover how to make effect racks and map macros in Ableton. Finally, we explain how to play a jazzy chord progression and melody. Read the full article and download the Ableton preset (10.1 required) here:

    Chord Progression Breakdown: 8:21


  • Upon Us | Microtonal Music


    #microtonal #world #breakbeat #xenharmonic #justintonation

    ~ Upon Us
    A microtonal piece of music
    Composed & produced by benyamind

    Hey what is up everyone,

    I didn't have a fixed tuning when I started this project because I layed down some vocals first. Then I just decided to continue this way and not use synths/fixed tuning but do everything by ear. So the track only consists out of my vocals and manipulated, micro-tuned samples. The core is pretty much diatonic/chromatic and in just intonation, but I drift off to more complex ratios, modulations and bending sounds here and there. Some stuff definitely rings true in absolute harmony and some stuff drifts off and creates minor dissonance. It was a fun experiment and I hope you like the result!
    - Prof. Xen 'Armon

    Track is downloadable via my soundcloud in high quality.

    Freelance composer. For inquiries and such:
    benyaminddesign at

  • Sevish - So Thankful


    Microtonal electronic music from Sevish's album Harmony Hacker -

    Blackwood decatonic - one of those legendary microtonal scales. And it's a great example of a tuning that has some familiar chords that connect in unfamiliar (massively un-diatonic) ways. While you listen to So Thankful, listen out for a series of 6 chords that descend. You'll hear this series repeatedly throughout the song. These six chords alternate (minor major minor major etc.) in a way that the Western 12-tone equal tempered scale can't achieve. Give it a try and see what happens.

    What I like most about microtonal music is that it can be very familiar and pleasant but also novel and unexpected (in an awesome way). Of course, you can also use microtonality to create massive dissonance, way more harsh sounding than any 12-tet music, but where's the fun in that?!! Microtonal scales offer countless doorways to exciting and new original sounds - WE (the musicians of the world) should be exploring these new ideas without ever forgetting the importance of moving butts.

    Life has been busy for me the last few months. There's a chance that I'll change roles at work, which will make things even busier and more tiring. During these times hobbies can suffer. Music is one of those hobbies. :( But I've been putting all of my music-related earnings into a special pot so I can replace the aging laptop that was used to write my last few releases. What this means is: I'm still very much interested in music and I plan to explore a lot more of my ideas, but I'll need a lot of patience from all you wonderful folks. Things may get quiet here for a while, perhaps even dry up for months at a time, but I intend to return. And when I return the microtones (and odd time signatures) are returning with me.

    Hello to all the new subscribers who found me via Adam Neely's Q&A a couple weeks ago!

    SO THANKFUL -- to everyone who has enjoyed my work and supported me. Hit me up in the comments or elsewhere on the information superhighway: no longer exists, sorry

    Buy the album:

  • Virtutes Occultae - Microtonal Music for Six Pianos - Full Album


    Download the score here:

    An article on this work in Sound American:

    Virtutues Occultae is an album in eighteen sections for six physically modeled virtual pianos, each with a unique tuning in an extended 11-limit just intonation.

    In writing this music I used a mixture of traditional composition methods of structuring the music with various harmonies and progressions along with more free writing, collage techniques, and algorithmic composition.

    The tuning of the virtual pianos extends Harry Partch’s conception of the over-tonality.

    This album also exists as a six-channel surround sound concert/installation format.

    Music and mix by Taylor Brook
    Mastering by Chris Botta

    released December 19, 2017

  • Perfect Pitch Lofi Pedal | Will It Pedal?!


    Paper Jamz Pro Mic toy turned guitar pedal! Perfect pitch? What even does that mean in a toy..

    Background music:



    Magpie Pirates



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