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Playlist of How to Master A Song (My Current Mastering Technique)

  • How to Master A Song -


    Mastering a Song
    HQ Multitracks
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    Drum Samples:

    In this video I show what my current approach on how to master a song. Even though I would never consider myself to be a mastering engineer, it isn't usual for me to send out a mastered version of my mix to the client.

    The purpose of doing this is to demonstrate to the client what their mix would sound like once it has been through mastering.

    I'm definitely not trying to go for perfection here but rather get it as close as I possibly can. It's really hard to compete with a mastering engineer who has dedicated their entire life to the craft.

    I also realize that this is probably a more expensive way to approach mastering your own song but also realize that there are many free options you can use that can mimic what I am doing. I just personally prefer the sound of my mixes going through the analog gear but that shouldn't stop you from making a great record!

    Article here:

    song in video:
    Avril - Another Step

    Other featured multitracks:

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  • Mastering Tutorial: How to Master Your Music For Streaming Platforms


    ►►Check out how it sounds on Spotify here:

    ►Download Free Sample pack

    ill Factor is a Grammy-Nominated Producer and has been a professional music producer for over 18 years, working on projects with: Justin Timberlake, Sia, Kygo, Jason Derulo, Skylar Grey, Ginuwine, Kelly Rowland, Kevin Rudolf, Cher, Jessie J, Groove Armada, Calvin Harris and many others.

    ill Factor is also the founder of Beat Academy - an online community that provides step-by-step tutorials on music production and an exciting community of artists and producers to collaborate with and give you feedback on your songs.

    Learn more:

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  • How to Master a Song from Start to Finish with Ozone 9 | iZotope


    You don’t need to be a mastering engineer to learn how to master a song. In this video, discover how easy it is to take a track from first to final master with the intelligent tools available in Ozone 9—Master Rebalance, Low End Focus, and more.

    Download a free trial of Ozone 9 today:

    Discover mastering tips and tricks on the iZotope Learn page:

    Song used in this video: “Might be Right” by White Reaper

  • Home Mastering Tips - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


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    Warren discusses the importance of mastering and shows some tips for a quick DIY master

    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

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  • How to Master Your Songs with Abbey Road TG Tone


    Mastering engineer Ian Shepherd from Production Advice presents a full mastering tutorial covering loudness, compression, and EQ, and explores the rich tonal color that Waves’ Abbey Road TG Mastering plugin imparts. Learn more:

    Plugins included in this tutorial:
    Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain:
    WLM Plus Loudness Meter:
    Abbey Road J37 Tape:
    VU Meter:

    Get Ian Shepherd’s free Home Mastering Guide PDF here:

  • How To - Mastering Metal


    In this how-to I explain how I approach mastering of my metal songs. I have quite a few mastering effect chains but most of them are a little bit tricky and/or include external effects. The one in the video is the easiest chain to follow.
    I explain what rules a mix must follow before it comes to mastering and finally I step through every plugin in the effect chain of the mastering channel.

    Visit my website and ask questions on

    Subscribe to my channel an watch my other videos:

    Thanks for your support!

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  • How to Master a Track with FREE Plugins -


    Drum Samples:
    FREE EQ Cheat Sheet:

    #24 How to Master a Track with FREE Plugins

    Depending on your role in a particular project, you may get to a point where you have to squeeze just a little bit more from the record. Even though I think that the final stage of mastering a track should really be left to a mastering professional, us mixing engineers can get a pseudo master ready for the client to listen to. If we can't get it to sound even somewhat competitive than chances are that our mix may seem inferior to everything else.

    In my first post on how to master a track, I showed a fairly minimalist approach on how I treat the master bus and to be honest I still approach it very similarly today. The difference with this track that I mastered is that I'm applying these plugins to a Two Track and not in the mix itself. I actually prefer to do any pseudo mastering in the mix itself just in case something sticks out that I didn't notice before. That way I can make tweaks as I go.

    That said, there are still some great tips here for those situations where maybe you don't have access to a full breakdown of the track like when you're mixing vocals into an instrumental.

    I chose to use VSTs for this article for a couple of reasons:

    1) There's so much great freeware out that I felt like I could get a better sound using the FREE VST's that are available.

    2) I wanted to show that even with FREE or cheap plugins you can get really good results.

    List of what I used:
    - FerricTDS (Variety of Sound)
    - Baxter EQ (Variety of Sound)
    - Volume Elven (Sir Elliot)

    I honestly don't feel like I could have done quite that same job using only FREE plugins in Pro Tools. I probably could have done something decent but for the most part the best sounding freeware is definitely in VST format. You could always try and use that VST to RTAS wrapper from FXpansion but from my understanding some VST's don't work when they are wrapped so there are no guarantees.

    So Let's Get into what plugins I used on this session.

    Our Objectives for Mastering a Track

    We need to have some objectives when we're mastering a track and since every track is different that means our goals will be different.

