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Playlist of How to Record

  • How To Record A Song From Scratch - Vocals -


    ►► Create radio-worthy songs from your bedroom. Download my FREE Radio Ready Guide and learn my 6 step process →

    Part 6 of 6 - Recording vocals well in your home studio is one of the most important things you could learn.

    No matter how good the rest of your tracks sounds, if the vocals sound amateur, the entire song sounds amateur.

    So today I'm going to show you how to get a great vocal recording!

    In this video I teach you where to place your microphone in the room, how to get the best sound out of your microphone, and a simple trick to making your vocals pop in the hook of your song.

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  • How To Record A Song From Scratch - Getting Started -


    ►► Create radio-worthy songs from your bedroom. Download my FREE Radio Ready Guide and learn my 6 step process →

    Part 1 of 6 - What does it take to record your latest song idea from scratch in your home studio? Turns out, not much!

    Today I'm starting a new series where I'll walk you through the entire process of recording a great sounding song from the ground up.

    In this first video I'll show you what gear and equipment you'll need and then we'll setup our software and record our first track!

    To get a list of the recording equipment I use in this video and my recommendations to fit every budget, download my Studio Gear Guide completely free:

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  • How To Record CLEAR VOCALS on Your Phone?!


    How To Record CLEAR VOCALS on Your Phone?! The best way to record high quality vocals without a studio mic. This is practically the FREE way if you already own a phone and a laptop. Please share and subscribe!

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    How To Sing Better (FREE) -

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    ♪Best Recording Studio Setup for Singers♪

    Studio Microphones: ????
    ↪︎ Tonor TC20 ($) -
    ↪︎ Audio Technica AT2035 ($$) -
    ↪︎ Shure Sm7B Microphone ($$$) -
    ↪︎ CloudLifter for Shure SM7b -
    ↪︎ Neumann u87 ai ($$$$) -

    2. Audio Interface: ????
    ↪︎ Presonus ($) -
    ↪︎ Scarlett Solo ($) -
    ↪︎ Scarlett 2i2 ($$) -
    ↪︎ Apollo Twin ($$$) -

    3. Studio Headphones: ????
    ↪︎ Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (250ohm) -
    ↪︎ Sennheiser HD280PRO -

    4. Mic Stands: ????
    ↪︎ Desk Microphone Boom Stand ($) -
    ↪︎ LONG Desk Boom Stand ($) -
    ↪︎ Mic Stand ($) -
    ↪︎ Sturdy Stand for Isolation Booth ($$) -

    ???? Best Studio Booth! ($$) -

    ???? I USE APPLE TO USE Logic Pro X & Final Cut Pro X
    (i7 Core Processors on both)
    ↪︎My Current Computer -
    ↪︎ My Current Laptop -
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    DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission. Sis is tryna get that coinnnn. This helps feed my belly and supports this AmaZane Channel.Thank you for all the support! Love you guys.

  • How to Record a Song on Computer


    Here's a simplified explanation of how to record a song on your computer. I go over the very basics of what type of microphone to use, which recording software to use (free), and which instruments to record first. Keepin' it simple, my friends.

    ►Download Audacity here:
    ►Amazon - Blue Yeti USB mic:
    ►Amazon - Mic stand:

    Other helpful videos of mine...
    More Audacity tips:
    How to mix a song:
    How to record drums w/ one mic:
    USB mic comparisons:

    ►Let's chill:

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  • HOW TO: Record + Edit Audio for Covers


    Hey all you lovely people!

    I hope this video helped answer any questions you might have had about recording and editing audio for covers. :)

    What Equipment I use + setup:

    Use the same PADS for your worship sets or covers:

    Music for this video:

    If you have any questions at all, just comment down below and I will try to help you the best I can! Much love!

    Here are the links to all the purchase platforms for my newest album AWAKENING. I can't wait for you to hear these songs that have come straight from my heart. Love you all so much!!