    In this particular case, I listened to the record a few times and decided what I felt needed to be done. For the most part I actually liked the tone of the record and didn't want to get too far away from the original sound. So with that in mind I determined that the track could come up in volume, could be a touch wider, could be a bit tighter sounding and could also benefit from a little more focus in the mid range. I used 3 methods to achieve all those goals: Limiting, EQ and some saturation.

    Each of those methods served a much different purpose but they also complimented each other. For example to get the track louder, limiting wouldn't have been enough and that's where the saturation complimented the limiter at achieving more volume. But at the same time the saturation also complimented the EQ in bringing out some more mid range focus.

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  • Mastering EQ - make music sound louder, with LESS compression and limiting


    More information on the Home Mastering EQ video package:

    EQ is at the heart of mastering. Understanding how it works is crucial, allowing you to make tracks sound louder in mastering using LESS compression and limiting.

    The music in this video is by Por H O Por V

  • Mastering a Pop/Rock Song with Ian Shepherd - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


    Check out Ian's Home Mastering Masterclass:
    Meterplugs - Mastering Plugins:
    Production Advice Blog (Multiband Compression):
    The Mastering Show Podcast:
    Production Advice Youtube Channel:

    Today, we're moving into the final episode of our free mixing Pop/Rock series:

    Mastering A Pop/Rock Song.

    My good friend, mastering engineer and online mentor Ian Shepherd from teaches you how to give your mix the final polish and make it sound great throughout all popular platforms: Itunes, Youtube and the Radio. The best part? Ian shows you how to master a this song using plugins only, so you can achieve the same results in your home studio!

    I hope this tutorial helps you take your mastering skills to the next level. Please leave a bunch of comments and questions below. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Ian!

    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

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  • Logic Pro X - #77 - Mastering in Logic




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    Mayday Children CDBaby:

  • Easy way to Get Your Track Louder. Finalize your Mix


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    Mix & Mastering Inquiries:

    By popular demand here's the mastering session of the track Hunting by Lambstone that we've seen in our video Loudness is not in Mastering:
    As we've seen in that video, loudness is all about the mix, we have to create the potential for a mix to be loud with different techniques and processing like saturation, compression, limiting but in this video David shows us how to bring the track to a competitive level, with the required RMS for commercial release and how he adjust some small details with static and dynamic eq,
    clipping and hard limiting.
    Enjoy, like and SHARE!

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  • 2 Mastering Moves For Radio Ready Mixes - One Song One Month Challenge 7 of 8


    Part 7 of 8 - The One Song One Month Challenge: Write, record, mix, and release one song in 30 days.

    Download the Smart Start To Mixing video:

  • Slate Digital MASTERING Tutorial


    This is the Mastering Tutorial Video section of the Everything Bundle Pro Mix Course, an eight part mixing and mastering series by Steven Slate here he takes a home studio recording done in a living room and turns it into a modern radio ready rock mix. The course comes with multitrack sessions for all major DAWs.

    You can get this full course for FREE with the Slate Digital Everything Bundle, starting at only $14.99 per month. The Everything Bundle gives you all Slate Digital plugins (so you'll have all the plugins used in the course too!), and you'll also get every new plugin that comes out as long as you are a member.

    Get the Everything Bundle and FREE Pro Session Mix Course at

  • How to Set a Final Limiter for Mastering


    Instant access to every in-depth mixing course from Matthew Weiss ➥
    Learn compression ➥
    Learn to mix hip-hop:
    Frequency ear training:
    Mixing articles:

    Tips for setting your final limiter for mastering.

    - Avid Pro Tools
    - FabFilter Pro-L


    This is going to be a follow-up to my mastering tutorial, it's all about setting the final limiter, which is probably the last step. A lot of times I am required to print the mix that will actually be the final mix sent to the duplication house and so understanding how to set a limiter is very important, it is going to be the final touch.

    Now, the key to setting a limiter is constant gained monitoring. What that means is that however much is being input into the limiter, the same amount is being attenuated on the output for monitoring purposes. This will give us a more honest perspective of what the limiter is actually doing to the sound.

    So let's check this out. Here we have the Fab Filter Pro L. We've got two little controls here, the gain right here and the output right here. These are going to be the two most important controls that we work with. And that's going to be true of any limiter. There's nothing more important than the amount of limiting being done and how we monitor it. Everything else that we do down the line is going to be used to fine tune that.

    So, what we're going to do is play the record and figure out about how much room we have until we hit our absolute peaks. And by the way, we're going to play the record from the loudest part of the overall song because that's where the limiter is going to start working the hardest.

    So it looks like, according to these meter, we've got about, maybe eleven decibels until we hit absolute peak volume. We're going to go a little bit further past that. we're going to find the point of distortion and then we're going to start backing it off. So let's say sixteen decibels. So I'm turning up the gain and turning down the output. And what we're going to hear is the signal hitting the limiter without changing the volume.

    Okay, so that's too much. The snare is getting totally flattened and there's definitely some pumping going on. So let's adjust it, let's back it off to maybe, let's try 13.5.


    So that's a lot more transparent. I think that that's probably a good level, even if the band asked me to push it a little bit more, we could probably push it without too much damage. IN fact, just for the sake of demonstration purposes, let's push it up just a hair more. Alright, great. So, now we're going to play it and here we get into the fine tuning aspect of things. So, not all limiters are built this way. For a lot of limiters, this is going to be all you get, which is actually the most important thing. You set it, you find the level where it sounds best, where it doesn't sound like it's pumping or distorted and you leave it go.

    But, we have a couple of other little tools in this. We have this advanced little section here, which has this style setting, a look ahead and attack and release. So these are all things that we can use to perhaps optimist the sound that we're getting. Okay, but what do we want to optimize? What are we listening for? Well, distortion, minimal pumping, and the most natural articulation on the transience. Those are the things that I think would determine the best sound.

    So, let's start playing with some controls. I usually input the transience first. Because that's usually the most distinct part.


    Okay, so what was all that? Well, the biggest thing that changed was when I changed the style mode, when I changed it to dynamic, the snare popped right back to life. So that was a big, right there, a big improvement. The other things that mattered were the attack and the release. For this style of music, it seems like the further this attack goes, the more crispness on the snare I get. So, I've got it pretty far, I don't really know how this corresponds to how the limiter is acting, it doesn't sound like it's clipping so, who knows? But anyway, I just set it and I keep listening for those transients and listening for the distortion, listening for the pumping and see what works the best.

    So the slower attack here and the very slow release seem to the best most natural and switching it to dynamic also seemed to preserve the sound the best. The look ahead function was a little function, so if I turned it too short the transient disappeared, but if I turned it too long the transient also disappeared, so that was weird. But, yeah, anyway, I got something that I like. I'm going to set this to default and now we can AB between what we just came up with and the default setting.


  • Loudness is not in Mastering: Is all about the MIX! The Secret to Louder Mixes Crest Factor


    #audiomixing #mastering #loudness
    David's Mixing Course:
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    Amazon code: mixbustv01-20

    MixbusTV Gadgets:
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    Hardware vs Plugins:


    Final Product:
    In this video David talks about why the secret of achieving a loud master is all about the MIX! Using different techniques involving saturation, compression, eq, limiting, parallel channels etc..
    He shows us one of his mixes as an example of a great mix with a great crest factor, and shows us how to end up with a mix that has the potential to get pushed to high RMS levels at the mastering stage and reach commercial levels without sounding squashed, overcompressed and distorted.
    But loudness shouldn't be left to the mastering engineer, shouldn't be left to mastering in general, a good, loud master comes from a good mix, with a good crest factor.
    While the loudness war is not as bad as it was before, we still need our mixes and masters to be loud enough to compete with the rest,
    using saturation and compression, limiting and gain staging here's a comprehensive overview on how to achieve a potentially loud mix, a dense mix which will be easy to bring up to commercial level at the mastering stage.
    Enjoy, like and SHARE!

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    Mix & Mastering Inquiries:

    DONATE: #mastering

  • Mastering 101


    Marpo (Produced by Sean Divine) -

    ►DAW Presets & Templates:
    *NEW* Divine Mastering Chains (Waves):
    Divine Mixing Vocal Chains V2 (Waves):
    Divine Mixing Vocal Chains (Logic Pro X & Cubase):
    Divine Mixing Drum Chains (Waves):
    Divine Mixing Waves Template (Logic Pro X, Cubase & Pro Tools):
    *UPDATED* Divine Mixing Template One (Logic Pro X, Cubase & Pro Tools):

    ►Video Training Courses:
    *NEW* Divine Beat Mixing (Mixing & Mastering Course):
    Divine Mixing Session 1 (Mixing & Mastering Course):
    Divine Mixing Session 2 (Mixing & Mastering Video Course):
    Hip Hop Vocal Production ( Course):

    ►Synth Presets & Drum Samples:
    8oh!8 Bass Presets for Serum -
    The Niche Kit (Creative Drum and Loop Kit) -
    Urban Dreamscapes for Serum -

    ►My Studio Gear

    ►Let's Connect


  • Mastering Music with the Pros: The Lurssen Mastering Console - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


    Download the Before & After Samples of this mastering session:

    Download the Lurssen Mastering Console Demo:
    Get 10% OFF by using the discount code 'SAVE10':

    Learn most about Lurssen Mastering:

    Hi friends, I hope you’re doing marvelously well!

    One topic I frequently receive questions and emails about is mastering, especially how you can craft great masters at home using plugins. So today we'll try to shine some light on it for you!

    I'm excited to sit down with the incredibly talented Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen from Lurssen Mastering. I've been blessed to work with Lurssen in the past and in my opinion they are doing some of the finest analogue mastering work out there. Their
    credit list seems endless and they've won five Grammys!