    SHOP (handheld copies and more):

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  • How to Record Guitar Videos


    In this video I walk through how to record guitar cover videos and my recording process. I use a combination of my amp (Yamaha THR10), Reaper, Bias FX, and Adobe Premier Pro. This has been the question I've been asked most on my channel, so I hope this helps some of you who may be looking to start making your own guitar videos! I couldn't get into every aspect in this video as it was getting long, so please let me know if you have any further questions in the comments :).

    Gear mentioned in the video (affiliate links):
    Amp/Audio Interface - Yamaha THR10:
    Camera - Panasonic Lumix G7:

    Recording/editing programs mentioned:
    Bias FX:
    Adobe Premier Pro:

    Get a Rachelf shirt here!
    My Website:

    Timestamps to jump to sections:
    Audio Interfaces: 0:48
    THR10 + Audacity Recording: 2:10
    Reaper Tutorial: 4:14
    Reaper + Bias FX: 6:29
    Double tracking guitars: 11:50
    Recording Video: 13:09
    Adobe Premier Pro tips: 13:23

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  • How to record your band, part 1: preparation


    Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail! So don't hit record just yet. A little work behind the scenes will ensure that your time in your studio (no matter how makeshift) is well spent and productive.

    There are many different ways to record your band, but recording your songs doesn't mean you have to be in a studio recording instruments separately. With the right equipment and a well rehearsed and prepared group of musicians you can record together live, and capture the essence of your sound.

    You might feel that some recordings you've heard before fail to represent the dynamic of seeing a band play live, so tracking a band playing together is a great way of showcasing the energy of your sound for promoters and potential new fans to hear. It can also be relatively quick and cost effective way to record too.

    The Tracklist
    But before you even think about plugging in, your band needs to choose the songs you want to record, consider what songs best showcase your sound to people. Be realistic with the amount of songs to start with and make sure you know them inside out; because this recording is going to be an accurate reflection of how well you play them live.

  • How to Record GOOD Vocals in a BAD Room


    We don't always get to choose what room we want to record vocals in, and we don't always have the option to permanently sound treat a room. In that case, here's a solution that you can easily set up and tear down in any room!

    Shure SM7B:
    DIY Perks:

    Check out my MUSIC at:
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    How to Record Good Vocals in a Bad Room Tutorial Lesson Guide

  • How To Prepare To Record A Song -


    ►► Create radio-worthy songs from your bedroom. Download my FREE Radio Ready Guide and learn my 6 step process →

    When it comes to recording, do you just wing it?

    Do you come into your home studio, flip on your computer, fire up your DAW, plugin in a microphone, and just GO?

    Well starting today, I want you to approach recording with a bit more intentionality. I want you to actually prepare long before you hit the record button.

    In today's video, I break down my exact preparation process for recording not only myself but for bands when I've traveled for remote recording sessions, and time is of the essence.

    It may not be glamorous but it makes a HUGE difference in your final product!

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  • Tascam DP008EX How To Record, Mixdown, and Master


    A HowTo video for the Tascam DP008EX Digital Portastudio... quickly runs thru all the steps required to record, mix down, master, and finally export a song to a WAV file that you can import into a computer.

  • PreSonus LIVE— How to Record Your First Song with the PreSonus AudioBox Studio at Home!


    Justin Spence shows you how to record your first song using the AudioBox Studio, which includes the AudioBox USB interface, HD7 Headphones, M7 Microphone, and Studio One Artist DAW.

    Add Studio One to your workflow today:

    For more on the AudioBox Studio, click here:

  • Vocal Comping In FL STUDIO 20 | How to Record Vocals


    If you’re anything like me, you record roughly 5-10000 takes just for one specific part within a song... Vocal comping and recording vocals in FL Studio is now easier to do in version 20+. Not only do I discuss how to set up your project within FL Studio, but I give you tips on how to better organize your workflow between the playlist and mixer. This video is sponsored by DistroKid.