    In this video, they give us a detailed breakdown of their thought process behind mastering and show us the exact workflow and processors they use to craft brilliant analogue masters.

    But what's even better: They also show you how you can apply the same principles inside of your DAW using their 'IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console'. This plugin was specifically designed to give you their exact processing and mastering chains, with a sweet sounding, easy-to-use software!

    I have to admit I was very impressed by the performance of this plugin. It preserves the integrity of the music while making it louder, fuller and more impactful. Even if you are not planning on using it as your final mastering stage, it’s a great way to get a quick sweet-sounding master to send to your clients or the label.

    I'm excited to hear what you think!

    Please leave a bunch of comments and questions below the video and download the demo ( of the plugin
    to try it out on your own music!

    Have a marvellous time recording, mixing and mastering,


  • The Phoenix Mastering Plus Compressor in action


    From top manufacturers Thermionic Culture here's the revered Phoenix Mastering Plus stereo compressor:

    For more info please visit

    If you want the Phoenix Mastering Plus Compressor on your music try our Mixing & Mastering service:

    0:11 - Overview
    0:35 - Demonstration on Drums
    2:28 - Demonstration on Synths
    3:37 - Demonstration on Mix Bus

  • Mastering 101: How to Master a Song


    Instant access to every in-depth mixing course from Matthew Weiss ➥
    Learn compression ➥
    Learn to mix hip-hop:
    Improve your ears:
    Mixing tips:

    An introduction to the mastering process. Learn how to master a song.



    When talking about mastering, it's very important to realize that it's basically just another level of mixing. It's solidifying the entirety of the record, ensuring that it translates, making last minute tweaks, things that you will want to see happen to the overall mix. In a perfect universe, you wouldn't be doing necessarily much to the master. Sometimes, you might be doing things to the master simply because the effect works better there, but in general, if it's to fix something, you usually want to address that in the mix. In fact, a really good mix does not need much when it comes to mastering.

    When I ask myself about mastering, I'm essentially asking the same question that I'm asking myself through the mixing process, which is what do I want. What do I want to hear? Is this good enough? Does something need to go back to the mix? OK. Here's my thoughts. First of all, I think that the mix is good. I'm happy with it. I think everything is sitting right. I think it's all good. The only things that I want to hear is I want to hear a little bit more brightness and pop to the overall mix, and I wouldn't mind if there was a little bit of extra sort of punch on the drums or some kind of homogenizing type of vibe, some kind of a compression vibe going for that kind of rock and roll sound. So, with that being said, what I'm going to do here is I'm going to pop in my outboard gear. I'm going to explain to you what I'm doing.

    The first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to just show you what the sound sounds like when I start engaging all of my outboard gear. So, this is with no processing being done, just going through the actual sound of all the devices. So before After There's a certain nice little bit of saturation that I'm getting from my equipment that's giving me a tone that I like to impart over the entire mix.

    So, the first thing I'm going to do is... I sort of work it in reverse order. My signal chain here is an EQ to a compressor to another EQ. I'm going to do the final EQ first because the final EQ is just a very gentle treatment. I'm going to click it in right now. Actually, I'll do a before and after. One more time. Listen to the top end specifically. Before. After. That's the Clariphonic EQ. It's one of my favorite EQ's because you can add more brightness into something, somehow without changing the tonal balance of things. I don't exactly understand, like it's still a mystery to me how that's even possible. It kind of does that, and so I feel like I can kind of put it on any mix. I can just make things pop a little more without actually disrupting anything.

    Alright. Now, my first EQ. What I want to hear is a little bit more presence range. What I did is I sort of clicked around some different presence frequencies, and I ultimately found that 2.7 is the one that seemed to make it sing the most. I'm just going to pop that in real quick. This is just a two decibel bump, nothing else. Before. After. Didn't take much. That's just a two decibel bump at 2.7. Suddenly, the mix just popped out. That's cool. That's all that I needed. I don't think that it needs any kind of other EQ.

    Lastly, I'm going to engage some compression. When I'm thinking about compression, there's sort of two different ideas. It's a misconception that compression on the mix bus is about loudness. It's really not. In fact, a lot of times, you're going to lose potential loudness by using compression, especially in the fashion in which I'm using it. The way I'm using it is actually very slow attack, medium release compression. What that's going to do is it's going to cause the drums to trigger the compressor, but it's not going to cause the compressor to actually reduce the transient impact of the drum. In other words, it's going to make the drums a little punchier. And at the same time, I have the release time just right where it preserves air, but it also creates some kind of similar movement throughout everything in the mix. So, it's going to give it a little punch and a little bit of what people might call glue, but what I would call movement.

  • Mastering: How to make a song louder in mastering - and the price you pay


    More info:

    Make a song loud using mastering compression, EQ and limiting - a video tutorial.