    Get 7% off DISTROKID:

    Other Useful Tutorials:
    3 Habits Before Recording:
    Recording Vocals In FL:
    Best Waves Plugins For Vocals:

    ???? Mixing & Mastering Service

    ???? FLP + WAVES Vocal Presets

    ???? Purchase Untagged Beats

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    Equipment Used:
    2nd Microphone:
    Alternative Microphone:
    *Audio Interface:
    2nd Audio Interface:
    Alternative Audio Interface :
    2nd Headphones:
    3rd Headphones:
    Microphone Isolation Shield:
    *Used in today's video

    Any questions or inquiries? Please send an email to:

    » Website -
    » Instagram -
    » Facebook -

    #vocalcomping #flstudio #recordingvocals

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  • How To Record Vocals - Mic Placement


    In the latest in the series of how to micro lectures, Jason de Wilde demonstrates different techniques for recording a vocal. In this lecture, we look at how changing the distance between microphone and sound source can dramatically affect the overall sonic texture of the recording. We also look at how a pop filter is used to improve the sound quality by reducing the plosives caused by p and b sounds.
    Click above to watch in HD.
    Jason's Website

    Check out our Website,
    Our Facebook Page,
    Our Video Page,
    Our Twitter,
    My Space,
    You Tube Channel,

    Check out our App in the ITunes Store :

    Audio @ Aim
    The Bachelor of Music (Audio Technology) is a thorough and complete study of sound engineering and music technology. Throughout all stages of the course students are taught theoretical concepts which are supported with practical audio classes. Students will learn to collaborate with other other AIM students including composers, musicians, performers and actors to complete major projects. Students have access to our state of the art recording studios to complete their assessments. They also have opportunities to work on the many additional recording projects such as the Best of AIM CD which is produced each year. Students further their musical knowledge and skills with practical and theoretical units. Students who want to focus on technical production skills should choose the Audio Major. Associate study options enable all audio students to either specialise or broaden their study program.

    The major study units of this audio course combines three streams of study:

    1. Audio Technology
    These units focus on the theoretical aspects of sound engineering including; acoustics, perception of hearing, digital audio, sampling, electronics and system design.

    2. Recording Technology
    These units focus on the practical techniques of recording and mixing sound. Students undertake practical classes in the numerous recording studios at AIM. Students also complete their own recording projects in each of these units. Projects increase in complexity as students progress through the course.

    3. Digital Technology
    These units focus on the software used in the field of sound and music production. All units are undertaken in the Digital Media lab at AIM. Each student has access to a digital audio workstation to complete their classes.

    Filmed and produced by Adam St John - Foti for AIMtv the official music channel for the Australian Institute of Music.

  • How To Record Acoustic Guitar ???????? 4 Step-By-Step Methods


    ????► FREE Chord & Songwriting Guitar eBook -

    Hey guys,
    My name’s Dave from GuitarZero2Hero and in this Video I’m going to be teaching you guys the best and easiest ways to record your acoustic guitar. Whether you’re recording your own song, making a cover, or just documenting your progress as a guitarist all these methods I teach in this video will help you get the job done.

    When recording acoustic guitar, there is no single right way of doing it. As the saying goes there’s more than one way to skin a cat - so the method you choose will really depend on your budget and what sound you’re trying to achieve. In total I’ll be showing you 4 different setups you can use which will cover any budget and level of expertise.

    MAC - Garageband (Free)
    MAC - Logic
    PC - Cakewalk
    PC - Ableton Live (Free with Focusrite Interfaces)

    Rode NT-USB -
    Microphone Stand -

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 -
    Guitar Lead -

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 -
    Rode NT1 -
    Rode NT1A -
    Microphone Stand -
    XLR Cable -

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 -
    Rode M5 -
    Rode NT5 -
    Rode TF5 -
    2 x Microphone Stand -
    2 x XLR Cable -

    -Dave Tran (Your online guitar teacher ????)


    GZ2H Premium is a complete step-by-step online course.
    Learn chords, scales, soloing, fingerpicking, and much more.

    ???? THE GEAR I USE ????
    ► GUITAR : Cole Clark Angel 2 -
    ► AMP : Boss Katana 50 -
    ► STRINGS : Elixir Phosphor Bronze .12 - .53 -
    ► CAPO : G7th -
    ► PICKS : Grover Allman Jazz XL 1.14mm -
    ► MIC 1 : Rode NTG3 -
    ► MIC 2 : Rode NT3 -
    ► REC INTERFACE : Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 -
    ► CAMERA : Canon M50 -



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  • How to Record Vocals - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


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    How to record vocals on a budget with Warren Huart. Featuring tips on making the artist feel comfortable, gain staging, and microphone distance.