    And if you're interested to learn more about how (and why) I use compression in mastering, click here:

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  • How to Master: Basic Mixing/Mastering Techniques in FLStudio TUTORIAL


    Here' s a video where I explain the difference between MIXING and MASTERING, plus illustrate some basic principles of Maximus Plugin in FLStudio 10 and mastering in general to make your tracks knock and loud as shiddd!

    Show your appreciation by making a donation

    If you need your instrumental/song with vocals Mixed/Mastered, I also do Mastering Services for 35$.

    The beat used for the demonstration is called Fuck da Club Up, and it's available for lease on my


  • How to MASTER your own songs!


    Mastering your own music is essential to finalize your recording to maximize its loudness, enhance its stereo field, idealize the frequency balance and finish it in its target format.

    Connect with me on Facebook:
    My videos are totally fan-funded:
    Follow on Twitter:

    This tutorial walks you through the tips and tricks you need to know to master your own music and get the most out of the song you've recorded and mixed.

    You'll learn: compression, equalization, de-essing, saturation, limiting and k-metering as it relates to mastering music.

    Demonstrated using Fab-Filter's Pro-C (compressor), Pro-Q (EQ), Pro-DS (de-esser), Saturn (saturator) and Pro-L (limiter).

    Get the software used in this video:
    FabFilter Pro-C 2:
    FabFilter Pro-L:
    FabFilter Saturn:
    FabFilter Pro-Q2:
    FabFilter Pro-DS:

    Steinberg Cubase Pro 9:
    Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5:

    (Some links are affiliate links.)




    Some Online Mastering Services(paid):

    What is mastering ?

    Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement.
    Basically, mixing is the step before mastering that involves adjusting and combining individual tracks together to form a stereo audio file after mixdown. The stereo file is then mastered, which ensures that the various songs are clearly polished and form a cohesive whole on an album.

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    How To Master A Song In 10 Minutes -
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  • How To Prepare Your Songs For Mastering │


    This week’s tutorial is a step-by-step guide on how to properly prepare your tracks for mastering. We breakdown the individual steps in ensuring the best possible delivery of your song in a short, easy to understand the video. Website:

    Mastering is the final step in the music making process before it hits distribution. Mastering plays an important role in making sure the track translates well across all platforms, matches the current trends in levels, & of course brings the overall loudness up.

    Whether you’re submitting your tracks to be mastered by a mastering engineer or you’re mastering the track yourself, there are things to be considered that can & will help the overall outcome of your tracks. These steps & consideration can be a key deciding factor on how the final quality of your music will turn out.

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    Realistic is a Music Producer and Engineer located in the Twin Cities. He has been producing music for Hip-Hop & Pop music since 2004. In 2017 he graduated with an AAS in Music Production & Engineering. Real is the chief mixing engineer for where mixes all loops & sounds found on the site & also provides mixing & mastering services on the site to artists & producers.

  • Mastering Techniques


    Here we explain basic mastering techniques to make your mix sound professional. Check our full video course The Official Guide To Mixing here:

    Find out more about our Mixing & Mastering service here:

    Mixing is one of the most important stages of music production. It's the point where all elements of the music come together, and are modified and enhanced to achieve the best possible sonic result. On this video course, we show you all the steps, techniques and principles  for accomplish a powerful, balanced, punchy and dynamic sound. You will also see all the secrets you need to know, in order to make your mixes sound professional and ready to compete with the high standards of commercial releases.Filmed at the Doctor Mix studios in London, our professional engineers walk you through every step of their process using high quality analogue gear and plugins.

    In this Video Course you'll learn...

    • How to prepare, organize and get your material ready for mixing
    • A/B comparison to commercial releases or demo mix
    • Gain Staging
    • Filtering The Low End
    • Bus Routing
    • Kick Drum
    • Parallel Compression
    • Increasing The Kick Impact
    • Sine Wave Trick
    • Transient Enhancement
    • Enhancing The Snare
    • How To Balance The Drums
    • Bus Compression
    • How To Mix The Bass
    • Bass Sidechain
    • Basic Vocal EQ & Compression
    • Vocal Correction With Dynamic EQ
    • Adding Reverb And Delay On Vocals
    • Mixing The Acoustic Guitar
    • Mixing Pads and Strings
    • Mixing the Horns
    • Mastering Techniques

    You will also learn how to strategically setup your mix so that you get the maximum loudness before you even get to the mastering stage.

    More teasers from the course can be seen from here:

    Gain Staging Explained:

    Kick Drum Explained:

    Parallel Compression Explained:

    How To Enhance Your Snare:

    Bus Compression Explained:

    Bass Side-Chain Compression Explained:

    Vocal Reverb Explained:

    The Official Guide To Mixing Online Video Course:

    Visit Doctor Mix here:

  • Mastering Explained | Learn the Secrets And History Of How To Master Audio


    Mastering Explained | Learn the Secrets And History Of How To Master Audio

    From - Fab Dupont answers “what is mastering?” Learn the history of this dark art and why it is such a vital step in the record making process. He unveils the secrets of mastering and gives you the keys to understand this vital part of the record making process.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn:
    - Where mastering came from
    - How mastering has evolved through time
    - Why mastering is just as important as recording and mixing
    - Why you should hire a mastering engineer for your records

    Fab details the goals of mastering and believe it or not, it’s not just about making your record sound louder than a Katy Perry record.

    If the concept of mastering has always seemed obscure and distant from you, this video will start down the path towards mastering enlightenment.

    For anyone looking to become more enlightened on how to master for themselves, check out Fab’s Mastering Tools tutorial (

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    #mastering #thehistoryofmastering #masteringfabdupontpuremix

  • Mastering Techniques with Waves Plugins Part 1


    this vedio is all about mastering techniq with wave plugins in this vedios session their is three part of vedio.
    First part of vedio is
    Tightening up a mix with master buss compression
    and the plugins use in this vedio are follow
    1. ssl bus compression
    3. plug child670

  • The simple secret of real mastering: subtlety and simplicity


    Don't be fooled - mastering is simple. But that doesn't mean it can't have a powerful impact on our music

  • What is Mastering?


    // A video explaining the basic concept of mastering a song.

    Learn more from Matthew Weiss: +

  • FL Studio 11 - The Secret To Mastering


    Have a favorite producer? Have u heard of a producer on SoundClick who material you like?
    NOW! Have you ever ask that producer, How do you get your beats to sound like they are mastered on FL Studio to only get s**ted on just for wanting to learn how to get a good mix like they have? Well, no worry cause im gonna show you exactly how to get a great mix using FL Studio. This tutorial will show you how to clean up the instruments, a great way you can use the EQ, AND, a great way you can balance ou the frequencies in your mix. Just follow these simple steps and you too could have a great sounding mix all from the comfort of your home using FL Studio.


    Twitter: @iamdtruman
    Skype: IndustryQualityHitz

  • Mastering Session | How to master modern rap music


    Instagram :

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    Welcome to MYSTUDIOLIFE ! DAY 16

    Hey guys ! In todays video I`m showing the mastering process of a modern rap track

    In this mastering session you can see how I`m using EQ , compression , stereo manipulation tools and limiter plugins to get a balanced and loud master .

    This is how I get my track to sound loud and punchy .


    • MixTalk playlist :

    Facebook :
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    ►office ( at ) .

    Purchase plugins from PluginBoutique :

    My List of plugins :

    The perfect EQ :
    My most used delay :
    Cheap delay :
    Great vocal compressor :
    Pitch correction Auto-Tune Pro :
    Cheap pitch correction :Auto-Tune EFX+ :
    Best limiter :
    Cheap limiter :
    Flexible compressor :
    Best for Mastering :
    Make it loud :
    Make it retro :
    Pitched vocals :
    Complex saturation :
    Flexible deesser :
    Multi-effects :

    Some of the links above have an affiliate code - if you purchase plugins with these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

  • Mastering a Song with the TC Electronic Finalizer Mastering Software


    Want to Sell Your Music Online? Use my VIP link for 7% off your first year’s membership at with DistroKid.

    The TC Electronic Finalizer Mastering software is claimed to be the next-generation in music mastering.

    The Finalizer app compiles the best multiband compression, limiter and EQ algorithms that TC Electronic have ever developed. They are ported 1:1 from their System 6000 platform, optimized for modern performance and bundled in a brand-new package along with a wealth of new features and an entirely new way of presenting audio visually.

    Realtime visual feedback across your entire song. What happens to that mellow bridge when you add a bit of multiband compression to the energetic chorus? Finalizer gives you the full picture instantly!

    Watch me do a rough mastering session and attempt to show the mastering software in action.
    Grab the Free Checklist 'Recording In A Home Music Studio Checklist' here:
    Check out my Training Membership here:
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    #homemusicstudio #mixingmastering #audiomixingtraining

  • Recording an Album | Mixing Vs. Mastering


    Producer Mitch Easter (REM, Pavement, Suzanne Vega, Wilco) describes the differences between mixing and mastering a record. He also discusses how the mastering process came about, whether it's necessary to have your music mastered, and others tips for making the most out of your studio session.

    Check out the other videos in this series, where Mitch talks about finding a studio/engineer and gives some tips to artists trying to make their first album.

    © 2014 ReverbNation.

  • How To Get A Tight and Balanced Low-End When Mastering Music.


    Download Mastering The Mix plugins used in this video:

    In this video, Mo will be taking a look at a typical in-the-box mastering session, more specifically the low frequencies. Mo goes through every stage of the mastering chain showing you how to keep your low-end in check. He then uses Mastering The Mix plugin BASSROOM to extend and enhance those lows.

  • How to master your music with Lurssen Mastering Console


    - Available for Mac/PC and iOS.