    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

  • How To Record Your DJ Set - The Complete Guide!


    Recording mixes and sets can be one of the best marketing methods for DJ's but there has always been confusion about the best way to actually get your set recorded. With many options available, DJ Holland breaks down the key methods and what you'll need to get set up your sets recorded!

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  • Brushy One String | How to record Chicken In The Corn


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    Watch Brushy record a take of his hit Chicken In The Corn during the Destiny album recording sessions.

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  • How To Record Vocals LIKE A PRO!


    How to record vocals at home like a pro with and Apollo, UAD Console, UAD Vocal Sauce. In today's tutorial Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In The Game shares 6 easy steps to guarantee professional sounding home recordings!

    1. Acoustically Treat Your Room for vocal recording
    2. Mic Choice & Microphone Placement for vocals
    3. Open Template for vocals in your DAW
    4. Mute the audio channel you'd like to record onto
    5. Setup Latency-Free vocal chain in UAD Console
    6. Press the blue UAD MONITORING button in UAD Console to Record dry Vocals into your DAW

    Get Whole Loops UAD VOCAL SAUCE

    The 2 microphones used in this video

    Bear Grillz & Karra - OUT OF MY BODY:

    UAD Console and UAD plugins:

    (It’s a free download, but they only work when you have an Apollo or Satellite connected to your computer)

    Get Whole Loops Samples and Presets

    Download all my free sample packs and presets by joining the Whole Loops email list!

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    #VocalMixing #Ableton10 #Tutorial

  • How to Record a Full Length Album


    ► Want more? Learn to mix better than ever before with our FREE workshop, The Top 5 Habits of Truly Great Mixers: ◀

    Justin Colletti evaluates the 3 primary ways to record a full length album and offers best practices gathered from 15 years studying how artists succeed in the 21st century.

    For the text version, How Long is This Gonna Take: The Time and Cost of Recording a Full Length Album, visit:

  • How To Record Rap Using Mobile Phone | Learn Mix & Mastering Using Mobile Phone


    How To Record Rap Using Mobile Phone | Learn Mix & Mastering Using Mobile Phone

    #MixAndMastering #RapRecording #TSMOKE

    For Promotions;
    Email - ????

    Let's Get Connected;
    Instagram - @tarun_official07❤️

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  • How to Record - Lesson 1: Basics of Sound - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


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    In Lesson 1 of the How to Record series, Warren discusses the basics of sound. Touching on topics such as frequency, timbre, polarity, phase relationship, listening volume (SPL), equal loudness, and recording levels.

    Gain Staging Explained - 3 things you need to know

    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

  • स्टुडियो जैसी रिकॉर्डिंग अपने फ़ोन में कैसे करे || How to Record AUDIO On Phone || Musical Guruji


    How to Record and Edit audio On Phone Like Professional Studio || Musical Guruji

    MY Album Songs -
    Tum Ho -
    Lonely Bird -
    O Re Khuda -

    Best Guitar for beginners -
    Yamaha F310 ----
    Fender SA105 ----

    Best Keyboard for beginners -
    Yamaha PSR E263 -
    Yamaha PSR E363 -

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    TOP 5 keyboard for beginners
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    My Equipments -
    Camera -------------
    Tripod ---------------
    Boya Mic ----------
    Condenser Mic --
    Sound Card -------
    Laptop --------------
    Desktop iMAC --
    Midi Keyboard --
    Head Phone ------

    Voice Recording On Phone
    Audio Editing On Phone
    Cover Song Recording and editing on phone

  • How To Record Piano With Phone | Paino Recording With Mobile Phone | Easy Hindi Tutorial


    Audio Splitter (4 Pole)

    Aux Cable 3.5mm to 3.5mm

    Jack Converter

    Audio Splitter (3 pole)



    How To Connect // Record Piano With Computer -
    Amazon Affiliate Links
    My Keyboard (Casio 6300)

    My 2nd Keyboard (Casio 245)

    Casio 6300 Stand With Bag Cover

    My Tripod


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  • How To Record Music At Home


    Advice on getting started with your home recording studio with Dan Stirling and Philip Shibata. SUBSCRIBE for next week's video on the recording process.