    Learn how to master your music with IK's Lurssen Mastering Console - from the experts themselves, Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen of Multi Grammy Award-winning studio Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles. Watch as they not only explain how to master audio using Lurssen Mastering Console but also the concepts, techniques, and workflow they use on todays hottest hits.

    Learn about mastering audio from the masters themselves with Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac/PC and iOS.

  • Mastering Stems: The mastering process


    Mastering engineer Kevin Grainger (Wired Masters, London) looks in detail at mastering stems. More about Stems:

    Kevin takes us through the mastering process from start to finish, looking at mastering in and out of the box, matching the individual stems with the stereo master, and the finer points of using the Stem Creator tool.

    Track: ‘Lumière’ by Noir

    Watch the other videos:
    Mastering Stems: The basics -
    Mastering Stems: The mixdown process -

  • How to Master with Waves Plugins in Ozone 6


    Watch how audio engineer Eric Tarr masters a track with the Waves SSL G-Master Bus Compressor, L1 Ultramaximizer, and other Waves plugins inside the Ozone 6 mastering application.
    Although it is possible in many cases for Waves and Ozone to work together, Ozone is not officially supported by Waves.

    L1 Ultramaximizer:
    SSL 4000 Collection:

  • How to Master a Song 2017 The BEST QUALITY


    Here is a Video on How to Master a Song in Fl studio,Pro Tools, Logic.

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  • Mastering with Liaison and Dangerous Master


    Fab from goes over how to incorporate the new Dangerous Music Liaison into your Dangerous Mastering console.

  • Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 Mastering Equalizer


    This is a gear test for the legendary Maselec EQ. Here w demonstrate its incredible sound on: master buss, drums and vocals.

    If you want the Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 Equalizer on your music try our Mixing & Mastering service:

    For more information about the Maselec MEA-2 you can visit the manufacturer's page:

    0:30 - Demonstration on Master Bus
    2:26 - Before and After
    3:15 - Demonstration on Drums
    4:40 - Before and After
    5:01 - Example on Vocals
    6:13 - Before and After

  • HOW TO MASTER A SONG! Make your song Radio Ready


    So Sik Records Top engineer shows you how to Master your own song( no matter the genre) at home using simple yet top notch desktop Mastering!



    @pedeweedytweets PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT to donate im showing people my method on what i do it works for me

  • How To Master with Finalizer Mastering Software


    How to master your tracks with Finalizer, our next generation mastering software for Mac and Windows.
    Learn more here:

    With Finalizer’s powerful range of groundbreaking and award-winning mastering tools, you have everything you need to take your music to the next level.

    Get ready to revolutionize your music production!



    Full Mixing Vocals and Mastering Course (75% OFF):

    In this free lesson, I'm going to show how to start mixing and mastering vocals to get better sound by using the Equalizer plugin.

    I use Logic Pro in the video, but most programs have a similar Equalizer plugin such as GarageBand, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio, etc.

    Be sure to check out my Full Mixing and Mastering Vocals Course in the link above for an exclusive 75% Off discount for YouTubers!

    ALSO, Don't forget to LIKE the video for more lessons/tutorials like this!!!

    Mixing and Mastering Before/After (0:39)
    Equalizers EXPLAINED (4:39)
    How to Use the Equalizer (10:20)
    EQ Setting for Vocals (use this!) (16:46)
    Full Course Preview (21:59)

    Background Music:
    Shout out to BEASON PROJECT for the awesome background music!
    Follow him on Soundcloud here:

  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor In Action


    On this video we spring this cult piece of gear into action: demonstrating the incredible Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor on drums, bass, guitar, loops and master bus. Do you want it on your music? Order here:

    Read our full review here:

    Watch our collection of videos about the best studio compressors in the world:

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    Doctor Mix is our Online Mixing, Mastering and Music Production service. We proudly serve major record labels, independent artists, and film/tv/advertising agencies since 2005 and we’re recognised as one of the most successful online music studios today.
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    0:24 - Control overview
    0:54 - Demonstration on Drums
    4:00 - Before & After
    4:16 - Demonstration on Bass
    6:06 - Before & After
    6:35 - Demonstration on Guitar
    8:16 - Before & After
    8:32 - Demonstration on Drum Loop
    10:20 - Before & After
    11:16 - Demonstration on Master Bus
    12:13 - Before & After

  • Audio Animals Mixing Tutorial


    Order Your Mixing And Mastering Here :

    Audio Animals offer a professional mixing & mastering service by engineers who understand the clients needs. Select the service that fits your requirements and the amount of stems you require to be mixed. All mixing and mastering services include analogue mastering, which begins once the mix is confirmed as complete. Mixing is turned around in roughly 4-7 days.

    Online mixing and mastering is a process that allows you the client, to experience high quality professional mixing & mastering from the comfort of your own studio. No matter where you live, online mixing & mastering has never been easier to outsource to a professional mixing & mastering engineer. A choice of 5 different mixing & mastering options are available to choose from, depending on your budget and the amount of stems / channels you require to be mixed.