    We sit down to discuss the kind of gear you need to begin capturing your songs on a budget. This is one of the most common questions we get asked, so we're going to be discussing it over two videos. This one focuses on the gear, and next week's will focus on the process.

    Thanks also to Annette for sending us your EP. Check out her music:
    » Youtube -
    » Spotify -

    Also check out Dan Stirling's work:

    And check out Philip Shibata's new channel, The Worship Blog:

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    Recorded on the Lumix GH5 with 12-35mm lens.
    Edited in Premiere Pro.

  • How to Record Guitar Amp on Computer without a Microphone


    ►Buy the cheap adapter here:
    How to record your guitar amp and pedals directly to your computer without a microphone. It's very inexpensive to do this and is ideal if you don't have a good microphone or any microphone at all.

    ►See the original video here (how to record guitar to pc) -

  • How to Record Audio in FL Studio 20


    More videos like this FL Studio 20 software lesson ????
    Shop for FL Studio 20 Producer Edition at Sweetwater ????
    Shop the gear used in this FL Studio 20 tutorial ????
    Shop for FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition at Sweetwater ????
    Shop FL Studio 20 Signature Edition at Sweetwater ????

    While FL Studio is best known for electronic music production, it's also a powerful multitrack audio recorder. Jacob Dupre shows you how to record audio in FL Studio 20.

    After you watch, check out today for all your music instrument and pro audio needs! ????

    #Sweetwater #ImageLine #FLStudio20

  • How To Record BETTER Vocals & Harmonies Tutorial | IAMLXGEND


    How To Record BETTER Vocals & Harmonies Tutorial | IAMLXGEND


    An in studio tutorial vlog on how to record better vocals & harmonies properly. Vocal and music production tips and tricks I learned from industry professionals on the best techniques to employ when recording vocals for any song in any music recording software in this studio session! I will show you recording techniques used by industry professionals to stack vocals in Garageband (or any DAW) for a more full sound to really get your music to pop.

    ????BE A MEMBER:


    Edited & Color Graded in Final Cut Pro X w/ Color Finale

    Thanks for watching.
    - Lxgend (aka IAMLXGEND)

  • How To Record A Song From Scratch - Acoustic & Electric Guitars -


    ►► Create radio-worthy songs from your bedroom. Download my FREE Radio Ready Guide and learn my 6 step process →

    Part 4 of 6 - After drums and bass it's time for me to record my guitar parts. Specifically in this video we'll tackle both electric and acoustic guitars.

    Since many of you record at home, late at night - cranking up a guitar amp may not be the best idea so you might turn to a virtual amp. It's becoming much more common to record electric guitars this way.

    In fact for my song I'll be doing just that - using a free guitar amp simulator plugin that came with my interface and recording direct. Plus I'll show you a simple way to create more width in your mix when recording guitars.

    For my acoustic guitar I'll be using a $99 Behringer B1 microphone. This is the first mic I ever purchased and it sounds great - especially when you use some strategic mic placement that I'll show you in this video.

    Alright, let's dive in!

  • D.I.Y Band recording - how to record band rehearsals, gigs, videos... micing drums, guitar and bass


    How to record your band and how to make it sounds great! This video shows you our method. How we capture our trio in a very effortless way every band rehearsals and every gig. We recently got an incredible kit from Lewitt microphone and this encouraged us to develop our method even further. Another major update was Two Note's C.A.B. M cabinet simulation. We never sounded this good on daily basis and we're excited to share our method with you. Hope this video gives you and your band some good tips on recording. Even if you dont' have a band and think of recording your music you might get some spark out of this video.

    Watch out band rehearsal video Mountains and Hills with 4 live tracks:

    We can highly recommend you LEWITT microphones. Incredible mics! Here's the kit we use. DTP Beat Kit Pro 7.

    Another recommendation TWO NOTES Torpedo C.A.B. M. Vitrual cabinet, micing, poweramp, eq. I love this!!!

    Peace and love to HUGHES & KETTNER. Even after 5 years of playing exclusively with Tubemeister Deluxe 40, I'm still as excited about the tone as when I first got it!

    Recording equipment
    LEWITT - DTP BEAT KIT PRO 7 -microphone kit
    - DTP 640 REX kick
    - MPT 440 DM snare
    - DTP 340 TT toms
    - LCT 340 overheads
    TWO NOTES - C.A.B. M - Cabinet simulation
    ZOOM - L-12 liveTrak Mixer recorder
    K&M Microphone stands, Stereo bar

    HUGHES & KETTNER - TM DELUXE 40 Amplifier
    (live: two TM 1x12 Cabinets with Celestion G12T-75)
    D'ADDARIO NYXL Strings
    PEDALBOARD built by Custom Boards Finland
    - DIGITECH - Freqout
    - BOSS - ES-5 / DD-500 / RV-6
    - MAD PROFESSOR - Forest Green Compressor
    - IBANEZ - Tube Screamer Mini / Dual Chorus
    - KORG - Miku Stomp
    - LEHLE P-split
    - ROLAND - FV50L Expression pedal
    - VOODOO LAB pedal power 4x4

    SCHECTER - Bass
    D’ADDARIO - NYXL Strings
    PEDALBOARD Voodolabs Dingbat
    - JAM Fuzz
    - BOSS Octave OC-2 / Tuner TU-2
    ( Live: EBS Reidmar Bass Amp + cabinets )

    YAMAHA - Kick 18” Maple Custom Absolute kick
    LUDWIG - Snare 14” Supraphonic 1965
    GRETSCH - Toms 12” & 14” 60’s
    BOSPHORUS - Cymbals
    - 15” Hi-Hat
    - 18” Paperthin Crash
    - 21” Paperthin Ride
    - 16”/12” Stack


    CUBASE 5
    WAVES - Gold bundle
    IK MULTIMEDIA - Ampeg (Amplitube) / reverbs
    OEKSOUND - Soothe / Spiff
    YAMAHA MGP12X - SPX Symphonic
    DYNAUDIO - Bm5a Studio monitors

    #lewitt #record #twonotes

  • How To Record Vocals In FL Studio


    In this video, I show you step by step on how to record your vocals in FL Studio. Please let me know in the comments what you would like to learn next!

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    ???? FLP + WAVES Vocal Presets

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    Equipment Used:
    Rode NT2-A:
    Rode NT1-A (Alternative):
    Scarlett Focusrite 6i6:
    Focusrite Scarlett Solo(Alternative) :
    FL Studio 12:
    DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Headphone:
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphone:
    Yamaha HS7 Studio Monitors:
    Monoprice 602650 Microphone Isolation Shield:

    Any questions or inquiries? please, send an email to:

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    How To
    How to record in fl studio 12
    vocals in FL Studio
    Record vocals
    Recording vocals

  • How to Record Audio for Church Service


    In this episode I show you how you can start recording your worship and sermon audio for around almost free depending on what equipment you already own. This method could also serve as a great back option if your other systems go down. Check out the links below to view the gear I show in this video. Thank you for watching. Please SUBSCRIBE to be updated when new content is released. Not paid by any company mentioned in this video.


    -Audio Interface Options:
    Focusrite Scarlett Solo:
    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 :

    -Creative Stage Redesign For Any Budget:

    -Seriously Improve the Look of Your Stage:

    -MAIN CAMERA (Nikon D3300):
    -MAIN LENSE (Nikon 35mm 1.8):
    -ND FILTER (52MM, K&F Concept):
    -CAMERA B (Canon Canon VIXIA HF G40):
    -MIC (Shure VP83) :
    - LED Video Light:

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  • How To Record Bass Covers


    Hi guys!