    Mixing & Mastering
    The complete package from start to finish. We begin in our dedicated mixing studio, where your music is mixed on our Solid State Logic console to perfection. Once completed your mix is returned to you listen to and go over any edits or changes. Once we are all in agreement that the mix is exactly as you want it, we move through into our dedicated mastering studio where your song is mastered and returned to you in all it's glory.

    For many reasons you may only want to have your music mixed and not mastered. While we recommend ordering mastering, we also understand the reasons why you don't. This service looks at mixing only and not mastering. Once the mixing process is confirmed as complete, we will print all versions of the mix including instrumental, acapella and PA, as well as if requested mixed stems in case you wish to edit the mix further at a later date.

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Michael Maas When I look for someone to work with, I look for a number of things. Audio Animals ticked all the boxes. I needed an experienced ear to listen to my track and advise me on any mix issues. Came back to me with a list of good changes that made a hell of a difference. Was really helpful. Then when I heard the master come back I was blown away. I mean I knew they'd do a good job but they made my track sound better than commercial chart tracks.

    Jodi Thank you very much. I’ve just been listening to a side by side of the original master we had from the studio and your master and I can’t get over how big and bright and polished the sound coming from you guys is. Its very exciting!

    Phazer You guys do such an amazing job every time. Love the fact I can just send a track in and know it's in capable hands. Incredible customer service and communication throughout.

    Robert Owen You have opened my eyes to what is possible. I always knew my tracks were lacking something. Now I know all I need is a professional mix engineer to take my music to the next level.

    Dj Peshay If anybody wants to get their music mixed and mastered hassle free then I highly recommend Audio Animals. Very friendly, very professional, most importantly they know their stuff.


  • Dangerous Music- Mike Wells gives a Mastering Seminar


    Mike Wells gives a seminar where he discusses the use of Dangerous Music gear in his daily work. He touches upon the new Bax EQ, and how to master with mid-side processing.

  • Audio Mastering Techniques


    Download Your Free Music Production Handbook Now:
    Earn Your Music Production Degree Online with Berklee:

    Berklee Online instructors Marc Einstmann and Jonathan Wyner discussing new online course Audio Mastering Techniques.

  • Aria Automated Analog Mastering + Audio Examples


    // // An overview of the Aria automated analog mastering service.

    Setting A — Before: 3:26 / After: 3:43
    Setting B — Before: 4:10 / After: 4:24
    Setting C — Before: 4:58 / After: 5:12
    Setting D — Before: 5:54 / After: 6:07

    What is Aria?

    Aria was developed by professionals to provide an automated analog mastering service to everyone in a fast, cost-effective form without compromising quality.

    Aria utilizes the same equipment as the top mastering facilities in the world. Every mastering engineer knows that it’s not all about the equipment, but the knowledge and experience behind the console. In fact, Aria was built by mastering engineer, Colin Leonard, using the same processes, techniques and equipment he uses every day, resulting in countless platinum and gold albums and singles.

    The Aria server, audio computers and analog equipment are all housed here in the mastering facility. Your music travels through our website from your computer directly to ours. This means more security for your music and faster upload and download speeds. Once we receive your music, the fully automated system will master it in real time, and send you a download link – typically within minutes.

  • How To Master a Song - Presonus Studio One - Mastering Tutorial


    For amazing deals on gear visit They have the best service in the business. Period! I buy all my gear from them!

    Get 5 FREE Mixing Training Courses ($210 value) just for visiting my website.

    For premium mixing training, join our community of like-minded recording musicians and aspiring audio engineers

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    **Gear I use to record, mix and master music/videos every day**

    Apple I-Mac Pro -
    U/A Apollo -
    PreSonus Studio One Pro -
    PreSonus Monitor Station -
    Presonus Fader Port -
    Focal Solo B6e Monitors -
    Sennheiser HD650 Headphones -
    Shure SM7B -
    PreSonus Studio Live Mixer -
    Universal Audio Satellite Quad -
    Universal Audio Satellite Octo -
    T-Racks Max Plugin Suite -
    Triad-Orbit Mic Stands -

    ** My Computer Setup (perfect for home recording studios) **

    G Technology 12GB Video Backup -
    Caldigit T4 Audio Backup -
    Lacie 2TB Backup Drive -
    G Technology Backup Drive -

    **Gear I Use To Make My Videos**

    Canon 90D -
    Sigma 24mm lens -
    Sigma 18mm-35mm lens -
    Canon 50mm lens -
    Canon 75mm – 300mm lens -
    Canon 18mm - 55mm lens -
    Canon 100mm lens -

    ** Lighting **
    Neewer LED Panel -
    Apature 120d -
    Apature Soft Box -

    **Disclaimer - All links for products in this description box are affiliate links and help support my youTube channel. I do get a very small commission if you use these links. However, it won't cost you any more. I simply get a tiny piece of the sale. Thank you for your support!



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