    This video has been requested a couple of times, so thought I'd share a little behind the scenes stuff about my bass covers :)

    This might be considered a super ghetto recording set up because I don't use any fancy cameras or an interface or compressors or whatever other gadgets that make for a better quality bass cover - but this works for me!

    Any questions feel free to ask :)

  • How To Record A Song From Scratch - Virtual Instruments -


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    Part 5 of 6 - Your recording software likely ships with one or two amazing virtual instrument plugins, you might as well use them!

    Today I'm going to add some electric piano and organ to my song using a simple USB keyboard controller and even my mouse. I'll also show you how you don't have to be able to play piano to harness the power of the modern virtual instrument.

    With some simple MIDI editing and strategic fiddling we can get a convincing performance that will subtly enhance our recording.

  • How to Record Sung Vocals at Home | iZotope Home Studio Tips


    #homerecording #izotope #homestudio

    Achieving studio-quality vocals from home can be done! Follow along as home studio expert James Ivey takes you through the process of recording and repairing sung vocals from your own home studio.

    Demo RX 7 for free:

  • How To Record Audio on Mobile Phone with Condenser Mic & High Quality Audio Recorder App in Hindi


    How To Record High Quality Audio on Android Mobile Phone with Condenser Mic and inbuilt Audio Recorder App for Musicians, Singer and Youtubers.
    In this video I have explained a basic idea to connect a Samson pro usb condenser mic to an android mobile phone with normal OTG cable to record high quality audio, voice and guitar for youtube videos at your home.
    I have given two Sound test (voice and guitar) without pop filter and all to show working of mic with mobile. you can make your audio more better than mine, because this video is recorded in a non treated room with random mic placement without any editing.

    I made this video to show “whether samson c01u pro mic works or not with mobile’ and yes it is working in my device shown in video.
    it is just a test video for your help, please watch full video for complete understanding.

    I hope apko ye video and test achcha laga hoga aur ab aap bhi apne ghar me aram se high quality ka audio record kare is trick se.


    Guitar -
    USB MiC -
    OTG -
    PHONE (For AUDIO Rec.) -

    Lap Mic -

    Microphone Review Video in Hindi -

    Thanks for Watching ....


  • How To Record Drums | Using 2, 4, and 8 Microphones


    Engineer Brendan Cox records @Modern Drummer Publications's Mike Dawson in a prestigious #London studio, where the likes of Uptown Funk was recorded, and artist such as @Adele, @Nile Rodgers & CHIC, to name but a few.
    This video shows various recording techniques from 2 microphones, 4 mics, and 8 mics, all recorded through the @Arturia #AudioFuse 8Pre and mixed using AudioFuse #CreativeSuite.
    Brendan and Mike show their drum tuning tips, drum dampening, microphone placements, and some other handy tips too.

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    • AudioFuse 8Pre:

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    • Engineer: Brendan Cox
    • Drummer: Mike Dawson

  • How to record clear vocals in garage band ios


    In this video, I will show you how to record clear vocals in Garageband ios and make a quick beat to write to. There is NO EQUIPMENT required for this process. I opted to plug in a pair of headphones to monitor my vocals you can do the same or not use headphones at all. I tried to keep the video as short and sweet as I could but there is so much to unpack with this program. Comment below if there is something more you'd like to see.

    Download the cheat sheet! Quick Guide to clear vocals in GarageBand iOS

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  • How To Record That Foo Fighters Vocal Sound -


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    The Foo Fighers' frontman Dave Grohl has always had a distinctive vocal sound.

    Most of it is his killer rock voice, but a lot of what we hear in their recordings is the power of the simple vocal double effect.

    Today I want to show you how to get this Dave Grohl, Foo Fighers style vocal double effect (hint you have to record it this way, not create it in the mix) and some tips to get it sounding as tight as possible.

  • How to record sound directly from digital keyboard to phone


    This method helped me achieve good sound quality and stop worrying about ambient noise.

  • How to Record an Audio Track | Getting Started with Music Studio


    Music Studio 2.0 is a free update to the existing Music Studio app.

    Music Studio offers a complete music production environment for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with features and a sound quality previously only known to desktop applications and expensive audio hardware.

    It combines a piano keyboard, 118 studio-quality instruments with sustain, a fully fledged 127-track sequencer with audio tracks, extensive note editing, reverb, real-time effects, microphone recording and much more on a user-friendly interface.

    Try the free Lite version!

  • How to Record a Song on Your Computer


    David talks about 5 basics things needed to learn how to record a song on your computer.He will address more items needed and how they all work together in future posts.

    The rest of these video continue here

  • How to Record Music on Your Computer - Tutorial


    When you want to record music on your computer you need 5 essentials - this helpful video quickly explains what they are and shows how they work together.

  • How to Record From Your Keyboard to Your phone or computer


    Want to record a basic song from your keyboard but not sure how?
    This video shows you exactly what you need to do that.

    Buy the cable on Amazon

    Now get some good quality music recorded right on your cell phone.
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    Mobile Mondays are a group of video's that I put out for the musicians in the real world. It's for those who only have a little time in there day to actually practice.
    That probably sounds like you because it is most of us. We live in a world where we barely have any time to do what we love.
    Everything is set up for music on the go with this series. It's set up so you can watch it on your phone and it's vertical video format will allow you keep your phone vertical and still have full screen. Remember to turn on the captions so you can watch it everywhere even when you can't listen to it out loud.

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    Camera: Vlogging Camera

    Lights: LimoStudio, LMS103

    Image and Video Software: Adobe Premiere Photoshop and Elements


  • How To Record Guitar: Microphone Placement


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    While it's become a common practice to plug directly into a recording interface and play with plug-in effects after the fact, there's nothing that beats the sound of an electric guitar playing through a miked amplifier. Full Sail University's Advanced Session Recording Course Director Darren Schneider explains the basic mic techniques for recording electric guitar.

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    Located in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail University offers associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees designed for the world of entertainment, media, arts, and technology. Full Sail's creative approach to education provides an immersive, fast-paced, and relevant learning experience that mirrors the workflow and collaboration found throughout today's rapidly evolving industries.
    Full Sail’s areas of study include music and recording, games, art and design, film and television, technology, media and communications, business, and sports marketing. Full Sail graduate credits include work on OSCAR®, Emmy®, GRAMMY®, ADDY®, MTV Video Music Award, and Video Game Award nominated and winning projects.

  • How to Record Your Computers Audio For FREE


    How to record your computer's speakers internally, the sound from your audio driver. Here's a link to download some free recording software if you don't already have one:

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  • How To: Record a YouTube Cover Without Expensive Recording Gear


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  • How to Record Guitar with Audacity using a backing track


    I am often asked how I record lead guitar with a backing track.
    If you have done it before it is simple, but if you don't know, this may help.
    Audacity is freeware and available for download from the internet.
    Please excuse the video and sound quality which is not the best.
    A number of people have asked about my connections.
    My guitar is connected to my effects pedal,
    which is then connected directly to the Line-in socket on my PC.
    If Audacity isn't recording your input, go to Edit/Preferences in Audacity. Click on devices. Make sure the Recording device selected is the connection you have connected your guitar to. This should allow Audacity to pick up your input.
    If Audacity doesn't play the backing track whilst recording a new track, go to Edit/Preferences and from the menu select Recording. Make sure the Overdub check box is checked. This will allow previous tracks to play whilst recording a new one.

  • How to Record Guitar for Youtube Videos by Adam Rafferty - Part 1


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    For this series that you are now watching:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Hi Gang,

    Many of you have asked how I record my guitar for Youtube videos, so here goes!

    First, here are 3 pretty good sounding guitar recordings in recent videos as an example:

    Beatles In My Life

    Beatles Yesterday

    John Lennon Imagine


    You are watching Part 1 of a 2 Part series which explains how I record the guitar audio.

    Enjoy and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


  • How to Record Drums - 4 mics


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    (It will 100% make your mixes sound better)
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  • Roland RD-2000 - How to record a song


    In this video we wanted to demonstrate how to setup a easily record a CD quality stereo wav file at 16 bit, 44.1.

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    Where to buy;



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